Are British Pakistanis uncivil and lacking basic common courtesy?

Published: September 14, 2015

The fact that Mr Sabapathy is of the Indian descent (he was born in Chennai) may have added to the sting of seeing Pakistanis celebrate their Independence Day.PHOTO: ALAMY STOCK

According to a leaked email by Paul Sabapathy CBE, the former Lord Lieutenant of the West Midlands, the British Pakistani community must be taught basic ‘common courtesy and civility’, after he attended the August 14th celebration in Birmingham.

His comments caused uproar amongst the British Pakistani community, who demanded an apology from him, which he promptly offered, followed by a hasty resignation after serving eight years in this post.  He was the first member of the Asian community who held a prestigious post.

At the event celebrating independence, he was apparently dealt in a manner which was unbecoming and disrespectful after which he vented in an email saying,

“Pakistanis are lovely people individually but there is a lot of work to do to teach them basic common courtesy and civility.”

He further stated that,

“They talk to themselves and do not engage with the wider community.  They are living in the UK not Pakistan. Whilst being rightly proud of their Pakistani culture and heritage, they need to explain better and engage more with their non-Pakistani brothers and sisters if they want their children to succeed as British Pakistani citizens.”

If British Pakistanis were so inept at integrating, then how do you explain Sadiq Khan, the son of a Pakistani bus driver who has been chosen for the London mayoral election, or Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, who was up until last year, the first British Pakistani to serve in the British cabinet, or even Amir Khan, the world famous boxer who has successfully managed to balance his duties as a British Pakistani.

Such offensive remarks are clearly inflammatory and do nothing to uproot the deep-seated prejudice and stereotyping that the Pakistani community faces everyday whilst living in Britain. Mr Sabapathy should have realised that August 14th is a joyous occasion for Pakistanis and perhaps things were far more raucous and lively for him.

Also, the fact that Mr Sabapathy is of the Indian descent (he was born in Chennai) may have added to the sting of seeing Pakistanis celebrate their Independence Day. Personally, having lived in England for 17 years and trying my very best to understand the idea of integration, I was severely disappointed with the sweeping generalisations that Mr Sabapathy has made, without recourse to any statistics or verifiable evidence.

Despite my attempts to practice my career, study, and participate in the wider community, if the rest of society sees me as uncouth and uncivil, then little can be done to change that. Such comments only further ingrain what many are trying to change.

On the other hand, when I visited the Pakistani embassy in Kensington, London or even sat on an airplane that was about to descend Islamabad airport (seatbelts quickly come off upon landing), I can see that we have scant regard for decorum or propriety, often paying little attention to the importance of queuing in an orderly fashion or safety concerns.

There is definitely a lot of work to be done on the way the Pakistani community appears to the wider public. However, the younger generation and the educated are making substantial inroads into the dangerous mentality that many British Pakistanis have to face from wider communities.

Another distinctive feature about the British Pakistani community is that it seems to show very little concern regarding the majority’s perception of them. We simply don’t care if people see us as uncivil or disobedient. The Indian community, on the other hand, is very keen to integrate and dispose of their cultural nuances, in order to meld into the British society, and consider education and a high-paying job as their ultimate goals.

Nevertheless, change is inevitable as Pakistanis continue to seek quality education for their children, but encountering degrading comments won’t help alleviate a difficult situation. Perhaps Mr Sabapathy will now spend his time actively showing common courtesy and respect to the members of the Pakistani community.

Faiza Iqbal

Faiza Iqbal

A law graduate from King's College, London Nottingham Law School. Having worked at Mandviwalla & Zafar as an Associate, she now writes freelance articles and is trying to qualify as a barrister in Canada.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • wb

    “We simply don’t care if people see us as uncivil or disobedient. The Indian community,
    on the other hand, is very keen to integrate and dispose of their
    cultural nuances, in order to meld into the British society, and
    consider education and a high-paying job as their ultimate goals.”

    So, you’re implying very clearly that Indian cultural nuances are uncivil and disobedient. And only by shedding our uncivil, disobedient cultural nuances, we integrate into British society.

    And because Pakistanis hold on to your culture, you come across as uncivil and disobedient.

    You see, you become uncivil when you form gangs and rape young white girls. You become uncivil by disproportionately highly representing yourself in UK prisons. You become uncivil by forming Muslim-only zones. You become uncivil by yelling out at women for having their feet on seats. You become uncivil when Anjem Chaudhruty (Pakistan’s export) stands in London streets and shouts death to England and proposes Sharia and preaches his followers that he does not believe in Man made laws. You become uncivil when you take karo Kari, honor killings to England. You become uncivil when Pakistani families start to marry each others’ first cousins.

    Should I continue, or you get my point? Because, I have more about criminal gangs, drug pushing etc etcRecommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    There was a column on this 2 days ago in the Tribune and most British Pakistanis in the comments column agreed with Mr. Sabapathy. Maybe the author should get off the high horse and face a few inconvenient truths.Recommend

  • Vish

    “The Indian community, on the other hand, is very keen to integrate and dispose of their cultural nuances, in order to meld into the British society” Err does this also qualify as “sweeping generalisations, without recourse to any statistics or verifiable evidence.” Or does only what Mr. Sabapathy said qualify for this?Recommend

  • nan-to

    successes of one or two Pakistani origin people is not representation of the whole community.Try to gather a majority opinion of non-Pakistani Britishers and they will be of the same opinion as of Mr. Sabapathy. In general, UK is having hard-time integrating Muslim migrant communities. And Pakistanis are a big part of it.

    Just because your feelings are hurt, doesn’t mean the other person was offensive. The Britishers I talked to believed that man’s comments were not at all offensive, rather, constructive and polite. Pakistanis have a tendency to get their feelings ‘hurt’ over most ridiculous things. Just look at how they reacted over Saif Ali khan’s comment.

    And your whole article became worthless the very moment you pulled the “Indian card’ to label Mr. Sabapathy. Whether he was right or wrong is a different thing, but attacking him personally for his Indian roots quite clearly showed the bigotry in your tone. You actually proved yourself you are the same as him(If he did really attack the Pakistani community because of him being an Indian). And we are still not sure whether his comments were prompted by his “Indian roots’. If he wishes too, he can take this piece of article to court and frame defamatory charges against you for your baseless accusations on him in the media. At which point, you’ll be issuing apology.

    And lastly, what wrong did he say? What was so offensive in what he said? He asked the Pakistani community to integrate with the wider community, and you find it offensive?Recommend

  • DK

    The problem is not what Mr. Sabapathy said. The problem is that someone born in India said it. The writer calls his remarks “inflammatory”. Mr. Sabapathy’s tone was courteous, polite and based on observation. I think it was even somewhat affectionate. Perhaps the author should not be so easily riled. The writer calls his remarks prejudiced and stereotyping and then promptly gives examples supporting Mr. Sabapathy’s stance. Clearly you guys are a confused lot especially when it comes to honest introspection. Lastly, Indians don’t feel the sting to see Pakistan celebrate its Independence day. 95% of us were born post-Partition and Pakistan has always been a separate country. Many of us are grateful to Jinnah.Recommend

  • Bana Post

    One more feather to the pakis capRecommend

  • Salim Alvi

    You have lived in UK which is second home for Pakistani elite, for 17 years. UK is also den of non western crooks from colonized and Soviet block countries. All kinds of money laundering criminals are given refuge are given refuge in UK. But if check city criminal roaster in a typical UK town, then you will find disproportionately more Muslims, especially from Pakistan represented in those roasters. May be common British Pakistani considers the filthy rich crooks as their role model and is in a hurry to make money and have hedonistic life style by hook or crook. Indian and Chinese here in US and I am sure in UK as well care for education and have deep down consider themselves more civilized and cultured people than culturally western natives with shallow roots. Unfortunately Pakistanis also have lost their deep roots because of Islamization/Arabization.Recommend

  • Critical

    .I do know that Paul Sabapathy might have let his Indian blood get the better of him….There is data to show that Pakistani Brits are more poorer and prone to live in benefits while Indian and chinese Brits are more prosperous than the common British men…You might show a few examples but exceptions aren’t a rule….

    Also British Muslim women are the lowest in literacy than the national average…the muslim dominated areas are the ones with high crime rate…and for argument sake,lets leave out the child sex rings in Rochdale,Rotherham,Oxfordshire etc….In fact out of 53 rings caught in last decade,51 of them were Muslim gangs with men mostly from Pakistan

    Also there is “Operation Trojan Horse” where Islamic schools are used by hate preachers to instill radicalism to local Muslim youth…

  • Pro Truth

    Well behaviour of Pakistanis are not very different from Indians, Bangladeshis, He has guts to single out Pakistanis only because he is from Indian background. I find every type of Pakistanis and Indians depending on the family background and upbringing they have and that reflects in their behaviours. He just couldnt control his inner hate towards Pakistanis.Recommend

  • Vinod

    British Pakis don’t like to be criticized in any way. They have raped 1500 white girls and blame white girls for been easy.They live in ghettos and try to make it little Pakistan.Most of the white British are fed up with paki behavior.and building endless mosques. Why do they want to live in infidel countries I will never know.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    What she means is “Do as I say, not as I do’…..Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    Career minded Pakistanis abroad try to pass as Indians as they understand how Pakistanis are perceived in general.Recommend

  • abhi

    I think only reason you are criticizing Mr Sabapathy is that he is of Indian origin. Otherwise you agree that Paksitani indeed need some civic sense.Recommend

  • Nana

    Indian angels, devtaas, devian and dasian this is your forum, your chance to come and vent your hatred for us. Let the decimation begin…..Recommend

  • Bana Post

    Truth is truth no matter who says. Those who disagree with this guy should know what others say about paki diaspora in general.Recommend

  • RameshHeg

    Your statement “UK is having hard-time integrating Muslim migrant communities” is inherently wrong.

    It is the other way round. Muslims have difficulty integrating wherever they live. Whether the host community is Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Atheist…it doesn’t matter.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Muslims are over-represented in British Jails. Before someone here starts claiming immigrants and minorities are being victimized – Hindus and Sikhs are under-represented in British jails.

    There is overwhelming empirical evidence to support this guy’s claims. I think he was understating it.Recommend

  • Faiza Iqbal

    As the author of this blog post, if Mr Sabapathy choses to sue over defamation then so be it. I doubt he would get very far since his reputation has to show some signs of damage (which they don’t). I find his comments offensive because he chose to tar every single member of the Pakistani community with the same brush. I doubt very much the Indian community would stay silent if a Pakistani MP or other well-renowned individual made such disparaging remarks about them. At the end of the day, he is an educated and open minded individual (apparently) so for him to say that Pakistanis lack civility and they need to be taught manners is extraordinarily rude. If I went to an independence day event I could expect ruckus and lots of fanfare but I would maybe try and understand the context from which that particular event is being celebrated. He failed to do so and further isolated and group that is doing its utmost to integrate and brush off accusations of isolationism and other societal ills.Recommend

  • Faiza Iqbal

    No, as the author of the article, what I am saying (clearly) is that culture is not important to those of Indian origin. They are more than happy to shed their cultural restraints in order to integrate into other societies. The same cannot be said of Pakistanis who hold their cultural boundaries very close to them.

    You mention some poignant facts about “gangs raping girls”. I would like to point out that there were individuals of Indian (sikh) origin as well amongst those gangs so please stop pretending that this is solely a Pakistani problem. As for Anjem Choudry, I believe he is a product of Britain’s warped foreign policy instead of a Pakistani export. There are many in Pakistan who find him simply abhorrent and backward. Honor killings happen in Sikh families as do cousin marriages! Again, your focus remains solely on a negative image yet you fail to see the many Pakistani women who are now working (as reported in last week’s Economist) or the numerous Pakistani doctors, lawyers, dentists and engineer’s who are working hard to remove such biased and negative perceptions of them. Indeed the British Pakistanis I have met are solely focused on working hard and attaining an education rather than ganging up on white girls or selling drugs. In my article I do mention that we do have a lot of work to do as a community but Mr Sabapathy’s ingrained stereotypes certainly don’t help!Recommend

  • HIGH

    I don’t understand the intent of this blog. Do you agree with Sabapathy or not. Mr Sabapathy has been living in UK for over 51 years and you are resident for 17 years. Firstly you criticize him for generalizing pakistanis and later you agree by giving examples of embassy and aeroplane and say about Indians..You are disagreeing him just because he is of Indian origin and subsequently you are saying the same words as spoken by him.Recommend

  • Eleanor Dahlstrom

    They live in Britain but their heads are in Pakistan. The Indian community is completely different sometimes I think they are more British than the British. Pakistanis could learn a lot from the Indian community, they are just lovely people.Recommend

  • Tommy Gun

    Can someone tell me, why the Brits have a racial slur for Pakistanis only & not for Indians, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis, Nepalese, Afghans etc etc?Recommend

  • Chris

    Ever heard the expression, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”?

    Of course you have.

    Do you know the expression’s origin? St. Ambrose, way back in 387 A.D.

    As the story goes, when St. Augustine arrived in Milan to assume his role as Professor of Rhetoric for the Imperial Court, he observed that the Church did not fast on Saturdays as it did in Rome.

    Confused, Agostino consulted with the wiser and older Ambrogio (Ambrose), then the Bishop of Milan, who replied: “When I am at Rome, I fast on Saturday; when I am at Milan I do not. Follow the custom of the Church where you are.”Recommend

  • Adi Pranoto

    Ever heard about Mr Moazzam Malik?. He is British ambassador for my country, Indonesia. Yes, he is British-Pakistani. Yes, he is a British-Pakistani who can respect British norms and values, even integrate with it. But are other British-Pakistanis same like him?. Hmm, …. unfortunately many of them are not.

    Although I never live in UK I often observe British-Pakistanis life at there, even I often chat with them in internet. From what I’ve noticed, there are enough much of them who see British norms and values as “destructive”. But actually it’s because they just see the bad things in Britain society without willing to see the good things in Britain society.

    My advice to them is open their mind. Do not always see the others with negative view. Learn to respect other culture and other people.Recommend

  • someone
  • Xman

    So why leave fraud out of the picture then? Considering Indians are typically involved in large scale visa frauds and scams, and rape tourists who visit their country? Is that something of a “culture” that Indians hold on to? Remember, Indians too are stereotyped as coming from land of snake charmers, and are being led by a bona field terrorist as PM. (Google doesn’t lie, does it?), still a terrorist was invited to Facebook to make a speech. About integration, all sides have their issues, including westerners, so no point in singling out Pakistanis. India is a much larger country, and Indians should show a bigger heart than us “small minded Pakistanis” by not spilling venom on Pakistani websites, and instead promote things we have in common, rather than our differences.Recommend

  • Abdul

    Pakistan community in UK advised to SUE this lunatic. Let his generation pay the price, why waste time. Take him to court,Recommend

  • Ibrar

    You will harm yourself if you continue….most likely from a status epilepticus. You certainly seem full to the brim as to your rich knowledge of uncivil behaviour. You must be living a very uncomfortable life with all those scary uncivil things on your mind!!

    Take care and donot worry too much about things…we are all at different stages of adjusting to environmental changes including evolving into new cultures. In my observations Indians seem most amenable to adapting other’s values, they already seem to show changes the moment they take their first flight to UK. Perhaps unknown fears and bit of slave mentality facilitate integration. Recommend

  • golmal

    Don’t feed the troll! He is the resident troll.
    He hates Muslims. He hates Paks. In that

  • Ibrar

    Opse…forgot to address my previous reply to @ wb.Recommend

  • wb

    Point no 1) You have clearly suggested that our cultural nuances as uncivil. No explanation will reverse that.

    2) It’s stupid to think that shedding our culture makes us integrate. When I lived in US, I remained a vegetarian, a teetotaler. Not only did I integrate well, made friends, I even made many of them to INVEST MONEY IN INDIA. So, how did that happen without shedding my culture?

    3) I never said Pakistanis don’t work hard or are not good citizens. But, a large number of your countrymen are involved in illegal activities of all sorts, from rapes, drugs, gangs to identity theft, terrorism etc. Pakistanis in particular are very highly represented in their prisons. Contrary to that Pakistanis in particular are very poorly represented among entrepreneurs, scientists, artistes, engineers, journalists and even doctors among many other walks of life.

    4) Pakistanis and Muslims start Muslim-zones. Where non Muslims are harassed and bullied for the way they dress, for drinking. You not only break laws, but you also impose your medieval mindsets on others. This is a fact. And if you don’t believe me, please visit youtube and look for various videos of harassment.

    5) So, why stereotype all Pakistanis? Because the so called liberal Pakistanis are also bigots. They don’t raise their voices against these radicals. When Anjem Chaudhry went protesting on the streets of London with 1000s of Pakistanis/Bangladeshis (because a majority of Pakistanis are good citizens as you claimed) and other Muslims, I was hoping to see 10s of 1000s of liberal Pakistanis forming their own protests demanding prosecution of Anjem Chaudhuri.

    And yes, the burden is on you. You want to destroy the stereotypes, then the burden is on you.

    If you’ve participated in one such event, kindly share a pic. Or don’t blame others for stereotyping you. For all we know, you might be a closet radical. You get my point?Recommend

  • wb

    You wage 4 wars, many mini-wars and why should we show you bigger heart?

  • Raghu Reddy

    “At the event celebrating independence, he was apparently dealt in a manner which was unbecoming and disrespectful after which he vented in an email saying,”.
    All commenters here have forgot one thing above.Who is the first instigator ? Sabapathi was heckeld. He was right to state his views after bring heckled. Why isnt anyone criticising Pakistanis who heckedl him?Recommend

  • wb

    Actually, you’re 75% correct.

    However, you must add that I’m also quite knowledgeable and one of the few people who speak truth and argue logically and beat Pakistanis every time.Recommend

  • HIGH
  • Milind A

    “I doubt very much the Indian community would stay silent if a Pakistani
    MP or other well-renowned individual made such disparaging remarks about

    Nobody’s asking you to stay silent in the face of disparaging remarks… The point is how much of self-reflection was done in the face of these? Rather than analyzing these logically, seeking the truth followed by corrective measures, all we’re seeing is knee-jerk reactions, victimhood (which is prevalent amongst Muslims worldover, despite 57 countries of their own)…Recommend

  • hp kumar

    hi faiza.. I m with you on this issue.. Stereotyping entire community is not correct..not every Indians think like that..Recommend

  • hp kumar

    ET is pro pakistan…But yes this is one forum where indians can vent their angerRecommend

  • Ibrar

    @ wb
    Right at partition the Hindu leadership refused to share what was lawfully ours. I tend to forgive you for that because after all your slavery to long Muslim rules must have left irrational resentment painfully written on your Genes.

    Yes 4 wars ! But the final war is yet to come to ensure your right place in history. No matter what you say about Pakistan and Muslim community we have kept you on your toes particularly your Prime minister whose supporters receive him to a rousing welcome overseas. Yet you trolls crawl over every Pakistan website and say whatever you like.

    India does not understand the language of civil people so the next war is not going to be good to you. A now strong Pakistan is ready to support Khalistan freedom movement in India in the same manner as India did in our Eastern wing in 1971. Recommend

  • Faiza Iqbal

    You seem hell bent on advocating that you’re right and I’m wrong so I won’t waste too much time on you. What I do know is the Muslim-only zones you talk of do not actually exist and what have they got to do with Pakistanis when it has been reported in populations where lots of Bangladeshi people reside as well. As for raising voices against Anjem Chaudry, have you not heard of Maajid Nawaz or Tariq Ramadan? Both British Pakistanis who absolutely abhor him and have made it very clear on TV that they don’t support his views. Do you not consider that maybe the British media has used Anjem as a way of propagating their own stereotypes.

    Mishal Husain – journalist
    Saima Mohsin – journalist
    James Caan – entrepreneur
    Tariq Chaudry – entrepreneur
    Afzal Khan – entrepreneur
    Mohsin Hamid – writer
    Amir Khan – boxer

    Not to mention the countless doctors and dentists slaving away in hospitals – would you like me to continue?

    Like I said, your only focus is to see the bad and make that the norm which is what people like Paul Sabapathy do. It makes it harder for people like those listed above to continue to do alot for the British Pakistani community.Recommend

  • wb

    Actually, I’m right and you’re partially wrong.

    The very fact that you had to list out a few names shows the failure of your argument.

    By the way if people like you are in majority in England, then why only two people you mentioned opposed Anjem Chaudhury?

    If thousands of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis could protest against UK? Couldn’t you liberal Pakistanis not gather at least a 100 to protest Anjem Chaudhry? How sad is that?

    You are getting angry on me. However, you should be angry on liberals like yourself for not doing enough to prevent this stereotyping.

    Muslim only zones do exist. It has been enforced illegally by people like Anjem Chaudhry and tens of thousands of followers.Recommend

  • wb

    Your comment just proved my comment. Thank you, sir.Recommend

  • Ibrar

    @faiza Iqbal
    I am amazed how this ‘sacked’ Lord Lt( Opse, I mean retired or still better former instead of sacked) put himself in his own trap? It seemed he realised what he did despite his ‘civil’ intentions and had to step down. Did he resign voluntarily or did he get a royal signal in a ‘civil’ manner? One thing is sure unlike the majority of Indian elite troll visiting this page he is going to have second thoughts about Pakistani community..hahaha.

    As if it was not enough the Indian community(@nan-to) are putting into his bruised mind ideas about defamation, not realising he would instead prefer to hide some where and avoid further humiliation. If they have any love for him they should lease a tandoori restaurant for him for some regular income or perhaps a taxi company. Recommend

  • Hassan

    Pakistani’s are called Pakis in Britain. Is there also such a popular racially motivated slur used for Indians or Bangladeshi’s ? ……mmmm I rest my case.Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    All south asians are called Pakis! That includes Bangladeshis and Indians. It is considered a slur because of the type of behavior the targeted group is purported to represent.Recommend


    There is some thing I have never been able to understand about people of Pakistan. Meet the youth; most of them coming from well to do families are educated in Western countries and keep visiting the West and are sending their children for studies to West. However because of the large properties/business that they hold in Pakistan they stay back. The middle classes and below have single minded aspirations to go to West, earn money, earn green card and settle there. Then why they make a mini Pakistan complete with a mosque, madarsa, maulvi and try their best to remain a closed society. They would like their children to read from KG to University in England but let them not practice the liberal values they learn. Utilising every modern invention by west seems to be the birth right of Pakistan and abusing every thing western is their religion. Sad….sad…. sad ….Recommend

  • RameshHeg

    Pakistanis/Muslims are NEVER EVER known ANYWHERE to be “silent” whether they are minority or majority.

    What are you talking about?Recommend

  • Xman

    Let’s be fair, you’ve had your share as well, which is okay. But now, why not move on, and build bridges instead of burning boats?Recommend

  • Sabapathy says the truth

    This was a news in British news papers too!
    If you care to know the reality, please check what the REAL BRITISH people feel about the Pakistani community!Recommend

  • fze

    Most? They were probably Indians posing as Pakistanis. Not a far fetched thing from them afterall they see Pakistani hand in everything, be it Samjhota Express, new year boat incident or Mumbai train incident, not to mention so many others.Recommend

  • fze

    In your dreams!Recommend

  • fze

    IN your dreams!Recommend

  • Ibrar

    Let us for the sake of argument accept your concern at the lack of appropriate reaction from Pakistan community against Anjem Chaudhary. How many members of Indian community raised their voice against Modi on his visit to America. He had directly or indirectly perpetrated terror against the Muslim community as a chief Minister of Gujrat in 2003. He was even barred from entering America but when he eventually did visit there almost every member of Indian community gathered to glorify his persona. Does that tell you any thing about your so called educated and mature civil society? I have more to tell but I feel like closing on you at this stage. Never understand why you guys are so obsessed about us, never staying away from our news outlets.Recommend

  • someone

    LOL. Surrender like 1971? :-)Recommend

  • Simla

    Most of the Indian restaurants in UK are run by Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Most of the taxi drivers are also from these two communities.Recommend

  • Humza

    You really need to point out to people in the UK that a lot of the people they are calling ” Pakis” are not Pakistanis at all. This name calling started after large numbers of Kashmiris settled there but now people from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and others are being lumped together as Pakis when they certainly do not look like Pakistanis. In the US, they negatively call Afghans “Assganis” or Indians ” Apus” after the character from the Simpsons. There are even worse names that are used for Arabs and Iranians in the US which I don’t wish to repeat. At least Paki is only a short form of Pakistani and it doesn’t bother me at all. The problem of applying the nick name to others does bother me though and it will continue until people start educating others.Recommend

  • Chitral wala

    Comment forwarded to PEMRA, ISPR, Sindh Secretariat, PM Secretariot,
    Interior Ministry, JI, JUI-Fazl, PTI, CII.Recommend

  • wb

    AGree. But don’t expect us to show “bigger heart”. Whatever that means.Recommend

  • Adi Pranoto

    Anjem Choudary is not product of Pakistani export. He was born in UK, had hedonistic life that contrary with Pakistani values before being radicalized by Omar Bakri Mohammad who is Arab. Muslim/sharia zone made by Anjem and his gang. But it has nothing to do with Pakistani community in UK. Even some of prominent members in his gang are not Pakistanis. And from what I know, many of British-Pakistanis are against Anjem.

    Try to seek more references other than only from Indian medias.Recommend

  • Shiv

    Firstly, the title would have been more appropriate in the context of Pakistanis and not British Pakistanis.
    Secondly, this was a leaked email.No one sends such an email out of the blue without a context. He may have been responding to a specific question.
    Lastly, so much is the Pakistani vanity that they take offense at anything. What is Pakistani culture? No culture puts anyone on the backfoot when it comes to education as in the case of Pakistanis, whether in the UK or Pakistan. What culture are you talking about? If the Pakistanis really arè worth it, stop putting up Indian looking signboards on your restaurants, and in the US, STOP passing of as Indians and spoil India’s ‘loose’ culture!!!Recommend

  • Shiv

    The point is, you do have an Anjum Chowdhury, Indians don’t. You have guys bombing the London tube, Indians don’t. In this backdrop, fully understand that Pakistanis don’t shed their culture.
    But then we don’t either. If we did we would also be doing the very same things that Anjum and his ilk do!Recommend

  • chakrs

    I recently read about Modi’s proposed visit to Silicon Valley; the numbers of supporters and opponents of his visit are comparable.Recommend

  • chakrs

    The email was leaked. He didn’t intend to defame Pakistanis by expressing prejudice in public. Anyway, everyone is entitled to their prejudices! Hope things improve in the coming years with growing prosperity in both India and Pakistan.Recommend

  • Rhea

    War? haha. what a martial guy. modern day alexander, or may be Taimur Lang, or Chengiz Khan, or Nadir shah. Bravo.Recommend

  • AA

    One word “egomania”Recommend

  • Simla

    When I was visiting LA, an Uber taxi driver posed himself as an Indian. When I asked him where in India was he born, he said Lahore.Recommend

  • ahmed

    Don’t forget smelly Indian houses and indian living as if they are from another planet…that have not touched civilization in a century. The community no matter where it lives it behaves it is living in a small communal village in IndiaRecommend

  • Gratgy

    Does Modi shout death to Britain, while living in Britain? If Modi is responsible for being in charge during the Gujarat riots then Nawaz Sharif is responsible for child rape and paedophilia for being in power during the mass rapes of KasurRecommend

  • Tom Rowley

    It seemed grossly unfair for him to lose his job for commenting on the elephant in the corner. Unfortunately, many British pakistanis misinterpret religion for culture. As such there is a growing population of fully segregated, mainly Muslim communities that lack courtesy and respect for the rule of law. Agreed, this discussion is usually taken up by the far right, yet the only way to take it from the racists is to discuss the topic of failed integration out in the open where everyone is allowed a say rather than just the uneducated. Recommend

  • The truth

    You guys don’t integrate. Even a study from 2017. Says you people in particularly your women can’t won’t don’t integrate.

    No such thing as islamophobia when everything is trueRecommend

  • The truth

    As a black I despise the big cultural difference. I don’t hate Muslims I hate the religion and those wanting to pass it off as peaceful.

    When history shows you are anything butRecommend