Banning meat and taking India back to medieval times. Well done, Modi!

Published: September 14, 2015

Mr. Modi, do you think that by creating divisions in society and by promoting Hindu extremism you are making Indians proud? PHOTO: AFP

Many said that Modi should not be judged without being given a chance and that proof of the pudding is in the eating. Indians have slowly begun to realise that the pudding they picked up a year and half ago is proving to be of a terribly low quality. It tastes bitter. A year and a half into power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become a great embarrassment to the many Indians who voted for him.

He possesses a historic mandate in his hands; the BJP, along with its allies, hold more than 300 seats in the Indian parliament. Modi has made a mockery of the widespread support that he had garnered in 2014. The promises he made have fallen flat and expectations have been shattered.

Modi rode to victory on the back of a promise; inclusive policies for all the various communities in India. One of the inclusive slogans that he coined was,

Sabka saath, sabka vikas

(Together with all, development for all).

That promise, which formed the backbone of his election campaign, seems to have evaporated without a trace. Almost as if he had never promised that his administration would push for solidarity and heal the various communal discords that have plagued the country since its very inception.

It has now become apparent that his election rhetoric was nothing but a ruse to secure office. He sweet-talked his way into becoming prime minister, and let’s face it, the public was seduced.

I cannot help but harken back to the days before Modi’s administration sunk its teeth into the Indian flesh. The sceptics who had little faith in Modi, used to buzz around his election campaign, looking for tiny morsels of truth that would indicate Modi’s real agenda. When Modi loudly proclaimed that, “Ache din aanay walay hain”, a huge section of the population fawned over him and swayed under his spell. The sceptics, however, raised their eyebrows in alarm. They accused him of having an inherently divisive agenda. They tapped their pens on the temples of their foreheads in the depths of dingy media offices, chewed on their nails as they drove to work through the myriad of election posters, lost themselves in pots of aloo curry as they rotated the ladle clockwise, and counter clockwise, and wondered,

“Could Modi, the watchman of the Gujarat horror, really soothe the aches of India’s communal divide?”

Their pens ran out of ink, their nails were reduced to stubs and the burnt aloo curry never made it to the dinner table. The dark premonitions of the sceptics have now become reality.

The beef ban and the sordid rise in cases of Hindu extremism in different parts of the country are a clear depiction of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) divisive agenda. The first to throw a matchstick into India’s ripe communal conflicts was the Maharashtra government when it banned the consumption of beef and destroyed the meat industry. Thousands lost their jobs, and Muslim and Hindi beef eaters felt alienated and persecuted. The Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh governments jumped on the bandwagon and banned meat eating during the Jain festival. All state governments that have issued the bans are run by the BJP and all of them have sizable minority populations.

Put down your pens, park your cars, turn the stove off and think for a second.

How is this meat ban going to translate into the larger conversation on Hindu extremism and the persecution of Indian minorities? What will they ban tomorrow? Who will be side-lined next as the “other” in this tirade? By banning meat in the name of Jain or Hindu festivals, the government is trying to appease one section at the cost of another. The communal wounds that were supposed to heal are becoming putrid with new infections.

The BJP and its associate the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) are old masters in this game.

Their strategy was apparent from the very first day. The ridiculous love jihad, the ‘ghar wapsi’ campaign of reconverting Muslims to Hinduism, the dilution of cases against Hindu militants involved in terror acts, religious violence in different parts of the country, rewriting of history, communalisation of education, the ban on beef and now the ban on meat altogether– it’s not too hard to see what the Modi administration is leading the Indian people to; a world that is washed with saffron and nothing else.

Instead of focusing on making achievements in the economic front and delivering the promise of ‘Shining India’, the Modi administration has been pooling all of its efforts into creating a harsh domestic climate. Besides the meat industry, the Indian media has also endured crushing restrictions. It is no secret that the BJP regime manipulates TV channels and other media in Delhi. The government interferes directly with the content of the news through its corporate handlers. Clear instructions have been given to some channels and news magazines which dictate that unfavourable comments regarding the top BJP leadership would not be tolerated.

Hindu extremism has reached a point where defiance can prove to be fatal. The recent killing of a famous literary person, MM Kalburgi from Karnataka, by Hindu extremists is a case in point. Threats are being handed out the same way secular bloggers receive in Bangladesh.

The anger and frustration amongst the cross-sections of society is palpable. People are speaking up against Modi’s injustices. Sonakshi Sinha, a popular actress and the daughter of a Bollywood veteran, Shatrughan Sinha, referred to India as “Ban-istan” in reaction to the Maharashtra government’s controversial decision.

Her compatriot Sonam Kapoor also tweeted that,

These statements reflect the pain of forward thinking citizens who are feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the government which seems to be hell bent on taking the country back to medieval times.

The reaction of the Hindu right-wing trolls on the film stars’ outbursts show the mentality of the crowd which forms the backbone of the regime. Sonakshi Sinha had to endure fat-shaming and Sonam Kapoor was harassed on Twitter for her views.

The secular spirit of India is under attack. People are choking on the saffron that is being shoved into their faces.

Mr Modi, do you honestly think that your policies are an asset to ‘Shining India’? You are dragging this country, kicking and screaming, back to the middle ages.

We won’t go without a fight.

India had expected Modi to be an agent of change, a new hope for the nation. Once again, pens are being tapped on foreheads, nails are being bitten and the aloo curry is burning. People are being haunted by this damaging question: Was it justified to place so much faith in him?

The pudding has been tasted and painfully swallowed. We don’t like it, Mr Modi. It has no meat in it.


Sanjay Kumar

A New Delhi based broadcast journalist who reports on national and international affairs. He is a contributor to the Asia Pacific based magazine, The Diplomat. He tweets as @destinydefier (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Shehzad

    The Hindufication of India is as scary as the Islamization of Pakistan under Gen. Zia. I really hope Secular India survives. That also gives impetus to the seculars on this side of the border. Jai Secular India and Secular Pakistan Zindabad!Recommend

  • Iqra

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY? You realize this now? Like,Seriously?Recommend

  • Critical

    This meat ban was introduced back in 1964 by the Congress Govt when Modi was still a teenager selling tea and BJP wasnt even born at that time…and the ban was reinforced in 2008 when Congress again was ruling Maharashtra….

    Nobody talked about human rights at that time….They waited till a BJP govt came to center and State and now blaming them for the meat ban….

    How come noone was outraged when Mid-day meals for school kids were banned in Kerala schools during Ramadan because it was fasting time for Muslims and non muslim kids,most of them poor, had to go hungry???

    So its ok for majority religion to skip lunch for a month but minorities cannot live without meat for 8 days???Recommend

  • Stars

    One can never expect factual information from a biased leftist writer whose main agenda is just to spread their fake leftist propaganda since Modi has step on their tails. The meat ban for Jain community has been since 1964 and congress was the one who imposed this and has been going on since then.. But as this biased author has his agendas so lets blame modi as usual.Recommend

  • Alien1

    So torturing, killing and eating animals will bring us back to 21st century, wow what a logic this guy has.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Welcome back, Sanjay! With your last non-Modi blog, I wondered if you had taken ill. Good to see you’re back in roaring form!Recommend

  • Question

    So if Modi’s speeches that led to communal riots (killing about 300 ppl) make him a terrorist,

    Does that mean Jinnah is a bigger terrorist (his speeches led to thousands, perhaps lakhs of deaths!)Recommend

  • Ipl

    Just one dare- try eating pork in Pakistan!Recommend

  • Rih

    You have cited Sonakshi Sinha’s tweets??
    This is the same girl who led a campaign on Twitter against animal killing for clothes and sacrifices!
    Hypocrisy at its best!Recommend

  • Stars

    One can never expect factual information from a biased leftist writer whose main agenda is just to spread their fake leftist propaganda since Modi has step on their tails. The meat ban for Jain community has been since 1964 and congress was the one who imposed this and has been going on since then.. But as this biased author has his agendas so lets blame modi as usual.Recommend

  • abhi

    First time I am hearing this that during medieval times people were vegiterians.Recommend

  • Alpha

    Your biased article is exaggerated to the point of stupidity . India being a country of 1250 million people is bound to have such frictions.Ban on Meat during Jain’s festival was in practice from 25 years. Beef ban is in accordance with the wish of a majority community in a particular region, not in the country (As alcohol is banned in Gujarat). You are writing that Modi Government is an embarrassment to those who voted him. I will suggest you to start looking beyond the twitter account of bollywood actresses and start doing some real journalism. Modi government is doing a lot of good work and delusional people like will see you the result of it in 2019. Meanwhile Please don’t try to act as the voice of the nation !Recommend

  • Bana Post

    You carry on Sanjay (5th column) Pakis love u Where is Kapoor ? Am thinking of best owing Bharath Rathna to u and Kapoor.Dont you like it?Recommend

  • TheSaneVoice

    Sanjay Kumar, kudos for penning a column for ET and expressing your view. Modi comparison to me is as close to the inevitable Mr. Smith from The Matrix. Call it whatever, most of the critics had predicted this will happen to the minorities 2 years ago. His roots to the BJP party were unscathed, and today here we are.Recommend

  • Bana Post

    What will they ban tomorrow? Who will be side-lined next as the “other” in this tirade? Recommend

  • indi

    don’t you have any other thing to write.leftist are dead so your voice.Recommend

  • A Christian

    Fed up of Fake Pseudo Secular…..

    First of all Lets get straight to the Point and state fact….The Ban in Mumbai was imposed because there is a jain festival by the name of Paryushan that is going on in which jain people do strict fasting not like roza….but they dont even eat for single day for 3-7 days or sometimes 30 days….based on individual capacity…They are also minority and actually peaceful and most developed minority of India…So to give them respect the meat was banned for 4 days in shops…but you can easily get in hotel’s..and the fact is jain’s didn’t even told government…why this hulalabulu…Why dont you show your respect alike for all other minotiries……why only a particular minority…..This is a big question now a days………….

    Please one minority and it’s secularism….but if u even tried to please other monorities. then u are communal…which can’t even be a vote bank since they are only 50 Lakh’s….. but atleast 5000 years more older religion before the 7th centuryRecommend

  • ABCD

    What is wrong in banning beef in a predominantly Hindu country if pork is banned in Muslim countries ? More and more s are proving that vegetarianism is better for good health.Recommend

  • Anoop

    A book is written which allegedly is offensive to Muslims and causing them great pain. The book is banned in India. Supreme Court of India provides a Muslim woman her right and the then Indian govt snatches it away saying this has caused offense for many Muslims. Muslim personal law is highly unsecular and goes against the secular principles the country was founded upon, but it can stay.

    Cow is a holy animal in Hinduism. Butchering this holy animal is causing great pain to many millions of Hindus. Yet, banning the butchering of the poor animal which nourishes us our entire adult life is questioned.

    Jainism urges its followers for strict Vegetarianism. They are severely offended by seeing meat and when restaurants serve meat. But, when action is taken to soothe their offence, it is called names.

    Why are India’s own Religions being given step-motherly treatment?Recommend

  • Gullu

    As a one Bharati Leader said,..’Be Happy In Your Work. Be Happy In Your Caste’
    And so it will be. The Hindus are trapped in their castes. They are not allowed to
    ascend or break free. There are millions and millions of low caste Hindus. There
    are millions of ‘Untouchables’. The only country in the world with this kind of society
    restrictions. And nowhere to go. The Muslims and the Christians are the only ethnic
    groups in Hindustan who are secular. The rest are unmentionables.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    Perhaps Indians will now realize why Muslims wanted a separate country of their own? When you dictate to minorities what they should eat, what they should wear, and whom they should worship, your country cannot be termed a secular republic. It would be better if Modi declares that only Hindus can live in India and all others should either convert to Hinduism or leave the country.Recommend

  • vinsin

    India is not a secular country so how come that spirit is under threat.
    Meat was not banned in Medieval times.
    Pakistan has already been created for Muslims wanted to eat beef, as Jinnah wanted.
    Writer never wrote anything when parties were jumping to appease Muslims voters by Partitioning the country, Article 370, exempting Muslims from women rights, child rights, animal rights, religious building and clothing laws.
    Author is complete confused between liberalism and secularism.Recommend

  • pk

    Indian people are so much acquitted to minority appeasement that mere mention of Hindu word has become equivalent to communalism. No one bothers when Muslim call themselves Muslim, Christian calling themselves Christian but when one Hindu call himself a Hindu he might feel that he is toeing communal line. The congress Prime Ministers always address the gatherings with “my fellow Hindu, Muslims, sikh, christens” line which is disgusting for a country whose constitution is secular, where are other religions like Buddhists, Iranians, Jains and some other tribal religions which we may not know? Modi is the first Prime Minister who always address the public gatherings with ” My fellow 125 Crore Indians”. Now that is the shocking statement for people addicted to minority appeasement. Lastly, India is not secular because of constitution but because Hinduism is secular. Which country allows every morning Azans on loudspeaker at 0430 which invariably disturb sleep of citizens but still we Hindus taken it as some kind of routine. The tentacles of such religious extravaganza of a particular community has gone so deep that uprooting them will cause lot of noise but one has to do it.Recommend

  • MyWhiteMasters

    Anything which saves innocent animals should be supported. Even if it may come from majoritarianism. India s the home of environmental revolutions like chipko movement. Don’t forget what Amrita Devi said “Sar santey rukh rahe to bhi sasto jan”(If a tree is saved even at the cost of one’s head, it’s worth it.)Recommend

  • Fahimuddin

    There would be some people after some time who will consider vegetables as their GF and beans their BF. Stop them too from eatingRecommend

  • dixiecafe

    It is the people who eat meat that are medieval. Last i checked, vegetarianism has been certified by the UN as the diet man kind must move to save us from extinction. But, hey the scikularists cant be bothered with such facts. What next, if a mosquito bites you at night is it also due to Modi ?Recommend

  • Jasvinder Singh Marwaha

    Does banning pig meat take Pakistan to medieval times?Recommend

  • someone

    Hmmm i think meat was a staple diet when Human did not know agriculture. Some cultures that could not grow the food due to land conditions, stuck to meat. Vegetarianism is evolution Sanjay Kumar. I wonder where did you do schooling.Recommend

  • Someone

    The modi pudding is bitter only for those who were habitual of eating congress shit for 67 years. It is bitter for those who did nothing but loot the country in tune of thousands of crore rupee. People like you would not mind a corrupt goverment because it suits the pseudo seculars like you. You like it or not Sanjay Kumar, Modi is PM for 5 years and we, the people of India would make him PM for next 5 years too. By that time, you would be vegetarian and detoxicated of congress shit :-)Recommend


    I agree with every word of the writer. With every rising day the regressive, communal divide and hate mongering agenda of RSS pracharaks now ministers and occupying key positions is becoming clearer. Latest is saga of blood donation camps on gazetted holiday of idRecommend

  • Shaukat Ali

    I commend you for an honest introspection of the state of affairs of the modi government.Recommend

  • Logic

    Its really sad but Indian people have made a big mistake by trusting Modi. Even my Indian friends revile him for his extremist hindutva campaign in India.Recommend

  • nutun

    how much money given to u by congress? plese do not sell your profession,
    modi is correcting what congress did to hindus in last 70 yrs. inflation lowest in 10yrs, no curruptions, economy growing, etc, u will see real modi after bihar elections.Recommend

  • ajeet

    Compared to what minorities are facing in Islamic countries, this is a stroll in the park.Recommend

  • Queen

    India’s claim of being a ‘secular’ country has become threatened under Modi’s rule.Recommend

  • Abbassin

    A fact laden article on Modi’s past and present policies.It may seem ironic but the fact is that leaders on both sides are in it for their own sake and will do anything to gain and maintain power. However the author is kind to him, when describing him as a “watch man” of Gujarat horrors-watchman, really? But I am wondering where are all those enlightened members of the civil society? who jump on any and every thing and comment ad nausea when it comes to a story good or bad from the other side of the border.Recommend

  • Jk

    Can I eat Pork in Pakistan and remain alive and not get arrested under blasphemy?Recommend

  • Jayman

    Banning anything is plain ridiculous !Recommend

  • J

    Pakistan is an Islamic republic while India is secular right?Recommend

  • Sanjay Jha

    I didnt know that not by not eating meat for two days one can move back in time.Recommend

  • whatever

    it means its fair to discriminate in the name of constitution. then why do not you people ban movies and songs, they are too haram according to islamic lawsRecommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Veg or Non Veg is a Q of personal choice. Plus there are thousands of honest hard working tax paying folk in the Beef industry who will starve if this ban works.Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Theres something called stunning the animal bef killing it . Most slaughter houses have standards .Recommend

  • Digvijay Singh Rathore

    that’s the difference, India is a free country unlike Pakistan.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    India is supposed to be a secular country with 80% Hindus (which doesn’t make it “predominantly” Hindu). Moreover, pork eating by minorities is allowed in Pakistan and other Muslim countries, it’s banned only for Muslims.Recommend

  • Shaukat Ali

    India is losing secularism not because of bjps policies but because of hindu extremism. It’s evident here, they all can’t swallow any criticism of modi, whether it comes from this side of the border or theirs. It’s like a snow ball effect , grassroots Hindu fundamentalism is growing constantly, and the more it grows the less hardline Hindus realize this aberration, they actually celebrate it. Please congress party, come back to power, so we don’t have to deal with a billion warring extremist Hindus. You (congress) are true progeny of the great and tolerant mahatama.Recommend

  • Beenish

    Did nt u read the latest raid conducted on meat shops in lhr, dude we were feeded by pork and other haram things and yet the criminals are alive… not charged of blasphemy though they did commit a big time crime .Recommend

  • Jibran

    Pakistan says its an Islamic republic. India says its a secular republic. If you think a comparison with Pakistan is warranted, do the honest thing of re-constituting India as a hindu republic and the hypocrisy would be done away with.Recommend

  • beenish

    dude have u ever heard a Term ‘TWO NATION THEORY’ thats what happening Pakistan was created on the basis of two nation theory and India always has opposed it.. now suddenly you ppl realizing butchering cows are hurting hindus sentiments? then what else is 2 nation theory?Recommend

  • Shaukat Ali

    People liked going to India because it was tolerant and secular country. Now Hindu thugs beat up Muslims just for talking to Hindus. History curriculum has been forcibly rewritten to artificially glorify Hindu past, meat is being banned, there is an actual movement to convert Muslims back to Hinduism, the list goes on and on….. And a thousand Hindu will ask, what’s wrong with any of that!!!!!!. What a religiously fanatic nation!!!

  • Videlicet

    I’m not sure this author is Indian or has any clue about the constitutional machinery. The Prime Minister has little say over what law is passed within a state’s legislative assembly. The author expects Modi to dissolve the state govt for a mere meat ban that too when the Court has got involved?Recommend

  • neil

    If anything india has proved its secular. It went against hindu sentiments and respected sentiments of Minority Jains during their fasting and put restrictions.
    2. Fat shaming Sonakshi was right wing trolls? Lol. Firstly Sonakshi’s dad belongs to same right wing party bjp. And she is modi fan. No right winger is attacking her when she is part of them. Even I find her fat, doesn’t make me right winger for saying truth.
    3. Sonam Kapoor was trolled by all sane indians for her idiotic comment. She thinks “banning meat was mysogynistic” don’t quote selectively. what was anti/hatred for woman, in banning meat? If she won’t be trolled for her poor choice of words.
    if pork and alcohol is allowed in our neigbouring country.
    4. Indian state Kerala govt banned midday meals in schools- affect no meals for non Muslims kids because muslims kids were fasting during ramadhan, no uproar then? Or when they slaughter animals on their festivities on roads and residence area within builidng which is offensive to non Muslims residents, unhygienic, unhealthy and makes the place look stinky bloody like slaughter house. Or loudspkear that runs as early as 4am in mosque waking up whole area . We have respected their sentiments and don’t hang pork or eat pork during their festivals.
    Same way Jains believe in non voilence, only slaughtering animal(killing , pain ,suffering ) is banned for 8 days of their fast “in their area,” one can consume frozen meat from shops, fish etc. Only slaughtered on those days are banned. .So what’s the hoopla all about when you can eat pre slaughtered frozen meat? Is killing that day neccesary? And mind you its Jain fast not hindu fast. We are respecting their traditions. Recommend

  • Mesquite Ice

    India is secular but congress is not. Hindus have be humilated and shamed for the past 60 years. Before that for 200 years the british shamed all indians. Before that for 300 years the Mughals harrased and humilated Hindus.

    Today it is a curse to be a Hindu. Hindus are deprived of equal opportunity by reservation. How can a country that provides reservation on purely religious grounds be called secular.Recommend

  • amit jaiswar

    Hindus are not even allowed to cremate their dead people in Pakistan. Their is not even a single shamshan in Pakistan. All shamshan in Pakistan have been converted to hotels or land has been sold for other purpose. For further details search google..–hindus-in-pakistans-dik-forced-to-bury-their-dead-ever-since-countrys-birth/1038031/
    Hindus do not have any marriage law by which they can prove their marraiges in Pakistan this leads to rapes and abduction and forcefull convertion of Hindus living their.
    After reading all this and other post and realities of how minorities are being treated in Pakistan. We Indians atleast Hindus should be proud of themselves and their religion which teaches peace, nonviolence and equalitity. Islam has no place for Democracy, Secularism, Equality and Co existence. People who want all leisure and things as per their religion in India under so called secularism will never allow others to get even their basic rights wen they are a majority..Recommend

  • Parvez

    When Mr. Jinnah was asked to explain the ‘ Two nation theory ‘….he said its five words ‘ The Muslims are a Nation ‘. Today Mr. Modi is saying ‘ The Hindus are a Nation ‘ plus he is working towards consolidating this and you are having difficulty reconciling with this……….I feel you can question his method but not his intent.Recommend

  • Polpot

    Correction. Islam has place from co-existance, equality in justice, non violence and peace. The meaning of Islam is itself ‘PEACE’. However, there is no place for Democracy and Secularism in Islam as these damage the community as you can witness with your own eyes across the world.Recommend

  • Polpot

    No it does not. Look at the reason why pig is banned and not cow. Read about how filthy pig is then you will know the difference between a pig and a cow.Recommend

  • Hassan

    Further, it is not about restriction on shamshan ghats in Pakistan it is basically the affordability. most of the Hindus in India and Pakistan are not well off to afford tons of woods to depose off the corpse that is why Hindus are sharing Graveyard with Muslims for decades but in the case u referred they buried the Hindu alongside Muslim graves. that is it.Recommend

  • Moosa

    Modi you are a big shame even for Indians who selected you because they were better deserving a so called leader like you!Recommend

  • Bana Post

    Banning pig meat and taking Pakistan back to medieval times. Well done, SanjayRecommend

  • someone

    Yeah. Cause Muslims could not live without beef right? By the way, there were no cows in the land where Islam was created. I wonder where were they importing the cows from. India?Recommend

  • Joe Being

    “How come noone was outraged when Mid-day meals for school kids were banned in Kerala schools during Ramadan because it was fasting time for Muslims and non muslim kids,most of them poor, had to go hungry???”

    Here is an article posted on “The Hindu”, that refutes this statement. It is titled

    “Midday meal not banned during Ramzan”

  • Ram Dargad

    ”Mid-day meals for school kids were banned in Kerala schools during Ramadan..” Hindu published an investigation (with some evidence) concluding that this is just a rumor spread by vested interest- mid day meals were not banned.
    ”This meat ban was introduced back in 1964 by the Congress Govt.” As per my information- Some resolution was passed in 1964 but never implemented. Beef ban became effective recently in Maharashtra.

  • Kasturi K

    Non muslims are allowed to drink in Pakistan. They are given special permission and they can buy or import alcohol. It’s not a very strange drink in the country. However, pork is not a very popular meat when you can freely get cow, baffloa, camel, lamb, sheep, fish and chicken. There is no market for it. As for slaughtering on Eid ul Azha, if arrangement can be made like it is done in UAE, where animal slaughtering is prohibited at home, then no one will have any problem and I for one would be the happiest.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    Pork is not a very popular meat in Pakistan. If you want to eat it here, catch your own pig (boar), slaughter it and eat it too.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    because Pakistan is not a fundamentalist country like Saudi Arabia. We are moderate. Really, your perception about Pakistan is very poor.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    human nature dear, to try naughty things. Bear with us.Recommend

  • Union Jack

    This topic is being blown out of proportion by media and by armchair journalist like Sanjay Kumar who never cared to research before narrating.
    In his eagerness to appease people across the border, Sanjay completely forgot that “meat eating” community is not “minority” in India. In fact it outnumbers vegetarians. And also let me remind Sanjay that muslims in India are not the only meat eaters, many Hindus eat meat too. So it is not that only muslims are banned from eating meat in India. But still it doesn’t stop Sanjay from making it sound like a minority oppression issue.
    The only iota of truth in the whole argument is that GO should stop the politics of trying to appease one community over other. Every citizen should enjoy the uniform law and protection of their civil rights under a democratic society. By banning meat we are only preaching intolerance towards meat eaters. Not good.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    Eating pig meat is such a modern thing? LOL your benchmarks! BTW, Sanjay is a Delhi based journalist.Recommend

  • Bana Post

    The ban is only in paper and nobody takes that seriously except 5 column like the authorRecommend

  • Bana Post

    “What will they ban tomorrow? Who will be side-lined next as the “other” in this tirade?” why are you foaming at mouth ?Recommend

  • Enkay

    Shehzad : Secular and Pakistan. You must be on a Potent Afghan Locoweed!Recommend

  • Enkay

    Shakir Lakhani : Muslims have a Large Number of Islamic Countries – OIC has over 50 Members. Hindus, Sihs, Jains and Buddhists have been “Systematically” removed from Bangladesh and Pakistan. With nearly a Billion Hindus in the World but there is no Hindu Country. Why do you begrudge Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists from practicing their way of life without any let and hindrance from Muslims?Recommend

  • Bana Post

    Moosaaaaaaaa what a great philosopher. U are nominated for this year’s “nobel prize.Abdus Salam,Malala, MoosaaaaaaaaaRecommend

  • Enkay

    Pakistan has a “Strict Case System”. Read Raza Rumi’s “Casteism Alive and Well in Pakistan”

  • Enkay

    Shaukat Ali : Muslims have been converting Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhist for over a Thousand years. What is wrong if a few are converted to Hinduism.
    Touché, Mon Ami!Recommend

  • chanakya_the_cynic

    In general I agree with the thrust of your argument that this is both not a big deal, and contrived to push the government into a corner, but I would refrain from posting false statements to support your argument. There was no ban on midday meals during ramzan in Kerala

    “But documents available with The Hindu prove that such a ban never came into force in the State. On the contrary, the Education Department did take extra measures to ensure that midday meal was not disrupted during Ramzan in Muslim-majority areas in Malappuram district.”Recommend

  • chanakya_the_cynic

    You’re right. But that’s a great argument for giving ALL religions step-motherly treatment, so we shouldn’t restrict what people eat, say or do on the basis of religion.Recommend

  • The Book Says

    Why is this Modi’s fault? State Govts are calling the ban.Recommend

  • rationalist

    “Banning meat and taking India back to medieval times”

    Wow! The author’s understanding of medieval times and human evolution is sorely lacking!

    Eating meat is indeed a medieval, barbaric and a cave man practice On the evolution spectrum, humans are supposed to get more human, compassionate and humane. Eating meat and killing animals definitely doesn’t take humans forward in the evolution spectrum, but actually backward toward the caveman times. Humans don’t need to eat dead animals to lead a healthy and long life.Recommend

  • rationalist

    In case you are not aware, your constitution stipulates that to reach high offices in Pakistan one has to be a Muslim. Change this first to make all citizen equal before preaching to others.Recommend

  • Chitral wala

    Comment forwarded to PEMRA, JI, JUL-Fazl, PM Secretariat,
    Interior Ministry, CM Sindh, Secretariot.Recommend

  • Sane

    No one dies for not eating meat. But, such bans are symbolic and show discrimination against a religion.Recommend

  • someone

    Stunning is used only in Europe and US. Islam demands “Halal” meat and that means torturing the animal. Most meat eaters in India are Muslims.No stun guns are used for Halal meat.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Or, this is an argument to view all Religions with equality.

    Since, we are in the business of banning things which causes offence to people, I want my offence to be respected as well!

    If Govt shouldn’t get into the business of what people eat and drink, does it have Right then deny Shah Bano(and millions of other women) her right to alimony?

    People are caring about it because it is affecting their diet, but the impact on millions of women is quite ok with them. I say, let them starve or move onto other sources of meat.

    For me women’s right is more important than the right to eat a certain class of meat.Recommend

  • Anoop

    If you are ok banning a film for causing offence to Muslims, why don’t you support ban on Cow slaughter when it causes offence to Hindus?
    Your offence is greater and more important than my offence, eh?Recommend

  • Anoop

    But, you didn’t say India was not secular when the Muslim Personal Law was passed or when Shah Bano was denied her right to alimony.

    India doesn’t have a single law which is anti-Muslim. This meat ban is pro-Hindusim and pro-Jainism.

    Why would anyone want to do things which could cause offence to others??

    Your right is greater than my right?Recommend

  • Anoop

    India diluted its secular credentials when it created Muslim Personal Law to appease the Muslims.
    If you have no problems with appeasing Muslims, why do you have a problem with the Govt appeasing Hindus?
    Besides, why do you want to eat meat when it causes offence to millions of Hindus and Jains? Didn’t Pakistan ban Youtube because of the movie which caused great offence to you?Recommend

  • Anoop

    India is not legislating against Islam or Muslims. It is legislating for Hindus, like Muslim Personal Law was pro-Muslim.
    I’ve been told by many Muslims who are Vegetarian that its not compulsary to eat meat in Islam. If yes, how is this anti-Islam/anti-Muslim?Recommend

  • Anoop

    Modi and BJP are saying this for not just Hindus, but Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists as well.

    Do not make this only Hindu-centric or Religion-centric. Its about India, her past,present and future where all of India’s Indigenous Religions own their country and their culture.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Can Ahmadi Muslims and Shia Muslims, who together combine 20% of the population stay in peace in Jinnah’s Pakistan? If he had children in Pakistan, they would have been under threat now.
    Where has it been said Beef eating is a central pillar of Islam? if not, how banning Cow slaughter is anti-Muslim?Recommend

  • Anoop

    Due to substantial Muslim population in India, most slaughter houses follow halal method and many restaurants(if not most) advertize they use halal meat.
    Slitting the throat of an animal and letting it die a painful death. Sorry, this is just sick.
    Have you personally killed a goat or cow or pig that you consume? Most don’t as they can’t witness the gory scene. Recommend

  • outsider

    it is not about eating meat. it is about taking away ones freedom and that certainly takes you way back in time.Recommend

  • outsider

    banning school meals in Ramadan is wrong but so is banning beef.Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Ufff When U cut the Jugular vein, blood flow stops to the brain and the animal does not feel anything . By ‘Stunning ‘ I meant this too along with the usual methods used in the west. Halaal means cutting the Jugular.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Possibly that is how you would like it to sound….but in fact it does not.
    Form what I read its making many Indians uncomfortable…..and understandably so.Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Read my rep above to Anoop .Recommend

  • Thinking Indian

    Can you really speak for all Hindus? Many Hindus are offended by this ‘ beef ban ‘ because it is against the core of tolerant Hinduism which refuses to impose their religious beliefs on others. They do not want to Hindus to be fanatic & irrational just because some others are.
    (I am a vegetarian Hindu & wish that no animal be tortured even if it has to be killed.)
    You should read Savarkar (who coined the word Hindutva) on this subject at Recommend

  • Critical

    I take my comment and asking for apology for not furnishing correct information…Recommend

  • Gaurav

    try this on your most dear, blood circulation never stops immediately and animal feels the painRecommend