10 things that didn’t go according to plan for Imran Khan

Published: November 1, 2015

One cannot help but feel bad for the guy. Things just haven’t been working out in the poor guy’s favour.

In case you live on a different planet, or because your Wi-Fi hasn’t been working, the famous cricketer turned politician turned youth’s so-called choice just filed for his second divorce with Pakistan’s now former First Lady, Reham Khan. The reason stated is due to ‘differences’ and that they did ‘not get along’ anymore. It is said that the divorce is being filed with mutual consent.

Imran confirmed the news of his divorce on Twitter saying,

I remember watching a live show on a local channel where the so-in-love couple was giving a show host a tour of their house in Bani Gala. Imran could not help but sing praises for the woman who had stolen his heart from the get-go, and Reham, former bhabhi, could not help but blush and praise Imran for the wonderful man that he is.

Understanding the fact that this is a personal matter and their privacy should be respected, one cannot help but feel bad for the guy. Things just haven’t been working out in his favour. Life sort of sucks and it makes you want to give him a hug.

Here are 10 things that didn’t go according to plan for Imran Khan:

1. Shattered dreams of becoming prime minister

The outcome of the 2013 general elections wasn’t exactly what Imran had predicted. Imran and his party lost by a huge margin to arch rivals, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Nawaz Sharif was appointed Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Imran Khan gestures to supporters at a rally in Islamabad. Photo: AFP

2. Asif Zardari resignation but that never happened

Imran demanded Zardari’s resignation in order for free and fair elections to be held in the country.

“Free and fair elections cannot take place till Zardari is here. He is the reason for Pakistan’s destruction,” said Imran, adding that the president appointed three prime ministers in his tenure and all three were corrupt.

Well, that clearly didn’t happen!

3. Go Nawaz go, except he’s still here

One of Imran’s demands during his 126-day dharna was Nawaz Sharif’s resignation.

Well, that clearly didn’t happen either!

Photo: Twitter (@aa_cheema)

4. Marriage to Jemima Goldsmith and the unfortunate divorce

After being married to Imran for nine years, the couple announced their divorce on June 22, 2004. According to a statement issued by Imran,

“While Jemima tried her best to settle here, my political life made it difficult for her to adapt to life in Pakistan.”

Imran and Jemima Khan at an election rally in Pakistan in 2002. Photo: Reuters

5. Negotiating with the Taliban

Knowingly, or unknowingly, Imran suggested that the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) should open their office in Pakistan so that peace talks could progress.

This wasn’t received well with at home and abroad as well, hence the title ‘Taliban Khan’.

According to Imran,

“People voted for PTI because they want peace.”

Well in case you aren’t aware dear Imran, I think peace with the Taliban is a lost cause.

Photo: Twitter (@MianZS)

6. Thou shall not pay any bills

During the dharna, Imran called for mass civil disobedience and appealed to the people to stop paying utility bills and taxes to the current government, accusing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of plundering the national wealth to enrich his business empire.

But Imran was left looking increasingly isolated as mass support failed to materialise.

Imran Khan burns his electricity bill during a speech at D-Chowk. Photo: INP

7. Aftermath of 2013 General Elections

From the re-election and by-elections to rigging allegations and Judicial Commission formation, the long and unsuccessful dharna, all of it just did not seem to work out as Imran thought they would.

He was, once again, left proved wrong and perhaps even a liar!

Imran Khan gestures to supporters at the PTI rally in Multan. Photo: AFP

8. Ruling his own land

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) is to PTI what Sindh is, or was, to MQM. It is PTI’s only child. While the first year of governance by the newly elected party shows progress, the failed dharna and lack of attention made it clear that change and progress in K-P was no longer a priority for PTI and its leaders.

This child is now grown up and will not believe the ‘tooth fairy’ lies it has been fed all this time.

PTI leader Imran Khan addresses supporters in Peshawar during a sit-in against US drone strikes. Photo: AFP

9. ‘Go Imran Go’

After the barbaric APS attack that shook the very foundation of this nation, when Imran arrived at the Army Public School in Peshawar to visit the survivors and the families of the deceased, he was forced to turnaround as mournful parents, overcome by grief and anger, refused to let him inside the premises of the school.

Adding on to his woes, the parents weren’t as thrilled as Imran at the idea of him getting married 24 days after the forever scarring massacre of their children.

“You were busy getting married without doing anything about my child who died less than a month ago,” said a weeping mother, outside the school, while another parent said the PTI chief had deserted them when they needed him the most.

The cherry on top, however, was Imran welcoming a dialogue process with the Afghan Taliban (TTP being a sister branch) after meeting members of the APS Shuhada Forum.

I guess he didn’t see the irony in that and didn’t get the welcome he expected.

10. A broken heart at 62

It was the wedding of the season and some even called them the “greatest couple if not the royal couple of Pakistan”.

Photo: Online

Even though speculations of their marriage being on the rocks has been making rounds since a month, the couple decided to part ways.

I say, good for them. They realised sooner than later that their marriage just wasn’t working out, and instead of staying together for the sake of the people, their fans and their political/professional career, they decided to part ways amicably. Neither of them has to explain anything to anyone and don’t need to pay heed to other people’s opinion on their lives.

Photo: Facebook

On a separate note, I would advise Imran to tighten his security since it won’t be long before Meera hears that he is back on the market and on the list of Pakistan’s most eligible bachelors. She already has the whole wedding planned out, including his attire. The only (crucial) requirement remaining is Imran’s agreement. God help him.

Zoya Zaidi

Zoya Zaidi

An undergraduate from Middlesex University who is currently working for a local daily. She tweets as @zozaidi (twitter.com/zozaidi).

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  • Kal

    Miss Zoya….it’s a fair assessment of Imran’s lost battles but would be nice to see some day you write about the 10 things that did go to plan…if any in your opinion ;)Recommend

  • Farooq

    if we do a failure of Nawaz Sharif in power, the list will go till 100 points. If we do one for Zardari, maybe 1000 points

    Sitting in KHI or Lahore, this intellectual is so fast to say KPK has failed. To know the results for KPK, wait till 2018 elections. PTI will win double the seats in KPK

    As always the double standard intellectuals remain confused on who is right and wrong in PakistanRecommend

  • KD

    Clearly it shows that IK has raging hormones of a 16-yr old.
    Keep calm Imran.. it will work out for you!Recommend

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    Just wait and see, I bet the writer of this article is also a big supporter and chamchi of nawaz sharif, you dont care of what poor people have to suffer like in pakistan, you have no idea of how they come into power. Inshallah imran will be prime minister of our country and it will rise once again, with our wonderful leader Imran KHan!Recommend

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    so please mock the best chance pakistan ever had …Recommend

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    Yet the author failed to mention the 2 things that far exceeded expectations: botox and hair transplant treatments !Recommend

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    not worth commenting on “ARTICLE”Recommend

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    no 5 is racist. you have effectively conflated the Taliban with Pashtun. shamefulRecommend

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    People lie, cheat, loot and plunder, have people bumped-off, storm the highest court in the land, stash billions abroad, sell state assets for a song, use pretty girls to smuggle vast sums out of the country and so much more…..but still they get to lead the country. So in comparison….. this doofus still has a chance.Recommend

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    What an article. This just made my day. I hope the writer has success in the futureRecommend

  • Raj – USA

    Imran Khan was fond of making claims that he would do this in 9 days, accomplish that in 90 days or make something happen in 9 months. He had a fascination for number 9 and its multiples. His marriage ended in just about 9 months. I recall Ch. Allah Daad who said in one of his comments that Reham Khan threw her first husband out of his home and left him with just one suitcase and that she would throw Imran Khan out of PTI and leave him with just one PTI member. May be, we would see it in the next 9 months.Recommend

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    Jemima could not fake it anymore after 9 years. Reham stopped faking after 10 months. Never marry a woman who has more experience than you!Recommend

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    Unfortunately Pakistan isn’t ready for Imran Khan. He’s a movement ahead of his time. He tried his best to do what’s the right but Pakistan doesn’t deserve him.Recommend

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