Dear India, Pakistan will not play cricket on your terms anymore

Published: September 8, 2015

World Hindu Council says India should refuse to host tour until 26/11 masterminds brought to justice. PHOTO: AFP

We have been taught since childhood, or at least I have been taught regularly, that two wrongs do not make a right. I believe the real message behind that age-old adage is to make a child understand that each problem needs to be dealt with separately. One cannot pile one ‘wrong’ over ‘another’ in the hopes of concocting a ‘right’. As a grown up and someone who is in their mid-20s, I understand that, but unfortunately, our 68-year-old noisy neighbour cannot.

Firstly, I do not categorise myself as an anti-Indian. I am merely critical of the Indian government policies which are unfair on the most part. Once again, after recent tensions at the border, and an attack on a village near the Indian border on Indian soil, the Indian government presented another lame excuse on the premise that terrorism and cricket together cannot exist together.

This particular argument is weird, not only because of the manner in which it is presented but also because of the entity which is presenting it. For a country that takes pride in calling itself the biggest democracy in the world, such actions where you ignore your present and avoid your past are more than just disappointing.

For a sports lover, nothing is better than watching a clash between two arch rivals going head to head in a home-and-away clash. However, the Indian government made sure that they would find a way to interlink politics and sports, which is highly disappointing. If that is to be the case, where a government is going turn a sport into a matter of war, then I believe that Pakistan’s government should step in, instead of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and say that cricket and terrorism cannot go forward together, as Pakistan has a far more genuine reason to use that statement.

Unless and until India stops its activism on the Line of Control (Loc), there won’t be any cricket. I believe that it’s about time that we as a nation should say it once for all and that we won’t play the game on your terms.

As far as I can understand, one thing that allowed the situation to deteriorate to this level is our apologetic posture, which never gave us the same power as the diplomats. We, as a nation, have always displayed an apologetic posture in terms of diplomacy and that has never really paid any dividend. India has always played on their front foot and has never allowed Pakistan any leverage, which we shouldn’t expect them to do anyway.

I find it funny that our accomplished and experienced Chairman of PCB, Shahryar Khan, had been very hopeful of the series materialising, even after repeated refusals from the other side. I find it even funnier that an experienced and well-informed Najam Sethi was even more adamant about the series taking place as per the plan. The other side was clear about the series not taking place. Where was his famous ‘chirya then? Since the two aforementioned gentlemen have exhibited loyalty to the state, I will not bash them and will only assume that naivety led them to believe in the commitments of their counterpart across the border.

I am convinced that all of this overhyped optimism is driven by the theory that playing against India is a way to attain economic success. Such an assumption may be correct, but the truth is that an arrangement with India keeps us on our guard at all times and that is problematic. Exhibiting enthusiasm in the field of cricket is great, but it should not come at the cost of our national integrity. I wish to ask our diplomats, government, and PCB officials why we cannot stand up and speak for what is right, especially when our hands are far cleaner than the ones on the other side of the border?

This question needs to be asked within our borders as well. When the Indian media can bash Pakistan and hold it responsible for any unfortunate event that happens to take place, then why does our media lack the necessary teeth to counter India’s offensive, despite being called Pakistan’s ‘teesri quwat’ (third force)?

Hearing allegation after allegation and seeing nearly every cricket series between the two neighbours undergo a war of sorts, one wonders why our sports ministry, the PCB, and government officials are so slow to react on the diplomatic and media front? Why are there are no counter allegations from our side?

Even if for the sake of argument, we accept that Pakistan is the cause of terrorism in India, that we support non-state actors and hence no cricket is possible, our diplomats, PCB officials and sports ministry should be able to put forth the assurance that we definitely are not the cause of terrorism.

Be it the admission of India’s current National Security Advisor (NSA) Mr Ajit Daval in a seminar where he confessed how India is involved in a proxy war in Pakistan which left thousands of Pakistanis dead, or be it the current tension on the LoC, Pakistani officials have an extremely strong argument, which is, if we ever had to play cricket against each other based on political matters, Pakistan would never want to play against India.

One thing that we need to learn from this is that we should not be tempted by the amount of money we can generate with a cricket series against India. Nothing comes at the cost of national integrity. It’s about time we inform them that we are not playing against them until they sort themselves out.

Enough is enough.

As for the PCB and the Pakistan cricket team, we should all sit around the table for the World T20 which is going to be held in India and chalk up a master winning plan for our team. That will be our chance to shine on the global stage. Winning against India on Indian soil will send the right message to everyone, regardless of the games being played; Pakistan will come out on top.

Let’s go there boys and win it all, win it for the men in green. Let’s win it for the brave men who protect us on our borders.

If you try to bring us down, we will rise,

If you try to break us down, we will shine,

Because we turn the tides around and do the impossible,

Because we are Pakistan.

Azeem Siddiqui

Azeem Siddiqui

The author is a sports writer, sports blogger and sub-editor sports desk at Express Tribune. He tweets as @aze3msiddiqui (

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  • Kk

    Dear Pakistan,

    It’s simple. Don’t play! Your politicians keep begging us. Why write a long letter? don’t play if you don’t want to play.


  • Karachiite

    Apparently Indian cricket board and Indian cricket team is more patriotic than rest of the country. May be that’s why they refuse to play with Pakistan while Pankaj Advani visits Pakistan for snooker championship.

    Obviously Virat Kohli is a better Indian than Pankaj Advani.Recommend

  • mimi sur

    Who cares if you play or not. First think about how will you revive cricket in your country .Recommend

  • Minerva

    Now even North Korea will take lessons from Pakistanis on false bravado. Sir, India is not forcing you to play. It is PCB begging BCCI for the bilateral series. And on Pakistan winning T20 in India, it’s skills which win games not your lofty rhetoric.Recommend

  • S malik

    likewise, you should revive some public toilets in your own country.Recommend


    Azeem Siddiqui, your opinion of Pakistan playing or not playing according to terms set by India does not matter to anyone. It is the PCB that has to decide and if at all in a rare Indian goodwill gesture if BCCI agrees to PCB request of a bilateral series between the two nations, then PCB will go to any length and terms set by India to be part of the series cause of the huge amount involved. Azeem, it is the money and it matters a lot to PCB and not yours or my opinion. Recommend

  • jan

    Pakistan can resist India and Indian terms , the world cricket accepts Indian terms , After all we rule the cricket world, we create most money through cricket ! IPL has made many millionaires in cricket world. Ad revenue, endorsements huge Indian market, if Pak wants to benefit , learn from India. The Baniya knows better to do business than a Punjabi.Recommend

  • PakPatriot

    Better Pakistan should not play with India, Because majority of time we loose and it demoralizes whole nation…Recommend

  • Jayman

    Please play Pakistan! We’ll be finished if you don’t play with us !!Recommend

  • S malik

    so basically what your saying is, Pakistan should hire a Noble & Corruption Free Angel that is ” LALIT MODI”?
    And should he commit a mistake minor mistake of Fixing & staging the whole IPL tournament, Pakistan should follow in footsteps of ” Shushma Suraaj” as Minister of F.O & Escape the noble personality all the way to UK.

    & ofcourse, the whole BJP party & Modi jee would have nothing to do with the whole incident.

    And yes your right,… IPL has made many millionaires…one big example is “Sreesanth” or the sataay baaz(Match fixers) sitting in dubai..really IPL has no boundries of making ppl rich.Recommend

  • James

    Firstly, I do not categorize myself as an anti-Pakistan. I am merely critical of the Pakistani government policies which are unfair on the most part. Once again, after recent tensions at the border, and an attack on a village near the Pakistani border on Pakistani soil, the Pakistani government presented another lame excuse on the premise that terrorism and trade cannot exist together.

    This particular argument is weird, not only because of the manner in which it is presented but also because of the entity which is presenting it. For a country that takes pride in calling itself the “only Islami atami kuwwat” in the world, such actions where you ignore your present and avoid your past are more than just disappointing.

    For a peace lover, nothing is better than to see two countries doing trade. However, the Pakistani government made sure that they would find a way to interlink politics and trade, which is highly disappointing………..Recommend

  • S malik

    Hey…Pakistan offered to be a major exporter for “Onions” to india due to the Severe deficiency of Onions in India but Indians bought it on much more higher price from EGYPT. And look where it has got the Onion prices in India.

    Per reliable sources…due to the above situation & price hike…some people are actually investing in Onions in India(substituting Land/Gold).
    A bag full of Onion is also a popular Gift nowdays.

    so with that said…we did offer some trade…which our neighbor didn’t accept.Recommend

  • Jayant

    Actually we are outsourcing Indian toilet cleaning contracts , While at cleaning our toilets , one will receive security from drones, food and blast free stay in India. Nah dont worry we dont behead Pakistani like ur Ummah bro KSA.Recommend


    You have smartly not mentioned the likes of Mohammed Asif, Salman Butt and Mohammed Amir counting their hours behing bars in the prison of U.K. Height of shame for the board and the country they have played for. Much more than Sreesanth.Recommend

  • Spock

    Hmmm, Remind me when did BCCI go after PCB to play with them, or was it other way around?
    Also since when did you become spokesman of PCB, as far as PCB is concerned they are willing to play at any conditions.

    Facts check before you post a blog my friend.Recommend

  • S malik

    Talking about serving time in jail.
    When is our “Kabootar”(Pigeon) being release from “Kala Pani ki Saza(black water)” from Tihar Jail?
    As SRK would say:” I am Kabootar & i am not a Terrorist!”Recommend

  • Jalaluddin

    Sorry, but now we won’t play with you!
    Now suffer the wrath of the mighty PCB!Recommend

  • Manish Bathla

    Dear Pakistan,
    Ask the Pcb to stop begging too.
    An Indian.Recommend

  • Azwer khan

    Lol whose begging the beggars … Talk on facts Recommend

  • S malik

    Well thats a good offer….But i would want to live in “Gujrat”…& i would want to sacrifice a Cow on the Eid ul Adha coming in 2 weeks time.
    Where do i sign up for this ? Do i need RSS or Modi jees Approval for this…will the Gujju Patel Family Endorse this?
    Heard alot about secular india…Now time to witness it ;)Recommend

  • Rhea

    What an innocent lad with romantic ideas! But he must have his say, however fanciful it may be.Recommend

  • PatrioticSoul

    Pakistan should just remember what India did to it and move on. Times change and Pakistan can choose to remember this treatment in future as the opportunity arises. For now, just play anyone who wants to play the sport and avoid anyone who has corrupted a game with money and politics.Recommend

  • Navneet

    It is self-gloating such as above which lands Pakistan to where it is today in every sphere of life. Guess what, when u look around and see the ample evidence of your past sins in all the death and destruction in yr country, what is the best thing to do? Either clean up or…War cries…looks like the loudest in Pak are always ready for war. One doesn’t need to look at the quality of your thoughts to judge this article as very poor…look at the opening para…so poorly drafted. The article starts on a premise of hate, which u automatically assume….no questions asked. Let me help you and maybe your readers….try to be honest, at least you will get your bearings right. Recommend

  • ABK Ind

    Well the author may be as a Pakistani you wont understand the Indian sentiments, historically all the wars fought by India & Pakistan have been initiated by Pakistan which has been admitted by your own ex generals but still Pakistanis call us as aggressors & enemies. I am not including the innumerable attacks be it on our Parliament or Mumbai that India has suffered.
    Today Pakistan is suffering from terrorism the same way as US is suffering from Taliban & Al Qaeeda, they made a Frankenstein for Political gains & now its back firing. Even if for a point of debate we still do agree that RAW is involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan, can you blame them or do you expect India to tolerate all infiltrations the 4 wars like mute spectator.
    Cricket is a passionate sport for India & Pakistan with lots of money involved in it. A nation thats least supportive to resolve terror issues facing India shouldnt expect much help in return as well. Finally the funniest part Pakistanis always claim to be supporters of muslims like in Kashmir, but you readily went hunting Ulghir Muslims in china only to please the Chinese masters so please dont preach us..Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Hello? I thought it was a World Level event? Obviously you thought it was bilateral. pakistan is visiting India for the World T20, isn’t it?

    Lol :-)Recommend

  • BP

    Hindi cricket players have a bad reputation. cheat too much, no honor.
    Reviled internationally. others don’t want to be downwind of these
    BCCI players.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Yeah, maybe you guys wouldn’t like to take up jobs in India. You’re not going to get children to play with – a la Kasur. Best you stick to your own land, where you can get away with it. Recommend

  • Asad

    And what is your opinion about selling Bolly movies in Pak ? Im sure you want that to never stop. So, first stop that and you will see no more talk of crciket after that.Recommend

  • Asad

    Ask Saif to stop crying for not playing his movie in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    We’ll release your pigeon when you return the hot air your Minister for Climate Change claimed we sent to karachi from Rajasthan, causing climate change there :-)

    Oh, he also claimed we were diverting the monsoon from Karachi to Mumbai :-)Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Sorry, but you’ll have to try harder than that. The world knows who gets Indian stuff via Dubai and 5 times the cost. Everyone also knows how India granted MFN status to pakistan, and also agreed to the GSP+ status for EU trade for pakistan. But it’s pakistan who refuses to engage in trade, allow transit etc. No worries, we’ll find a way – you stick to whining about mixing politics and sport :-)Recommend

  • MSM7

    Then Pls tell me,Why Pakistan Govt has banned onion export to India??Recommend

  • Kushal

    Please stop it Pakistan. Recommend

  • S malik
  • Lalit

    Butt,asif and aamir are not Indians.BTW what is the point of author ? Cricket or not ?Recommend

  • rama

    Check with your PCB , who is begging to the beggar.Recommend

  • rama

    When soldiers are killed in the border, do you want cricketers partying , This may be acceptable where your diplomats, bureaucrats , generals not for ordinary Indian. It is shame that you don’t bothered for your own armyRecommend

  • Manish Bathla

    Living under the rock?.Recommend

  • Manish Bathla

    stop crying = Bin Roye?Recommend

  • Surya

    Then stop buyingRecommend

  • Surya

    Oh My God. PCB will eat us. Please, please, keep asking us play till we agree….please.Recommend

  • Surya

    If you can link bollywood movies to cricket, then why we can link terrorism to cricket? Recommend

  • Bana Post

    Did we beg to u? Dont drag India in this matter.So this grape soursRecommend

  • whatever

    Mohammed Asif, Salman Butt Or Mohammed Amir- I am Pakistani and I am a match-fixer.Most of the senior Pakistani player support us.Recommend

  • Zed Jay

    Well said. Enough with talking BCCI’s drama. They know their team is in rebuilding phase like ours but our shaky team at the moment will definitely beat them and than the extremist supporters India has will wage war against the team players at their home. So its that terrorism BCCI is scared off rather than the tension at LoC! They are lucky to at least have LoC issue to run away from the series.
    Oh and I hear we have a MOU with India to play with us and if they don’t they pay for the damages. I would love that too :-DRecommend

  • Indi_san

    Thank You very much Pakistan! Obliged !!!!!!!!!!!Recommend

  • Proud atheist

    One more thing, only India has raised a fence at border and loc where ever possible to keep away infiltrators from other side. Ever heared Pak doing so? So, who is the victim?Recommend

  • Kk

    Suppy is the reaction of demand!Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Whatever you say – just two words Mauka Mauka…. ;-)

    All the best trying to get “damages” from us ;-)Recommend

  • Milind A

    Look boss, you have no clue about what you’re talking about… Most of your cricketers have had dubious reputations.
    1. Imran Khan – was a regular ganja/hashish addict during 1986 tour of Australia.. He made a scapegoat of Kasim Omar to save himself.
    2. Salim Malik – Caught in fixing and banned
    3. Miandad – Had close links with a shady underworld don Dawood and later translated these into relationship
    4. Butt, Asif & Aamir are the latest ‘achievers’.
    5. Wasim Akram – Had links with fixers through his brother. His house was stoned after Pakistan lost a (fixed) match with Bangladesh and he justified this as ‘losing to brothers’
    Compared to these Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly and most of the Indian team were very much clean.Recommend

  • Vinod

    Hindi Players are all cheaters. What about urdi players?Recommend

  • Vinod

    Well replied Sir.Recommend

  • Vinod

    You are right mate they are very shameful. Please we should learn from our history.Recommend

  • Vinod

    You are begging. Get your facts straight.Recommend

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    (Unless and until India stops its activism on the Line of Control
    (Loc), there won’t be any cricket. I believe that it’s about time that
    we as a nation should say it once for all and that we won’t play the
    game on your terms.)
    That is funny because India is not begging to play cricket against Pakistan. Pakistan cricket board is. When Pakistan plays India, PCB gets to make tons of money. It is all about money!
    I am just amused that Pakistanis berate indians for everything and then in the same breath accuse Indians of not playing cricket or not allowing Pakistani cricketers into the IPL!
    Let us be very clear.
    Pakistan considers India its enemy. Everything from policy level down to the level of an average Pakitani on the streets tells the same story: India is our eternal enemy.
    Why would you then want to play cricket with your enemy?
    INDIANS have now made it clear.
    No cricket is possible with Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    (Even if for the sake of argument, we accept that Pakistan is the cause of terrorism in India,
    that we support non-state actors and hence no cricket is possible, our
    diplomats, PCB officials and sports ministry should be able to put forth
    the assurance that we definitely are not the cause of terrorism.)
    That is made a little difficult when Osama bin Laden is found in the heart of Pakistan and when the so called “non state actors” (a euphemism for “terrorists in disguise”) are traced to the Pakistani soil.
    Pakistani officials can spend any amount of money trying to convince the world but the world believes that Pakistan harbors, trains terrorists.
    The man on whom there is a reward viz LeT chief Hafiz Saeed roams freely in Pakistan.
    And one of the perpetrators of Mumbai attacks, Lakhvi is also a free man in Pakistan.
    These things make Pakistan look bad internationally.
    You can put a rug on a pile of cr#p but you can’t prevent the stink from spreading everywhere.Recommend

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    (Be it the admission of India’s current National Security Advisor (NSA)
    Mr Ajit Daval in a seminar where he confessed how India is involved in a
    proxy war in Pakistan…)
    Maybe Pakistanis do not understand English well.
    Doval never said India is involved in a proxy war.
    He only outlined steps that India can take to counter terrorism from Pakistan. He did this in various seminars including one in Melbourne that I watched on Youtube.

  • Jalaluddin

    No we won’t play now!
    We (PCB) are the biggest cricketing board!
    We are in fact the biggest sports organisation!
    Now you’ll know when you mess with us, you lose all your money
    But we are unaffected by a small organisation like BCCI
    we, together with Kenya and Ethiopia are the “BIG 3”Recommend

  • Gratgy

    You missed the great ball muncher, You also missed Zulqarnain Haider who disappeared when the Pakistani team visited LondonRecommend

  • Gratgy

    Pakistan can play cricket with the Hurriyat for all we careRecommend

  • Union Jack

    Ok !….good. So ? As if we are dying to play with Pakistan.Recommend

  • John Galt

    If you want to play ICC cricket with ANY country you have to play on India’s terms.Recommend

  • Nana

    Not at all. At no condition. Stop flattering yourself. Pakistanis don’t want to play with India. Get it into your head.Recommend

  • Programming Drone

    Looking at the comments on this page, this might just be an Indian News Site.Recommend

  • Nana

    As usual, all Indians are angels, devtaas, devian and dasian. I wonder then what is this noise about Sri nawasan, Lalit Modi or Sri Shant?Recommend

  • Nana

    No need to flatter yourself, we don’t want to play with India.And Don’t lecture us about something you don’t know.Recommend

  • Nana

    because of shortage of onions, it is needed domestically.Recommend

  • ricardo sergio navarro

    Please find junk of nonsense by Indians in comments as belowRecommend

  • Rohan

    Another India bashing article,seriously what would Pakistan do without India.It will lose its ‘not India identity’

    1- sharyar Khan came begging to us for playing
    2-Take action against anti India terrorists, LET and jaish e Mohammed
    3 – stop hating India and Hindus then maybe we will think of playing cricketRecommend

  • Swaadhin

    “Even if for the sake of argument, we accept that Pakistan is the cause of terrorism in India, that we support non-state actors and hence no cricket is possible,…”

    Which world is the author living in…Dawood Ibrahim is not living in Pakistan is a theory only the Pakistanis believe in, Omar Saeed Sheikh is in a jail because he killed Daniel Pearl but where was he before the Indian plane IC 814 was hijacked, has the author also forgotten the reception given by the Pakistani masses to the Maulana Masood Azhar when he was set free by India to free its innocent civilians.

    Your own interior minister says 26/11 was planned in Pakistan, almost a decade later the same organisation works under a different name and its chief is invited on prime time to rant against India while carrying a ten million bounty on his head.

    Despite all this the author thinks the Pakistani hands are clean, Indian NSA did not accept that India was involved in any acts in Pakistan, it was a former intelligence chief who was giving a piece of his mind to deal with Pakistan who was later on chosen as Indian NSA, what’s wrong in it if India indeed is giving it back to you in kind, has Pakistan forgotten the days when India used to ask Pakistan to hold its fire on LOC to no avail.

    “instead of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and say that cricket and terrorism cannot go forward together, as Pakistan has a far more genuine reason to use that statement.”

    You are the only one to believe so, India does not ask you to fight the Maoists and neither does it blame Pakistan, India does not care who are you fighting against until you bring those culprits to book who are bleeding India.

    The bottomline is you are convinced of your innocence and the rest of the world is convinced of your duplicity, either way someone is wrong and if it is Pakistan, its enemies could not be more happier because nothing can beat a country better than its own.Recommend

  • BP

    It has to do with 1.8 billion Hindians. The ticket sales are
    the reason to bring any teams to play with these mediocre
    players of BCCI. Rest assured, international teams will come.
    Even if they have to hold their noses and breath through the
    mouth. You put enough rupees together, like 80 or 90 and
    you got yourself a dollar. Plus makes the natives feel better,
    playing cricket with their former masters. The Paks or the

  • Headstrong

    That’s not what we see every day in your papers. Here nobody even talks about you – but you people are discussing India every day. PCB sends pleading letters, Javed Miandad shoots his mouth off, so does Shoaib Akhtar, then Zaheer Abbas has his own solution. It’s the same with Bollywood – you people keep writing here that you want nothing to do with us. Then the next day is some triumphant news about another starlet getting some bit role in a Bollywood film, or some minion winning some obscure award for a role in a Bollywood film. Make up your minds first before even talking to us….Recommend

  • Spock

    Thats not whaat PCB says, they are still insisting to play with India anywhere at any condition. Check the facts before you post anything.Recommend

  • Simla

    Shouldn’t Al-Bakistan talk to Hurriyat first before playing with Hindia. Hindia must remember Al-Bakistan is a nuclear power.Recommend

  • Gautam

    After all is said and done, The Author points out ‘World T20 going to be held in INDIA’…….Let me put you out of your misery, DON’T COME…..Simple, isn’t it? You people, probably couldn’t survive without our Handouts ha ha haRecommend

  • Anachron

    Last time I saw, Bajrangi Bhaijan gained more money for Pakistani theatre owners than Bin Roye and that 3rd class other Pakistani movieRecommend

  • Ob lah di

    Why don’t u ask how ChINA -your biggest ally treats MuslimsRecommend

  • Yashfaa Rao

    are there no newspapers in India?? u better go HT nd first post coz there is no room for Fanatic HindusRecommend

  • Yashfaa Rao

    Utter shame on you.. so if u really dislike pak nd paki player what r u doing here ?Recommend

  • Headstrong

    HT and First Post see you people too. It’s just that we outnumber you 6 to 1. You want us out of here, why don’t you stop obsessing about us? We promise not to post here then. Recommend

  • Smr

    what r u doing here,i am just surprised to see a bunch of indians on our news websitesRecommend

  • Smr

    where is the Moderator?? Recommend

  • Smr

    Oh really in which fools paradise r u living nd plz go back to ur countryRecommend

  • zoro

    We have told you long back …. Now why u wanna repeat what we said to you …

  • Yashfaa Rao

    can someone please tell me why these indians are commenting hereRecommend

  • Yashfaa Rao

    What r u doing here ?Recommend

  • Smr

    How can we expect that these poor indians have newspapers ,, Really feeling so sorry for you guysRecommend

  • Smr


  • Headstrong

    Madam, this is a blog on India. You really think we’ll let your lies be published without a response? Recommend

  • Rohan

    Adding sense and logic to the discussion something which Pakistanis can’t doRecommend

  • someone

    Well just another rant. No one is asking you to play with India but your PCB is practically begging. You must have heard already that PCB is laying off people. The excuse is re-organization but everyone who works in a corporate environment what does it mean. PCB is running short of funds. No big country wants to play in Pakistan and smaller countries charge Pakistan for playing in Pakistan. In nutshell, all your revenues are drying up. You guys can’t even host your own league in your country and then expect other countries to come and play in Pakistan.Recommend

  • someone

    Because we can. LOL. Moreover, is it not about India???Recommend

  • Nana

    Ask the nation, they don’t want to play India. And eventually we’ll prevail.Recommend

  • Nana

    Look who’s talking! Snooping around to find out whose talking about you. We never care what rubbish you Indians write in comments about us in your boring newspapers. That’s why with less we are still happy and with filled coffers you snoop around to find who is saying what.Recommend

  • Simla

    You seem to be able to read and write in English. However, I will try to make it very very simple for you. Indians are here because this blog mentions India a few times. Is this simple enough for you.Recommend

  • Yashfaa Rao

    yeah ,i can understand you idle people dont have anything to do except commenting on others websites,.why dont you focus on your own country ,,Recommend

  • Someone

    but it does not mean you have the permission to insult us in our home ,Recommend

  • Someone

    Dr yashfaa Rao they are showing how much bile they have had for us but not really unusualRecommend

  • Someone

    oh please first you take some sense,,nd leave our websitesRecommend

  • Yashfaa Rao

    first you please stop commenting here,,i guess indians have no newspapersRecommend