Beef is to India what blasphemy is to Pakistan

Published: October 2, 2015

Shama Bibi with Shahzad Masih (left) and Muhammad Akhlaq (right). PHOTO: AFP

Date: November 4, 2014

Place: Pakistan

A Christian couple, Shahzad Masih (26) and his five month-pregnant wife, Shama Bibi (24), accused of allegedly burning pages of the Holy Quran were locked inside a room in Kot Radha Kishan, Punjab, by an angry mob. At the same time, one could hear announcements being made from mosque loudspeakers in nearby villages that “a Christian woman had desecrated the Quran”.

Residents of the village and the couple’s brick kiln co-workers gathered people from five surrounding villages. Before long, a frenzied mob, comprising thousands of people armed with clubs, hatchets and axes, dragged the hapless couple out of the room. Both were beaten to a sodden pulp, but they were still alive. The mob was, however, not willing to leave them alone. So they took some petrol from a tractor and doused their bodies and threw them in the kiln, burning them alive – a very painful death indeed.

Date: September 28, 2015

Place: India

Fifty-year-old Muhammad Akhlaq, a farmer in Dadri, was accused of consuming beef and engaging in cow-slaughtering. An announcement was made from a local temple on a loudspeaker that a cow had been slaughtered and its carcass had been found near a transformer. Before long, a frenzied mob converged outside the Muslim family’s house, broke open the doors and dragged Akhlaq and his son, Danish, out on the road. Akhlaq was beaten to death with bricks while Danish was left critically injured on the spot. According to the victim’s daughter, some of the men even tried to molest her.

Moreover, adding salt onto the wounds of the victim’s family, the police, as usual, failed to reach the spot on time despite repeated requests. And when they did reach, the first thing they did was to send the meat found inside the refrigerator in the house for examination, so as to ascertain whether it was beef or not. The chilling implication was that if it was indeed beef, then the mob was justified, to an extent, in murdering the 50-year-old man whose son worked for the Indian Air Force.

The uncanny similarity between these two incidents should make it quite obvious that we are in deep water and sailing in the same boat. Yes, ladies and gentleman, India and Pakistan have the same issues. Welcome to Modi’s ‘Digital India’ where people are killed for merely eating beef, where life of an animal is more important than the life of a human being who had a family, feelings and passions.

In Pakistan, it is the blasphemy law and in India it is beef. One pretext or the other is being used to settle scores, ancient grudges and delivering mob justice while the state remains a mute spectator or sometimes actively takes part in the crime.

It is a pity that Modi has time to take selfies with Americans and Japanese people during his whirlwind world tours but refuses to take a moment to utter a word against this horrible tragedy that has befallen the family of an Indian Air Force officer.

Who is responsible for this crime?

Who has poisoned my country’s air to the extent that it has become difficult to even breathe in this climate of hatred?

Whose hands are stained with blood, the blood of innocent people of my India?

There’s been a substantial increase in communal violence since this government has come to power. Verily, as I write this piece, tension prevails in Jharkhand’s capital, Ranchi, after beef was found at a temple five days ago. This led to a communal clash, forcing authorities to become extra vigilant and shut down schools.

“Around midnight on Monday, members of one community armed with sharp edged weapons attacked people of other communities and burnt houses at the Doranda locality in Ranchi, forcing authorities to impose restriction on movements,” police said.

We should try and understand the politics behind it. Beef has always been a sensitive issue for India’s ‘vegetarian’ Hindus and Jains, but not sensitive enough to lynch someone for consuming it. Things are now being taken to a new level with political benefits in mind, for polarisation helps when it comes to polls.

The idea is simple – polarise India’s Hindu majority by playing it off against the minority communities. And what better way create polarities than rake up old issues that should be forgotten.

First they ban beef, then they try to ban meat and then they resort to mob justice.

If this state of affairs is allowed to be continued and the government fails to bring the culprits to justice, it will set a dangerous precedent. Anybody consuming meat and beef would become a soft target, and people would use this pretext to settle scores and quench their insatiable thirst for blood. Temples would be used to give the pack of wolves a clarion call for attacking hapless minorities.

People consuming mutton can be accused of having beef and falsely accused of the ‘crime’ they never committed.

Who is the state to decide what I should and should not eat?

The state should not dictate terms to us by acting as a big brother. Incidents like the one in Dadri are a shameful blemish on India’s integrity. This evil of intolerance and violence should be nipped in the bud. This savagery is not in our ‘national interest’.

Today marks the 146th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.  It is a pity that we are observing this day against the backdrop of the ghastly Dadri incident.

If Gandhi was alive today, he would have cried his heart out after seeing the level of intolerance in India and Pakistan. He loved the people of both the countries dearly.

In Barack Obama’s words,

“Michelle and I returned from India, an incredible, beautiful country, full of magnificent diversity – but a place where, in past years, religious faiths of all types have, on occasion, been targeted by other peoples of faith, simply due to their heritage and their beliefs – acts of intolerance that would have shocked Gandhi ji, the person who helped to liberate that nation.”

As we hurtle down towards perdition, let us take a pledge to cleanse our hearts and tame the evil inside us. Let there be peace in our thoughts, words and actions. The survival of the human race is at stake.

Sapan Kapoor

Sapan Kapoor

A history buff and India-based journalist, the author has worked with the Press Trust of India. He blogs at and tweets as @dRaconteur.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Raja

    Most pathetic anology Recommend

  • sabi

    Sad part of the whole matter is while we in Pakistan,whenever given choice, never ever elected mullah as our leader,in India its the overwhelming majority which has elected extremist like Modi as their leader with full confidence on his policy of hate against Pakistan and Islam.Brothers..there is a difference between Pakistan civil society and Indian civil society with former being far more progressive and resilient.Recommend

  • Pin2

    Completely agreed with Sapan this time around!!! Religious intolerance in both countries would be disastrous.

    Whats more worrying is that Indians have not learned anything from last 70 years of Pakistan’s experiments mixing state and religion.Recommend

  • Syeda Ali

    Well analyzed article & a sane voice. Really don’t know what will take the people to understand this culture is of no good. When will we learn this?Recommend

  • Human

    Its call KARMARecommend

  • Pakistani

    Well comparison with Blashphemy and beef is not right. India is one of the biggest exporter of beef in the world. If it is so so sacred for you, then why you are one of the biggest exporter of this? Looks like your sensitivity of beef only applies to Muslims. If muslim eat cow, then it is blasphemy, but if you slaughter it and then eat it or export it, then its not blashpheym, instead its business and money.Recommend

  • ask

    The hypocrisy is obvious. Generally it is slaughter of cow that is frowned upon by many States (many allow it)However, buffallow meat, which is legal slaughter mostly, is also called “beef” and that is exported in a big way.Recommend

  • Soul Speek

    Sir, I agree that India is one of the biggest exporter of beef BUT it is not COW beef that you are thinking. It is carabeef i.e. BUFFALO beef.

    Buffaloes are not sacred to Hindus hence is it just like goat, chicken to them.Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Banning anything will only increase the contraband market.Recommend

  • Kushal

    “…never ever elected mullah as our leader” You don’t have to. All your so called leaders (civilian/khaki) are guided by Mullahs. And BTW remember Modi got elected not on the basis of extremism but on the basis of development and growth.Recommend

  • Jamila Khan

    What about India being secular? Hypocrisy much?Recommend

  • Jamila Khan

    What about the righteousness we see spewing out of Indians every time they endeavor to comment on events in Pakistan?Recommend

  • Nomad1412

    I am from a minority in India and I have eaten beef all my life.

    Firstly, the beef we get in India is usually buffalo meat. Secondly, the local populace is in on it and sometimes certain local communities also partake of beef. Thirdly, the south and north east are much more liberal when it comes to beef.

    Having said the above, I do not agree with the author that one can equate beef in India to blasphemy in Pakistan. The former is at best a non enforceable law in certain states of India while the latter is an enforced law all over Pakistan. The former applies monetary penalties on sellers (but not on buyers) whereas the latter is punishable by death.Recommend

  • hamza khan

    i hope to travel to india soon and eat a nice plate of nihari. yum!Recommend

  • Hameed

    >Sad part of the whole matter is while we in Pakistan,whenever given choice, never ever elected mullah

    All parties you elected SUPPORT blasphemy law and infact it was Nawaz Sharif who increased the punishment from life to death.

    You don’t know your won history and yet speak with such authority.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Although the comparison reads well…….if the point the author is making is that the Modi government is exploiting this issue for political gains, then its his view and many may agree with him. But to make it appear as if the ‘ beef ( from the cow ) ban ‘ happened yesterday, it’s bending the truth…..because if I’m not wrong it was in about 2005 that the Court upheld this ban.Recommend

  • Brutus

    After reading your comment the first few words that came to my mind were; delusion, utopia, fantasy, illusion, dementia, hallucination etc.. It’s not just you, but a majority of Pakistanis live deeply embedded misconceptions about themselves.
    May I ask you a few questions? How come that your “progressive” society and “enlightened” parliamentarians have declared a 10 million strong Muslim sect as non-Muslims? Why the dreaded blasphemy law is still in force and courts continue to sentence people to death on trivial grounds? Isn’t it strange that gentleman such as Osama-bin Laden was living amidst your “progressive” society? Why just him, his whole army of devotees were your honorable guests and still are.
    Do you remember the scenes on TV where large number of lawyers from your “progressive” society were mobbing a self confessed killer, some raising slogans in his favor while others were showering him with rose petals! These are just a few examples from countless other social anomalies. And all this is happening under the enlightened and progressive leadership!! I must really thank you and congratulate you for not electing Mullahs. : DRecommend

  • Anoop

    You are abosolutely right. I hope you agree with the Maharashtra Govt which banned Cow slaughter and raided factories which slaughter Beef.
    Things definitely have to change.Recommend

  • ABK Ind

    Dear Sapan though appreciate your thought provoking blog, buts its ridiculous & immature to even compare Blasphemy rules in Pakistan to the recent killing in India due to eating beef.
    First of all the Blasphemy rule is a constitutional law of the land in Pakistan, if the violent mob in Pakistan wouldn’t have killed them the law of Pakistan would have done the same, rather in a less painful manner by hanging them.
    The murder of the muslim Indian that happened was a cold blooded murder, the punishment for consuming beef in India is not to be hanged till death constitutionally hope you get the difference!!
    Finally blaming Modi for every crime committed may surely win you lot of appreciation here but it sounds very immature that you want to make the Prime Minister accountable for every murder or crime in India, as far as the Hindu ideology of Modi is, yes he is a temple going proud Hindu, just like a mosque going Muslim or a Church going Christian, he has never made statements that if I go to temple every one must go to the temple as well?? Modi never believed in the vote bank politics of minority appeasement, the Gujarat riots were unfortunate but havent riots happened in Congress rule, the Sikh riots, 1992-93 riots??
    The stigma of riots was very cleverly put on Modi by Congress to ruin his political career & win back Gujarat as they never had any corruption charges against him.

  • Anoop

    Nonsense. Jinnah was very communal and called for Direct Action against Hindus, which led to the death of thousands of Hindus in Muslim majority Bengal during Ramzan(note the Religious significance) in 1946. Like Gujarat, Bengal then was ruled by Muslim League Govt under the Presidentship of Jinnah, Suhrawardy(Pakistan’s future PM was CM of Bengal).

    I can quote from the Muslim League manifesto which blatantly calls for “Jehad” and has references to “Battle of Badr”, if you need. Why don’t you just Google “Direct Action Manifesto by Muslim League” and find out for yourself?

    Modi, nor BJP, has ever called for violence, the way your heroes have done in the past.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Since, Beef is equal to Blasphemy for Hindus, why are Pakistanis supporting Indian Muslims in slaughtering Hinduism’s holiest animal? Isn’t this insensitive?

    Why are you slaughtering an animal which is very holy to millions of Hindus residing in Pakistan? Do Hindus in Pakistan Blaspheme and hurt your feelings?

    The most you can do is admit this and stop eating Beef to make a statement.

    Lets see how your selective humanity reacts to this.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Why do we Humans automatically assume life of an Animal is worth nothing? Shouldn’t we appreciate the people who stand up for these mute creatures?

    1 man was killed, Pakistanis and pro-Islamists are going nuts, but millions of Animals are killed everyday, but their lives have no meaning. India’s culture is a culture of minimization of violence. Jainism advices strict Vegetarianism. Buddha too said the same thing.

    Hinduism has a history of protecting Animals. Some of the most dangerous and filthiest creatures(considered so by the West) are considered holy and protested – be it Snakes, Rats, Cows, Pigs.

    Lets no forget the immense pain any animal with a central nervous system feels when its throat is slit, including Humans.Recommend

  • Anoop

    If India can have a pro-Muslim law like Muslim Personal Law, why not pro-Hindu law like this?

    Its only fair.Recommend

  • ram

    well I just went and had a nice cheese burger as Brahmin that’s how I dont care about such peopleRecommend

  • Banana

    Sad part of the whole matter is, armchair pundits like you in Pakistan, failed to notice that the killing happened in a state ruled by a leader who was elected mainly by the Muslim votes and who has always been seen as a pro-Muslim, anti-Hindu leader. Well, what do you expect if Muslims in India keep electing these pseudo-seculars for their state governments? They neither get protected, nor the state gets benefited.Recommend

  • Gullu

    Relax. Man is a Hindustani,..posing as a Pakistani. So obvious.
    This is the new thing by Hindustani Trolls.
    Pose as Muslims or Pakistanis.Recommend

  • Bibloo

    Coming from a Hindu like YOU?Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    You want to say that it is equal to curse religion in Islamic Pakistan to the Beef eating in So called Secular India. What a shame to you.Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    Pakistan is not in trouble due to experimenting. But it is came into being for Islam and they are not following the Basic, that’s why they are in trouble.Recommend

  • ABK Ind

    Dear Pakistani half knowledge, India exports beef but its not Cow meat, its Buffalo meat!!. Similarly about comparing beef eating in India with Blasphemy is going to over board & immature for the simple reason that Blasphemy is a constitutionally supported law in Pakistan, but killing people for eating beef is not constitutional law of IndiaRecommend

  • ارشد حسین

    Sir jee Cows are also included, in gulf every body can seen on beef are considered cow beef. Also for your kind information, Pakistan receive its major lot of cows from border of Rajhastan. Via proper deal with officials of both sides.Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    What is the problem with that? If cousin (buffalo) and Husband (Ox) are allowed then what with the cow?Recommend

  • Milind A

    Pakistanis & Muslims too assume like of a human is nothing, especially when Muslims kill themselves.. The life has value only if a Muslim is killed by a non-Muslim. Look at the tragedy in Mecca and how the corpses were gathered using a dumpster.. If life of humans is not sacred for Muslims, its too much to expect compassion for animals.Recommend

  • Omer Masood Sadiq

    What about Buffalo, chicken, or parasites such as mosquito, flies, etc. They are living beings that feel pain too. India has no problem being a leader in exporting buffalo meat, so please avoid arguments you cannot stand on.

    Also, you need to read up on the pain involved in throat-slitting.

    However, that said, if Hindus are sensitive about Cows, as a Muslim, I do not have any problem respecting their belief and laws. However, there is no excuse for any crowd to beat a man to death over.

    I’m afraid you seem to be trying to convince yourself rather than presenting an argument here.Recommend

  • Qendeel Iftikhar

    yours all these comments and activeness c’nt change the fact, that the mob raising culture in both Pakistan and India is illiterate and senseless. but i d’nt think that Hindus in Pakistan are till rigid about their religion like billions of Hindus in India does not believe at Cow.Recommend

  • Kashif Ismail

    Pakistan receive its major lot of cows from border of Rajhastan.through proper dealRecommend

  • hp kumar

    I think kapoors r pakistani hindus like karrena khan etc..These pakistani hindus r such a cowards..they r simply unbelievable..they r happy even when muslim abducts and forcibly marry their daughters…more surprisingly they teach similar lesson to us…we r not your kind mr kapoor..we r proud hindus…just for your information…muslim must learn to live among hindus not other way donot challenge hindus when you r in india..simpleRecommend

  • hp kumar

    whats your name?do you even know that you r on an english language website?Recommend

  • ajeet

    Try that and see what happens.Recommend

  • Hameed

    Why not? Both are considered blasphemy in each country.Recommend

  • who

    Slightly off topic but I am curious to know: Do Pakistanis think they have some kind of a monopoly on word “Muslim” or do they think unless an Indian Muslim thinks and talks exactly like Pakistani Muslims, he just can’t be a “Muslim”?

    The irony is from pov of extreme Hindu Right a Muslim must demonstrate hatred for Pakistan to earn loyalty points and from extreme Pak pov, he must hate Hindus enough even to qualify being called a “Muslim”!Recommend

  • Pakistan

    First thing that our Prime minister is not an anti Hindu leader and another thing that your Prime minister is an anti Muslim leader he believes in Hindu dominancy and he is anti Pakistani.Recommend

  • Pakistan

    Hahahaha good joke Jinnah was called as an ambassader of Hindu Muslim unity by many Hindus even when he believed that Hindus and Muslims can live together but when congress raj came that was full of corruption then Jinnah realized that Muslims cannot live with Hindus in these conditions.Recommend

  • Appan

    well said Anoop. This part of the history would never have been taught in Pakistan lest it would show Jinnah in poor light.Recommend

  • Pakistan

    Hahahaha this is a punishment. that when a guy kills some one then he should be sentenced to death. Because if there will be no punishment of doing a sin then every guilty will commita sin again and again but if there will be a punishment then a guilty will feel fear in doing sin and another thing isn’t that strange that extremist organizations like RSS that claims the responsibility of samjhota express killings are still having safe heavens in your country. Your prime minister was once a member of RSS.Recommend

  • Pakistan

    Hahaha we know that what kind of developement he did in Gujarat Godra incident.Recommend

  • Kl

    It is the same analogy by which a man in Pakistan or Islam can marry 4 women but a woman cannot!
    Whenever I ask about this hypocrisy, my Muslim friends about it, they say you don’t know about our religion, don’t criticise it!Recommend

  • Kl

    What about women wearing Hijab?, I see youv’e convinced yourself about this hypocrisyRecommend

  • Pakistan

    Hahaahaha good joke, not respecting the faith of others religion and burning the pages of any religion’s holy book is as bad as slaughtering the cow in Hinduism. Another thing there isn’t any law in Pakistan of hanging a guy on the basis of such a small crime this is just a ridiculous statement.Recommend

  • Gow

    A cow gives Manure which is used for farming or biogas or as a pesticide
    Cow’s urine is a SCIENTIFICALLY proven to be a good disinfectant
    Cow’s milk provides all the major nutrients
    Cow often helps physically in farming
    That’s why we consider it holy, coz it gives us more than we can pay back
    It’s called realising someone’s favours

    Btw, why do you guys selectively not eat PORK?
    And why are Dogs considered evil and killed by you guys?Recommend

  • Clarity

    I would like to eat pork in Pakistan!
    Tell me how many days (or minute since) will I get after that to say my final goodbyes?Recommend

  • Anoop

    They are not rigid because they are scared. How dare a Hindu bania object the killing of a holy animal by a bearded mullah. Thats asking for fake blasphemy charges.

    If you speak to any Religious Hindu, they will say Cow is holy and Beef is blasphemous for them, just like a Religious Muslim, no matter how open minded will reject alcohol and pork. Don’t try to draw conclusions on a scared, tiny community in a country where Sharia is the basis of its Constitution.Recommend

  • Anoop

    If you read my comment, see the wordings – we should emphasize minimization of violence. That is the essence of Hindu culture. All Animals which have a central nervous system can feel pain when their throat is brutally slit. Our insistence on violence and meat/sea food is destroying our mother Earth!

    “In the last decade, in the north Atlantic region, commercial fish populations of cod, hake, haddock and flounder have fallen by as much as 95%”

    10x more species are going extinct than is the natural rate. 10x! Overfishing is halved the number of species and organisms in the ocean. You, who eat fish, are directly responsible for this sad state. I who has never eaten fish can authoritatively say I’ve not contributed to destroying my home. The situation is dire and this is a step in the right direction. Do you want to teach your children to kill and eat? Don’t you want to teach them to respect living things? Don’t you want your grand children to see exotic animals many of which will go extinct by the time they are born?

    Hindu culture recognizes this and promotes non-violence. Your ancestors were Hindu, who worshipped the nature, the sun, the moon, stars, natures creates like Cows, snakes, even rats! The only major Religion in the world to do so. There is no proof of existence of God, but nature is all around us. Learn to respect and worship nature like your ancestors did.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Show them the videos of over 1 million IDPs and ghost towns created by indiscriminate carpet bombing of villages in FATA, they ignore it.

    Tell them how China is treating its minorities, lets not talk about it, they say.

    But, India bans something which is against its culture(which is accepted by all Pakistanis), they go berserk!Recommend

  • Pakistan

    Hahahahaha i don’t know why you are talking about history if you don’t know the history. In earlier Jinnah was called as an ambassader of Hindu Muslim unity by many Hindus even but when he saw the riots between Muslims and Hindus and he saw the congress raaj which was full of corruption, killing Muslims became common in sub-continent then he realized that Sir Allama Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan were right that Hindus and Muslims are very different and cannot live together. And please don’t talk about the history if you don’t know what happened in the history.Recommend

  • Pakistan

    If this is so then why do you eat plants they are also living thing then why do you eat them and ehy do you kill the crops ??? They also lives.Recommend

  • Pakistan

    Hahahahahaha, I know today is tge bad period for Muslims but what about extremist organization in your country that are killing Muslims and forcibly converting them to hinduism ? What do you think about them ?Recommend

  • Pakistan

    No this article is telling that Hindus and Muslims cannot live together they are two distinct nations and there are many differences in thier religious ideologies.Recommend

  • Pakistan

    So now you agree that your country isn’t a secular countryRecommend

  • lorraine

    I think many people are missing the point here. It is not what people eat, or what people believe and say. The point is the bypassing of the legal process. The point is mob lynching, based solely on suspicions, rumours and allegations, no trial, no proof.Recommend

  • Kll

    hello Pakistani Muslim posing as Indian Hindu to make yourself feel better!Recommend

  • kll

    Pakistani actresses without Hijab?!!
    What about Pakistan being a Islamic state?Recommend

  • abhi

    Why keep on dragging Modi in everything. The tension between communities can be avoided if maturity is shown from both sides. Also the bad law and order situation in UP (Rules by SP) is responsible for such incidence. Recently an IPS officer has gone on record that Mulayam Singh threatened him, in this kind of environment small incident becomes mob violance.Recommend

  • pk

    Just like Muslims made it clear to the world by killing 23 Charlie Hebdoe who made portraits of Islam which is forbidden in Islam, we also made it clear that cow should not be killed. .

  • singh

    Do you site any data that show communal riot increase in last one year?
    Infact it is 20% less than years under UPA.
    How it is Modi fault when it is happen under your sicklur part SP. in UP.
    Did you frame any riots to Indira/Rajiv or Nehru which happen on large scale and very frequent. Shame on you tying every happening to Modi.
    Now on Dadri case. My blood burn when I watch this news. Those people should be hanged without any remorse. One life is more important than eating beef. There is many way to communicate problems.
    A mixed communities should respect each other belief.
    When cow is sacred to Hindu then one should not kill cow to eat, same way Hindu never disrespect Quran as holy book.Recommend

  • Gdp

    Just tell me if a man (husband) can marry 4 women(wives) in Pakistan, why not women?

  • Lakshmi

    I am against eating any kind of meat, including beef. Killing animals to fill our stomach and appease our taste buds is repugnant. Having said that, A man getting killed over beef, can only be described a dastardly act. If they have consumed beef and by doing so, have acted against the law of the land, there are legal ways to deal with it.

    PM Modi, YOU MUST SPEAK OUT. And NOW! Do it before it is too late. It is your job to give a clear message to everyone in this country – whether it is Hindu, Muslim or Christian or any other religious sect- no one is allowed to take law in their hands. Sanatana Dharma does not propagate murder in it’s name. These people acting in the name of Hinduism are doing a huge disservice to the religion that preaches tolerance.

    These issues are the biggest roadblocks to development. We appreciate your vision for a developed India and we fully stand behind you, but you must speak. Please do not throw away the opportunity given to you by the people of the country. We have a lot of expectations from you after being fooled by the Dynasty for the past 68 years. Please SPEAK UP. Please be FAIR.Recommend

  • Anoop

    If you define secularism saying there are no Religious laws in place then ‘No’ and the cause is because of Muslims want a law based on Sharia, not because BJP or any Hindu-Right wing party.

    If you define secularism saying there shouldn’t be any law against any Religion, then yes, India is very secular. There is not one law in India which discriminates against anyone or any community.

    Even the Cow slaughter ban is pro-Hindu and there is no compulsion in Islam to eat Beef to be considered an anti-Muslim law. There are many Vegetarian Muslims and they are as Muslims as you.

    So, in reality, India’s secularism is damaged because of Muslim Personal Law. It needs to go.Recommend

  • Anoop

    The purpose of Indian culture is to minimize violence, pain. Rearing Animals for their meat is not environmentally friendly. Hindus are taught to respect beings other than Humans. Plants have life, that is why we worship them. We eat them because they do not have a central nervous system. Heck, we have to live too! By rearing animals for their meat, you are not only killing these plants, but those animals too!

    We do not eat plants out of ignorance. You butcher Cows despite knowing it’ll cause them terrible pain. At least in the West, they stun them to ensure they don’t feel the pain, but to cut their throat and see them slowly bleed to death is downright cruel.

    I can cut a piece of carrot in front of a kid, it is harmless to all parties involved. But, can you slaughter a Cow in front of an innocent little kid? Can you do that to your kid? Those images will scar him. Who would want their kid to grow up who is comfortable seeing such beautiful creatures wriggle in pain and the sight of blood doesn’t move him?

    I’m sure you eat sea food. You have contributed to overfishing and destroying the Ecosystem in the Ocean. With advancement of agriculture we can grow a lot of things on a finite piece of land – that is why forest cover in India has been increasing at a great speed. Vegetarianism is sustainable and Ecofriendly.

    Indian culture – be it Hindu, Jain or Buddhist – all teach respect for all beings. That is India’s heritage. We should not shy away from it. Your ancestors were Hindu too, sad to see you are speaking in the language of the invaders and defending their habits. No wonder the Hindu and Buddhist heritage in Pakistan is fast disappearing.Recommend

  • Anoop

    But, you have no problem praising Jinnah who called for Direct Action day killings, but apparently have problems with RSS.

    Here is the link to the Direct Action Manifesto by Muslim League under the leadership of Jinnah-the-Secular.

    I will quote from the above manifesto, one of many parts: “It was in Ramazan that the permission for Jehad was granted by Allah. It was in
    Ramazan that the Battle of Badr the first open conflict between Islam and Heathenism was fought and won by 313 Muslims and again it was in Ramazan that 10,000 Muslims under the Holy Prophet conquered Mecca and established the kingdom of Heaven and the commonwealth of Islam in Arabia. The Muslim League is fortunate that it is
    starting its actions in this holy month.”

    Looks like a battle cry to me. Tell me, if Jinnah can do it why not Modi? Modi has never till date given such statements calling for holy war and butchering of Muslims. His Gujarat was a beacon of peace after 2001 riots. Had Godhra never happened the riots wouldn’t have happened.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Dude, Godhra incident was where Hindus died, at the hands of Muslims. They were burnt alive in a train. Learn a few things before commenting. By naming yourself Pakistan, you are exposing the level of intellect in your nation.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Muslims can’t live with others anywhere. In Sri Lanka, Buddhists are having trouble with Muslims. Same in Myanmar.

    In West, Christians are worried about Muslim Radicalization, while Hindus are becoming CEOs of Google and Microsoft.

    You are right Hindus and Muslims can’t live each other, but the fault is not with the former.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Stop and look around. Most of the states which have called themselves Islamic states are in the same boat. Muslims are Radicalized even in the most secure, secular societies in the West.

    If not the problem with just experimenting, but your ability to look at the bigger picture.Recommend

  • Dajjal

    “Beef is to India what blasphemy is to Pakistan”

    An issue blown out of proportion by people who refuse to access parts of their brain which deals with reason and logic?Recommend

  • Miyagi Jr.

    “I must really thank you and congratulate you for not electing Mullahs” You are welcome.
    Yeah man, Just imagine, if Pakistanis let Mullahs take power all hell will break loose, Modi there Mullah here!Recommend

  • Bibloo

    Because you are mentally challenged. In Medieval Ages, there were wars, battles, blood feuds, tribal warfare all over the Middle East and Europe. Men were killed. leaving widows and
    marriageable women with not enough men to go around.
    Also a new generation had to be produced. To replenish the casualties. So that is why men were allowed 4 wives. It was
    practiced and done ALL over the World. Not just Muslims.
    Europe never recovered from the carnage of First World War.
    or the Second World War. or all these communal wars that
    went on there for hundreds of years. So, you it?
    Millions of men were killed in just 2 World Wars alone.
    Now, then, do you understand? Doubt it very much.Recommend

  • Sane

    You slaughter cows, buffaloes, goats and all kind of animals to sell (export). What you talk, have some shame. Largest meat exporters of India are Hindus. You even sell live cows to other countries and call cow your mother. First, have those closed, then give your lecture about pain and violence. And about carrot and cow. Learn some rationality and sanity, if human.Recommend

  • Sane

    Cow’s urine is a SCIENTIFICALLY proven to be a good disinfectant

    Ha….ha….ha….may GOD give you sense. May be that’s the reason you drink cow urine as one of your PM said so. That may be the reason all Hindus like you are immunized to infections. Anyways, majority of Hindus do not believe what you say, rather they say and understand otherwise.Recommend

  • Sane

    You forgot to mention about Kashmiris, to whom your army slaughtering since decades and you also forget about en-mass killing of Muslims and other minorities in India. Does such acts conform to your culture?Recommend

  • Sane

    No nonsense. Pork and liquor are available to non Muslims in Pakistan since India was divided and Pakistan became a sovereign country. Can you give any concrete evidence when any one in Pakistan was ever killed for eating PorkRecommend

  • Sane

    In India Muslims have a population more than many countries. Your attitude is provoking them to make another Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sane

    ……just to say, we Pakistanis haven’t gone lunatic yet.Recommend

  • Sane

    Your SADHU provokes you to kill Muslims.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    muslims r the biggest roadblock to development,to be very precise..Problem is not cow slaughter ..Problem is the bigger plan to change indias culture ethos by slaughtering cow at public place…this was done to send a clear message..this is land of holy cow..One must respect sentiments of majority hindu…Modi should not speak on these trivial issue since muslims themselves have invited the problem.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    yeah and they receive bullet too..Cross border firing is becoming a norm now a daysRecommend

  • hp kumar

    so what they r doing here..they must start moving to pakistanRecommend

  • Sane

    What will happen? He will have his appetite filled with his Hindu friends.Recommend

  • Sane

    On one hand Hindus are becoming CEO of Google and Microsoft and on other hand against 350 low level jobs including of Peons in India 2.300,000 applications were received including Ph.D, Master degree holders and Engineers. See your face in the mirror when you wake up from your deep sleep. Mr. Shining India.Recommend

  • Sane

    Muslims do not need permission to practice Islam including eating beef. There are 250 Million Muslims in India, how many to those you can stop?Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Yes indeed, we agree on that.
    So why are Muslims living in IndiaRecommend

  • Rajiv

    and who cares if they get “provoked”?Recommend

  • Rajiv

    It’s you think Modiji is extremist, those who voted him don’t.
    For us he is a person who cares for us, who has a vision and wants our country to progress.
    So keep your thinking to yourself. and if possible stop writing about India.Recommend

  • Kushal

    Remember Godhra was “riot” not massacre. No one was innocent there. And please compare the GDP of Gujarat and the whole of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Kushal

    “our Prime minister is not an anti Hindu leader” But does he have any power?

    “our Prime minister is an anti Muslim leader he believes in Hindu dominancy and he is anti Pakistani.”

    Earlier there were Indian PMs who treated you well. But remember how you treated them (Bajpayee – Kargil, Manmohan – Mumbai).Recommend

  • Anoop

    Again another lie. Muslims dont need to eat Beef. I’ve repeatedly asked you to quote from the Quran where Beef is mandatory.
    There are more non-Muslims in the world who can and will draw funny cartoons, you can’t stop them either. Those “250 million Muslims” should expect equal treatment – the non-Muslims can draw anything they want and I hope these Muslims take deep offence but show restraint.
    Also, since in unlawful, don’t complain if a few land up in jail or some unfortunate ones get beaten up by a mob.Recommend

  • Anoop

    India might not be shining, but it is no Pakistan either. 60,000 deaths in the last 10 years. 2 million Internally Displaced. Army bombing its own citizens, using drones against its own citizens.
    People applying for a job is your criteria of measurement? India is the fastest growing nation on Earth! We have much higher literacy rate and much lower unemployment rate. We are the top most FDI receiving nation on Earth.
    350 people who applied can get jobs elsewhere too. There are barely any investments happening in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Anoop

    They have Pakistan – the homeland of Indian Muslims to go to. We will take your Hindus, you take our Muslims. Deal?Recommend

  • Anoop

    The death toll in Kashmir for the past 30 years is 100k. Deaths in entire Pakistan due to Terror has crossed 60k and 2 million people are homeless.
    Kashmir is a paradise in comparison. They don’t have to fear bombs raining on them. There are no displaced people in Kashmir, except of course Pandits.
    Considering India is 8 times bigger in every way, your numbers are massive in comparison. And, I’ve not even counted 3 million killed in East Paksitan by your Army.Recommend

  • Anoop

    One wrong doesn’t make another right.
    Following your logic, you shouldn’t talk about Kashmir unless you stop terrorising people in FATA and arresting people who killed 3 million Bengalis. Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    Pakistan is not self styled Islamic state. It came into being by Basic Islamic principals. But due to the conspiracy of British Raj, the government was handed over to like minded bureaucracy. But still the largest country to practice Islam in its own way.Recommend