Dear Saif Ali Khan, how about addressing your own hypocrisy before ‘losing faith in Pakistan’

Published: August 25, 2015

In order to give you a better understanding of our “thought process”, one of our artists also had something to say about yours.

With the cancellation of the recent talks between India and Pakistan on account of trivial preconditions of the diplomatic interaction, it is no surprise that relations between the two countries have further deteriorated, with an accentuating atmosphere of mistrust, suspicion, and disbelief.

During such political volatility, we as people rely upon the strength of confidence building measures between the two nations as an attempt to alleviate tension and these measures are chiefly catalysed by those we call ‘artists’ or ‘media personalities’ who highlight the inherent linkages between the two countries as an attempt to pacify the animosity between these two nations.

However, dear Saif Ali Khan, despite having a huge fan base in both India and Pakistan, you have annihilated the very principle of confidence building, and instead whined like a self-victimised child, consistently complaining about the outcomes resulting from your own actions.

Khan, your statements referring to Pakistan and its people were not only bitterly distasteful but also symbolic of the corrosive nature of public hate speech.

You went on to declare that you “do not have faith in Pakistan” on account of the censorship imposed upon two of your films – Agent Vinod and Phantom – by the censorship authorities in Pakistan.

You further claimed that you were unable to understand “the thought process” of Pakistani people. It takes me by surprise and it also frustrates me, that a man of your calibre is passing such statements from across the border.

In order to give you a better understanding of our “thought process”, one of our artists also had something to say about yours. It’s a different thing altogether that the same artist has managed to wow everyone, in a good way, with his reaction to your accusations.

Photo: Hamza Ali Abbasi official Facebook page

Photo: Hamza Ali Abbasi official Facebook page

Putting Mr Abbasi’s perspective aside, I want to share my own perspective with you.

Sorry to pop your euphoric bubble but your so-called ‘faith’  has not done much for peace between the two countries – and that too, when your ‘faith’ can only be restored by  minting money off your films in the Pakistani market.

As an actor, it is understandable that one of the prime intents of your work in filmmaking is making money which is reliant upon high box office numbers, and there is nothing wrong with that. Nevertheless, what I dislike is your weak sensibility. What saddens me is your perpetual state of denial when it comes to decoding the political tension between the two countries. Elements that, for you, are intended to make Pakistanis ‘a bit uncomfortable’, may in reality be highly sensitive contours of the sentiments of Pakistani people.

What might be ‘a certain element of truth’ for you, may elsewhere be a half-told biased story embellished with nationalistic prejudice. I hope that you, Mr Khan, are informed that several Pakistani movies have also been banned on your side of the border in the past. Waar was banned all across the country and Bin Roye was banned in Maharashtra. Why do you zip your vocal opinions when your censor board bans Pakistani cinema? Hypocrisy and double standards much?

You blame Pakistanis of downloading pirated versions of your films illegally. Well, I hope that you are aware of the fact that your commercial hub, Mumbai, is the piracy capital of the world.

As the saying goes charity begins at home, so why not start welfare from home? How about restoring the so-called “faith” at home first? And I just adore how you envy Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s success in Pakistan. Was it because it portrayed our country and its people in a positive and humble manner? I am sure watching the movie might have given you the needed guidance for your acting skills which are sensitive to the portrayal of people on both sides of the border.

Ali Shahbaz

Ali Shahbaz

Ali Shahbaz is a youth advocate for sustainable development. Taking political incorrectness as a compliment, he remains proactive empowering marginalised communities globally. He tweets as @Aalishahbaz

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Steve-O

    Wonder if Mr. Shahbaz has ever looked in a mirror. When he uses words like ‘extremist’, ‘unreasonable’ etc to describe India and Indians, I’m thinking “pot calling kettle black’.Recommend

  • whatever

    To all pakistanis,Saif does not have time to read your craps, so better utilize your time in some productive work.Recommend

  • Indian

    One Indian actor comments on Pakistan and all hell breaks loose, eh? Wish you folks were also as important to us as we are to you.Recommend

  • Basher

    Really well written! Much needed!Recommend

  • pk

    No one in India is begging to Pakistan to release Indian film their. India has 3500 screens, I believe your country has less than 100. A business of around 3 to 4 crore in Pakistan is always pardonable. No one is insisting you to watch Indian films. You have habit of mentioning Gujarat riots that happened 13 yrs ago in every conversation but forget to mention that 80000 of Pakistani Muslims have been killed by fellow Muslims during same 13 yrs period. And just to remind you that Pakistan has been created for safety of Indian Muslims, not to mention fate of other minorities.Recommend

  • Tamana

    Great piece, well written! Wait till the crying Indian bashing begins lol!Recommend

  • Dr Dang

    Your country bashes India covertly everyday. Check you constitution, videos on you tube, WAAR was anti-India, Pakistan is just not anti India, its anti anything that isn’t Sunni-Muslim. Check the doctrine of bleeding India for a thousand years while eating grass by ZA Bhutto. Anti India hate is not fed to Pakistani children it runs in their DNA. You don’t ban Indian films because you CANT, try banning them & watch your 40 odd cinema halls evaporate in thin air. You wont talk to India on terrorism without Kashmir but want your citizens to get employment in India. Hafiz Saeed may be a dignitary in Pakistan, but not just India but the world know he has a $15M bounty on his head. If Hollywood made a movie on Pakistani terror machine, Hafiz would still feature as a bad guy. Get over yourself.Recommend

  • Shameem

    Fully agreed! Sad how even public personalities ignite conflict between the two countries Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Ali you rock man, keep it up, Make Pakistan Proud, son of soil. wherever you are,Recommend

  • JahanAlam

    Really like the piece! Wish Indians would understand what peace is! Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Well put. I too was surprised by the myopicness of this guy’s statement.Recommend

  • Jor El

    Waar was banned in India ???Recommend

  • James

    ok…..agreed…..but can you tell me one good reason why the movie “Ranjhanaa” was banned in Pakistan…..was it not because it showed a Muslim girl falling in love with a Hindu boy…?…….and me personally think it would better if Pakistan boycott all Indian movies and also call your actors/actress back from India..Recommend

  • Gratgy

    It just takes a has been actor to say something to send Pakistan into mass Hysteria. India must do this more oftenRecommend

  • PatelPara

    Loved it! These pseudo Muslims of India who will do anything for RAW, needed a lesson.Recommend

  • Kambir

    Well said! Fully endorse the article! These so-called actors need to be shown their place!Recommend

  • Amir Ikram

    then why the hell are you reading Pakistani articles.. :D… not only reading, but also commenting :ORecommend

  • Milaat

    Great article. But the real treat for the eyes is the comment sections: Indian nationalism on the rise defending whatever they possibly can. All I can say is: HAHAH!Recommend

  • Jaannisaar

    Although not a fan of Hamza Abassi, this time he actually made sense! Rest, as for Saif, God bless his departed mind! Spot-on writing, Mr.Shahbaz!Recommend

  • jsherazee

    We are obviously quite important hence Mr. Khan is making an issue over the fact that the Pakistan Censor Board has banned his films in Pakistan.

    Also the fact that you seem to be reading our articles and bothering to comment on them, shows that we are in fact quite important…

    Don’t like our viewpoint don’t troll our articles and if you are trolling at least don’t comment so that you can keep up your pretense of being disinterested.Recommend

  • Optimistically

    Slap in the face of all Bollywood star-lets! Saif can now wait till the film eventually flops!Recommend

  • Writersguilt

    Whatever the subject is, I like the author’s writing style! Very refreshing! Surprised that this is his only first blog at ETRecommend

  • Freed Tiger

    I’m loving the blog! It’s just too good to show Indians where they belong! Recommend

  • Bhaijaan

    “Political incorrectness as a compliment” Ali Shahbaz too cool to handle! Love this! Recommend

  • Defenders

    For some reason I don’t like Hamza Abassi- his comments are always screaming for attention. Other than that, great blog Ali! I like how your writing is a mix of humor and seriousness! Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    Saif Ali khan is capable of whipping up a storm! Good going Saif!Recommend

  • basil

    you visited our website, we didn’t, fact is its you guys who are obsessed with us.Recommend

  • basil

    Who cares what you think, you are a nobody, the whole situation was created coz how Saif was thinking about the movie being banned.Also for Pak actors and actresses in Indian movies, Indian should stop signing and they won’t go there, why whine when you yourself are asking them to come ?Recommend

  • basil

    But Pak still require such kind of statement to become hysterical, India and Indians on the other hand require no help from friends across the border as they are by nature hysterical nation.Recommend

  • AsifButt

    All hell breaks loose ? Where ? When ?
    But then again you are just an average delusional Indian.

    Wish we folks were also as important to you ?….

    Are you kidding me !!!!!

    Your politicians win elections by using us !
    You Hindus feel yourself useful just by the feeling of the existence of your arch nemesis neighbors !
    Pakistan will remain the same Pakistan whether anyone mentions India here or not , BUT India will NOT remain the same India if you guys stop mentioning Pakistan in your daily lives.

    So do yourself a favor and get yourself checked by some good psychiatrist !
    Even your top most superstar the King Khan SRK had once expressed his confusion over the entire Indian nation regarding their hostility towards India.

    So whether or not you want o carry on your ever delusional Indian lifestyle that helps you sleep well at nights is your personal decision and problem.

    Regards from a friendly neighbor ;).Recommend

  • Iqbal

    My My. did not know that Saif’s words have such a great potency to ignite so great an indignation. Cool guys. He is an actor and would like to see his films screened every where. He likes good things in life that only money can buy. He is not an analyst, he is not strategist. He does not even wear his patriotism on his sleeves. Let us leave it there.Recommend

  • Ajay

    It is surprising how Pakistanis feel that just being Muslim means hating Hindus and forgetting nationality and just speaking in one voice. This particular brand of Pakistani definition of religion based solidarity has done immense harm to mankind in general and Muslims in particular. It started with sectarian and hate filled attitude of Muslim League leaders in undivided India. Due to short sighted policies the Muslims of Indian sub continent are now divided in three parts, India , Bangladesh and Pakistan and this has not stopped further cracks are imminent in Pakistan. On the other hand Indian culture respects and treats all religions as different paths to reach the same Divine goal and wishes peaceful coexistence for people of all communities under principles of secularism and democracy. It is time for serious introspection for religious hardliners.Recommend

  • UzairH

    As a Pakistani I don’t have much faith in my own country when I see that its government sees fit to equate a movie against a known terrorist, someone who is responsible for the murder of countless people in Pakistan and elsewhere, as being a movie against Pakistan.

    Whatever faith I have left is shattered on seeing the reaction of supposedly educated citizens who have commented on this report. I was aware that hyper-nationalism and hyper-patriotism that brook no criticism are part of our national DNA but not to this extent.

    No hope for our country until we recognize that those who incite hatred and inspire murder on the basis of ideology and differences of belief are our true enemy.Recommend

  • BollyLolly

    Why even give Saif Ali Khan this amount of importance? I can already see his career sinking faster than ever before!Recommend

  • Susmita Gurdwar

    Not surprised that liberals like Mr.Shahbaz always are on the forefront of op-eds and blogs. Hindu religion always tells us to observe passive resistance, so we stay patient in times of liberal outburst, just so you know!Recommend

  • Arsalan

    Don’t come here on our Pakistani platform to complain, then!Recommend

  • Prasad

    Lessons in how to shake Pakistan instantly! The most useful lecture I have taken by Professor Saif Ali Khan! Good for getting attention!Recommend

  • Daniyal

    Don’t even get me started about the state of religious addiction and obsessiveness in India! The Congress itself was prejudiced to evoke bias in favour of Hinduism. Correct your own deeds before pointing out to others.Recommend

  • Mehwish

    Its funny that Indians storm out of nowhere crusading for their faux-pas here on a Pakistani forum! Spot-on blog! Shows the mentality of our beautiful, friendly Indian neighbours :)Recommend

  • RFD

    Well,..see,’s a well known syndrome. When your country
    has been occupied by conqueror after conqueror, for thousands
    of years Bharat is the end result. The occupied people developed an inferiority complex. delusions of grandeur. And the biggest mother of
    all complexes :- ‘What’s in it for us?’ Instead joining humanity again.
    Sadly, after 68 years of freedom Bharat has learned to be ZERO.
    Typical bunya mentality, saving a paisa, loosing a rupee.Recommend

  • Not a friendly neighbor.

    If you take off Mr. Saiful Khan’s dynel hair toupe there is
    scantily any hair on his pate. Rumor has it, the toupe got
    caught in the door jamb and came off. during an action
    sequence. The leading lady fainted when she saw the
    hairless dome. She fell and bounced off the floor couple times.Recommend

  • Bibloo

    Saif Khan has to pander to his 99% Hindu audience. To be able to pay
    for his car, house, etc. etc. and etc. And Sadhvi Prachi is exhorting Hindus
    to boycott all the Khans movies. Since the Khans are all Muslims. Obviously..
    Poor man, he has to make some money, somehow.
    That’s secular Bharat for ya.Recommend

  • hina

    You depicted neighbour’s hypocricy so well, Hamza’s post make utmost sense…Recommend

  • AsifButt

    Ajay bhai , your comment here is a treat for a person like me ( I was dying with some spare time).

    1-It is your assumption when you think that Pakistanis feel being Muslim means hating Hindus. (ponder over it will you)

    2- You said

    “… it has done harm to mankind ..”

    “…hate filled attitude of Muslim League leaders in undivided India…”

    Are you serious ? You are tracking harm done to mankind and it leads you to just this ?

    Undivided India ? What are you talking about ? There is only 1 India.Whether before partition or after . Do you see what symptoms I am noting in you ?

    Following your logic should a Pakistani Muslim defend himself by saying that Pakistan harboring terrorist is actually rooted back to Muslims of undivided India ?

    3- You said

    “.. Indian culture respects and treats all religions as different paths to same Divine goal..”

    What do you mean when you say “Indian Culture” ? Is there any such thing existing ? Even your court has been obliged to clarify whether India is India or Bharat … etc. If you say Hindu culture or if you say Bharat Culture then it would make more sense.But both relate to HINDUISM !!

    And yes , even an average layman gets the perception that Hinduism allows for many Gods to exist with many names , hence logically leading to some central diety , perhaps .

    But I cant agree with your claim which makes it sound like as if Hindu religion allows other religions to integrate with it due to it leading to the same divine goal.

    Well thats all I wanted to say man. Thanks for the time pass. Hope I get to learn something new from this debate with you :).Recommend

  • Misha Zia

    First i think there is point of defending Pakistan in front of the Indians because we don’t owe you any explanation. But PLEASE GET OVER YOURSELF and stop living in delusional world. i was just reading this article A Muslim Guy was beaten up in “BHARAT” just because he was accompanying A Hindu Lady(she works for him and they were going to get some money from the ATM so he can loan it to her) How immature your mind set is. We PAKISTANI believe Mohammad Ali Jinnah made the right decision for getting us separate home then living with you. I some pity you guys, you are protrary as they world biggest gaints in technology, arts etc but i DONT get the part “WHEN WILL YOU STOP LIVING IN YOUR MADE UP FAIRY LAND” Please for God sake wake up and start using your brain.Recommend

  • Hassan

    the best part is when kassab and other terrorists entered in Mumbai killing innocent people there, RAW didn’t have a clue of them being coming, neither Army did anything following the incident, they came they saw and they finished the task, Indians could not even chase them back…neither the Indian Army came to Pakistan following the terrorists, at the most they could do they made a movie showing exaggerated action by an Indian entering into Pakistan killing all those who were involved in 26/11, stop foolling ur own nation, how could anyone feel satisfied when they have done nothing in the wake of the real incident and showing their wishful thinking in the movie. is that all???Recommend

  • Zahida

    I’m frustrated how Indians make this forum like it’s their own and attack every single piece up on the site! Mind your own business! Can’t you for once think rationally with neutrality? Only then can you find real meaning in this apt blog! Recommend

  • Bhawna

    Oh please! Keep your outdated views with yourself! Recommend

  • Ajay

    Mr. Iqbal forget Saif as a person. Look at the message his film protrays and think whats wrong with the way two neighbours are not at peace. It is our responsibility to amend things and leave a better World for our children. My point is basic problem is misuse of religion to spread hatred and expand geographical boundaries which we all must abhor.Recommend

  • Proud Indian!

    I am an Indian, and I fully support Mr.Shahbaz’s views. Looking with an unbiased lens for once makes things substantially peaceful. Why always bring our personal animosity on this forum?
    Live and let live!
    Proud Indian! Recommend

  • Nida

    Saif Ali Khan, your movies are not even a fraction’s worth of our time anyway! Good to see people have started to show where you belong!Recommend

  • Khawar Aslam

    By the way, the Indian-Pakistan talks were cancelled because of the same hatred that the Indians are showing here!Recommend

  • shehzad

    Everyone is getting excited here as if this unknown blog would or could make a dent in Saif ali khan’s films or as he would even notice the 2 minutes of localized fame here – despite whatever people claim here, if the likes of saif or Amir ever visit Pakistan, you would literally have the cities jammed of people wanting to get a glimpse of them. You know it.Recommend

  • Saira

    Instead of blaming each other’s religions, please have a healthy discussion like grown-ups!Recommend

  • Candy Man

    Fed-up of this India-Pakistan rivalry! People across both sides act like kids fighting over sour candies!Recommend

  • Hassan

    Don’t forget one more lesson given to you by Indian editor Rega Jha,when she admitted on Twitter that Pakistanis were ‘hotter’ than ‘ugly’ Indians. and the whole India was shaken altogether…hahaha whereas this one is coming from across the boarder than u expect us not to react??? Recommend

  • Rohan

    Pakistan is a terror sponsoring nation who should not advise anybody, Infact Afghanistan should advise Pakistan
    Pakistan has no moral authority to to say anythingRecommend

  • Haq Ki Awaaz

    Was getting bored, came to the comments section to entertain myself with Indian-bashing! Priceless!Recommend

  • Anti-Preacher

    Start your preaching at home! Not here.Recommend

  • Nimrat

    Ali Shahbaz, your own country’s people thrive on our bollywood movies all year around, be it Eid or Diwali! Pakistanis can’t afford to protests!Recommend


    As far as ban is concern there are no viewer of pakistani movies here in india so banning or not banning its not a matter with pakistani movies in indian no one has interest to watch such movies.but as Phantom is concer this is real film that related to Mumbai attack by pakistan, amry men were involved, what we are feeling here about pakistan is showing on this film. that real face of pakistan as country.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    when nukes come into action,every problem will see its place…till then khan and abbasi can do all the arguments..we hindus r just watching the show..will solve the problem once for allRecommend

  • hp kumar

    Hamza is just another muslim fanatic …His post aftermath of charlie hebdo attacks clears all our doubt..On the other hand ,saif is a man of secular credentials..No comparison between themRecommend

  • hp kumar

    Waar is a propaganda movie ?How can you showcase a hindu woman conspiring terrorist attacks in pakistan when none is caught bearing the similar name?Movie was banned for all good reasons… same cannot be said about phantom…Movie talks about some bitter facts which paks need to swallowRecommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Jinah disowned his own daughter born out of wedlock with a Parsi girl 24 years junior to him, just because she decided to marry a Parsi.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    pakistanis are so obsessed with India.

  • Rajiv

    you must be joking
    5 out of 10 most popular news on tribune are related to India.
    while there are no news of pak in Indian newspaper.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Don’t write about India or Indians.
    Mind your own business.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    yeah and pakistan is such a great country that it name it’s missiles on foreigners.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    No you are not a dime important.
    News like this are not even published in India. forget about on front page.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Why you are writing about India?
    Why don’t you mind your own business?Recommend

  • Rajiv

    A Muslim Guy was beaten up in “BHARAT” just because he was accompanying A Hindu Lady

    none of your business
    he got what he deserved.Recommend

  • S malik

    Things Indian muslims( such as Saif ali khan) got to do, to make RSS & Shiv sena Happy.Secular India!Recommend

  • S malik

    ironic your nick name here in Candy
    Co incidence?Recommend

  • Ajay

    My dear friends there are more Muslims living in India than the entire population of Pakistan and given a choice hardly anyone will like to relocate to Pakistan. The Muslim population of India is increasing and educated modern Indians don’t care for the faith of a person. In hindsight we feel Jinnah did a great job for us. Good riddance from some medieval zealots!!Recommend

  • RFD

    Er..well..see..the reason they are not published is because
    77% of Hindustanis are illiterate. They can’t read. There are
    hardly any newspapers in Bharatland. The Hindustanis just watch TV. if they can get near a TV set. Or they sit in a movie.
    Or they are searching for a toilet….if they can find one.
    Hope that clears up your confusion. Nothing to worry about,
    unfortunately most Hindus are misinformed.Recommend

  • Ibrar

    Oh no! You are not thinking right.Recommend

  • Tooba

    I hope Saif’s next film gets banned all across too. Then he’ll cry Recommend

  • Ibrar

    Yes we are obsessed about Indians but in a positive sense. We are always thinking about ways how to pull you out of yourlife and relocate you in some humanly dwellings.Recommend

  • Ibrar

    You are dealing with unemployed Indian lot who won’t have any thing else to do if we start kicking their butts out of this page. So please try and put up with their ranting and raving…after all they are humans.
    Take care.Recommend

  • Hafiz Kareem

    The comments section is a testimony to what the real nature of Indians is: hypocritical, desperate, suppressive. Voiceless, jealous creatures!Recommend

  • Ibrar

    Indian producers are quite clever and business minded. They are signing up Pak artists because they pay them far less than the local actors and the movies will do good business in countries with Pak diaspora such as Middle East.Recommend

  • Bariyal

    Look who’s talking! As if extremism is unknown in India!Recommend

  • Zafar Iqbal

    @Shehzad, why do you have to be just a jealous little creature! Leg-pulling in this country is not unknown.Recommend

  • Rabiya

    Indians should learn to grow out of their amateur shell! Accept that diplomacy is the way to go forward, and that their stubborn attitudes are no good in the face of our current crises in this region!Recommend

  • Jahanzeb

    Hilarious that a country like India, with immense moral crises is pointing fingers at others. Bad manners! Clean your own mess, first! It is completely out of mind to see these people coming on OUR forums to attack us.Recommend

  • Bhavna

    WAAR 2 will probably get banned in India too! Tit for tatRecommend

  • rama

    We are Indians, We don’t claim I am Indian-Hindi-Muslman like I am Punjabi-PakistanRecommend

  • Ibrar

    Hi uncle dang. I guess you are visiting from a nearby delusional land but hiding behind a Chinese name. How come you have portrayed Pakistan in such an evil way, not saying even one negative thing about your own beloved India. Rather than focussing on Bhuttoo’s thousand years doctrine try to see what India has been doing to us. See how India concieved an evil plot of turning a part of our population against us, training them and then together invading our Eastern wing to carry out a heinous international crime of dismembering our country. Can we ever forgive you for that. You taught us a lesson so that we had opportunity to look at our gaps and working on them so that India has never again dared any further misadventure. We would now love to do the same what you did by supporting insurgencies such as Khalistan freedom movement which is bound to erupt once again.

    As for 15 mn on Hafiz Saeed the reward is meant for proving his involvent in Mumbai act rather than his head!Recommend

  • Gautam

    Saif is an international star, everyone knows him, however, who is this bakwasi guy?Recommend

  • Sardar Khan

    Simply don’t watch Indian drama films or theatre shows. I never watch them. The last half movie I ever watch 10 to 15 years a go. Despite I got access. In the 1st 5 Minutes you will know the end.Recommend

  • Hanif

    All Indian movies need to be banned in Pakistan. Also all youtube channels too. This is the only way to stop this Indian propganda.Recommend

  • K. Shah

    yup … now u know how possessive we are about our country Pakistan :)Recommend

  • Farwa Bukhari

    LOL. Hamza Ali Abbassi is a highly educated individual & only an equally educated person is required to understand what he’s talking about & how badly he insulted some arrogant empty vessels living in our neighbourhood. C’mon my Pakistani friends just ignore uneducated, attention seeking, jobless indian trolls they don’t deserve paying heed to. Just ignore :-D
    #Shameless Uninvited_Guests_From_indiaRecommend

  • Rajiv

    Is that why thousands of Hindus & Sikhs leave Pakistan & get Indian citizenship?Recommend

  • Ajay

    Just a note for Mr Hamza Abbasi and all others who want to demonise our leader Modi for Gujarat riots, please remember the riots were a fallout of Godhra train burning where 75 innocent Hindu pilgrims were locked inside a train bogey and burnt alive by Muslim fanatics. It is strange you people just see one side of the coin. India takes pride in its religious diversity and is a shining example to the whole world in democratic and secular principles. Some people are jealous of this unique Indian system and try to disturb the harmony. Please stop treating yourselves as guardians and sympathisers of all Muslims in India we know how to live peacefully like brothers.Recommend

  • Jamal khan

    My dislike for this formidable Indian mentality has increased! Personal attacks are so inappropriate Recommend

  • Anupama

    Ali, you didn’t make mention of how Pakistan also bans other actors Indian films. For example ranjhana. Why do your actors come to India? Take back Fawad khan, ali zafar and all these hippies from your country Recommend

  • Singh

    There is no crises for India at least …rest is pakistans call..Recommend

  • Melange

    The only post by this author, a youth advocate of sustainable development is a rant on a comment by an inconsequential Bollywood actor. Very unfortunate given the fact that there are a million sustainable development related issues facing us today. I wish the media would use their reach and resources for constructive things rather than encouraging such debates on pop culture.Recommend