China’s WW2 parade has attached more shame onto humanity’s shoulders

Published: September 3, 2015

Chinese President Xi Jinping stands in a car on his way to review the army as military band members play next to him, at the beginning of the military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two, in Beijing, China, September 3, 2015. PHOTO:REUTERS

Wars may be designed to destroy nations; however, they play a critical role in building them as well. Is that what China has attempted to do today? China’s commemoration of the Second World War took place today in the city of Beijing. India too, is planning a festival to memorialise the 1965 war with Pakistan.

2015 seems to be the year we’re all celebrating war.

China put on a grand display of its military strength and laid bare its hegemonic ambitions in the Asian region. The Chinese administration has asserted that the intention of the parade is to remind the world of the sacrifices the Chinese people made as one of the allies in the Second World War.

Photo: AFP

At least thirty noteworthy world leaders attended the procession, including President Mamnoon Hussain, Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Park Geun-hye of South Korea and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon. The parade had been organised to honour China’s victory over Japan. A Pakistani contingent comprising of 75 officers and soldiers formed a part of the 12,000 marching troops in the centre of Beijing.

Photo: Reuters

Wars, although destructive in nature, possess the unique ability to rejuvenate and conciliate nations. The memory of war wipes away divisions within the collective that experienced it and leads to the creation of what Eric Hobsbawm refers to as “invented traditions”. Remembering war binds citizens together; mothers no matter which ethnic, religious or dissenting group they belong to mourn the loss of their sons in battle and fathers stand together as their chests swell with pride at the honour their sons brought to the country. Therefore, within a collective of different people, a shared cultural edifice is formed.

So, remembering war is good for the people of the country psychologically. The parade in China today, however, is marked in a very different hue. It was more boastful than mournful. It was a show of strength, not an opportunity to mourn. The world has been invited to watch as China flexes its militaristic muscle in a ring in which it is the only player.

China’s message is simple and clear: I am powerful. Look at my helicopters and missiles. Look at my allies marching with me. I am at the forefront in Asia. Look at everything I have. Japan, are you watching? America, can you see this? India, who’re you kidding…

Under the guise of inclusion, this is a clear affront to Japan; Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did not attend the spectacle. Not only did this make Japan uncomfortable, it was a difficult situation for the West as well because it felt that the parade was a self-serving political act.

Amidst the 200 fighter jets that overran the Beijing sky, 70,000 balloons and doves were released. Almost as if the balloons would be able to neutralise the severity of the display of military might. White doves don’t look pretty in military uniform, China. This show of good faith is so artificial; it feels like it has been taken from the pages of George Orwell’s 1984.

Photo: Reuters

What is particularly peculiar is Pakistan’s enthusiasm in the whole thing. Although Pakistan has protested against India’s plans to organise a carnival in the name of the 1965 war, it underwent no hesitation in being part of China’s glorification ceremony.

Two different wars, same sentiment. Open your eyes, Pakistan.

Does no one remember how the Second World War ended? I’ll remind you. With Hiroshima and Nagasaki being bombed into oblivion. That episode is the only instance of nuclear weapons being used for warfare in history. Do we really need to parade around in tanks, fighter jets and missiles in remembrance of the lowest point in human history? Why did no one cry for humanity today in Beijing? Why did no one reflect on the miseries of war? Why were weapons worshipped like gods?

Photo: AFP

If India has been vigilant, it will realise that it does need to celebrate the 1965 war to bolster its national identity. In fact, Pakistan and India have a unique opportunity facing them. They can remember the war together. It is their shared memory and will allow them a chance to heal the rifts that have formed recently.

As for China’s WW2 parade… Well, it has found its way into history. More shame has attached itself onto humanity’s shoulders.

Today, if my fingers happen to come across some prayer beads, I will only have four syllables on my tongue.


Aseela Haque

Aseela Haque

The author studied Political Science at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. She tweets as @aseelahaque

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Stealthy

    A highly misleading article. China celebrated this V-Day because this matters a lot to ordinary Chinese people. They were suffered at the hands of Japanese nationalists and exactly that’s the day, when the Japanese nationalists were defeated in China. This parade ceremony occurred in China and not in Pakistan and the author has zero knowledge about the feelings of ordinary Chinese People. Major powers do arrange such kind of events that showcase their military might. This event also highlights one more important thing. The Chinese leadership as well as the Chinese citizens are well aware of the intentions of Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, who never publicly apologized for the atrocities Imperialist Japan did in China during the World War II. So, this parade ceremony can also be a signal to Japan to refrain from any destructive intentions in the future. Japanese PM has just revised Japan’s pacifist constitution that would lead the Japanese military to have more offensive capabilities although the majority of Japanese public is against it. Furthermore, It wasn’t China that bombed Japan but it was the US and portraying China as a bad guy is not a wise thing to do as the Chinese were defending their homeland during the WWII.Recommend

  • keith williams

    if you don’t believe the display of power can keep the peace then perhaps you should go for a walk on the streets of lahore at 3am without a couple of big muscular guys carrying big sticks walking with you.

    As for george orwell, he also said “people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”Recommend

  • Baig

    In this current world, no one can get justice unless you have power. China did not occupy any country. China have the right to show its muscles to the world to let the world listen to China. There are a lot of conspiracies against China and China showed today its power to thwart any kind of aggression. China is only one of the sincere friends of Pakistan. China’s success is Pakistan’s success.Recommend

  • Maverick_NZ

    The writer, I’m sure, would jump at the opportunity to attend Washington’s 4th of July military parade. It’s only wrong if America’s not doing it.Recommend

  • Ravi Blr

    An anti China blog from a Pakistani? Recommend

  • Kushal

    Great blog. BTW where was Pakistan in the whole picture? i.e. fight against Japan?Recommend

  • Syed Abdul Samad

    Let’s just say china never create any kind of circumstance to use power like others (USA) on false bases to consume natural resources from other nations with no military power at all.Recommend

  • Abid

    I am so touched by author’s concern about wars…how bout writing about USA’s 100 years of wars….they have literally killed millions….not China…with foes like USA how can you play for peace….you jolly well prepare for a war….a bloody war…had Pakistan no strong armed forces..Recommend

  • Tayyab Hasan

    This was truly incredible show of power and clear message was given .Recommend

  • Tayyab Hasan

    how stupid (although expected) to see that write didn’t even cared to mention that Chines Premier have announced to cut down 300,000 soldiers. Clear indication that they are not in any race against any country.Recommend

  • PatelPara

    Oh yes China did Hi-ro-shi-ma –!Recommend

  • abhi

    Great article. China is showing hegemonic tendencies.Recommend

  • Stealthy

    A highly misleading article. China celebrated this V-Day because this matters a lot to ordinary Chinese people. They were suffered at the hands of Japanese nationalists and exactly that’s the day, when the Japanese nationalists were defeated in China. This parade ceremony occurred in China and not in Pakistan and the author has zero knowledge about the feelings of ordinary Chinese People. Major powers do arrange such kind of events that showcase their military might. This event also highlights one more important thing. The Chinese leadership as well as the Chinese citizens are well aware of the intentions of Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, who never publicly apologized for the atrocities Imperialist Japan did in China during the World War II. So, this parade ceremony can also be a signal to Japan to refrain from any destructive intentions in the future. Japanese PM has just revised Japan’s pacifist constitution that would lead the Japanese military to have more offensive capabilities although the majority of Japanese public is against it. Furthermore, It wasn’t China that bombed Japan but it was the US and portraying China as a bad guy is not a wise thing to do as the Chinese were defending their homeland during the WWIIRecommend

  • Chris

    Very well versed, esp the end.Recommend

  • amar

    Get your facts right Japan had the most brutal army before world war 2 they slaughtered millions just to dominate the world killed ruthlessly Chinese even Pakistani and Indian soldiers died in ww2 from East Asia Russia south Asia America All lost millions in the blooded hands of the Japanese nuking them was the only way to stop their adventurism
    Secondly Pakistan liberals think your smart but you don’t know a thing about the world weapons protect you against extremists like modi and the israeli guy who kills Palestinians for fun showing of weapons isn’t soo bad it’s a deterrent in a way and stops massacres from happening and I’m s uprising this blog is so anti Chinese our only true allies and friends and iron brothers. People like you are liberally immature Recommend

  • cautious

    Communist China has tried to re-write the history of WW2 for the past 70 years. It was the Americans who defeated Japan – not the Communist Chinese. It was the American’s who accepted Japans surrender on the Battleship Missouri. The Chinese that did help America defeat Japan were driven off the mainland by the Communist – they now reside in Taiwan.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Its human nature and try as hard as you want but you can’t go against it.Recommend

  • Faizaan Khan

    Aseela your article should have been directed towards America rather China. The show of power, unity and alliance was within China’s right. Its US who used those two bombs , but I am surprised you did not even mention once… What is the purpose of this article I fail to understand.Recommend

  • Rational

    Well military parades are far better than invading small countries just to show military might. Recommend

  • Khurram52c

    Miss Haque. It’s not about second world war anymore. It’s about the present and its about asserting who stands where in the new world. China has used this as an opportunity to show the world that it is a force to be reckoned with, not just economically but also militarily. It’s a clear message to India, to USA and the rest of the world. Pakistan’s participation is obviously a message .. To the same quarters that our strategic orientation is pretty much difined now. ‘We have selected our camp’. You are right, why parade of missiles and fighter planes to commemorate the ‘lowest’ point in humanity; but truth be told, those whowho atomic bombed the socks off of Japan are not really bothered about it and still continue to bomb less atomic, the socks off of the rest of the world. This display of might is important. China is entering a phase of international politics and economic expansion. And before it embarks on it, it needed to tell the world how serious it is. The show of force compelled BBC to immediately publish an infograph, comparing China and US forces, starting from budget down to no of artillery guns. Do you think China does not know the statistics already, it surely does, but it went ahead with the show anyway. Twofold, one it knows now that US is too exhausted, economically to wage any other military adventure, secondly, China understanding that US has selected India as her proxy, in the name of balance in the region. So the message goes out to India as wel; don’t you dare mess with me. .. Pakistan, I’m actually upset that a more serious representative should have been there to show to China and Russia how serious we are tksing this block of power. Anyways. Recommend

  • unbelievable

    Only China holds an enormous Military parade to announce a troop reduction. Go figure. BTW – I wonder if anyone in China is willing to send the USA a “thank you” for defeating the Japanese?Recommend

  • Minerva

    This article too far fetched. China’s military strength parade does not automatically mean that they are going to start a nuclear war tomorrow. Even if China initiates a war who will be on it’s side? Russia, North Korea and may be Iran. On the other side there will be US, Europe, Japan, India, Israel, Arabs, Vietnam, Philippines and the list goes on. Even Pakistan will be forced to stay neutral. With all its economic power China is not USA, not yet. With its nuclear chest thumping Pakistan is more of a threat to South Asia as a whole including China.Recommend

  • Ibrahim

    So the author is trying to say to diffuse all our nukes,mourn over ‘hi-ro-shi-ma’..sit on a couch with a cup of tea and watch news about the killing of pakistanis by indian violation of ceasefire :)
    if mercedes could showcase its features to let people know its distinctiveness, then why a county could not showcase its military strength for protecting its people?

  • Javed

    Every country has a right to showcase military power. Except China?Recommend

  • Annie

    It is kind of like the gun debate in United States. While guns are used to kill others, they are also used to protect oneself and the loved ones. A show of strength does not necessarily incite war, but may also play a role in preventing one. It is a geopolitical reality. The strongest countries in the world are the ones with the strongest militaries. Moreover, all the permanent members of UN security council are nuclear nations. The world is far from a paradise where everybody gets along. You need to show others that you are capable of protecting yourself and your home in order to dissuade them from attacking you.Recommend

  • muhammedasif

    Well written… Why do people worship weapons?…. Point noted.Recommend

  • Gullu

    Hindia is a Hindu Nation. With no history of conquests or anything worthwhile.
    Just a simple nation embedded and soaked in a mystic religion that nobody can
    understand, Chakras, Nirvanas, Castes, ancestor worship, Ganga, Sati.Take Jains.
    They commit Holy Suicide !! Their religion permits them to fast to death ! They
    cannot eat potatoes or carrots, because pulling them out of the ground will kill
    an ant or other insects! So even now, Hindia is just a collection of petty states.
    No doubt it is a country stuck in time. And it is mostly posturing, chest thumping, singing war songs. Doing saber dances. Nothing what an aspiring regional bully
    should project. No walk the talk. Hot air Hindia.Recommend

  • Truthful Mole

    Dear Aseela Haque: Clearly you didn’t hear or read Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech: He said,’“Prejudice and discrimination, hatred and war can only cause disaster and pain,’ after which he announced cutting down China’s troops by 30,000,some 13 percent of the current 2.3-million strong PLA, as part of the country’s long-term military reform. Your article was a rather gauche, school-bookish anti-war rant. You forgot to mention who threw the first atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Recommend

  • Jayman

    I agree. Glorifying wars is despicable. Just goes to show that humans are still barbarians. We have a lot of evolving left to do.Recommend

  • adeel

    please re-read what china asserted in your article ” the intention of the parade is to remind the world of the sacrifices the Chinese people made as one of the allies in the Second World War”..!! Is this not reason enough ?. Every major nation has some form of ceremony in commemorating WW2 and military participation is there in every single one of them.

    your point is weak. I am sorry.Recommend

  • Humza Irfan

    I am surprised by the opinions expressed in this article.Recommend

  • Ahmed Ata Khan

    Is America ashamed of Hiroshima? Clearly not! Why condemn China? It is doing what it has learnt.Recommend

  • Stealthy

    China and Japan would never go to a war with eachother. Their economies are highly interdependent and the leaders of both countries have pledged to give more importance to economy. It’s just the wishful thinking of many westerners as well as Indians.Recommend

  • Stealthy

    There is no mention of these so called “hegemonic tendencies” in this article. Oh i forgot, Indians are known for bashing China all the time for no solid reason. The whole Indian nation seems to be obsessed with China.Recommend

  • Omar

    Surprised to see such naive reviews by a student of political science. This parade in no way glorifies nuking of Hiroshima, this is just a smart move to show its strength. Participation of pak was crucial, with unrest on both the eastern and the western border all support which Pakistan have in Asia is from china Recommend

  • Manish Bathla

    “In fact, Pakistan and India have a unique opportunity facing them. They
    can remember the war together. It is their shared memory and will allow
    them a chance to heal the rifts that have formed recently.”
    Allow them a chance to heal the rifts that have formed recently???? Wasn’t Pakistan the aggressor and India the defender during 1965?. You jump on someone, both get hurts and later act as victim, something turgid and indigestible. Are you so naive to understand the consequences of a war?Recommend

  • bold

    no doubt the message behind this show of force is well clear to the world but what is missing is credentials of INTENTS–how potent and determined is the will to enforce it—Americans had demonstrated it more than enough by engaging in WW 2,formation of NATO,cuban crisis,vietnam,gulf war,afghanistn,etc—soviet union by Warsaw pact etc—China has yet to prove her military muscle–her sphere of influence is yet to be established alone to be
    protected –in my view she is establishing herself very cautiously, rather too cautiously to a super power status as far as her military might is concerned–wars beside devastation’s also serve to establish the CENTER OF POWER and consequently bestow the SUPER POWER status to a nation–and CHINA has yet to prove it on ground-mere economic might is not enough—Pakistan must keep this point in mind while formulating our foreign policy–lets not keep all our eggs in one basket only–our reliance on China beyond a certain point is not advisable at this stage–we must keep a happy balance in our relations with other established super powers in this regard.Recommend

  • Asad K

    ET has dropped to the level of just a blog, rather then a proper well thaught publication. How wonderful is it to reprimand China for the wrongdoings of US. Also, you seriously think Pakistan and India should celebrate 1965 war together? With the recent hatred blurted out from the insane one sided political mentality of the India ruling party, Pakistan you are suggesting should once again be the “beeghi billi” and offer them to celebrate it with us?
    I am not up for confrontation, but with the ill mouthed comments from the Indian politicians, we just should not act like sissies, and just be a yes man!Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Aseela wake up, Aman Ki Asha is over.

    Is America not a hegemon for the world, is Russia not a hegemon for Georgia and Ukraine, Is India not a hegemon for Pakistan or for that matter is Pakistan not a hegemon for Afghanistan, what’s wrong in it if Chinese want to be a hegemon, they have worked hard to build an economy which has allowed them to flex their muscles today.

    The rest of the world need to stop cribbing and either accept the Chinese hegemony or prepare themselves to face up to the Chinese. There never has been any other way in realpolitik, take it or leave it.Recommend

  • Milind A

    Before you rejoice at China’s decision to cut down its troops by 30,000 please pause to ponder the reason behind it.. Is it out of genuine desire for peace or is it due to their bad economic conditions?Recommend

  • Kushal

    You have a problem man, in understanding simple English. I asked where in history Pakistan had helped China in their fight against Japan? And by the way neither China, nor Japan, nor India think war against any one of each other. It’s Pakistan which is obsessed with middle ages.Recommend

  • Kushal

    The communists (presently ruling mainland China) sent a big “Thank You” to Kuomintang, who sacrificed everything to defend China, by attacking them from behind and dislodging them in 1949. You can imagine how “grateful” these communists chinese are.Recommend

  • Kushal

    Some one take this lunatic guy to Edhi. Bechara.Recommend

  • Milind A

    China did not occupy any country? Which history did you read?
    What about occupation of Tibet?
    What about occupation of Xinkiang, where the Chinese routinely oppress your co-religionists, whom you cry for in Palestine & Kashmir?
    What about lack of democracy?
    What about kicking out the Democrats to Taiwan in 1949?Recommend

  • Humza Irfan

    Correction: the president committed to cutting down troops by 300,000 and not 30,000.Recommend

  • Humza Irfan

    The economy has nothing to do with it. China has been peaceful for most of its history. It has never waged bloody wars in other countries. So you can very well imagine their stance.Recommend

  • Hamiz Ahmad

    It’s actually 300,000 not 30,000. And second every country shows its military might so it can not be bullied. America has threatened most countries based on military(including Pakistan). China is just saying we can have peace but never ever try to bully us. Look at Pakistan how many were we forced to “Help” America, after America threatened us.Recommend

  • Hamiz Ahmad

    I maybe wrong but I think some parts of this article is Copied. Because I have read some of the exact same sentences before.Recommend

  • El Cid

    ”Aseela Haque studied Political Science at the Lahore University of Management

    Unfortunately her article does not say much about her study, reflects poorly on her Alma Mater. I saw the whole parade, from start to finish. It was the ultimate in disciple and organization. Awesome in its execution. Unbelievable in its professionalism. Its message was loud and clear: “Peace through Strength”.

    “Peace through strength” is an old adage. It has stood the test of time and history. Holds true today too, even more so. The Chinese are known for their wisdom. They have learned the hard way…and come to believe that to have peace you have to be strong. Peace does not, cannot exist without strength. This is common sense and worldly logic.

    The difference between China-Pakistan and US-India-Israel is that the former believe in ‘Peace through Strength’ while being prepared for war if push comes to shove…while the latter believe in ‘Peace through war’ and are perpetually at war.

    Iron Brothers Allies and Friends: Paks and Chinese will be formidable in any encounter between the two. And I noticed that Putin was impressed, too. Saw him move, sidled into their corner, respect on his face. With such concentration of gravitas, gravitating power and strengths coming together…peace is conceivable, possible, even probable.

  • El Cid

    Very well stated. Well armed strong men and nations are polite, peaceful, co-existing. The weak and poor are often belligerent and bullying.Recommend

  • hosan mohamod

    Aseela Haque learn some history, please note is this a peaceful fair kind world? who is the giant power bomb kill other people as he like? Why at least can’t we welcome another power to balance this?Recommend

  • hosan mohamod

    Aseela Haque learn some history, please note is this a peaceful fair kind world? who is the giant power bomb kill other people as he like? Why at least can’t we welcome another power to balance thisRecommend

  • Stealthy

    I guess you are not aware of the fact that when a country’s military gets more sophisticated weapon systems that require less manpower to operate, such cuts in the number of armed personals are always considered.Recommend

  • Stealthy

    “What about lack of democracy?”
    Sir, Would u please elaborate why are you so much bothered with the Chinese System of government? You are not even a Chinese. When ordinary Chinese people are satisfied with their government, Who are you to raise objections?Recommend

  • hosan mohamod

    I am glad noticed that this country and his people are worthy of proud. Imaging who can inslut indignity this nation with its invisible veapons and AC at will.Recommend

  • hosan mohamod

    well the economy development life standard imrovement are the most important subject for human, we should identify who is focus his conscience on this and who acturely is pirate even historical. Recommend

  • hosan mohamod

    Well for sure the economy development and life standard improvement are the most important subjects for human, how can we should identify who and which nation is focus his conscience on this and who acturely is pirate even historically. Recommend

  • Milind A

    China has been peaceful throughout history agreed.. But it waged wars with India, clashed with Russia, Vietnam before and tries to bully Phillippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan & claimsTaiwan as well. Around 30M of its own citizens have been put to death, Tibetians & Xinkiang Muslims are killed. However its entirely possible, that this gesture has been out of realization of peace… but still need to watch.Recommend

  • Ahmed Ali Khan

    Well Said Sir!. While I feel for the victims of Hi-ro-Shi-Ma Please remember the US attacked pearl harbor first and unannounced. They also committed great atrocities in China. And of course had “pleasure girls” in Korea. Let China celebrate its victory against that which was evil. Just like Nazi’s. Recommend

  • abhi

    you need not dig to much to find it out. China claims Tibbet, Taiwan, many Japnese and Vietnamese islands. Now they are trying to threaten the smaller neigbours by showing their military might.Recommend

  • abhi

    If it was not USA, china would still be under occupation of Japnese.Recommend

  • abhi

    Wow! This one is a gem.Recommend

  • abhi

    This is not the feeling of ordinary Chinese. It is the propaganda of communist party. Same communist party which rolled tanks over the students on tienanman square.Recommend

  • Nero

    “China has been peaceful for most of its history. It has never waged bloody wars in other countries. So you can very well imagine their stance.” As always, no clue of history – either ancient or recent. “China” itself is a creation of over hundred years of war and destruction by the chin tribe from northern China. In this period all other tribes were either destroyed or subjugated. More recently, modern China carried out “the great leap” killing millions of its own citizens, attacked and colonized Tibet (still does), fought in Korean war, fought a war with India, and clearly attacked Vietnam. China is just like most other big countries – product and participant in wars and aggression. Even most Chinese I know don’t hold such strange sanitized versions of their history as Pakistanis do.Recommend

  • Ibrar

    Uncertainty about economy may be one reason but I think Chinese have remarkable ability to easily cushion against any transient fluctuations. The actual reason for cuts may be owing to the advancements they have made in military technology which could actually allow them to make further reductions.Recommend

  • Gangadas

    What about occupying part of Kashmir?Recommend

  • Vlad Singh

    Pakistani soldiers died in world war ? Geography, History ? Recommend

  • DudeFromDC

    So Indians are obsessed with China now? I thought they were obsessed with Pakistan as whined by Pakistani intelligentia. When did that change?Recommend

  • DudeFromDC

    Pakistan will be “forced to stay neutral?” What exactly does that mean in your world?Recommend

  • Prashant Bansal

    2 points:

    First is, each and every word by Ms. Aseela Haque is true and thought provoking to the core. Really wars must not be celebrated whether it is India or any other country.

    Second, going by the comments that I read below, I’m now sure that Pakistanis are born to be slaves….first under British then USA and now China….Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Zia ul haq killed 35,000 Palestinians in few months time. That’s more than the Israelis ever did.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    If there is a message from China, it says “I can do what I please, now that I have big muscles”. By the way US economy is in a much better condition than China’s. China will never be a rich country. Economic strength of a country is measured by the GDP in absolute terms not PPP. China is a loooong way off yetRecommend

  • bimal wiliam

    China is going to be a super power is a big joke.any nation who is strong economically and militarily is super power. Who says China is not committing atrocities? What about muslims and budhists in china? They are the victims of govt sponsored terrorism. But it is going to meet the same fate as communist block. The officer and elite class enjoyed and poor suffered. The voice of the people can not be suppressed no matter how powerful regime is.Recommend

  • Stealthy

    “China will never be a rich country”. If this holds true, India can’t even dream about having a rich population.Recommend

  • Stealthy

    Indians are known for their wishful thinkings so let him/her wish whatever pleases him/her.Recommend

  • Stealthy

    Oh i guess, now some non-chinese would claim to know quite clear about the feelings of Chinese people. LOL. I bet Chinese people don’t give a damn about India. On the other hand, Indians are obsessed with China and they are too quick to criticize the CCP just because it brought wealth in the country and raised the living Standards of Ordinary Chinese people alongwith making China militarily stronger. As far as the “Tiananmen” Square incident is concerned, the Chinese society has moved ahead and are actively supporting their government’s economic and foreign policies as it is apparent by the polls. Last but not the least, India must come out of its obsession with China.Recommend

  • Stealthy

    They are obsessed with both China and Pakistan that’s why India’s foreign policy is purely shaped on its concerns with China and Pak. Any doubt?Recommend

  • Stealthy

    The Senkaku/Diayuo Island is a disputed Island (Still considered by the UN as disputed) and it was Japan which unilaterally seized that Island although that was a disputed territory. As far as vietnam is concerned, It was Vietnam who started land reclamation projects in the South China Sea which was a provocation and made Chinese to think about defending their own Islands. The Chinese Land reclamation projects were a befitting reply to vietnam as they were purely to defend Chinese territory from any misadventure. Who started the provocation? Ofcourse, it was vietnam. As far as taiwan in considered, i do respect the stand of taiwanese people and China and Taiwan are moving ahead with a sense of mutual respect and cooperation and about that “China claims Tibbet” thing, Tibet is a part of China and i never heard of it being disputed.Recommend

  • Stealthy

    The author is simply trying to distort the history and is too quick to blame China for all the wrongdoings although China, now a days, is doing exactly what a major responsible power should do. As i said before, Major powers do arrange such kind of events and this parade was not a celebration of “Nuke Strikes” on Japan. Secondly, You are shocked and disturbed by the overwhelming support the Pakistani public is giving to China. China has always supported Pakistan on nearly every major front and Pakistanis are well aware of this thing. Your point of tagging this mutual cooperation as “Slavery” is the most pathetic and nonsense thing one could expect from a sane person.Recommend

  • jay

    This is hoax pakistan’s each nuclear scientist sponsored by China always boasts of against India. India needs only one or two successful, even less effective, nuclear blast to eliminate whole of Pakistan out of world map due to pakistan’s geographical location. Pakistan needs many so called more effective nuclear attack even to wink India’s vast area. Pakistan’s nuclear sites could be eliminated in one or two nuclear attack by India even though it may be less effective than Pak’s one, as per nuclear scientist’s view out of his inferior complexity. More ever, Pak’s nuclear sites once destroyed by even two less effective Indian nuclear attacks, how can Pak think of using its more effective nuclear attack in other cities of India. India views it is childish comments of Chinese sponsored pak scientist without understanding the ground reality. Pak should never dare to even wink at India’s vastness due its Chinese few more effective nuclear arsnel. China is using Pakistan’s obsession with India for its own advantages to corner Indian internationally so that both India and Pak will remain its big market for China’s
    inferior products which only could be procured by poverty stricken poor people of South Asia. Pakistan should never try to weigh muscle with India’s nuclear arsenal using china’s few more effective nuclear arsenal. China has been using Pak’s Army / ISI obsession with controlling civilian pak government, through keeping alive the kashmir issue in pak public, in order to have proxy war with India through pak army’s sponsored terrorism in India. This game plan of China, Pak army/ISI and Pak terrorists group for proving their nuclear muscle power are actually striking the bellies of poverty stricken and emotionally blackmailed people of both India and pak. Ultimate gainer is Chinese who are using obsessions of Pak Army, Pak terrorists and some childish Pak nuclear scientists to make unrest in whole south Asian countries in order to capture huge India& pak markets for its inferior Chinese products using a stick and carrot policy against India and Pakistan. It is high time India and pak should join hands by re-establishing their unity to fight against their common problem of poverty, using their vast common market for each other’s region specific products, rather than fighting each other instigated by Chinese using the obsession of Pak ARMY and Terrorist groups. Chinese can only dump its inferior products in our economically weaker villages without getting anything similar products imported from us. But, in return, it sells us arms and nuclear arsenal so that we can fight each other to remain poverty stricken for ever to become permanent consumer of Chinese inferior products for all times to come.Recommend

  • Guest

    It is amazing that Pakistanis take such pride in Chinese achievements. I bet no other country in the world displays the same behaviour for another country. There is a proverb which goes like this: Whatever a king says, the sycophants say it louder. Deep rooted inferiority complex.Recommend

  • Guest

    Indians are chest thumping for India. Pakistanis are chest thumping for China. See the difference, genius.Recommend

  • Sam

    I have never come across such a non-sense article ever in my life. Bombs on Japan and China being disgraced. India and Pakistan celebrating 1965 war together to heal wounds? What the hell is she on about? Recommend

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    China is an evil power.
    The same world leaders attending this parade will gang up against China.
    China is also an arrogant superpower that needs chastisement.
    China’s rise is similar to rise of Nazism in Germany: on the back of ultranationalism and some sense of “hurt sentiments” due to Japanese occupation and what the West did or did not do to China.
    China’s economy will collapse without US imports.
    China does not have a world standard product worth the name.
    Everything is reverse engineered.
    It is not an innovative society.
    China also has a lot of inner contradictions. You cannot grow without full democratic rights to your citizens. This is China’s big test: can it democratize slowly and painlessly.
    Only time will tell.Recommend

  • Humza Irfan

    You clearly seem to lack any clue about China’s foreign policy. Let me educate you. China has always pursued non-interventionist policy. China has rarely interfered in other countries’ affairs. And remember all countries have been built on war so do not make this as point for strengthening your argument! During the cultural revolution China did kill millions of its citizens, agreed. But today China is growing strong and ever more peaceful. And I think you are totally wrong in saying that China is like other big countries. On what basis are you saying that?Recommend

  • abhi

    Did you ever hear about Dalai Lama?Recommend

  • abhi

    It seems your are getting all news from Chinese state media. Do you know there where huge demonstrations in Hongkong some month back? Do you think people living in Hongkong are chinese or not?Recommend

  • Ashutosh

    “China has always supported pakistan…”..really? quite an assessment you’ve made eh pal..To make your task easy let me recall it for you instead. I hope it un-rewashes your brain though, which in turn might help you open your otherwise closed eyes.

    1) Your so called ‘reliable’ friends (friendship scaled over a were nowhere to be seen when you needed them the most, be it in ’65,’71 or 99.

    2)The Chinese never echoed your voice or narratives on the kashmir issue, forget about supporting it.( in fact they and the world where pakistan doesnt exist speak our tone…solve it bilaterally) It is far from being innocuous if not detrimental aint it?

    3)The Economic bonhomie….well the chinese have the reputation of taking a greater chunk while giving only a pinch in return when it comes to money they invest and the last i checked it was your ballooning 23b$ deficit that grabbed my attention….provided the ‘scale’ of trade you two are into..

    supporting Pakistan over India( however idiotic and funny it may sound) was and is too obvious a mistake china never did nor is it ever gonna make. They use proxies and guess what you’re just one of them intended to keep India busy lest it “overtakes” it.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    No one in their dreams ever claimed every Indian is going to be richRecommend

  • Stealthy

    What about the lakhvi case? and the CPEC making its way through Pakistan Administrated Kashmir? Actions speak louder than the words. They would also veto India’s push to be a permanent member of the UN. China has rejected Indian “concerns” regarding the CPEC and is moving ahead with Pakistan. China has strategic interests in Pakistan and CPEC has just made it clear. Now that China-Pak relationship involves the strategic and economic cooperation, India’s push to disrupt the CPEC would have severe consequences for India.Recommend

  • Bilal Yousuf

    Going by your comments, I find it rather strange that a huge chunk of Indians find great pleasure in reminding Pakistanis that China is infact only interested in what it finds beneficial and is not really concerned about caring for Pakistan. Well lets assume you are right, then why are you and your government so concerned about the CPEC? Why did Mr. Modi visit China and raised his reservations to this alliance? Clearly they are not on the same wavelength as youRecommend

  • Bilal Yousuf

    Here’s my summary for you my Indian Genius friend.

    China and Pakistan signed CPEC and then India went crying to China asking them not to go ahead with it, which China rejected. Not just that, they blocked your entry to the UN Security Council as a permanent member. That last one must’ve hurt.Recommend

  • XXyzz

    Could be drugs…Recommend

  • El Cid

    “China’s economy will collapse without US imports.”
    Not really. China owns the US. China can collapse the US with a single stroke of the pen.Recommend

  • Vish

    You are funny. There is a difference between being against India and being pro-Pakistan, or is it all the same. All Chinese actions are against India because of their bilateral issues. Nothing to do with Pakistan. Sadly China has hardly shown any pro-Pakistan proclivities. As for the CPEC it can be discussed when completed and real benefits accrue to Pakistan. So far all the benefits in this Pak-China relationship have been to China.Recommend

  • Hassan Nasir

    stealthy….one thing is clear to all of us…that these indians have polluted every international comments forum by spewing anti Pakistan sentiments/comments deliberately to frame Pakistan as Bogeyman/villain of world

    It boils my blood so much. We need to counter and outclass them in their own game. We must win this propaganda war. We need to increase our presence in international forums and should tell people the real face of India…Recommend

  • Stealthy

    Dude, We get to see more Indians on such forums because Indians are known to be “Keyboard Warriors” and exactly that’s the thing that has kept them behind China and other major powers.Recommend

  • roheen browne

    But the communist did not dueing ww2, it was the KMT who fought the Japs. The communist just waited it out and when the war ended they pushed the KMT to Taiwan.Recommend

  • Hassan Nasir


  • ??

    Tell me when your family is the line of fire . What would you do cry for peace i dont think so . There is a term in your beloved angelo-sexon law “Self Defence”.Recommend