Why Nabeel Ali’s ‘Bewajah’ is Coke Studio’s best production so far

Published: September 2, 2015

Coke Studio is by far one of the best creations of the Pakistani music industry till date. Although the show is on its eighth season, each episode still manages to bring a whole new flavour for the masses to enjoy.

It’s too early to state the best song of the season, but so far I can certainly say that Bewajah has captivated me in undefined ways.

Babar Shakeel Hashmi has penned down the most heartfelt lyrics, and each verse holds its own impact.

 “Baat e dil na badha bewajah

(Heart, don’t prolong the matter without any reason)

This one line somehow manages to hit you like an arrow.

Furthermore, the brilliant Sajid Ali soulfully played in harmony with the Sur Kshetra winner Nabeel Shaukat Ali. This can truly be the turning point for Nabeel, as his tremendous talent can be witnessed on the Coke Studio platform, specifically in this song.

In my opinion, Nabeel Ali’s composition and voice quality are the backbone of the song; his extraordinary vocals literally gave me goose bumps. Haider Ali’s guitar riff on the keyboard compliments the composition extremely well, it reminds me of the Strings’ tribute song Tittliyan.

The song can be categorised as depressing by some, but depressing or not, I believe it holds crisp clarity overall. There is no confusion in the song, nor is it all over the place. It can be seen as a sincere product, with simplicity in a meaningful manner.

Let’s see what more Coke Studio has to offer!

Imane Babar Wahedi

Imane Babar Wahedi

The author is a Social Sciences graduate, her interests include writing, poetry, learning about different cultures and social issues. She tweets as @Imane_B_W (twitter.com/Imane_B_W)

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