Five reasons to not miss the Learn Smart Pakistan Education Forum 2015

Published: November 4, 2015

Not only do these conferences allow for us to solve existing problems in our education system, they provide a platform for discussing new ideas. PHOTO: AMNA MISHAL

Last year, the Learn Smart Pakistan Education Forum gathered the brightest minds in the education industry and initiated constructive dialogue regarding education in Pakistan. This year, the Knowledge Platform, is organising the conference in Islamabad tomorrow. It will provide a great opportunity for learning, interactive activities and networking.   

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss the most happening conference in the twin cities:

1. It will give you a chance to build connections.

The forum attracts hundreds of educators from all across Pakistan, including ministers, donors, educational organisations, educationists, financial institutions, telecommunications, media, and more. #LSPedforum brings together like-minded individuals with a strong desire to learn and improve the country’s state of education. It will allow people to network and build connections. Everyone should use this opportunity to engage in informal discussions with guests during the networking tea.

2. What’s great is that some of the best in the profession will gather in one place to shed light on the current state of education and how technology can improve it in Pakistan. Michael Foley will speak about the ‘importance of innovation in learning and teaching’ while Ahsan Iqbal will close the event addressing ‘how the quality of education can be improved through technology’.

Moreover, the panel discussion on the ‘impact of technology in learning and teaching’, featuring key stakeholders will lead to a great debate on successful integration of technology solutions within education. It should be particularly exciting because the audience will be engaged in a dialogue about the future of education technology. Topics such as learning management systems, blended learning and the effectiveness of online modules will be thoroughly examined.

3. Learn Smart Pakistan is collaborating with Alif Ailaan to bring the #LSPedforum audience an exciting digital competition on ‘Education in Pakistan’. Alif Ailaan’s Campaign Director, Mosharraf Zaidi, will moderate this activity assessing the audiences’ knowledge on different matters concerning education in Pakistan. The winners of this digital competition will be awarded special prizes.

4. A special activity designed and directed by Knowledge Platform’s learning experts. This session will teach participants how to enhance student engagement through in-classroom learning games. Participants will also get an exclusive sneak peek at the latest game not yet available to the public.

5.  The winners from the Learn Smart Pakistan 2015 Challenge, that took place this summer, will be recognised. Winners will receive awards such as an iPad, Google Nexus or Samsung Galaxy Tab. The content for this digital learning challenge is available for free.

There is a dire need in our country for initiatives like these. Not only do these conferences allow for us to solve existing problems in our education system, they provide a platform for discussing new ideas. Forums like these are quite rare in Pakistan. They are, in fact, a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to take the discourse on education in Pakistan to the next level.

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All photos: Amna Mishal

Amna Mishal

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