Should Afghanistan, India and Iran always blame Pakistan for their own mistakes?

Published: August 19, 2015

For Pakistan, it is, without any speck of doubt, time to go back to the drawing board and redraft the country’s destiny.

For Pakistan, it is, without any speck of doubt, time to go back to the drawing board and redraft the country’s destiny. For Pakistan, it is, without any speck of doubt, time to go back to the drawing board and redraft the country’s destiny.

It’s nothing but ironical that I’m writing this blog on the latest (if not the greatest), all intensive, simmering hot issue of yet another AfPak entanglement right around the time when one of the chief architects of Pakistan’s Afghan’s policy of the 80s-90s, General Hamid Gul, bade farewell to the world. The general, a villain to some and a hero to others, was by all means a controversial figure, one who left a deep impact on the regional politics for years to come.

So when I hear the current crop of Afghan leadership screaming their lungs out with ferociously unsavoury, emotion-laden statements pointing fingers at the Pakistanis for meddling in their affairs, it undoubtedly brings back ominous memories of the years when the already strained and stressed relations of the two countries had further nose-dived.

Unfortunately, the bitter realities associated with the years gone by are persistently nagging and raising their ugly head on a frequent basis. Remember the time when the Afghans descended from the hills, thanks to the erstwhile Soviet Union rolling its tanks into Kabul? Remember when Pakistan had to play host to thousands of refugees who were driven out of their country by the relentless onslaught of invaders? That’s when Pakistan’s endless downslide started. That’s when drugs, weapons and extremism made their entry into the ecosystem. That was the beginning of a long siege that essentially changed the country’s personality and paralysed its functionality, bringing devastation to millions and eventually ending up in killing more than 60,000 citizens in a long-drawn religion-instigated violence.

Today, as the Pakistanis grapple with correcting the course of their own history, they’ve been condemned by the Afghans for being recklessly unscrupulous to shelter every Tom, Dick and Harry associated with terrorism. Obviously these contentions are not totally fallacious. Pakistan’s presence in the region has caused quite a few flutters and conflicts and its policies have only resulted in instigating conspiracies, chaos and violence.

In the historical context, characters like GulAslam Beg, and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan have benefitted from the power structure and relentlessly gratified their own lust to influence the course of regional events. Islamabad has been, and rightly so, criticised for giving refuge to the Osama bin Laden (OBLs) and the Mullah Omars of the world. Additionally, they’ve made the strangest of alliances to gain power and control the religious drifts and trends.

Besides being the regional ‘Chief Menace Officer’, Pakistan’s role is time and again questioned by its western neighbour in terms of aiding and abetting micro-mutinies and insurgencies and for not being responsive enough when peace initiatives are rolled out. While President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah sizzle and burn, without aggravating and exasperating the situation, Islamabad should take the lead to alleviate tensions in the area. For starters it can:

– Make a sincere effort to de-intensify its intelligence agency-centric activities across the border. The military establishment and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) boys should hold their horses and be effective inside rather than outside the country.

– Invest in securing the porous border. Because of how the border is, the Afghans are able to hide their incompetence and always wag an accusing finger towards Islamabad for anything terrible that happens on their soil. The two countries can work on spending resources to build a strong wall or impactful check posts so the cross-border infiltration is stopped. If Donald Trump can float the idea of making Mexico pay for constructing a wall along the US-Mexico border, why can Pakistan not prevail upon Ghani and company to start a dialogue on such lines? Wouldn’t that be counted as a decisive peace initiative?

– Give up the idea of negotiating with the Taliban. There are no good Taliban. Halt all efforts to talk.

– Not act as the brother’s keeper. Due to the lack of trust in the environment, conditions are not suitable for the honest broker role play. In an atmosphere that is infested with moral turpitude and political spite, why can Pakistan not stay away from hobnobbing, especially if it brings a bad name to the country? Such incessant desire forces me to draw parallels with the US foreign policy whereby Washington, despite being no one’s favourite and censured all over the world, just doesn’t give up meddling in countries that have little or no impact on its general population.

As far as not responding appropriately to peace initiatives is concerned, nowadays the world is all about presentation and optics. Ever wondered why Apple Corporation is more successful than all other tech companies despite the fact that it uses many of the Samsung-made parts in its so-called state-of-the-art products? The answer is simple – it’s all about presentation, the look and feel of the dandy iPads and the iPhones that have left an astoundingly mesmerising impact on enthusiasts all over the world. Conversely, Pakistan has shown lack of diplomatic spirit, the urge, and the drive to propagate an image that is reconciliatory in tone and texture. The battle to be the ‘Chief Peacemaker’ must begin no later than now. Be a true inseparable twin brother that Hamid Karzai spoke of not too long ago.

Gul’s toxic framework of intelligence and extremism may linger on forever if appropriate measures are not taken in due course of time. Pakistan must embark upon a damage control mission and instead of making its neighbours livid, left, right and centre, it must introduce perestroika and glasnost in its policies and let its population live a full life instead of a life of fear. Due to its non-transparent policies, the Afghans, the Indians and the Iranians love to lambast Pakistan and never fail to accuse Islamabad even for issues that they themselves are responsible for.

By the same token, let us remind our Afghan friends that the Pakistanis made ginormous sacrifices for them back in the 80s. It was due to Pakistan’s generosity that their nation was saved from going almost extinct. So when they accuse Pakistan for all their ills, they must go easy and be grateful for the humane treatment they received in their time of need.

For Pakistan, it is, without any speck of doubt, time to go back to the drawing board and redraft the country’s destiny. What can potentially help are new ideas, the youth’s wisdom, and a desire for a new beginning. Let the Afghans deal with their problems and show in no certain terms that Pakistan means business and wants stability in and around it. Let the demons of yore leave the system and let peace celebrate a great victory.

Ahson Saeed Hasan

Ahson Saeed Hasan

The writer is a proud American, a peacenik who has traveled well over 80 countries and lived in four continents. He likes to share his experiences and reflect on the worldly surroundings. He tweets @tweetingacho (

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  • Headstrong

    Two words to describe you people – International Migraine – as quoted by Madeleine Albright, while she was Secretary of StateRecommend

  • Queen

    The unfortunate fact is that Pakistan’s neighbors consider Pakistan as a scape goat to hide their shortcomings in addressing the menace of terrorism which has grappled the entire world including Pakistan. There is no denying that there are outfits in Pakistan which carry out their activities time to time but it is unfair to say that neighboring countries do not have any hand in supporting these elements present in Pakistan. We are aware of the relations between RAW and NDS, the proxy war being fought in Pakistan through Afghanistan’s soil, and the foreign involvement in Pakistan’s Balochistan which is aimed to create turbulence in Pakistan-Iran border areas. What is surprising is the fact that these neighboring countries, some of which claim of being the next regional power, do not have armed forces capable enough to prevent the so-called infiltration in their border areas rather they find it easy to place the blame of their incompetence on Pakistan. It has been observed that these ‘claims of infiltration’ lose their ground when these countries fail to provide credible evidence to back their claims. Pakistan has faced many issues due to Afghanistan’s instability and we have seen how our eastern neighbors have reacted ever since Pakistan has launched successful operations in North Waziristan and Balochistan. One needs to ask our neighbors the use of the 2,000 km fence & 115 battalions of Indian BSF deployed on Pakistan borders when they can’t secure their territories from so-called infiltration. It can only be hoped that the neighboring countries will soon realize the importance of regional cooperation for the progress, development, and stability of their own territories.Recommend

  • wb

    Good blog. But it will be wasted on those who survive by denials and excuses and lies and propaganda.

    What is so hard for Pakistanis to acknowledge that they have committed blunders and correct course? Wait, that means to go back to the root of all blunders: the two nation theory.

    And if you accept that two nation theory was a bouquet of lies, then what is left for Pakistan’s identity?Recommend

  • zoro

    One thing is for sure … It was not because pakistan was heartbroken by invasion of non-believers in to afghanistan ….nor was there anything like religion was concerned The sole reason was money and the deceitful thought of amassing the weaponry what US was giving to fight Russians … which can be eventually be used against India …and the “Strategic Backyard” …
    Later someones bright idea also suggested to channel the mujaheddin to Kashmir …
    So basically a foreign policy of utter disgust and complete lack of future thoughts… as it almost contributed to blackmail the neighboring countries of terrorism and Nuclear Blackmail …
    Pakistan thought that if they can bring down mighty Russia…. India was nothing in comparison of that …
    But the complete and utter misunderstanding of a no brainier was the difference between the Hat and the Head …
    Pakistan was just a HAT and the head was obviously the US…Hat can be tossed anywhere anytime …
    It is very obvious now that Head has decided to change the HAT …
    The whole world knows who is the culprit ….
    Majority counts Recommend

  • FactCheck

    Pakistan is the only country who cannot get along with any of its neighbors in the region.Recommend

  • Zalmai

    Mr. Hassan,
    Afghanistan was never in danger of going extinct and your so called generosity was funded chiefly by the US and Saudi Arabia.

    Don’t overstate and overplay Pakistan’s role in helping the Afghans survive as a nation. The idea of Pakistan was not even conceived when the Afghans defeated Great Britain’s armies in the Anglo Afghan wars of the 1800s without assistance from neighboring states. Recommend

  • Zalmai

    Mr. Hassan,
    Afghanistan was never in danger of going extinct and your so called generosity was funded chiefly by the US and Saudi Arabia.

    Don’t overstate and overplay Pakistan’s role in helping the Afghans survive as a nation.

    The idea of Pakistan was not even conceived and India was colonized when the Afghans defeated Great Britain’s armies in the Anglo Afghan wars of the 1800s without assistance from neighboring states. Recommend

  • rtnguy

    Pakistan is the root cause of all problems of the world and will be a catalyst of WW3 between muslims and christians. Mark my wordsRecommend

  • Lolz

    where do you see the future of the land of Hindus then?Recommend

  • A.N Ansari

    If there is no problem with Afghanistan then why thousand of Afghani flooding to Pakistan and still in Pakistan. You are thankless people for whom Main Muhammad Baksh rehmatullah said;
    People of good family background never forget good deed forever from anywhere but people of bad family background responded making conspiracy to eliminate their deeds.
    USA and Saudia is not paying anything to Pakistan for Afgani why they are still here and not ready to their own country?? if they send back they returned back.Why?????Recommend

  • A.N Ansari

    F!lthy india is the root cause of all problems in the region, if India throw back out of Afghanistan, the peace can be achieved within few days.Recommend

  • bad neighbour

    Zalmai, the money may have come from US and SA but what about the millions of Afghan refugees living in Pakistan. They not only have been a burden on us but their camps have been the hotbed for smuggling drugs and various other criminal activities. Please can you take them back now. I think they have overstayed their welcome. Afghans are a proud nation and I am sure you do not like taking handouts from root of all evils in Afghanistan, Pakistan!!! P.S. Please can you ask your president to renounce his Pakistani nationality and return the ID card.Recommend

  • A.N Ansari


  • Nomad1412

    Only one neighbor of Pakistan is not mentioned in this article: China. But the Chinese too complain of Pakistan’s role in fomenting terror there.

    For a country set up to “protect” Muslims, it is ironic that the biradar-mulk treat Pakistan and not India with suspicion.Recommend

  • indi

    Instaed of pointing fingues at others while playing the victim card ask yourself why all neighbors have problem with your country even your islamic conutries.Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    According to Tarek Fatah, a Pakistani-Canadian who appears on talk shows on Rawal TV and Tag TV, most terrorism incidents around the world can be traced back to Pakistan.Recommend

  • Gurion

    the title of the article should be, “Should Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, China, America, UK and Iran always blame Pakistan for their own mistakes?”Recommend

  • Rumi

    It is funny that pakistanis are trying to earn some credit for the defeat of Russians in Afghanistan, lets make them happy and say yes you were the one who defeated the red army. Having said that let me emphasize that they are a nation that has never won any war ever in their history and we are a nation that have never lost a war. Lets see where we end up with the bloody campaign that is currently waged by some muslim countries in Afghanistan.

    There were scores of articles by elite pakistanis on news websites last year that ANA will ran a way once foreign troops withdrew from Afghanistan and taliban will capture and control Afghanistan and I am sure they are disappointed that they didn’t see what they were hoping this is another topic like those but fortunately they tell us what is the mentality of pakistanis towards us.Recommend

  • farrukh

    very balanced and well written article. Well DoneRecommend

  • Rumi

    How about we divert our rivers from flowing to pakistan, boycott your products in Afghanistan, creating problems for your trade&transit with central Asian countries (no other country is interested in buying pakistani products except those poor countries), deporting thousands of your beggars from Kabul city streets and also kicking your hundreds of thousands of construction workers from Afghanistan.. i think once we do it then you will come to your sense…

    now please dont tell me “Afghan refugee…” cause attok is the border and they are with their pashtun brothers..Recommend

  • Ricky Smith

    Very timid and tepid writing, and we did not get “thousands” of Afghan refugees, we got “millions”, a fact that seems to be taken lightly.

    What Pakistan really needs to do is

    1. Cut off all land links with Afghanistan and close the border completely except through a few controlled areas.
    2. fence and mine the entire length and breadth of the border, in areas where it can and where illegal smugging routes exist.
    3. Stop being a mama broker to Afghans they listen to no one, are treacherous to their core and we should not be getting involved it will get us nowhere but will only cause Pakistan to be accused and blamed in the end when Afghans dont stop fighting one another.
    4. Ignore Americans when they come knocking at the door to get Taliban to talk, tell them we have nothing to do with the Taliban because you asked us not to.
    5 and Finally please stop being the polite Pakistani at all times and shed your timidness and be bold and stand strong and speak loud and clear to enemies and friends to leave us alone and answer every accusation with 3 replies in a loud and agressive manner, stop being misss goody two shoes.Recommend

  • Ricky Smith

    stop being so scared of Pakistan all the time , go fix rape in your nation, thats the real disaster for you people.Recommend

  • Ricky Smith

    actually Pakistan needs to overplay, without Pakistans help millions of Afghans would have been decimated by the Soviets, I know its not in your bone to be thankful and we did not help to get your thanks, but instead Allahs blessings, but nevertheless, try to show some shame and admit the help that millions of your country men got for 35 years and to this day millions of your thankless people are living on our soil being supported by us, if you have so much pride why not take all your people and go back, no one is stopping you, we want you to leave, please do us a favor and leave….thank youRecommend

  • Ricky Smith

    lol stealing the line that not a single neighbour of India likes it…yeah, it was my original post many years ago…no you cannot steal it.Recommend

  • Ricky Smith

    one look at her face gives a thousand migraines, yes she was Clintons sidekick when he was busy with Lewinsky, thanks to teh US running out of Afghanistan after the Soviets left and Clinton never looking back that Afghanistan fell into a mess, that only Pakistan alone was trying to manage various fighting savage Afghan factions, it seasy to judge in hindsight but when you are in the middle of it, its a different tune… the World owes Pakistan a lot of gratudude and the US just used Pakistan and Afghansitan against teh Soviets and took off disgracefully….you need to be quiet little boy.Recommend

  • Emad Qazi

    In history it will written down that
    Pakistan with the help of the US defeated the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, then in the next line it would say that
    Pakistan with the help of the US defeated the US in Afghanistan
    These are the famous words of the godfather of proxy wars Hamid GulRecommend

  • Vips

    Who is the author trying to fool about Pakistan making “ginormous sacrifices” ? Pakistan did what it did not out of a sense of altruism but did so to get massive US military aid ($3.2 Billion in 1980), Saudi Petro Dollars and its own wish to have a servile Afghanistan for having strategic depth vis-a-vis India.
    Mr Ahson dont try to make a virtue out of what was a necessity for Pakistan as it aided the US/Saudi efforts as its own security was at risk with Russians practically at the border in Afghanistan.

    Keep looking in the mirror and try to convince yourself and see how pathetic it sounds to say “Should Afghanistan, India and Iran always blame Pakistan for their own mistakes”?Recommend

  • Rockstar

    Another propaganda by a Pakistani troll..He should focus on writing that Pakistan not only create problem for India, Iran, and Afghanistan but entire world.Writer should just go to website of department of Justice-US.Most wanted terrorist of the world including Al qaida current head have taken shelter in Pakistan.

    Recently, it was dicovered that Leader of Taliban Mullah Omar was hidinf and having treatment in Pakistan.Entire world knows how Pakistani Army has given safe heave to Osama bin laden in their Army Base in Abottabad

    Few of the terrorist mentioned in the below list like Hafeez Sayeed who perparated Mumbai Terror attack are openly roaming in Pakistan.


  • Sami

    Do you even know what you are talking about?. Afghans conceded defeat before the British and they celebrate independence day on August 19 every year as a result.
    The Treaty of Rawalpindi 1919 is commemorated every year by Afghans. So what is this all about when you are claiming you have defeated them?. British were the clear winners of the third Anglo Afghan war.
    The Durand Line agreement and treaty of Rawalpindi just confirm the defeat and retreat of Afghans. Also in the 18th century Sikh Empire reached the parts near Kabul. So what do you say about the Sikh Empire that span Modern Day Khyber Pass upto Kandahar regions.
    Ranjit Singh challenged that no Afghan king can ever defeat him. He took over Peshwar and interestingly no one was able to defeat the SIkh Army. It was after Anglo-Sikh wars that Sikhs have to be retreated from Khyber pass.

  • Enkay

    Ahson Saeed Hasan stated “why can Pakistan not prevail upon Ghani and company to start a dialogue on such lines?” I full support your statement. Also India should prevail on “the Powers that Be in Pakistan” to making Pakistan pay for constructing a wall along the India-Pakistan Border.Recommend

  • Rizwan Manzoor

    Mr. Hassan.
    Lets don’t consider any of Pak effort, even if its so meagre in ur point of view.
    Stable Afghanistan as first option.Recommend

  • Arsam Kiyani

    Mr zalmai if afghanistan is not in danger of extinction why dont you take millions registered and unregistered afghani immigrants back , talk is cheap when it comes out you , eventhough aghanistan is older than pakistan but since creation they have been a thorn when this so called badmashi comes from afghanistan makes me think why do we let our roads and our port to be used to prevent your extinction , why do we let afghans use road network from our side of border to provide living essential to parts of afghanistan not accessible from Afghanistan . Hell why do we let afghani immigrant use our country to get immigration to other parts of the world . Yeah over stating and over playing here :) touche sir touche , kinda break heart frankly you have a muslim nation on back who u cant trust , irony sir truly ironic @zalmai , btw from start action of your nation has been shameful do u remember who killed our first prime minister *afghani nation/ mercenary . I mean morally speaking you are not in position to say anything even the pc or mobile ur using chances are came through pakistan Recommend

  • deep

    I believe the afghan problem goes back to pakistan policies in the 1950s – while your recommendation to stop talks with the taliban are good – you must realize your country’s establishment has been the chief villain of the piece.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan


    Factually, had it not been our support on the ground, all the aid from the US and Saudi Arabia would have evaporated just as despite spending $686B in the Afghanistan war effort over the past decade in military and social sectors, the Americans and the Afghans alike have nothing to show for it today. So it was not the money, it was the blood that we spilled and the brotherhood that we extended to Afghans in their times of need that made the difference.
    Afghans were getting slaughtered by the Soviets with their gun ships. It was the Pakistani trainers that trained the Mujahideen on platforms like the Stinger to take the Soviets on. We trained thousands of Afghans in Pakistan and in return were subjected to Soviet air strikes and a constant campaign of bombings all over Pakistan (thousands of casualties and billions in foreign investment lost). Millions of Afghans resided in Pakistan in the refugee camps and in our cities. Countless Pakistani officers and men gave their lives in Afghanistan during the Afghan war. So please don’t belittle our assistance. We helped without asking anything in return, yet the scorn and hate by some of you is unbelievable. The kind of impact the Afghan war has had on our social fabric cannot be equated to a few billion given to help with the war effort by the US and the Saudis.

    Perhaps this is the context that you lack about how Pakistanis look at this Afghan mess.

    The only way forward is for Afghanistan, specially the Tajik-led Northern Alliance members, to realize that if you bed with the Indians then Pakistan will do what it must to avoid being encircled and made vulnerable.

    At the end of the day, we look at our Afghan brothers from the lens of being fellow Muslims. But if Afghans don’t reciprocate and also play the game of letting our adversaries find space in their own country then we too have all the right to protect our interests.

    I wish for Pakistanis and Afghans to be tight. However it takes two hands to clap. You have irritants to remove on your side and we must do the same, however don’t always just point fingers at us all the while doing things that annoy and hurt Pakistan.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    A very similar article can be written about Iran, India and even Afghanistan and one can paint each as the root cause of all problems in the region. Just ask the GCC what they feel about Iran, ask the same of Pakistan, SL, and China about India (until arrival of the pliant Awami League Party’s rule in BD, one could add BD to this list as well) and you will see a very similar picture of each country as the epicenter of all trouble. Just depends on who you are asking.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    I am glad she saw us that way since Pakistan will not take anything lying down. We will protect our interests come what may. No shame in this game, the last thing that anyone gives a damn about is what Madeline Albright has to say. She is the same person who justified the killings of over 100,000 Iraqi children as the cost of serving the interests of the United States in Iraq. And here are we to take her judgements as the fountain of morality?Recommend

  • Bharat Mata Ki Jai

    History is not something that is to be distorted for the sake of your ultra-nationalism and religious fanaticism!! Bengal fell to British in 1757(see the battle of plassey )
    after the weakening of Maratha Empire due to its defeat in the third battle of panipat against Nadir Shah of Iran.

    The British mostly colonized India after their victories against Marathas and Sikhs.Afghans under the Duranni dynasty already lost to Sikh empire and was forced to cede large amount of Afghan territory to Sikhs(Pashtun dominant Kyber Pass region).The British dissolved the Sikh empire after the Anglo-Sikh wars and then launched invasions into Afghanistan.The British won 2 wars against Afghanistan except the first war and established the Durand line which is still the present border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.Pakistan inherited the provinces of KP,waziristan,FATA and Balochistan only because of the victories of Sikhs and British empire against Afghan dynasties.Had there been no Sikh Empire and British Indian Empire there would have been no Pakistani Pashtuns living in Pakistan.

  • Gullu

    You are living in the past. ‘…wars of 1800’s…’ time to snap
    out of it. This is 2015. They do not use muskets, swords, lances
    and horses anymore. One or two tanks will be enough to have
    the Afghans running for the hills,…again. Maybe an F-16?
    Afghans were saved from annihilation by Pakistan. Be thankful.
    They are planning on sending the 3 million Afghan refugees back.

  • Gullu

    This is like a broken record. Repeating itself again and again.
    See, even
    an Afghan’s computer does not work…..without help.Recommend

  • Gullu

    She also said the ‘Bunya Nation’ has visions of grandeur.Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    if 3 people have problem with one person…. then who is the trouble maker …acc to u???Recommend

  • Anoop

    Some perspective. Even China has same complaints.

    So, that makes it 4 out of 4 of Pakistan’s neighbours who have the very same exact same complaint.Recommend

  • Kamran Rizvi Syed

    your failed attempt to drag IRAN’s Aspersion , amalgamate with INDIAN and AFGHANI’S adorned absurd -aspersion . and suggesting Pakistan to embark upon ……. THAT PAKISTAN must introduce Perestroika and Glasnost in its policies…. You Need to go through again HISTORY of USSR/ RUSSIA to assimilate Pakistan’s vantage point on her neighboring Country . your bourgeois minded BLOG can no longer satisfy the mass ?need Perestroika and Glasnost in its policies….. haaaaaahaaaRecommend

  • Anoop

    First lie:
    Pakistan sacrificed and hosted Afghan Refugees.

    Pakistan got much more than what it spent maitaining those refugees. It got spanky new F16s. They received Billions. You can see this play out in Pakistan’s Economy receiving a boost during the Soviet war. They also developed Nukes during the 80s, which would be impossible due to US imposed sanctions. So, Pakistan got into this war for its own benefits. Sacrifice, not really, especially not of the selfless kind.

    Second lie:
    Iran, Afghanistan, India blame Pakistan for all their Terror related problems.

    So does China.

    China just pays off Pakistan to attack its own citizens in FATA, including Uighur militants. I don’t think India, Iran and Afghan will pay Pakistan to do what a normal, civilized country ought to do anyway!
    So, all 4 of Pakistan’s neighbours have the exact same complaint. Thats 100% of all of Pakistan’s neighbours.
    Third Lie:
    Pakisan’s position is strategically advantageous.
    Alexander, marauders, Mughals. All came through Pakistan to harm India. The people whom Pak tries to name their missiles after actually terrorized people of the area which comprises Pakistan! The rest of India was less prone to such violent attacks.
    The fencing will not help too, as the territory is too rigid and Pakistan has to divert a considerable amount of resources it uses against India to man it, which is always good news for India. Pakistan military will be stretched thin with no end in sight!Recommend

  • Samir

    Y not think the other way , y it is only Pakistan which is blamed by not only its neighbours but by even US, Bangladesh,Indonesia(Bali bombings mastermind was also found in Abottabad lik Osama)…wherever there is a bomb blast a Pakistani’s national’s involvement seems guaranteed …first look inwards then try to preach others !Recommend

  • Dipak Mehta
  • R. Subramanian

    I don’t know why Pakistanis are always in the state of denial mindset. When India accuses Pakistan for terrorism, immediately they will say we are also victim of terrorism. In reality mother of all terrorism is Pakistan..Recommend

  • Lord

    “It was due to Pakistan’s generosity that their nation was saved from going almost extinct.”
    Ha, ha, ha, ha You Pakis saved Afghans from extinction!!? Really? What a farce . Sir, the truth is, your country, Pakistan, used Afghanistan and its people as guinea pigs to squeeze as much money and weapons as possible from the west, the Arabs and the rest of the world. In their name, you begged and received huge amounts of alms in the form of dollars, food, medicines, weapons and other forms of aid. But, you never really gave the deserving Afghan refugees even a 10% of what you had truly received from the donating world. You ate and enjoyed the bread and butter that you collected in the name of Afghan IDPs & Jihadis from foreign countries. And now you have the audacity to claim saving Afghans from extinction??
    The truth is you owe an apology to the Afghan people for the crimes you committed in the form of promoting rouge militias like Taliban, who played havoc with the lives of Afghan people for more than six years.
    A formal apology from the state of Pakistan would be a partial atonement of the sins that the Pak govt. committed against the people of Afghanistan in the past .Recommend

  • Alansaralhaq

    Oh contrare. ..

    India has issues with Pakistan China Sri Lanka all border or in close proximity.

    The Bangladesh population is anti India will always be anti India but the puppet regime pays you lip service bit for how long.

    You will find Pakistan has alot more love in the region – fact.Recommend

  • Alansaralhaq

    Where would you be between 1979 and mid 80s if it were not for Pakistan.

    Remember the US got into the game mid to late 80s.

    Where prey would your refugees have gone?

    Sadly Tajiks and Uzbeks are too ungrateful.

    While started the civil war in the 1990s The Pashtuns or the Tajiks and Uzbeks warlords.

    Who funded the Northern Alliance?

    What came first Northern Alliance or Taliban.

    Go grow a pair and own up and think of all Afghans.


  • Shuaib Hussain

    Well what’s funny is that everyone forgets India was supporting the USSR when it invaded Afghanistan. What a “friend”.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    I think it was a mistake by Pakistan to help Afghanistan against Soviet invasion in 1979. Afghanistan should have been left alone to deal with Soviet Union, at least Soviet Union would not have been broken, America would not have become the sole super power. But what has been done cannot be undone now, so lets move on, if Afghanistan is ready. We want Afghanistan to be strong so that no other country can meddle and use it as a playing field whether it is Russia, US, Pakistan, Iran or India.Recommend

  • Ahmad, Zubaid

    As a Kashmiri from Indian Occupied Kashmir, it’s India that’s the root cause of all the troubles in the region. Bangladesh hates them inspite of being liberated by them, Kashmiris hate India, Nepal hates India and China obviously hates India as wellRecommend

  • Ahmad, Zubaid

    As a Muslim from Indian Occupied Kashmir, India is the source of all the problems in that third world hell hole that is Bindia. There’s a reason why they had to impose a curfew on ITS INDEPENDENCE DAY in my cityRecommend

  • Jayman

    The question should be: Can Pakistan afford to continue supporting the terror infrastructure within its boundaries?Recommend

  • wb

    You’re clearly living in an airhead.

    What is Bangladesh? Are you talking about the government? Are you talking about people? Are you talking about land?

    Similarly what is Nepal? What is China? At least Xi loves India. Or else why would he come to India and invite Modi? Why would he do billions of dollars of business with India?

    And who are Kashmiris? Pundits don’t hate India, pro-India Muslims don’t hate India. Shia Muslims definitely hate Kashmiri separatists.

    So, the only truth is: A few misguided Kashmiris hate India. And who cares about them?!! The rest of Kashmir is with India.Recommend

  • wb

    What’s really funny is, that you don’t know how ignorant you are.

    India was supporting USSR when USSR existed. Today there’s no USSR. People have moved on.

    This is why Pakistanis don’t progress and fail at everything. Because you live in the past.Recommend

  • dronachary

    Nowhere in the article did the author clarified how was it India’s “own” problem that it is lambasting Pakistan ? Did India advised Pakistan to send it’s army and rag tag militias to capture Kashmir in 1947 ? Your adventure made Raja of Kashmir to accede the territory to India which was according to partitions agreement a legal binding. If Pakistan had not been greedy back then, probably Kashmir would have been free from both Pakistan and India. This is Pakistan’s created problem.
    As for Afghanistan, let me give you history 101 which you guys so gladly skip. The war in Afghanistan was war between two war lords, one sided by USA and other by Russia. Russia was not invading whole of Afghanistan but helping one of the war lords. USA in it’s cold war mood decided to support the opposition war lord. And Pakistan gladly jumped in with the greed of money, weapons and tons of Jihadis which it thought can control and use against India. This is yet another Pakistan created problem.
    I will read more on Iran’s history with Pakistan and come back at you. Cause unlike you sir, I do not just make conspiracy theories.Recommend

  • wb

    You need to ask yourself, why are your friends blaming you for terrorism in their soil?

    Why is America blaming you? Even China has blamed you? European countries have blamed you on several occasions. Why was Osama a guest in your military academy?

    Your problem is, just because you believe your own lies, you think the world believes it too.

    The beautiful word that describes this behavior is : self-delusion.

    Why did your establishment hide Omar’s death for 2 years and kept talking on his behalf? What does that tell you? That your establishment arms, aids and supports terrorism on other countries.

    Instead of asking us, why don’t you ask your government to take action against terrorist groups such as Haqqani Network, JeM, JuD, Afghan Taliban etc?

    Of course you won’t. Recommend

  • Rohan

    If the whole world has a problem with Pakistan then Pakistan is the problem not the whole world

    Pakistan has 212 banned terrorist organizations, not Iran or India or Afghanistan

    Pakistan houses LET which kills Indians not Iran, Pakistan houses Afghan Taliban which kill Afghans, not India

    Hamid gul and zia ul haq were Pakistanis who promoted terrorist, they were not Iranians

  • wb

    Have you met all Bangladeshis? Have you asked all of them?

    Also, you must have basic common sense that islands like Srilanka don’t have borders with any other countries.

    Do you even know that Srilanka is an island? Island, you know? Where a piece of land is surrounded by water on all sides? Island?Recommend

  • wb

    Delusions of grandeur.

    You couldn’t even protect your own country in 1971, how could you have saved Afghanistan? Afghanistan was saved by Saudi and American aid.

    All Pakistan did was provide mercenaries.

    Northern Alliance did not impose a reign of terror by flogging young girls, burning down their schools, banning art and culture.

    That was done by your kind: Taliban.Recommend

  • Apna Girebaan

    //religious fanaticism//
    why every person from across the border paste every ill happened to Afghanistan to religious fanaticism when its not, South ASIA has always been religiously fanatic, whether it be Muslims, Indians, or any other ethinicity… we are emotional beyond measures, us all so deal with it rather than blaming otherRecommend

  • Apna Girebaan

    I do not have to ask all Bangladesh about choosing India or Pakistan, all i can see is that when Champions trophy was held in Bangladesh, natives were all supporting Pakistan rather than India…
    And for the border thing, you should have concentrated more in your geography classes, nowadays countries surrounded by water have naval borders with other countries. so get your facts straight before being an intellectual.Recommend

  • Apna Girebaan

    apparently he think that Hindustan is not gonna survive :DRecommend

  • kamacho

    tel with which neighbor you have good relation,except master slave relation with china?
    even there in chian they hate muslims, so their people hate islamic republic pakistan.Recommend

  • Hasan Khan

    I shudder to think how afghans act within their country and community. Their loyalties change with the change of wind direction. Growing up in Karachi in the late 80s and 90s I saw how the incoming afghan refugees made a mess of my city. It was not a coincidence that with the arrival of the afghan refugees, crime went up in Karachi. Drug usage and smuggling went up ten fold and so did the additional vices associated with them. To say that the afghan refugees messed up the socio economic and social fabric of the pakistani society is an understatement and denying this reality, delusional. Lastly, during the period of time that I have lived abroad, I have met many a few afghans. Their common statement is as follows: “I grew up in Karachi/Peshawar/Lahore/Quetta and spent most of my life in these cities, but I am afghan, Pakistan is not my home and i dont owe anything to that country”. If such is the case then helping our “brothers” is a mistake for whcih we have payed heavily and will continue doing so!Recommend

  • Gullu

    They are a lost race of humans. Just a grade below Hindus.
    They are the scourge of Asia. Wherever they go they take
    their 6th century culture and all their ills with them. And pollute
    cities with their presence.

    ET please print. We all know you are anti Pakistan. And give preference to poisonous Hindu and Afghan comments.Recommend

  • wb

    The same Bangladeshis welcomed Modi and awarded Vajapayee.

    There is no such thing called as naval border. That’s a phrase you’ve made up.

    And thanks for bringing the thought of me as an intellectual. But I’m not, neither do I consider so and never claimed so.Recommend

  • Dev

    @wb Now thats called an astound reply..kudosRecommend

  • Last Word

    Well, India, Afghanistan and Iran are all falsely accusing Pakistan of border violations and cross-border terrorism. India especially is guilty of accusing Pakistan of above charges for more than three decades right from time of Gen Zia regime which it claims is continuing till date. India orchestrated Mumbai attack itself killing hundreds of its own citizens to put blame on Pakistan. Hundreds of infiltrators killed by Indian security forces at LoC or in Kashmir are either Kashmiris or non-state actors on whom the state has no control as Pakistan provides only moral and political support to Kashmiris. Ajmal Kasab though a Pakistani was planted by India and another terrorist Naved who was caught alive recently is not a Pakistani. India has been playing these blame games against its innocent neighbour due to animosity and hatred. Afghanistan too has joined India in putting border violations blame against Pakistan. Earlier it was Karzai but now Ghani too is blaming Pakistan for recent attacks in Afghanistan and even US has joined him in accusing Pakistan for not targeting Haqqanis in its ongoing operation. So, Pakistan rejects all accusations as it is innocent.Recommend

  • Jehangir Khan Mescanzai

    This is what the Afghan refugees do in Karachi :- Drug dealing,
    smuggling, human trafficking. Bank robberies, target killings,
    land grabbing, aiding and abetting terrorists from Afghanistan,
    aiding and providing succor to terrorists from FATA. Sectarian
    killing. Car hijacking [cars are driven to Afghanistan] You can
    buy a Toyota Landcruiser dirt cheap there, and import it back !
    Perpetuating sectarian violence against Muslims and minorities.
    Girls are regularly auctioned off in the Afghan Basti near Super Highway [this is beside the human trafficking] Kidnapping for

    ransom, House grabbing, simply kick out the owners and take
    over. Guns and arms smuggling, [ supplied by RAW.] Aiding and
    abetting the BLA and BLF in Balochistan by supplying arms and
    ammunition [courtesy of RAW]. This includes hijacked cars, trucks
    and motorcycles from the 23 million people living in Karachi.
    These are just a few of the Afghans activities in Karachi.
    Then there is Lahore? Islamabad? Peshawar? Attock? Swat?Recommend

  • Gullu

    First Truth…..Hindus trolls here are paid by BJP, RSS, Shiv Sena or
    other Indian entities. They are provided with manufactured ‘facts’ and data. So,…..”ain’t no one listening”Recommend

  • Dev

    I wonder what interests you protected for all these years. You still have frequent blasts, economy at an all time low, no respect whatsoever in the globe.
    I wonder if all this strategy to protect your interests made sense, you people would have been among the most prosperous.
    But at the end you still remain as the country which is trying to enter India.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Nobody “owes” you anything, “big” boy. You got into the game with your eyes wide open and have milked money and weapons from the US for your help. You also wanted “strategic depth” in Afghanistan. pakistan seems to think that Afghanistan is by rights its playing field. Unfortunately for you, except for the Taliban, nobody else in Afghanistan wants you people around.
    So, you can try to shut people up, but it won’t work. Madeleine Albright was only echoing the thoughts of the international community. Cameron, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Karzai have all pretty much said the same thing – now Ghani is saying it too. Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Yeah right. Are you people done with all the kids in your country? Recommend

  • Headstrong

    When you’re done voting up your own comments, try to come to terms with reality too. pakistan couldn’t beat India, and you’re talking of beating Soviet Union and USA. Recommend

  • jay

    commentators here are Indian not “Hindu “Recommend

  • Vap

    I keep hearing that Afghanistan never lost a war to any invader and blah blah blah and in same breath they complain about Pakistan and haqqanis and taliban. I mean come on if you are so special and top notch stop whining and take back what you think is yours.Recommend

  • Vap

    You need to read history what northern alliance also did. Just because taliban were monster does not make northern alliance angels.Recommend

  • Vap

    Too bad you have no solution for it even being “mighty” as you love to believe it ;)Recommend

  • Shuaib Hussain

    India’s relation with Russia continued after the war was over.

    Secondly if the USSR-India axis didn’t attack Afghanistan then Pakistan would never have supported the mujahideen. India is at fault here. Furthermore India used to support Afghanistan so it could split Pakistan in two which was why Pakistan was historically keen to have leverage in Afghanistan.Recommend

  • Shuaib Hussain

    Yeah they never mention their support for the USSR, Afghanistan which at that time wanted break up Pakistan in two. India also never mentioned that it supported militias in Afghanistan.Recommend

  • wb

    When did India attack Afghanistan?

    What is USSR-India axis? Is it an Axis that runs through New Delhi and Moscow?

    First, learn the difference between USSR and Russia. You seem to be too confused.

    The rest is a direct result of Hameed Gul type of education. I can’t correct it. You need a proper institution.Recommend

  • Nana

    Not all Bangladesh, the gov of Bangladesh. There is a difference.Recommend

  • Nana

    Madeliene Albright was eons ago. The world has moved on and you are still stuck in that era. Come to Chuck Hagel era and you will find the sore thumb of the region, meddling into everybody’s affair. BTW, did Madliene told you that US, Saudis and other Western powers happily aided in creating the migraine? Recommend

  • Nana

    One more thing, don’t lose your cool, you sound ugly when you do that. Indians should always look hip,cool n beautiful in the Bollywood style, no matter how ugly they might be behind the makeup. Recommend

  • Nana

    Thank you for admitting that US and Saudis had a hand in Afghan war in 80’s. I think that Pakistan should not be blamed alone for the mess. When you blame Pakistan then in the same breath theses countries should also be lamented. Do you have the courage?Recommend

  • Nana

    It’s funny when you have to give credit for Afghan war of 80’s it’s US , Saudis and Western powers. When you have to flog and lament anyone then it’s Pakistan. Why pick n chose? because you are biased? If it was a mistake then everyone of these countries were at fault. If it was a success then everyone has a share in it. The elite articles you are talking about were the fears that it might happen but we are happy that uptil now it has not happened. We want Afghans to go back, we don’t want them in our country anymore. india, being their great friend, should be their host now. That gives a cringe.Right? Exactly!Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Maybe you need to brush up your history? Do use Google to find out when Chuck Hagel spoke about India’s role and when Madeleine Albright was Secretary of State. The result may surprise you! Were the other leaders I mentioned also eons ago?
    Btw, Chuck Hagel certainly changed his views when he became Secretary of Defence, didn’t he? Google what he said then.
    Google is your friend, as you no doubt well know…..Recommend

  • Anoop

    We have been advising you not to host Terrorists for 2 decades. I remember myself advising you guys after Mumbai attacks of 2008, warning you, the guys you help today will come back to bite you.

    Did you listen? The latest snake to turn is LeJ. Poor Home Minister of Punjab had to pay for it with his life.

    If you HAD listened to us, 60,000 Pakistani lives would have been saved.

    For this, you call us trolls. Do you even know what a Internet Troll is? Not people who speak the truth.

    I dare you to show me one lie. I’ve presented various links. Are you saying they lie too?Recommend

  • wb

    What is there to admit?! It’s a part of history.

    However, Pakistan is only to be blamed. Because, Pakistan did not dismantle these groups and work for their rehabilitation. Instead, Gul like Generals called them Martial race and that they can not do anything but fight and then put them to control Afghanistan and terrorize India.

    So, you are to be solely blamed.Recommend

  • wb


    Only the Jamat-e-Islami type of Bangladeshis hate India. Not all. There’s a difference.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    Measures taken to protect strategic interests don’t always evince themselves immediately. Yes there has been a cost to us, but Pakistan is much better positioned in Afghanistan than we were in the first decade of this eventful century. Pakistan’s economy is headed in the right direction after beating the hell out of TTP. Bombs and random cases of violence will continue to occur given that we do not have a final settlement in Afghanistan, but overall Pakistan’s situation domestically as well as globally is much better.

    Most prosperous is an aspiration that easily applies to your population too. You could also make peace with Pakistan and settle the Kashmir issue instead of spending billions on weapons and in that way both countries would be among the most prosperous.Recommend

  • CommonSense

    You’ve done a stupid job at negating what you claimed to be lies, only asserting them in the process.

    “First lie: Pakistan sacrificed and hosted Afghan Refugees.”
    Ah yes… the millions of Afghan refugees were actually sheltered in India.Recommend

  • Me

    Why is this paper’s comment section always so negative and full of hatred?Recommend

  • Bharat Mata Ki Jai

    Hindu blah blah blah.Anybody with a diverging view is Hindu or a RSS or a Jew for dumb morons like you, that’s because of your peanut sized brain.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    We don’t? Look around your country. We’re not the ones whining that we’ve lost the most to terrorism ;-)Recommend

  • Virendra Kaul

    The only thin it will take lying down is aid in $$$Recommend

  • vasan

    Why didnt ur leadership think about all that before indoctrinating pak unemployed youth with religion? Didnt u get enough money and weapons from US and Saudi. U should have known nothing is free in the world. U pay for it.Recommend