What brand are you?

Published: November 13, 2010

What is your brand label?

If you fell off the face of the earth tomorrow what would people around you say about you – once they got over the fact that you were gone? Would they remember any particular aspect of you?

Would you be remembered as the guy that kept people entertained at the office?

Would you be remembered as the girl who wouldn’t quit talking?

How about the guy that kept taking too many pictures with his cell phone?

Or just an annoying brat that asked too many questions?

Or the guy that immediately adds you on Facebook after a brief meeting somewhere?

Like it or not, you are a brand

“Oh yeah I remember (your name)! He was always (your label/brand/imagined attribute)…

You might think you’re an individual snowflake, but you are not. People around you are constantly branding you with attributes and imagined personality traits. They collect sporadic experiential memories about you, but they need to connect them in some coherent way so that they fill the gaps in their internal logic. Branding is their way of rationalising their otherwise disjointed surroundings.

So, the girl that you saw flirting with this guy automatically becomes the slutty desperado. The guy who added you on Facebook becomes the usual ‘friendshipper’/social media stalker. That dude that ran really fast becomes an athlete. And so on and so forth. Everybody gets a label slapped onto them.

My question is: What do you think your ‘brand label’ is?

More importantly, are you happy with it…


Umair Kazi

A strategist who blogs at www.theideaartist.com

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