My journey as a Pakistani-Hindu

Published: November 13, 2015

I believe religion is not the cause of tension between us, as religion itself teaches us tolerance and co-existence. PHOTO: REUTERS

When I went to the United States for a semester abroad, I was frequently asked a rather bothersome question,

“How are you treated, being a minority in your country?”

My answer has always been very simply, I am treated just like anyone else; one of their own. But if one were to believe the media, then we are victims of discrimination, brutal killings and part of the largest migration in human history.

For the last four years, I have been living with a Muslim family as a paying guest and I have never felt discriminated on the basis of my religion, or any other basis for that matter, in their home. The only form of prejudice I have ever faced is when I went to Islamabad for higher education.  As I introduced myself in class, the mere mention of my name made the other students and teacher question if I was Indian. I couldn’t understand how they failed to know that the Pakistani population constituted 1.2% Hindus.

However, that wasn’t the last of it. During a cricket match between India and Pakistan, one that we were watching in class, and I was supporting the Pakistani team, much to the astonishment of some of my classmates. In fact, a friend of mine even asked why I was not supporting the Indian team. In that moment, I wish I had a Pakistani copy right patent next to my name, so I didn’t have to give any explanations. Did I have to support the Indian team simply because of my name or religion?

As far as my identity is concerned, there are many times that I have had to show my NADRA identity card to ensure people that I am a Pakistani, be it the local merchant or the traffic police. But I don’t believe a Muslim feels any differently in the US. I am sure s/he has to prove his/her identity as an American-Muslim too.

Unlike what everyone seems to think, for me, it has been a blessing to be born into a Hindu family in a Muslim state; I have been treated with nothing but respect, care and love. From schooling to university, I was always surrounded by Muslim friends. I have studied Islamiat like every other student in Pakistan, and furthermore, I was extremely appreciated by my teachers.

I was the first Hindu to get admission in the Army Public School Chhor Cantonment in Mirpur Khas, Sindh. I remember the days when I used to fast during Ramazan as a respectful gesture to my Muslim friends. On the first day of my fast, the warden of the hostel offered me a seat near him and we opened our fast together. I also remember the days when I participated in Muharram procession in the small town of Dhoronaro.

Even though the common notion is that minorities in Pakistan need to be pitied, I have never felt that way. Most of the blame I would set for such a deplorable reputation would be at the media; it has portrayed the situation of the minorities living in Pakistan as third-class citizens. Yet, I have never been treated anything remotely close to that. Last month, I travelled to India for the first time as I had to attend a conference in Chandigarh. Even though I was in a country that was home to millions belonging to the same religion and caste as me, I missed my country, my home, my identity and my people.

I won’t deny that I was bombarded with questions regarding the status of Hindus in Pakistan. But being a Pakistani Hindu, I was unbiased and precise with my answers. I told them that I have always felt like a star of my country and I feel safe, which is why I am as loyal as any Muslim in the country. Pakistan doesn’t just belong to Muslims; it belongs to all the residents of its soil. Furthermore, there is good and bad everywhere in the world, but one should stay positive and if it’s about the security, then the Muslims themselves are not safe either. So why single out a particular community based on what is being portrayed to the world?

I believe religion is not the cause of tension between us, as religion itself teaches us tolerance and coexistence. I have been sharing my religious festivals (HoliDiwali, and Raksha bandhan) with my Muslims friends and I tend to participate in their festivals (Eidul Fitr) with the same zeal.

I even took my friends to Katas Raj Temple, which is the national heritage, just so they realise that it doesn’t just belong to Hindus.

We are a happy family with different identities. As a nation, we share the same food, clothes, buildings, laws, and events. All these elements are what bring us together under the same umbrella, then why do we look for reasons to hate each other?

Besides, living here as Raj, my name has provided me quite a unique edge over everyone else; according to one of my female friends, my name is easy to remember (I believe I have Shahrukh Khan to thank for that), and makes me easy to fall in love with! Well, there we have it. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Surprised?

Raj Kumar

Raj Kumar

The author is an educationist and a freelance trainer. He tweets as @RKGujar.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • ashok kumar

    I read whole article. You just said there is no dis-cremation with minority. My question is “what was happen with rinkle kumari could you justify that was not discremation forced conversion and marrying to muslim of minor hindus girl is the common in sindh. So how could you justify the minority is safe in pak.Recommend

  • Hira Humayun Tayyab

    you are very opimistic raj welldoneRecommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    Apparently even in Newspaper articles Pakistani Hindus feel the need to suck up to their Muslim betters. The stream of Hindus trying to cross the border into India are a figment of somebody’s imagination.Recommend

  • umair qureshi

    Hindus have historically been fairly well off in Sindh. they have a good business sense hence are living comfortably esp in lower Sindh. Lets hope it stays that way. cheers.Recommend

  • Desi Spyder

    Thanks Raj for sharing, I believe it will open minds and hearts of many Indian Hindus and Muslim Pakistanis as well. Great article!Recommend

  • Aown Mohammad

    I have meet only one Hindu in my life, He was my Chemistry teacher “Mr. Vijay Lal”.
    He was a nice guy. In our first lecture, he introduced himself (he was the only teacher whom my class did’t teased :D ). Honestly, we were a bit surprised and excited (not discriminated) because all of us had never meet a Hindu before.
    I think its natural reaction of those people who has never meet a person other than their own accent or religion. That’s not bad. Discrimination is something else, which is quite bad.Recommend

  • Shahrez

    This is a beautiful read.

    Because, reading this made me realize how small things like wondering why someone is not who we expected him or her to be, or that surprise in eyes if they turn out any different then us – can make them feel frustrated, uncomfortable and maybe genuinely annoyed at this insensitivity.

    +1 for the subtle message.Recommend

  • Z.

    It’s great finally a Hindu Paki has cleared the misconception that they are mistreated and shunned by Muslims. Hindus like Sir Ganga Ram, Gulab Devi , Justice Bhagwan Das and many other have a made major contributions in Pakistan. Till date they make up a good population of affulent ,influential and educated lot being succesful businessmen , traders and engineers.
    I wish Indians read ths article and understand we don’t slaughter our Hindu brethren for following their beliefs and customs esp when they give idiotic figures on how the Hindu population has decreased since partition.
    Thank you Raj for the article , it was needed.
    Yes pakistan is and will always eqtually be your, mine and every pakistanis irrespective of faith, creed and caste.
    Pakistan ZindabadRecommend

  • Linux Novice

    You try very hard to not offend any one there! Well having enough common sense, I would do the same in your shoes to survive.
    Just curious, have you ever read Upanishads and Quran?Recommend

  • Humanoids

    Well done Raj Kumar. Be unbiased but do highlight the difficulties you face in an educated manner so people do not take you for granted. You are the son of the soil as mush as a muslim and loved your line “Pakistan doesn’t just belong to Muslims; it belongs to all the residents of its soil”. The land is for Pakistanis most of whom are muslims!Recommend

  • Aadi xx

    Somehow I can’t believe it..Recommend

  • Schumaila Khan

    Thank you Raj for taking out your time and putting together your efforts, you did a great favor to all the Pakistanis who have been recklessly blamed to be intolerant and biased towards minorities. I wish more people like you to stand up for truth and expose the biasedness of some of media. I wish you luck and hope you will continue to make Pakistan proud .. Thank you!Recommend

  • Syeda

    Stay blessed Raj we love you brother.Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    Thanks for this piece. It’s a pity that you have to write about your experience as a Hindu in Pakistan in a liberal media that has nothing in common with the rest of Pakistanis. I am also surprise to hear about your experience during the cricket match – you should be free to support any team you want – Australia, SA or NZ, India or Pakistan. Your ownership of this land will not be dependent on which team you support in a cricket match. You do not need to wave Pakistani flag or fast in Ramadhan to prove your respect and love to your fellow citizens. You don’t need to join the army. You don’t need to participate in Muharram.None of those is needed because this is your land. But the next time you are stopped and asked to show your ID to prove you are Pakistani, take the man’s badge # and report to /contact these individuals: That is something you MUST do as a Pakistani.Recommend

  • Jawad Nazir ✈

    You are an amazing person Raj, not that I know you. It’s just because you are :)Recommend

  • Madhur

    “As far as my identity is concerned, there are many times that I have
    had to show my NADRA identity card to ensure people that I am a
    Pakistani, be it the local merchant or the traffic police. But I don’t
    believe a Muslim feels any differently in the US. I am sure s/he has to
    prove his/her identity as an American-Muslim too.”

    This never happens in the US. Also the reverse, a continuous assumption that any one Muslim is a Pakistani never happens in India.

    I have spent significant times in both these placesRecommend

  • Bharatiya HinduMuslimSikhIsaai

    Appreciate your feelings for your country…Just one question though: A quick google search from Pakistani websites tells us there were around 20% Hindus in Pakistan after partition in 1947…what are the reasons of Hindus declining to merely 1.2% by 2015??Recommend

  • 19640909rk .

    Raj Kumar – a dishonest article. So many Hindu girls are force converted and all you have is praise for this terrorist nation?Recommend

  • Anon

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience, I really enjoyed reading this! I especially loved what you said about Pakistan not just being a land for Muslims; no sentence has ever rung more with truth! This is a country for people from all backgrounds or religions, and that is what makes it truly unique. There is so much beauty and harmony in this land, which narrow minds fail to perceive. As Martin Luther King once said, “We must learn to live together as brothers, or perish together as fools.”
    Wishing you the best of success in future!Recommend

  • Ahmed Ali Ahsan

    We stand with you brother and we love you as much as we love any other Pakistani!Recommend

  • Lalit

    Best of luck….hope you don’t need to ask for a foreign refuge in near future like many other Hindus,Ahmadis and other Pakistani religious minorities.Wish your ilk was not reduced to a fraction of what it was 70 years ago…Recommend

  • clap clap

    Nice. All the best and may you actually one day become the SRK of Pakistan!Recommend

  • mm

    Nice to read your story other than the type of stuff we see from the media.Recommend

  • jayant

    hahaha, will some one be honest about the decline from 12 % to 1 % of Hindu population ? Can a Hindu become a PM in Pak ? Objective resolution what is that ? Hindu writing good about Pak or his life is next . actually forget Hindu, even the “dark” Bengali were treated in contempt ! a state that was conceived on hate will keep finding new hates to survive !Recommend

  • Jasvinder Singh Marwaha

    You say Pakistan has 1.4% of population practicing Hinduism. What was the percentage in 1947. Where did the difference disappear.Recommend

  • sujata

    That’s one part of the story, some are safe and some really don’t knw what exactly the issues are in the country. Still now I am asked by people am I muhajir, why our media haven’t highlighted the forced conversion issues, if we r safe and hav equal rights.I living in Karachi not safe to put bindia is a small example that v r not treated equal and we are scared sometimes. One of my muslim frnd supports Aussie in cricket and they say it’s thr right to choose any team…but if I support India in a match then I’m Indian and I’m doing gadaari. :)


  • Babur Sohail

    Really a heart warming story. love this much…………..forget the hawks on both sides.Recommend

  • Babur Sohail

    You mean hate or discrimination does not happen in secular India????? What a joke……………….this happens all over the world.

    An Indian Muslim cannot buy a house in Mumbai. What about the rights of your own Dalits and Patels????Recommend

  • Babur Sohail

    Is it not happening in India????(although not agree with this conversion blame)…….. what about Ghar Wapsi campaign???? India always plays blame game both media and govt.Recommend

  • Babur Sohail

    You cannot decide on the basis of one case. There would be hundreds of examples like this against Muslims in India. Don,t just look one side of the picture.Recommend

  • Hassan

    In the 1951 census, West Pakistan had 1.6% Hindu population, while East Pakistan (modern Bangladesh) had 22.05%.[9] By 1997, the percentage of Hindus has dropped to 1.6% in Pakistan,[4] and 10.2% in Bangladesh.[10]


  • Hassan
  • Hassan

    Wrong facts
    West Pakistan it has only 1.6 %.

    Yes families have relocated. But no mass migration occurred after 1951.Recommend

  • Appan

    This is incorrect. You are misinformed. Muslims do own houses in Mumbai. There are Muslim builders too. IN the housing complex where I stay, there are several Muslims own flats and stay here. Dalits are protected under Indian constitution and have reservation in education and jobs and also on promotion. Patels, despite being a land and business owning prosperous community, demands reservation!! That is politics!!!Recommend

  • Harjit Singh Dhanoa

    I am British Sikh and went to Pakistan several years ago on work related visit and was based in Lahore for over six months. During my stay I had to travel extensively into villages and ‘Chonna Mandies’ and at times traveled very late at night.
    I felt so much at home & secure and was made to feel most welcome and enjoyed every minute of my stay.During my six months stay NOT once I was asked to produce my identity although I always carried my passport. I have traveled the world over and now retired. Pakistan was my best EVER trip.
    There are many amusing but extremely funny incidences that I love to relate to my friends particularly to my Pakistani friends.Recommend

  • Appan

    When other religionists can convert Hindus to their fold, what is wrong in asking them to return (Ghar Wapsi) to their original religion? What a twisted logic? It is free world. People an choose any religion of their choice.Recommend

  • Joe aranjo

    The writer says he read Islamiyat during school. That is intolerance right there when a hindu has to have Islamic studies as a subject. Do the muslims also study basics of Christianity and Hinduism. In India without exception no religious study as a subject is allowed. All the stated in india provide fundamental understanding of all religions without prejudice in their history textbooks.Another farce that is visible here is that western Pakistan always had 1.5 % of hindus. Cant believe some of the paksitani posters can perpetrate such lies quote 1951 census to camouflage real facts. Facts are western paksitan had 15 % of hindus before partition reduced to 1.3% after partition which gets reflected in the 1951 census. Eastern Pakistan( Bangladesh) had 30% of hindus reduced to 22% immediately after partition , reduced further to 14% in 1971 when its was still ruled by Pakistan. And what about India?. Present India had about 10% muslims before partition which got reduced to 9% immediately after partition which has presently grown to 14%. You don’t need to be a mathematician to know who treated their minorities better?Recommend

  • Amit Lunia

    would you like to migrate to india, if given a chanceRecommend

  • Shagufta Kashif

    Please dont make ur opinion a fact. Unless you come and spend some time into that “state”, you wouldnt know.
    Furthermore, why dont Indians simply get over with their obsession of Pakistan. Be a human first and learn to appreciate good things, like we do. Stop supporting the “surveyed fact” that Indians are among the top 3 raciat nations in the world. Though we in pak dont pay heed to such surveys, you in India continue to endorse them by your behaviour.
    To finish with, you must reger to ur own media who is all mouth about your recent crisis with minorities. Rather than focusing on addressing yiur problems, your attitude is to justify that menace by saying “its happening elsewhere too”. This is not aliterate mind.

  • Shagufta Kashif

    Free world comes with freedom of speech and to respect that. Just read the article, show appreciation to humanity and move on. Why feel so “obsessed” with Pakistan. Recommend

  • joe aranjo

    On case? You are joking .Right? There are any number of articles on such intances having reached epidemic proportions. The hindu leaders have put the figure at 20 girls on an average being kidnapped and forced to convert. There has not been till date A SINGLE conviction. You pointed fingers at india . Name me once such incident or such incidents as part of series of such forced conversions of muslim girls.Recommend

  • Shagufta Kashif

    You google and post results of what you want, without going in details. Therefore, before you comment next time, do your complete homework.
    Furthermore, instead of living in the past, appreciate the present and allow tolerance to breed in ur mind. Those who have skeletons in their cupboards dont dig other’ closetsRecommend

  • wb

    If Indian Muslims cannot buy a house in Mumbai, please explain to me if Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are living under flyovers? Also, what about 17% of Mumbai’s population who are Muslims? Where are they livihng? On railway tracks?

    And what about Patels? What rights? What nonsense are you talking about?Recommend

  • Shagufta Kashif

    Had you spent significant time in India, ask your muslim friends if they were ever victims of discrimination. Your super stars like SRK, SAK, Sania Mirza are enough evidence.
    When u trust ur media on occasions it calls Pakistan terrorist, trust them too in situations whee they show minority problems (refer to recent events). Recommend

  • Milind A

    The Ghar wapsi “campaign” as you call it cannot hold a candle to the kidnapping & conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan… The ghar wapsi was NOT a forceful conversion.. they were free to revert to any faith they like. And finally, Hindus & Sikhs have been running out of Pakistan asking for asylum in India.. However no Muslim from India has bolted to Pakistan or outside India so far.. So don’t delude yourselfRecommend

  • Milind A

    Yep you don’t slaughter your Hindu brethen because
    1. They don’t demand equal rights
    2. They fall in line – see how this author kept Roza as a ‘respect’ to the majority
    3. You have the blasphemy law to harass & hound them
    4. Finally you get a chance to kidnap & convert their girls..Recommend

  • LS

    Who said Indian Muslims cannot buy a house in Mumbai? Just because you heard about Shabana Azmi? Dalits do have problem in Rural Areas but Patels are the richest most prosperous people in India. They are simply fighting because they think they are loosing to affirmative action meant to help poor and Dalits. You need to move past the articles in news papers and generalize it on whole population. Close to 20% of Mumbai residents are Muslims. If they could not buy house in Mumbai they won’t be able to live. Yes there are some housing societies that do not want Muslims to buy flats in their buildings but the same is true for HIndus trying to buy flats in Muslim dominated buildings. If you are one of the few Hindus left in a building you would be forced out of that building but that would never come in Indian Media. So keep your bigoted thoughts to yourself.Recommend

  • LS

    He needs to survive there.Recommend

  • LS

    Yes because more than 4.4 Million of them migrated after violence that started against Hindus. Poor dalit Hindus (2.5 Million) who did not have means to travel were left behind. Your constitution discriminates against everyone who is a non-muslim and does not provide equal rights. Rest the world knows about the violence non-muslims have to suffer in Pakistan. None of your census included complete AJK & GB till date.

    Also, your 1998 census was also incomplete and did not include three districts of Balochistan, South Waziristan Agency and the regions of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

    Thus all the numbers you have quoted above are fake and doctored, your GDP and any number your country quotes to UN or world bank are fake and your real population is much more than it is shown. It is deflated on purpose to better economy, ratio.. Paki government is so disingenuous that it includes the monetary benefits from these populations but excludes the population in the counts.Recommend

  • Khurram

    Wish you success and hope you thrive as a pakistani Hindu and become a source of inspiration for the youngsters leading them to lead an active life and they contribute to the uplifting of this nation and are ambassadors for peace with our neighborRecommend

  • LS

    When a minister of Sindh says more than 5000 Non-Muslim girls face this atrocity every year… it does not remain one case or a few isolated cases. When countless doctors from Sindh arrive in Gujarat, hundreds other non-Muslim immigrants line up or border or in Delhi. It does not remain isolated or one incident.Recommend

  • Less

    The facts are from neutral sources fool! If you have such paranoia regarding sources then there is nothing we can do.

    The fact is more than five million Muslims also migrated to Pakistan so only telling one side of the story (and that too all the way back in 1947) is what’s disingenuous.Recommend

  • Shehryar Hassan

    The difference is in Bangladesh……..Today there are 14.3 million Hindus in Bangladesh…….considering the hindu growth rate, calculate back the actual hindu population in 1947….Recommend

  • Shehryar Hassan

    As per 1951 census, west Pakistan had only 1.6% of total hindu population……………get ur foundation rightRecommend

  • Hassan

    Are u talking to me ????Recommend

  • Ali

    Recently a batch of pakistani hindus arrived in India and cleared said they would not like to go to Pakistan .Because of forcefully conversion!!!!Do not make foolRecommend

  • Ketan

    Forget about tolerating Hindus in Pakisatan. Are the sunnis of Pakistan today tolerant enough to tolerate shias?? Every Pakistani is concerned about an Akhlaq Khan being lynched in Dadri, why no concern for a boy who was shot dead for a ” crime” of posing with a toy gun???

    Pakistanis condemn Indian army for deaths in Kashmir what about deaths in Balochistan, Waziristan??????

    India is being portrayed as non tolerant country today. This is a conspiracy cooked by Indian National Congress as they are worried about their depleting support in India. India will continue to progress at dazzling speed under leadership of our blessed leader Shri Narendra Modi ji.


  • Faisal Ashfaq

    “My answer has always been very simply, I am treated just like anyone else; one of their own.” 

    I’m a Muslim, why don’t they treat me as one of their own?

    My tailor always gets the sleeves size wrong, taxi driver wants to rip money off me, mechanic keeps my car for days and then it still not fixed!!!

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    I will never, India will be the last option on earth to migrate if i ever plan to. You want to know why? Because i know many hindu families from the Umerkot district of Sindh Province who migrated last year to India but came back. I am first class citizen of Pakistan and no one in the world would want to be labelled as a third class citizen.
    Amit, Thanks for the question.Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    Thank you everyone for your kind words, comments, criticism and prayers. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I am proud white Pakistan and I own both green and white. :)Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    Thanks Khurram :)Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    I am glad you hear that sir.Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    Sujata, this needs to be addressed. i am sorry to hear this.Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    It’s true experience i carry along. Thanks for the read.Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    Thar’s the sweetest prayer. Clap clap for you :)Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    I am sure about it :) Love you too brother.Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    I own the land, the people, the country and the laws. Thanks for giving it a read.Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    Agree to you, Ms Shagufta.Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    These are the wrong facts. Please avoid relying on single sourceRecommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    Thanks for giving it a read.Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    If we look for change, we should think positive and do positive.Recommend

  • LS

    The only fool is you here.. Those neutral resources also confirm what is omitted during census. World Bank simply takes Pakistani SBP numbers on its face value since that is what they have been submitting since last 7 decades. Anyone with little common sense can find out those numbers are fake if you don’t know what is your population count. If you follow the links on those neutral sources and numbers provided by Pakistan you would know what I am talking about.

    We all know how Mohajirs are treated in Pakistan. MQM stories are all over the news and their treatment is all over the news too. All of them went because Pakistan was created for them and they thought they would have better lives. Recommend

  • LS

    Responding to OP who seems obsessed with India does not mean we are obsessed with Pakistan…. We are trying to correct the record here… The record of rhetoric that your nation teaches.Recommend

  • Shagufta Kashif

    Yes everything and everyone is wrong. Only you are right. LOLRecommend

  • Shagufta Kashif

    Did it hurt when the statement by Saif Ali khan was generalized yo include all Muslims? Exactly. In the same wag as you guys heneralize your misconceptions about pakistan. I know what is bothering you all. Our existence as a nation. Period.Recommend

  • Shagufta Kashif

    Your country has a lot of issues yo be worried about and put to rest. So stop mourning our success stories.Recommend

  • Shagufta Kashif

    Skeletons in ur cupboard? Ever dug?Recommend

  • Less

    There are different types of Muhajirs, many of them were and are Punjabis who crossed the borders. The Muhajirs you speak of are the ones mostly in Karachi who only form a part.

    In any case, even if there is some variation in statistics, there is no reason to believe that religious statistics have been intentionally misrepresented in any way so what Hassan says “West Pakistan had 1.6% (or 2%) Hindu population (1951) ” is quite true.

    What does this have to do with Hindu statistics at all??? You seem to keep ranting about economic obstrufication when that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

    Most of the Hindus are in Sindh where census records are more complete. Inclusion of other areas would probably affect their representation adversely.Recommend

  • LS

    I did not talk about Pakistan at all — goes to show your comprehension skills… Pickup any internationally recognized progressive index and India is doing better than Pakistan despite having large population. I have no interest in Pakistan. I am more interested in correcting negative perceptions Pakistani’s have about India.Recommend

  • LS

    No it did not hurt us a single bit when Saif Ali Khan made that statement. Your existence as a nation in its current form is a problem for the world, not just India. A nation where marauders from Iran, Afghanistan, Turks who killed and plundered the local population are recognized as national heroes. Where OBL, Hafiz Saeed, Mullah Umar and other terrorists are called Heroes. A nation where terrorist activities are planned and executed across the world… A nation whose nationals are caught all over the world and in Pakistan for plotting, abetting and executing terrorist activities including India.

    If Pakistan was peaceful and less obsessed with India no would ever have a problem, but we know that it is a pipe dream.Recommend

  • LS

    Get a clue.. read something and come back with a valid response. I have no interest in your emotional banter.Recommend

  • LS

    A mohajir by definition isn’t classified by religion or where they come from. A person who migrated is called a Mohajir. It is you who is giving color to it unnecessarily.

    My point is simple. Fudging statistics is Pakistan’s national sport and you made that clear in your last paragraph that inclusion of other parts would make that percentage go down because it is over-inflated currently.Recommend

  • AA

    During Partition Millions of Hindus and Sikh migrated to India while millions of Muslim migrated to Pakistan. If you look at the Muslim population of East Punjab before 1947 and in 1951 you will get your answer. The first census of Pakistan put Hindu population of Pakistan at 1.2 percent, majority of them in Sindh. What you hear is a myth created by extremists.Recommend

  • AA

    Many Pakistani Muslims claim asylum in Europe and North America do not want to go to Pakistan. The problem is not of religious identity, its mostly economic.Recommend

  • AA

    Who obsessed about whom, you and your friends are here to beat-your-chest with rhetorical statements that defy facts even if it is off the topic, while no Pakistani is commenting on biased Indian newspaper sites. India doing better than Pakistan, 62 percent people are defecating in the open, 37 percent in Pakistan. Its a lot of trashyou know, lot more than what we have. So please be realistic. We are poor nations, both are struggling to improve, may be Pakistan is more than India due to political turmoil, but still, we all have to go a long way.Recommend

  • Less

    “It is you who is giving color to it unnecessarily.”
    You were the one who gave it colour by mentioning the MQM who by the way don’t even call themselves the Muhajir movement anymore.

    “make that percentage go down”

    The areas you mentioned, Gilgit Baltistan and districts of Baluchistan are sparsely populated and I already accounted for a discrepancy (1.6%-2%).

    I fail to see your point other than just taking a jab at Pakistan.

    Claiming that West Pakistan’s Hindu population fell from 20% to 2% is false because a lot of it had to do with a separation of Bangladesh.Recommend

  • Nana

    I’m so proud of you my fellow country man. May God bless you for speaking the truth.Recommend

  • LS

    “rhetorical statements that defy facts” Are you saying that Muslim Marauders aren’t your heroes? Are you denying that the terrorists aren’t your heroes including your ex-president making that remark on Public TV?

    “while no Pakistani is commenting on biased Indian newspaper”

    Most of the Pakistani comments on TOI, Hindu and Indian express are laden with sexual references and factually incorrect. There are plenty of then. If you want I can give your their ID’s and links to their profiles.. There are thousands of them.

    ” 62 percent people are defecating in the open, 37 percent in Pakistan.”

    You are the one bringing a pointless fact, when the OP is commenting about the “Pakistan being hated….” and me telling here why it s hated. I never brought comparison about poverty… which is nothing to do with topic at hand.

    So heed to what you preach yourself. A typical Paki who likes to preach and does not heed what they preach.Recommend

  • LS

    MQM to all Indians is a Mohajir Party and I am not wrong is the ONLY Mohajir Party.

    “Claiming that West Pakistan’s Hindu population fell from 20% to 2% is false because a lot of it had to do with a separation of Bangladesh.”

    I did not claim that, I am only claiming that most statistics coming out of Pakistan are untrustworthy.Recommend

  • AA

    Wait a minute, I thought I was being mistreated ??Recommend

  • AA

    Free to revert or forced to relinquish what they have ?? Old game of freedom of choice between life and slow death through starvation.Recommend

  • AA

    Equal rights warrant proportionate representation of people by their religion and ethnicity in the power structure of a country. In Pakistan the constitution is religious so it bars non Muslim from heading the state or province, other than that we have more representation than the share of the population, for example, in 19 member national cabinet one minister is non Muslim, which is 20 percent ten times more than the composition of non Muslims in Population. Federal Minister Kamran Michael is not the minority minister. Sindh has two ministers Mr. Gayan Chand Essrani and Mr. Mukesh Kumar Chawla out of 18 ministers.
    Pakistan constitution reserved 4 percent seats for minority that is additional to those which minority representatives won on general election. Also, Pakistan’s other powerful institutions, military and Judicial have names of inspirational figures reaching to the top of the ranks such as Chief Justice Rana Bhagwandas, Chief Justice A. R. Cornelius. Major General Julian Peter, Major General Noel Israel Khokhar, Air Vice Marshal Eric Gordan Hall, Air Vice Marshal Michael John O’Brien, Maj. Gen Kaizad Soparivala, There are many more names in education, civil service and police. The point is, there is no limit on a person because of religious denomination. However, one should be aware that Pakistan is a religious state not a secular one where government and religion are not separate. Those who take the reign of power have to deal with affairs under Islamic law. What is better, secular state or a religious one is a disputed territory. Even in oldest democracy of the World, the US, religion becomes biggest hurdle for non Christians to progress in public office. So if people of minority in a religious state are reaching the top of the echelon, there is some sort of freedom is there. Recommend

  • Desi Gunner

    But that doesn’t take away the fact that India has an estimated 2,00,000 Pakistani Hindus living illegaly on expired visas.There have been numerous instances where Pakistani Hindus have come to India on pilgrimage such as Kumbh and and did not make exit. Every year 5,000 Hindus migrate to India legally who are documented by the government in addition to many staying illegaly. And those who go back to Pakistan should know that India won’t be serving them free lunch and make them stay in 7 star hotels. They will have to work hard and seize whatever opportunity they get and start working. They will not find a job in India with a Pakistani degree. You not willing to migrate to India is your choice, but that doesnt change the fact that your ilk migrates here in thousands..That also explains dwindling Pakistani Hindu population who make just 1.4% of total population.Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    Look at your tone, That’s shows frustration in you. Please do a bit youga. you are giving dumb reasons and fake numbers. Stay peaceful.Recommend

  • Desi Gunner

    have fun in Pakistan then ! Good luck !Recommend

  • ARKhan

    we wouldn’t be able to sleep if we dont fight among ourselves like ….. , there are good things and there are bad things everywhere and in everything so try to increase the good and pacify the bad, for what its worth then just me me tell my “brethren” on the other side of the border that i belong from a very conservative pashtun area of Pakistan and having said that i have a lot of Hindu friends and there have never been any issues among us and we enjoy a rather peaceful life like we did years ago. so Raj kumar hats off for saying what you wanted be it whatever you say as long as its the truth and unbiased hugss..Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    Glad to hear stories from your side too.Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    Thanks :)Recommend

  • Raj Kumar Gujar

    Thanks @ET for publishing it. It has gone viral. I hope it reach the million hearts.Recommend

  • Amerta Langhani

    sujata, I have been living in Karachi as a Pakistani Hindu for last 6 years & have been expecting same discrimination. But you know what! Sometimes we confuse discrimination with uniqueness/feeling of being odd one out among herd of people belonging to the same background. Have you ever met a person who was forcefully converted? You never know the background story. I can say this because I have met people converting by their own choice;calling it an inspiration from a certain faith or whatsoever! For the bindi thing;I know a married hindu girl from my university who puts on bindi,sundur & all the epitomes of her religion courageously for years. I always worried If thats safe for her? Thankfully she is SAFE. I always excuse my muslim friends for this as I myself would feel awkward for having bindi or anything on. But they appreciate her saying Its great that she is being herself and following her values. Isn’t it a good example of mutual existence & tolerance? Its all about how you let yourself feel! And for cricket thing; they will even call Muslim; an Indian & gadaar If he supports India. After all Rawaitii Hareef hen India and Pak. Itna typical patriotism to banta hy :P
    I don’t say Its all good. Fanatics and extremist are around us. But you can not label the whole nation.Recommend