Bored of the same old breakfast? Try some easy and delicious banana bread

Published: September 3, 2015

Moist, rich banana bread goes perfectly with a cup of coffee or chai (tea).

We have all had one of those days, ones where we are bored of our traditional breakfast, i.e. eggs and bread, and need something different and interesting. Sometimes you need a change, and that’s where banana bread comes in.

I came across the recipe for banana bread while searching for new recipes. At first, the idea of a fruit infused bread didn’t sound so appealing to me, but after trying it, I realised I was wrong; it’s actually delicious. Moreover, I guess destiny has its ways, as even a quiz on Buzzfeed revealed that banana bread suits my personality the most.

Moist, rich banana bread goes perfectly with a cup of coffee or chai (tea), especially for those with typical taste buds. One can easily freeze these breads and toast them again when needed.

One crucial aspect of the recipe is the ripeness of bananas. The riper they are, the less resistant starch they have, meaning they turn out to be richer and sweeter. Hence, if you ever find neglected brown bananas in the fruit basket, you can use them for this recipe.


Eggs ­– 2

Butter ­ ­– 125 grams (softened)

Flour ­– 1 ¾ cups

Baking soda ­– 1 tsp

Banana ­– 3

Sugar ­ ­– 1 cup (caster)

As per your preference, you can add spices like cinnamon powder, chocolate chips, nuts or raisins in the mix.


1. Pre-heat the oven on 175 Celsius.

2. Meanwhile, mix the butter and sugar in a bowl using a stand mixer until it gets fluffy.

3. Add eggs to the mixture, one by one.

4. Add mashed bananas afterwards.

5. Mix it well, and then add flour and baking soda to the mixture.

6. After mixing, fold the texture softly using a spatula.

7. Take your loaf pan (if you don’t have one, you can use your cake mould or muffin tray) and place parchment paper in the pan or just grease it with some butter.

8. Pour the batter in the pan and place it in the pre-heated oven.

9. Let is bake for about 50 minutes, first using the lower rod and then using both rods for further 10 minutes.

10. Take it out of the oven and let it cool for 10 minutes.

11. Cut the bread in slices and present in a dish. You can top it up with some caramel toffee cut into bits and drizzle some honey over it.

Bravo! You have made your very own banana bread.

All photos: Mahrukh Nadeem

Mahrukh Nadeem

Mahrukh Nadeem

The author is an A level student who plans on becoming an architect in the future. She is a complete foodie and dreams of opening a restaurant someday. She tweets as @nadeem_mahrukh

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