From backing vocals to lead vocalist, there’s no stopping Sara Haider

Published: September 22, 2015

The way she enjoys singing, be it background vocals or lead singing, shows the traits of a great musician who loves their work.

It’s rare to come across voices that not only touch our hearts, but mesmerise our soul. Sara Haider is one of those exceptional singers who have managed to leave such an impact on the audience.

This karachiite has shown her talent from her very first appearance on Coke Studio­­­­­ as a backing vocalist. This season, for the first time, she performed as one of the lead vocalist. Sara comes with praiseworthy experience in theatre such as ‘Grease – The Musical’ and ‘Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival’ in India. Sara, who started her career from UTH records, stated that,

“As a vocalist, I want to be as versatile as I can be in a few years – be able to sing ghazals and pop and rock and jazz and whatever else I like to listen to. I think the ultimate goal is just to continue to learn and grow as a musician and to work with different people – to move forward.”

I think she has brilliantly applied her words to her song, “Ae Dil Kisi Ki Yaad Mein” with the pop icon Ali Zafar. The song captures the audience with its spellbinding essence. Although Sara’s part is limited and short in comparison to Fizza Javed’s part in Meri Hamjoliyan (Ve Baneya), I felt that Fizza did not convey her diversity and range as a singer, the way Sara has.

A few more verses or antras would have been great. Nevertheless, we shall remain hopeful on hearing more of her in the near future. For now, Ae Dil is doing wonders for her, and people are falling in love with her voice.

Adding your own touch to a classical song is an extremely difficult task, but she has done it gracefully and has won many hearts. She’s consistently receiving appraisals on social media, her fans and followers are rapidly growing in number, which shows her efforts are being appreciated. Currently, no other female voice on Coke Studio has inspired the public to this extent.

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