Thank you, Hamza Ali Abbasi, for supporting my right to be Ahmadi

Published: November 2, 2015

I hope more celebrities and public figures follow your lead and stand for an inclusive and pluralistic Pakistan. PHOTO:

Pakistani actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi, is always in the headlines for one reason or another. Recently, I wrote an article criticising his comments that apparently belittled Pakistan’s minorities. However, this time I am writing to congratulate him on supporting Pakistan’s minority Muslim communities – or at least those that self-identify as such.

In a post on Facebook this weekend, Mr Abbasi said,

He later replaced Shias with “any other group” when he came under fire for lumping them with the Ahmadis. His core message remained the same though.

Mr Abbasi stated that judging someone’s faith – whether they were Muslim or not, and how ‘true’ of a Muslim they were – was a prerogative of God alone. Human beings must not judge others, or at least not punish and hurt others based on their own judgment.

This is a very simple concept. But in Pakistan, where narrow-minded intolerant religious scholars still yield control of religion, it is taboo to state such simple things. Where, instead of God, ‘wrong numbers’ have hijacked His role and become judge and jury in matters of faith.

And common Pakistanis have fed on this intolerance for far too long. According to a recent PEW survey, for instance, 66% of Pakistanis said they consider Ahmadis to be non-Muslim and 37% considered Shias outside the fold of Islam. Most Pakistanis I meet, including most of my fellow doctor colleagues from medical school, justify and defend the anti-Ahmadi laws.

It is this right-wing majority of Pakistan that Mr Abbasi was trying to educate. If they really do believe Ahmadis or another Muslim community were non-Muslim, they must leave the matter to God, who would decide between men on the Day of Judgment. They did not have to resort to legislation and punishments.

No one has the right to hurt anyone or take away their rights based on differences of faith. Everyone must be treated equally as citizens of the State.

The problem in Pakistan is that Ahmadis have been declared non-Muslim in the Constitution. As if this judgment was not enough, the State also passed specific anti-Ahmadi laws in 1984. These laws prescribe a three-year jail term for any Ahmadi ‘posing as a Muslim’. Where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) defined Muslims by the Kalima, we started jailing Ahmadis for reciting it. Numerous Ahmadis have been jailed for reciting the Kalima, reading the Quran, saying prayer publicly, saying the Azaan, identifying as Muslim etcetera.

The Pakistani State and clergy have taken up the role that Mr Abbasi rightly says belongs to God alone.

The country’s founder, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, expressed the same principle when right-wing clergy pressed him to declare the Ahmadis non-Muslim through the official Muslim League platform. He famously stated in 1944:

“Ahmadis are Muslims, if they say they are Muslims and no one, not even the sovereign legislature, has the right to say otherwise.”

The right to self-identity is a basic human right. You do not have to consider me a Muslim if I do not fit your narrative of a Muslim, but you have no right to punish me for identifying and behaving as one. Replace Muslim with Burmese (in the case of the Rohingya Muslims) and you might just understand what I mean.

And when it comes to the state, it has nothing whatsoever to do with my personal beliefs anyway. Jinnah presented this principle as one of the founding principles of the Pakistani state.

“You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed — that has nothing to do with the business of the State.”

Saying something as Mr Abbasi did is simple common sense in most countries on the planet. After all, who needs a celebrity to tell them religious oppression is a bad idea? In Pakistan, however, stating such a thing is an act of great courage and integrity.

Within minutes of his statement, thousands of people liked Mr Abbasi’s status and left comments – some in agreement and others utterly furious. I, therefore, set up a poll on Twitter to see how many agreed with him. To my surprise, most did. But of course my sample was small and most probably consisted of those who already share my ideals of a pluralistic and free state.

In any case, I thank Mr Abbasi for attempting to break the ice. I hope more celebrities and public figures follow your lead and stand for an inclusive and pluralistic Pakistan.

Let’s hope that one day, us Pakistanis will embrace common sense, repeal laws that oppress fellow Pakistanis for their religious choices, let our citizens enjoy their religious freedom unconditionally, as we prefer to enjoy in foreign lands, and leave issues of judgment to the real master of the Day of Judgment.


Kashif Chaudhry

A graduate of King Edward Medical University, Lahore and Mt Sinai University Hospital in New York, Kashif is currently completing his Cardiology fellowship in Boston, USA. He writes for various American newspapers and Pakistani publications and blogs at the Huffington Post. His interests include medicine, human rights and interfaith dialogue. He tweets @KashifMD (

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  • ovais

    it is by pakistans law . and law was made by pakistani politicians. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the finality of Prophethood is not a muslim sadly. Though you have every right to be a minorityRecommend

  • ovais

    But i am no one to judge or kill you . but as per pakistans law you are non muslim . its a factRecommend

  • vinsin

    The same guy said Saif Ali Khan is not a Muslim. Your comparison with Rohingya Muslims is completely illogical.Recommend

  • Syeda Ali

    True indeed. Parliament doesn’t have a right to declare anyone Muslim or non-Muslim. It’s not heir domainRecommend

  • Atique

    Ovais! I think you didn’t read what he said above. I suggest you read again. He is saying to let God decide who is Muslim and who is not. Law was made by “Pakistani politicians” to make a bunch of people happy. Who gave them that right? And who said Ahmadis don’t believe in finality of Prophethood? You really need to do some research bro.!Recommend

  • Miyagi Jr.

    Ovais is right as far as Pakistani constitution is concerned. Sadly majority of pakistanis think on the same lines, they give constitution precedence over Quran. Recommend

  • Framroze Edulji

    The Rohingyas are an ethnic group. They are Indians. A minority, in Burma.
    The Burmese consider them illegal aliens in their country. Never mind they have
    been there for umpteenth years. Then comes the the double whammy, they are Muslim. Truth is they are stateless. Author uses them as an example. Very poor
    choice. Does not look like things will change for Rohingyas, anytime soon.
    Author further states that his colleagues in medical school defended and justified
    anti Ahmadi laws. Well, but of course!… since they lived in Pakistan, and followed
    the laws of the land. Simply being in medical school or having medical degrees does
    not warrant instant ‘Buddha like Enlightenment’. They were run of the mill joes.
    And when will the author stop comparing a 95% educated society to a third world
    country’s culture/mores? Only God knows what is the real illiteracy rate in Pakistan.
    You simply cannot make judgments and give examples based on machinations of
    another culture, nay, another society. [Author’s adopted country is US]
    Not to mention that extremism has now pervaded and engulfed every religion.
    Be it Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Judaism…
    Fair to say, it took Pakistan 68 years and religious blunders to reach this stage.
    Most of them due to the Pakistani Hitler, Zia ul Haq. His favorite and his portege
    runs it now. Unfortunately, no change seems imminent on the horizon.Recommend

  • pk

    Today world only has 6-7 religions which are too less. There should be 7 billion religions for 7 billion people. Each one has his own . Then the world will be much safer.Recommend

  • ManonRight

    Before being mother teresa, Hamza Ali abbassi should have adequate knowledge to give his opinion.. I my self have read books of Ghulam Mirza Qadiani, The founder of Qadianis, before having any judgement and He posed himself as messenger of GodRecommend

  • Rightway

    The law is decided in holy quran and Hadith, Go and read his writtings, He depicted himself as messenger and Jabrial A.S was use to come to him to convey Gods message…Recommend

  • Obaid

    you mean to say religion should be drafted as law by the legislature? While all the religion of the world including Islam teach us that religion is divine. It is descended by Allah through prophets as. And it was finalized by Allah Himself through the Holy Prophet pbuh. Now if a constituent assembly adds or decreases anything to it then it not only defies Finality of Prophet Muhammad pbuh but also rejects the finality and completion of religion Islam itself. So open your eyes and mind which has been brainwashed by the Mullahs for their vested interest to be in power. Recommend

  • Jahanzaib

    ok lets say i am an ahmadi – i do accept the fact that you consider me from a minority group – i accept that too – but would you allow me to consider myself a muslim or for that matter say “Assalam o Alaikum” to you?Recommend

  • Kashif Chaudhry

    As per Allah’s law, judgement on matters of faith is His prerogative. Are you 100% sure you will be counted as a believer on the Day of Judgement? Worry about yourself, not others.Recommend

  • ovais

    it is a law that all pakistanis agreed to . and incorporated in the constitution. One who doesn’t believe in the finality of Prophet Muhammad SAW is a non muslim , simple. Anyways Pakistani is made in the name of islam and is an islamic state. I am no one to pass judgement but state has the authority and state has taken action.Recommend

  • Kashif Chaudhry

    Exactly! This law was made by Pakistani politicians, not by God and His Prophet. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never declared anyone Kafir, even though he knew who the hypocrites in Medina were. Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    Pakistan will continue to make new minorities and then turn on them. The Hindus and Sikhs came before the Shias and Ahmedis and others will follow. Pakistan means the land of the pure and you know what, the purity standard can change to exclude anybody from the majority.Recommend

  • Zia

    Mr. Atique i believe you need a really hard research…. You should consult with Ahmadi’s books written by ghulam qadyani, for proofs what he was exactly wanted to imposed… And if you still agree that he wont claimed about prophethood, please tajdeed you deen if you are not one of them….Recommend

  • Ali Haider

    We have goons for our leaders. I may not agree with the Ahmadi interpretation but they have a right, as humans, to be respected. We are no one to judge them. Recommend

  • Sami

    Nowhere in Hadees or in Quran it is written like that. So i do know from where you are quoting.?. Secondly No one have the right to declare anyone a Muslim or a Non-Muslim. If the state is doing it like that then we must raise our voice against it.
    Secondly It is pretty interesting that Muslims want a Secular system in the West as it give them the equal right but sadly the same Muslims want to declare anyone a Minority and outcast in Muslim majority nations.Recommend

  • peacelover1018

    Pakistan’s Law is not the religion of Islam though. Pakistan is a newly created country. Islam and all of the religions prior to Islam belongs to Allah alone. As per Quranic law, we are Muslims. Anyway, thanks for not wanting to kill us, that’s much better than those who promote murder.Recommend

  • muslimsforpeace

    Let’s hope. But we need lot more of such voices to start hoping so.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Saif Ali Khan is an Indian, an Indian Muslim and on top of that he loves his country, that is the greatest crime someone can do to some Pakistanis.

    I agree though that Saif’s comments on Pakistan were uncalled for and so were Hamza’s.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    One needs to agree on the definition of the Parliament and what it stands for and believe in it in spirit and by their deeds, people who cannot agree to disagree on the version of faith to be followed should not be expected to agree to keep the faith away from politics especially when you address yourselves as a republic of a particular faith.

    Parliament , Democracy and Nation states when followed in its true spirit are not fancy words but a mechanism to keep the humanity conduct itself with civility.Recommend

  • Crikey

    What nonsense. You believe what you choose but allow the same courtesy to others.Recommend

  • bob

    Pakistani law is a man made law. Man made laws cannot define religion. Only Allah SWT can define who is a Muslim and who is not. Did the Quran give this right to the politicians?Recommend

  • parliament certified Muslim

    There is one and only one “certificate” that makes all Pakistani Muslims proud, and that the “Certificate of Islam” issued to all Muslims, and to Muslims only, in Pakistan, by our Holy Parliament. It was the Holy Parliament of Pakistan that defined “Islam” in 1974. Before 1974, nobody knew the definitions of terms such as “Islam” and “Muslim”. The “Certificate of Islam” is awarded to each and every Muslim in Pakistan, according to the following parts of our Sacred Constitution, which were enacted by our Holy Parliament:
    1) Second Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan
    2) Article 260 (3)
    While we have the infallible Ulama of the Islamic Ideology Council among us, to guide the Parliament, we should not unnecessarily leave matters of national importance to Allah and defer them till the Day of Judgement?Recommend

  • Fuzail Ayaz

    well said Hamza. The constitution of Pakistan clearly gives right to every Pakistani to possess any religion he wants. No matter whether he wants possess the faith of a christian or hindu or sikh or any other religion.As far Ahmadis concerned who we are to declare them what are they. If they call themselves Muslim they are. It is according to the pure teachings of the Qurraan and that of the Holy Prophet of Islam. In a census done in Mdinah the Holy prophet of Islam guided to enlist the people in the folds of Islam who confess to be a Muslim verbally وَاکْتُبُوْا لِیْ مَنْ یَّلْفَظُ بِالْاِسْلاَمِ مِنَ النَّاسِ (بخاری کتاب الجہاد باب کتابة الامام الناس)
    write down the names of people who verbally admits islam.
    that is the guidance of the Holy Prophet of Islam.Recommend

  • Ari

    Religious tolerance is the need of hour in Pakistan. Without it, we cannot and will not make a real fort of Islam. Ahmadis I know are peace loving and nice people. My very close friend is a Ahmedi however, I do not agree with him on calling their Spiritual leader a prophet or prophet like. That being said, let Allah decide their fate just like ours. They are Pakistanis and they are as patriotic as anyone else so let’s co-exist.Recommend

  • Kashif Chaudhry

    1. State’s law is against Allah and His Prophet’s

    2. Will you accept if another State passes a law violating religious freedom of Muslims? e.g India banning Muslims from praying or Canada banning the Hijab? (hypothetical scenarios) If no, can we agree religious oppression by any State is a bad idea?Recommend

  • Kashif Chaudhry

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has already defined a Muslim. No Parliament is bigger than him. Matters of faith must be left to Allah. Jailing Ahmadi Muslims for their religious beliefs reminds one of how the Meccan Mullahs treated the early Muslims and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Mecca. This persecution is a Sunnah of the enemies of Islam, not that of the Prophet (pbuh).Recommend

  • Miyagi Jr.

    Why banging your head man. 40 years of ignorance! is a lot of ignorance!Recommend

  • samreen

    Saying we dont have any right to declare others as non muslim is non sense.We all have clear line for declaring a person muslim and non muslim.Falsehood shoudl be differentiated from truth.
    And this is our responsibilty of scholars to declare ppl as non mulims and not ours.And my advise to writer is to first research into this topic .Recommend

  • JP

    Who is this Hamza the Abbas? Why is so much prudence/
    credence given to his words? Is he a holy man? Guru? Sufi?
    The Paks have short memory spans. Nothing detracts them.
    They grieve,shed some crocodile tears, forget, then go back
    to eating their nihari and payas. Because by then, the new disaster/crisis is already shaping up. The endless vicious
    cycle, keeps repeating. Desensitized, would’nt you say?
    Anybody remember the 45 Shias blown up just a few months
    ago in Shikarpur? Nope. Safoora Goth Massacre? Nearly
    forgotten. About 234 Hazaras blown up in January 2013?
    Karachi Shia neighborhood blast that killed 253? Nothing.
    Joseph Colony? The Christian couple tortured, hung and
    then burnt? A visiting Ahmadi physician shot to death in a
    graveyard? Or 194 Christians blown up in a Church in Peshawar? How about 34 Shias blown up in a restaurant
    in Qissa Khwani Bazar in Peshawar? Any recollections at
    all? Or the grandmother in Abbottabad who gets deathly
    scared every time she hears a loud noise, bang, engine misfire.
    All of this was in ET.Recommend

  • Tahir Amjad

    who ever claims to be Muslim is to be believed as a Muslim until he openly defies certain fundamentals of Islam.
    he should be given all the religious rights as of being Muslim in this world unless he openly defies the basic requirements of being a Muslim.
    I as a person or we as a group have no right to kill him for his defiance to those religious fundamentals.
    but an Islamic Govt can if it is proved that he has adopted ideas/practicing rituals which are in grave violation of Islamic faith..( I mean an Islamic Govt..not a Muslim Govt,)
    to judge a good or bad Muslim is only Allah s domain..every one will be judged on the day of judgment according to his deeds.
    Ahmadis are openly defying the last prophet hood of Muhammad(s a w).they can not claim to be Muslim until they accept Muhammad (SAW) as the last prophet of Allah and reject any one who claims to be prophet in any form.
    they can enjoy all their rights as a human being,can practice their faith fearlessly but can not claim to be muslims.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Read my comment again mate, I did not question the definition of who is a Muslim and who is not though I don’t see Muslims agreeing on any one definition else you would not be writing this piece, would you!!

    My point was humans are born with prejudice and they are not going to get over it for the mere reason that they are born into Islam or for that matter any other faith, people who can’t agree on a single version of the message which is supposedly from God cannot be expected to come to a consensus on things of this earthly world.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    You can’t have a state religion after having created a country basis the same religion and expect religion not to play its role in public life as and when you wish.

    Religion when mixed with politics is used to fight against those who are not brothers in faith; once you have fought them, you will find a new enemy which in this case seems to be people who are not brothers in faith enough.Recommend

  • Saggeer

    Its so simple, they are non muslim as Hindu or sikhs according to constitution of Pakistan. Its not Islam if you dont have faith on Allah and finality of our prophit Muhammad. Yes i am agree with Hamza, killing any non muslim is a sin. Being human and Pakistani they have equal rights as i do. Recommend

  • Bin Ismail

    Dear Parliament-certified Muslim:
    Allow me first, to congratulate you on the possession of this esteemed “Certificate of Islam” which has been bestowed upon you by the Parliament of Pakistan. Incidentally, there happens to be another certificate – understandably not as important to you as the one you possess – the certificate issued by Muhammad the Messenger of Allah. This is the “Certificate of Islam” issued by the Founder of Islam. According to the definition of the term “Muslim”, as awarded by the Holy Prophet, it is for the individual, and not for anyone else, to determine his religious identity. Simply put, according to the Holy Prophet, anyone who calls himself a Muslim is a “Muslim”.

  • Muhamamd Shahzad

    Hamza’s Statement is completely wrong. Allah has clearly identified hi unity and his last Prophet S.A.W. Now whoever refuses it, must be punishable according to Islamic law in this world as Allah has Instructed punishes for kafir or anyone who does not have belief that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is last prophet. Ahmedi don not accept that. Follow what Allah says, don’t bring your opinions.Recommend

  • WAZ

    I don’t agree with Kashif’s Viewpoint. There is no doubt that finality of prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is the main foundation stone of Islam. The views and beliefs of Ahmadi community are in contlict with basic Islamic pillars. So this is not a matter of sectarian difference only. Many other Islamic states have also imposed restrictions and bans on Ahmadi community and that probably had been done after research of what Islamic teachings say about beliefs propagated by this community. In Pakistan also this law must have been made in consultation with Islamic scholars so I show complete faith in this law. Only a person with detailed Islamic knowledge can make a comment on the validity of this law. Otherwise it should not be questioned.
    These people have the option of declaring themselves as non-muslims law and keep living peacefully,like other minorities in Pakistan. Recommend

  • ovais

    Anyone that claims to be the prophet or challenges the finality of Porphethood is a non muslim. Good to see pakistani constitution has defined that and declared ahmadi as minorityRecommend

  • Mahmood Malik

    Present day countries are inhabited by people of various religious and social backgrounds. The role of modern Constitutions and Parliaments is to bring all citizens together and not to differentiate among them on the basis of race , belief, caste, colour or creed. Religion is a matter between man and his Creator. Any law made today by a Parliament on the basis of religious beliefs would be regressive and counter productive. In Pakistan, the 2nd Amendment in Constitution has opened a Pandora’s box. Now there are calls for declaring Shia Muslims and others as non-Muslim. Recommend

  • ovais

    u can say whatever you want . i dont care . and it is not my right to care but a state has defined a law declaring a group non muslim. as biased as it may sound .its a reality and yes people like me cannot consider ahmedis as muslim. Anyone who doesn’t accept the finality of Prophethood is not a muslim. Islam has many sect there is a reason why state has declared one non muslim .Its not only in pakistan JFYI , Ahmedis are declared non muslims by many . But just like i pray for my family i will pray for you that ALLAH guides you to the right path (Siraat e Mustaqeem)Recommend

  • Aniq Akhtar

    Perhaps Mr. Abbasi doesnt know that one is not a Muslim if he/she does not have Emaan that Mohummed S.A.W. is the last Prophet of ALLAH (SwT) and there will b no Prophet after Mohummed S.A.W. ( This is part of Emaan of a Muslim) In this view Ahmedis r non Muslims and there is no doubt what so everRecommend

  • Rd px

    “He later replaced Shias with “any other group” when he came under fire for lumping them with the Ahmadis. “..s.o the shias are ok with ahmedi discrimination but not with shia discrimination. RichRecommend

  • Guest

    Well I am not sure about the beliefs of other ahmadis however check the link from the blogger’s profile.Recommend

  • Ahsan

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) already defined muslim 1400 years ago, There is no Nabi after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) , and who denied that they are not muslim.Recommend

  • abeer

    Very true.writer said that they are jailed for reciting kalima.kalima is not kalima without accepting Prophet Muhammad PBUH.Recommend

  • abeer

    Allah defines that Muslim is who believes in Allah and The Holy Prophet what do you say?Recommend

  • abeer

    To be counted as strong believer or weak believer is Allah’s prerogative but Allah and His Prophet Pbuh declared anyone non Muslim who does not believe in Allah and His Last when He said that how can we as persons talk further in opinion against that????Recommend

  • abeer

    Oh please where is the name of Mirza Qadiyani mentioned in Qur’an???Recommend

  • abeer

    Rightly explainedRecommend

  • abeer

    Even Hindu becomes a Muslim in your understanding???wowRecommend

  • abeer

    You can say but a Muslim’s reply will be Salaamun A’laa manit tabai’l Huda.(peace on the one who followed Guidance) as taught to us by Holy Prophet PBUh on how to greet back when Non Muslim greets us.Recommend

  • Gangadas

    How can he be the last prophet if God is eternal?Recommend

  • Gangadas

    In the Vedic literature God specifically instructs everyone to be His messenger.Recommend

  • Kashif Chaudhry

    Translate the Kalima, enumerate the 5 pillars of Islam and the six articles of faith and let me know where “absolute finality” is mentioned?

    Ahmadi Muslims do believe Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is Khataman Nabiyeen, but unlike Sunni Muslims who believe another prophet from another Ummah would come to save the Ummah of Muhammad (pbuh), we believe the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is final and the prophetic figure who was to come and reform the Ummah and cause a renaissance in the latter days would appear from within the Ummah of Muhammad (pbuh), as is suggested from his (pbuh) use of the phrase “imamukum minimum” i.e. the Imam (Mahdi) will be from amongst you.

    The Quran is final, the law is final and so is the Ummah. Read:

    Meanwhile, see attached picture to learn about Eeman and how Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) defined it.Recommend

  • Kashif Chaudhry

    //There is no doubt that finality of prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is the main foundation stone of Islam. The views and beliefs of Ahmadi community are in contlict with basic Islamic pillars. //

    Here are the pillars of Islam as described by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). If your pillars are different, I wonder what religion you follow? Ahmadi Muslims believe in these pillars to the letter. Read:

    Haven said that, you are free to consider me non-Muslim. But not free to punish me for considering me one. As Abbasi says, punishment for religious choices is God’s prerogative ONLY.Recommend

  • Kashif Chaudhry

    //Allah has Instructed punishes for kafir or anyone who does not have belief that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is last prophet. //

    Where has Allah stated this punishment? Let me know the Chapter and Verse, or the name of the person whom God revealed such a law to.

    If you ask me, Islam says “let there be no compulsion in religion.” So if you do believe your Islam is about punishing people for religious choices, I wonder what Islam you follow.Recommend

  • Kashif Chaudhry

    //Its not Islam if you dont have faith on Allah and finality of our prophit Muhammad.//

    Ahmadi Muslims believe in Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as Khataman Nabiyeen. Now you tell me why you believe Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) definition of a Muslim is lacking/wrong and yours correct? Why should I trust your definition more than the Prophet’s? Elaborate please.

    Prophet Muhammad’s definition of a Muslim:

    Haven said that, you are free to consider me non-Muslim. But not free to punish me for considering me one. As Abbasi says, punishment for religious choices is God’s prerogative ONLY.Recommend

  • Kashif Chaudhry

    So you agree with Pakistan’s laws that jail Ahmadi Muslims for reciting the Quran, saying the Kalima, identifying as Muslim etc? If so, how are these laws different from the restrictions placed on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by the Meccan Mullahs? Read:

    History repeats itself.Recommend

  • Kashif Chaudhry

    Yes I have done my research. But you might not agree with my research since it doesn’t involve “scholars,” but the Quran and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Feel free to read my research and let me know why you feel Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) (who never passed Takfir on anyone, not even the hypocrites of Medina) definition of a Muslim is wrong and lacking?

    Also, just confirming, you do support Pakistan jailing Ahmadi Muslims for 3 years for saying the Kalima?Recommend

  • Just Saying

    “Now whoever refuses it, must be punishable according to Islamic law in this world as Allah has Instructed punishes for kafir or anyone who does not have belief that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is last prophet.” so what is the punishment under Islamic law? I am a kafir, how would you punish me?Recommend

  • Kashif Chaudhry

    The books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad are all available online.

    I agree with doing an independent research before any conclusions. And even if you disagree with his views, do not support persecution of Ahmadi Muslims based on these differences in beliefs. That is what Hamza Abbasi is saying. Leave punishment/reward to God.Recommend

  • Kashif Chaudhry

    Yes, he did claim to be the same prophetic figure (Imam Mahdi/Messiah) all non-Ahmadi Muslims await. You are free to disagree with his claims. But you have no right to punish Ahmadi Muslims for their beliefs. Would you like it if Christians punished Muslims just because they do not consider Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) a true prophet of God?Recommend

  • bob

    And are you sure that Ahmadies do not accept Prophet Muhammad as the last Prophet ? They also believe in the Messiah that they believe has already come and you are still waiting for him. Will the Messiah that you are waiting for be a non law bearing Prophet or how you would categorize him? You cannot act as Allah and decide who can recite the Kalimah and who cannot. I hope you can answer Allah on your death and tell Him that I forbid some people in reciting the Kalimah because they believed that the Messiah has come. Study world religions and understand the history of religion instead of following a Jahil Mullah in your neighborhood.Recommend

  • bob

    Good to see most of the civilized world define such ignorant Muslims as you as terrorists.Recommend

  • bob

    I agree. And Ahmadies believe in Allah and the Holy Prophet, PBUH. Now what do you say?Recommend

  • bob

    In my view you have changed the kalmia. The Kalima states very clearly ,That there is no God except Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger”. Nothing more and nothing less.Recommend

  • bob

    The Ahmadies believe that the Messiah has come and we believe in him because the Messiah is a follower of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH. Many Muslims and Christians are waiting for the Messiah to come. When he does come and if you agree that he is the one, he will be just something else. Think!!!!Recommend

  • bob

    Pakistani law is man made law and is in defiance of the Holy Quran and Sunnah. I prefer to follow Allah’s law,Recommend

  • bob

    The State added to what the Prophet had said. Does the Pakistani State think that Islam was not finalized during the time of the Prophet? Thank Allah , that I live in a civilized western country which does not add new things to IslamRecommend

  • bob

    Which other minorities are left to living peacefully in Pakistan? Christians? Hindus? Or even Shias? Or Ismailia? Come Waqar Azeem, please do not live with blinders on. Come to Canada and see how different religions co exist and live peacefully.Recommend

  • bob

    Are you sure that because you are a Pakistani constitutional certified Muslim , Allah will accept you as a Muslim? Falsehood and truth shall be sorted out by Allah only.Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    Mr Mullah Hamza Ali Abbasi, if it has to be put for Judgment day. Then how would we handle the teaching of Quran and Life of Prophet?Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    OK Parliament has not Right. But the decision is Right. If it is right then what’s wrong with you?Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    Not Dear Mr Abbasi, Mr Kashif Chaudhry and Mr Bob. The truth is that Ahmedis has been declared by every school of thoughts and legislation that they are Not Muslim. If you are not agree with that then you are against the Law of Islam and Law of Pakistan. Got it. See you at Judgement Day with all this.Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    Bravo bro. Good to see that someone here to defend the true fate which is the throne in throat to these mediocre people commenting for those Kuffafs.Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    If you are pakistani then you have to follow it. SimpleRecommend

  • WAZ

    The finality of Muhammad (P. B. U. H) is one thing that all the islamic religious scholars from all sects and all countries are unified at.
    So this is the basic tennant of Islam. You can get references for this from Aalims and Muftis and in books. Just searching online is not a solution. Recommend

  • bigsaf

    Nothing is going to change. The country and most of its right-wing Sunni majority have become more religiously Islamist and the state more theocratic since the inception of the nation and its questionable ideological existence.Recommend

  • Kashif Chaudhry

    I quote the Quran and Sunnah. You quote Mullahs. No wonder my Islam and yours don’t match. Shun Mullaism, embrace Islam.Recommend

  • WAZ

    Rightly said. Recommend

  • Ily Khan

    Now I am very confused……hain ji?

  • Ily Khan

    The question is, what do Qadianis /Ahmadis consider other muslims? If the rest are already proper muslims, then where does believing in Mirza Sahib stand?

  • Ily Khan

    Hang on Bob, so you are saying that is good enough to be a proper muslim. Thank you. So no need to pay any attention to anyone else, including Mirza Sahib….

  • Ily Khan

    Mirza Nasir Ahmad, the 3rd Khalifa of Huzoor Masih e Ma oud (his proper title, the whole terminology is enough to ignite the other muslims), when questioned in parliamentary committee before the amendment about declaring them non muslims was tabled, admitted that he considered the rest not muslims . So either Qadianis are muslims, or the rest are.Recommend

  • Ily Khan

    Hang on Bob, I have searched the Quran about a Messiah , there is nothing. As for hadises, I would stick to the last sermon of the Prophet, where he said , people bear witness that the message is completed, and quran and my seerat is your guide….period

  • Just Saying

    you headed to Chicago?Recommend

  • Javaid Ahmad
  • siesmann

    So Muslims persecute them,and blame is on enemies of “Islam”Recommend

  • siesmann

    That is why it gets TTP as a prize.Recommend

  • siesmann

    And people like you who hate and take over the functions of Allah upon you,are true Muslims?!Recommend

  • Zoma

    Uh, there is a law in Pakistan, isn’t it? Feel free to practice your own but don’t impose it on us and Ahmadis can’t be Muslims? They want to call themselves one but don’t they follow the one guy who claimed to be prophet yet he is not, I mean they are breaking the scone condition of being right there. So how can we not call them nonmuslims ? Recommend

  • Zoma

    Second* conditionRecommend

  • usman

    They are kafir as per Islam and Pakistani Law.thats simple.Recommend

  • mohsin

    What nonsense is hamza talking? An Ahmedi, shia or a qadiani is NOT a Muslim, never will be. The definition of a Muslim is one who believes in Allah n our Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)
    Who is this hamza fellow to give such a statement about Muslims? He needs to sit back down. And fear Allah before making stupid statements and calling non-muslims as Muslims.
    And we as a nation need to shut these “celebrities” when they talk such rubbish. Their job is to act, that’s what they get paid for. So act all you want but dont try to be heroes when it comes to religion, because you have no right to preach Recommend