Imran Khan and the MQM: Similar yet distant

Published: November 21, 2010

Imran Khan has been unable to prove his worth in national politics since the last 15 years.

Imran Khan is well known for his work in the development sector. He is also a national sports hero and hopes to bring reforms that will change the status quo and bring progress and prosperity in Pakistan by doing away with the corrupt and feudal controlled system.

Khan leads a pro-democracy center-right political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf or “Pakistan’s Movement for Justice”  – justice, which is said to be the main agenda for reform. He offers an ideology which is very similar to the center-left political parties, but he appears more interested in educated professionals, who are self-made and renowned international figures in their respective fields (like he was).

Good intentions but misguided actions

Khan would have individuals running the country as a non-profit charity organisation, where well known personalities with sound financial backgrounds work as volunteers. PTI also offers patriotism and aims to improve the national image with ‘made in Pakistan’ achievements, with the final vision of bringing people of this nation and those in the First World on a par.

There is no doubt his intentions for Pakistan’s success are pure, but so far he has not been able to prove his worth in national politics. And it has been 15 years already. The only exception is when he won a National Assembly seat from his hometown in elections during General Musharraf’s tenure. Khan let go of the seat after five years in protest against the president’s office and the uniform. After being influenced by a religious party he boycotted the contest in 2008, as he felt a dictator would not be able to bring democracy under his rule. But this did not stop him form fielding candidates in by-elections throughout Punjab, held under the government that was elected during the reign of a Musharraf. Despite that, he continues to highlight the similarities between a dictator and the democratic president of today.

Most Pakistanis who support him are young or female. That is primarily because he is the most good looking male politician around, and a successful cricketer who made it to the Hall of Fame with his personal achievements. Pakistan’s population and demographics are in his favour, if we categorise with numbers, then in all fairness his following should be well above 2/3rd of the total population of Pakistan.

Khan also claims he has never voted for elections in his life, except for his own seat in 2002 as he had always harboured doubts about the electoral process in the country.

Imran Khan’s stand against the MQM

What caught my attention was that Khan continued to reiterate that he does not see an alliance with MQM even though his movement is following the same goals. He believes that MQM is a ‘terrorist organisation’  and perhaps, he feels, not up to his level of politics.

In 2009, when Khan had gone through a minor medical procedure at his hospital, I remember MQM Punjab’s senior members and the coordination committee members had paid a visit to Khan to inquire about his health. He remains upset with the MQM because they had filed a disqualification reference against him when he was an assembly member. This was after Khan had vowed to have an MQM leader arrested in the UK within three months, extradited to Pakistan and tried for charges.

Calling a national political party that holds the mandate of millions ‘terrorists’, is unjustified. Would his statement of calling MQM ‘deshatgard‘ mean he rejects the voters of MQM as thugs and militants, who are from the middle class and working to provide Pakistan 68 per cent revenue and make up to 25 per cent of the GDP but only because the majority in Karachi votes for the MQM.

Hypocritical arguments

I find it very strange that Khan is ready to pursue peace talks with the Taliban, who are known to the world as terrorists, but is not willing to meet the MQM leaders from a center-left progressive political movement similar to his own. He justifies this by saying that the US too is willing to negotiate with the Taliban, without realising that the Afghan Taliban are fighting foreigners and the Pakistani Taliban are killing their own people.


Syed Ali Raza Abidi

A businessman who writes on politics and civic issues. He completed his masters in business administration from Boston University. He tweets @abidifactor.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Fraz

    “he boycotted the contest in 2008, as he felt a dictator would not be able to bring democracy under his rule. But this did not stop him form fielding candidates in by-elections throughout Punjab, held under the government that was elected during the reign of a Musharraf. ”

    The elections were boycotted because the judges were not restored. Once they were restored, the stance for a boycott was dropped.

    Like many parties in the past who thought boycotting would win over sympathies, PTI too has learned that abstaining from an election should never be an option. Recommend

  • Yasser

    Whatever is the history/work of Imran related to Shaukat Khanam, his first vote in 2002, sita white, his life style, i don’t think Mr. Khan is serious with people of Pakistan. Those who have analyzed properly his political life span of 15 years, his only aim seems victory for himself to become PM of Pakistan but not for the people of PakistanRecommend

  • http://Peshawar G.Khan

    The Author of this article “Syed Ali Raza Abidi” whose argument I found absolutely baseless and hypocritical. Imran Khan has been consistent on his stance. MQM who is Supporting a corrupt regime is being with them. No other argument stand true on this. Argument that they give is “ well, we are saving the democracy”. What democracy they are saving is emptying the National Treasury, taking billions of dollars of loans for corruption , Has 100 ministers while country can not support their lavish expenditures. MQM being with such corruption is not serving the country. Their argument for democracy is absolutely wrong. Where in the world you support such people? This is no service to the nation because this regime is openly looting the Treasury, discarding Supreme court’s decisions, are highly unpatriotic and harming the national interests of Pakistan. Results are hyper inflation, absolute disappearance of Law & order, and enhanced foreign intrusion whether they are drone attacks or CIA operations within Pakistan. MQM is supporting democracy by supporting them then MQM must also be discarded and disqualified. Imran never supported such Policies of corruption even if it cost him his only seat which he let it go by not participating in FAKE and UNLAWFUL elections whose only base was NRO between a sitting dictator and PPP. But by sitting outside of that election he stuck to his principles . Now time has shown us that this democracy proved to be worse than the dictatorship in any aspect you see it because when the seed is rotten how can you expect a healthy tree out of it?

    Secondly it was argued , Imran is not popular enough to grab more seats. I think this statement is as bogus as the previous one. This statement shows me how the good value system of our intelligentsia has deteriorated over time. What kind of a Bogus argument is this that if a leader has not won seats by crook and unlawful, fabricated, agency’s help, coercive tactics, falsifying results , fake degrees , then he is nothing politically sound? Everyone knows how these elections were held and how they are usually held in the past as well. The costs of elections, and means of that money by which these elections are fought. Who questioned that money? Where it came from? Sources?Can anybody raise finger on Imran’s honesty?

    There is nothing wrong with attracting educated professionals, who are self-made and renowned international figures in their respective fields (like he was). Where it is written one can not do that? Is he not treating 75% of Cancer patient free of cost. Where do you think funds will come? Writer’s argument is completely bogus.

    People don’t support him because he is good looking. People support him because he is a principled man, strictly disciplined, truthful, honest and non-violent. No other leader is there who shows such traits. He pays his taxes and follow the rule of law. Mere looks are not enough. Writer negates his own previous argument by this argument. If Imran harbored doubts about the electoral process in Pakistan, he is absolutely right. Every educated person will support his argument and reject anything which is otherwise. Recommend

  • kashif

    Calling a national political party that holds the mandate of millions ‘terrorists’, can be justified.

    Why army operated in 1992???Recommend

  • Mohammed Arif

    There is no difference in TI and MQM – only personality clash. Mr. Khan has made mistakes by targetting MQM as Jamat Islami. He attacked on personalities which makes a man difficult to take a u-turn when necessary. Dr. Imran Farooq murder – this was a good opportunity that Imran should go to Azizabad for Dua. It is very imperative that Imran Khan’s TI, MQM and APML should sit together for a GREEN Revolution for the betterment of Poor and Middle class peopole or to get rid of PPPP and PML-N, Basically these three parties are against the corruption and without landlords. Imran Khan should understand by now that Boarding on Jamat-e-Islami is of no use and in bi-elections TI could not attract the voters. Therefore, for best interest of Pakistan and its people, these 3 parties should work together. Recommend

  • Ahsan

    The author has drawn some interesting common lines that intersect both MQM & Imran Khan. However, in my opinion, there are some stark differences that remain.

    MQM grooms & promotes its candidates. Every Pakistani is familiar with the faces and names of people like Farooq Sattar, Haider Abbas Rizvi, Faisal Subzwari and many more.

    For Imran Khan’s party, I (though I am a keen follower of Pakistani politics) have never seen another face from PTI except Imran Khan. There is perhaps a guy called Alvi who is General Secretary or something, who is sometimes on the TV talk shows. Another one is Mr Naim-ul-Haque who recently threw a glass of water at PPP’s Soomro. Until recently, I knew Mr Naim as a journalist only (I don’t know when he joined PTI).

    This party trend is an indication of Totalitarianism within the PTI. Even though Mr Nawaz Sharif is also rumored to have an authoritarian style (his ‘incidents’ with Mr Khursheed Kasuri & Sheikh Rashid are indicative of this) but at least we know many other faces from his party. Not so for PTI.

    The other big difference comes to light when we compare Imran Khan & Altaf Hussain.

    When we look deep into Altaf’s personality, we see a simple but iron-willed individual, a deeply wronged man who is keen to correct social injustices and to civilize/modernise the nation.

    When we look deep into Imran Khan’s personality, we see a member of the elite class who went to abroad to study, and was very popular among his peers UNTIL the people found out that he is a ‘Paki’ (at which point he would be ridiculed for being a third-world citizen).

    Imran Khan has all these accumulated frustrations from his years in the UK. Basically, he wants to fix the ‘image’ of Pakistan in the West (so that other members of the Pakistani elite do not have to suffer the same setbacks as faced by him in his UK life).

    In my opinion therefore, Imran Khan is:

    a) looking to fix the ‘image’ of Pakistan and not its problems (he is barely aware of the ‘problems’ and more confused than aware about whether these are really problems or not).

    b) is highly sensitive (albeit subconsciously) to how Pakistan is perceived in the West.

    But then again, in the recent times, we have been seeing a new side of Imran Khan. He has become more and more conservative with the passing of years. He has got himself ridiculed by claiming that there are no Taliban in Karachi (a city he knows little about) and keeping silent when a huge truck-bomb recently rocked the city.

    I think this gradual (and yet, dramatic) shift towards conservatism is the result of Imran having reached an age (58 years) where he thinks he doesn’t have enough time left to create a legacy for himself (to be remembered by the West) as a ‘Great Statesman’. Recommend

  • Nabiha Chauhdry

    WHAT UTTER NONSENSE! Once again you bash out the wrong way at PTI and Imran Khan by calling his popularity to be restricted in the young generation specially females thus associating the typical personal attack that MQM always goes for against Imran Khan! Imran Khan’s MAJOR contention with the MQM IS its terrorist nature.

    You quoted an example of your party member visiting Imran Khan enquiring about his health, why don’t you also mention the abhorrently disgraceful wall chalking that was done in Karachi and BANNED Imran Khan- a CITIZEN of Pakistan with NO criminal charges on him- from entering Karachi!?

    But ofcourse CONVENIENTLY forget the mention.. because IK had the guts to file cases against MQM and their leader in the UK courts!Recommend

  • Nabiha Chauhdry

    PTI has 80-year old learned, educated, ambassador level MALE Pakistanis supporting and voicing for it! Imran Khan has a following with every mind who appreciates vision and a different thought process that the conventional corrupt and criminal politics of Pakistan so far. Just because nobody has any real charges to pose at IK, you label him with your own personal silly opinions about his good looks being the cause of his popularity! No sires! His popularity and following is because of his untainted political/social services character and because of his decades-ahead visionary views on local and international politics! It was fourteen years ago that he raised his voice against corruption, today corruption is the major national evil being fought against from judicial to officer levels! For the last 6-8 years IK has been consistently voicing against the armed action against Taliban and insisting instead on talks, today the INTERNATIONAL leadership is forced to do the same because of their failure in the forceful ways! Eversince PTI has been formed, IK has been repeating the dire need of a tax reform.. today IMF tells Pakistan to do the same!

    THIS is the reason IK has a following with the young generation who want freedom from the corrupt old and rotten system of Pakistan’s politics so far.

    Once again, the bone of contention of IK with MQM is the way it generates its funds! Recommend

  • parvez

    MQM and IK – one is secular in thought and the other confused.
    If he un-confuses himself , he has potential.Recommend

  • Kashif

    Kashif sahab, 1992 army operation was aimed to crush MQM, and after so many years, one of the officers behind this operation spoke himself against its legitimacy.
    Terrorists do not build a city like Karachi. Terrorists do not build hospitals, cardiac centers and trauma centers. They do not help poor & the needy (as MQM did by setting up relief camp after recent deadly bombing at CID center Karachi).
    Visit Karachi and view all with your own eyes.
    People of Karachi aren’t fools. There is a strong reason why they vote for MQM.Recommend

  • Raqib Ali

    Imran Khan has a lot to learn. He doesn’t want to compromise on his values, otherwise he would have achieved a lot more!!

    He is same as MQM??? No way! Imran Khan believes in peaceful movement and that is why he never took revenge from Jamiat after they betrayed him. Imran Khan is totally opposite to MQM.

    Infact JAMIAT and MQM are quite similar. Both are based on some ideology, propgagate it in a way to look bigger than life, believe in strict discipline among its ranks and use force to silence the opponents.Recommend

  • Hina

    Author seems biased !Recommend

  • Nabiha Chauhdry

    @Kashif: LOL! don’t even start on HOW the MQM ‘makes’ people ‘vote’ for them.. haha u made me laugh there by trying to imply that public happily and willfully votes for MQM!


  • Ammad Hafeez

    Imran Khan just talking about himself. I ever observed that he is used to his name rather it’s party name, Only ‘Imran-Log’ rather to Insaf log. I’m not satisfied to the Imran khan, although he gives great speech but no ground reality. 12 years have passed, till yet he hasn’t achieved any goal/aim.Recommend

  • Samran warsi

    Imran Khan has a lot to learn. He doesn’t want to compromise on his values, otherwise he would have achieved a lot more!!Recommend

  • Syed Kashif Nawaz

    Well written Article by S. A. Abidi.

    Here, let me remind Mr. G. Khan, in response to his argument that declaring all the comments of the author as bogus will not wash away the actions of Imran Khan.

    Truly speaking Imran Khan did boycott in 2008 out of the fear of losing the elections. If he was that much on his principles then why did he meet President General Parvaiz Musharraf after he had taken over the country? Was he (President Musharraf) not a dictator at that time?

    In his argument, Mr. G. Khan blamed MQM for supporting PPP in looting Pakistan. I simple question from him is what Imran has done or what he is doing now? Was Imran not in London APC with PMLN and PPP? Though PPP has a track record of looting Pakistan, then why did Imran Khan support PPP at that time?

    Let me invite Mr. G. Khan to increase some analytical skills before passing the comments!


    Syed Kashif Nawaz
    Financial Analyst
    Based in Dubai – UAERecommend

  • Syed Kashif Nawaz

    One of the friends had commented:


    kashif 7 hours ago
    Calling a national political party that holds the mandate of millions ‘terrorists’, can be justified.
    Why army operated in 1992???


    Dear it is continuously been shown in Media why, how and for what objectives Operation in 1992 had started, Even all the people responsible for that operation have confessed their crimes!

    You should revive your knowledge! Recommend

  • Raqib Ali

    @ Samran Warsi

    Why copy paste my comments without acknowledgement? You could have simply said that you agree with me. Recommend

  • faisal

    MQM has been in almost every government for last 20 years but still they present themselves as a new alternative of PPP and PML-N. They sell the deaths of people who died in military operation of 90’s but they forget that even after those operations they joined the governments of not only PPP and PML-N but also became partners with a dictator’s government even though it was army which actually conducted the operation. They talk about 15000 missing and dead people from operations but never bothered to conduct an inquiry even during the times of Waseem Akhtar as Sind Interior Minister and MQM a key part of Federal, Provincial and City governments.
    MQM is an integral part of status quo politics like JUI-F which is only there to hijack the possible opposing agendas for establishment.
    PTI should stick to their politics of principles and keep pursuing their goals of free judiciary, free election commission and socio-economic justice.Recommend

  • Ammad Hafeez

    Chairman PTI Imran Khan helped raise £60,000 for Pakistan’s flood victims when he was the star guest at a gala fund raising dinner in Leeds.
    Imran Khan joined hands with MKRF of Jang Group and the group and Mr Khan claimed that they have raised more then 1.2 Billion rupees for the flood victims.

    I have few questions for Mr Khan, PTI and MKRF.
    Where is all that money?
    Where it is used till now?
    The flood victims are going back to their homes how much money Mr Khan raised for them have been given to them till now?
    Where is the news and media coverage of all that?

  • Nas

    Ha Ha Ha…This piece is definition of misinforming journalism and political propoganda. I think his actions are not misguided, its your arguments that are misguided. “But this did not stop him form fielding candidates in by-elections throughout Punjab”
    Imran’s stand was against the sanctity of elections without an independent judiciary and once it was restored so did his stand.I know it will be hard for you to see that cos MQM has never made a prinicpled stand all they care is about power, they compromised with Musharraf, they compromised with PPP, and they will compromise with any other party to stay in power.
    “This was after Khan had vowed to have an MQM leader arrested in the UK within three months, extradited to Pakistan and tried for charges.”. How naive? The democratic party that you are braging about imposed a ban on entry of Imran Khan in Karachi and sent a message to rest of Pakistanis that Karachi is their turf and has an access control over it. And the case was about 80 PTI volunteers that were killed subsequently.”but so far he has not been able to prove his worth in national politics. If he is not that important and would not continue to prove his worth in politics then please write about some one who has proven his worth besides the nexus of MQM, PPP and PMLRecommend

  • Syed Kashif Nawaz

    @…Nabiha Chaudhry……do you really mean what you said?

    Infact, I have a long list to mention here to expose PTI and Imran Khan as another “Jamat-e-Islami” whose agenda is “Look Busy Do Nothing”.

    a) Imran Khan don’t have any agenda but to oppose everyone from time to time!

    b) Imran Khan don’t have any Political Party, rather PTI is a flock of people, escaped either from PMLN/PMLQ or Jamat, looking for alternate leadership!

    c) he don’t have Leaders or Workers; what he has in his pocket are opportunists like him;

    Well Ms. Nabiha I will appreciate if you defend these facts!

    As far as MQM and his popularity is concerned, only a fool can deny this! :-)Recommend

  • Nas

    @Samran Warsi, yes with the compromises he would have personally and politically gained a lot but fortunately his politics is not about personal gain its about national gain.And thats what exactly his supporter lauds him for.Recommend

  • syed Rizvi

    I think that Imran Khan should re think his priorities as we have been seeing that he has been in active politics for the last 15 years without much progress and recognition.. there is no doubt that he is a good speaker and he has proved himself as a valuable guest for the political chat talks.. but as a matter of fact so far he has failed to assemble enough support for his party and ironically we do not even know the name of any other office bearer of his party. So we can safely say that he has failed to organised the party during his time in politics.

    I think he needs to understand that in order to bring any change he has to work with someone who is more closer to him ideologically so far he has relied upon the religio-political parties who do not have any mass support neither do they have any agenda for the betterment of the society or country at large.

    Political parties like PPP and PML are not in a position to form a government on their own so if Imran Khan is under the illusion that his party can do something on its own than it can be termed as day dreaming and nothing more.

    In the present scenario i believe that a combination of Imran Khan and MQM can bring some substantial change as MQM is a recognised and an organised political force who has the mandate of educated people of the country so there is no harm in making an alliance with the party who has a presence at all level and who really deserve to get a chance a bigger level and i firmly believe that together they can bring some positive change.Recommend

  • The Only Normal Person Here.

    MQM is winning the elections and will continue winning. However, Imran Khan is winning tv shows and will continue to. Win Win situation for both the parties. SOME similarity that we have. Recommend

  • Hammad Shahid

    Tehreek-e-Insaf is a sort of political party which is struggling hard for many years. What did they get from??? Just a seat In 2002 elections hahahahaha lol. MQM is the one who represents the middle class people of Pakistan, they have much higher rate of literacy. They can go far, But I dont agree that Tehreek-e-Insaaf can do something, Because they have no leadership which is enough for runnig the management of the party. So how could they handle the affairs of Pakistan??? And wanna end with this statement, “MQM is the best political party of Pakistan because of their leadership, management and workers. They can do something for the sake of innocents..!!Recommend

  • mir liyaqat

    I think imran khan is the right choice for the people of pakistan instead of other tried political parties whose tenure has not yield anything for the common people in pakistan. Mr Khan doesn’t need any certificate from any authority wether he is reliable or not because he has proved his mettle, when pakistan won the lone cricket world cup under his leadership. He is seen as a national icon and also an inspiration for the youth of pakistan. I request to the people of pakistan that give Mr khan a chance to serve them you tried different faces so for now time has come to change the political spectrum of pakistan because change is the law of nature. Recommend

  • Muhammad Khan

    No Imran Khan can not be accepted as a leader in Pakistan in any way because the people of Pakistan have lost their kids, brothers and many other relation by Terrorist’s (Taliban) attacks and everybody knows that Imran Khan extreamly like to support Talibans, which is not accepted by our nation…Imran Khan please play video games in your home and don’t try to play our country and people’s feeling….Recommend

  • Liaquat Ali

    I think that Imran Khan is getting the hang of connecting with the audience.

    Notice his hand gestures as he points to himself and the audience in his first story. I am sure that he did not contemplate the implied reference in his own story. :)

    In the second story he again did not realize the implied reference of grabbing the money from the women. LOL!Recommend

  • Amna

    “After being influenced by a religious party he boycotted the contest in 2008, as he felt a dictator would not be able to bring democracy under his rule”

    **Actually he boycotted the elections because of the agreement made by the APDM. After which, all parties involved bailed out due to the greed for power. Only PTI and JI followed through. He was not influenced by anyone….
    As far as him being hypocritical about talking to the taliban vs MQM, he has said that he does not have a problem talking with MQM but they need to put away the weapons. He does not do the ghunda-politics that are going on in Karachi….and prefers not to get PTI involved with that stuff.
    Just look at the mess between ANP, PPP, and MQM……why would he talk to a group that can not stop using weapons and do politics peacefully?

    And as for you saying the only reason he has the support that he has from the youth and women is because of his good looks….you are just hating on him.
    He can not help the fact that he looks better than any other Pakistani leader….if that automatically makes him and his popularity less credible….that is just pathetic.**Recommend

  • Nabiha Chauhdry

    @Syed Kashif Nawaz: naivety at its supreme high! :p

    Here’s for ur reference:

    Explore the website and enlighten urself with the kind of educated manifesto this party has, thats never been for any party ever in Pakistan

    As for those who think IKRF has not spent the collected money .. I think nobody doubts the credibility of IK in social work, he’s the second biggest next to Edhi in Pakistan and renowned world over for transparency in funds expenditure. IKRF is spending less oon roti kapra of people immediately and more on the long-term rehab projects, many of the model villages have been inaugurated in KP and some parts of Punjab over a month ago and the process is/will continue until every single penny raised has been spent on the right cause, rest assured!Recommend

  • http://peshawar G.Khan

    I think only a principled man, not who do comprmises ( look here we have comewith those compromises) can put Pakistan on right Track. No hypocrites or compromisers can ever do that. haven’t we seen all? If I have to select between a sharp, well-spoken but non- tax paying, looter, unpatriotic, corruptor, Againt One HONEST MAN. I will select the Honest man Just because with him your Treasury wll remain safe, your budget will balance, you will not have to beg from the rest of the world for lavish life style and above all education and other development projects will boom. I personally think , Imran is the only such leader, rest is Trash.Recommend

  • Hunain Ali

    Nabiha Chauhdry: I think that you are someone who is not from Karachi and IF in case you are, you have no idea about what ‘general’ public thinks :)

    I read above that it made you laugh that people happily and willfully vote for MQM..In that case i would suggest you to go and ask to the people themselves that why do they vote. Everyone remembers the elections in which MQM boycotted the National Assembly Elections and went with the Provincial Assembly Elections. The city of lights was under the shades of Army those days and everyone saw how people responded to those elections. People voted and will keep on voting for people who are one of them.

    If you get some time then do visit the ‘areas’ you think are MQM influenced and ask common people why do they vote for MQM. You will get the answer.

    Adios !Recommend

  • Ahsan

    @Hunain: Agreed bro. I don’t think we MQMers and the confused PTIers can ever agree… we are like two parallel lines stretched to infinity :)Recommend

  • Haad Mehboob

    I can never trust a person to be patriotic who said CREATION OF PAKISTAN IS THE BIGGEST BLUNDER IN THE HISTORY TO MANKIND.
    I hope i made myself clear with that line.Recommend

  • faraz

    Does Imran know that Pakistan runs on Parliamentary system, not the Presidential system? Distribution of votes is as important as number of votes. Imran must devise a clever political strategy. He should target that section of population which is not a compulsive voter of an existing party. Those who believe that “taliban brought justice”, are going to vote for JI or JUI, not PTI. Poor sections of the society usually vote for PPP which never fails to disappoint them, but Imran has never tried to targets those millions of potential voters. If he had joined the railway employees who were demanding salary, he could have jained sympathies from all the workers associated with railways. He made no attempts to expose the Sugar mafia, he could have published a list of benificiraries of the sugar mills. Imran didnt support the MQM’s demand for land reforms, why? What is his stance of RGST? You can see Imran appearing on talk shows where the topic is taliban or qaumi ghairat; but he is nowhere to be seen when its about issues concerning common man. Recommend

  • Khaled Faroqi

    Imran Khan is a confused frustrated politician.

    Mr Khan always talk about change but in every election he give tickets to Lotas of other parties who have strong baradri to get some votes.
    Can any of Mr Khan supporter tell us how many tickets Imran Khan give to young educated youth rather Lotas in last many bye elections?
    can they name a single person?Recommend

  • Hassan

    i don’t think Mr. Khan is serious with people of Pakistan. Those who have analyzed properly his political life span of 15 years, his only aim seems victory for himself to become PM of Pakistan but not for the people of PakistanRecommend

  • Sana Saleem

    Khan talks impressively and is successful to convince the listeners but If He is so much right, Why is he not so successful ? ………. He talks a lot but does less than that.. He is proud and people may dislike this about him.

    I think if he is ready to talk to Talibans for peace talk then he should also be prepared to talk to MQM. This is really Hippocratic about him.Recommend

  • ann syedha

    My comments were not included Mr.Moderator … MEAN you are BIASED !
    Have fun .. there are plenty of forum where I can go to TELL the TRUTH !

    u stick here and published KHAN BASHING !!
    who cares…Recommend

  • Hassan

    @ Ali Raza Abidi, i would first like to correct some misconceptions and then move on the rest of what you have written.

    Karachi Provides 68% of the countries revenue, this is a fact which is used without context by Karachi based writers to misguide people. This Tax Revenue is a function of revenue generated by companies and businesses based in Karachi. The Majority of the consumption in this country takes place in the Punjab where the majority of the population lies. So to say that Karachi somehow generates revenue on its own is a fallacy.
    Accusing MQM of being a terror outfit does not disregard the people of karachi in any way shape or form. If i were to use the same logic then calling the current President corrupt and the present regime incompetent would be like denying the votes of millions of Pakistanis!!!
    PTI was part of APDM which had decided to boycott the elections, PPP and PML N backed out for reasons known to everyone, so to say that PTI did not contest on the behest of a religious party is highly irresponsible on your part. You have the privilege to contribute to a reputable news paper use it judiciously, do not use it to further a personal agenda which is very visible in what you have written.

    Imran has nothing personal against the MQM, he like millions of Pakistanis believes that the MQM has a militant side which is used to subdue politcal opponents in Karachi. They are an opportunist party who have been part of every successive goverment since 1988, they represent the middle class but are more than willing to sit with the feudals and industrialists when it suits their needs. So suffice to say MQM and PTI do not have much in common and just like Imran doesnt hold talks with PML N and PPP he shouldnt hold talks with MQM.Recommend

  • talha

    The personal life matter a lot, if a man cannot respect close relationships then how can he work out with others.

    We must learn the art of win win position and bring out best among the worst possibilities. I wish that he must accept people parallel to him in the party,

    Now at the older age, he wants to portray himself as a noble and pious man by having hospital and universities. He must bring some other personalities in his party that can bring a soft image for the nation.

    It’s not the cricket ground; it’s the future of the nation. It does not matter for a playboy to lose anything but it matters for a generation to lose its prime time. Recommend

  • Hassan

    @ Ahsan, the MQM has been in politics since 1984 and prior to that had a student movement the APMSO since 1978. In addition the MQM was formed and supported by Zia to break the hold of PPP in Sindh. So thats the first difference between the two parties PTI isnt supported by anyone except ordinary citizens of Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis.

    People in Pakistan also know the names of most leaders in PPP/ PML N/ PML /Q / APML does that mean they are just like MQM? MQM has been power since 1988 the only party to hold this honour so the fact that people know a few of their leaders isnt really indicative of anything.

    You obviously do not know much about PTI and your whole argument is based on the fact that you dont know the name of any PTI leader, PTI is a democratic party and can be even better as more people come into its fold.

    The part where you start comparing Altaf Hussain and Imran Khan is where i started laughing,

    Altaf is keen to correct social injustices by sitting in power with the same people he keeps on criticising, that my friend is hypocrisy and having double standards. Altaf Hussain is a british citizen who wants to civilise and modernise Pakistan, yes Mr Ahsan we believe you!!!!!!!!!!

    Imran has more respect in his country and in Altaf Hussain’s adopted country than Altaf could get in ten lifetimes so stop this inane comparision is a figment of your imagination coupled with a deep prejudice against Imran Khan.

    Imran’s knowledge and understanding of the issues facing this country are far superior when compared with Altaf Hussain’s. He was the first to talk about accountability in this country, he was the first to talk about Justice and equality. All that he said about the Taliban is now coming true in Afghanistan, so please take your ill informed and extremely prejudiced arguments where someone can believe you.

    Imran doesnt need to leave a legacy, his name will be remembered amongst the few heroes of this country, a true Pakistani!!!!!Recommend

  • Hassan

    @ Ammad Hafeez, kindly go to the link provided below where details of the projects are given. Recommend

  • Yasir Khan

    LoL Ali. Imran can talk for days but he cannot generate votes. what has he done for 5 Years in parliament ?. who actually donated him the seat its a well known secret… MQM at the time of operation won the seats.. MQM is generating leadership from the bottom …. just name one more leader from PTI… you can sympathize PTI but coordination should be laughed away…. first he should full fill his challenge of 3 months this would decide if he really has the guts to play the game….Recommend

  • MAD


    Please remember Imran Khan was talking about independence of the judiciary long before the CJP crisis and the lawyers movement. He talks about negotiating with the Taliban, tell me has the current modus operandi worked?

    @ Yasir Khan

    There is a proper full fledged institution in Mianwali affiliated witha UK based university. that didnt drop out of thin air. I read about colleges and like being set up also when eh was MNA. remember he was in the opposition and perhaps you should look at records and try to find out what the individual MNA’s (govt and opposition) have done for their constituencies. please remember that there is a development fund allocated to all of them.

    yes he was a playboy, he has a love child. has he ever robbed his nation blind? whats the bigger crime?

    Please remember that MQM and PTI have usually had a clear stance and flip flopping on principles is almost unheard of. Also both parties are dominated by an individual with MQM candidates running as nominees/ representatives of Altaf Hussain.Recommend

  • Liaquat Ali

    Imran Khan is becoming more entertaining. I used to dislike his videos on Youtube. Now I do in the hope of getting a laugh.

    I am sure that he is being coached by some political spinmeister. Good for him. I wish him good health.Recommend

  • M. Bilal

    Biased article..Recommend

  • Kashif

    @Hunain Ali:

    Totally agree with Hunain & Syed Kashif Nawaz. Nabiha Chauhdry seems to have little knowledge about Karachi and its residents. She should broaden her study about Karachi and its people rather than refuting the facts.Recommend


    I agree to Kashif plus would add that if votes is any “License” to innocence , what about Hitler ?Recommend

  • Hassan

    @ Kashif, what you view as facts about karachi are not facts they are your version of the facts, Nabiha is very accurate in her points about what is happening in Karachi. Recommend


    @Syed Kashif Nawaz:
    Just to set your record, IMRAN has admitted his meeting MUSH as mistake. In his views he thought MUSH had a good plan for PAKISTAN but MUSH wanted him for his own objectives which IMRAN realized and quit MUSH. Recommend

  • Shah

    dont bring his personal affairs in the market.This guy is working alot.He also has a choice of leaving Pakistan n setlling in UK and live with the BADDA money.But he rather chose to stay in Pakistan and help the people of Pakistan.And secondly you wanna discuss his personal affairs search Christiana Becker who converted to Islam because of him.She was a German MTV host.Her book just released from MTV To Mecca(she did Hajj) .I saw her interview in Germany and see how high she talks abt Imran Khan.Recommend

  • Shah

    Btw this artikle is pathetic.Recommend

  • Uzair Khan

    My name is Khan, I support MQM and I am not a terrorist. =DRecommend

  • Abidi

    Shah :) why do you think this article is pathetic? Isn’t whatever mentioned true about PTI?Recommend

  • Mouzma

    @Nabiha Chauhdry:
    i agree with you completely..the man has a vision and he is sincere to it even though he might have made some mistakes..but who hasn’t? at least he is not corrupt..if he wished he could have led a life of luxury in any part of the world, but he chose to stay in his country that is being attacked from all sides and do good. He entered in to Pakistani politics, the horrible dirty politics deliberately putting his life in danger and standing up for something. He has no fear and he is extremely passionate. That’s what is still driving him. That’s what people love about him. That’s why he has managed to gain people’s trust. That’s why he managed to collect the highest amount of aid for flood relief. looking on to the intellectual side, he has some great revolutionary ideas..while other parties still talk about democracy he knew what was the essence of a fair and prosperous society. justice. his movement is all about that. Even if he has done and said some wrong things, he has been a silent revolutionary and touched many lives, whether by playing cricket, his cancer hospital, his university, his other social work or even his words. Recommend

  • syed amir moin kazmi

    @Fraz: Imran Khan: from playboy to politician
    Imran Khan has offered to broker a deal between the Pakistani Taliban and his government.Recommend

  • Taimur

    Very biased.. The writter is probably a party member of the MQM… the only thing I am wondering why would MQM want to talk to Imran Khan?

    And please get some facts on MQM and how they govern.. they might not be terrorists but they are all middle class badmash funded by MI6.Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    When you hear that Imran Khan is talking against MQM, a window suddenly opens up in your mind which says “WHY’??? Why would a person whose party says Tehreek-e-Insaaf is not doing justice to third biggest party in Pakistan and which maintain a huge support not only in Sindh but other cities as well.

    Then I ask myself why Imran is NOT against the corrupt political parties and establishment who actually flourished “Kleptocracy” in this country, why he is NOT against Army killing its own countrymen in 1992 in Karachi.

    If I am sincere to this country, I would support anybody who is working with full sincerity??? Or he is hired to “ruin” all was gained. Recommend

  • Hassan

    @ Asif Ali… Actually that window opens up and why the hell not, why isnt anybody else talking about it. Its an ethnic party based in urban sindh so lets not try to make it out into a national movement of some sort.

    Imran is against corrupt politcal parties and as for the establishment wasnt MQM part of Musharrafs cabinet and made sure 52 people were killed on My 12th just for the commandos liking.

    He is against violence in all forms and has condemned military action against the MQM as well, so my friend lets not get into conspiracy theories lets try to stay in the present and appreciate the MQM for what it really is a middle class party with thugs to implement its wishes.Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    MQM has nothing against Mr. Khan BUT this is surprising for all that after what Karachi and MQM had gone through in 1992 and instead of being crushed, MQM rose with a roar – So If Imran Khan is genuinely a patriot, he should have “appreciated” MQM, AND if joining MQM was hurting his ego, he should have appreciated the revolution MQM has brought.

    Denying this means Mr. Khan is working ob “somebody else’s” Agenda!!! Recommend

  • S. Ali Raza

    @Hassan: You say, lets not get into conspiracy theories, but as confused as the person you are supporting you start with the same yourself.

    MQM is not an ethnic party anymore – Note pls –
    MQM on 12th May lost 14 members to the attack which was carried out by the establishment supported parties then who wanted to put stop MQM from gaining popularity in Punjab for the work they had done in Karachi.
    MQM has video’s of the actual killings up to 63 minutes in length which is submitted in the courts, and now that the judiciary is independant, the Chief Justice who was then affected should have taken some notice of it? Right? here is the 9 minutes which MQM released for public assessment – – Enjoy!

    He is against violence, and you MQM isn’t? How did MQM win record elections from 1986 to date? if you say like many ignorant supporter of Khan have said that MQM forces MILLIONS to vote fo MQM, then I don’t think anyone will buy that. Most of all the people living in Karachi of any ethnic background vote for MQM because they know the support this party gives to them. MQM was targeted in the past by the state, and there are hundreds of authentic news reports which now blame the ISI/Army/PML-N/and PPP for carrying on with the ethnic cleansing (Genocide) of Mohajirs in Karachi. But yet, it did not stop MQM from gaining more and more seats from interior of Sindh, Gilgit, Sukurdu, Baltistan and Kashmir. MQM is more popular in southern neglected Punjab than Imran khan in his hometown of Mianwali.

  • Asif Ali

    for Nabiha: If MQM is a terrorist than everybody living inside this country is a terrorist – Please do not adopt “Holier than Thou” attitude towards MQM, it was Imran who actually wanted to “Jump-Start” his career by challenging MQM.

    With one seat in hand, Please do not compete with MQM, MQM is comprised to decent people and most of what you say is based on “media” disinformation. Thanks Recommend

  • Syed Kashif Nawaz

    @…Nabiha Chaudhry….

    Look, if one really want to prove facts he has to prove it with the help of Ground Realities, and the work done by him, as we can see MQM has build Karachi and proved its existence on principals in the Houses…..but what you are trying to prove about Imran Khan is all in the “PTI’s Website or Delivering Future Promises” !!!! Recommend

  • Syed Kashif Nawaz

    I must appreciate your ambitions in repeating the same old fashioned baseless propaganda statements, but this all have gone with the winds my dear :P

    Now, this is not 1990s, where only PTV or Jurrat/Ummat/Takbeer were used to spread propaganda, everyone can reach to reality through more then 50 Channels and through Internet in Seconds!

    So, please just come out of this stupid Shell in which you are residing till now!

    MQM has not only filed cases long ago for all the Killings of its people but also some cases are pending in Supreme Court of Pakistan against Nawaz Shareef!!!!!!!!!!

    You another comment, MQM is in Government for 20 years is making me laugh. Go and check from which date till which date MQM remained in Government and when it quit that Government what were the reasons! :PRecommend

  • S. Ali Raza

    Ladies & Gentlemen I refer you to this news report (authentic) of recent addition to MQM in Baluchistan

  • Amna

    @Asif Ali:
    What are you talking about? Where are you getting your info from. You know it is very annoying to see a bunch of people on this site that have these pre-formed opinions on Mr Khan and will ignore all facts….ignore whatever Khan says and go on yapping nonsense.

    Did Khan ever say anything about supporting the 1992 operations? He has said over and over and over on multiple occasions that he does not believe in military solutions and definitely not by Pakistani military against Pakistani people.

    He is very against corruption in fact that is so obvious from his speeches that if you have ever even listened to ONE of them….you would not be saying that. So obviously you do not know what you are talking about. If you want to support a party or be against a party….go ahead….but try to make some sense…Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    Amna, my opinion is Imran Khan is trying to become ALTAF HUSSAIN for Punjab AS Imran Khan is no match for Mr. Altaf Hussain.

    First let me tell you the “truth” you have been missing:

    1) Mr. Altaf Hussain was a student of Pharmacy in Karachi University, he is of noble birth hails from a migrant middle class family and lived all his life in a middle class neighborhood in Azizabad, where Prime Minister Benazir, Nawaz Sharif and other Feudal Lords hate to come.

    2) He lived in a 120 Sq. Yds house in the neighborhood where problems don’t surface they exist they maybe in the form of neglect from authorities, shoddy education facilities and non-existent civic amenities.

    3) It was a one man struggle against the “unfair” in some situations and “unjust” in all conditions – People of Karachi WERE AND ARE the citizens of Pakistan yet they mostly were going ignored and were played upon by so-called Islamic Parties like Jamaat-e-Islami, Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan who played on them for votes, notes and cow/goat hides BUT remained unfaithful to their voters.

    4) BUT as soon as All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organization was announced in Karachi University all hell break lose – Cursing, Terrifying, Physical as well as verbal assaults like it was a crime to be a Mohajir – However it is worth noting that in that era and in that same University, Punjabi Students Organization, Sindhi Students Organization, Baluch Student and Pakhtoon Student Organizations were WORKING in full throttle and nobody OBJECTED TO THEIR EXISTENCE.

    5)Of them who unleashed worst of atrocities against APMSO were Islami Jamiat-e-Talab a Jamaat-e-Islami student faction, It is also worth noting that the strength of APMSO at that time was not exceeding 30 members.

    6) Altaf Hussain practices what he preaches, he is called Bhai because he assumed the role of a mentor, a big brother, a teacher and a revolutionary maestro.

    7) Altaf Hussain, despite being chased out of country by the establishment is fearless in his pro-active and pro-human stances and his continuous struggle brings out people like Mustafa Kamal, Farooq Sattar, and hundreds of people who are loaded with skills to build (as Mustaf Kamal already showed) and the zest to bring a change in this country.

    8) You must not and cannot ignore the role “agencies” play in to making and breaking of political parties, they are constantly trying to make tonga parties, pressure groups, militant factions to divide political parties, demonize political opponents who dare to “change the system”.

    9) A solid trust and concrete backing can be witnessed when in 1992 MQM boycotted the elections, nobody came in to cast their votes, when MQM consented to fight the elections the vote caste ratio was overwhelming.

    You ma agree to disagree BUT you cannot look down at MQM and especially now when MQM speaks for all and every ethnic entity is looking at MQM, I am sure Khan Saheb should also support MQM, as what IMRAN Khan is willing to do now has already been started by ALTAF HUSSAIN since 1984.

    REMEMBER, Pakistan’s only hope for existence lies in the change of theis current CORRUPT AND KLEPTOCRATIC SYSTEM. Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    Pakistan’s survival is connected to just one main agenda “End Of Corruption”, this is the only thing which has hollowed out economy, our industrial growth, our education, our management towards cities and NOW the corruption in Hajj.

    What kinda people are we, so the END OF CORRUPTION is a MUST…. Recommend

  • Ali

    All i wanted to say in regard to this article and subliminal thoughts he wanted to convey were and proved as well.–Pak-Army-in-FATA

    Try youtubing and see his recent Jalsa’s and His touch with common man. He is gaining momentum Country wide where as MQM is mainly Karachi only party with few exceptions here and there. so focusing and gaining in one area is one thing and competing on National Arena is different. So i would not compare the two even.

    Secondly Trust me this is Blessing in disguise that all Mainstream Parties are in power at once this phenomena has never occurred before in our young minds.

    PPP =SINDH/Fedreal

    considering our Awami Trend in all fairness i could say that they get fedup from everybody let it be anyone. So the chance for PTI/Imran Khan is the brightest and most favorable.

    Now lets analyse realistically which is third option apart from PML-N and PPP.
    PML-Q or APML lost their credibilty in Floods and mainly hated and cursed openly in all known areas as seen on TV.
    PPP is already in power and PMLN is decreasing its popularity fast in PUnjab due to their MUFAIMTY SISYAT. so all we left with is PTI as a alternate.

    So lets hope for Change – and a Massive Change.Recommend

  • http://facebook syed kashif farooq

    1992 army operation was aimed to crush MQM, and after so many years, one of the officers behind this operation spoke himself against its legitimacy.
    Terrorists do not build a city like Karachi. Terrorists do not build hospitals, cardiac centers and trauma centers. They do not help poor & the needy (as MQM did by setting up relief camp after recent deadly bombing at CID center Karachi).
    Visit Karachi and view all with your own eyes.
    People of Karachi aren’t fools. There is a strong reason why they vote for MQM.Recommend

  • S. Ali Raza

    If this blog is taken as a suggestion and advice to PTI – What is the harm in that? Criticisms are feedback for improvement. Now, please re-read it, it will make a lot of sense. Recommend

  • Talha

    For your kind information, Imran Khan was among the first one to accept Musharraf Sb. He could not have possibly refrained his party from elections due to dictatorship.Recommend

  • Talha

    Its really absurd that you are trying to judge a so called politician and then keeping his personal life aside..Leader, my friend is, an example for his followers. You cannot say thay Okay yes Imran Khan’s life is full of things that reflects that he hates Pakistan and that he he thinks that Pakistan is not a place worthy of living or for bringing up your kids but still he is patriotic. Or yes Imran Khan cannot wina single seat in elections, not only his home seat but he is the most popular politician in Pakistan! Recommend

  • Talha

    @Shah: I dont think so! Recommend

  • Talha

    I dont think that Imran Khan is known for his development work, he has enjoyed fame for other things that are not held in esteem in our sociely. Making a hospital where a poor cannot even get an examination test done is what he has done for the people of Pakistan

    He has always been marked controversial for his biasness against the Urdu speaking camp be it cricket, politics or charity. During his golden days too several incidents were reported affirming his hatred for the particulr sect. Its a pity that he fails to get support from his own constituency.

    There might be a few who support him for his career in cricket but they too insist on ignoring his personal life. What else can one say?

    He has nothing that can compel one to talk of his political career, in short he does not have one.Recommend

  • Hassan

    @ S Ali Raza you couldnt answer my queries so you chose to not have my comments displayed do i see a similarity between the party you support and your own acts. If you are such a fan of criticism and feebback maybe you should accept some as well rather than having dissent censured.Recommend

  • Hassan

    @ Talha, i dont know if its ignorance that compels you to write such comments or prejudice. Stop this whining about how urdu speaking people have been discrimnated against and Imran has a bias against Urdu speaking people, get over the fact the Miandad could not score a triple century. Imran played for Pakistan not for records if you cant understand that then it is you who has a bias not Imran.

    Kindly name some of these incidents besides the imran didnt let miandad score a triple century and Imran was rude to a fan in Hyderabad. Those two are old and have been debated to death.

    If gaining power at all costs is a called a politcal career thank god Imran doesnt have one!!!!!Recommend

  • S. Ali Raza

    Hasan: FYI – the authors do not manage the comments section. Its controlled by moderators of the site.

    Maybe you used the same vulgar language that Imran uses regularly about his opponents. ET does not allow that stuff here.

    Please ask your questions based on facts, not rhetoric. Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    Let’s not fight over it and let me sum up the whole discourse:

    Is Imran a new leader??? No
    Is Imran has a new philosophy??? No
    Is Imran breaking new grounds??? No

    Is Imran divorced (not being personal)? If yes, why is he supporting his ex-wife’s brother in elections???
    Is it necessary, I mean really really necessary that an Ex-Playboy/Captain should be a good politician without any “service record”.

    Can we know why he used to go to Bombay every month??? Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    Hassan: How short-lived is your memory, India has “drawn” a lot of test just for Gavaskar to score his centuries an personal record & why Miandad was not allowed to score big ones and the innings was declared by the “wise captain” despite of the fact that the match was heading for a draw???Recommend

  • Hassan

    @ Asif Ali, friend i think you have the same objective as i do which is to see Pakistan free from corruption and have social and economic justice but our viewpoints as to how that will be achieved differ greatly.

    Kindly go through this link it is a great summary of student politics in Pakistan and the APMSO and MQM’s role in vioolence in Karachi. the IJT and JI with PSF were equally responsible but we need to be fair and understand that violence by anyone is not a solution to our problems.

    In addition you claim the establishment plays a role against the MQM, my friend the same establishment helped the MQM in its formation and as the saying goes when you ride the tiger the tiger will eventually ride you as well.

    No one looks down at MQM if anyone does they are fooling themselves but the fact that MQM has a militant past and present is something that cannot be denied. The MQM has power to do a lot more than it is doing, building bridges and roads isbnt enough when you claim to represent the economic engine of the country. They have been in power for almost 22 years and what have we got to show for it, nothing has changed in the political setup, the MQM sits with the same opportunists that are destroying Pakistan but claims that they are against them.

    Actions my friend speak much louder than words ever could.Recommend

  • Hassan

    @ S Ali Raza…just to fulfill your wish attached are some links which should give you an adequate idea of what the MQM was and is all about

    A short write up on MQM,USCIS,,,414fe5aa4,0.html

    A glorious past

    More facts about 12th May

    What they are still doing

    i think that covers your so called facts about their militancy and their so called attempt at being a national party, anytime your looking for more facts let me know.Recommend

  • Rabya khan

    Imran khan has never showed any responsible and active concerned towards people of Pakistan. cracking jokes and using mal words about other politicians doesnt show that u r really serious with your people or u really care for them. if he would be serious with the nation, he would have come forward and showed some visible efforts rather than sitting on the back and taunting everyone.
    khan sahab’s problems with MQM seems something really personal to us, which can only be cleared by Him, himself!
    if he can bring change and if he has the better ways of changing country’s situation than he must dont care about whoever is in front of him, whether its MQM or some other party. thing is that he dont have any solid solution for problems, he only knows to create violence with his lame comments.
    we at least comes up with some logics, rather than pointing out others!!Recommend

  • Hassan

    @ Asif, team sports are not about individual records and Imran never played for them maybe Miandad did but imran didnt and as captain it was his decision to go for a win which Pakistan did achieve.

    The greatest players of the Game view Imran as one of the greatest captains of the game i think this should be enough to tell you what Imran Khan gave Pakistan cricket.

    “Imran Khan turned Pakistan from a collection of talented but generally ineffective individuals into a fighting, world-class team, leading by example and through sheer will. He was loyal to talent and dismissive of sycophants and easy riders. He battled for the success of the Pakistan cricket team, and for the honour of his country, on playing fields and in boardrooms. He unearthed some of the greatest talents you would ever see. He was a role model for Pakistanis all over the world, and he attracted a vast following from people of many other nationalities. Imran Khan was flawed, yes, but he was truly magnificent. For a good while, too, he was the King of Pakistan.”Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    Hassan Saheb, thanks for the link- OK confrontation, negligibility, isolation, negation, accusations comes finally to the will of annihilation as far as MQM is concerned – Let’s walk on solid grounds, pick up the papers one year before June 19, 1992 and let me know if there were mass murders, car-jackings, robberies, kidnappings???Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    No doubt about Imran’s greatness as a great allrounder…no doubt buddyRecommend

  • Hassan

    @ Rabya Khan, i dont know how to take your comments are people this ignorant in the information age,
    “Imran khan has never showed any responsible and active concerned towards people of Pakistan” are you serious has the Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Namal University and his flood relief efforts completely escaped your little world!!!!!!

    “if he would be serious with the nation, he would have come forward and showed some visible efforts rather than sitting on the back and taunting everyone.”

    What do you think he has been doing, he didnt need to start a political party but he did only to change the way politics is done in this country. His social work is exemplary and his vision for what Pakistan can become is clear as day.

    I dont think you have heard him speak and surely havent read much about his solutions to Pakistan’s problems i think you should go and get yourself informed before making such uninformed comments.Recommend

  • Sohail

    i totally agreed with u Mr.Yasser. Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    @Haad Mehboob:
    Are you sure Mr. Altaf Hussain said this??? Are you sure he is NOT trying to put a “point” forward??? Open the eye of your brain Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    Do you know who Imran is trying to imitate??? Some say Oh Imran is not against the people of Karachi, come one, than why would he go to England to get Mr. Altaf Hussain extradicted to Pakistan??? What was the reason??? Does he know what respect Altaf Hussain cherish in Karachi???

    Do you know what Imran is saying that he will do has already been started by Altaf Hussain since 1984. Recommend

  • Mudassar

    there are no two opinions about imran’s sincerity with this land,although there can be differences about the path he is following!but,in nutshell he is the best at the moment in current political scenario!reh gayi baat MQM ki to it might be a reality in Karachi but i assure u one thing with certain degree of confidence it can never achieve the same in all over the country never ever!!Recommend

  • Realist

    To all you people bickering over why do people vote for this party and that party.

    Someone told me in very simple words.

    “Pakistan politics is dominated by thugs. So people vote for the thug belonging to their ethnicity in hopes that at least that thug will not harm them as much as the thug of a rival ethnicity.”

    That is how and why people vote in Pakistan. So getting millions of votes does not mean that the party is not made up of thugs. It just means that it is made up of thugs belonging to the same ethnicity as the people voting for it.

    Pakistan politics = politics of race, ethnicity, language and of course fearRecommend

  • Mudassar

    one thing more syed sahib has faced a failure to remain his inclination intact!Recommend

  • Pappu

    @Haad Mehboob:

    Most scholars belonging to the deobandi school of thought still believe the creation of Pakistan to the biggest blunder in the history.Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    I have no choice but to agree

    You can go to Nadeem F. Paracha’s blog wherein I questioned his “direction of thoughts” against MQM and also clarified some points regarding Mohajir/Pathan clashes in 1986, he is trying to relate some of the events which had no connections to the truth.

    Atleast one part of Pakistan i.e. Karachi has gone through the revolution through which people are organized into a tight community (regardless of ethnicity) to react together against loot, plunder and corruption.

    Rest of the Country should join hands IF they want their country to exist. Recommend

  • S. Ali Raza

    I would like you to clear in your minds why Altaf Hussain said that the division of the sub-continent was the greatest blunder. It was a philosophical statement, and certainly hard for the supporters of PTI to understand – Kindly view and by Dr. Zakir Naik and this one Awaiting your comments or understanding of the 45 seconds clip which leads to you to hold the children of the creators of Pakistan as traitors?Recommend

  • Hassan

    @ S. Ali Raza, the supporters of PTI indeed have a hard time digesting some of the statements from the Oracle of London, i think its high time the ‘children’ of the creators of Pakistan stopped creating this perception that people in the rest of the country hold them as traitors. If some misguided souls make such accusations the majority does not.

    The problem my friend is that we are too busy in arguing with one other about who is right and who is wrong, that will not get us anywhere i thik its time we listened to each others point of views and atleast make an honest effort to put ourselves in each others shoes.

    I have lived in Karachi all my life and i have had the fortune to travel extensively within Pakistan, people in Karachi have misconceptions and stereotypes about people in the rest of the country and vice versa. We have the same problems and issues yet we dont see eye to eye, the issue my friend is the politics of divide and rule, karachities claim that MQM is a representative of the middle class, the middle class in the rest of the country doesnt agree that the MQM can represent them instead of trying to clear their misconceptions its always about the establishment is maligning them how other parties dont allow MQM to practice politics in the rest of Pakistan.

    The fact remains the MQM is viewed as an ethnic party, it might have changed but peoples perceptions are their reality. Just as PTI and Imran have to work towards building trust and relationship with the people of Karachi. The reason why i feel that that Imran and MQM cannot align themselves is that their is a lot of mistrust that exists between the two parties. The first and foremost step to resolving differences is to accept that both parties are a reality and they have a following however big or small.

    I believe that i have been equally responsible of getting carried away at times in terms of proving my point and we should keep our discussion around the issues and how both parties frame those problems and how they provide solutions for the same.Recommend

  • S. Ali Raza

    @Hassan: Bravo! If all of us can understand, how we were divided and by whom, our future will be very different. MQM, APML, PTI, and some portion of PPP hold similar ideologies, which need to be promoted and developed upon. If you may check the history of arguments or accusations, MQM has never initiated any ills about Imran Khan, it was always reactionary. Recommend