Musharraf charge sheet: Where is the follow-up?

Published: November 25, 2010

Why has PPP not shown any reaction to the charge sheet issued against Musharraf by the PML-N?

Recently, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) issued a charge sheet against former president Pervez Musharraf – well done! The seven-page charge-sheet contains 17 allegations including the Kargil misadventure, Musharraf’s use of the army for personal reasons, declaring war against Pakistanis, blackmailing through NAB, alleged assassination of Nawab Akbar Bugti and the disappearance of people and conspiracy in Balochistan. The document also termed Musharraf a “corrupt, callous, immoral and ruthless ruler.”

Moreover, PML-N demanded that the government take necessary measures to bring back the former president through Interpol and ensure his trial under Article 6 of the Constitution for acts of high treason.

The question really is: is it possible to charge Musharraf based on these allegations?

So far, The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), a coalition partner with PML-N in the largest province of the country has not shown any reaction to the charge sheet.

Giving a comical statement at a press conference in London, former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf said:

“I acknowledge that during the last years of my regime, there were some decisions, which I can term as political mistakes,… I promise not to commit them again. I start my political career with clean slate.”

However, a notable point is that the former president is still not comfortable about giving a possible date for his return to Pakistan. Musharraf does not seem to have street support in the country (judging by the absence of his party’s visibility in other provinces). Will the PML-N be able to change public opinion through this charge sheet? In any case, I fail to understand why PML-N is scared of Musharraf’s return to Pakistan?

Our international friends are adding a cherry on this cake. On the one hand, some are ignoring  Pervez Musharraf’s return to politics, while others are doing the opposite. Statements such as a recent one made by Richard Holbrooke “Musharraf comes back and wins a democratic election? Fine. But as I indicated earlier, the chances of that are very slim.” breaks the hearts of those who joined Musharraf’s All Pakistan Muslim League. On the other hand, it gives me the assurance that a military ruler of the past is not going to take over as a politician.

The question is: should Holbrooke be the one giving us this assurance, or should it be up to our political leaders to develop our faith in the democratic system?

Hammad Siddiqui

Hammad Siddiqui

An institutional capacity building specialist who currently works as Deputy Country Director at Center of International Private Enterprise ( He is qualified from the US Chamber of Commerce and blogs at

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  • Q

    Mr. Hammad. I believe you have failed to take into account charge sheet issued by the Ex-President Pervez Musharraf against Mr. Nawaz Sharif which contains 30 items. You sound vindictive. Please understand that no charge sheet can stand against Mr. Pervez Musharraf. He has done his best for this country in the most sincere manner. There is no doubt about it.

    Moreover, you also seem to lack understanding of the issues you have mentioned above. Hope you do some research and develop some understanding.Recommend

  • Danish

    I agree with Q and as long as Mr Holbrooke is concerned he may have a way with the Sharif’s, Zardari’s etc but he wont have any support with Musharraf around. Bush admitted that Musharraf took U turn on many issues caring about Pakistan’s future. So far we haven’t seen any U turns from Sharif’s and Zardari’s they are blindly following American Dick*Tat :P If you consider Bugti a martyr than GOD may have mercy upon you as Bugti was an enemy of our country, he was not a hero and if Nawaz Sharif is trying to make him one that i would like to suggest that the Sharif brothers should have spent time in jail instead of running away by signing a deal. A recent statement by Ahsan Iqbal pointing out that Ehtesab Chairman Saif Ur Rehman had the right to ask for maximum punishment in Zardari case, so we should ask the Eienstein why didnt the leaders who were convicted by the same judiciary they went on a long march for did choose to run away rather than staying here and facing the heat.Recommend

  • Muhammad Adnan

    Musharraf has got lots of support which needs to be gathered around one platform. Just a facebook page have gatehred all the nternet user on one platform. APML Paksitan chapter is doing thhe same for non internet users and are doing a good job. Recent winning is teh chitral chapter which has givien full support to Quad-e-Paksitan Pervez Musharraf and he will contest elections from there. He will come back when al the networking is done within pakistan and all the patches of support are combined under the symbol of shaheen and slogan of Pakistan FirstRecommend

  • Kehkishan

    The Pakitsani politics is going to take new turning point,the educated silent majority is going to paly its historical role ….Obviously edutaed middle majority class is not going to support(used bullets) political parties…The only best choice we are left with is AMPL ..Pervez Musharraf .there is no thumb rule that an Army person cannot be a good politician.The fact that matters is mindset….there is no remarkable example of any political personality in 63 years history of Pakistan even in political setups.Recommend

  • Yousaf

    a wonderfully written piece of Crap!! go get some nuts and come back with some good thoughts. Don’t waste our time. Recommend

  • The Only Normal Person Here.

    Musharraf rocks vs Musharraf sucks debate is going to go forever. Recommend

  • Azeem

    Musharraf is the only hope for Pakistan. His performance in 9 years speaks in itself; he reduced poverty from 34% to 17%, created millions of jobs, gave boost to economy, people working overseas got respect, got rid of IMF, kept commodity prices under control. Thanks to media for playing role to bring corrupt Sharifs and Zardari to plunder us once again.Recommend

  • Sana Saleem

    Musharraf might start is politics with a clean state but will surely make it filthy again with more and more mistakes. And I think the nation would never let him win and rule again.

    Nawaz Sharif is not afraid of Musharraf but he wants to take revenge for what he did to him. And he wants to do this by regarding it as for the betterment of the nation. All of the politicians are playing games for personal concerns and naming it for the welfare of the nation !Recommend

  • Fasih Ali Khan

    Musharraf All the Way.Recommend

  • Moazzam Salim

    Hammad Siddiqui it seems is a supporter of law breakers, martial laws and criminals. His views on this subject are amazingly naive. A person attempting to be a journalist should know about the basics of law and how it operates to ensure safe and continued propagation of civilized society. Unfortunately the author, by giving his fullest support to a known criminal, has scored a zero on all accounts of professional journalism. In my opinion Musharraf is liable to be charged and successfully prosecuted on all accounts as charged by PML (N). He is a common thug who used his position to subvert the Constitution of Pakistan and usurp power in an illegal action. He was never a politician so a “return to politics” is as absurd an idea as this attempt at writing a sane piece by Mr. Hammad. I hope Musharaf is tried for his crimes against Pakistan and its citizens.

    However, there is a big question mark as the existence of political will to try this criminal. PPP for obvious reasons and bound by the deal that it entered with Musharaf is unable to act whereas PML (N) leadership has shown itself to be prone to bounts of cowardice. So all in all the things are looking up for the master criminal and his followers but one must never forget….Allah ki lathi bai-awaz hoti hai!!!Recommend

  • Q

    Mr. Moazzam Salim. You are getting too emotional. Do you think politics is a career only a few can join? Each and every Pakistani has the right to work for this country in whatever capacity possible, be it politics or some profession. Please do some research and do justice to yourself and others.Recommend

  • Patriot

    My God! i dont believe such a peice of unresearched waste of kilobytes actually got uploaded on ET server…Mr editor (or the lack of it) are you sleeping or what?

    anyway the dossier published by PML N is just how they see things from their perspective…there are many issues on which PML N itself can take action…how about lodging an FIR against Musharraf by PML N Baluchistan chapter in Kohlu Police Station for the killing of Bugti and then following up with a long march on the lack of action by judiciary??? do they have the guts even??

    I recommend Mr. author to go through counter chrage sheet by APML and learn the difference between “opinions” (PML N’s charge sheet) and facts (APML’s charge sheet)Recommend

  • Rashid

    @Moazzam Salim – with due respect kindly note that the constitution is for Pakistan; Pakistan is not for the constitution.Recommend

  • Q

    God bless you.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    Brief and concise comment on Pakistan’s political landscape. Pervez Musharaf is to Nawaz Sharif what Zia ul Haq used to be to Benazir. She struggled all the way with one point agenda….to take revenge and now it is Nawaz Sharif whose government was toppled and now his rest of the life is focused on taking revenge from Pervez Musharaf. On the one hand Nawaz Sharif says Musharaf has no roots and has no chance to coming to power and on the other hand his biggest nightmare is Ex President.

    Musharaf is ‘once-upon-a-time’ character. Charge sheets will keep him alive in the media. He might never come back without sure approval from his bosses in US with whom he will make tough promises to complete their agenda in return for the power. I fail to understand what Musharaf will deliver now that he failed to deliver in 10 years. Give a break to this nation, man! You had your enough time!

    Nawaz Sharif is a hollow pot, no wit, no words, no wisdom. He got two chances to deliver. He has DNA problem of coping with judiciary, presidency, army and press. He has strong government in Punjab but his deliverance is zero.

    Hammad, nicely written comment on politics. Recommend

  • Sajida Ahmer

    Some nice observations by the writer. I never thought on those lines before!Recommend

  • Emad Sohail

    How many more charge sheets are we going to produce in future to save our Kingship?

    Who will talk about the people of Pakistan? No party in the History of Pakistan ever dared to produce the “Charge sheet of its own” Where is the Self-Accountability!! Nobody ever dared to volunteer for submission of their own mistakes and crimes in their Government Era and had rectified those mistakes immediately! I want to know which Political Party will voluntarily come and unarmed their weapons in a public?

    I am seeing since my birth people of Pakistan are being deprived and victimized in all era whether its target killing of political party workers, doctors, engineers, religious scholars, suicide bomb blasts etc etc OR basic necessities (food, safety, clean drinking water and shelter) OR through corruption OR scarcity of jobs etc etc See the statistics of street crimes of Karachi in 2010. Isn’t it horoundiosus if NOT then why NOT!!

    Regarding Musharaf’s era, he is history. PMLN & PPP is still mystery!!! No solutions for above whatsoever, right!! Every Government is expert in the art of “PUTTING OLD WINES IN NEW BOTTLES!!”

    Give me a break guys!!! Cut the crap!! Recommend

  • Papu

    I totally agreed with writer atleast he starts we must appreciate him and thanks for the technology who give us pure democracy here but people of Pakistan i just here “Wo qomay taraqi nahi karti jo soti rayti hai jagoo pakistan jagooRecommend