We like our fine-dining plates full, and Pranzo has delivered!

Published: November 25, 2015


I am not very fond of surprises but my recent visit to a restaurant in Karachi called ‘Pranzo’ was a pleasant one. While driving around trying to figure out where to take my daughter for her graduation treat, someone forwarded a promotional video of this place and we decided to give it a try. And I must say, it turned out to be the best decision we made.

The baroque style decor, the dreamy romantic chandeliers, the comfortable table settings, the huge premises, high ceilings, and various levels and sections of seating including outdoors and indoors, all culminated into a beautiful, uplifting ambience that lingered on in our minds long after. It presents a perfect setting for celebrations, or just chilling out after a long day with friends and family.

It was great to see that the guests could have privacy and a quiet dining experience even when the restaurant is full. The service is impeccable and the food is, of course, ravishing. Very few restaurants have such an extensive menu of mutton dishes. We couldn’t get enough of the tender juicy lamb shank; a huge rack of BBQ ribs drenched in BBQ sauce, and the creamy spinach shrimp pasta that was loaded with lots of medium sized shrimps that were cooked to the right amount of tenderness. Shrimp dishes often feel like you’re chewing on rubber. Pranzo presented a delightful surprise.

The menu contained a range of meat dishes including seafood, chicken, beef and mutton. It also had a delicious selection of pasta and vegetarian entrée. There were some great steaks on the menu too, which I’m eager to try on my next visit.

The servings were generous. Many fine-dining restaurants serve a morsel of food at the centre of a huge plate. Pranzo, however, believes in big portions when it comes to salads, appetisers and the main course. Yes, we Pakistanis, like our fine-dining plates full, and Pranzo delivered just that.

Moreover, Pranzo has great music. It seemed like they had some international radio channel live streaming beautiful jazz. While the prices are moderate, for a three course dinner with fresh juices, we did end up paying Rs5900 inclusive of taxes and tip; not something we can spend on a daily basis, but definite value for money when going on those monthly treats.

I had been limping with an injured ankle for a week, and Pranzo provided the best respite.

All photos: Farah S Kamal.

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Farah S Kamal

Farah S Kamal

An education and development consultant, who is currently leading the iEARN programs in Pakistan. Photography is her hobby and passion and she tweets @fskamal (twitter.com/fskamal)

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