“Bajirao Mastani” deserves a solid four out of five stars!

Published: December 21, 2015

It is a tale of romance, patriotism and relationships. PHOTO: IMDb

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is one, of a handful filmmakers, who has the talent to create a larger than life experience for his viewers. The cinematic prowess he displayed in “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” and “Devdas was exemplary. His latest endeavour, “Bajirao Mastani”, however, has surpassed even his own tremendous standards.

Ranveer Singh is a prolific actor eager to take on many different roles. His ability to appropriate every character he plays is quite impressive. If you are still in awe of his depiction of Ram from “Ramleela”, prepare to be blown away by his newest venture.

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Deepika Padukone is, as expected, a box-office queen. Today, her name possesses the capability to generate as much revenue as the three Khans. Priyanka Chopra (you might know her as Alex Parrish these days) is also one of the most bankable actresses of B-town. With these three actors at the helm, “Bajirao Mastani” is sure to rake in a lot of success.

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A tale of romance, patriotism and relationships, Bajirao (Ranveer Singh) is a Maratha and is selected as the Peshwa (leader). He is married to Kashibai (Priyanka Chopra). Soon after becoming the Peshwa (leader), Bajirao is approached by Mastani (Deepika Padukone) to help save her kingdom. After saving Mastani’s kingdom, love blossoms between the two, and a riveting story unfolds.

I’m convinced that Singh must have done extra research into his character. His diction, form, tone and confidence make him stand out amongst other actors of his generation.

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Chopra showcased, love, jealousy and courage, with a dash of innocence, in Kashibai’s character. She’ll definitely sweep you away with her performance.

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Padukone as Mastani is very believable. She relayed her character’s strength effortlessly. I cannot imagine any other actress performing this role.

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Aditya Panscholi is effective in his role as Pratinidhi. Milind Soman performed adequately and Mahesh Manjrekar could have done better.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the three big names in the film (Singh, Padukone and Chopra) should be credited with carrying the film to success.

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The music from “Bajirao Mastani” is hummable. In relation to direction and cinematography, it is a classic and will be remembered for years to come. Sanjay Leela Bhansali deserves to walk away with multiple awards for his latest creation.

If you are looking for a grand cinematic experience with elements like love, conspiracy, courage and patriotism fused together then “Bajirao Mastani” should definitely be your pick of the lot, without a second thought.

I would rate the film a solid four out of five.

Shafiq Ul Hasan

Shafiq Ul Hasan

The author is an avid movie lover and reviews films and dramas regularly. He is a professional digital inbound marketer. He has worked with a silicon valley-based social network as a content analyst. He blogs at www.shafiqsiddiqui.com and tweets as @shafiqulhasan81 (twitter.com/shafiqulhasan81)

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  • Allah Hafiz

    Please give review of some paki films also….i beleive there might be some paki films also in paki theatres although i dont watch paki film as a paki…..lol…i will watch this and dilwale….by dave when is our next paki film produced by paki directed by paki and acted by paki coming,….would like to watch a paki movie after a long long paki…Recommend

  • mimi sur

    Do not go to watch this movie if you want a good story . Watch it from an artist point of view . Try to understand the depth of Director’s thinking and how much he cares about very small small things. Mr.Vanshali is a master in this art and lets give him his due.Recommend

  • pardeep Kumar

    The market survey and box office report does not match with the views of the author. This is regarded as weakest work from Mr Bhansali. he must realize the period of Historical films is over and ambitious but too costly film might break him financially this time.Recommend

  • Parvez

    One decidedly must have the panache of Ranveer Singh and the mesmerizing looks of Deepika Padukone to carry off wearing those hats…….Recommend

  • Karim Shahi

    Fantastic movie with great acting and specially direction by Bhansali is top notch. Likely the film will sweep all awards.

    Only one point is that Maratha history is not as anti-mughal as portrayed in the film. Both Mughal and Maratha dynasties ruled on the basis of creed not religion. Historical accuracy is not there. One should watche it as an entertainment film and not history.Recommend

  • HOPE

    Awesome Movie – Great Job guys 5 starsRecommend

  • goggi (Lahore)

    Pyar na poochay Zaat aur Dharm……. Super-duper entertaining movie!Recommend

  • Bhimpole

    Aint got time to fathom the director’s feelings and emotions. Or the
    dopey details details about the length of the lengha. Or the mustache
    is waxed or not. Just need 2 1/2 hours of rollicking entertainment. Like
    “Chennai Express’ or just recently saw ‘Chup Chup Hota Hae’ on Netflix.
    [could not believe how good that movie is ! From the 90’s. With Kajol and

  • Ramchand

    Bad grammar, stunted, hate filled English. You changed your name?Recommend