Perhaps India can take a few pages out of Pakistan’s poverty reduction playbook

Published: August 12, 2015

Income disparities have been falling in Pakistan, while rising in India. PHOTO: REUTERS

A homeless man takes a nap by the roadside under a metro station in New Delhi, India. PHOTO: AFP Income disparities have been falling in Pakistan, while rising in India. PHOTO: REUTERS

I recently came across a blog titled ‘What’s Really Going on with income trends in India and Pakistan’.  The blog was written by a Pakistani economist working in the Washington office of the World Bank. I have known the author and have great respect for him as an economist and as a person.  However, it pains me to see that in this blog at least, excessive generalisations and selective analysis is presented to promote a political agenda.

Nobody can deny the fact that for over a decade, India’s economy has been doing very well.  In comparison, Pakistan is having severe difficulties; partly due to internal reasons and partly imposed by the geo-political situation in the region. In my opinion, Pakistan could be well served by taking a few pages out of India’s economic management playbook.

Yet, when the author tried to compare the trends of per-capita incomes in both the countries, he seemed baffled to discover that as per the Exchange Rate Parity (ERP), Pakistan is not doing as bad in comparison to India as it should have been doing in his opinion.

Figure 1. Headline GDP per capita of India and Pakistan, 1990-2015 (current US dollars). Photo: World Development Indicators

As per the author,

“What is wrong with this picture? Why is there no difference in average growth between the two countries between 1990 and 2008, when India is supposed to have been on a reforms and high-investment path and Pakistan on a failed-state path.”

Rather than trying to find reasons for this lack of “evidence” to support his hypothesis, he blames it all on the data, and goes hunting for alternative data sources which would support his pre-suppositions, which he finds in terms of per-capita income measured in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).

Figure 2. GDP per capita of India and Pakistan, 1990-2015 (constant 2011 international dollars). Photo: World Development Indicators

He then tries to convince us that per-capita income measured in PPP is a much better index of economic welfare than that measured in ERP.

“Don’t be misled by ‘headline’ data. Current dollar figures used in the media and in everyday discourse need to be scrutinised and adjusted to get the true picture.”

The author is a very good economist and it is inconceivable that he doesn’t know that superiority of PPP over ERP is not universally true, especially if one or both countries have some ‘administered prices’. In case of administered prices and/or large scale subsidies, per-capita income measured in PPP may even be a poorer indicator of welfare than its ERP counterpart.

We all know that there are a lot of subsidies in India, from food to agricultural inputs, from fuel to credits. These subsidies help in keeping domestic prices low, and hence better PPP.  India spends more than 10 per cent of the Union Government’s budget on subsidies.

On the other hand, Pakistan has eliminated all subsidies except a minor subsidy on wheat.  However, since the commodity price shock of 2007, electricity is also being subsidised.  Still Pakistan spends only three to four per cent of its federal budget on subsidies.

As per the 2015/16 budget, India has allocated equivalent of $ 37 billion for subsidies. In comparison, Pakistan has allocated only $ 1.3 billion. With much higher subsidies, it is no surprise that India does significantly better than Pakistan in PPP terms (than in comparison using ERP). In other words, India’s higher growth in per-capita income measured in PPP terms has been “bought” using taxpayer money.

However, what bothered me most about the content of the blog was how the income story was only half-told.  Going by the title of the blog, the readers expected an attempt by the author to show what really is going on with the income figures in these two countries.  To elaborate, I would like to present two additional charts, similar to the charts presented by the author. Both of the charts use World Bank data.

Income disparities (if we exclude the “freak year”1995 for Pakistan) have been falling in Pakistan, while rising in India. I know the author would say,

“What’s the big deal, if there is nothing to share, the disparities in Pakistan will fall anyway.”

But then let’s look at the second chart.

In the early 90s, Pakistan had a much higher incidence of poverty than India. Despite the slower economic growth and a plethora of other problems, by 2010, incidence of poverty in Pakistan was about one-half of that in India.

What will happen in the future is hard to predict, but to date, it appears that the ‘failed’ state has managed to do much better in using its meagre economic growth to lower poverty than the ‘shining example of economic reforms’ has done with its rapid growth. Maybe India could be better served by taking a few pages out of Pakistan’s poverty reduction playbook.

The strong pro-growth (and an anti-poverty reduction) slant is perhaps reflective of the ideological change at the World Bank (where the author is employed), which has now taken some of its attention away from poverty reduction to focus on shared prosperity.

Hanid Mukhtar

Hanid Mukhtar

the Author has a Ph.D. in economics from Boston University. He has taught economics at Quaid-i-Azam University, University of Massachusetts at Boston, North Eastern University, Boston University, and Applied Economics Research Centre, Karachi. He has also worked as a macro-economist with an International Finance Institution.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • wb

    “Maybe India could be better served by taking a few pages out of Pakistan’s poverty reduction playbook.”

    So, the purpose of the blog was to repeat a tautology? Common sense will tell you that India could be better served by taking a few pages out of anything that is successful in any country? Common sense should tell this right? You know, common sense?

    So, how does your blog make sense if you repeated the tautology and did not tell us what these steps, measures are. So, write another blog explaining what is it Pakistan doing correct and India is not.Recommend

  • Pravin Waghmare

    You have presented the data. The data shows that poverty % in Pakistan has come down from 64.7% to 12.7% over the span of 20 years.
    Can you please elaborate the steps taken by Pakistan for this reduction?Recommend

  • Zara Torwali

    It also has something to do with our humble nature and Zakat culture vs India’s Karma culture/caste system.

    We always help the poor, that’s why we are most generous nation in the world.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Why bother? These people cherry pick data and present it as some kind of gospel. Let them gloat – how does it even matter to us? Let us aim high – these irritants will keep yelping. Recommend

  • Arsalan Khan

    The author did not mention what was in the Pakistan’s poverty reduction
    playbook. What steps Pakistan took to lower poverty? It only mentions
    that the subsidies are 4% in Pakistan while 10% in India. Another half
    baked analysis. There were no poverty reduction plan in Pakistan we have
    just been lucky even with corruption during PPP Zardari rule.Recommend

  • Striver

    Perhaps where your intellectual capacity stops the author’s begins.Read the last paragraph. It says it all. The article is not intended to offer solutions.Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    Lol china has higher inequality than pakistan and india both… maybe u wanna compare urself with china now …what a joke …..and pakistan’s population living below 1.25$ a day is 12.7 …wow…. a country which is not even sure of its total population can give out the rate of poverty … someone remembers ishaq dar’s claim that pakistan’s gdp is growing over 5%??? …Lol….too bad this economist hasn’t done any research ….. but that is the general case of every pakistani … they somehow get their own figures and fool the entire nation….sad!… trying doing a population census first Recommend

  • Kushal

    My point exactly. The analysis was not bad, but before saying “taking a few pages” etc he should have specified what’s in there in those pages.Recommend

  • Concard

    ” Maybe India could be better served by taking a few pages out of Pakistan’s poverty reduction playbook. ”

    Okay, what should we take out of your playbook ? Should we take out your play of game of chess with terrorist groups ? Tell us what have you been doing to reduce poverty ? Oh, sorry people in Pakistan don’t have to pay taxes perhaps that’s the reason ? Statistics are always taken with a pinch of salt. China is 2nd largest economy today with $11 trillion GDP. But if anyone thinks their entire 1.5 billion has moved up the ladder to middle class, you would be laughed at.Recommend

  • Karachiite

    Basically on average Pakistani people are richer than Indians. So much for their glowing economy, in reality India is getting even poorer.Recommend

  • tungi

    higher pays for the lower class.! being one!Recommend

  • tungi

    comparison is good but we need to realize that with ten times pakistans population and four times the poor.. india has far big challenges. 800 million people earn less than 2 dollars a day in india and that is more than the sub saharan africa, while in pakistan 130 millin people live on 2 dollars a day. both countries need a higher growth for atleast the next 3 decades to be able to reach per capita comparable to the first world. in other way we have A LONG WAY TO GO.
    as far as indians are concerned, yes u are growing but you have a very long road to progressRecommend

  • Vish

    “it appears that the ‘failed’ state has managed to do much better in using its meagre economic growth to lower poverty than the ‘shining example of economic reforms’ has done with its rapid growth”. Here the author is correct. It is only an appearance. Anyway if it makes Pakistanis, like the author, happy it is perfectly understandable and good for them. Indians should be grateful that Pakistanis think more about India’s welfare then their own. Truly ideal neighbours.Recommend

  • Vikram

    Over the last 70 odd years the Pakistani economy has performed much better than the Indian one as far as reducing grinding poverty is concerned. Many economists attribute this to the Pakistani economy being more open and market oriented, and that must have played a part. But I feel that one of the most important factors has simply been the much higher productivity of the Pakistani agricultural worker than the Indian one.

    If one observes the “Agriculture value added per worker” metric in the WB database across the years, it is clearly evident that the Pakistani worker has consistently been at least twice as productive as his/her Indian counterpart. And this is fundamental, since both India and Pakistan have agriculture as the larger employer of labour. Therefore the Indian farmer is much more susceptible to catastrophes, and falling into the trap of grinding poverty.

    The recent divergence, where India has become wealthier per capita despite Pakistan maintaining its lead in agricultural productivity is due to the differences in urban growth. India’s non agricultural economy is much more productive and at a more advanced stage technologically and in terms of diversification than Pakistan’s. As an example, consider Karachi and Mumbai, both have populations close to 20 million, but Mumba’s GDP is $ 208 billion versus Karachi’s $ 78 billion. Here India has benefited from the early investments in higher education, diversified public companies and transport.Recommend

  • wb

    It would be useful to learn something if Pakistan is doing something right. That will only help India.

    So, he must explain what it is, so we can follow the footsteps of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Lalit

    The $37 bn subsidies ,author is talking about come from the hard earned tax revenue of Indian citizen…..they do not fall from some US,Chinese or Arab dole..Recommend

  • Shahzad Ali

    You poor, poor, poor, insecure souls. Feel pity for you and people like you basically the entire Indian nation. Rather than taking it positively and amending where you guys are wrong why do you all, feel challenged and threatened by everyone in the world. When are you guys going to grow up and realise that India is not that all, what you guys think it is?Recommend

  • Jamal Ahmed Khan

    if it does not matter to you and its such an irritant why are you wasting your time reading it than. if india is aiming that high than you must have a lot of work do don’t you instead of reading a Pakistani news blog and than having the time to comment on it.Recommend

  • Hami Abro

    to be honest what ever future brings Pakistan and Pakistani gonna shine in any one . We had hurdles before and we are facing many problems in present and we will be facing them in coming time but Pakistan is changing in a big way and will never be a failed state and trust me it is out of question.Recommend

  • vasan

    Let us see some ground realities. Pakistan has not taken a census for 17 years. There are umpteen articles in Pakistani news papers describing the difference between Pak govt’s economic numbers between 2 depts for eg Finance ministry and SBP
    So the population is only an “estimate” which can be cooked up whichever way whomever wants and the economic numbers are not consistent among the govt numbers. (possibly cooked up to get IMF bailouts). How do we trust the conclusions then?Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    Pakistanis doing research has only one focus. How to justify the 2-nation theory by showing Pakistan is doing better than India. There are entire hate filled blogs and TV shows devoted to that end. Nobody except Pakistanis believes any of their research. A country that has not been able to conduct a census in over 20 years is trying to show how poverty is being reduced. Pictures with this articles show what this man’s agenda is. Last week there was an article in this newspaper that India is not really shining. Every week there is an article claiming India is more communal, more unfair, darker, shorter, uglier than Pakistan. If that is what it takes to make you happy, so be it.Recommend

  • nouman

    india is really peace keeper parmano
    dont try to even look down to them
    india is great,greatgreat………
    By their own thinking

    dont you know they will akhand baharat
    very soon.
    their fear is placed in every heart in every country of the world
    beware of them
    they are genius(reversed) brave(reversed)
    isreal america,russia,china is nothing compared to india(parmano).Recommend

  • Nitin Jadhav

    Whats the point? Show a fake silver lining to pakistani awam ?Recommend

  • zoro

    Why are you not working for Pakistani Govt. ???
    Something wrong with the Pak govt. or something wrong with you ….Recommend

  • Minerva

    I dont know if sending your children off to Saudi sponsored Madrassas to alleviate poverty is a good model to emulate. India, with 1.2+ billion people, is growing rapidly and creating equal opportunities for everyone, which is the sustainable way for a better future.Recommend

  • 19640909rk .

    why few pages? why not the whole book?Recommend

  • 19640909rk .

    The only reason Income disparities are more in India are because upper middle class and rich classes have incomes equivalent to World’s highest. Poor tend to remain at the same level or grow very slowly. Compared to India’s poor, middle class of Pakistan will be even keel.Recommend

  • SuperNova

    why bothering reading Pakistani newspaper anyway?Recommend

  • Haider Ali Artasian

    Pufff … Aim high? — 77% of your population lives below poverty line. Most of the Indians working internationally are hired at lower wages. Is this your vision of aiming high ?

    How high are you aiming that you can’t seem to realize your own problems? Recommend

  • Nasir

    Indians like to live in coocooland where they are a super power and economic might to reckon with. The reality of India is reflected from the screen saver of my desktop where hundreds of Indians can be see defecating on the beach since 600 million of you do not have access to toilets…….mighty indians :)

  • siesmann

    Why then are 50% kids out of school?Why is there hardly much to talk about health resources?Recommend

  • Eesaenaya

    The clarifications are very valid and much needed for the blog readers to know the reality.Recommend

  • RFD

    ET is the Voice of India. This is a hindu newspaper.
    Aiding and abetting India.Recommend

  • RFD

    This is the Pro hindu section of ET….Actually this is an
    Hindustani newspaper.Recommend

  • wb

    I’m replying in the hopes that you’re not completely incapable of some basic, fundamental logic.

    I have said it in my comment to write another blog with lessons which India can learn.

    Why should we hesitate to learn from any country. Be it Somalia, Afghanistan or even Pakistan.


  • wb

    Alright. I’m dumb. You’re smart. Please explain to my dumb brain what solution the author offers. Please, I beg your superior brain.Recommend

  • wb

    Good. What else?Recommend

  • dronachary

    “Most of the Indians working internationally are hired at lower wages” …. pretty tall claim considering the following

  • dronachary

    77% population below poverty line ? Wishful thinking eh ?Recommend

  • Jayman

    Hahaha… a leaf indeed. Thousands die each year in Tharparkar and other areas. A media blackout does not mean it does not exist. Numbers from Pakistan are best taken with a pinch of salt.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    This actually shows that how much Pakistan gives importance to India ….and then you ask why we some of us (an insignificant percentage of Indian middle-class) come here & comment ?? To reciprocate ….actually to make sure that you are even more obsessed with India.Recommend

  • Suresh Sethuraman

    The chart above says 23.6 percentage of indians in below poverty line, so 77% of the population lives above poverty line.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Those 600 million still have a better lifestyle than the richest Pakistanis.
    58% of Pakistan does not have water to clean up after defacating as per UN.Literacy rate of Pakistan decreased from 58 to 56% from 2013 to 14Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Sir, did you even read the article? The part about poverty line? The nice big colourful graph? 100 – 77 = 23. Remember the math your nice school teacher taught you at school? I urge you to revisit your math.
    Best of luck!Recommend

  • Milind A

    “Income disparities (if
    we exclude the “freak year”1995 for Pakistan) have been falling in
    Pakistan, while rising in India. I know the author would say,”

    Agreed.. These income disparities happen when a country changes direction by opening its economy, ditching bogus socialism and embracing capitalism… In the initial stages this is bound to happen as in India.. However not sure how these went down in Pakistan?

    Also it would help, if you could spell out the measures adopted by Pakistan to reduce its poverty, if you want us to borrow a page from your book.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Keep your friends close, rivals closer. Cheers.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Is there any stateregion in Pakistan comparable to Kerala in development? Just curious!Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Precisely what Modi is trying to do. Bring up mor urban areas, speed up development of existing ones, bring more people to urban areas without reducing agriculture sector but reducing the labor dependent on it and increase agricultural productivity.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Sure luck is not limited to statistics?!Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Actually we are planning to use the bullet train, it is the remnants of Congress which is still posing a bit of drag. Cheers.Recommend

  • ZKhan

    In Simple Calculation of Poverty Level for the developing Economy of 2$ Per Day for both the Countries then 80 Crore of the Population in India and 7 Crore Population of the Pakistan will fall under this Category..No need for Further Conversion..Recommend

  • fze

    Indians won’t like it, so here comes the chest thumping, boasting onslaught by them. However, whatever the gloating about the fact that ‘Pakistan is having severe difficulties; partly due to internal reasons and partly imposed by the geo-political situation in the region’ , our economy does not offer any subsidies and still our economy is viable speaks a lot about us, our survival instinct which won’t let us down.Recommend

  • amee abbasi

    I do agree with you and appreciate you one should not hesitate to learn from any country.Just like we pakistanis are not hesitating to learn form Ethiopia,Benin or India Right????Recommend

  • Gratgy

    “Perhaps India can take a few pages out of Pakistan’s poverty reduction playbook ”
    If there are no solutions, what do we do with the pages we take out? Make paper boats??Recommend

  • Gratgy

    ” India has allocated equivalent of $ 37 billion for subsidies”
    That comes to $35 per capita in India.
    Isn’t non-taxation a form a subsidy? Only 0.57% of Pakistanis pay taxes. What is the opportunity cost of not collecting taxes?
    How many pay electricity charges, non payment leads to circular debt? Thus non payment of utility charges to government is also a subsidy? I can go on and on but I expected more from a PhDRecommend

  • Rajiv

    When India was divided Muslims got a better share of land. 17% Muslims got 23% of the land. Why not this was taken into consideration?
    Of that 23% of land the larger chunk is in West Pakistan today.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    because it writes about our country.
    Don’t write about India , we won’t come here.

  • abhi

    Very good analysis, so at least now we know that cause of terrorism is not poverty, it is something else.Recommend

  • Jatin singh Tomar

    Brother do waste your time for these people.Lets for an instance we should take some leaf from pakistan policy of poverty reduction .I think they should also learn from india like forcefully conversion in india doesn’t exist.Population of minorities is flourishing.No hatred against Pakistan is taught in our schools.There news channels always dole out filth against india.Recommend

  • Ali

    If that is the purpose of your cyber existence then Mother India has raised some very insecure narcissists.Recommend

  • Ali

    and genocide… forgot the cultural and religious genocide of IndiaRecommend

  • Ali

    Indians remind me of that desi auntie who can’t stand to hear any form of criticism and then resorts to the most toxic and petty of gossip.Recommend

  • Vikram

    I dont really see how the current Indian government’s economic policies and vision are different from the previous one. The major difference is in the political mandate, the previous regime was a coalition, now the BJP is in power on its own. This government is also more communicative and more effective in its use of social media, which is good.

    Both regimes have not shown any inclination to boost agrarian productivity. The agricultural area under irrigation in India remains at a woeful 35%, which it has been for nearly two decades now and there is no major drive to be seen to boost this. Primary and education in government schools remain in a poor state, at least in the last BJP government there was a concerted effort to get children in school, and the RTE passed by the last government tried to raise expectations from schools.Recommend

  • Ali

    Why don’t you ask Modi ji to apply some balm to your much bruised ego?Recommend

  • Ali

    I don’t know if killing your female fetuses is a good way to alleviate poverty either – glad we were able to come to some consensus.Recommend

  • Mystery Girl

    Can we just stop. What’s the point of comparing India and Pakistan. Both countries are trying their best. So if the best of India is better, can you just accept that fact. Why do we have to poke around each others’s business? Can people like you, Muslim or Hindu, not survive if you don’t add your mindless contribution in the spitfire?
    I don’t mean to be rude, but I seriously, honestly have had enough of this hopeless fight. Jinnah divided Pakistan so Pakistanis could achieve something, do that please.
    Ghandi… well I don’t think he wanted to divide India but he wanted Indians to do the same, so continue to do that please. Recommend

  • Kushal

    Lolzz new term coined by Pakistan. Congrats.Recommend

  • Kushal

    It’s 8o’clock in the morning son. Wake up.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    At least we are narcissists ; you people on the other hand are insecure & hence your everyday comparisons with us.Recommend

  • Striver

    You have made the same mistake twice in your reading the article and my comment.
    The last line of my comments says : The article is not intended to offer solutions.” Shockingly obvious but not to those who rush to make comments and let their biased emotions rule their mind.Recommend

  • Ali

    Never heard someone say they are at least narcissists, can I direct you towards a dictionary? Or does the Indian economy not believe in the integrity of the English language thinking it’s a conspiracy by Pakistani pigeons?Recommend

  • Ali

    False. It was a word coined by Raphael Lemkin and is compound word from ancient Greece.Recommend

  • Ali

    Never heard a Pakistani compare themselves to India. India is merely neighbour – most Pakistanis have a ‘meh’ feeling towards India – an indifference of having such a pretentious neighbour.Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    read ur own news in dawn where a baby girl was buried alive ….plus i have read it in news that pakistanis even rape the dead …. disgusting ….completely failed state ….enjoy the kasul sexual abuse scandal now ….LelRecommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    at least mother india hasn’t produced 200 million terrorists…oops…Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    ohh plz u and ur statistics … indian middle class is itself larger than entire population of pakistan …. or internet users are itself larger than pop of pakistan….. one city of our country has more than gdp than pak …knock knock … do consider these facts too… above all pak is a failed state….:)Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    good one …lel…. these statements only confirm my thoughts that literacy rate of pak as stated by govt is not 50% …. its much much less…..ur country can’t even construct damns and roads without china’s help…Lol….. what a joke and failed state of affairs.:DRecommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    also the most dangerous too…i just google searched…. but din get any results for generous …lolRecommend

  • Ali

    Actually forced conversio does exist. Theres also anti muslim and anti christian stances by many indians.

    That isnt “flourishing” for minorities.Recommend

  • ZKhan

    Why are you Comparing to Pakistan..It Seems that You People too far behind the Facts….I am giving the 2$ Per day which is Rs 130 but your Govt is one Step behind Considering the Poverty rate of Rs 33 and 45…..Go and Check your Status 67 Crore Population earning Rs 33 in Rural areas and 35 Crore earning Rs 45 in Urban areas….This is the Statistics given by the Indian Govt not by any outsider….However 2$ is the standard rate to Calculate Poverty rate for developing economy………One more than 25 Crore of the Population of India Still suffers from absolute Hunger 37% of the world Population….Recommend

  • Ali

    Did Modi ji psychically give you those figures?Recommend

  • Ali

    Mother India pioneered all of this ;) For every one story you post about Pakistan we can post a thousand about India.Recommend

  • Guest

    Is this the reason that there are so many articles and blogs about India directly or indirectly.Recommend

  • Ali

    Only in your head. :) Another narcissist from Mother India?Recommend

  • Bharat Mata Ki Jai

    India has better options to learn from such as singapore,south korea,China,Taiwan or even Thailand!!Recommend

  • Rahul

    To my pakistani friends, yes i slogged and hummed and hawed through this article. Just to put thimgs in perspective, if you take the combined GDP of just two states in india, tamil nadu and Karnataka, that is two out of 29 states, they have the combined gdp of pakistan, your whole nations and citizens output. Thats the state of your country’s progress and productivity. This is 130 million people from these 2 states outstripping what 182d million pakistanis cant produce. Imagine what will happen when we start to count gujurat, maharashtra, kerala and AndhraRecommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    we can in turn post pow(10,10 ) stories ….. matter of fact … u r always in news coz of killings ,rapes ,assaults and that gives the status of a failed state ….:)Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    nope … i am aware of the “estimate” population of pak…. hope u carry out ur census someday… looks tough for a backward country as ur ‘s …Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    per capita income (nominal) india is higher than pak
    per capita income (ppp) india is higher than pak….
    HDi india is higher than pak…..
    middle class ( as % of population) is higher than pak
    internet users(as % of population) is higher than pak
    mobile users(as % of population ) is higher than pak
    people having bank accounts(as % of population) is higher than pak…
    literacy rate of india is higher than pak….
    infant mortality rate in india is lower than pak
    child mortality rate in india is lower than pak
    maternal mortality in india is lower than pak
    …… pakistan is at the bottom in everything ….
    now these are just the social indicators i have talked .Recommend

  • Ali

    How are you ”aware” though?Recommend

  • Ali

    where did you get that figure of 200 million – do you have a study I can look through? Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    ##Never heard a Pakistani compare themselves to India…..towards India###

    Ali , before riposting , read the article under which you are commenting .Recommend

  • Ali

    In policy matters both Pakistan and India are third world countries. But culturally, in terms of identity – no Pakistani I know looks towards India…we only look towards it with disgust at what a culturally bankcrupt country it has become in its constant aping of Western trash.Recommend

  • Bigcohones

    @striver: I thought the whole purpose of the article was for “India to take a few pages out of Pakistan’s poverty reduction playbook”? At least that is what the title suggests. If that is the case, could you pray show me in the article where exactly these pages in the play book are? You may not believe that the intent of the article is to offer solutions, but that certainly isnt how the author has tried to position it.
    If it was just to throw selective sets of data, I assume you have heard the quote on “lies, damned lies and statistics”? I could very easily present data to show exactly the opposite result. Just to take one data point – intentionally keeping ones currency artificially low is yet another form of subsidy. Guess who does that (despite two corrections last week) – China!

  • Headstrong

    Yeah, right. Now explain your obsession with Bollywood. Your only identity is to be non-India, else you have no identity. Recommend

  • Ali

    What is your source?Recommend

  • Ali

    A billion r o d e n t s means more stories about Mother India.Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    can u even study??…i though u just raped….molested … and bombed … even if u r literate …how will u study in the dark…. heard that loadshedding in pak can go upto 20 hours in a day….that is pathetic for a nuclear power…..Recommend

  • Ali

    No one is obsessed with Bollywood – I myself find Bollywood nauseous. My identity has nothing to do with India – it is free and truly liberated from India.Recommend

  • Striver

    Your quote: “lies, damned lies and statistics”. So why are you so bothered about it. Could be because the author is saying Pakistan is doing better than India. That is the sore point for you lot.Recommend