Best Independence Day gift ever: Sohni Dharti by Coke Studio

Published: August 20, 2015

Let me declare firstly, that I’m no music critic. But Coke Studio’s latest rendition of Sohni Dharti has made me so proud, that I’m compelled to chatter about it. The reason behind the song’s success is simply that it nailed all the components of a hit!

Firstly, the occasion it catered to was Independence Day. Coke Studio celebrates diverse musical talent; has made a significant presence in the international music scene, and thus gave back to the country, on its birthday. Secondly, the song Sohni Dharti, originally sung by Shehnaz Begum, is a milli naghma (national song) every child and adult has been singing since childhood. So when Coke Studio brought some top class artists to sing it together, the nation sang with them. And thirdly, and most importantly, the way it was done; as refreshing as a dip in a lagoon!

It combined musicians of all genres, experiences, instruments, levels of training, voice quality and made them sing along the simple but impactful lyrics. The combination of music maestros such as Farida Khanum, Surriya Khanum, Ustad Hamid Ali Khan, Arif Lohar, the nation’s pride Anwar Maqsood, to the fresh yet powerful new voices such as  Alycia Dias, Gul Panrra, Sara Haider, Shehroze Hussain, Fizza Javed to the classically inclined Ali Sethi, to the qawaals Bakshi Brothers and Rizwan Moazzam and the ever so successful Atif Aslam, Ali Haider, Ali Zafar, and Ali Azmat, amongst others, produced one formidable performance. Like Bollywood capitalises on its megastars to sell everything from pan masala to cars, its great that Pakistan is using its power bloc of music stars to endorse patriotism. Kudos to the producers Strings and the entire Coke Studio team.

Rida Baqai

Rida Baqai

A LUMS graduate interested in theater, politics, literature, and movies. She tweets as @RidaBaqai.

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