All Is Well: Excruciatingly (un)funny

Published: August 24, 2015

All Is Well has no sense of direction or pacing. PHOTO: ALL IS WELL FACEBOOK PAGE

All Is Well is a family-oriented movie directed by Umesh Shukla. Prominent cast members include Abhishek Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, Asin, Supriya Pathak and Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub amongst others.

First and foremost, if you don’t plan on wasting your precious weekend, you should avoid going to the cinema to watch this movie. By a long shot, All Is Well is anything but well; as a matter of fact, it is an abomination. Predominantly, what made the movie worse is the dull script, which drags far too long, and the poor acting with forced comedic situations come off as crass and obtuse. Simply put, it is not funny at all.

In essence, this movie is a family saga, which starts off with a road trip. However, the road trip leads to nowhere. The movie includes forgettable punch lines which hold no impact and lifeless emotional scenes having depth equivalent to an inanimate rock. Therefore, this further makes the movie a regretful choice and a forgetful affair.

The story revolves around a struggling musician by the name of Inder Bhalla (Bachan), who dreams of reaching the heights of success by launching his own music album. He comes back to India from Pattaya, Thailand, to settle a property issue and meets his estranged father, Mr Bhalla (Kapoor).

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He then gets to know that his father is in debt and owes money to a loan shark, Chima (Ayyub) who is after their family for the collection of the debt. Moreover, it consists of a usual run of the mill and passé cum clichéd love story between Nimmi (Asin) and Inder. After overcoming many odds, their love story manages to come to a fruitful end at the end of the film. Nobody saw that coming from a mile!

As far as the songs of the movie are concerned, neither of them are captivating. They have even taken the super hit song from ‘Qayamat se Qayamat Tak’Aey Mere Humsafar, and utterly ruined it. Furthermore, Sonakshi Sinha has also performed an item song for this movie, which is, again, forgettable. However, the song Chaar Shanivaar is a tad bit better as compared to the mediocre songs of this feature film.

Photo: All Is Well Facebook page

In terms of acting potential, no actor stands out, not even Kapoor, which is a shame because he is one of the stalwart of the Bollywood movie industry; him showing no spine in terms of acting is very disappointing to see.

Bachchan’s acting is substandard as well. After quite a long time, he has been cast as the main lead in a movie. The last few hits he gave were Dhoom 3 and Happy New Year, in which he was casted in an all ensemble cost. This goes to proves that he can’t perform well and is not capable of successfully carrying the weight of an entire movie on his shoulders.

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As far as Asin is concerned, she plays the role of a smitten girl, head over heels in love with Inder, coupled with an almost fetish fascination with the novel The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Photo: All Is Well Facebook page

In conclusion, All Is Well is a movie which has created no hype or buzz on its arrival. One wishes that the movie would get better after a few minutes, but those minutes turns into hours and you’re left with nothing but a sense of instant regret over having wasted money, and most importantly your time.

It was excruciatingly painful to watch this movie, so kudos to you if you sat and watched it till the end. All Is Well has no sense of direction or pacing. It will soon find its resting place among other major flops in the halls of archival movies, which are long shunned and forgotten.

I would advise you to not watch this movie free of cost also. Yes it’s that bad. All Is Well’s crass and third grade humour will insult your own sense of humour; it wouldn’t even amuse a five-year-old.

This movie doesn’t deserve to be rated.

Salman Junejo

Salman Junejo

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