Dear Faisal Qureshi, just stop the hypocrisy. Please.

Published: August 29, 2015

In my experience, Qureshi, men who mock the masculinity of others are often insecure about their own.

Dear Faisal Qureshi,

Let me start by saying that while I am a film critic whose reviews are published weekly in Pakistan, I rarely watch Bollywood ‘films’. In fact, the last time I tried, my brain snapped shut, and I vomited uncontrollably for a few minutes. Later, I was diagnosed with Post Bollywood Stress Disorder (PBSD), a mental health condition provoked by a shockingly bad Bollywood film.

I was sure I would never watch something as horrific again, until I saw your video response to Indian actor Saif Ali Khan’s comments on the Pakistani ban on his film, Phantom.

Now, I must admit, at the very least, you sparked my interest.

After recovering from your video, thanks to a few pills of Imodium, I had a look at the trailer for Phantom. I do agree that this actioner looks like typical Bollywood nonsense where the ideas are recycled from counter-terrorism TV shows such as 24, and films such as Zero Dark Thirtywith the overall tone as subtle as a gorilla conducting a rectal exam. I also agree that Khan is naive to complain about Pakistan blocking his Citizen Kane when similar films of ours are banned in India.

I believe films are an art form, and there is nothing artistic about a film which takes thematic decisions based purely on commercialism or patriotism.

Meanwhile, Indian film critics have already ripped Phantom to shreds over its jingoism while the charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is all set to sue the filmmakers for its dangerous portrayal of its workers.

That being said, Qureshi, while some of your points can be appreciated, your video was even more offensive than the film you were targeting, which certainly takes special doing. This would be like being defeated by a fish in a tree climbing contest, or coming across as the real eccentric after a debate with Donald Trump, or losing to Kamran Akmal in a catching contest, and we know that the Akmal men couldn’t even catch a disease in the middle of an Ebola outbreak.

In fact, let me take a few minutes to applause.

I have never seen such a potent combination of misogyny, sexism, and misdirected saber rattling, packed into a 12-minute long video. It is as if Junaid Jamshed, Hamza Ali Abbasi, and Aamir Liaquat had a baby. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the cartoon show Captain Planet, but I imagine these gentlemen held up their rings, combined their powers, and formed you.

Your attempts to belittle Khan by repeatedly calling him ‘behan’ (sister) and ‘bachi’ (little girl) are so demeaning, I bet even Jamshed is sitting at home thinking,

“Dude, that’s a little sexist.”

And we are talking about Jamshed, Qureshi. Yes, you’ve made Jamshed ‘women shouldn’t drive’ Jamshed seem like a champion for women’s rights by comparison.

By the way, what’s wrong with being a girl, Qureshi? With that crippling attitude towards women, Qureshi, I sincerely hope you don’t have any daughters; after all, girls should be raised to be the equals of boys.

Towards the end of the video, you indicate that you are calling Khan a woman because he was cross-dressing in a role he played. Well, Qureshi, that’s his job as an actor. As part of an industry which churns out a few hundred films a day, I am sure Khan has played the role of a man, woman, cop, thief, politician, soldier, singer, dancer, student, cat, dog, mouse, tree, and bowling ball.

In my experience, men who mock the masculinity of others are often insecure about their own.

It is also difficult to believe that you are advocating piracy. Just because the product we are consuming is not tangible, doesn’t mean consuming it for free is not stealing. What’s more, thieving from someone we find to be distasteful is not a practical solution, or your detractors would be lined up outside your house.

Finally, my biggest concern after watching your latest video is how you are labelling those who disagree with you as being against Pakistan.

No, Qureshi, we aren’t against Pakistan, we are against you. I am not sure who you think appointed you Captain Pakistan, but there were no elections, Captain Steve Rogers.

As Shaan Taseer says in his publicly available Facebook post, it is easy to be pseudo patriotic when your target is in another nation. The actors of Bollywood aren’t going to break dance you to death from India. Meanwhile, if you have real courage, then how about a similar video about some of the real more immediate threats to Pakistanis?

Photo: Shaan Taseer Facebook page

Also, Qureshi, to stoop as low as to label a respected freelance journalist such as Faraz Talat as being ‘treasonous’ and ‘maligning the nation’, is dangerous and manipulative.

You go on to say,

“This nation knows how to deal with enemies, both foreign and domestic.”

Are you threatening Talat for having a different opinion from you? Are you encouraging your followers to harm this writer? Is this a responsible attitude to take?

Photo: Faisal Qureshi Facebook page

Either you lack the capacity to understand the nuances of Talat’s eloquently written blog or you are deliberately painting him falsely as a ‘traitor of the state’ in order to bully him. I am sure you’ve seen some of the threats issued by your readers encouraged by your misleading words. These are people who fail to comprehend the written word, Qureshi, so it is your responsibility to at the very least to not mislead them.

From what I understand, Qureshi, you took selfies at a Gay Pride Parade in New York. As a believer in equal rights for all, I am proud of you. But any person could easily misrepresent your noble picture to win support in Pakistan.

Photo: Faisal Qureshi Facebook page

Isn’t that what you tried to do to Talat?

Think about it.

In the end, Qureshi, I am just disappointed. You are a journalist, and in a country considered the world’s most dangerous for journalists, your thinly veiled threats to please the masses are irresponsible at best.

Noman Ansari

Noman Ansari

The author is the editor-in-chief of IGN Pakistan, and has been reviewing films and writing opinion pieces for The Express Tribune as well as Dawn for five years. He tweets as @Pugnate (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Fahimuddin

    A child pop out in Pakistan is not a Pakistani. Pakistani is who loves Pakistan and no doubt whoever Faisal Qureshi is, whatever he did. He is a Pakistani and nothing affects him.Recommend

  • SM

    What is with the india lovers writing in our newspapers? Where is patriotism? Whats wrong with Pakistanis?Recommend

  • wb

    Noman, I don’t believe that you vomited after watching a Bollywood crapfest. I usually walk out after 5 minutes. And let me honestly tell you that the last time I watched a Bollywood movie in a cinema was some 12-13 years ago. That too, I walked out after 30 minutes. It was called Kal ho naho. It was a hit movie and that was the day I understood why we South Asians are the worst performers in the entire world regarding pretty much all human indices: we have no common sense. We’re idiots.

    However, the point to ponder here is something else.

    Again. I have a different point to make.

    The fact that a bsd movie with bad actors, made by a crap director is causing so much, so much, so much fuss in Pakistan proves that you Pakistanis are still a very immature nation.

    I can’t believe that a actor’s harmless comment created such furor in Pakistan.

    I care about Saif Ali Khan as much as I care about my booger. And I would never defend him. But, in all honesty all he said was he has lost faith in Pakistan because Pakistan kept banning Indian films on frivolous grounds.

    And you Pakistanis took it to your heart that you started having heated debates on this garbage? By giving undue importance, you’ve turned him into a national hero in India.

    Talk about much ado about nothing. If god really cared about humans, he would give us an abundance of common sense.Recommend

  • Fahimuddin

    One thing this article lacks by adding Shaan Taseer FB post. There are a lot of Pakistanis who have answered and TTP and LeJ but very few who are answering wicked neighboring government across borderRecommend

  • aiza

    The author is wrong. If saif can speak againt Pakistan then so can faisal.An eye for an eye,Recommend

  • aiza

    Would India ever allow a pakistani film with degrading dialogues against India like ” un k ghar mein ghus kar marein gay?” Would their bloggers or free lancers waste their time sticking up for Pakistan ?Shame on you.Pen is mightier than sword and you have the opportunity to change the world by writing a good piece but instead you choose to defame a person who had the guts to stand up for Pakistan. you disgust me.Recommend

  • Shobz

    Please don’t forget that horrendous “slap” video which he made 2-3 years ago. It was so bad that he had to take it down because of all that pressure.Recommend

  • Anon

    If Saif is behna/bachhi…..then sure he must be “gay”na..Recommend

  • KwJ

    Yawnnn… A hateful film targetting a country, countered by a hateful short video targetting that film, countered by hateful blog targetting the video maker! Waiting for something more original and entertaining!Recommend

  • Shahid Hafeez

    We are with Faisal Qureshi why are you burningRecommend

  • Shah

    Rubbish artical, loved FQ VIDEO !! Recommend

  • Harristarr McLennon

    ENOUGH!! I have had enough of people caring. Let’s all for once just stop caring. Can we do that? FOR ONCE?!?Recommend

  • Faraz Faruqui

    This post is so useless. Please don’t waste your time reading it. Seriously..Recommend

  • Arslan Sadiq

    dear Mr writer as you know we people have a democratic country so i think everyone is entitled to his/her opinion,you can also give your opinion and that you did but you cannot impose it on another person by giving verdict about his opinion as dangerous and manipulative. the thing that you said about making video against terrorists, i don’t think so there is any need of it as Zarb-e-Azab is happening. I think Pakistan has made its stance clear about films like Phantom as all films of Mr khan got banned in our country then how can you write in favor of Khan. Films are the means of entertainment not spreading hatred between two nations by making such sort of films.Recommend

  • Zaid

    This has more zingers than a KFC outlet! This part in particular had me LMAO:

    ‘Your attempts to belittle Khan by repeatedly calling him ‘behan’ (sister) and ‘bachi’ (little girl) are so demeaning, I bet even Jamshed is sitting at home thinking,

    “Dude, that’s a little sexist.”’Recommend

  • Naseem Ud Din

    I watched the video this morning, I started doubting about the definition of patriotism. But then you come with this brilliant article. Thanks. I am good now. Recommend

  • Hamiz Mughal

    You mean we as in you only… Don’t count every other Pakistani. He gave way less reaction than what Indians say about Pakistan. Don’t be a coward. If you think he was more harsh than the film. Let me remind you that film was against 200 million Pakistani. And he only spoke against that only film or like only saif. You should have written blogs when Indians bashed Waar(a Pakistani film if you didn’t know incase).Recommend

  • Bisharat

    I think Faisal Qureshi has lost it. He is addressing Saif Ali Khan throughout the video and talking to him as if he is the actual character from Phantom. Faisal sahab: He’s an actor. If he is saying, “Ghuss kay maaraingay,” he is only reading the script. If he is dressed as a girl and dancing to Sheela Kee Jawani, he is doing it because it’s in the script. It does not mean that Saif Ali Khan himself is going to attack Pakistan or that he is a cross dresser in real life. And I can’t believe that this is something that must be explained to someone like you. I, as a Pakistani, am ashamed at what you’ve said. You do not represent Pakistan, so stop saying that you do. Next time – I sincerely hope that there isn’t a next time – start your videos with a disclaimer that it is only your views and it does not reflect the views of all Pakistanis.Recommend

  • Suresh rana

    so MR. Nauman Ansari had to go two years back in his time line to find the tweet that can be used against Faisal. oh yeah and still Faisal Qureshi is unethical.Recommend

  • Suresh rana

    You tried the same trick the one you accused Faisal of , using his picture in a gay community and share with a society which by your own understanding does not comprehend properly.Recommend

  • Saqib

    Sir, very well said. I think Faisal Qureshi has the right theme in mind. But his over emotional and immature style blurred the message. Offcourse, we don’t care that Saif doesn’t believe in Pakistan. But intellectuals dont behave like he did….. For people to understand your message it requires vision and understanding. Unfortunately our people are too emotional and instead of doing something worthwhile and beneficial for Pakistan, talk talk and talk of how patriotic they are….. Recommend

  • PAK

    The article makes sense.. we all need to behave responsibly.Recommend

  • Parvez

    You not only made abundant sense ….but you made me laugh as well.Recommend

  • Muhammad Asad Noor

    wow. what nonsense. there’s to much to rebuke. sorry, but you need help.Recommend

  • Asad Al Masqati

    So much effort just to prove the enemy of the enemy is an enemy…..The high moral castle that you stare down at everybody in Mushkil Angraizi is quite impressive though.Recommend

  • Azfar Bilal

    Being from a household and profession where patriotism is considered as rite of passage and nationalism seeps into every sinew of being, even i am forced agree with the author. Take the example of Aisi Taisi Hypocrisy compiled in response to Aisi ki Taisi Democracy from the other side and you would immediately make out the difference in the caliber and objectivity to Qureshi’s diatribe. While the intention might have been noble, its translation into something meaningful left a lot to be desired. It was cheap, vulgar and devoid of any shred of decency. The refuge of an incompetent fool is anger and of an incompetent journalist is exhibitionist patriotism sans logic. While Qureshi’s credentials as a patriot can not be questioned (seems to be exclusively his domain), his line of work should be. To think while there was wealth of data available to be more objective and convincing, he took the easy way out by thumping his chest and beating war drums against Saif. I for one don’t watch Indian movies, more for their lack luster appeal than out of any false sense of patriotism, but a huge part of your population does and, deny all you want, they do swoon over the Bollywood kings and Queens. Patriotism is too intangible an entity to be quantified within the misogynistic kaleidoscope of Qureshis and Jamsheds. So yes Mr Faisal Qureshi moral is to avoid jumping onto populist bandwagon and bringing in some articulation to your avowed profession. Before labeling me as a non patriotic person, as seems to be your forte, just a humble submission. I think i have given more for this country than the sweat you poured out during your 12 minutes of fame.Recommend

  • Syed Muhammad Murtuza Hussain

    I heartily congratulates Mr.Quershi to become a prominent writer on issues which needs to be address seriously. Secondly I make clear to all people who work on payroll of Indian lobby,NGOs or whatever Pakistan is a reality. First country took independence on the basis of Religion and two nations theory exist now and forever. We as a Muslim lives in Pakistan and shall die for its sovernity to protect our values as a human and Muslims. Any stone thrown on us should return with same force and velocity…..Long Live Pakistan Recommend

  • Irfan daud

    Author its self deny other person ( Faisal Qureshi) freedom of speech . Whatever i do in my personal life and what i will do whenever a person insult my country are two opposite things .

    Instead of defending Pakistan , author seems to defending Indian Movie . I think Moral of this Article , we should support Indian Movies and should support all those who barked against Pakistan at all platforms.Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    i love it when people in pakistan stand for india ….:) … keep it up…. :DRecommend

  • Tariq Hussain

    Well Noman Ansari is bringing ethics sexism and other modern day enlightenment sophistication and freedom of speech and freedom of acting and so and so ..Recommend

  • Sannan

    These pseudo intellects…make me want to puke! Faisal Qureshi did exactly what any man with self-esteem, and passion for the motherland would do if someone from an enemy state bashed against their homeland. O you pseudo intellects, O you preachers of tolerance, if you cannot defend the motherland that gives you identity, please fold up your tongues!Recommend

  • Beera Fatima Shah

    yeah faraz talat cant be bashed cuz he thinks differently but its duty to humiliate Faisal cuz he slams anti pakistani mindsets?Recommend

  • Fahim Rashid

    God help me !!! sick of these secular open minded , highly educated self proclaimed liberals … get some life dude throw some light on your sense of national pride and patriotic wisdom, national interest or sentiment of masses sure your must have attended Big Bashes thrown out by Aman ke AshaRecommend

  • Fahim Rashid

    Dude you must have not witness even single post of indian news sites which is supportive of Pakistani view … so atleast this shows you in pakistan not all live by the code of extreme unlike projected by media campaign funded by IndiaRecommend


    fake commentsRecommend

  • Fahim Rashid

    @Noman Ansari bro how about calling a women ” Afghan Jalabi ” is it less of sexist ???Recommend

  • Muhammad Rashid

    This is a long debate whether Pakistan should be made or not (in the name of Islam). Those who are moderate avoid taking side of Faisal Qureshi. Those who’re ashamed of Pakistan’s birth are writing articles against Faisal Qureshi.Recommend

  • Anas_91

    having a difference of opinion, you liberals make me sick. :)Recommend

  • Irshad Khan

    Mr.Qurashi you have every right to criticize but have some decency please. you ảre a good Pakistani for sure. how would Mr. Jinnah(Qaid-Azam) react to this film ? Well, atleast not the way you did. Recommend

  • umar

    Author i believe you should write a same size article on Chappal K Moo wala Saif Ali Khan’s statement. Instead of bashing a Pakistanis who at least opted to react for His motherland. Pseudo intellectsRecommend

  • R35

    True pakistani will support faisal quershi in every aspect :) and please dont be personal he defended eventually others defended like shaan and manymore

    Replying to taliban etc… defence minister or gov. Shall come in front and exchange dialogues.

    Spoiled brats like saif and anti pakistan makers shall always be replied like this… ( saif is Phantom producer )
    Pakistani brothers and sisters its an request invest in pakistani products…. Boost your own economy!!! Recommend

  • umar

    Yeah an eye for an eye.Recommend

  • FreeKissan FreePakistan

    It is interesting to see that we Pakistanis never lose an opportunity to fight with each other even if it is on whether we should object on a film against Pakistan or NOT.
    Where is our unity? Phantom was filmed as a propaganda against Pakistan. Modi is going to every other country of the world trying to convince the world to isolate Pakistan claiming that Pakistan is a terrorist state. 134 children were killed by TTP funded by RAW-bonded Indian consulates in Afghanistan. And we are still arguing if Faisal was right or WRONG. Of Course Faisal was right. Well Done Faisal. Keep it up. Stop listening to Pakistanis who are willing to sell their soul to the highest bidder.Recommend

  • Zuhaib Channa

    Tottally nonsense …
    I dont know whether you ate indian agent or you love india !
    But this shows your love for india and bollywood …
    Another thing .
    Thats not only film ….
    Indians show there hatred and what they want to do ….
    Secondly these kind of movies are made by the support of the agencies like RAW ..
    Just to C the Reaction …
    And be little realistic atleast.. !
    See The grount realities ..
    India wants waar any how as soon as possible …
    Their pandits have predicted the victory ! if india get in waar with pakistan as soon as possible…in case it will be impossible to defeat pak for hunreds of the years … do re search …

  • Mohammad Faizan

    By protecting your tweets….its confirmed you are not brave enough. That’s not privacy. Second by bashing FQ against a Bollywood banned movie, you are now exposed. FQ response is a reaction to RAW funded movie. If you have to criticize FQ on any forum. It should not be from the floor of #Pakistan. Recommend

  • Usman Khawaja

    No one is standing for ur creepy films.

    the way used by faisal Qureshi was childish and we are criticizing on it

    We are not favouring you or your films Recommend

  • Sohail Imtiaz

    Noman Ansari, very tactfully written article supported by need for tolerance and liberalism. I almost began ‘following’ you until I read the last part of your piece covering the harassment incident on 14 Aug. where you went so far to say that hijab is not an Islamic requirement rather borrowed from Arabic culture. I lost you there. Or should I say I found you? It is high time ‘enlightened’ people like you departed from the liberal, secular ideology and came back to our roots as Muslims and Pakistanis. The world is on the verge of the third WW amid cultural, economical and religious invasions. Think big and go beyond India Pakistan relations; Awaken people about Syria, Palestine and wherever else Muslims are suffering. In these dire times the least we can do is encourage patriotism, unity, brotherhood and hope that we are all one. Hate to quote the line from MI5 but its applicable here…desperate times, desperate measures. Recommend

  • Haris Qureshi

    gone are the days when india supporting blog writers articles and politicians were welcomed in pakistan.. Mr. writer if you wanted to be more meaningful, you would have first countered the rubbish film (coz the guy in your views was rubbish and you must do his part of showing patriotism IN THE RIGHTFUL WAY since you decided to pick the pen up), than show your hate towards a video that may not have targeted the film in a suitable way but the patriotism showed by video maker cant be questioned.. whereas your efforts leave a lot of question marks behind..Recommend

  • Abdul Rauf

    Thank you for writing this article. You have done a great job. LoveRecommend

  • Khurram Shahzzad

    And I think you also lost it. Faisal is not only addressing Saif but the whole mindset of Hindu nation as well. Faisal don’t represent Pakistan but he represents our mindset against Hindu etremism and their attitude againt Pakistan.

  • Khurram Shahzzad

    Great answer…Recommend

  • Khurram Shahzzad

    We also have some indian pupits in Pakistan, like USA pupits in india ;-) Recommend

  • Khurram Shahzzad

    Please keep your nonsense with you and if you have some problems with Faisal in the past, don’t public it in your Blog. Thanks Recommend

  • Sajid Afridi

    You have 2 kind of peoples: You have Pakistanis & then you have peoples like Noman Ansari Recommend

  • Ahmad hassan

    Oh come on faisal qurashi did the right thing who the hell is Saif tou say he dont have faith in Pakistan like hell we care if he have faith or not and faisal had his own opinion you hace your own and anyone who talk against Pakistan he wilk ge same response from every single Pakistani he made film against us we din’t give a shit but the statement he gave that he dont have faith in Pakistan is the statement who put everyone against him there are many films against Pakistan in history of Indian film industry

  • rshah

    In.ur drrEAms!!! Mr whateverRecommend

  • sajjad

    I wonder what happened to Faisal Qureshi. I remember him as a reasonable, sensible and eloquent analyst of relevant social issues. Perhaps he feels he is no longer relevant and in a desperate bid to get attention he is stooping to this level nit befitting any cultured person let alone one pretending to speak for others. I pity him and his decent into narcissistic myopia. Recommend

  • Babar ALi Khan

    Anything that anti Pakistan and against Pakistani Sentiments, you guys get turned on right away. If YOU can have an opinion then why can Faisal Qureshi have one?? Please answer that.

    Coming back to the subject here, Faisal Qureshi spoke only FOR Pakistan never did he say anything thats in par with the movie phantom or its Indian ideology. Let him say what he wants to Saif Ali Khan, whats your problem? You still want that role do you?

    On a side note People like you are the ones who will back stab the nation the day you get the opportunity and that too for a country who has massacred our children! Shame on you every one who wants Indian Influence in ANY FORM WHATSOEVER!!Recommend

  • Arsalan Ansari

    i think you haven’t heard his comments outside of the picture about Pakistan. Poor soul you are!!Recommend

  • Asad

    But you would never do that for Pakistan, would you ?Recommend

  • Asad

    ‘harmless comments’ . Why do you give so much importance to Zaid Hamid then, if it is just a comment ?Recommend

  • Siddique Ur Rehman

    Reading this I found out that, movie phantom used offensive way, Faisal qureshi was worse and if I were to rate this article .. I would say this was the worst of all..Recommend

  • Muhammad Sarmad Afzal

    I support Faisal, no matter whatever people like you says. If you say that he should make such videos against Taalibaans rather than India then I want to ask you that who is behind Taliban or who is supporting Taliban?? So first gert the sufficient knowledge and then criticize Faisal.Recommend

  • Khurram

    whatever you did Faisal Qureshi … Salute you …. you put India and Indians on fir :)
    Well-done Bro…Recommend

  • ProPk

    Get a room…

  • Guest

    You can hate India all you want but those who support this video show their lack of sophistication, refinement, culture and good taste. Both Faraz Talat and Noman Ansari are Pakistani patriots who have what you lack.Recommend

  • Hassan

    U all please first show some guts n then talk.he had the guts to stand up against something wrong.whatsoever he said whether that was wrong or right, he deserves 10/10 for his courage.u ppl should not say anything against him as it was his personal view, which he shared.i would appreciate him.all those talking against him, are shameless n gutless ppl.he is not our captain, but we do share same feelings.

  • Guest

    Faraz Talat and Noman Ansari are Pakistani patriots who are sophisticated, refined, cultured and have good taste. It is because of these qualities they objected to this video, not because they profess love for India. ET, please publish.Recommend

  • Guest

    He is not standing for India, he just has good taste not to support a cringe worthy video.Recommend

  • Sheharyar Gondal

    What is the difference between qureshi and you , he made fun of saif and you made fun of him.

  • Tiwana

    Well, you banned the movie, as an Indian I don’t believe it’s anti Pakistani cuz the actor and director are Muslims, and Muslims of India have a soft corner for pak, though they have hurt Pakistani sentiments though through some silly dialogues but dear please don’t make it a model of hate Indians have for Pakistanis, it’s flopped here, if we hated you this would have been blockbuster, besides, bad people are everywhere, we need to promote good vibes, love you pakistan from India Recommend

  • Guest

    Noman Ansari is a Pakistani patriot who show his refinement and sophistication by not supporting a cringe worthy video.Recommend

  • Guest

    I really don’t understand why folks are commenting against the blogger. Aren’t refinement and good taste appreciated in Pakistani society.Recommend

  • Anas Ȣ Baqa

    Wow, so this is what journalistic standards in Pakistan has come to? Picking up fights over v-blogs and publishing whole articles about it. I think the real problem here is not Faisal Qureshi’s statement, but, the general attitude of our pseudo intellects who are obsessed with seeing India as a loving friend, when that loving friend is maligned by someone, instead of truly coming out as a pro-Indian journalist, for obvious reasons *ahem* web views… *ahem*, the author wants to twist this to a sexist debate. I honestly dont see any sexism as the author pointed, rather an unsuccessful attempt to turn Mr. Qureshi’s reply into a debate of sexism. Is it wrong to call a man a woman? Yes, its as much wrong as calling a woman, a man. Its a derogatory remark and an insult, nothing more. Acording tho the author, you can insult someone, just make sure you’re both of the same gender? And then we talk of inequality…sigh. Taking a sexist view on this is quite unwarranted. By that same ideology, should we men come out on the streets whenever a woman calls another woman ‘manly looking’?

    The author’s views can be regarded as a provocative rant at best and the gay pride parade pic was just a low blow, considering the context of the authors rant that’s irony at its best. While Pakistan certainly isn’t a place known for its good women’s rights policies, seeing sexism everywhere isn’t gonna help, its going to isolate Pakistani women even more. Express Tribune has yet again shown that its a true brother of The New York Times.Recommend

  • pk

    Mr Ansari,
    I don’t find anything derogatory against women in the video. Don’t try to make a non issue an issue here. Faisal has given a befitting response to Indian propaganda. A country that has elected a declared terrorist as its prime minister cannot be reasoned with.
    Hindu fanatics first committed the terrorist act and burned alive tens of Pakistanis in Samjotha express and then used the excuse to vent their anger towards Indian Muslims. Do you think we can establish relationship with such cheap enemy. If you don’t find a problem with the film’s theme then it’s time for you to do a soul search to find where your loyalties lie. Clearly they are not with the county that made you what you are. Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    ummmm never :DRecommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    there are no USA supporters here….plz…. plus even if they are i don’t mind cuz india USA are friendly countries ….:)Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    ok …. but at least u see our films…. don’t you??…dats enuff :)Recommend

  • ioer

    That video was a cringefest.Recommend

  • Imad Uddin

    This man faisal qureshi, does he host a tv show…? I assume itsa video on utube or fb u spoke against…..
    Sumwot like u I am slightly allergic to seeing useless/uncomfortable videos n junk analysis n debates…..
    The frst tym i heard saif ali khan said sumthing against pak… i thot that he might be insecure about how the movie wud b received in india n his patriotism wud b questioned, because it might have challenged certain local perceptions…
    However i havent watched ny trailor not m curious enough to do so
    I m just here to tell u, u write amazingly when u fight…


  • asmara

    I totally disagree with you as you are stating his video I think he has done well as somebody has to stand for Pakistan the way most Indians are potraying negative image of our country and as for your comment Indians are killing Pakistani’s everyday and have lot against muslims. They have never accepted us as a nation and look at us we are not even one nation we are supporting a person Saif ali khan who has slapped Pakistan with not only his film but followed by a comment too.. After reading your article I am having doubts on your patriotism.Recommend

  • khan of quetta

    You rock faisalRecommend

  • sana

    very well commentedRecommend

  • Shuja Siddiqui

    that what is called more loyal to king than king himself. rather than pointing out whats wrong in the video, mr so call intellect trying to defame mr qureishi with non issues. I think saif could not defend him better than the article.Recommend

  • Guest

    I am amazed that so many people supporting this video, a video that promotes thievery among others to bring down Indian economy. Recommend

  • mariah

    i agreed to @disqus_OfNfN1gUsh:disqus
    faisal qureshi has extremely overdone every thingRecommend

  • Rishav Kumar

    i watched his video & reached the conclusion that he pakistan’s KRK !! :PRecommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    Modi is least interested in your country … its always you who has to keep on inserting this kashmir issue out of nowhere … u pakistanis are trying for something u will never get … insanity at its peak….Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    who wants relation with a failed state like yours anyways…. and i seriously laugh my lungs out when pakis talk about extremism …. u should look at ur selves …. u pakis are daily involved in killing minorities … accusing someone of blasphemy and then killing him/her …. u please look at ur own country … its a wretched country …. no one … literally no one in the world respects u …urs is a terrorist and a failed country and everyone knows it …. so plz…. plz stop making ur self look like a fool by saying modi is an extremist …Lol… ur entire nation is full of extremists and terrorists ….now that they are biting u …u r beginning to feel the heat … u polio poverty stricken 200 million goons are a disgrace to humanity … so plz… LolRecommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    look at the comments of pakis here … all r jokers …accept for this blogger all others seem to be talking nonsense …. can’t blame them … its a country with only 50% literacy rate and most of the children out of school….. better deal with polio rather than getting mad at saif ali khan who doesn;t have faith in pakistan… there are many many people in the world who don’t have “faith” in pakistan…. doesn’t mean u r gonna come with a video every time … get a life “patriotic” pakistanis…. if u r so patriotic do something about ur god forsaken country ….no country is as failed as urs …. do something about it patriotic pakis…LolRecommend

  • harith

    The movie was against terrorists in Pakistan, so do you say all the 200 million in Pakistan are terrorists?Recommend

  • Khurram Shahzzad

    V also see All stupid movies from hollywood, doesn’t mean u r right. Recommend

  • PS

    Hilarious Video, this guy looks highly obsessed with America which is an irony in its own, anyway, Sorry but I have to dedicate something to qureshi bhai, | Bro you are Poonam Pandey of Pakistan!! ;)
    //BTW, we have a wonderful food joint “qureshi”, awesome tikkas and kebabs//
    You are welcome in “inteaah Pasand” hindu mulq!!Recommend

  • Rachna Jain

    There are over 80 million Hindus Mr Shahzzad. We don’t all hate Pakistan or want to deliberately harm your country.Recommend

  • Nick

    I am in Indian and I don’t like Modi or Bal thackerey. There are many people in India who disapprove of the actions of the RSS or the Bajrang dal.
    Do all Pakistanis like Hafiz Saeed ? Because it looks like that from all the comments and articles. And Mr. Hafiz Saeed has very conveniently turned the conversation from the issue of terrorism to patriotism. I imagine him sitting him in his comfortable house feeling content and getting evil pleasure seeing Pakistanis who have nothing to do with what he stands for defend him. I wonder what he has done for Pakistan that he deserves to be defended by “patriotic” Pakistanis in this manner. Can a so called patriotic Pakistani elaborate ?Recommend

  • dronachary

    Seriously ? This forum might not allow me to publish all famous videos of Zaid Hamid. You are comparing a retarded donkey (Hamid) with dumb cow (Saif).Recommend

  • dronachary

    Is calling woman “Afghan Jalabi” for their sensuality derogatory? like calling them “banshee” for their alleged ranting ? If you can answer this, you will find answer to what asked Noman.Recommend

  • dronachary

    Wow you directly jumped to comments section without even reading the opening line of the article….didn’t u?Recommend

  • dronachary

    I only appreciate his constructive criticism. Rather than taking sides I see it as an attempt to encourage fellow journalist to be more classy in criticism. A lesson not for just Qureshi, but even for many commenters here.Recommend

  • dronachary

    Please enlighten us with your unlimited wisdom about who is supporting Taliban.Recommend