Modi’s visit to the US is not as warm as it looks

Published: September 28, 2015

Not everyone is willing to forgive and forget their Modi-based grievances.

From holding the title of the first person to be denied US visa and prohibited from entering US soil for nearly 10 years for his deliberate inaction in stopping the Gujarat massacre, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has certainly come a long way, judging by the warm welcome awarded by the Obama administration.

His previous record of being a ‘severe violator of religious freedom’ has been conveniently shrouded with diplomatic immunity as he conducts flurry of meetings with American statesmen, prominent Indian Americans, and heads of Fortune 500 companies and tech corporations.

Pakistani anchor Dr Shahid Masood hit the nail on the head when he compared Modi with an ‘item song model’ namely Rakhi Sawant; a lot of blaring hoopla with scant contribution towards actually advancing the plot or character development.

However, although majority of Indian Americans are enjoying the ‘item song’, and are greeting Modi much like a pop-star, not everyone is willing to forgive and forget their Modi-based grievances. This includes many groups besides just the Kashmiri and Pakistani Americans, the latter’s feathers being particularly ruffled at present after the consistent Indian violation of the LoC and senior members of the Indian administration casually throwing antagonist remarks against Pakistan in their media.

These anti-Modi sentiments were amply displayed in New York as the Sikh, Patel and Kashmiri groups heatedly protested outside the United Nations (UN) headquarters. These protests continue to get more organised, and adrenalised, as Modi arrived in the Silicon Valley on September 26th. The tech capital of the world where technology churns out millionaires and billionaires, and quite possibly the linchpin of Modi’s entire US tour, is also where the protests are more affront and the protesters most outraged.

Although the SAP Centre in San Jose has a capacity of only 18,000 people, over 45,000 applied to get the free ticket to hear Modi speak on September 27th. If Modi measures his success by the number of these attendees, he would be wise to also measure his shortcomings by attending to the criticism of the opposition.

India remains unabashedly obstinate over the issue of Kashmir or addressing its ongoing underhanded tease-and-hide policy with Pakistan. Such tactics may be force of habit for India, but unless these festering grievances are redressed immediately, they could prove gangrenous to his rule. Modi policies, which have been described as being ‘authoritarian’ in nature by American academicians, were most suited to some bygone era. But in the 21st century, such polarised, draconian administrative strategies are akin to the iceberg that sank the Titanic. It is these very strategies that are at the crux of the current anti-Modi protests in the US.

Although estimated to run into thousands, the number of protesters is still less than the starry-eyed Modi supporters. However, their factually supported criticism is vociferous, vehement, and very clear as Modi continues his engagements to meet the heads and CEOs of tech giants like Facebook, Google, Tesla, Apple, Adobe etc. The Silicon Valley Modi protesters are a greater crowd than that in New York.

Outstanding among the organisations, activists and groups in the anti-Modi camp is the extremely organised #ModiFail campaign marshalled by the Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA). #ModiFail is open for free registration to anyone wishing to defend India’s religious minorities, marginalised groups and castes such as the Dalits, women, LGBT and free speech. It has also erected #ModiFail billboards on Bay Area highways. The billboards in Milpitas read,

In their protest, the #ModiFail event wishes to inform people of ‘the other side of the story’ and how Modi has used his prime ministerial status to whitewash his previous messes like Gujarat riots and how the ‘Silicon Valley PR tour is being used as an excuse to whitewash his dismal record’.

A press release of an AJA member group, Organisation for Minorities of India, states,

“Modi is a monster whose regime is typical of the pattern of Indian State rule for the past decades. Sikhs faced state-sponsored terror in 1984 under Congress and Muslims faced it in 2002 under BJP, while Christians and Dalits and other communities are routinely terrorised with impunity and state complicity. By the power of the Almighty, we will stand and speak truth to power on September 27.”

The Sikh for Justice Group was part of the protests held outside Facebook headquarters and outside the SAP centre as well. Their main argument focuses on the continuous worsening state of religious freedom for Indian citizens under Modi’s rule. They accuse him of forcibly attempting to turn India into a purely Hindu country by converting Christians and Muslims. The group also announced a reward of $10,000 for any attendee of the Facebook event with Modi and Mark Zuckerberg who would ask either of the two about Modi’s treatment of the Sikhs. In the words of Gurpatwant Pannun, the legal advisor of the group,

“We urge everyone to remind [Facebook CEO] Zuckerberg that hosting a known human rights violator runs counter to the core American value of upholding religious freedom.”

The section of the Patel community incensed over the police atrocities in Gujarat, raised black flags against Modi in New York and Bay Area. About 130 professors from major US universities including Harvard, USC, Columbia, and Stanford sent a joint, searing letter to Silicon Valley’s tech giants to stop their support for Modi’s Digital India initiative that seeks to create more tech jobs in India. Through Tech India, Modi wishes to expand internet access and create the required online capacity to boost government performance. However, the professors oppose this vehemently on grounds of inadequate privacy protections and violations of Indian citizen rights.

The tech angle aside, American professors’ letter is not only severely critical of Modi administration’s egregious past record of governance but also of present authoritarian streaks. This comprises of harassment of critics, shutting down of advocacy groups, and governmental interference with academic institutions, including entry denial of foreign scholars into India for conferences. The letter states,

“We urge those who lead Silicon Valley technology enterprises to be mindful of not violating their own codes of corporate responsibility when conducting business with a government which has, on several occasions already, demonstrated its disregard for human rights and civil liberties, as well as the autonomy of educational and cultural institutions.”

Elaborating further on the letter, Professor Thomas Blom Hansen of Stanford University called the Hindi Nationalist Movement greatly concerning.

“There are very deep and disturbing anti-democratic tendencies in that movement. Some of these tendencies are coming through in terms of a lack of respect for civil rights.”

Professor Arondekar of UC Santa Cruz criticises Digital India by reason of,

“Mr Modi’s intolerance of dissent, his poor record on freedom of expression in general, and on religious freedom in particular.”

Although the Silicon Valley protests, as the ones in New York, are confined to designated free speech areas, there is no stopping the protesters. This was demonstrated by Modi’s first ‘grand reception’ in New York, where Kashmiris, Sikhs, and the Patel groups freely used rotten tomatoes, eggs, and shoes to emphasise their point.

The point to ponder for Modi should also be that since such a protest could not have been held in India at all, it goes a long way to show how much his administration, not a keen supporter of free speech, still has to learn about democracy. If India claims to be a great democracy, it is only by reason of headcount.

Also, studying the emotions behind these resentments and unresolved grievances will lend the Modi administration an insight as to why there is scant chance of India being made the permanent member of the UN anytime in the near future. US statesmen are quite capable of awarding a warm welcome to the present prime minister of a rising global economy, but they will ponder deeply before offering it a position that can prove potentially perilous to whatever peace is left in the Southeast Asian region.

As for the Silicon Valley technology companies’ hearty hospitality, they are quite content to call the sheep a sheep for as long as the ‘sheep’ remains under diplomatic immunity. But it won’t be surprising to see Modi jilted for a new sweetheart should he ever show his wolf teeth and ears without such an immunity.

It is a wise politician who considers his dissenter a friend rather than a foe, since it is only through taking criticism that he is most often able to strengthen his policies and administrative strategies. On the other hand, he can, as Modi is choosing to do, bask in the glory of temporary spotlight, vainly boast India’s rising status in the tech field, and remain deliberately and arrogantly blind to the blistering ground reality in the region. Pride will get Modi nowhere and it’s high time he put a check on it.


Aalia Suleman

A freelance writer and poet who is keenly interested in the status of women in 21st century Pakistan. Her writing also zones in on Pakistan's new social and political status on a redefined global chessboard. She has a masters degree in English Literature and blogs and invites debates at 'Socio-politically Pakistani'. She tweets @aaliasuleman (

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  • jayn

    always looking at harming India, that is the sole reason for the mess in Pak. Recommend

  • Archon

    ” we have better things to do”
    Defending a person like Modi on the foreign news sites seems like a way better thing to do?Recommend

  • Archon

    Well China categorically told modi that CPEC would be go ahead regardless of Indian concerns. If that ain’t a sub, I don’t know what is?
    On second thought whether one feels snubbed would depend one tolerance for shameRecommend

  • Narad Uwacha

    Well said Iqbal. India is running like a bull and winning each race it enters but Pak and it’s intellectuals are happy finding few faults and shortcomings in Modi’s visit..Oh it was not that great … If not than why are you focusing that much on him? Why are you not writing about Nawaz Sharif?Recommend

  • Narad Uwacha

    If we have traitors like you, we dont need enemies like Pak.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Modi must be doing something right for a Pakistani author to have written such a detailed story on him, so much so that she does not mind putting her credibility at stake by comparing Modi’s efforts with a bollywood item number.

    Let us just assume for a moment, Imran Khan was doing what Modi is doing, I am pretty sure the likes of the author would be fired up and claiming that their messiah has arrived.

    The author almost seems to give an impression that she is concerned about India’s downtrodden but she gives away her real reasons for writing this piece when she claims that India is the largest democracy only by numbers, the author should have known that India never claimed otherwise, we are a democracy.Recommend

  • Narad Uwacha

    Can’t understand what Dr Shahid Masood has achieved calling Mr Modi an item girl? Few claps in Pakistan.. India will march ahead in its development and welfare of it’s countrymen but Pak will always be obsessed like these negative so called intellectuals. I am not saying everybody is Pak is negative, nope… a lot of good people are there who are really worried about the future of Pak.

    India has reached Mars but Pak media is playing a cry baby. Shame on these so called analysts like Dr Shahid Masud. That man is so confused, doesn’t even know what he is talking about.

    Iqbal bhai, Pak’s awam will have to wakeup that these people are making money out of spreading this hatred between them. They are living in high rise buildings and enjoying rides in luxury cars, but making fool out of awam.

    Does that matter to Modi or India if they really talk negative about him? Will it impact India’s mars Orbiter or Astrosat or ISRO? Nope….Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    The Pakistanis would have put up with Modi despite the reception he gets abroad if he was another Manmohan Singh, sadly he is not, Modi thinks he is got the Pakistanis by the scruff of their neck and he is in no mood to let go of it, the real frustration comes out of this fact.Recommend

  • jahangir khan

    Dear Indian you need to realise that Modi playing a role as catalyst for whats going on in Pakistan….. Modi can’t harm Pakistan but His plannings are the key to motivate Pakistanis……..Recommend

  • Ajay

    I dont know why the Pakistanis always rant about Gujarat riots and Modi as the culprit when they know it very well that numerous inquiries both by independent Press, Judiciary and the hostile opposition Party, Congress could not prove anything to implicate Modi’s role in the unfortunate riots. They also conveniently forget that Gujarat riots was fallout of Godhra Train burning where 65 innocent Hindu pilgrims were locked inside a train bogey and burnt alive by Muslim fanatics. May be what you are writing is true that after the horrible Gujarat riots lessons have been learnt and the mischief and provocation by the aggressive Muslims have been contained.
    This also gives response to BJP’s claim that riots happen more under Congress rule because the Muslims feel due to vote bank politics of Congress they will get away with anything. While in BJP ruled states fairplay and fear of swift justice stops them from belligerent behaviour.Recommend

  • Chandra Deshpande

    Problem with such people is that ( it is true that such people can be seen in every nation!) They feel that by way of expression of negativity through their so called intellectual blog they could hold some space in the society at large.But they always fall down on their nose due to their short-sight.Who cares about their views ? Recommend

  • ABK Ind

    If you look at most of the comments by your nationals it seems that they find a sense of achievement & success in finding faults in Modi & India.
    Finally Modi is acting aggressively to get business & Investment in India, thats the whole motto of his US visit, the only question that Pakistanis should be raising that what is their representative doing there??Recommend

  • Chopra TP

    Among other lies and distortions this fake doctor Masood doesn’t appear to know that Rikhi Sawant is not a BJP member. Never has been & never will be. ISI should focus on improving Nawaz Sharifs trips impacts instead on spending money on these made up protest groups that are organized from Pakistan embassy. Everyone knows what they are i.e. Pakistani frustration with India’s rise and their frustrated attempts at throwing in the road blocks.Recommend


    Pakistani’s hating modi makes indian’s love for him much more stronger. In fact it is validates that we are on right track. eg.. Pakistan hates rationalism, common sense, and growing up. At least he is doing something for his country. He is not supposed to work in favour of pakistan. That is not his mandate. Pakistanis have to get this clear. He is there to work for india and we know how much hardwork he does. He went there not for sight seeing. Just have a look at his schedule once. He is working day and night and that is why we love him. At lease he is doing something. Recommend


    No, it is just a way to interact with our highly intelligent, rational and sensible brothers on the other side of the border. See what a brilliant article has been written here. This is the only way to do that. See how much we love you!! :PRecommend

  • bendethu

    pakistanis killed more than a million people in east bengal , they strut around as if it does not matter . Why is there no article on that. we should set up a face book page Justice for million bengalis is due. Pakistani people must answer that case.More muslims have died at the hands of fellow muslims , Pakistanis themselves have no brains to ask these questions but they pontificate on everything else as if they are the only judges and jury that can decide .Recommend

  • Newton

    Ajay – Expecting Pakistanis to be rational is an exercise in futility. They have been brought up to think like victims. To that you add them being self-appointed guardians of all Muslims everywhere and you will realize their pathetic state.Recommend

  • Newton

    I think Rakhi Sawant will beat most of the Pakistani TV analyst. Recommend

  • abhi

    You wont find som much protest for an “Item Song” isn’t it?
    On the serious note, all the groups you mentioned (Some Sikh and Kashmiris) have been protesting again all Indian PMs so there is nothing new here. Every world leader gets some disgruntled people opposing them at the UN. You can be an ostrich if you wish and not see the success of Modi.Recommend

  • Critical

    Then being a staunch Muslim,what are you doing with a computer?

    Computer basics – Alan Turing – Gay and atheist

    First personal computer -Steve Jobs – Hare krishna devotee

    The OS you are using – Bill Gates – atheist

    Google – Larry Page,Sergie Brin – Jews,currently headed by Sundar Pichai -Hindu

    Email – Shiv Ayyadurai- Hindu

    Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg – Jew

  • Nomad1412

    I am a Christian from Kerala and we Christians in India get along well with everyone. A few isolated instances apart, there has been no major incident and considering the harmony prevalent in India, I doubt it will change.

    You seriously need to grow out of your textbook perceptions of India. There is NO separatist movement in Kerala. The Khalistan movement died a long time ago. Ladakh is firmly on India’s side, in fact so is the whole of J&K except a few in the valley. A few rabblerousers trying to get power through force does not translate into a freedom struggle.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Article on Indian PM at no. 1 in Pakistan
    the sale of burnol must be skyrocketing in that country.Recommend

  • mahesh

    Where did you see this information? I only see some Huang guy saying Speaking about the economic corridor, the Chinese official said, “We know the concern of the Indian side and those projects are not political projects. They are all for livelihood of people. There is no commercial action by China in that part of the region.” No reply from Xi etc.Recommend

  • mahesh

    And on the same note China whined of Indian oil exploration in Vietnam.Recommend

  • An Indian

    This seems to have been written in extreme hatred and pique. Well lady, I hate to break it to you and those of your ilk, but PM Modi has already started making a difference when it comes to India. Just go and see how states are beginning to compete with each other when it comes to development. The day is not far the people will rise up to sweep away your paid proxies in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir whatever their limited numbers may be.

    And you have had enough free lunch in Pakistan occupied parts of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s high time you leave on your own before the the people of Gilgit-Baltistan throw you out and invite India to welcome them back in it’s fold.Recommend

  • mahesh

    Tolerance of shame – When you keep on harping about Kashmir, and world keeps on telling you to keep it bilateral. You still harp, and world ignores you. You still harp, nonetheless. Tolerance of shame – when you gist a part of disputed territory to China.Recommend

  • Someone

    And they trampled you. Go get first aid niw to use on your backside.Recommend

  • Plal

    For the record, Google plans to enable Wi-Fi in 500 railway stations, Microsoft wants to make available low-cost broadband in five lakh villages, and chip manufacturer Qualcomm is launching a $150 million start-up fund in IndiaRecommend

  • Anoop

    If you build permanent structures on our land, isn’t it obvious we will protest?

    Per UN Resolutions, Pakistan is supposed to withdraw troops and handover the territory to India.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Dude India is growing at 7% per annum. Double that of Pakistan. Modi is actually trying to bring in bills which will change India’s financial system with the GST bill. Not to forget Land bill.
    How on Earth is it harmful to India and what terrible thing is happening in India which hasn’t occurred before? Please enlighten us!Recommend

  • Anoop

    Nonsense. All I see is deflection. You guys have been unable to even eradicate Polio. Nigeria hasn’t seen a case for the past 1 year it seems. So now Af-Pak are the only countries which have them.
    You GDP growth is declining. You are celebrating loans as major achievement like in CPEC.
    You have missed Millenium Development Goals set by UN. All in Indian Subcontinent, except Afghanistan have done so.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Hindu State can be Secular state as well. There is not one anti-Muslim or anti-monirity law in India. I dare you to show me one.Recommend

  • Concard

    There is even more bad news for her, India has out spaced China in attracting FDI this year from Jan to June. India got $31 billion and China at second place at $28 billion. And still the year isn’t over yet.Let Pakistanis be in their own bubble.Recommend

  • Nana

    Try to spend a day without mentioning ‘Pakistan.’Recommend

  • Tariq Nawaz

    Alia brilliant analysis.Need extra quantity of burnol,it’s emergency !!!!Recommend

  • Gullu

    Keep looking at your Hinduland through rose…no..Vermilion
    colored glasses, that Saffron colored glasses….

  • marik

    I am Pakistani and after reading so many opinionated articles like these and comparing them to actual news I have come to the conclusion that Narendar Modi is a good leader for his country. Haters gonna HateRecommend

  • marik

    Try reading the Ganesha Gita, it will surprise youRecommend

  • Aborigine

    Please, do Learn some logic before arguing. Rational people will laugh to your face nad not take you seriously.Recommend

  • Aborigine

    Congratulations, Aalia, on your being a poet. Also, for your master’s degree in English. I wish you had also read some English history books about India, the failed Partition of 1947 (as half the Indian Muslims did not move to the country created for them), the increasing Islamization of your people, the hundreds of thousand of deaths caused by your leaders and army, the creation of Center of Global Terrorism during Zia’s illegal regime, and all the wars started by your nation against its neighbors (guess which ones?). In my day, Poets used to speak the truth. I suppose in your case we have an exception. Pity.Recommend

  • OSD

    I dont see this blog as having much substance. We should accept that Modi has been welcomed in the USA and the applause is far louder than the protests. However, i still have a hunch that Mr Modi will prove to be own goal for India. But we will have to wait and see. The consolation right now is that, while it can go either way for Modi’s India, Pakistan is in fact making solid progress.Recommend

  • nishantsirohi123

    73 separatist insurgencies in India, yet no travel ban to any place.
    Tel me more about the no entry places in Pakistan Recommend

  • Sane

    At least we have one thing common. You watch Dr. Shahid Masood instead of a comedy show and we watch Modi instead of satire and comedy show. Anyways it is real fun to enjoy and laugh on Modi actions. Once day he will become Mr. Bean.Recommend

  • Sane

    Pakistan has many internal issues, but much much less than India. You have issues of religion, poverty, terrorist nurseries, religious discrimination, freedom movements. Biggest among all is deadly poverty. Why don’t you give life to your hungry and naked population. Why your peasants do suicide. You kill Muslims when they eat meat. Many many grave issues. Look at those and have some life.Recommend

  • Sane

    Be sure; your growth is not grabbed by separatist movements in India. By that way, this growth could not give clothes to your naked population and fill stomach of ever hungry people of India. These naked and hungry people are the majority. Please translate your growth rate to make effect on your population.Recommend

  • Sane

    Would you please answer why you killed a Muslim for eating meat. Why you put ban on sacrificing animals in Kashmir. Mr. SECULAR INDIA and Mr. NOT ANTI MUSLIM. Would you answer?Recommend

  • Arunsathish Balachandiran

    Read it again ….. Guys where are your brains?Recommend

  • Gullu

    Last week,..two weeks ago you were a Sikh ! Now a Christian?
    How many religions do you subscribe to? Is it like changing
    clothes for you?Recommend

  • kartikey mishra

    hi sanjay ji, congress is not doing well pls concentrate on it we want strong congress.Recommend

  • Sane

    Why you have blocked food and oil supply to Nepal if they want to change their constitution from Hindu state to Secular state. Hypocrisy of Indians is at the peak. Practicing a secular religion and claiming India a secular state, you put ban on religious rites of other religious minorities and more to that you do en-mass killing of Sikhs and Muslims. Have some shame on what you have learned and understood.Recommend

  • kartikey mishra

    CPEC is nothing but a day dream. violating UN resolution as POK is always a disputed area & claimed by india. china is facing economic set back so when they completed this ?? whether its just highway of roads or anything else ??
    India already doing with SAARC countries like bhutan,B’desh,Nepal,myanmar.
    If CPEC completed so then what india can loss – Nothing .Recommend

  • ABK Ind

    surely Pakistan has lesser number of poor hungry & naked people than India, because half of the earlier Pakistani population after 1971 got converted to Bangladesh. If this is your method of reducing the number poor in your country All the Best!!Recommend

  • ABK Ind

    We also see your other TV channels on you tube that openly criticize your Nawaz Shariff & complementing the aggressive working attitude of our PM. Modi,
    As I said finding fault in your neighbours house wont set your house in order, & development of China isnt development of Pakistan. Its like saying my father is poor but my chinese uncle is rich!! Money of the Chinese uncle is for his children not for any one else!!!Recommend

  • FDG

    Try to tell your newspapers spending a day without making up “news” about India or Modi
    Nawaz Sharrif went to USA, nothing to write about it?Recommend

  • Fre

    While we’re at it, what are your views on Ahmadis and Christians (Hindus don’t even exist much in Pak to even be discussed now) being “ethnically cleansed”

    And your views on your brotherly Chinese atrocities on Muslims that include forcing them to sell pork and alcohol?
    Please enlighten me! Recommend

  • FDG

    Wow Modi must continue these motivations to Pakistan’s present dwindling economy, international isolation and every country in the world having at least one terrorist incident a month involving a Pakistani!Recommend

  • ABK

    Finding faults in ones neighbour wont set your house in order, India China & Pakistan should work independently for their growth, no point in claiming that I am poor but my chinese uncle is rich!! we have to make ourselves rich!!!Recommend

  • ABK

    ys surely after 1971 some Pakistanis got reduced in numbers & Bangladesh was formed, If this is the method of managing lesser number of poor, then all the bestRecommend

  • Linux Novice

    What we have done has nothing to do with religion but is diplomacy based on national interest. You seems to have difficulty in understanding that too.! Should blame your education system for such minds.Recommend

  • observer

    I find it quite interesting .. the hype which this modi–fication has spurred. I believe he has mastered the art of playing the pied piper and the mice are bound to blindly follow its enchanting music.
    I have few indian friends where I work at, and I find their arguments very logical about the bubble which will pop in the coming years. I hope India prosper just like China and raise the bar for other Asian countries to follow.
    I would suggest all my fellow Indian brother to re-analyze the situation and lower your expectations without going through conclusive evidence. In the end, Modi is really good at what he does .. diplomacy. It is a wise saying “Be careful when blindly following the Masses .. sometimes the “M” is silent”.Recommend

  • Aalia Suleman

    Indeed……outraged they were and spewed they have…..!!!!Recommend

  • Anoop

    I did not kill nor do I support killing. People break law all the time, killing a Cow is against the law and so is killing. Both are equally reprehensible. I don’t support both.

    Can you tell me who banned it? The ban was always there for many many decades, but it wasn’t enforced. It was enforced by the High Court of J&K. Unlike Courts in Pakistan, Courts in India are independent to a great extent.

    How on Earth banning Cow slaughter is anti-Muslim? Can you tell me a quote from the Quran which says you have to slaughter Cows to be considered a Muslim?

    I’ve heard many Muslims who are Vegetarian saying there is no such qualification to be a Muslim.

    So, please update yourself about Islam, or prove me wrong and quote from the Quran.Recommend

  • Nomad1412

    Look at all my posts. Why would I claim to be a Sikh and where have I done it?Recommend

  • Nomad1412

    By the way, what you have done is the usual practice of Pakistanis. Rather than address your ignorance, you claim that I am not a Christian as if that matters. I am a Christian from Kerala and that is how it is.Recommend

  • Nana

    why ? isn’t your PM news worthy? If he is the PM of a country, he’ll get reported like everyone else in the world. In this article no where India vs Pakistan or Modi vs Nawaz Sharif was mentioned, hence no need to drag Pakistan’s name into discussion. Keep it strictly India centric.Recommend

  • Nana

    In your dreams.Recommend


    Dr Shahid opens shutters of his shop on a TV channel almost every day with an assigned agenda. Mainly to cry about India and its invasion on the pure culture of Pakistan. May God grant him peace and courage to face the reality.


  • JP

    See that’s a Hindustani,…using a Pakistani
    name. pathetic.Recommend

  • Anoop

    I thought you guys were big fans of implementing UN Resolutions. What happened? Forgot to read the fine print? Did your hypocrisy catch up to you?

    Even your own PM and his entire Foreign Office apparently haven’t read the UN Resolutions. Pakistan has to withdraw troops and hand over the territory to India. Google “1948 Kashmir UN Resolutions” and find out for yourself.Recommend

  • Guy

    “all muslims and pakistanis should use their wealth and prove him wrong.” Am I right in thinking the IMF bailout or some sort of Aid.Recommend

  • Guy

    If living in fools paradise gives you a feel of superiority. My Lord I bow my head to you……….Recommend

  • fze

    Keep your lies and dreams to your own self.Recommend

  • fze

    The resolution was passed by United Nations Security Council under chapter VI of UN Charter. Resolutions passed under Chapter VI of UN charter are considered non binding and have no mandatory enforceability.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Exactly. It is non-binding. Pakistanis need to understand this. If they think otherwise, they can implement this by withdrawing troops from PoK and handing it over to India per the UN Resolutions.Recommend

  • Anoop

    LOL. You should have Googled a bit before challenging me. Read this.

    Read Part 2, section A entirely. You guys have to move out your troops and hand over the territory to India and the UN.

    Isn’t it hilarious that Pakistanis who talk about the UN Resolutions on Kashmir from 1948 don’t read it at all! Even your Army, FO, PM none of them have read it. If they have they will quickly realize it is Pakistan which is violating the UN Resolutions, not India.

    Please update yourself and give us PoK as our minister Sushma Swaraj has suggested.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Lets just say killing a Human and Cow, both are reprehensible acts and condemnable. Every life matters says our culture, that is why we are trying to protect Cows, which nourish us our whole adult life.

    And, there is no mention of Beef being mandatory in the Quran. I dare you to prove me wrong. There are millions of Muslims who are Vegetarianism and they are as Muslim as you. You just want to hurt Hindu sensibilities by eating Beef, which is unlawful and morally reprehensible.Recommend

  • FDG

    Show me other PMs or Presidents who had as much articles as Modi!!
    Our PM is definitely newsworthy, yours doesn’t seem to be

  • fze

    Very clever of you. Where is the resolution of 21 April 1948 which speaks of plebiscite and for that the widrawl is cited? It is available on Wikipedia.
    ‘The resolution recommended that in order to ensure the impartiality of
    the plebiscite Pakistan withdraw all tribesmen and nationals who entered
    the region for the purpose of fighting and that India leave only the
    minimum number of troops needed to keep civil order.’
    United Nations resolution 47 – Wikipedia.
    Indians are BIG LIARS, I’m convinced now. You people choose only what suits you and ignore the rest. Go and bully somebody else.Recommend

  • Animal Farm

    You are staring at the truth but are choosing to play blind and deaf…

    I’m not sure which part of the resolution which you dont clearly states 3 precondition

    1.First Pakistan needs to withdraw its troops

    2.India should keep a minimum number of troops to maintain order

    3.The local population must not be disturbed…

    Since Pakistan didnt honor the first condition,India refused to honor the second…The ball has been in Pakistan’s court for 60 years and in fact in 2010,UN had removed Kashmir from disputed territories list and didnt reinstate inspite of Pakistan’s protest…

    Nawaz Sharif might shout hoarse in UNGA but still anyone who reads the resolution for 2 minutes will refuse to give him support…Recommend

  • Anoop

    You know anyone can edit Wikipedia, right? I am sharing the original Resolutinon, genius! Read the whole document before commenting.

    Lets look at the resolution from April 21 1948. Since you are too lazy to read the original document let me explain: There are 2 Sections. Section A deals with Law and order and restoring peace. Section B talks about Plebiscite.

    Section A deals with Pakistan withdrawing from Kashmir in ENTIRIETY(!). Read Section A, point #1, part ‘a’.
    Section A, point #2 deals with India withdrawing most of the troops but retain some for keeping law and order. It also mentions India should withdraw only AFTER Pakistan withdraws!

    The last and final part talks about Plebiscite, which is Section B.

    Why should India skip to the last part when Pakistan is refusing to abide by the conditions clearly mentioned in Section A, point #1? Pakistan should withdraw per the UN Resolutions. Only after this happens and India get control of entire Kashmir(including one given away to China), can a Plebiscite happen. None of the above are likely to happen.

    You guys don’t read the entire text and call others liars! Now don’t tell me Wikipedia is right, but not the UN WEBSITE! The only truth in your comment is the date. Hilarious:
    Lets see how honorable you are. Lets see if you admit if you and Pakistan are wrong and me and Indian Govt is right. I’m sure you will run away from an honest conversation. So, goodbye.Recommend

  • fze

    Is india ready to keep minimal forces in IOK only for civil order? Is India ready to sign a deal to hold plebiscite because verbal assurance is no assurance?Recommend

  • fze

    The situation would have never arisen if the actual formula of partition would have been followed i.e majority muslim area to comprise Pakistan. Kashmir is an unfinished agenda of partition.Recommend

  • fze

    better not talk about the truth. The truth was killed the day when deviation was adopted from agreed formula i.e muslim majority area to form Pakistan- 1947.Recommend

  • Anoop

    So you ran away as expected. I will remember this conversation and bring it up whenever I see your comment.
    What kind of a human being are you. You lie, I correct you, you lie again. I provide solid proof. You run away!Recommend

  • Anoop

    Lets close the point we are discussing on – UN Resolutions and who is in violation of it. You called me and my countrymen “BIG LIARS”. You called us names. Yet, when the evidence is shown instead of admitting you and your countrymen were wrong and are more deserving of such illustrious phrases, you are trying to divert the attention by bringing something else up.

    Please admit India and Indians were right. Pakistan has been violating the UN Resolution for 68 years, NOT India. Please admit this. Only then can we move forward and discuss other things.

    It takes a big man to admit his own lies and mistakes. It takes an even bigger man to admit his country has been lying to its people. Lets see how big of a man you are. Till date, I’ve been showing this concrete, irrefutable evidence to many Pakistanis, but like you none have admitted to me being right and corrected themselves. Lets see if you will break that trend. Till now Pakistanis seem to be incapable of facing the truth and admitting their leaders were lying to them and India was right all along.Recommend

  • Anoop

    No point discussing point ‘n’, when the first point has been stuck in limbo for 68 years. You called us “BIG LIARS”. I’ve been honourable enough to provide concrete proof for things I said, like I promised. You are going all over the place and discussing hypothetical scenarios.

    Pakistan will not withdraw from POK(its not Azad Kashmir) and since it has given large parts of Kashmir to China, there is very small chances of the very first point being fulfilled. In that scenario there is little meaning in the conditions which succeed the first and foremost condition. India has given assurances in the UN. No more is required nor necessary. You are just trying to find reasons for not holding up your part of the deal. Very honourable!

    Your military and Govt are talking about UN Resolutions when in fact they are in violation of it. When Nawazs and Zardaris talk about implementing UN Resolutions, I actually laugh at their stupidity! Such stuff can only happen in Pakistan. We Indians are more thorough in reading the fine prints. That is why we are so successful all over the world.

    If you run away, you will only prove what Indians think of Pakistanis already.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Oh, now you have changed your stance from “Lets implement UN Resolutions” to “India reneged on its word!”.
    I can prove this to be wrong too, but lets close the first thread first.
    Trust me, I am very thorough! :) I think you have experienced this first hand.Recommend

  • fze

    Let’s go back to your original comment ‘Per UN Resolutions, Pakistan is supposed to withdraw troops and handover the territory to India.’ why? for what? Yes, for plebiscite. But you never mentioned it. Chose to ignore that part. UN never asked to hand over the area to India so that they can keep it forever. Withdrawal never happened because of breach of confidence by India when they annexed Kashmir which was a majority Muslim area. India cheated us of our due share of land. You like it or not india cheated us and on top of that people like you only mention the part that suits you. Liar!Recommend

  • fze

    Did I ever said let’s implement UN resolution? LOL! I only said don’t mention selective parts. Kashmir was never yours, never have been , never will be, no matter how much you gloat. It’s a Muslim majority area, it belongs to us. You got it out of cheating us.Recommend

  • fze

    Keep on laughing till the reality bites that India got Kashmir out of cheating.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Dude, where are you? Ran away?

    Too hard to face the truth from us “BIG LIARS”?Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Kashmir willingly joined Indian Union. Recommend

  • Anoop

    Dude, your PM is going to the UN and requesting India to implement UN Resolutions and you even foolishly challenged me on the same resolutions. I take up your challenge and proved you wrong.
    I knew you will never admit you were wrong, because then it would mean I am right. I can prove India did not cheat too, but whats the point? You will never play fair, like we are seeing just now. You can’t even agree to a written document available freely over the Internet.
    You stayed in ignorance for so many years till I opened your eyes, now you claim another lie – India cheated – which I can easily prove wrong the same way using the British documents on dominion states – India and Pakistan, but you will never give me credit.
    So, I will allow you to persist in the cestpool of your ignorance.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    But Kashmir was not part of undivided India to be partitioned then and willingly joined Indian Union.

  • Linux Novice

    Compliments for a well won debate.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Another lie. I have listed out all the conditions of the resolutions, including the part about plebiscite. Can you enlighten me which part I have missed? How many times will you lie!

    “Kashmir will never be yours”, says the man who can never go there. I can go to Srinagar or on an Amarnath Yatra, whenever I chose to. In fact, my friend is holidaying right now in Leh-Ladakh region. Kashmir is already ours.

    So, what its a Muslim majority area? These very Muslims voted overwhelmingly in elections year after year.

    In fact, people of J&K chose BJP to lead their state.

    Did you hear? There were massive protests in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir against Pakistan’s occupation. Of course you didn’t, your media predictably blocked it.

    Isn’t PoK Muslim majority too? They complain most Terror groups have set up shop in Kashmir, which is true by Musharaff’s own admission. You call it Azad, but it is under occupation.
    Now, get out of Kashmir per UN Resolution!Recommend

  • Anoop

    India took this matter to UN, remember? We would have had the plebiscite by now had Pakistan followed the resolutions.

    If you read the UN Resolutions once again, it clearly says Pakistan was the one to change the status quo by pushing in tribals and soldiers. Dude, this is getting embarassing for you, I beg you to read the UN Resolutions. Here is what the UN Resolutions says about who caused the “material change”.

    “As the presence of troops of Pakistan in the territory of the State
    of Jammu and Kashmir constitutes a material change in the situation..”Recommend

  • fze

    Being muslim majority area it should have been part of Pakistan. Why don’t you answer that? I think we are repeating the arguments which amounts to wastage of time. The fact is status quo remains the same: Part A cannot take place because India does not want to honor part C. Matter closed.

    On 29 October 1947 officials at the American embassy in Delhi had told the US State Department: ‘the obvious solution is for the government leaders in Pakistan and India to agree … [to the] accession of Kashmir to Pakistan and the accession of Hyderabad and Junagadh to India’. British officials
    in London concurred.Recommend

  • fze

    O ho! we better not go there. No Raja can decide against the will of it’s population. Remember Junagarh 1947? Muslim Prince with Hindu majority area and he wanted to join Pakistan but…. you know what happened. Then Hyderabad, another princely state, Muslim prince wanted an independent Hyderabad right in the centre of India and what happened, so let this chapter remain closed.Recommend

  • fze

    Never because India is not honest in implementing part C!! In the whole argument your stress has been on withrawal and not even once have shown an interest that the will of the people will be catered to, which shows the intentions of India. If you are so sure that IOK people will vote for India as they have been doing till recently then what is India afraid of? Let there be the deal in writing that Pakistan & India will withdraw forces and plebiscite held as suggested by Nawaz Sharif in UN assembly. Recommend