Modi’s visit to the US is not as warm as it looks

Published: September 28, 2015

Not everyone is willing to forgive and forget their Modi-based grievances.

From holding the title of the first person to be denied US visa and prohibited from entering US soil for nearly 10 years for his deliberate inaction in stopping the Gujarat massacre, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has certainly come a long way, judging by the warm welcome awarded by the Obama administration.

His previous record of being a ‘severe violator of religious freedom’ has been conveniently shrouded with diplomatic immunity as he conducts flurry of meetings with American statesmen, prominent Indian Americans, and heads of Fortune 500 companies and tech corporations.

Pakistani anchor Dr Shahid Masood hit the nail on the head when he compared Modi with an ‘item song model’ namely Rakhi Sawant; a lot of blaring hoopla with scant contribution towards actually advancing the plot or character development.

However, although majority of Indian Americans are enjoying the ‘item song’, and are greeting Modi much like a pop-star, not everyone is willing to forgive and forget their Modi-based grievances. This includes many groups besides just the Kashmiri and Pakistani Americans, the latter’s feathers being particularly ruffled at present after the consistent Indian violation of the LoC and senior members of the Indian administration casually throwing antagonist remarks against Pakistan in their media.

These anti-Modi sentiments were amply displayed in New York as the Sikh, Patel and Kashmiri groups heatedly protested outside the United Nations (UN) headquarters. These protests continue to get more organised, and adrenalised, as Modi arrived in the Silicon Valley on September 26th. The tech capital of the world where technology churns out millionaires and billionaires, and quite possibly the linchpin of Modi’s entire US tour, is also where the protests are more affront and the protesters most outraged.

Although the SAP Centre in San Jose has a capacity of only 18,000 people, over 45,000 applied to get the free ticket to hear Modi speak on September 27th. If Modi measures his success by the number of these attendees, he would be wise to also measure his shortcomings by attending to the criticism of the opposition.

India remains unabashedly obstinate over the issue of Kashmir or addressing its ongoing underhanded tease-and-hide policy with Pakistan. Such tactics may be force of habit for India, but unless these festering grievances are redressed immediately, they could prove gangrenous to his rule. Modi policies, which have been described as being ‘authoritarian’ in nature by American academicians, were most suited to some bygone era. But in the 21st century, such polarised, draconian administrative strategies are akin to the iceberg that sank the Titanic. It is these very strategies that are at the crux of the current anti-Modi protests in the US.

Although estimated to run into thousands, the number of protesters is still less than the starry-eyed Modi supporters. However, their factually supported criticism is vociferous, vehement, and very clear as Modi continues his engagements to meet the heads and CEOs of tech giants like Facebook, Google, Tesla, Apple, Adobe etc. The Silicon Valley Modi protesters are a greater crowd than that in New York.

Outstanding among the organisations, activists and groups in the anti-Modi camp is the extremely organised #ModiFail campaign marshalled by the Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA). #ModiFail is open for free registration to anyone wishing to defend India’s religious minorities, marginalised groups and castes such as the Dalits, women, LGBT and free speech. It has also erected #ModiFail billboards on Bay Area highways. The billboards in Milpitas read,

In their protest, the #ModiFail event wishes to inform people of ‘the other side of the story’ and how Modi has used his prime ministerial status to whitewash his previous messes like Gujarat riots and how the ‘Silicon Valley PR tour is being used as an excuse to whitewash his dismal record’.

A press release of an AJA member group, Organisation for Minorities of India, states,

“Modi is a monster whose regime is typical of the pattern of Indian State rule for the past decades. Sikhs faced state-sponsored terror in 1984 under Congress and Muslims faced it in 2002 under BJP, while Christians and Dalits and other communities are routinely terrorised with impunity and state complicity. By the power of the Almighty, we will stand and speak truth to power on September 27.”

The Sikh for Justice Group was part of the protests held outside Facebook headquarters and outside the SAP centre as well. Their main argument focuses on the continuous worsening state of religious freedom for Indian citizens under Modi’s rule. They accuse him of forcibly attempting to turn India into a purely Hindu country by converting Christians and Muslims. The group also announced a reward of $10,000 for any attendee of the Facebook event with Modi and Mark Zuckerberg who would ask either of the two about Modi’s treatment of the Sikhs. In the words of Gurpatwant Pannun, the legal advisor of the group,

“We urge everyone to remind [Facebook CEO] Zuckerberg that hosting a known human rights violator runs counter to the core American value of upholding religious freedom.”

The section of the Patel community incensed over the police atrocities in Gujarat, raised black flags against Modi in New York and Bay Area. About 130 professors from major US universities including Harvard, USC, Columbia, and Stanford sent a joint, searing letter to Silicon Valley’s tech giants to stop their support for Modi’s Digital India initiative that seeks to create more tech jobs in India. Through Tech India, Modi wishes to expand internet access and create the required online capacity to boost government performance. However, the professors oppose this vehemently on grounds of inadequate privacy protections and violations of Indian citizen rights.

The tech angle aside, American professors’ letter is not only severely critical of Modi administration’s egregious past record of governance but also of present authoritarian streaks. This comprises of harassment of critics, shutting down of advocacy groups, and governmental interference with academic institutions, including entry denial of foreign scholars into India for conferences. The letter states,

“We urge those who lead Silicon Valley technology enterprises to be mindful of not violating their own codes of corporate responsibility when conducting business with a government which has, on several occasions already, demonstrated its disregard for human rights and civil liberties, as well as the autonomy of educational and cultural institutions.”

Elaborating further on the letter, Professor Thomas Blom Hansen of Stanford University called the Hindi Nationalist Movement greatly concerning.

“There are very deep and disturbing anti-democratic tendencies in that movement. Some of these tendencies are coming through in terms of a lack of respect for civil rights.”

Professor Arondekar of UC Santa Cruz criticises Digital India by reason of,

“Mr Modi’s intolerance of dissent, his poor record on freedom of expression in general, and on religious freedom in particular.”

Although the Silicon Valley protests, as the ones in New York, are confined to designated free speech areas, there is no stopping the protesters. This was demonstrated by Modi’s first ‘grand reception’ in New York, where Kashmiris, Sikhs, and the Patel groups freely used rotten tomatoes, eggs, and shoes to emphasise their point.

The point to ponder for Modi should also be that since such a protest could not have been held in India at all, it goes a long way to show how much his administration, not a keen supporter of free speech, still has to learn about democracy. If India claims to be a great democracy, it is only by reason of headcount.

Also, studying the emotions behind these resentments and unresolved grievances will lend the Modi administration an insight as to why there is scant chance of India being made the permanent member of the UN anytime in the near future. US statesmen are quite capable of awarding a warm welcome to the present prime minister of a rising global economy, but they will ponder deeply before offering it a position that can prove potentially perilous to whatever peace is left in the Southeast Asian region.

As for the Silicon Valley technology companies’ hearty hospitality, they are quite content to call the sheep a sheep for as long as the ‘sheep’ remains under diplomatic immunity. But it won’t be surprising to see Modi jilted for a new sweetheart should he ever show his wolf teeth and ears without such an immunity.

It is a wise politician who considers his dissenter a friend rather than a foe, since it is only through taking criticism that he is most often able to strengthen his policies and administrative strategies. On the other hand, he can, as Modi is choosing to do, bask in the glory of temporary spotlight, vainly boast India’s rising status in the tech field, and remain deliberately and arrogantly blind to the blistering ground reality in the region. Pride will get Modi nowhere and it’s high time he put a check on it.


Aalia Suleman

A freelance writer and poet who is keenly interested in the status of women in 21st century Pakistan. Her writing also zones in on Pakistan's new social and political status on a redefined global chessboard. She has a masters degree in English Literature and blogs and invites debates at 'Socio-politically Pakistani'. She tweets @aaliasuleman (

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  • Bairooni Haath

    Dr. Shahid Massod (AKA Dr. Propaganda) spent more time on his show covering Narendra Modi and only covered the Pakistani delegation in passing. Indians elected Narendra Modi and the BJP. We understand his strengths and shortcomings. He has done an outstanding job in his first year in office. He enjoys an 87 % approval rating. India is a big and poor country. There will always be unhappy and disgruntled people. Their expressing themselves through protests is part of the democratic process. It should not be forgotten that Punjabi Sikhs and Gujarati Patels are among the most well off communities in India. To me articles like these represent the sour grapes mentality that pervades through Pakistan. Elsewhere in this Newspaper Husain Haqqani advises Pakistanis to stop competing with India and try to better Pakistan instead. This is sage advice but will fall on deaf ears as usual.Recommend

  • Satish, Chennai

    I can only chuckle … To my Pakistani friends, if you find solace in writing/reading such blogs then so be it !!! All the bestRecommend

  • clap clap

    Rakhi Savant may be an item dancer, but she has her head in the right place. Don’t underestimate her; she will beat NS in any debate, in any forum hands down.Recommend

  • Critical

    Oops..Jealous much????Recommend

  • Newton

    Nice. You’ve stitched together all of the miscellaneous stuff you could find to make it seem slightly less miscellaneous plus added a random item girl insult. Could you please post a picture of the thousand of anti-Modi protesters? Just one, please? I have a hard time finding anything. Also, despite the letter by academics, could you cite one instance where Modi had to change his plan? On instance of a technology leader who was unwilling to meet Modi for that reason?

    Fact is, both Modi and item girls are productive for India. India is not out there looking for scraps and asking for territory. It wants to be a partner in the development of the world, create things, produce stuff. Its space program will help its poor neighbors, its pharmaceuticals provide affordable medicines to the world, it is connecting its eastern neighbors to enhance trade. What productive “items” are there on your agenda, girl?Recommend

  • Jor El

    “The group also announced a reward of $10,000 for
    any attendee of the Facebook event with Modi and Mark Zuckerberg who
    would ask either of the two about Modi’s treatment of the Sikhs.”

    I am surprised that no one did. Perhaps just like me, others found out about this when ppl like u posted this on their blogs, after the event happened. In other words, ppl ddnt deem it worth to find out what a fringe group was saying.Recommend

  • longlivepak

    I wish I owned a Burnol shop in Pakistan, I would have made billions.lolRecommend

  • ajeet

    Protests are the norm in democracies. No one protests against Pakistani leaders for their genocide of former east Pakistanis or Balochs as Pakistan doesn’t have a civil society as mature as India. A person who was instrumental in death of millions of Hindus due to his direct action call was made father of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Critical

    What the author wants to imply

    Lets all ignore the fact that the CEOs of the biggest tech companies gave a warm reception to Modi,lets all ignore the fact that the Modi’s speech was jam packed like a Taylor Swift conference..Lets all ignore the fact that Mark Zuckerberg had a personal Q&A with Modi, lets ignore the fact that many International papers have covered the event…

    because I’m a jealous Pakistani who has deep anti-India and anti-Modi bias…Let me check for the comments of this guy who said that the Peshawar attacks were Hindus because they burned a teacher and let me focus on few radical group of Kashmiri,Sikhs who are motivated by money…

  • pk

    Neighbours envy and owners pride.Recommend

  • Sharath

    Its high time for Pakistanis to pay attention on their own economy.Recommend

  • Lalit

    Can’t believe it …..Great Pakistani democratic fanboys (and fangirls) of China who leave no stone unturned to sing paens of great ‘libertarian’ Chinese model of demonocracy are giving India a lecture on liberty and human rights….. Every thing is not milk and honey in India,but cheerleaders of an authoritarian China who themselves are running kangaroo courts and indiscriminately aerial bombing their citizens must be the last on the face of this planet to lecture us on any issue…et please publish…this crap article deserves at least this much .Recommend

  • Joe Aranjo

    You state quite glibly that such protests cannot be possible in India. Are you seriously expecting such a carelessly foolish remark go unchallenged. All the groups involved , Sikhs , kashmiris, msulims, dalits and the newly agitated Patels have held massive protest rallies before and now and will continue to have the right to do so. No government of India can snatch that right from its ordinary citizens. I understand your desperation in trying to undermine India’s democratic legacy but you will need to try harderRecommend

  • rama

    It is ridiculous that Pakistan talks about the minorities right !!!! Better you clean your back before you talk to any Indian !!!!. Do you remember what happened to Bilwal bhuto in London!!!.Recommend

  • Nomad1412

    If wishes were horses, beggars would ride…
    That is all I have to say to this author and her wishful thinking.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    I love it! The more bad press Modi generates from you people, the more we are convinced that he is the man to take India forward. The majority of us do not have blinkers on, Ms Suleman. If Modi does not deliver, he will be shown the door. If religious harmony is disturbed, he will pay the price electorally. But, we also realise that the anti-Modi campaign, which has repeatedly failed to puncture him, will go to any extent to stay relevant.
    Ms Suleman, Modi is here to stay. Now, you people may reconcile to this or not – it’s your choice. We can understand the frustration you must feel at the pace of India’s growth. Yes, before you remind me of the various ills and foibles of our society, and how we have so much more to do, let me admit it myself. But we’re comfortable with the fact that we have a government who is fully seized of the issue and is working to improve our collective lot. That hurts you – just too bad.
    May I suggest that you stop playing your traditional role of spoiler. Rather than focus on how you can pull the region down, look at pulling yourselves up. In this lies the seed for a prosperous region – everything will then fall into place. I realise that this means going against your fundamental nature – but there really is no other choice. When you people realise it is up to you. Recommend

  • ahmedgul

    You lost me dear Aalia, the moment you quoted Shaid Masood (an item number himself )Recommend

  • Concard

    So sad, whatever Pakistanis think shouldn’t happen always happens on a more grand scale much to the heartache of Pakistanis. If Modi was all hoopla or jumla, he wouldn’t have more than 80% favorable ratings even after 1 year coming to power. He may not turn India into developed country overnight, but most of Indians are very sure after Modi’s term as PM likely after 10 years, one will see India has Pre-Modi era and Post Modi-era. Just like China is viewed today as China after Deng Xiaoping whose economic reforms catapulted China to second largest economy within 30 years. And just for your information, Modi doesn’t have much work in front of him apart from 2 crucial bills namely GST ( Good and services tax ) and land acquisition bill (LAB) on legislation front. To give you a perspective, many economists and industrialists believe these 2 bills are growth retarding bills. And without those bills

    -> India’s GDP is 7.5%, fastest for any $2 Trillion economy
    -> Forex before Modi = ~$290 billion, After Modi took over = ~$360 billion
    -> Power generation before Modi = ~200 GW, after Modi took over =~$270 GW

    Now these things are all happening without GST or LAB bills without seeing the light of the day. After passing these bills which is likely by 2016 it is estimated GDP growing at 9%+, Forex at ~$1 Trillion by 2019, Power generation at 400 GW by 2019. Not to forget Coal and Telecom spectrum auctions netted nearly $100 billion and $50 billion respectively. And also for the first time Modi government auctioned radio waves which generated $500 million. Yeah, keep believing Modi is hoopla and jumla and Rakhi sawant whatever. Perhaps you can enlighten the readers why Nawaz mian didn’t meet any fortune 500 CEO’s Recommend

  • ab1990

    the number of times people criticize= 10 times rise of popularirty of modi.Recommend

  • Grapevine

    Sour GrapesRecommend

  • Koohiq

    Wonder if Pakistan PM has any worthwhile to discuss other than the usual run of the mill anti-India matters that the hosts and the international community are tired of hearing time and time again and just not bothered anymore? It is time Pakistan extricates itself from the age old “play the victim” strategy as it clearly is not bearing any fruit internationally vis-a-vis the bigger and successful neighbour. Before throwing mud on Modi for his alleged intolerances towards minorities in India, one can pose the same question to the whole political establishment in Pakistan about the parlous state of its own minorities. What is good for the goose is ……..Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Burnol !Recommend

  • goldconsumer

    Here comes the Modi troll..Recommend

  • Krranti 2020

    It seems the world has more Modi haters than Nawaz Sharif supporters yet Modi manages to win election after election. That shows how popular he is!! Keep hating him Pakistan, it only helps him win more because the more you hate him the more we love him.Recommend

  • Raj

    The writer has conveniently taken all those things which suits her and neglected the the positive vibrations modi has brought to India..First try to look at ur country later u can preach to India what it should do.Many of the companys whom he met have positively assured to invest in India and if a fraction of investment comes from them it would be a significant change
    Coming to the protests no one really cared them. i have not seen those things in any of the reputed newspapers here in America.Try to accept atleast he is doing something for his country instead of criticizing without knowing ground reality..Recommend

  • JP

    Here come the Hindustani trolls. They will be outraged. Boiling with
    hatred. Ready to spew their venom on this blog.Recommend

  • Chandra Reddy

    Doesn’t cut too much ice,I’m afraid Alia. You need to work harder.Wishing and willing someone to fail doesn’t usually work. Can understand your anxiety and ardent wish but it’s futile my dear. Like you, there are millions of Indians wishing him well and praying for his success. Recommend

  • Prakash

    Modi also takes his foe as friend as he met Patel community and Sikh community also during his west coast sojourn besides Tech Czar.He understand that technology can only bring happiness and prosperity to vast population
    Condemned to live a inhuman life of -and he should be appreciated for his initiative.

  • Iqbal

    This blog fills me with dismay. This morbid interest in Mr Modi, bordering on obsession does us no good. As if the happiness and prosperity of Pakistan, and our own sound sleep in the night depend on dissecting his visit to the USA to draw that inevitable conclusion: Oh he is not all that great. In fact, he is no good. Actually, he is evil. What kind of self delusion is that. Wake up Oh Pakistan. This is not how we project our country and our capabilities. Let us not be cry babies.Recommend

  • ravi

    Smells bad. Feels horrible. Tastes pathetic……the article Recommend

  • FS

    The fact that all these allegations are rampant in Pakistan in a x1000 intense form is so ironical!Recommend

  • youwanttheD?

    Haters gonna hate , they hate us cause they aint’ us. :PRecommend

  • American

    Sour grapesRecommend

  • james

    What happened..? nothing to write about Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s visit to US…..Recommend

  • Anon

    It seems you had too much of chilies on biriyani for Bakri-Eid……the burning is clearly visible on this blog….Recommend

  • James

    A country which came into existence on the basis of religion lecturing India on secularism and minorities right……huh…..funny womanRecommend

  • hamza khan

    good…we need to keep doing this. i know many organizations in the US who are protesting the butcher of gujarat and his arrival here. all muslims and pakistanis should use their wealth and prove him wrong.Recommend

  • Sapna

    Dear Aalia, so what next anti-India stuff are you on to… after people like you and your other country folk have for DECADES used ‘strategic assets’ to ‘liberate’ Kashmir and Khalistan from India, now you are also including with them some new place possibly called ‘Patelistan’ (Land of the Patels) perhaps….?!? Good luck dear lady, but you are wasting your time and energy for fact is NOBODY worth more than a few rupees will ever bother to listen or care….Recommend

  • Tombraider

    Bad journalism! Pakistan is being cornered for acts/support of terrorism by the Usa ,you know for hiding Osama who killed 3000 Americans while Modi is attracting FDI.I wonder where were these biased human rights activists of pakistan(communal activists) when Pakistani president Mr.Yahya Khan massacred 3 million Bengalis(mostly Hindus).The Gujarat riots would pale in comparison to 1971 East pakistan genocide!
    Pakistan didn’t even prosecute terrorists like Hafiz saeed and Lakhvi despite mounting Us pressure so it’s kind of laughable for a pak journalist to bring the critical views of human rights lobbies among Indian American community against Modi.
    How many pakistanis protested against Yahya khan or Hafiz saeed? zero!

  • Divyo singh

    I don’t know if modi is doing right or not..but one thing is clear Pakistani are either scared or frustrated since modi is in power..Recommend

  • Brutus

    In a recent survey PM Modi emerged as a most popular leader of India with a whopping 87% of approval ratings. No other world leader can boast of such a huge popularity. This, obviously, appears to have not only badly rattled his Congi-Commi opponents here in India, but also our pious brothers across the border! Currently all of Modi haters are suffering from a new psychosis diagnosed as “Modiophernia” The misogynistic “Doctor” in the video and the lady blogger seems to be its victims too. All the rant in the blog and in the video are clear symptoms of the above psychosis where a man or a woman looses rationality and starts spewing venom.
    A good blog should always be balanced and must project two sides of a subject or a story while retaining and giving personal opinion. But, sadly the author has miserably failed in doing so. What’s more shocking is that, the author despite being a woman herself, couldn’t notice the blatant misogyny displayed by the so called “Doctor” by comparing Mr.Modi to Ms.Rakhi Sawant implying Ms Sawant to be a”cheap” woman. Instead the author praises him for nailing Mr.Modi.
    Modi is not above criticism, none should be, but, there is something called constructive criticism. The “Doctor”‘s hate filled rhetoric with cheap words, analogy and unpleasant antics do only evoke revulsion.Recommend

  • Anon

    Excellent ArticleRecommend

  • pappu the rockstar

    no idea what hardcore ISIS supporters has to do with Modi and IndiaRecommend

  • Guy

    If I faintly remembers the writer is the same women who wrote a while ago protesting the Indian visa policy for Pakistani Americans….. and here she goes “This includes many groups besides just the Kashmiri and Pakistani Americans, the latter’s feathers being particularly ruffled at present after the consistent ……” So that clears sets the qualms that she had in her previous article. Well I hate to comment personally but looking at the writings on anyone’s profile gives you a slight indication of that intellect …… Turning to this article. I myself is not an ardent supporter of Modi but this guy has a genuine intention to develop India & is well aware of the kind of mess India is in. The groups that the writer is talking about were there every time & will be omnipresent. If you start listening to them the you are left to your fate only. Voices of dissent are everywhere. Yes no man is perfect & neither he is. If Modi had been a real crook then Gujarat wouldn’t have developed the way it did. He will learn from his mistakes. The critics should be well aware of the kind of reception & hearing he gets & him realising the bottlenecks at home. May I ask the writer where is Nawaz Sharif in US. Businesses will only look & talk to those where they can find investment & Return on Investment. They don’t go by the rhetoric of this type as written above.

    Let’s try this: It’s an opportunity. Why don’t let the world come together in UNGA & give Modi the thrashing he deserves. No harm in trying an experiment. If not possible then I can understand the venting out of frustration through the pen is the only option.Recommend

  • harkol

    Sadly an ignorant article. Every leader has a minority of opposers (except of course the great military dictators, who win elections with 100% votes).

    Modi has his detractors, and many around the world may have reservations about him. What matters is just this – He has 87% approval rating in India. Not since Indira Gandhi, any PM has had such popularity!

    All other things are nonsense. USA had even Nelson Mandela on a watchlist for the longest of time. And even apostle of peace, Gandhi had his opposers and was murdered.

    The warmth & regard for Modi by majority Indians is genuine. And respect he commands from world leaders and business community is because of that.Recommend

  • Irony

    yawn..for the umpteenth time, the same points are written again and again.Recommend

  • Minority Report

    Such billboards were also there for Bush at one point of time. Your narrow focus on the billboards only appeases Pakistani common men. Nobody in USA including Americans cared about it. On the contrary every American woke up with the super star image of Modi. All Business wants to talk to him. Americans want him. World respects him. Thee billboards means nothing. So burn all you like. What will remain will be just ashes. Modi rules.Recommend

  • singh

    Tch tch so desperate to get attention. You are on right course to get fame. Bash Modi for 15 min fame.
    Alia do you have access to TV or your news source is Dr. Sahid only?Recommend

  • Anoop

    Apparently Modi is an Authoritarian who cannot even force 2 important pieces of legislation like Land Bill and GST Bill to push through the Parliament inspite of having a simple majority.

    These days pseudo scholars with elementary understanding of the English language are using such words carelessly. Since, it attracts readers publications like ET allow them space to publish their propaganda.

    Not once has this Author talked about the free and fair elections in Kashmir, where Kashmiris elected BJP to power. BJP under Modi got most seats it has ever got in J&K. Too inconvenient, so lets not mention it, is the attitude. But, lets talk of Radicalized Muslims from Kashmir protesting in the US. Thats more newsworthy!

    Not once has it been mentioned that there isn’t a shred of evidence against Modi, as a result of which Indian Courts had to let him go. Our Supreme Court can jail popular leaders like Jayalalitha and Lalu, but not Modi, in a time when Congress was in power.

    Words are bandied about without understanding their true meaning; important pieces of info are being ignored.

    Yet, this article will get the most number of comments. Heck, that is what really counts!

    Such articles only end up contributing to the anti-Indian sentiment and hatred. David Headley claimed he was shown videos of post-Godhra riots and told Muslims were being killed, but was hidden from the fact that Muslims burnt down an entire train carrying Hindu Pilgrims in Godhra.

    Such one-sided reporting leads to Radicalization of Muslims, which nowadays seem to happen at the drop of a hat!Recommend

  • Ari C

    In my line of work I need to talk to and influence and get work done by a large number of people ( usually senior). Over a decade doing this work I have realised that if, out of 10 people I meet I have not upset or antagonised at least 1 or 2 then I was not doing my job well. In other words, if I have not “stepped on a few toes” in the course of my duty, I have not walked around much! – or, if I have not “rubbed someone the wrong way”, then I have not been rubbing hard enough. Therefore it follows that if Pakistan ( a country that declares itself India’s enemy) and its leaders and opinion makers are very unhappy with Modi, he must be good for India and doing something right! I am no supporter of Modi – but all this Pakistani venom is just making Modi more popular and beyond reproach domestically and even Internationally as Pakistan’s own image internationally is not too good!Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    Hmm, no mention of how Pakistan is an acclaimed “world leader” in how it treats its religious minorities! NOT!
    Waiting for Pakistan’s leader Sharif to make a similar countrywide tour or the US and receive similar greetings! NOT!Recommend

  • Minerva

    The author must be burning with jealousy for Modi to support the low class and cheap ramblings of Shahid Masood. I have never seen such pettiness in an analyst. A true representative of Pakistani intelligentsia.

    And for Modi , we understand your frustration in seeing the Prime Minister of India getting an unprecedented welcome from American Indians and silicone valley. Funny thing is that most of the protests in the name Kashmiris were organized by Pakistanis like Ahmed Qureshi. You cant do anything but rant. Please rant on.Recommend

  • Ajay

    The writer seems totally confused and consumed by jealousy. There is hardly any substance in the article. Only few words like human rights, civic liberties, free speech etc. thrown in in a mad fumble. I can’t stop laughing at the total lack of intellectual analysis in the article.Recommend

  • Bharatiya Oz

    If Pakistanis in general including majority media have become biased in their opinions even against their own people who just show mirrors for example Hasan Nisar, Tariq Fateh, Hassan Haqqani etc and these people are called ‘traitors’ at the drop of hat…then we are not naive to expect a balanced opinion from a Pakistani article on the progressive work your so called enemies are doing across the border. In fact your article has made your agenda pretty clear i.e. use any unfavourable news from Bharat and Modi to massage your bloated egos. But thankyou anyways for your unsolicited ‘advice’ through last para and specially last line on what Modi should and shouldn’t do.Recommend

  • Someblah

    Rakhi Sawant is from the Mirchi party.She is the would be prime minister of India!

    That said, you should order some burnol :)Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Girl is in dire need of burnol !Recommend

  • N Sadiq

    Silicon Valley = Indians + Jewish money ; Pakistan needs to be aware of this group. We need to ban it.Recommend

  • Bibloo

    The Bharati trolls are coming!
    The Bharati trolls are coming!Recommend

  • Waron Dafe

    Looks like the author of this article needs ‘burnol’ and ‘gelusil’ to relieve her of the pain and burning.Recommend

  • DudeFromDC

    Another desperate piece out of sheer envy. Lets bottomline this Modi-hating from Pakistanis – Indians elected Modi by an overwhelming majority to the chair because India knew Modi is what needed. Those who don’t like it will have suck it up and go back to persecuting minorities in their own countries.Recommend

  • SuperNeo™

    No where else i can expect this kind of article…
    dear writer , do you any thing to say about your own country’s PM visit ?
    people like shahid masood are on mission to cover up their own country’s failure by presenting good things of other countries PM doing. seems that work for peoples of paksitan.Recommend

  • wb

    “Pakistani anchor Dr Shahid Masood hit the nail on the head when he compared Modi with an ‘item song model’ namely Rakhi Sawant”

    Shahid Masood cannot form a simple sentence without using fillers. This man fabricated evidence twice (once againsst Najam Sethi and another time against MQM) and got exposed thoroughly of his bias against liberals.

    And only another thoroughly biased person takes him seriously.

    “These anti-Modi sentiments were amply displayed in New York as the Sikh, Patel and Kashmiri groups heatedly protested outside the United Nations (UN) headquarters.”

    Sikhs are protesting Modi for the riots that took place in 1984. Very logical of these Pak agents.

    Kashmiris are basically Pakistanis. There are hardly any Kashmiris in that group.

    Patels are utter idiots for protesting Modi for petty reasons that shows bias on their own part. The rich community wants reservation for absolutely no apparent reason.

    You can only trust a bigoted Pakistani to promote it.

    “Christians and Dalits and other communities are routinely terrorised with impunity and state complicity.”

    This is utter nonsense. I’m pretty sure you’ll find more Christians and Muslims from India denying this.

    “The group also announced a reward of $10,000 for any attendee of the Facebook event with Modi and Mark Zuckerberg who would ask either of the two about Modi’s treatment of the Sikhs.”

    What treatment of Sikhs? Can anyone please clarify what has happened to Sikhs all of a sudden under Modi? Either I’m completely out of touch with reality or the Pak propaganda mission is failing miserably.

    “The point to ponder for Modi should also be that since such a protest could not have been held in India at all”

    The blogger meant that Pakistan cannot sponsor such events in India. Don’t misconstrue her intentions with honesty.Recommend

  • longlivepak

    Sad how we will never have guts to point out xi jingpings human right abuses in Xinjiang and occupation of TibetRecommend

  • Dhan_c

    All these sham protests are funded by Christian evangelist groups. It is part of a bigger nexus. Don’t be fooled.Recommend

  • wb

    @Indians and Pakistanis

    Aalia Suleman is absolutely right. She speaks the truth like a shining diamond distributing light in all directions.

    You want to see the truth? Here is an image of Hindus terrorizing Muslims of India:

  • karunakarnarayan

    somthing’s burning insideRecommend

  • Faulitics

    “won’t be surprising to see Modi jilted for a new sweetheart should he ever show his wolf teeth and ears without such an immunity”

    lol. this is sillyRecommend

  • Faulitics

    You will be banned by them.Recommend

  • Kulamani

    Modi is big mouth and nothing more.. Till date he fail to apologize to the people of Gujarat for 2002 massacre which continued for two months and no action has been taken till date.. people like babu bajarngi openly roam freely in parole despite committing henonious crime and he readily accept that..Recommend

  • Elbot

    Citing Shahid masood. Fake egg and tomato throwing incident which has no proof-documented or video…Sikh for justice and accountability for jusitce are all funded by CAIR,Khalistani & Leftists who all are in cahoot with Pakistan ISI

    The protesters didnt measure more than 50 people..Let some Pakistani have good timeRecommend

  • Raj Rao

    Whatever you say… Modi made India Fastest Growing Major Economy in the world, ahead of China. IMF calls India only few bright spot in a gloomy world economy.. World Bank, IMF, Rating agencies and almost everyone is giving only higer growth rate predictions for India from the current level. If India grows at this speed. India will be Developed country in 25 years… Search for this Video in Google – Hans Rosling: Asia’s rise — how and whenRecommend

  • Archon

    You should have recommended the same Modi when he went running to China to whine about CPECRecommend

  • Sane

    Rakhi Sawant and Samarti Irani shall perform better than Modi. Both will entertain better.Recommend

  • Sane

    This means Pakistanis in India are very popular. Every Indian watch Dr. Shahid Masood show. This is a tribute for him.Recommend

  • Sane

    Pakistanis are very happy to see Modi as PM of India. Nothing can harm India better than Modi.Recommend

  • Sane

    And India came into existence as secular state. Now, turning into a Hindu state. Good work; keep it up. Recommend

  • longlivepak

    Ya we now watch him instead of comedy nites with kapil heheRecommend

  • longlivepak

    Also no mention of Xi jingping making maulvis dance like ballerinas and abuse of Muslims and occupation of TibetRecommend

  • longlivepak

    Nice oneRecommend

  • longlivepak

    Lol means its from pakRecommend

  • longlivepak

    Lol nice, I would pay lakh R’s to see this debate Recommend

  • ak

    Worls leader, business Moguls, Economic Pundits all would like to humbly disagree with you.Even you Pakistani newspapers like “Nation” disagrees with you.

    Now India has chosen what it wants..and is getting what it wants (7.3% GDP growth)
    What did Pakistani get? Ahem!!Recommend

  • Rakib

    The Author has done disservice to those interested in genuine & mature assessment/critique of Modi and his Government & international ramifications at this point in time. And useful would’ve been a close look at the ideological, extra-constitutional source that engines his government and which can influence India’s relations with neighbours. Instead, we read some voyeuristic delight at placard wielding chaps making some token protests. Such protests (except of Patel) were there during MMS and Rajiv’s days too and nobody bothered. And then summoning this TV-man Masood and his Sawant as star-witnesses!! Recommend

  • Gullu

    Oh well, look who is talking. Just before the Delhi election, Christian
    Churches were demolished and vandalized. many set on fire. A Cathedral
    was burnt in the Maharashtra State. Just to intimidate Christians and
    prevent them from voting. Vote they did. Muslims are in a special
    category by themselves. The most persecuted minority in Bharat. There
    are 200 million of them. Arunachal Pradesh is another story. Mizoram,
    Manipur, West Bengal, all want to secede A total of 73 insurgencies
    raging across Hinduland. like Kerala, Ladakh, Hindustani occupied Kashmir.
    Khalistan Movement. Well, Hindustan is going nowhere, until all these
    major issues are resolved. It requires a lot of money, to maintain a 2 million
    man army. Just ask the Chinese. And Bharatland “aint got it”Recommend

  • ABK Ind

    Thats the problem with people like you, finding faults in your neighbours house wont set your house in order!!!Recommend

  • ABK Ind

    Dear Pakistanis please be more worried about whats happening in your country!!
    Strangely it seems the Pakistani media is all focused on what India & Modi & China are doing??
    Guys Pakistan is an independent country?? Citizenship of Pakistan doesnt equate to citizenship of China!! Wake up stop running away from your own internal issues rather face it & resolve it!Recommend

  • ABK ind

    Must appreciate your sane comments bro!!
    Always noticed this sort of a negative attitude even when good things happen for India!!
    Even when India launches space programs people find faults by showing India’s poverty??
    Guys poverty lies every where, be it US, China or India & even in Pakistan, but that doesnt mean we forget about science & Technology!!.
    Finding faults & dissecting every move of India & Modi only shows the insecurity of Pakistan & escapism mentality of running from ones own issues.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Hindu is The secular religion. You seem poor with learning or understanding.Recommend

  • Anand Sudhanshu Yaduwanshi

    worked hard to write against modi…can you write something praising or anything about shariff visit to US…or his role in the upliftment of pakistan or his agenda to develop pakistan or his past achievement…keep in mind that He is the prime minister of 125cr, indian where Muslims are the second largest community more than total Muslim in Pakistan…he represent world largest democracy…Think ever before writing against himRecommend

  • joearanjo

    Gentleman, you at least need to peddle lies that has some association with the truth. NO Christian churches have been demolished. There have been some stupid miscreants who have thrown stones and broken glasses of a couple of churches. Do you know of places like Nagaland and Tripura. There have been innumerable instances there of Christians burning hindu temples , killing and forcibly converting hindus. Google for it . What am I trying to tell you? Vandals have been from both hindu and Christian communities but the incidences have been extremely trivial and except for in Nagaland almost harmless. The vast majority of Christians and hindus live in absolute and complete harmony. Jesus and Mother Mary are revered icons for hindus . More hindus visit churches than Christians and Christmas is a time of celebration for innumerable hindus. Want to hear more. Christians are far more socially , economically and educationally empowered than hindus or muslims. Reason- They face zero discrimination in India. Now compare that with the status of Christians in Pakistan. Can you even start????Recommend

  • Bande Maa’taram

    It was so warm that you had to write something to defend it. You know, we do not care. Post-Godhra riot was the best medicine to teach these hate-mongering uncultured and uncivilized people a lesson. Sikh riots were unfortunate and Sikhs have moved forward after this. We do not care about these fringe elements living in west.Recommend

  • vikram kurup

    i have never ever seen a country like Pakistan , so obsessed with India and so desperately trying to convince themselves that whatever India need not help them grow into a economic powerhouse. This is the ultimate depth of Pakistani elite intellectual thinking . The author seriously needs some pain killer to reduce the Migraines of jealousy hitting her head constantly .Recommend

  • mahesh

    And did China snub Modi? No. They told Pakistan that India could play spoiler, but didn’t say anything to India.Recommend

  • mahesh

    lol, delusion and wishful thinking continues… something Pakistanis are best at.Recommend

  • mahesh

    But we can have fun, just like we had watching Zaid Hamid. Just some light moments after day’s heavy work.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Have you heard of the pot and the kettle? Recommend

  • Sanjay Jha

    India and Modi whine at CPEC , dream on we have better things to doRecommend

  • Kushal

    Like her nation, you mean?Recommend

  • Sanjay Jha

    says so a pakistani…what a joke!Recommend


    Lol whome she is qouting, many people call him sazish masood now a days,because of his constant conspiracy theories, a few days ago i hear him saying mosaad was destablising pakistan because of jealous of cpec and pakistan will give evidence from that till now nothing such thing came in to scene.Total faliure of pakistani leadership made pakistani mad and desperate when they see modi .Recommend