#IStandWithIndianMuslims: Indian police detain ‘Muslim’ lambs on Eidul Azha

Published: September 29, 2015

To appease the clergy, the state even exploits legal and constitutional means to discriminate against and deny the rights of the Muslims.

In international conferences on human rights, India likes to claim it is all for freedom of religion and equal rights. When countered on social media with respect to its minorities, right-wing Indians become defensive, claiming they treat their minorities all too well and it is the Indian Muslims who like to whine for nothing.

“This country exists in the name of Hinduism and Muslims should accept their second-class status here. What’s the big deal? Can’t Muslims be thankful we gave them a home?” said one of the country’s leading Hindu cleric Pundit Srinath Ramkumar, echoing the sentiment of the right-wing Hindus.

India has long supported extremist clerics in their persecution of Muslims. To appease the clergy, the state even exploits legal and constitutional means to discriminate against and deny the rights of the Muslims. The latest in this long list of atrocities is the recent arrest of Muslim males – along with their ‘Muslim’ cows and lambs – by the Indian police in various parts of the country.

It all started with a petition filed by an overzealous Hindu to prevent India’s Muslim community from the rites of animal sacrifice on Eidul Azha.

In the original petition submitted on September 12th, Ajay Ram Shankar, a local of the Shalimar Bagh area in Delhi stated that he read an online newspaper published by the Muslim community stating that the rites of animal sacrifice were being carried out on Eid day at the Jama Masjid (Grand Mosque) in Delhi.

Mr Ram Shankar stressed that the Indian Constitution did not allow the Muslim community to sacrifice animals on Eid. He therefore requested the court to direct the Delhi police to take action and protect the pure Hindu identity of India. The Delhi High Court forwarded the matter to the regional police to proceed in the matter in accordance with law.

Mir Shakeeluddin, a spokesperson of the Jama Masjid Delhi, complained that it had become very difficult for Muslims to sacrifice animals on Eidul Azha. He said he had been receiving reports for several years about the use of police force by Hindu extremist groups to prevent Muslims from performing Eid rituals.

“Instead of assuring the security of the Muslims, the police are obstructing our religious freedom. Are we not equal citizens of India?” he bemoaned.

Mr Shakeeluddin also made references to numerous similar unfortunate incidents in the past few years. Many Muslims in the Janakpuri, Lajpat Nagar, Shahdara, Mukandpur, and Badli localities of Delhi have been arrested on Eid day. The police in these areas detained Sunni Muslim males along with their sacrificial animals for many hours to days. They were only released after submitting a written assurance that they would refrain from animal sacrifice.

Rashid Ahmed, a local Muslim teacher who spent his Eid day in detention this year, away from his family, was shocked at the absurdity of the whole thing. He lamented.

“The government has already placed restrictions on our religious freedom. We are stopped from saying the Azaan, reading the Holy Quran and saying our prayers freely, on referring to the mosque as a house of God etc. And now this? I want to ask the Hindu clergy what is next? Will they stop us from breathing because we breathe like the Hindus?”

Eleven-year-old Hasan Mahmood, who is a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar, could not believe what had just happened.

“My dad spent one day in the police station, but what I don’t understand is why they detained my lamb?” he curiously asked.

The Hindu right-wingers believe that before Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH), it was a Hindu God who set in this tradition of lamb sacrifice. As such, only Hindus have the right to offer this ritual.

“No one will be allowed to copy our holy traditions. Like Coca-Cola would not allow any other company to use their logo, we will ensure no one uses our holy rituals to make a mockery of our faith,” said Pundit RamRam Motiwala, while justifying the police action against the Muslims.

When the Delhi police were contacted for comment, police spokesperson, Inspector Sarju Golmaal said the police are acting within the law in the best interest of the Muslims. Barring any action by police, local Hindu clerics will be tempted to enter the Muslim houses and stop the sacrifice on their own.

“Is this what you want?” he asked, angrily pointing at the reporter.

Amidst the craziness, India’s civil society and liberal circles on social media openly condemned this move.

“Pakistan has launched a satellite to Mars and look at our issues here at home. How embarrassing!” said Indian journalist Janam Kapoor.

The Indian government, as usual, remains shamelessly silent on this embarrassing violation of the freedom of religion of India’s Muslim population.

When will Indians garner the courage to stand up to this religious extremism and continued bullying by extremist Hindu clerics?

When will the state stop appeasing to their demands and consider the Muslims their own?

While we press Indian authorities and the public for answers, let us show our support for Indian Muslims through social media and tweet out #IStandWithIndianMuslims. Let us reach out to them and extend our #EidMubarak to them.

This simple gesture of solidarity might be the least we can do.

This is a satirical take on this original news item from Pakistan.


India = Pakistan

Pakistan = India

Muslims = Ahmadis

Hindus = Constitutional Muslims

Hinduism = Islam

Delhi = Chiniot

Sachin Tendulkar = Shahid Afridi

Mr Shakeeluddin = Saleemuddin

#IStandWithIndianMuslims = #IStandWithPakistaniAhmadis


Kashif Chaudhry

A graduate of King Edward Medical University, Lahore and Mt Sinai University Hospital in New York, Kashif is currently completing his Cardiology fellowship in Boston, USA. He writes for various American newspapers and Pakistani publications and blogs at the Huffington Post. His interests include medicine, human rights and interfaith dialogue. He tweets @KashifMD (twitter.com/KashifMD)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

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    Where were u when Han Chinese were forcing Muslims in Xinjiang to sell alcohol and pork??? Recommend

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    So unfortunate. Two nation theory makes more and more sense now.Recommend

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    Pakistan grow up
    Stop obsessing about India and their Muslims.They rejected your bogus 2 nation theory well before 1947
    Worry about your own Muslims especially shia,Ahmadi, baloch.Oh and Hindus, Christians and Sikhs to,, cause they are humans tooRecommend

  • Miyagi Jr.

    Half way through, i knew something sounds very familiar, yet not. And then it hit me. Nice one. This other article’s heading comes to mind. “We are becoming what we hate”Recommend

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    Civil society condemned the move to save animals from slaughter? Well they are not even that civil then I guess.Recommend

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    lolz, also malala is the US agent who informed the americans about osama;s location.Recommend

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  • Krranti 2020

    Civil society condemned the move to save animals from slaughter? Well they are not even that civil then I guess.Recommend

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    Damn Kashif, for once I scuffed at the article without completely reading it thinking its another troll editorial. Nice satirical take though.

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    I sensed something dodgy with this Article when I read reference to “Inspector Sarju Golmaal”, really Instpector Gomaal!!!!

    Till them I was reading the article quite seriously and cursing hanood.

    BTW!! Nice try with the blog but it still doesn’t make you Muslim, innit?Recommend

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    Why would they be happy? Recommend

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    I believe that those who are claiming new prophets after Hazrat Muhammad sawaw are liars. But for god sake, let them pray, fast, zakat, and perform HajjRecommend


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    Muslims consider the The Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] as the seal of
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    Here is the key-
    Mr Chowdary= Mr Chowdary
    Ahmadis=No new prophets
    Author of blog=Same old, same old.Recommend

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    Modi just came back from successful tour of UN in USA, on the other hand Pak PM had no clue what he doing in UN,
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    My dear, first try to come out of your brethren hood phantasm and try to stand with those middle east muslims who are getting butchered worse than animals by your own so called brethren.Recommend

  • Pyaazriwal

    My dear, first try to come out of your brethren hood phantasm and try to stand with those middle east muslims who are getting butchered worse than animals by your own so called brethren everyday.Recommend

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    Many of the folks on your side of the border would not have read this write up if you had not used the keywords, these are people who were almost ready with their comments to show their solidarity with their brothers in faith on this side of the border against the evil Hindus, you disappointed them with your keywords.Recommend

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  • Pyaazriwal

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    Hahaha dude I have seen Pakistani ppl with half knowledge
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    The whole meat ban thing is for Jains!
    Jains are one of richest in the country!

    Dalits have reservation in everything and represent majority of our parliament

    Varna actually means description (type or caste) in Sanskrit

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    Coming to the blog, I didn’t know Ahmadis couldn’t sacrifice animals in Pakistan.

    But, terrible writing. Sarcasm should be like a whiplash. This reads more like yesterday’s chicken Tandoori.Recommend

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    You took the original news tooooo far. It was just a petition which was REJECTED by court. Offcourse, the news item caught flashy headline. You can got and give a petition that everyone should walk upside down. Is it a news ???? Well , yes , only if ET can find a catchy news title for it .Recommend

  • Sudhanshu Swami

    Jains are happy ? If you ask this then People wont answer this, they will laugh at you. They are wealthy and powerful. You might have heard word ‘baniya’ Jains are rich baniya in fact. Verna is totally different thing than caste. you tried to say about all things Religion, varna, Caste. But failed in practical knowledge.Recommend

  • Sudhanshu Swami

    You know meat ban was there because of Jains ! Go to any govt office you will find Dalit at senior posts than Brahmin, even with lower education or lower marks and lesser experience. What about varna ? Who ever teaches without salary (survive only on donation ) is Brahman, who ever work for salary is Sudra. Practically all of people are Sudra. That was varna. You are confused between caste and varna. Just to troll, You chose Indian name and misspelled caste Agrawal. Even you yourself may not be knowing that you are Jain or Hindu.Recommend

  • Sudhanshu Swami

    You are highly away from facts, you may be surprised if you come to know that. Founders of Vishwa Hindu Parishad are jains and Sikhs. You will feel biggest shock of life if you know that most vigorous statements you might have heard are from current VHP president Dr Praveen Togadia. HE HIMSELF IS A JAIN !!! You have dont even know what the word HINDU means ! Word Hindu means all people who follow Indic religions that is Sanatan dharm (you might be saying hinduism), Sikhism, Buddhism, JainismRecommend

  • Minerva

    Kashaf, you call this “Satire”? You are unable to promote the cause Ahmadis with this article. But you have succeeded in creating a wrong notion about something that did not happen in India.Recommend

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    Did you read it completely? Read it till end, and let us see if you are ready to create a ‘third country’ for Ahmedis!Recommend

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    How can Pakistani Muslims ever be happy when they see Indian Muslims happy ?
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    It’s a minor error in specifics about Jains (they are well off Baniyas) and Dalits (they are socially backward, politically important) and Varna is just a social order of early Hindus before caste became popular but your main point “are they happy” is relevant & valid.

    At different times different groups have suffered (Sikhs in Delhi and Muslims in Gujarat/Assam) and have inflicted sufferings on others (Punjabi Hindus during Khalistani movement, Pandits in Kashmir) but none really is a targeted group in sustained manner based on interpretation of any scripture. Persecution of Shias and Ahmedis is almost unknown (though Shia-Sunni fights do break out sometimes in Lucknow) because there is no practice of pronouncing any religious sanction against them and Hindus don’t have any such central authority who would issue a fiat against any community. Criminality apart there is no concept of “liable for death” in Hinduism. Non-Sunnis are ok. Even in Gujarat the Dawoodi Bohras and Ismailis/Memons/Khojas-are much liked communities. They are Indians therefore as happy or unhappy as other Muslims/Hindus depending on their station in life.Recommend

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    jains are definitely most happily community living in India. yes there is violence against dalits but they have been given 49% reservation in jobs/colleges.Recommend

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    Indian man beaten to death, son injured over beef eating ‘rumours’
    30 Sept 2015 ET

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    12 year old Pakistani girl killed by her father and brother for not making gol rotiRecommend

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  • Sudhanshu Swami

    Hinduism have many things. accepts many paths to achieve ultimate goal. Hinduism accepts and accommodates. You can worship Supreme God directly, you can worship deity, you can worship formless or with form. You can worship via idols, you can worship via saints and Guru. What ultimate matters that if you have pure heart then God will accept your prayers, God is most smart and knowledgeable and he knows that you are worship God and not stone ! Like water of all small big rivers ultimately reaches to ocean, your prayers will reach to God.Recommend

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    U r talkin to an indian …Recommend

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    He had a known history of psycho problems.5 year old boy slaughtered in AP (Andhara Pardesh) in India to appease a diety and blood sprinkled around the house.Recommend

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