Why should Indian-Muslims get concessions that the Hindu majority does not?

Published: November 7, 2015

Children read the Quran at a madrassah on the first day of Ramzan. PHOTO: REUTERS

Most Hindus believe that India’s efforts, after partition, to integrate Muslims have always hinged on policies excessively and unduly unfair to Hindus. To many, this is done by extracting from India’s Hindu majority extraordinary concessions and accommodation which would be absolutely unacceptable in any other part of the world.

These efforts have always pivoted on the construct of the Muslim as a special citizen. This can been seen in every policy matter ranging from the double standards propping the unconscionably discriminatory Article 370 in Kashmir to the government funding of madrassahs and the stipends given to imams and mullahs (as opposed to government appropriation of temple revenues and control of Hindu shrines), from the Muslim Personal Law which enables Muslim men the right to practice polygamy to the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s assertion that Muslims have first rights to all of India’s resources, and to everything else in between.

The absence of any effort to bring down the explosive Muslim population growth rate, to bring it on par with the growth rate of rest of the population, and the abetment of large scale illegal Muslim immigration from neighbouring Bangladesh for vote bank politics are yet other manifestations of fake and counter-productive attempts at Muslim integration, which have not helped India or its social fabric at all. Nehruvian secularism, which basically exploited Muslim identity and perpetuated a dangerous mythology of Muslim exceptionalism for political gain, has failed miserably in bringing about positive inter-religious unity.

China presents an altogether different model of Muslim integration. In 2014, China banned Muslim state employees in Xinjiang from fasting during the Islamic fasting month of Ramazan, ostensibly to enable state workers to discharge their duties effectively and professionally. This workplace related rule is, however, inscribed within the framework of China’s some-carrot-and-mostly-stick approach to quell Uighur/Muslim separatism. The banning of Islamic garments in public transport in the province is another manifestation of this approach to integration. Swift execution of Uighur perpetrators of street violence and terrorist attacks is yet one more component of China’s toolkit of measures to integrate its Uighur Muslim population.

Curiously, the widely reported news concerning the ban on fasting did not elicit much reaction or criticism from the “secular” brigade in India or even from the so-called Muslim countries for that matter. However, had something similar even been proposed in India or a Western country, one can be sure reactions would have been tempestuous. The fact of the matter is that few societies can afford to foster integration à la Chine, that is, through brute force.

Cosmopolitan education is the only approach that will work if India wishes to usher in and sustain a new era of authentic ‘unity in diversity and rapid economic development in which human values will supersede ideology. India’s ancient spiritual wisdom provides the inspiration and the meta-language for this, and this civilizational strength can play a big part in fostering a new consciousness of cosmopolitanism in every child, of every community. A communiqué entitled “Peace must prevail inside and outside” issued by global humanitarian HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to mark the International Day of Peace states that,

“With the right understanding and right education, peace can prevail. It’s the lack of belongingness and ignorance of other traditions that gives rise to conflict and fanaticism. Truth is so vast that one perspective alone cannot contain it. We can end fanaticism through education.”

The communiqué also adds that,

“What our children need is a multicultural and multi-religious education. Together let us resolve to educate our people about every religion in order to have a broader vision about life. If our children know a little bit about all other religions, and they grow up seeing all these as part of one divinity, it will be hard to indoctrinate them. If they are made to realise from a young age that divinity is within each and every one of us, they will not become fanatics.”

This is a very practical, wise and desirable approach for realising true societal integration and can foster a new spirit of universal cosmopolitan brotherhood not just in the country but the whole world.

The cultivation of a cosmopolitan worldview has to be made an explicit objective of every education program, but especially of a madrassah curriculum, if India wants a future free of chaos for itself. Officially, Muslims make up about 14 per cent of India’s population today. In 1947, the Muslim community was merely seven to eight per cent of India’s population. In many parts of the country like western UP, Bengal, Kerala and Assam, Muslims currently make up more than 25 per cent of the population. The Modi Government’s first budget announced in 2014 included INR100 crore for the modernisation of madrassahs, religious schools where millions of Muslim children are schooled. The initial media reports have been very sketchy about what the “modernisation of madrassahs” will involve. While science and technology have been invoked, no mention has been made with regard to fostering a consciousness of cosmopolitanism, something indispensable to non-violence and stability in multicultural societies.

A critical ancillary to this model of integration is a Uniform Civil Code. Having separate legal codes and separate personal laws for people of different religions and communities is an outrageous anachronism which has only served to keep India backward and divided. It is time for India to scrap the Muslim Personal Law and bring both its Muslim and its non-Muslim population within the ambit of a common set of civil laws. This structural change will be especially empowering for Muslim women who make up seven per cent of India’s population. A Uniform Civil Code will serve the cause of a new Indian cosmopolitanism in very positive ways.

Shonu Nangia

Shonu Nangia

The author is an Associate Professor of Foreign Languages. He teaches French and Spanish at LSU Alexandria (USA).

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Appan

    An excellent article. Points raised are valid. The “secularism” propagated by Indian politicians just to get votes irritate right thinking people. Recently Gujarat High court questioned Polygamy (for selfish reason) and stated that this against basic principle of Islam. It asked the Government to consider implementing Uniform civil code( UCC). I am sure if Modi Government implements UCC, There will be cries from the so called Intellectuals :Intolerance”Recommend

  • Hameed from UK

    Hindus are able to kill Muslims over cows, and this is openly supported and encouraged by BJP leadership, are Muslims allowed to harass Hindus in Ramadhan for eating publically?Recommend

  • Feroz

    As an Indian I must counter some misconceptions in the mind of both Indians and others. The Muslim population of India is growing faster than others because illegal refugees from Bangladesh have flooded the country, dramatically changing demographics in the East and NorthEast. The Congress and Leftists put all these refugees on the electoral roles for political gains, not due to charity or love.
    India is not China and does not want to be China because the causes India stands for are radically different — democracy, secularism, Freedom of Speech, Free Press and Independent Judiciary are the pillars India stands for. Article 370 of the Indian Constitution is enacted not because Kashmir is majority Muslim but to preserve special and unique character of that State for all its residents – Muslim, Hindu. Sikh, Buddhist and others. Only Fundamentalists categorize the Kashmir problem as the schism between Muslims and others, with groups like Hurriyat adding fuel to this fire. The issue of uniform Civil Code needs a relook and debate because it deprives Muslim women of privileges and protection the Indian Constitution guarantees its women. India belongs to all Indians, religion sadly divided humans rather than serve its intended purpose of sparking a spiritual awakening.

    India is the country that gave the world most of its philosophy and half its religions. It has been the land of free thinkers much before the words philosophy or religion were even coined. For centuries it attracted humans looking for freedom from prejudice and also those seeking knowledge and enhanced economic prospects. No wonder India has always had the highest density of population, reflecting its openness. Indian strength has always been its Civilization, its diversity and the quality of its human resources. Every Indian also retains faith they have the ability, skills, resources and will to take India where it needs to go. Where other countries want to go is for those people to decide, why should India worry about them.Recommend

  • Soul Speek

    I do not agree with the author when he is asking India to emulate Chinese in dealing with minorities but he is right on some counts.

    Previous Governments (Congress particularly) tried to make Muslims a votebank and went overboard to appease them. Just as India does not need right wing hindutva brigade to rise up, it also does not want special treatment to be given to minorities at the cost of majority. All should be equal in the eyes of the State. Either give special grants to all communities or dont give it to anybody. Nobody should feel left out.Recommend

  • G. Din

    Muslims in Pakistan don’t need any excuses to kill. They kill Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, for what they are – Hindus, Sikhs and Christians.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    They do much worse in Islamic countries. Doubt me, try Saudi or even Pak.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Excellent article but in the wrong country with wrong pre conceived notions about India and Indians !Recommend

  • wb

    Finally, a published piece of writing that is devoid of bigotry. Hats off to your courage.

    In India, any talks of Muslim excesses and regresses is considered communal.

    Fact, that is staring at our faces, and the entire world faces is that Muslims have failed to integrate and contribute to the countries they live in be it India or Europe, US or Canada. All they have done is leech out of the systems they live in.

    Heck, Muslims don’t even contribute to Musilm countries. Examples of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria…and a dozen more countries are glaring.

    And I want to ask Pakistanis, please tell me which country of group of people really like or respect Mulims in the world? Even Mulims don’t like each other and are indulged in killing and violence against each other. So, stop looking at everything through the lens of racism.

    Do some introspection, that has been missing in you since 1400 years. Do some ijtehad; enough of jihad.Recommend

  • rationalising argument.

    many muslims have harassed hindus for eating and distributing prasad during ramadan . you are just not aware of it . better go through the old news then you will come to know.Recommend

  • vinsin

    Then why Muslims not moving to Pakistan or any other country according to you? Why people involved got caught by the police? Muslims are given Pakistan to eat beef.

    Yes Hindus are harassed to eat publically in Saudi Arabia.Recommend

  • Yasothan palanisamy

    same we Christians can eat pork in pakistan? i can eat in india….. only pak has all the rights to kill hindus, christians, sikhs now ahemadiasRecommend

  • Yasothan palanisamy

    can i allow sell pork in pak? then u dont have any rights to talk about beaf ban in indiaRecommend

  • RameshHeg

    You probably did not read the article which lays out how Indian Muslims get special privileges and get pampered which are not available to Hindus, Sikhs, and other religious groups in India. Instead as a true to the spirit Pakistani, would love to dwell on isolated incidents.
    I bet you ignored the news items about a Muslim mob murdering a Hindu activist in Bangalore last month for advocating beef ban. Or the miniscule number of Hindus in Kashmir banned from eating or even drinking water publicly during Ramadan.
    We don’t have to go into details of the paradise offered to non-Muslims and some Muslim sects in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ahmed India

    Ok..Lets take your case…Hindu’s killed muslims over cow??

    How many muslim???

    Lets take 100-200,1000-2000….

    ok modi killed 2000??

    in total lets take kashmir also for your appetite although pakistan sent militant killed more people….around 1 Lakh as per you pakistanis stat….

    In total…..1,10,000 round about…since 1947….or lets take 1,50,000 roundabout considering you will tell there were riots in india…

    lets take some pakistani stats…’

    Talks about world human rights…
    1.killed 3 million bengalis…raped 2 lakhs innocent bengalis..
    2.you should know the champion of palestine cause has itself killed around 25000 palestine under zia-ul-haq era.
    3.Afghanistan…u made it hell…u want taliban there….killed many innocent aghanis..and den u say we are giving shelter to afghan refugees…first of all afganistan dont consider durand line as border….and they are living in KPK…which by dave is de-facto historical part of afghanistan…
    4.Pakistan kept sending militant and in fight between terrorist and army…many civilians died..or army is not that capable like pakistan army which shoots in KPK and waziristan everyday and hot target so perfectly that only terrorist die…we are not like those angels….
    4.Direct action day….

    The list is very large and space may be very less…..so chill dude….dont try to be oversmart….without knowing facts…..

  • nazneen jaan

    Let me quote/unquote…..

    1.If muslim want india to be secular….then in secular country everybody is equal…so why different law for muslim..are they especially send by allah to make this earth so beautiful…
    2.They always try to lure and convert…which should be banned….world should remain multicultural and many religion…and bydave muslims killing muslim…ummah..
    3.What is this global muslim…they are all convert…should stop relating themeslves to arab who use mosque to have business with these people…
    4.Law of 7th century needs utter reform..If i beat my wife in india today..she would take the hell out of me..
    5.All this 4 marriage and all nosense should be banned and i am yet to see a middle class muslims leaving barely some high class…most of them have 4-6 childrens….they dont educate their children and least i say about muslim girl child it will be better…..
    6.and last but not the least..all of them..most of them blame govt and people from all other religion for their backwardness….as somebody says….if u cant help urself…nobody will help u….

    b/w. am a progressive muslim running NGO in UP are of India and have gone to south asian countries including bangladesh and pakistan..and i must admit this today….worst condition among them is of pakistani muslims belonging to FATA,KPK and balochsitan area and some areas of GB that is in control of pakistan,,,,Recommend

  • genesys

    A rational sensible article on pampering in the name of inority.Recommend

  • Anshika

    You are already doing it wherever you are in majority all around the world. Recommend

  • rationalising argument.

    muslims harass non muslims during ramadhan in india.Recommend

  • Mujahid Drone

    Lol, you showing your ignorance that one odd incident can undo the all special benefits given to muslims in India. Most importantly the growth of population from 8% to 14% where as in Pak Hindus are butchered to less than one percent.Recommend

  • Greg

    Really? If they did, India would not been infested with 200 million muslims. There’s an whole country created for them. Why not move?Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/TheViewThroughJagansLookingGlasses?ref=hl Jag Nathan

    Indians have given Muslims all the concessions they require. Its called Pakistan. Not happy here, please move to Pakistan. Do not expect any more concessions. We will do everything possible to stop anything future concessions.Recommend

  • Newton

    Interesting to note that your information from the Mullah channels all the way in the UK.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    How are the 2 incidents equal?

    Hindus consider Cow to be holy. The equivalent incident would be for Hindus to draw cartoons of your prophet, whom you consider holy. We all know what hell broke loose when cartoons were made in Europe. Isn’t this hypocritical of you guys to insist on insulting Hindus, but you will kill and maim at a simple cartoon?

    Are Hindus violating what you consider holy? If not, why are Muslims hell bent on violating something which is holy for Hindus?Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop


    Muslim Personal Law has to go. It is against India’s Constitutional spirit and is based on Islamic Law and hence very anti-women.

    To think that a man can divorce his wife with 3 simple words, but a woman has to jump hoops to get the same thing done is ludicrous! Same with the right of a man to marry multiple women.

    If Muslim Personal Law is present, so should the anti-beef laws.

    I dont understand why Muslims demand special treatment, and when they get it, we only see victimhood. Shockingly they insist on butchering Cows, something which is holy in Hinduism. Yet, they can’t stand if their holy symbols are violated by a few lines on paper(Cartoons).Recommend

  • Sunil

    Muslims just kill Hindus do not need excuses. From 24% of the population of Pakistan to 2% of the population now of Hindus. While Muslim population in India has more then doubled. You are intolerant.Recommend

  • Thomas

    Great, let them get rid of the chaff.!!!!!!!!!Recommend

  • ajeet

    Two shia hazaras were killed in Pakistan yesterday, which is equal to the toll in India till date. No award wapasi by Pakistani intellectuals or any murmur of protest Recommend

  • Citizen Mann

    Also, it is the majority that has to accommodate the minority and not the other way round. Will the Blacks in the USA give aid to the whites?Recommend

  • The Truth

    Hindus are digging their own graves by not doing to muslims in India, what muslims did to Hindus in pakistan. Recommend

  • 19640909rk .

    oh yes, Indian government gives free tickets to people on HAJ. This act of appeasement has ruined Air India.Recommend

  • Someone

    Tell me one verse in Quran that says you can not be a Muslim unless you eat beef. Despite many serious security situations, India never imposed ban on veil like many other tolerant European countries did. Bottom line is, Muslims can not live peacefully with neither with people of other religion nor within themselves unless they are ruled under the boots like China. No wonder most Muslim countries have either dictators or monarchs to keep control on their own Muslim.population.Recommend

  • Gingo

    Muslims harass those muslims who are not fasting for eating publicly, what courtesy will you expect them to have for hindus?Recommend

  • jayant

    what lame excuse ! How many Muslims have been killed in India over beef?. 10 maybe ? now tell me how many Muslims have been killed in Pakistan by Muslims ? 50000 ! so which country is more dangerous for Muslims ? Muslims be it any place find it hard to integrate in society dont shut ur eyes , it will only keep Muslims ignorant and back word . BTW google the education rate of 52 Muslims nation to that of non muslims nationsRecommend

  • Ravi Blr

    What do you think happened in Pakistan and Bangladesh to the hindu population? Did they kill themselves. Hameed mian, you muslims live in self delusions, there is no cure for you.Recommend

  • jayant

    Muslims have this tendency, when they become majority they turn into super violent people, running riots on non Muslims , when in minority they use democratic system (while abusing it)m and demand Sharia. Indian should treat every citizen equal. no more Muslims polygamy , no more 5 am blaring of prayers. birth control, scrap 370,total govt control on Mullah and masjids revenue. also make a Muslims regiment , apart form garages and butcher shops muslims should help India more. Plz pakistan dont teach us how to treat people we dont bomb our own people even if they are tribal.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Yes in fact they do. They close the roads and create commotion and anybody who gets in their way is killedRecommend

  • Durjan from USA

    As a proud and very assertive Hindu, I am against the ‘mob killing’ of anyone for killing of a cow but I strongly support a strict and enforceable law that prohibit the slaughter of cows with the penalty being life imprisonment or even death. But this must at all times be done through the legal process. Further a law must be passed to ban cow slaughter and ban the importation of beef and all beef related products. This will solve the issues of cow slaughter and beef eating.Recommend

  • SomeGuyWithanOpinion

    There are only 2 Hindu majority countries in the world vs the 20+ muslim majority. Respecting the fact that they don’t eat beef would be the best thing. Killing someone for that is Hindu extremism, but that is pale to the everyday Kashmiri separatists.Recommend

  • Durjan from USA

    Pls post my commentsRecommend

  • DudeFromDC

    Yes they are. Check what is happening in Bengal for instance.Recommend

  • Hopeful

    Good analysis. Hopefully, India will be able to implement the uniform civil code without violence and nonsense politics.Recommend

  • http://www.scribd.com/asifameer AsifAmeer_AP

    I’ll touch the “Polygamy” part first. Ofcourse, this is a contested issue even in muslim circles.With that said, how does justify endorsing monogamy via State power? How does the State gets to choose if 1 marriage is the right answer or 7marriages?

    About Integration, this notion of blending from a nationalistic point of view. Who wants to live in a society where everything/everyone is blended in? Different cultures/cuisines/colors make societies vibrant.

    About the Govts pandering to religious minorities, its a tried and proven game in town. I would argue that because of Govt interference in religion, Muslims are a long-term victims of these policies.

    Birthrate – Yes. That is indeed a problem. A major problem.Recommend

  • Alam

    Treat them equally like Hindus. Give Muslims equal quota (based on % age of population) in army, police, top level bureaucracy and take away all these ‘cosmetic’ privileges!Recommend

  • http://www.scribd.com/asifameer AsifAmeer_AP

    What if someone has a religion of worshipping plants? No phun intended.

    “Do not to others, what you do not wish to be done to yourself”


  • Amber

    But MQM is still missing Hindustan !!!! Recommend

  • hameed

    As for the concessions given to them , let me tell you the Haj subsidy benefits Air India (a failing airline which is barely surviving) more than it does the muslims. And you talk of “first rights to all resources”. Let me tell you this:
    I am an Indian muslim staying in Ahd. Our property worth lakhs of rupees was destroyed in the riots and not a single rupee was given by the “pseudo secular/nationalist government”. I cannot buy property anywhere in the majority areas due a certain law called “disturbed areas act”. The ghetto that I am forced to live in is a sorry mess completely sidelined by the AMC. No proper roads or streetlights nor proper water nor is anyone willing to lend me a loan despite working at a good place. The police barge in anytime they feel like for “combing operations”. And when we ask the concerned authorities we are given the same trope that is common for the right wingers: if you don’t like it, go to pakistan!! at least show some creativity!!

    Secondly it is a myth that most muslim children study at a madrassah. The sachar committee pegged it at 3%. Secondly you yourself need to read the article that you linked about the population growth rate will take almost 300 more years to get anywhere close to the 50% mark. Regarding polygamy more Hindus practice it discreetly and article 370 doesn’t help the Indian muslims at all. Even muslims cannot buy any property in J&K if not domiciled there. A person expects more research from a supposedly “educated” person like yourself than some shoddily crafted essay based on myths like theseRecommend

  • Swaadhin

    Vallabh Bhai Patel had said right after partition, “the Muslims ask why is their patriotism questioned, they should ask their hearts how did they change overnight after having supported the idea of Pakistan, it is not the Hindus or the state of India which can answer but only Muslim hearts can”
    The bottom line is the majority of Muslims in subcontinent supported the idea of Pakistan but when Pakistan did not turn out to be what they expected territorially, they became patriots again.

    This is the history which is being hidden from the masses. Muslims have never lived in peace with other faiths, when in minority, they are proponents of democracy which apparently is no good for the Muslim majority countries. Recommend

  • wb

    You’ve made a few valid points. But others completely baseless.

    So, I’ll only touch upon the valid points.

    It’s unfortunate that you lost your home in riots. I truly hope that the government does something to give you your dwelling. However, you need to ask, who started the Gujarat riots? Would there have been any riot if the Muslims hadn’t burned down the train with innocent women and children?

    You may not have been involved in the burning of the train directly. But how many of you have come out in the open condemning the blatant aggression by your fellow religionists?

    Many Hindus also lost their lives and homes in Gujarat riots. That’s just the way our broken country works. We don’t have a perfect system.

    Another point is regarding the population explosion among Muslims. Would you at least concede that if Muslims restricted their growth to as much as nonMuslims of India, then Muslims will be able to provide better education and healthcare to their children? That way, instead of burdening the country, Muslim can collectively contribute to India’s growth?

    You’re a Gujarati Muslim, and probably see less of the latter problem. But this is a major problem among a lot of Muslims including the Urdu and Dakhni Urdu and Bengali speaking Mulims. Unfortunately, they constitute a majority of Muslims of India.Recommend

  • wb

    That’s an if and an illogical if.

    Eating an animal is nobody’s prerogative. In every country including developed country like USA there are bans against certain meats to not hurt majority sentiments. In some states of US, you can’t eat horse. In some other states, you can’t kill dogs and cats and eat them.

    Every single ban in every single country is based on one of the following factors: majority sentiments, economic considerations, social and law/order consideration.Recommend

  • http://thoughtsandotherthing.blogspot.fr/2015/09/vegetarianism-ritual-killings-et-al.html Supriya Arcot

    Reservations /quotas should now be based on economic status and not religious / caste /ethnic backgrounds.Recommend

  • Sane

    This blog post is full of misleads and far away from reality prevails in India. Talk about the society which kills a human for eating beef……. A Prime Minister who is accused and under trial for mass murdering Muslims.Recommend

  • Sane

    Read history. There were never ever any Hindu Muslim or Muslim Hindu riots, when Muslims ruled India. Despite Muslims rulers were much much powerful than past 68 years Hindu dominated rule in India. Basically hatred against Muslims was cooking among Hindu fanatics and on the first opportunity is came out of proportion.Recommend

  • abeer

    Yes you can.A muslim can’t but a non muslim is free to do anything for himself in Pakistan.When you visit I will guide you the spot where fresh bacon is available.Recommend

  • hameed

    “You may not have been involved in the burning of the train directly. But how many of you have come out in the open condemning the blatant aggression by your fellow religionists?”

    How much time does it take to organize something like this that too at a state or even at the level of the city? Barely a few days afterwards the carnage started with the police being mute spectators at best or colluding with the rioters at worst. But then again this isn’t new. The entire internal security apparatus has always had a communal side to it, be it 1969, 1992, 1984 or whatever. And how come you generalize that Muslims are deliberately trying to ‘out breed’ the rest. This is blatant accusation of an entire community which is very diverse to say the least. A keralite or tamilian muslim has a much lower birth rate compared to a Hindu from Bihar or UP. And do you even know how many Muslims are working down south in the IT sector esp in bangalore and Chennai? I have many many Muslims working for some of the biggest names (both local and International) and they are in no way a burden. Most muslims prefer to send their kids to Regular schools even if it means that they’d have to struggle to make ends meet.

    Despite facing a severe crunch of resources in our city (as we are literally unofficially debarred to anything outside of the established ghettos) I have made sure my little girl gets the best of education and hope to make her a gynecologist one day.

    So please shed your jaundiced vision and try to see things from a balanced perspective. We have already suffered a lot and yet the majority thinks we are having a ball in this countryRecommend

  • abhi

    There were no riots during muslim rules it was only mass killing and forced conversionsRecommend

  • abhi

    Why quota? They already have equal opportunity. They should use it.Recommend

  • Indian

    Yes bcoz their income was generated from hindus only..and regarding hindus getting proper treatment you should get out of your butter polished textbooks of peace loving muslims.Regarding hatred it is a two way process …you hate us we hate you too.Recommend

  • Indian

    yes he is providing us with our demand for cannibal meat..and we love it.Recommend

  • Indian

    why should they get quota ..if u have the caliber compete else get lost….a fruit on the tree is at the same height for everyone…it does not get lowered when a Hindu is attempting to take it.Recommend

  • Indian

    1.Polygamy : the rule of law justifies and gives the state the power to endorse monogamy. You cannot have it both ways…no religious law is greater than rule of law in a country. No special status is to be provided to any citizen
    2.While you might not want we definitely want integration.
    3.its the rest who are long term victims …they dont study properly, do all hawala things are grossly intolerant and expect others to be kindRecommend

  • http://www.scribd.com/asifameer AsifAmeer_AP

    “Eating an animal is nobody’s prerogative”

    Muslims, Jew and Christians sacrifice lambs, sheeps & other domestic animals as a part of their religious belief.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “There were never ever any Hindu Muslim or Muslim Hindu riots, when Muslims ruled India. ”

    Here is an extract from Life of Tipu Sultan published by the Pakistan Administrative Staff College, Lahore in 1964 [iv][iv]:

    Tipu imprisoned and forcibly converted more than a lakh Hindus and over 70,000 Christians in the Malabar region (they were forcibly circumcised and made to eat beef). Although these conversions were unethical and disgraceful, they served Tipu’s purpose. Once all these people had been cut off from their original faith, they were left with no option but to accept the very faith to which their ravager belonged, and they began to educate their children in Islam. They were later enlisted in the army and received good positions. Most of them morphed into religious zealots, and enhanced the ranks of the faithful in Tipu’s kingdom. Tipu’s zeal for conversion was not limited only to the Malabar region. He had spread it all the way up to Coimbatore.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “Birthrate – Yes. That is indeed a problem. A major problem.”

    No it is not for an average Muslim in India, they think it is a blessing.

    It’s a problem for Hindus, not even to the state of India which believes in being politically correct.

    The Hindus are not blind and they can see the birth rates of Muslims and many of them are seriously wondering if their great grandfathers made a wrong choice to keep quiet when Nehru and Gandhi thrust the so called secularism down Hindu throats.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Why do you think Saudi Arab does not have a single temple or a church?

    I am sure you have no role in it but I don’t see the folks protesting the french burqa ban and Charlie Hebdo ever protesting on the streets of New York and London for the rights of non Muslims on Muslim lands, rather we see calls for Sharia.

    Do not preach what you don’t practice!Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “Muslim Personal Law has to go. It is against India’s Constitutional spirit and is based on Islamic Law and hence very anti-women.”

    It will never go, you need to throw political correctness out of the window to get rid of Muslim personal law.

    Imagine 1947:

    1.the Muslim population in India was half of what it is today.

    2.The Muslims had divided India and hence the people who divided India should not have ideally expected any favours but despite that they got Muslim personal law board.

    3. The greatest shame was the Hindus in their own land celebrated their worst rulers like Tipu Sultan because of the kind of history we were taught, there was a generation which grew up watching TV soaps like “The Sword of Tipu Sultan”, I grew up and read about him and I was ashamed of myself.

    As India grows and becomes stronger economically, you will have a much stronger and larger middle class, the Muslim youth are as belligerent as they always have been but you will see the Hindus turning the same way. One thing is for sure, the emergence of BJP has ensured parties like Congress will not dare to ask Hindus to celebrate Aurangjeb’s and Tipu’s but the question is would I see an India in my life time with a special status to religions born in these lands.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    Tipu Sultan in his various letters boasts how he managed to forcefully convert his subjects to Islam. This is just one such instance.

  • 19640909rk .

    Obviously you have not heard of Temur, Abdali, Nadir shah, Aurangazeb. Some of them build pyramids of heads. One religious scholar Shah Waliullah even requested Abdali- king of Afghanistan to attack India Recommend

  • wb

    Speak only for Muslims. Jews and Christians have no such compulsion.Recommend

  • http://www.scribd.com/asifameer AsifAmeer_AP

    Are you expecting me to defend filth? I thought grown up were having a honest discussion. My apologies.

    I dont preach. I only question.Recommend

  • http://www.scribd.com/asifameer AsifAmeer_AP

    Those who live by the sword….

    Do not categorize humans via their religion. Every single human is an individual with varying sets of beliefs. I would argue that birthrate has some correlation to poverty. Its a feedback mechanism.Recommend

  • http://www.scribd.com/asifameer AsifAmeer_AP

    “the rule of law justifies and gives the state the power”
    That my friend is called circular logic.Recommend

  • Agrippa – The Skeptic

    “Hindus are digging their own graves by not doing to muslims in India, what muslims did to Hindus in pakistan.”
    See how far you are mixed up already.
    Hindus don’t dig no grave. To my knowledge they cremate!Recommend

  • Ram

    Dude History is manipulated just look at present situation, which you and me can verify without any doubt, you have Islamic Republic Pakistan created for Muslims by Muslims and ruled by Muslims, why there are so many riots among shia,sunny Ahmadi forgot about Hindus,Christians and Jews,

    If you think somehow Muslims are angels think again, Nawaz Sharif,Musharraf,Osama bin Laden, Dawood Ibrahim, Imran Khan, Bhutto they are muslims don’t they,Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    They dug up the roads right in front of my house to fix the drains and didn’t fix it for a year! The house right next to me doesn’t get regular water. But, you say the same things happened to you because you were a Muslim. Stop this victim mentality!

    When Pakistan was formed, Muslims were less than 25% of the population. Yet, riots engulfed India. Muslims have gone from 8% to 15% in a few short decades. They are now in a majority in many districts where once they were a minority. In Assam and other Eastern states, the situation is tense, as Muslims have crossed the 25% mark. Muslims are inching towards 20% all over India, a figure very close to the numbers at partition. Stop being disingenuous and claim it’ll take 300 years for you to get 50%. 20 to 25% is enough for being recipe for trouble. Just look at Direct Action riots in 1946 in a Muslim majority state – Bengal. 5000(mostly Hindu) died in Naokali riots alone. I hear you talking about post-Godhra riots, but not Godhra carnage.

    I’ve demolished your argument about housing already. Many Indians are Vegetarians, more so in Gujarat. The rest eat meat but Beef is a strict no-no. We all know Muslims love Beef, or the perception is such. How can you expect to cook meat of an animal considered holy among Hindus? Its an anathema even to those Hindus who eat meat! Yet, you want them to rent their properties to you, but you will no make any effort to respect their sentiments. You do realize meat has a strong smell. Vegetarian Hindus won’t even rent out to meat eating Hindus. A house is a holy thing for Hindus, we go to great lengths to ensure it has proper vastu. Imagine the holiest of animal is being consumed in such a place. Its blasphemous.

    The day Muslims start renting out Apartments to Athiests or cartoonists of Islam’s holiest symbols, you have a right in asking for the same. Till date I’ve not seen a single Muslim ask his community to respect Hindu sentiments. All we see is victimhood.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    “We have already suffered a lot and yet the majority thinks we are having a ball in this country”

    Then how is your population increasing day by day.Why r you guys r doing well in IT sector?Recommend

  • Sane

    So you accept that you are manipulating history. have a count of Riots against minorities in Pakistan, in fact which never ever took place. Yes, there were some terrorist activities. Even then after having no. of riots against minorities in both countries, you will be ashamed if have any conscious.Recommend

  • Sane

    You Indian trolls must decide what to say. One says something and other something else. Anyways one thing is common in comments of all Indian trolls ‘hate against Muslims’. You not only hate Muslims, but Sikhs, Dillats , Christian also. You hate all those who are not Hindu Brahmin. You are exposed globally and have just rhetoric to defend you.Recommend

  • Sane

    Very very correct you said. There are many many more facts about discriminatory laws and attitude of Hindu fanatics against Muslims. This fanaticism is seeding another separate state for Muslims. Dillits, Sikhs and other minorities may also join the struggle.Recommend

  • Sane

    Dear Hameed and all Indian Muslims: Hindu fanatics are not ready to listen and accept any rationale arguments. They have extreme hatred against Muslims, which has been displayed regularly since 1947. You will have to think before you become Rohingians of Burma (Myanmar).Recommend

  • Sane

    But ladder to get fruit is provided to Hindus only through state policies. Muslims are not.Recommend

  • wb

    And you call yourself sane!!! Is that the definition of sanity in Pakistan? That you are blind to logic and spill your bigotry unbridled?Recommend

  • Ajay

    Editor: I request you to please publish. I am just stating facts so our Pakistani friends know the reality. Thanks.
    I think most of the Indians who have commented here are non residents. I am a hindu living in kolkata, West Bengal. As per last census of 2001 muslim population in this state was 27%. The present population is estimated to be 30% or more. Three Districts have Muslim majority. The ruling political parties of this State have given unjustified Liberty both officially and unofficially to the Muslims. It is common for muslims to encroach govt land and build mosques, madarsas etc and the administration looks the other way. Many bomb making factories are flourishing in muslim localities. After the BJP govt. In central only the central investigation agencies have raided and uncovered few under great resistance by local muslim leaders. Cows are publically slaughtered and beef sold in open shops in muslim areas. Normal people do not like to enter densely populated muslim areas and we call it Pakistan within India. Most of the history sheeters, Mafia dons,thugs, criminals, murderers are muslims. In kolkata city, which is metro, there are thousands of mosques with loudspeakers purposely blaring loud muslim prayers starting from morning 4.30 am till night 10 pm. In my home I have three mosques in three directions all competing with each other in decibels. And if any hindu temples uses loudspeaker to broadcast chanting or prayers the police comes and seizes the equipment because it is against law to use blaring loudspeakers. It is difficult to drive through muslim dominated areas because of encroachment of pavements and also half of the road. On Friday they block any road for prayers and police ask us to take a longer circuitous road.
    One of my friends has a large modern printing press. Once he supplied some printed material to a muslim customer and the packages were wrapped in some rejected papers in his press. When the customer received the packages he made a huge commotion by claiming that the wrapping paper was some muslim holy book in bengali language and the press owner has purposely done it to offend muslim sentiments. A few hundred muslim goons raided my friends press and broke down furniture and beat staff. Police took no action. There are many such instances we have to bear and the Muslims and their leaders find some kind of pleasure and supremacy by harassing the hindus due to political patronage. During election the hindu votes are divided and the Muslims vote result in winning candidate.
    In such a situation if hindus are tolerating muslims they should be appreciated by our Pakistani friends.
    But the most surprising element is muslim leadership in India who is witnessing all the unjustified atrocities of muslims and their disrespect for indian culture and traditions , still doing nothing.Recommend

  • wb

    And ET, let my comment through to a fellow Indian.

    Sir Hameed, please note that I’m a South Indian Hindu who has worked in the world’s top most telecom service provider, after working in Cognizant Technologies (India’s top IT company). Also, just so there’s no confusion, telecom service is also IT.

    Let me tell you that Muslims are a tiny tiny tiny part of IT. Even in Azim Premji run Wipro, Muslims are just tiny tiny tiny part. They are not even 7% let alone 14%.

    In my engineering college, which was a government college with full reservation, there were two Muslim students out of 64 (note the percentage here). And one of their names was Sadiq Pasha. Both failed students. Contributed nothing.

    So, I have just disproved your assertion that Muslims contribute to India’s development.

    Now, I never mentioned in my comment the words ‘out breed’. These words were born out of your own insecurity. Please read, re-read, re-re-re-read my comment. I only said that Muslims are depriving their own children of good education and health care by over-population.

    Now, please reply logically.Recommend

  • Jor El

    What’s a ‘Dillat’ ???

  • Jasvinder Singh Marwaha

    If there was no repression in Mugal empire, why Guru Gobind Singh armed the Sikhs? Muslims never ruled India- Mugals did. Listen to your own Hassan Nissar. Mugals never trusted Indian Muslims, They brought religious leaders from Bukhara to head the newly built Jama Masjid in Delhi.Recommend

  • Indian

    we dont hate the sikhs and dalits..they form the part of dharma but muslims definately yes..to the core.Recommend

  • Jasvinder Singh Marwaha

    In Pakistan, state did the job of rioters. What was the percentage of minorities among Pakistani population in 1947?What is it now? Where did the missing percentage go and why?Recommend

  • Indian

    no ladder is provided to anyone, one has to make his own .. every one gets free education under state govt but only some make the most of it while others ask for benefits without hardwork..and that some is always the same bunch of people.Recommend

  • Jasvinder Singh Marwaha

    Why is there problem with Muslims only all over the world. Muslim-free countries are peaceful e.g. Latin American countries. As far as this article is concerned, it is the considered view that Indian- Muslims do not need any concessions. This is great.Recommend

  • abhi

    who are dillats? I know that you love Sikhs and Christians, thats why they are being killed in Pakistan on daily basis.Recommend

  • Tony Singh

    Let’s get it straight. In India, there are some things which each of us can or cannot do. For e.g. I cannot draw any pictoral depiction of Hazraat Mohammed for its punishable by law. I also cannot kill cows in some states. That is also punishable by Law. I cannot burn religious books. That too is punishable and l cannot read or own “The Satanic verses” by Salman Rushdie for that is also unlawful. Some concessions are also made keeping religious sentiments in mind like Sikhs are allowed to wear their 5Ks while others are not in similar environment.
    Why these bans one might ask. To that my understanding is since unlike any other country, India is a pluralistic society and therefore some compromises have to be made to maintain social harmony.
    And my answer to your last question is – In Kerala mid day meals were not served to students in many schools during Ramadan. Was it right?Recommend

  • Bharatiya HinduMuslimSikhIsaai

    Couldn’t agree more that a large and diverse country (akin to a world in itself with so much diversity) should have adapted a Uniform Civil Code in 1947 itself….And we are in 2015 and we are still only thinking??? When a Hindu or Muslim or Sikh or a Christian believer adopts a Western country as their adopted country they happily accept a UCC, then why not in my Bharat??Recommend

  • Alam

    Equal? in your dream?Recommend

  • lenny

    Your inability to differentiate between an idiom and a literal phrase speaks volumes about your ‘knowledge’.Recommend

  • Hameed

    So you’ve worked with Cognizant and I work as a consultant with Qualcomm if you know about it. And I’ve trained and mentored literally many many people including many Muslims. Since you are in IT, you must be knowing getting into this company is no easy task.

    Coming to your second statement, which by the way is based on the very precise empirical data of two (that’s a lot) muslim students in your class, you’ve already drawn a conclusion from it. I pity your manager.

    Coming to the area of the “country’s development”, I am sure you know the number of tax payers in India do not even touch 10% (it’s somewhere in the 7-8% range). So according to you, the large majority of people working in the informal sector (of which our very own PM was once a part of) contribute nothing at all (zero or zilch as per your rules)

    Secondly, do you really work for a paycheck or do you work “for the country”?? If that is the case, perhaps there are thousands of farmers dying in Vidharbha and northen Karnataka, hundreds of thousands dying due to disease and malnutrition not to mention due to floods in Bengal. Perhaps that could help you “serve the nation” better don’t you think??

    Your post shows that you are not worth discussing with, since there is hardly any substance in it. But since I am such a hopeless optimist, I’d love to hear your “logical” answer please.

    Mods please let this go.Recommend

  • Abdullah Ahmad

    For the same reason women get concessions in the form of scholarships and grants that men dont. Political correctness.Recommend

  • Agrippa – The Skeptic

    The choice of language should tell you that it’s a tongue-in-cheek statement. But I guess it is lost on you …Recommend

  • maynotmatter

    All your replies are typically a muslim zealot attitude.Recommend

  • maynotmatter

    Muslims who do not want to adhere to common law of country should migrate to countries having Shariah law. Rest of the progressive muslims who love equality in true spirit can stay. This appeasement of muslims in democratic countries have to stop.Recommend