Why question God for tornadoes and floods?

Published: November 28, 2015

But the little sparrow, held his head high and said,“I am supposed to do whatever I can do." PHOTO: REUTERS

The fire burnt, reflecting all shades of yellow and red,

The flames dancing as if they’ll never be dead,

Engulfing everything coming in its way,

The fire roared, not ceasing to spread.


A couple of birds watched the scene from a tree,

And as the fire neared, they planned to flee,

Just as they were about to fly away,

They saw something they were not expecting to see.


A sparrow passed by, reaching the fire,

With water in its beak, for an unknown desire,

And as it dropped the water on the flames,

The birds approached the sparrow, in order to inquire.


“O Stupid creature! What are you up to?”

The birds asked to get a clue,

“I am trying to put down the fire.

Doing whatever the best, I can do.”


“These little drops will do no good,

So leave it, it’s the only thing you should do.”

But the little sparrow, held his head high and said,

“I am supposed to do whatever I can do.


For when God will ask if I played my part,

I will say ‘Yes’ with all my heart.”

With this, the sparrow returned to its work,

Followed by the birds, as they made a start.


The world of today, is a dreadful place to live,

Where there is a load to collect, but nothing to give.


Where life is cheap, not worth a penny,

Where feelings are weighed, on the basis of money.


Where things are loved, and people are used,

Where the sinner is honoured and the righteous is accused.


Where lust is alive and love is dead,

Where hatred has arrived and honesty has fled.


Where mosques are deserted and bars are crowded,

Where against mankind, evil attacks are mounted.


Where from Afghanistan to Iran, a river flows,

With how many dead bodies, only God knows!


And then you complain, “Why our prayers go unheard?”

But to your foolish minds, has it never occurred?


That your Muhammad (PBUH), your Abraham, your Jesus, your Moses,

Are approached and remembered only in your times of crisis.


So why question God for these tornadoes and floods?

When we are busy fighting our own flesh and blood.

Azka Farooqui

Azka Farooqui

The author is a poet by passion, programmer by profession, and is currently doing her BS from Institute Of Business Administration. She tweets as @AzkaFarooqui1 (twitter.com/AzkaFarooqui1)

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