Is it compulsory to hate India, America and Israel, in order to love Pakistan?

Published: August 30, 2015

A man sells fish on a road near Geo Kaloid. According to the UN, at least 4.2m acres (17,000 sq km) of land have been flooded since late August, a situation that has obliged many farmers to fish in flooded fields in the hope of making a livelihood PHOTO: Sam Phelps/Oxfam

A few days ago, I was sitting by the Indus River in Jamshoro, singing a patriotic song. Moments later, I noticed a fisherman who burst into laughter observing me.

When I asked him why he was laughing, he said,

Saeen where is this Pakistan this song speaks of? Here, I don’t have the money to send my children to school or even shop for Eid. That aside, women are continuously killed in the name of honourchildren are raped and such brutalities are recorded then sold. People are murdered because they belong to different sects or religions, be it ShiasAhmadisChristians etcetera. There’s no tolerance in this society. Hindus can’t even build their temples on this land, plus their girls are kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam. Then there’s our culture, which is constantly threatened by religious fanatics. When human beings are treated this way, then to no surprise, there is no such thing as animal rights either. Animals are killed, be it for pleasure or business, even I kill fish for survival. So the song you’re playing isn’t practical, it’s very far from reality. Perhaps Pakistan looks good only on Pakistani TV.”

His words were impactful, and honestly, I wasn’t shocked, as I too was aware of this harsh reality.

The weather was pleasant and birds were singing over the gushing Sindhu River. I deliberately closed my eyes to get a good sense of my surroundings but the fisherman’s words echoed relentlessly in my mind.

It’s true, I thought to myself. Our soul is sacred in Pakistan, but one’s body is not. God is sacred in this nation, but not God’s creation. He has created many species, but we have further divided ourselves based on religion and caste. And as a dreamer I can’t digest such predetermined facts for myself.

How can another define correct and incorrect for me?

Isn’t this slavery?

The majority finds no fault in this, but is this normal?

I’m aware that my individual freedom cannot be fully utilised, but I should at least hold the right to think, feel and imagine a world of my own.

I love Pakistan, but why isn’t that enough?

Is it compulsory to hate India, America and Israel, in order to love Pakistan?

There’s no logic in hating one thing to love another. But sanity escapes us. It proves that I’m not even free to love. Giving verdicts against religions other than Islam is believed to be freedom of speech, yet when reversed we kill. Do we not understand that this only spreads hate?

They call Pakistan a fort of Islam, but I wonder what happened to Jinnah’s Pakistan, where everyone was free to worship their God, regardless which religion or sect they belonged to. I wonder what Islam we practice because religious discrimination isn’t taught in the Islam I believe in.

With these thoughts still swirling in my mind, I started dreaming. I dreamt of a colourful Pakistan that celebrated Holi. One that decorated the streets with mud oil lamps and fireworks on Diwali. One that celebrated Christmas and shared sweets with its neighbours. One that greeted everyone on Eid, no matter which faith they belonged to.

I dreamt of a Pakistan where the temples and churches were respected just as much as mosques; where Bhagwat Geeta and Vedhas are perceived sacred like the Holy Quran. A country that nurtured all, regardless of one’s caste or creed.

I wake up now craving a nation that doesn’t dig out the corpse of Bhoro Bheel and dishonour it on the streets just because he was Hindu.

I am awake now, full of desire. I desire a nation that allows the PopeDalai LamaSri Sri Ravi Shankar, SadhGuru and others religious figures to visit and preach on our land, just like our own scholars do.

I want to be a citizen of Pakistan, one who respects other countries of the world and in return receives the same treatment.

We once lived in a Pakistan where everyone was welcome to feel at home, no matter which country they belonged to.

Where did that Pakistan go?

I was told that an Ahmadi-Pakistani scientist named Abdul Salam was the first Pakistani Noble Prize winner. He was celebrated all over the world. But he was not welcome in Pakistan. Perhaps we had forgotten that the first foreign minister of Pakistan was Zafarullah Khan, an Ahmadi. Three governor generals were Christians and the first law minister of Pakistan was Jogandar Nath Mandal, a Hindu.

Ironically, the second Noble Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban, cannot return to Pakistan either. Apparently we believe she is a foreign agent.

Do we know the meaning of honour?

Yes, we do. We kill in the name of honour. Yet we never honour our heroes. But I don’t understand why we practice this hypocrisy?

These heroes were raised on our soil and brought a change to our society that no one else could, yet we do not honour them. Instead we remain impressed by invaders and colonisers who once occupied our land and tarnished our culture. Such individuals are listed as heroes in our syllabus.

So, there is a question I wish to ask you all, a question that has bothered me since I woke up.

Like birds, should we also not be free to practise whatever religion we believe in? Should we not be free to call ourselves Pakistani without the fear of being ridiculed, or worse killed? Should we not be free to hold our heads up high in pride? Should we not be free?

If we believe in God and believe that everything belongs to Him, how can we label the soil as Hindu or Muslim? Do trees follow a religion? Can we divide birds into sects, in terms of Shia and Sunni? And like birds, should we not be free to build our own nests with the confidence that we will not be hunted down by official or unofficial militants?

I await your response eagerly.

Saif Samejo

Saif Samejo

The author is a lead vocalist for The Sketches (Sufi band) and founder of 'Lahooti Melo,' promoting art and music, especially indigenous artists. He tweets as @saifsamejo (

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  • 19640909rk .

    Good questionRecommend

  • captainjohann samuhanand

    A grreat voice. Is it heard?Recommend

  • anurag haldar

    God bless you Saif, keep spreading love.Recommend

  • Emad

    When you truly love something, you start to love people who love it too and you also start to hate people who hate it. The hate towards India,Israel or the US is therefore justified since these countries are often involved in actions against Pakistan and hence any patriotic Pakistani who loves this country will go against anyone who is against Pakistan. On your point about religious equality, islamically it is compulsory upon the state to provide protection to those non-muslims who pay “jizyah” (taxes) so yes i agree with you that tolerance should be there but let’s also not forget that 98% of this country’s population follows the same religion (keeping aside sects) so it would be very impractical to do some of the “idealistic” features you stated.
    PS you say that we have divided ourselves based upon religion, i disagree with that to a certain extent because yes Hinduism is predominantly Indian and Sikhs are predominantly Punjabi and Jews are essentially a race but what about Islam? if anything islam has managed to unite the blacks from africa, the arabs from the middle east,asians from the far east and the turksRecommend

  • Asad

    It is not necessary to hate anyone. But, the comments 24/7 by Indians on this website showing how much they hate our existence even thought their own country has million more poors than Pakistan, makes me hate them, because that is how humans are. Love for Love and Hate for Hate.Recommend

  • Gautam

    In short YES! if you want to be known as a mohibbe-watan Pakistani, you have to hate the following in this order 1) India [but take pride in watching Bollywood flicks on pirated DVD’s] 2) Israel [lack of any specific reason except love for the ummah] 3) America [before and after Visa approval].Recommend

  • Aftab Riaz

    I don’t know who approves such stupid blogs to be published. The bloggers who usually write here and there are just attention seekers from random walks of life, their background is not at all related to what they are writing. They are actually living in a fools paradise. Please write same blog for indian papers replacing Pakistan with india and India with Pakistan, its equally applicable there also. Looks like these people are living in caves doesn’t know whats going on in the world politics outside and all around. They just suddenly wake up and write something, never bother to check the feedback and goto sleep again.
    Sir, please continue playing music which is actually your work, maybe you are good in that …well don’t know.Recommend

  • Kavi

    I remember Eid in my school in India. It was a holiday. The day before, we’d have a special assembly and be taught about it. We wished our muslim brothers and sisters just like they wished us a Happy Holi or Diwali.

    I remember having the best Biryani for Eid. I’ll never forget Khan aunty’s biryani. We , in return, sent the best sweets dishes to them on Diwali.

    I have so many muslim friends. We never ever cared about the religion except when it was timeto eat during festivals! I remember going to churches on Christmas eve.

    Tolerance is a virtue that doesn’t exist when the majority believes their interpretation is right and the others are wrong. This is where Pakistan has gone wrong. Go secular. Stamp out extremists and heavily promote minorities. India isn’t perfect but we are functioning well. Good luck to Pakistan. I’ll visit Lahore some day. Hoping for a good experience :)Recommend

  • Aftab Riaz

    Moreover, I don’t believe in this fake story at all. . . specially that written in the inverted commas. We have been travelling all around Pakistan since ages in highs and lows, and never ever found any such negative person who suddenly starts talking rubbish with an unknown traveler/stranger. The problem is, there are so many other positive things that you can write about but that will not get published, so keep writing such rubbish so that you can get published and get some attention. :)Recommend

  • Hamzah

    “you know what you are when you know what you are not, and what you are up against.” (Samuel p. Huntington author of Clash of Civilization)Recommend

  • Brain Think

    The entire concept of creation of Pakistan, is that we muslims cannot survive along side with the non-muslims such as Hindus and Sikhs. This is what the two nation theory states.

    The xenophobia is genetic for us. We have to hate to be called patriotic.Recommend

  • Ahmed Wani

    If we believe in God and believe that everything belongs to Him, how can we label the soil as Hindu or Muslim? Do trees follow a religion? Can we divide birds into sects, in terms of Shia and Sunni? And like birds, should we not be free to build our own nests with the confidence that we will not be hunted down by official or unofficial militants?

    Please take back these words of yours..these are completely against the ideology against on which pakistan was made…and Indian Mr Assauddin Owaisi has already said…..every person is born muslim…….Recommend

  • Bhi

    It’s necessary to hate India, USA, Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, U.K,Bangladesh, Nepal, Japan and Russia to love PakistanRecommend

  • Akhand Bharat

    “How can another define correct and incorrect for me?” – That is exactly why every rational human should oppose any organized religion that imposes or brainwashes gullible humans towards a particular direction..

    And to the author, be safe you are rare on this planet, regards from India.Recommend

  • R.N.Malik

    Is it compulsory to give the world such bad image if Pakistan by writing such blog?Recommend

  • rtnguy

    Lol Sir if thats the pakistan u want, there would have been no need to create a pakistan in the first placeRecommend

  • Feroz

    There are zero comments here because Truth is very harsh, much easier to believe propaganda. This is a country that has no faith in its own people and representatives, celebrating on the streets when a Dictator overthrows an elected government. Never heard of any such an democracy anywhere on Earth.
    Inability to accept accountability for ones own actions has led people to believe they are victims of some foreign machination, when others excel it is not due to their efforts but those of their Godfather. With this mindset no change or progress will be possible. In turn the Government to escape responsibility or its actions continues to suppress the aspirations of the people by creating insecurity and fear in gullible minds.
    Having used the Mullah and Mosque to radicalize the population, what comes out of Qutbas is only hate and instigation to violence. Textbooks have been used to call followers of other religions nasty, sly and cunning, India called a Hindu country though it is not. A nation that has feasted on the vulnerable sending God knows how many poor and vulnerable Souls like Kasab to their grave in foreign lands.

    Burying the Truth and creating illusions to call day as night, can really never help any nation State. Introspection is the need of the hour. Only by staring reality in the face can one deduce what went wrong. If not, the vision of a peaceful, progressive and prosperous Pakistan will remain a dream. Very very sad to see the descendants of the Worlds oldest and greatest Civilization, haven fallen so low — victims of an foreign ideology that glorified nothing but violence.Recommend

  • Adi Pranoto

    Do I have to hate India if I want to be friend with Pakistani people?. And do I have to hate Pakistan if I want to be friend with Indian people?.

    If you say yes, … sorry! you can’t be my friend. I will not be friend with people who keep hatred in their hearts.

    A.P (Indonesia)Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    Such a Pakistan exists. We call it India.Recommend

  • PatelPara

    ohoo its been a trend. Bash Pakistan and you will get space in Pakistani media. Saif should realize that this trend does not happen on the other side of the border.

    This is how the World is. In order to love America, Americans mostly need to hate Russia, Iran, China, be Islamophobic believe in media all the time and defend Israel all the time even when Israel kills innocents. BEcause this is the purpose of their media. Now if you go & see across the border and newspaper you will see the same. Top 1 country that indians hate is Pakistan. Most humans tortured there are Muslims. Did you know how many churchs were burned? NO. Because you are obsessed with bollywood music and dance on their beats. First please understand what is happening in the world then write such illogical articles.Recommend

  • Saleem Kapoorwala

    totally agree with the writerRecommend

  • Saleem Kapoorwala

    totally agree with the writerRecommend

  • Ajay

    If you sow hatred and religious apartheid, you will reap poison of fanaticism, atrocity, injustice and social fragmentation. Mahatma Gandhi and other leaders of Congress had the vision to see this happening. But Muslim League led by Jinnah were unrelenting. Due to their short sighted vision Muslims of Indian subcontinent are divided in three parts: India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The condition of Pakistan is worst because they have a ruling elite who feel they are descendants of Arabs and Turks and treat people of Indian subcontinent with contempt. This false ego coupled with misuse of Islam to gang up the common Pakistani people has done great damage to Pakistan. The fight with India over Kashmir will prove to be the biggest fallacy of Pakistan. Recommend

  • Milind bansod

    Please read Indian constitution and dr babasaheb ambedkar Pakistan progress rapidly Recommend

  • Asad

    an Indian giving lecture on success and failure. very funny, coming from a country where women are raped on streets of the country capital, over 600 million live without toilets, and below poverty line. a farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes. has one of the highest rates of HIV infected people. has a large number of insurgencies through out the country. has issues with almost all neighboring countries. has the largest number of people looking for immigration in rest of the world. keep living under the rock Feroz.Recommend

  • Asad

    look who is talking about hate. your comment is epitome of hate and you have the audacity of lecturing others. great.Recommend

  • Hamza

    As someone who spent some time living amongst Americans, I can assure you that your idea that Americans mostly need to hate Russia, Iran, China, be Islamophobic and defend Israel all the time even when Israel kills innocents is not only blatantly false, it’s borderline crazy.

    The US government might believe and say one thing. The Indian government might believe and say one thing. But there are 350 million people in America, and there are 1.2 billion people in India. And I assure you, the vast majority of them do not harbor the same hateful views that you do.Recommend

  • SIC

    I’ve had it with this! Mentioning the things that are wrong in our country, as we should, is not showing the world a bad image of Pakistan. The author’s aim was to make us realise that we need to open our eyes. We can’t just pretend that nothing is wrong with this country IN THE NAME OF PATRIOTISM.Recommend

  • fze

    NO, but that love should not be one sided. We are ready to love them, are they?Recommend

  • fze

    You are making the same mistake as we made. Don’t get frozen into a time frame. We have left our past and trying to move on. That was a strategic policy for a particular time (Afghan War 80’s) and should have been shunned after that. We realised our mistake, hopefully one day you will also.Recommend

  • fze

    Wrong, it wasn’t created to hate anyone. As Quaid said ‘ I want that kind of relation with India as America and Canada have.,Recommend

  • Ali

    Where does it says that you have to blame Pakistan for all miseries you have in your life. It’s not Pakistan it’s people who have be elected by same people and then they suffer. If I’m having difficulties in my life I would blame PAkistan for it. It’s utter nonsense one must understand basic necessities of life should be provided by the Govt and the people who run the state not Pakistan. If you say we don’t have rite to celebrate over other countries what would be your opinion people from Mayanmar and Palestine?? What happened to their lives people living in open sea and striving for a piece of land and same with Palestinians. Last but not the least if we look up to the Developed countries lets take example of Sweden where appx 90% of population does charity and more or less same in Europe. Why don’t we pay zakah in Pakistan n why don’t we pay taxes and lets not only blame Pakistan for every wrong thing with wrong reasoning.Recommend

  • james

    How many churches or mosques were burned in India, could you please elaborate?…..also if possible could you please tell me how many Muslims and Christians have sought asylum in Australia, Thailand, Sweden, Norway, etc……because they are tortured for their faith…..I think you should look after your own Muslim brothers in Pakistan who are taking boats to Australia and trying to enter EU illegally…..Recommend

  • Lolz

    Absolutely. Without understanding the global trends, how could one criticize on local issues. Every country determines its own heroes and villains in the current form of global village. The global trend of hatred has been gifted after WWII by the countries who claim to be most civilized in the contemporary world even after killing millions! Does anyone can justify those killings and what superior or holy purpose did these countries achieve even having used the disastrous nukes?Recommend

  • Ghulam Muhammad Abro

    But if it is reality then why not..???Recommend

  • Ghulam Muhammad Abro

    I think this is not only for Pakistanis also for the Indians, same things are happening in both countries.Recommend

  • Meet

    And who is killing Muslims and children’s in Pakistan? Muslims are killed in riots as well as Hindus, there are people who are discriminatory yes bit they are in Muslims too, don’t tell me Muslims are angels, you don’t get the whole idea of article, do you, what has Muslims gained from Pakistan? Mere hate and more hate Recommend

  • extinct volcano

    the truth of the matter is exactly the writer pointed out, our love for Pakistan is only recognized when we apparently hate India, Israel and The US.Our patriotism fades away when we evade taxes,loot and plunder money and deprive poor of its legitimate rights.hypocrisy at its peak .Recommend

  • Mansoor Ali Panhwar

    Include me with him.Recommend

  • Mansoor Ali Panhwar

    Even if you knew what Islam is about. You would have never commented this.Recommend

  • Nadeem Jamali

    Shouldn’t have to love Pakistan either… especially if it doesn’t love you back.Recommend

  • Appan

    Very well written. I wish harmony prevails. This story applies to other countries including India. Let us be good humans. Spread Humanism.Recommend

  • Irshad Khan

    An straight and all true talk. All appreciations for the courageous writer.Recommend

  • AK

    “Instead we remain impressed by invaders and colonisers who once occupied our land and tarnished our culture. Such individuals are listed as heroes in our syllabus.” I guess this comment is directed towards the Muslim invaders… Turks, Afghans, Arabs etc. It seems that hating Muslim conquerors has become essential to label yourself as a liberal in Pakistan. Its kind of a negation of your own point… you don’t have to hate someone to express love for someone. Reality is that subcontinent has been the land of migrating tribes and conquering armies forever and that’s not exclusive to Muslims…Aryans came from outside too. Baluch and Pashtun tribes in their entirety came from outside subcontinent. Conquerors from outside as well as local settlers both enriched subcontinental culture.. that’s how history has evolved in every part of the world. Why hate one aspect of our culture just to love the other aspect?Recommend

  • Beera Fatima Shah

    illogical hatred towards Pakistan is lame and fact less. I study in
    christian college , my friends and respected teachers also include
    christians , we never thought of them as any different. Pakistan is such
    a tolerant society. Dont know about writer’s social circle or your
    behavior but we pakistanis don’t discriminate. I have seen a lot of
    ahmedis who are elites of our society. No one judges them, but Dr.. Abdu
    Salam left this country by his own choice cuz he was angery about the
    law whic declared ahmedis as known muslims.Malala got a fame from book
    in which she bashed Pakistan and islamic laws. She was just like you
    said Pakistan isnt a safe country. She was coward , she left the country
    for her protection while APS students who were injured in the attack
    returned back to that school again after being hospitalized for months
    .Sorry Pakistani nation is wise enough to not to entertain unnecessary
    egos and anti islamic stuff. Stop endorsing ur pseudoliberalism ,

  • Beera Fatima Shah

    those”invaders” are the reason that you believe in God and are muslim.Recommend

  • analytic

    The answer to the authors predicament is, that it is a two front battle, while in the inner front we a confronting challenges which he has highlighted, like incompetence, corruption, social inequality and injustice. It is on the outer front that we are faced by the sweet talk of the likes if India etc. While it is not necessary to hate these countries to work for a better Pakistan, It comes automatically once you understand that their sweet talk is not supported y their actions.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    “watching Bollywood flicks on pirated DVD’s”. We can watch Indian movies in cinema houses, they’re not banned in Pakistan (except Phantom).Recommend

  • RameshHeg

    I grew up with similar experiences in India. My father was a teacher and we will get Biriyani from his muslim students for Eid.

    However, your recommendation asking Pakistan to go secular is not realistic at all. At the most you can ask them to abandon terrorism and deep itch for grabbing more lands, etc. Even this is not realistic but more reasonable than expecting them to become “secular”.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    @ author: “Three governor generals were Christians”. I don’t remember any. What were their names? If you mean “governor” of a province, yes, there was Begum Liaquat Ali Khan, but she became a Muslim after her marriage before 1947, and was a Muslim until death.Recommend

  • Solomon2

    Is it compulsory to hate India, America and Israel, in order to love Pakistan?

    Pakistan’s Higher Education Committee forbids activity that represents Israel as a normal or loveable country, explicitly calling on universities to “remain very vigilant and forestall any activity that in any manner challenge(s) the ideology and principles of Pakistan.”

  • Nisar Ahmed

    Who told you that three governor generals of Pakistan were Christians? There were four governor generals in history of Pakistan. 1- Quaid-e-Azam M.A Jinnah. 2- Khwaja Nazim Uddin. 3- Ghulam Muhammad. 4- Iskandar Mirza. None of them was christian. It would be good if author had done some research before writing this blog. I don’t wonder to see such rubbish blog from a person with this level of knowledge about Pakistan’s history.Recommend

  • Eqbal Khan

    “That aside, women are continuously killed in the name of honour, children are raped and such brutalities are recorded then sold. People are murdered because they belong to different sects or religions, be it Shias, Ahmadis, Christians etcetera. There’s no tolerance in this society. Hindus can’t even build their temples on this land, plus their girls are kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam.” You are trying to say that these are the words of that person selling fish? Or these are your words that you could not say on your own name? We have problems and lot of them. So does India, where two sisters were just ordered to be raped. What could be worst than that. The majority class in Gujrat just took to the streets to take away quota from the oppressed. In sindh the problem is not Pakistan. It is the problem of one Government far too long. Bhuttos been in power for so long. People of Sindh need to elect new younger leaders. After new amendment to the constitution, most of the powers are in the hands of the provincial government. See how Indians are supporting you here? Coincidence? NoRecommend

  • Ahmed

    This talk of living in peace and harmony is great. We should strive for it. But please don’t be so naive. Pakistan is an ideological state, its existence is based on the Two-nation theory. It was built after a great struggle of our forefathers to get independence from the mistreatment and slavery at the hands of both English and Hindus. Yes we have a truckload of internal problems, we are hateful, we commit heinous sins. But you know what, these problems are inside our home. However when an outside force such as India, Israel or US threatens us, challenges our sovereignty, yes we will reply in kind. Do not take your independence for granted. Do not talk about loving a country who is constantly killing your fellow brethren in Sialkot. Do not talk about shedding roses for your neighbor when he has killed your family members. You can celebrate Holi all you want but please shed a tear sometime for when your countrymen who are being killed by a neighbor who does not believe in peace and wants nothing but to see you collapse and self-destruct. So excuse me Mr. Samejo for expressing hatred for a country which despises us and kills us every single day.Recommend

  • Ahmad Nauman

    AoA, listen, what are the agenda’s of these three countries?what are they doing? killing/killed innocent people( of Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam etc.), imposing wars, trying to be “Chaudhary” of the world or part of world, dictating others, dual policies, etc…there are so many people, places and things of these countries like-able…but what about these kinds of policies?lovable or hate-able? For wise Pakistanies, its compulsory to hate these policies…but its optional for others.Recommend

  • GulSher

    The only solution is to go back to real Islam, which is only possible if we follow Quran as the constitution in our daily lives at an individual level, which is only possible if we understand The Holy Quran; imagine how beneficial it would be to know Arabic in this context. A country made in the name of Islam needs to at least teach the wisdom revealed in Quran, in its schools – sadly this has not been the case. This is the only way to defeat terrorists (read about khawarij). It is of no good, to follow ones vain desires and attribute them to Islam – in fact this is what Islam warns us against. Muslims have survived tougher times because they kept practicing real Islam even when most others had lost the plot (Changez Khan and the Mongols).

    Saif and other visitors, I ask you for the sake of Allah to gain knowledge of Islam, so that youth can claim what’s rightly theirs, Deen Al Haq. And Allah knows best.Recommend

  • Huda Ali

    An other time when Logic is Illogical

    I really don’t have words to express my views or what should be said or asked Saif!! when i read this, suddenly it reminds me a paradoxical situation . Once Socrates was crossing a bridge on a river and Aristotle asked him that “ Tell me something, which has to be TRUTH otherwise i will throw you in that river. Socrates could say a lot, like 2+2 or many more but he said ”YOU ARE GOING TO THROW ME IN THAT RIVER“ and he moved on his way. I have asked myself and i haven´t found any answer that actually why i am saying such thing and why i m writing!!? Did you got that question too when you were writing? Why are you actually asking question from others why are you giving them authority to tell you what is ??? why we are so habituated to living in authorities? why i am not looking by myself? i talk about reality . what is Reality ? Is it an absolute or variable? Reality can not be absolute because it comes from observation. Observation triggers theory and theory triggers research and research becomes reality. Do you think it could be logical if i say observation varies on dimension (it is not necessary that from the point you are viewing and i have to get same view from an other point). So now i must ask that who actually had observed and given me a reality with which i am living and thinking (lmao) that this is TRUTH….. Man has being taught to envy, to hate, to fight and so on . ”FIGHT“ for freedom , ”FIGHT“ for right , ”HATE“ the wrong and all other violence. Even when i was unable to judge what is!!! they taught me a word KAFIR in school. Do one realize that brain is a computer and to run a computer we have to write code for it, write programs for it which makes it work. WE ARE PROGRAMMED. We are actually second hand thought living beings. I talk about being one on one hand, and on other hand dividing them with religion like hindu muslims jews and so on …. we talk about human being as One but separate them with boarders Indian, Paki, and what ever. what and why I am doing this. Isn’t that the Question should be asked??Recommend

  • Nana

    Most welcome to Lahore dear, you’ll be surprised that perception is stronger than reality. The reality is that you will not be disappointed at all. We welcome our guests with open arms and heart, religion plays no part in it.Recommend

  • Nana

    Perception is stronger than reality. You seem to have fallen prey to perception. In order to check reality first hand experience is a must.Recommend

  • Nana

    Check the atlas.Recommend

  • Nana

    try to accept the reality. the invaders were real and they did change the composition of the subcontinent over hudreds of years. It’s wise to accept the reality than to remain stuck in the time frame.Recommend

  • Nana

    who told you that? You must be from the other side of the border making things up to soothe your ego.Recommend

  • kuppai

    The “Pakistan” that is so lyrically described in this blog is India! Cross the border and you have a land where there are many religions, many languages, many cultures – and all with a place to live. Pakistan was once part of this ancient composite but chose to separate and become something else. No point yearning for India when you explicitly wanted to be different and chose to separate in order to achieve this goal.Recommend

  • The Truth

    Pakistan in many ways is continuation of the brutal mughal rule .

    Aurangzeb, as he was according to Mughal Records

    This exhibition mounted by FACT – India contains, and is based on Firmans, original edicts in Persian issued by Aurangzeb, preserved at the Bikaner Museum, Rajasthan, India

    A treasure trove on Aurangzeb based on royal dictats.Recommend

  • absurd

    Sorry to read your comment. Because you believe, it is the conspiracy of ALL Indians to hate Pakistanis. And they are working 24x7x52 to a make every Pakistani’s life miserable. So far from truth.Recommend

  • absurd

    I guess thats how the number of 1+ Billion muslims comes from. Rather than letting people choose what they want, we take it as our right to force what MY ideology says. Forget whether they are happy or not.Recommend

  • absurd

    I don’t to do tit for tat here. Because that will not bring out the truth

    As per your comment, here are my questions
    Most humans tortured there are Muslims – Do you have statistics on this, or is it your bias?
    Number of churches burned – how many in 2015, and were the culprits caught?Recommend

  • Abdul Jamil

    I am sure the authore is an indian national hindu who hates pakistan and expressed his hate this way under cover.
    I simply ask you whatever you mentioned for Pakistan, is this all not happening in India ?

    Right now there is Cerfew in Gujrat for sectarian Dange violence because of Patel caste. These Dalit and Shuders are in the India alone on the face of earth. Girls are raped in Public Buses.
    1000s of Muslims burnt alive in Ahmedabad under the supervision of Police, Christians preists and Churches burnt on India. You force or pay money to Christians to convert into a Hindu.
    Women have no or least right in the Indian society they are forced to be burnt with dead husband in the name of Hindu religeon as Satti and lots of shameful stories everyday.
    But you can not see that all because you love India and hate pakistan. So do we.

  • Guddu Gullu and Gomnath

    The Bharati media is very very biased. it did not cover the
    the burning of churches during the recent elections in New Delhi.
    BJP lost. Just preceding the elections, 37 churches were
    burnt or vandalized. [An intimidation tactic] 234 people were
    injured. This is from local hospital reports. Where this sudden
    upsurge was noted. Injuries such as broken bones, concussions,
    gashes, and other body trauma. There was a total news blackout.
    A Cathedral in Maharashtra State was also burnt and damaged.
    Whether BJP, RSS, Shiv Sena had anything to do….we will never know. There were 3 fatalities. that were disguised as road accidents.
    Now then, any more question ? HRCOI, IHRC. 8 NGO’s
    They don’t need to prove anything to Indian trolls. Because YOU are nothing.Recommend

  • kartikey mishra

    The first law minister of Pakistan was Jogandar Nath Mandal, a Hindu. JUST ONE

    WHAT A SHAME FOR PAKISTAN . but I’m not currect because there is no place for Hindus or else other than Sunny muslims in a radical Islamic pakistan. that’s why they are teaching hate agaist other religions. they have all right reserved for Sunny to kill Hindus,Shikhs,Christs,Shia,Ahmadia,Bohra,parsi Muslims thanks to ZINNA who created Such a radical mindset of pakis.Recommend

  • Hassan

    Killing innocent civilians in sialkot is what India can do. cannot face us in the battle field. telling us how to introspect when u urself is saving ur face on such issues.Recommend

  • Hameedullah

    “I am sure the authore is an indian national hindu who hates pakistan and expressed his hate this way under cover. ” You couldn’t be more wrong. He is very pakistani. And if your criteria for patriotism is that you don’t highlight or talk the problems in the country then i suggest you too in any casual conversations refrain from criticizing anything about pakistan including its system, government and its institutions. If you do however commit such “blasphemy” then please label yourself an “indian national hindu under cover” that instant.

    “I simply ask you whatever you mentioned for Pakistan, is this all not happening in India ?” But the author is not an “indian”. He is pakistani and naturally he is going to highlight the problems in his own country. Guess that didn’t get through your head.Recommend

  • Eilaf Ahmed

    Welcome everyone but maintain individuality as followers of one
    religion. The Prophet (PBUH) developed a religiously diverse state, but
    did not celebrate any of the Non-Muslim festivals… at least I do not
    know of any event otherwise. But nonetheless, let all of us come
    together on the similarities and keep differences for another day.Recommend

  • Agha Aamir

    Saif, I am your good fan, i appreciate what u do.
    These problems do exist, I accept, but i have some concerns with this blog. .
    My biggest concern, why not in pieces of writing like this one it is explained what actual Islam is? Peaceful, Loving, Caring. You must have taught (or atleast mentioned in some lines) what Islam teaches us regarding the rights of others, protecting non-Muslims, allowing them to worship, being nice to them. You may say that you are not a religious clerk but mentioning Islam, Holy Quran together with problems in Pak does imply that the religion here exists but can not eliminate such problems which leads to impairment in the image of our religion. Other thing, if you or anyone believes that in Pak there’s majority of fundamental/extremist Muslims (or you may also think that they are on wrong side of religion) who are causing such problems, so instead of trying to eliminate their fundamentalist thinking why don’t you try to change their thinking through the fundamentals (Quran and Hadith) in which they themselves believe? This will make it easier to change their thinking and fill them with true spirituality. Religious sentiments do exist in our nation, so it’s better to fill them with spirituality, which will lead to serenity and peace, instead of trying to keep religion aside and make them good humans.
    I hope that I would be successful in conveying my opinion to you.Recommend

  • nlprophecy

    If you want all this, what was the need to create Pakistan? You couldn’t live with the Hindu majority, that’s the basis of Pakistan and will be forever to haunt you Pakistanis. Pakistan was never supposed to be secular, but Islamic, just for Muslims. Enjoy.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    During the entire issue in the indian media about a church burgled in Delhi, Comissioner Bassi presented the data at a meeting with Home Ministry officials after he was summoned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to the data, 206 temples, 30 gurdwaras, 14 mosques and three churches were burgled in 2014.

    But then by your post you would rather believe your mullah’s “facts” lol!Recommend

  • Guest

    Do you not read articles in your own newspapers. If you check the opinion section of this paper, you will find an article about why ‘You & rest of Pakistan should have been tested for HIV years ago’. Secondly there have been stories published in this paper how Pakistanis fought with other nationalities to get on board ‘asylum ship’ off the Greek coast. In todays World section of this paper there is a story about the ordeal suffered by a Pakistani teen when their migrant boat sank off the Libyan coast.Recommend

  • Jai Kumar

    Why was Pakistan Demanded, because some people(Now Pakistani’s) wanted to live only with muslims and all other can live in India, So How can Pakistan be India?Recommend

  • rashmitalwar

    Its an introspection … why was Pakistan created, if it was meant to be secular.
    If secularism is the call of the writer, then no divisions were required, no borders, no boundaries, no dividers.
    But Human nature is to experiment and if the conclusion does not altogether emerge positive and successful , the ego takes over on how to undo the experiment or better still ..How to solve the issue at hand. Happy someone has introspected and accepted that something indeed is at fault with our experiment.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Pakistan was created because the certain Muslims in India were afraid that the majority Hindus would treat them in the same way as Muslims would treat other minorities if they were in majority.

    Hence Pakistan’s treatment of minorities does not surprise anyoneRecommend

  • Noble Intellect

    Not correct, India is not functioning at all, insurgencies from Kashmir to Assam, if thats what you call functioning then Pakistan is not doing to bad for a very young nation.Recommend

  • Nana

    What does Islam has to do with all this? Stop misusing religion all the time.Recommend

  • Nana

    thenproof lies in eating the pudding. What do you think the Indian comments on this section look like that they are oozing with love and hugs for Pakistan?Recommend

  • Hammad Qureshi

    For your kind information the white part of our flag represents non-Muslim minorities and their rights are pretty much protected here.I have 2 Christian friends in my university and we pretty much live like brothers in the hostel, we’d do the same towards Hindus and Sikhs.Wanna see systematic hatred and massacres against minorities? Search ‘Gujrat Riots 2002’.I admit things happen here aswell.but so do in USA, UK and Australia.Recommend

  • Nana

    go and google you’ll find the answer. Rana Bhagwan Das was the most respected Senior Supreme Court judge in recent times who was later made the head of Public service commission. He recently died. He commands extreme respect of Pakistanis even after his death. Less % of minorities in Pakistan is because of the Partition formula according to which the Muslim majority areas were to form part of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Pak Defender

    “The xenophobia is genetic for us. We have to hate to be called patriotic.”

    No sir. Xenophobia is an evolutionary protective mechanism. It assures safety and protection for ‘us’ and ‘ours’. It is the reason that civilization and humanity has survived the tests of time. Xenophobia is defensive. Hate is offensive and self destructive. You should know the difference if you want to survive.

    Patriotism is fundamental to the survival of Pakistan. It has nothing to do with hate. The hate is on the other side of the border. Our history is witness to it.


  • Nana

    Naturally temples are far more in number than mosques or churches In India, so naturally more temples will be burgled. Simple probability, simple stats.Recommend

  • Hammad Qureshi

    No sir YOU are the one spreading lies and hatred.Leave the educated people aside, more than a 100 times I’ve heard even the illiterate taxi drivers speaking good towards western countries, and even about good policies of India towards education, we are not the ones hating, it’s people like YOU who do that while falsely accusing others.Recommend

  • Asham

    Ma’am let me answer this question as an Indian muslim. I think that oneness among Muslims and Hindus only exist in theory and films. I know the situation very well. We Muslims of India live in colonies different and less prosperous than Hindus. Even if we want to buy house in posh colonies in Delhi and Mumbai we are shown the door. Prior to 2001 we had a hard time to find a house for rent in rohini. Even schools refused to admit me because of muslim background. Am sorry to say introspection is needed here as well. We Muslims live in ghettos seen with mistrust and resentment. Even people of muslim background who had left Islam or are born out of mixed religion couples(have a problem). In my college there is lohri celebration, Diwali, Christmas celebration but no eid celebration. The question is not about respect here but resentment , anger, hatred and mistrust of Muslims. We share the same country but not same feelings, not the same air, not a common bond but artificial connection of having a same passport. I hope that Pakistan no matter what their history will follow a secular model like Canada NOT hollow secularism or sickularism as people like to call it. Where people are truly free to think what they want to be, which religion to follow or not follow any, whom to marry or not marry irrespective of gender not just on the basis of some written book or constitution but live it breathe it everyday. Not like India where it’s mere lip service and sorry madam we don’t live by our constitution we choke on it. Hindus think why Muslims were not expelled in 1947 enmasse and Muslims live in their own dream world thinking we are a part of society called India or not. You know what Hindus really don’t leave a chance of how Muslims are not a part of our “civilized” society and are not welcome. Even Though legally absent. India is like what saif mentioned he hoped for pakistan minus eid part. I don’t want Pakistan to be like that. Sorry if I am hurtful but thanks a lot for not evicting us out. Seriously I am.Recommend

  • Hammad Qureshi

    You do not have to hate India to be friends with Pakistani people, we welcome everyone however I can’t say for sure what the situation at the other side of border is.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    I dreamt of a Pakistan where the temples and churches were respected just as much as mosques;

    the author is jokingRecommend

  • Rajiv

    and Pakistan is such a paradise.Recommend

  • PatelPara

    Hindu terrorists in India approached a church in India’s Uttar Pradesh region, with this message: We will burn down the whole church if you do not leave. According to the report:

    Human rights groups estimated 100 deaths, including women, disabled and children. 295 churches and places of worship were destroyed, along with 13 schools and colleges and 5 non-profit organisation offices.[32] As of 2015, the Christian victims were still awaiting justice and rehabilitation.[33]

    In 1997 in Gujarat, 22 churches were burnt or destroyed, and another 16 damaged.[34][citation needed] Recently, there has been a sharp increase in violent attacks on Christians. A Hindu group claims to have converted 2,000 tribal Christians to Hinduism. The attackers had vandalized places of worship and thus caused strike terror among the tribals. On 18 September, the Central Government issued an advisory under Article 355 of the constitution to the Orissa government along with Karnataka.

    Several churches were attacked in the capital Delhi since December 2014,[41] St. Sebastian’s Church, which was burned.[42] A church in Mangalore was attacked in February 2015.[43][44] In March 2015, a 71-year-old nunwas gang raped in West Bengal during an attack on a convent school in which the school’s chapel was ransacked and sacred items stolen.,

    Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), Bajrang Dal, and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (the sister organisations of BJP) are the most accused Hindu organizations for violence against Christians in India.[2] Sangh Parivar and local media were involved in promoting anti-Christian propaganda in Gujarat.[2] The National Commission for Minorities has stated that the State governments ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party and its allies provided support to the perpetrators

    On 12 October 2008, Pope Benedict XVI criticized the continuing Anti-Christian violence in India.Recommend

  • absurd

    Thanks for bringing this up.

    Indians are everywhere, you only see them here. The joke is if we try to go to Kepler-22, you may find indians there.

    I have traveled many places outside the sub-continent, and have seen Indians and Pakistanis, worked with them, like every-other community it has been a wonderful experience. And yes there is love and hugs there, from my personal experience.Recommend

  • absurd

    Yes, I am nothing, and just because, I said something pro India, you assumed me India, or Indian for that matter, that is biased!

    Thanks for bringing up the stats on Christians – which need to be further verified from some other independent source.

    How about the first one? Most humans tortured there are Muslims I bet Ummah or OIC if not Pakistan is keeping stats on it. Can you provide those, please?Recommend

  • absurd

    Wow! Is that the logic? So in that sense more sunni mosques should be vandalized in Pakistan than the temples, churches and imambaras. Is that the case?Recommend

  • abhi

    the worst part is that, Mr. Mandal himself migrated to India after receiving ill treatment in Pakistan!Recommend

  • abhi

    If what you say is correct, why he was not made cheif Justice? Is it because your constitution itself bars any non-muslime to hold any key post?Recommend