“Dry it out and destroy it”: Why Pakistan should be wary of Donald Trump

Published: September 16, 2015

Donald Trump had called for an urgent pull-back on aid to Pakistan unless it demolishes its nuclear arsenal.

You have heard of him. The old guy in a crisp suit, flashy tie, wisps of blonde hair, who had multiple Miss Universe contestants by his side. The guy you would see on TV pointing fingers and saying “You’re fired” with a smug look on his face.

Well, that smug face is looking at you now.

Today, Donald Trump will mount the podium at the Republican Primary Debate hosted by CNN at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California.

He has traded in his television show for a shot at the Oval Office. The republican front-runner and presidential candidate was interviewed by Sarah Palin a few weeks ago on the One America News Network. Yes, front-runner. You read that correctly.

The interview, which Palin had advertised as “the interview of the year”, opened with images of a broken America: a homeless man, a failed business, an application for unemployment benefits, a broken bridge and ‘Mexicans’ illegally crossing the border. Trump, in a Reaganesque manner, was seated behind a sturdy desk in a fancy office. His bright red tie complemented the image of a proud, windblown, American flag. He boldly said,

“Let’s make America great again.”

The viewer can do little else except scrunch up his nose at the stench of mediocrity.

However, his words seem to be resonating with the American public, especially the conservative segment. They want Trump to build a wall on the southern border  to keep the ‘Mexicans’ out, tell them the ‘truth’ about the economy, strengthen the middle class and not give a damn about ‘political correctness’. This is the greatness which a large segment of the American population is aspiring to.

For Pakistan, this is particularly alarming. Trump’s guns are pointing at the current administration in the White House, politicians, Mexicans and anything foreign. Pakistan is an open, unsheltered target and doesn’t realise the consequences of Trump’s raging success with the American people. In 2011, NDTV reported that Trump had called for an urgent pull-back on aid to Pakistan unless it demolishes its nuclear arsenal. He ardently said,

“They are not friends of ours.”

He went on to add that,

“(There are) plenty of other terrorists in Pakistan, we know that.”

These comments reveal a deeper, more resolute prejudice against the Pakistani people.

Trump and his ideas are ruled by ‘the simple’. His solutions for complex problems are chillingly stupid.

Immigration? Build a wall.

Tax code? Target the ‘hedge fund guys’.

Employment? Americans first.

Pakistan? Dry it out and destroy it.

His reductionist policies and inability to understand anything above the remedial level will not translate into favourable policies for Pakistan. He uses a hammer where you need nuance with a bit of needle and thread. This is what the American people are supporting. They are enabling him to wield the hammer. It’s time to be vigilant and not get nailed.

These warnings could get drowned in the midst of cries in Pakistan that maintain that “he would never actually become President”, “Hillary’s obviously going to beat him” and a few misplaced “Pakistan Zindabads”. The truth is that even if Trump does not secure the office of the President of the Unites States, he has reawakened the conservatives and shaped their voice.

During this particular period, Pakistan and the US share a tumultuous relationship which is cracking under the weight of distrust. The US administration is already withholding $300 million in military assistance and the pressure to disable the Haqqani network is stronger than ever. Besides the US government, the American people are rallying behind Trump and there is a growing distrust in the groups of people their leader has conveniently dubbed ‘criminals’, ‘bad people’ and ‘terrorists’.

Trump is busy creating polarities within America and in the international community. His foreign policy involves apprehending the rest of the world for the sake of the American nation. He believes the US should never have returned Iran’s assets.

“I would have told them upfront, by the way, we will never give you back your money. We will never give you back your $150 billion. You’re never getting that money back.”

Moreover, he believes that the US should extract monetary compensation for supporting Saudi Arabia.

“Like it or don’t like it, people have backed Saudi Arabia. What I really mind, though, is we back it at tremendous expense. We get nothing for it, and they’re making a billion dollars a day… We should at least be reimbursed. We’d be an extremely wealthy country.”

Do the ‘us versus them’ undertones in his comments ring a bell? Do they take you back to 2001 when Bush warned the world that “you’re either with us or against us”? Of course, Bush was speaking in relation to the war on terror and Trump is just adamant on picking a fight with whoever he can for the benefit of the US. The congruence in their vocabulary and diction, however, cannot be ignored.

In addition to this, their understanding of the power and duties of the office of the President seem to have the same haughty texture. Bush felt that he didn’t need to ‘explain’ his decisions as President and Trump has unequivocally said that he does not care if he does not have the support of the allies, as leader of the free world “you got to get them (allies)”.

Pakistanis remember what Bush solicited them into. The entire world had to stand behind the bully with pursed lips. The bully might have been able to dodge a couple of shoes thrown at him, but the rest of the global community endured a beating. Trump would be much worse. Even without being in the Oval Office, Trump has enticed the American people to want things that are dangerous for the rest of the world. Whether he is going to win or not is not the debate we should concern ourselves with; the damage has been done.

Despite Trump’s stern disapproval of George W Bush’s policies as President and the war in Iraq, he holds certain individuals who were a part of the Bush administration in high regard. When asked whose national security expertise he admired, he named John Bolton, a man who was a staunch supporter of the American offensive in Iraq. If that’s enough to make your hair stand on end, listen to this – In 2009, Bolton declared that the only way to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons is by launching an Israeli nuclear strike on Iran.

Still no chills down your spine? Read on.

Trump believes that the most effective way to defeat ISIS is to bomb the hell out of the Iraqi oil fields and funnel the oil back to the US.

“We should definitely take back money for our soldiers.”

Are you going to press the panic button, or should I? While you’re at it, press the one that’s marked “senile” as well.

To avoid deterioration of Pakistan-US relations, Pakistan needs to develop an amicable relationship with the conservative section of the American population. It needs to be cognisant of the international climate and prepare its needle and thread, for home and abroad.

That begs the question: Is sharing Humans of New York’s (HONY) pictures enough to project Pakistan’s voice across continents? Or do we need something bigger, more drastic? How does one break through the sturdy veil of the international media? The problem with our sordid situation is that the empathy of the American people is not something which can be bought by hanging a few terrorists. The tragedy of our sordid situation is that humans should not have to convince other humans of their humanity. However, the world is such that hammers will be slung, guns will be pointed, people will be vilified and red ties will attract flies.

The international community should be conscious of the wave of neo-conservatism which is riling up the American population. Perhaps the world is moving is a new direction now. Let’s hope we have a say in where we’re going this time.

Do you think Donald Trump is bad news for Pakistan?

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Aseela Haque

Aseela Haque

The author studied Political Science at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. She tweets as @aseelahaque

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Fahimuddin

    Trump is danger for Pakistan but he can’t do anything without PentagonRecommend

  • Shakeel

    This is why we need ICBM’s. Too many limp wristed pacifists amongst us whinge about nuclear weapons etc, but they keep us safe. They’ll keep us safe from even the likes of Trump. The ability to reach America with nuclear weapons would make us even safer.Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    Pakistan has always done well under republican presidents. Aid dollars flowed freely during Eisenhower’s SEATO and CENTO days in the 50’s, Ronald Reagan’s Soviet Jihad in the 80’s and George W. Bush’s war against terror post 9/11. The Pakistani military was riding around in Shiny new tanks, aircraft and warships paid for by the Americans. This is because the Republicans tend to be simple minded and not very bright and are easily taken for a ride by the cunning Pakistani Generals. If the past record is any indication, good days are coming for Pakistan under President Trump in 2017!Recommend

  • Rohan

    Trump maybe an idiot but he’s 200% right on Pakistan.Pakistan begs from USA and manufactures terroristsRecommend

  • Anoni

    Well written, Aseela. I was thinking the exact same thing this morning as well. If Trump comes into power, it will not bode well for us. Honestly speaking, I fear that, maybe, a fate similar to that of Iraq, Syria and Libya awaits Pakistan if this guy gets elected.

    However, I think that your words are mostly wasted because I seriously doubt that the goons sitting in our Government can think that far and formulate a proper strategy for it.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Who would you prefer – this nutcase? Or Hillary Clinton who is well aware of pakistan’s propensity to rear snakes in their backyard? Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    Any thoughts about what Pakistan would look like after launching a nuclear ICBM at America???Recommend

  • DK

    He was wrong. He should never have said “dry it out”.Recommend

  • Mahesh

    What is wrong with what Trump said? Yes, Pakistan has many more terrorist trained and protected by the state.
    All its neighbors, Iran, Afghanistan and India are directly affected by state sponsored terrorism emanating from Pakistan. Cutting off the money supply to Pakistan will help reduce terrorism in the region. Recommend

  • lathee charge

    Why? Its already dried out and will be drought-stricken in 5 years.Recommend

  • Tommy Gun

    Trump’s views on Pakistan almost make me wanna vote for him even though I’m a Democrat ;)Recommend

  • lathee charge

    Pretty much the same, a least for Karachi. The place looks like it been through WW3 already !Recommend

  • Gj

    Hilary on the other hand calls Pakistan a migraine to the world and a beggar country

    Pak is in a Lose-Lose situation!Recommend

  • RameshHeg

    “They are not friends of ours.”

    All American politicians would agree Pakistan is not a friend of US. There may be variations on what they say publicly. Actually they all know Pakistan is the real enemy of the US. Recommend

  • Tommy Gun

    Before Pakistan ever launches a nuke on america, it will cease to exist!Recommend

  • UvWx Yz

    well i think we need a dumb blond like him as a president..prudent hillary is more trouble for Pakistan. Remember the bush era and obama era..you will figure out where we had an upper hand ;)Recommend

  • Union Jack

    Whoever wins next. Pakistan should hope no further American support for next 8 years. And that means, CPEC or not CPEC, get ready to tighten your belt. Interesting times ahead.Recommend

  • Union Jack

    The proper and only strategy Stop terrorizing neighbors. Stop the Kashmir madness. Stope the dream of Gazwa-e-hind. Work on saving your economy more than saving your nukes. There are many nations who are economically successful and don’t have nukes and we have powerful nations who had nukes and are still broken and under economic strain. The era where Pakistan was spoiled by western countries and let go for it’s many mischief including the war crimes in Bangladesh in 1971 is over.Recommend

  • Union Jack

    You are asking someone with empty skull to think of consequences. if they ever know the consequences of nuclear war they wouldn’t use the nuclear threat every now and then while responding to India’s threat. Only country besides North Korea to overplay the nuclear card.Recommend

  • Union Jack

    And what ICBM will you use if they apply all economic sanctions on you ? Thats all required to implode Pakistan under it’s own nuclear weight.Recommend

  • Union Jack

    And what do you mean by that ? Pentagon is friend of Pakistan ? Think twice. In fact keep thinking.Recommend

  • bla bla

    In USA establish decided everything this person cannot decide anything .Remember an attack on Pakistan means an attack on Chin which USA cannot afford .Recommend

  • cautious

    He maybe a blowhard but he’s not totally off base. The Pakistani people don’t like the USA and Pakistan does have plenty of other terrorist. Trump also recognizes that most American’s aren’t happy with USA history of providing money and weapons to countries which don’t like the USA.Recommend

  • Faraz

    The only thing that has changed since then is the presence of a huge, very astute Indian Lobby and Modi. India is deeply entrenched and influences the american politics. Trump will get influenced easily just like bush was, but this time by india and it will not be for Pakistan.Recommend

  • Parvez Mahmud

    Trump would have to deal with domestic oppositions from Mexicans, Blacks, Indians who benefit from Obama being in office. In foreign affairs he would have to deal with big boys and Catholic countries. Pakistan does not show up anywhere.

    Pakistan has been on negative list of both Republicans and Democrats, so it does not matter.

    It should be India’s worry if any.Recommend

  • Parvez

    You are seeing shadows where none really exist. When a candidate is running for office he / she says a lot of thing……once installed in office and the facts are opened up for him / her, the tone of the rhetoric drastically changes……out of necessity.Recommend

  • Aalia Suleman

    Trump’s coming into power with not bode well for a lot of groups besides just Pakistanis….As for the goons in power, the only thing they’re adept at is shooting their own foot and stabbing their cronies in the back when it comes to saving their neck….Recommend

  • Claudia

    Trump for president he’s definitely got my vote for POTUS :)Recommend

  • Elbot

    China wont give it & Pak dont have technical prowness to make it in decadesRecommend

  • rationalist

    Trump said of Pakistan, ” Trump had called for an urgent pull-back on aid to Pakistan unless it demolishes its nuclear arsenal. He ardently said,……“They are not friends of ours.” ……He went on to add that,…..“(There are) plenty of other terrorists in Pakistan, we know that.””

    Which of these Trump’s comments about Pakistan is false? Who was hiding bin Laden and other top anti-American Islamic terrorists?

    “He uses a hammer where you need nuance with a bit of needle and thread.”

    Well, the US has indeed been using “nuance” with Pakistan for the past six decades. Where has that gotten them with Pakistan? Pakistan becoming the global epicenter of terror?

    “To avoid deterioration of Pakistan-US relations, Pakistan needs to develop an amicable relationship with the conservative section of the American population. It needs to be cognisant of the international climate and prepare its needle and thread, for home and abroad.”

    What the author means is that it all just a PR issue. If global perception about Pakistan needs to be changed, how about giving up the double-game of supporting the terrorists while also running with the hares, a tactic that Pakistan has been using for decades?Recommend

  • Gau Mutra

    200%? Is that a real number? I say you are a 100% nut for saying something so ridicules.Recommend

  • unbelievable

    Unlike Pakistan the USA military follows the order of the elected PresidentRecommend

  • unbelievable

    Nope … but I pity anybody in the region who is downwind.Recommend

  • usman777

    First 3 commenters? Indian. Main Comment: Begging for Aid. Fact: Pakistan Aid 62 billion dollars, Indian Aid 160 Billions dollars. Source of Information? OEDC. Indian Trolls: Move on to next article.Recommend

  • Ajay Mittal

    Simpleminded Shakeel (lime some other Pakistanis) cannot think deeply.Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    This article in the New York Times explains the Republicans admiration and love for Pakistan

  • Hassaan Sagheer

    Hey lets call an entire country “beggars and terrorists”. While we’re at it lets follow someone who we know is an idiot and do what ever he says cause that won’t have any effect on India whatsoever.Recommend

  • Milind A

    Its quite the opposite… The Republicans being morons, speak the language of threat, following it by action (bombing, pummelling in Iraq/Afghanistan etc)… Pakistani Rommels who otherwise overextend themselves, shiver and cover down in the face of these real threats from these war-mongers and join them in their misadventures.. Democrats otherwise are known for hollow threats and can be easily managed.Recommend

  • Gullu

    Don’t feed the Hindustani trolls. Let them rant !Recommend

  • Fawad

    Cant believe this idiot actually has a shot at becoming the next potusRecommend

  • outsider

    not surprise coming this from an Indian. you know what they say if you point a finger at somebody 3 are pointing right back at you. India also get aid from US and European countries that makes India a begger?Recommend

  • Jayman

    It is time somebody put Pakistan in its place. All the extreme elements who flaunt nukes and wag their fingers will duck for cover. Trump for President !!Recommend

  • Jayman

    Read about the reports coming out of the Pentagon about Pak. Also, look up some of the statements by US generals regarding Pakistan. It is there on Youtube. They are waiting for a President who has some courage.Recommend

  • Umair

    Such irrational slogans can only work to win Elections just like Modi did in India. Modi is still unable to deliver on even a single front and furthermore leading India to internal destabilization due to his extremist mindset. Donald Trump is more of a threat to the America than to rest of the World community. If his plans get implemented, Americans are surely going to be isolated and nobody in the world will listen to them. Moreover, he will damage American cohesion by promoting his conservative and racist philosophy.Recommend

  • AAtifGoraya

    a indian cannot hide his filthRecommend

  • Awais

    I dont know with what moral right you come and comment over Pakistan news ?? why you guys are so insecure ?? Trump right or wrong about Pakistan what your have to with that considering you can clearly (foolishly) see Pakistan is going no where and believe we cant do any good as well ?? We beg USA and we manufactures terrorists ?? at-least we dont beg with state massacre award holder terrorist being Prime minister of the country and who begs even from the countries who cant even run their own country in a straight line over a decade, with PM visit over 3 decades and first thing your PM do after landing is begging ??Recommend

  • Saj

    Every nation pursues international politics to ensure its self interest. Building international relations requires finding common ground. Trump is more concerned with building walls with other peoples money. He has conned the american people into believing that the US should be compensated for projecting its military and political might over the rest of the world. This wave of imperialism is in sharp contrast to Clinton’s politics of promoting democracy abroad.Recommend

  • Saj

    There is no denying the over extended Indian lobby on the capitol, but if the conservatives want their ‘re-shoring’ policies to be taken seriously, they will have to cut back on companies that offshore business operations to India just as much as they are focused on Mexico and China. When the BJP boasts of hundreds of thousands of Indians working top jobs in American state owned and private entities, do you think the conservatives are happy? or are they concerned about keeping ‘American jobs for Americans’. Will the Indian lobby be able to hide this information.Recommend

  • OSD

    Very nice article. But if he continues to remain the front runner, then he will take the republican party down with him.Recommend

  • XY

    Funny, India seems to the biggest recipient of US aid in the last 66 years.
    By your logic this would make India the biggest beggar there is.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    “I dont know with what moral right you come and comment over Pakistan news ??”

    You don’t need moral right. You only need computer, internet access and the address of the tribune web site. Why complicate things?Recommend

  • Ameer

    Yes 200% is a real number. Recommend

  • Raghu Reddy

    Look man, the article is less about who took aid for what and how much, but about Pak still continuing with its policy of harboring terrorists and two timing with USA. Isnt it a shame?Recommend

  • wb

    You’re wrong. US aid to India is going to NGOs and not to Indian government or military.


  • Raghu Reddy

    Author is worried about USA pressuring Pak on breaking Haqqani n/w. Shouldnt they pressurise Pak? for what are they giving out doles? Be truthful in any relationship.Pak cant double play.Recommend

  • Mild

    I think he is not bad for Pakistan simply because he is after anything foreign. If he tries to take Mexican immigrants head-on, which he has promised he would, then that would lead to a lot of problems between USA and Mexico. More tensions with Mexico would mean less time to focus on other countries. His chillingly stupid solutions might sound good to the public but these statements are just for publicity and if he intends to actually implement them then his own people and the world would know that being the head of The Apprentice in a fantasy world and being the head of a powerful country in the real world are two different things.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Our pm didn’t beg.All restrictions were lifted after he became pm

    Plus our economy is 10 Times that of yours.Your economy is a begging bowl which runs and borrows money Recommend

  • Rohan

    The feudal-military-mullah nexus has ruled the country for the majority of its history. This is the main reason that democracy , which is flourishing across the border, has not been able to establish its credentials here. Over 60 percent of Pakistan’s GDP goes towards meeting its defense needs, consequently the overall economy has suffers. Education in Pakistan has never been a priority with any government, so has been the case with social security and well-being of its citizens. Rampant inflation, unemployment, the daily deepening energy crises, unchecked corruption and the alarming deteriorating law and order situation have made Pakistan, a favorite recruiting ground plus a safe haven for terrorists from all over the world. It did not come as a surprise that Osama Bin Laden, was found living in Abbottabad Cantonment, KP, in the failed state of PakistanRecommend

  • Bangladeshi

    USAID to India is funneled through NGO’s for uplift of tribals, downtrodden and/or slum dwellers whereas to Pakistan it goes to the Government kitty as budgetary support. Do you see any diferrence between the two?Recommend

  • Abdul

    Quote “Donald Trump, Israel is our best friend, we should do everthing to protect Israel, Israel should be the cornerstone of our policy in region, its the only stable democracy in the region” Sept.16,2015 Blogs Aseela Haque) un-quote. His daughter converted to Judaism n he is very proud, Israel should be the cornerstone of USA policy in region, Israel the only stable democracy in region etc. Now, lets read another historical statement – Quote “Christ was nailed to the cross, while our present day party Christians debate themselfs to begging for jewish votes at elections and later try to arrange political swindles with atheistic jewish parties – and this against their own nation” (Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf”, Vol 1, Chapter 11)nquote Are we living or going to live in upside down world?

  • Abdul

    quote “Ialam is not so wonderful religion, against Mosque built in ground zero, bomb Iraq distroy it and bring its all Oil in USA, Pakistan’s not friends of USA-dry it out and distroy it, he says” unquote After 1945 is world ready for another lunatic.Recommend

  • Bangladeshi

    Why are you so very much consumed by Modi and his style of governance when the the article is on implications for Pakistan if Trump becomes President of USA. By the way, Modi in his short tenure of just 14 months has already changed the perception of the outside world about India. US majors have lined up to meet him during his visit to New York for UNGA this week. The list includes Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Telsa, Lockheed Martin, GE, General Motors, Ford, a host of deep strike defence equipment manufacturers, etc and they all want a piece of the Indian pie called ‘Make in India’. Recommend

  • Jayman

    Strong worlds. But I wouldn’t call Pakistan “filth”.Recommend

  • gaatif

    A stupid demand without keeping the whole subcontinent in view.
    Pakistan is not just sitting and waiting for an order to disassemble it’s deterrence which has kept its stupid neighbor in limits.

    Those expecting Pakistan to be like Syria, Iraq if Trump gets elected, should not forget Pakistan’s security forces, missile system and well discussed nukes before making such dreams. Recommend

  • Jayman

    Keep the faith man! I wouldn’t call Pak “filth”. But it ain’t too far away.Recommend

  • Jayman

    Do you understand the term “per-capita”? Didn’t think so.
    Pak is still the biggest beggar. And it is getting worse by the day.Recommend

  • Sunny

    USA needs Pakistan to safeguard its wider interests such as containing India.Recommend

  • awais

    Yeah right exactly my point….. when your PM go and beg from countries from even none of your own previous 3 decades PM had not begged… you call it bilateral relationship… When you see china making investment in Pakistan you call it begging.. you are absolutely right may be indian economy is even bigger then 10 times of us, regardless of its higher 100 times in rapes, execution of minorities at state level, banning minorities from practicing their religion, not awarding their citizen with right they deserve you do have bigger economy… My dear that’s the whole point of my previous comment… with all this why are you so insecure about Pakistan, you come and read a whole blog about Pakistan and comment on it so much so a poor pigeon if enter to india you call it a terrorist.. Recommend

  • awais

    Kido !!! you wont get it go have bournvita and try to grow up and keep trying as will defiantly fail over and over again…Recommend

  • Headstrong

    I agree. But he IS divisive, and far too right wing – even for a Republican. I hope the Americans are smart enough to reject him. Recommend

  • awais

    you are right let him rant and rant and rant…. Modi should change its country name to INSECURE-ISTANRecommend

  • Umair

    Yes article is about Pakistan and Donald Trump but comparing Instances is not an International crime by any means. Modi may have invited some foreign investment but it will be of no use if you keep in mind growing religious and ethnic intolerance in India.Recommend

  • Guest

    To able to counter-exploit a super power while its trying to exploit you.. should be a matter of pride.Recommend

  • Fahimuddin

    They are not friends but colleaguesRecommend

  • Fahimuddin

    They use brain first then courage.Recommend

  • Guest

    “Well, the US has indeed been using “nuance” with Pakistan for the past six decades. Where has that gotten them with Pakistan?”

    Pakistan had been toeing the US line for much of those six decades, and that contributed to bringing terrorism to Pakistan. Where as the US got off pretty much scratch free.

    It is in the interest of Americans to keep it that way, let the rest of the world (aka Indians) take care of themselves.Recommend

  • Guest

    The difference is that in India there are a billion beggars begging for hundreds of billions while the rulers have some self respect.
    In Pakistan only those in power are begging while the common folk want to do away with american aid.
    I like the Indian model, its more profitable with few strings attached.Recommend

  • PatrioticSoul

    Historically Republicans go very well with Pakistan.Recommend

  • Pro Truth

    well he has spoken the US policy to the world openly “Dry it out and destroy it.” this policy deployed to Iraq, Syria, Libya very successfully, Dry method didnt work in case of Iran and Pakistan. But that doesnt mean this method will not be tried again!
    He will never be elected, but again Bush junior also made it US highest office, so he may have chance too!Recommend

  • claudia

    awww you people sure do think world cares about you so much or revolve around you’re in for a brutal shock i for one definitely would love trump for POTUS and a strong USA israel india nexusRecommend

  • Praj S

    Sorry to say…though this article is in relation to Trump’s perspective of Pak, it has become an Indo-Pak ‘whose the bigger beggar’ debate…I guess, Trump or his allies would be thinking ‘let these idiots fight among themselves’ while we will decide whom to support based on whose powerful at that given time. I am an Indian who is proud to have Pakistan as a neighbour as I am of Sri Lanka or Bangladesh. Yes we have had our differences and wars and what not, but who doesn’t? If time has moved on so should we (or maybe I am too naive to understand)… Either ways as normal citizen of not just a country but of the world, I hope Trump doesn’t become even a clerk at the White House coz he gives me the creeps…and yeah I think he is stupid and capable enough to turn around and say “You are fired’ to any of of his sane and trustworthy diplomats including Barrack Obama.Recommend

  • AA

    Indian economy is 10 times that of Pakistan so are her liabilities. Half of Indian population earn less than a dollar one third of Pakistan,54 percent of Indian people defecate in open 23 percent of Pakistanis. Smell the coffee my friend larger population has large expenses which makes larger income smaller. Indian people, like yourselves, are given doses of dillusion propaganda, Indian exports are 300 billion while imports are 450 billion Trade deficit 15% Pakistan exports 26 billion imports 35 billion trade deficit 10% Try to see things in absolute values not the size. Building 660 million toilets are more important than a probe to Mars or a Nuclear submarine ?? Its all about priorities.Recommend

  • AA

    Democracy means “rule of people for the people” or is it oppression of poor ?? Is it really flourishing or struggling in India; In the last 20 years, nearly 300,000 farmers have ended their lives by
    ingesting pesticides or by hanging themselves. in Maharashtra state alone reported
    60,000 farmer suicides . It tells me when there is no voice and no hope only then a person takes his or her life, what does this tell you ?Recommend

  • AA

    Suck-ups don’t have to worry, they prepares for the next “job” so will IndiaRecommend

  • ??

    The american people are nothing but sheeps fooled by democracyRecommend

  • Umair

    Awww and nobody in the world cares about your day-dreaming either. Actions speak louder than words. Modi spoke a lot against Pakistan b/f elections as if he is going to attack Pakistan. Where is that 56″ chest now? Trump will also be one of a similar kind. You People have been day-dreaming about Pakistan vanishing from the earth Map since independence. Keep living in fool’s paradise and keep dreaming for another 68 trillion years. Pakistan is here to stay forever.Recommend

  • Rohan

    55% of Pakistani women are illetrate and 40% can’t read or write, the ones who can go to madrassas where they learn jihad
    As per UN 58% of the Pakistanis don’t have water to clean up after defecating in the open and you spend 70% on nuclear bombs
    Pakistan is closer to Afghanistan in the failed states index.Turkey and USA have withdrawn their investments and Pakistan has 212 banned terrorist organizations.

  • Vaishak Viswam

    and the population is in billions not in ur dying millions, still not a big toll for india fool. but if this has happened in ur dear land of pure’s then sure there will be riots, bombing and media outcry.Recommend

  • Faisal

    Your government does propagandas against other countries. Sends RAW agents to Pak to do terrorists activities, your PM is a prejudice bastard who elected even after doing riots against Muslims, that is not progress.

  • talat

    What a stupid article.who doesn’t know all this b*** Sh**. US policies doesn’t change with personalities.I still remember when Obama was contesting , there were many statements against Pakistan and to bomb makka etc…….live in a a real world miss aseela and try to grow upRecommend

  • Brutus

    As far as I know, India is far more prosperous and lot more attentive to its problems than Pakistan, but you sir, it seems, got really saddened by our Maha farmers’ plight. However, your humanitarian concern is an appreciable human trait indeed!
    But sir,why don’t you just take care of the brutalized children of Kasur and their blackmailed families instead? They urgently need your attention and support. The atrocity might still be continuing, have you paid any attention to it sir?
    Let me assure you that we would take care of our farmers. But please, just be a lil bit more careful about the safety of the kids in your vicinity.Recommend

  • JackZFlipper

    India is turning into a world power while you are busy commenting on an article where you are scared of getting no money . Think about that for a second.. Recommend

  • Limpkisar

    I think he needs proper training. He seems childish and unreasonable for a presidential candidate. Unfortunately, most of the candidates are the products of military industrial complex. One must understand whom he wants to please with these words.Recommend

  • Milind A

    In fact this is your dream come true – you always (subconsciously) wanted Jews, Hindus to unite against youRecommend

  • Rahul

    Hmmmm which country still has endemic polio, ?which country still has 600 neonates with tetanus every year, ? which country has largest per captia of illegal immigrants in the developed world after sub saharan Africa? Which countries gdp is equivalent to the gdp of two states in india? Which countries green passport ensures you will get a complimentary full body check in international airports? Recommend

  • Rahul

    Hmmmm which country still has endemic polio, ?which country still has 600 neonates with tetanus every year, ? which country has largest per captia of illegal immigrants in the developed world after sub saharan Africa? Which countries gdp is equivalent to the gdp of two states in india? Which countries green passport ensures you will get a complimentary full body check in international airports? Recommend

  • Rahul

    Wrong, india exported 464 billion in 2013, now its crossed half a trillion, imagine that, the world buys close to half a trillion dollars worth of indian merchandise,engineered goods, auto, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles and software every year, your entire gdp is less than half this, your exports are a piddle, yes Indian imports are 590 billion, but guess what, with record low gas prices, and iran crude on steroids, where do think that number is going to goRecommend

  • Rahul

    Wrong, india exported 464 billion in 2013, now its crossed half a trillion, imagine that, the world buys close to half a trillion dollars worth of indian merchandise,engineered goods, auto, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles and software every year, your entire gdp is less than half this, your exports are a piddle, yes Indian imports are 590 billion, but guess what, with record low gas prices, and iran crude on steroids, where do think that number is going to goRecommend

  • MK

    India has in excess of 500 million people who dont have a toilet, more than double Pakistans population, think about that for a second…Recommend

  • Faulitics

    No bournvita where i live..Sorry :-)Recommend