Why blame Zia for every ill in Pakistan?

Published: August 17, 2015

General Ziaul Haq, Pakistan’s former army chief of staff, seized power in July 1977 and became president in 1978. PHOTO: REUTERS

On the eve of Ziaul Haq’s 27th death anniversary, his name still generates an animated response from Pakistanis. Browse around social media or the English press, and one gets the impression that there is no leader more disliked than him. He was brutal. He was un-democratic. He was authoritative. He destroyed Pakistan’s moderate socio-political fabric and turned the country into the fragile fundamentalist haven it is today.

Or did he?

Zia was an apolitical figure, or so Zulfikar Ali Bhutto thought, when he was appointed Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) in 1976.  He ended up taking control of the country in the political chaos that ensued following the 1977 elections, and stayed on till the end of the Soviet-Afghan war in 1988 when he died in a plane crash.

With his span of influence beginning in 1976 as COAS, why does it appear that he is the poster boy of blame games around every ill in Pakistani society today?

Let’s go over some facts.

Presented by Liaquat Ali Khan, the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan passed the Objectives Resolution in 1949. It created the union between religion and state, proclaiming that the future Constitution of the country will be drafted according to Islam, and effectively serving as the prime building block towards religion becoming a public matter across the country.  Every single non-Muslim member of the Constituent Assembly opposed this resolution, but to no avail.

Zia did not initiate this.

The Doctrine of Necessity was adduced by Chief Justice Muhammad Munir in 1954, to validate the dissolution of the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan. It set the precedent for numerous extra-judicial actions by state actors in order to justify politically motivated steps.

Zia did not initiate this.

The One-Unit program was introduced in 1954, merging the four provinces of West Pakistan into a single province, just like East Pakistan. It fuelled ethnic tensions which were already running high in East Pakistan, marking the start of the erroneous narrative that promoted ‘One Pakistan’ over the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity in the country.

Zia did not initiate this.

The Constitution of 1956, active only till 1958, officially made Pakistan an Islamic Republic. Furthermore, it stated that the president of the country must be a Muslim, and no law in the country can be passed that goes against the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah. The Constitution also gave the president the right to declare emergency, effectively laying out the red carpet for military intervention into politics.

Zia did not initiate this.

The first of Pakistan’s three coups took place in 1958, setting a precedent for military interventions in the future. President Iskander Mirza declared martial law following political turmoil in the country that saw four different prime ministers in the span of two years. He approved the appointment of General Ayub Khan as Chief Martial Law Administrator, but then attempted to dismiss him within a matter of weeks, only to subsequently be dismissed as Ayub Khan became president himself.

Zia did not initiate this.

The Constitution of 1962 established the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) back then as the Advisory CII. This is the same council that states that child marriages are not un-Islamic, speaks out against the domestic violence bill and does not support seeking consent from the first wife when it comes to a second marriage.

Zia did not initiate this.

During 1965-70, Bengali nationalism was further fuelled by the economic disparity between East and West Pakistan. Despite having over 60 per cent of the country’s total population, East Pakistan received only 30 per cent of the total spending. The notion that Bengalis were not “martially inclined” unlike Pakhtuns and Punjabis was still common in West Pakistan, and the India-Pakistani War of 1965 only added to these problems, as Pakistan’s military presence in the Eastern Wing was extremely weak with only one infantry division and a limited number of combat aircrafts without tank support.

Zia did not initiate this.

The West Pakistani civilian and military leadership refused to acknowledge the legitimate right of the East Pakistan based Awami League to form the government following its victory in the 1970 elections. The Bangladesh Liberation War followed, and witnessed war crimes by West Pakistan on its Eastern counterpart, ranging from ethnic cleansing, rape and mass murder, all culminating in one of the bloodiest genocides in modern history.

Zia did not initiate this.

Following the bloody 1974 Ahmadi riots, the second amendment to the 1973 Constitution took place and declared the Ahmadi community non-Muslim, making Pakistan the first, and to date the only country in the world to do so and in the process giving constitutional cover to the persecution of the community across the country.

Zia did not initiate this.

The charismatic Bhutto, left-leaning originally, but sadly opportunistic towards the end, was found guilty of Mohammad Ahmad Kasuri’s murder in a shambolic trial and hanged in 1979, two years after Pakistan’s second military takeover in 1977.

Zia orchestrated every part of this.

Zia deserves a lot of blame for policies undertaken during his time, and rightfully so. But let’s not kid ourselves and pretend that all was honky dory before he came along, or that things would have been better if he had not taken over. If it was not him, it would have been someone else. Our history started sowing the seeds for a Zia from the very beginning. He was just there to take advantage of an already messed up state of affairs.

Using Zia as a scapegoat for our problems is easy, and extremely convenient. But the fact is that our country’s demons go much deeper into history than we might like to admit.

salman Zafar

Salman Zafar

The writer works in the Education Sector and tweets as @salmanzafar1985 (twitter.com/salmanzafar1985)

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  • Maverick_NZ

    “….witnessed war crimes by West Pakistan on its Eastern counterpart, ranging from ethnic cleansing, rape and mass murder, all culminating in one of the bloodiest genocides in modern history”

    Because Google told me so.Recommend

  • divine pink

    an eye-opener. very informative piece. n well-writtenRecommend

  • Faizan

    True That, but Zia added fuel in the already burning flames of conservativenessRecommend

  • VoiceOfReason

    I am confused as to what the aim of this blog was. Are you defending Zia or just saying ‘Hey guys, the country was messed up as it was. So what if he dragged it into complete anarchy?’

    Yes, Zia himself is not the reason for EVERY problem facing Pakistan. However, his was a role that gave extremism nourishment to grow into the nuisance it is today. His was a role that marginalized Shia Muslims and Ahmedis. His was a role that changed the social fabric of Pakistan forever. And not for the better.

    Lets not kid ourselves. He was and is responsible for he majority of issues Pakistan is facing and anyone with a shred of common sense will tell you that.Recommend

  • rtnguy

    India had almost reached finish line before jinnah thwarted it. Had muslims not raised the demand for pakistan under him, over time a united secular indian state would have seen the demise of congress party and rise of regional parties heralding greater provincial autonomy and coalition governments where muslims would have had a fair share of power. India as a model democracy with 30% muslims would have been a model for islamic world as well bringing an islamic renaissance. Today pakistan as an islamic state cannot escape its destiny which is talibanization which is triggering rise of ISIS in whole islamic world spreading the cancer everywhere.Recommend

  • faizan

    Each and every event has it’s symbolic importance and they were, are and will be right in the minds and hearts of every pakistani. This country was made on the basis of two nation theory. It is a Islamic Republic of pakistan. It is a country made for Muslims. Apart from other non-muslims, ahmedi’s which are already rightly declared non-muslims, agha khanis are also non-muslims and they all belong to minorities and have only those rights which are written in QURAN and sunnah which is the basis of constitution of Islamic Republic of pakistan.Recommend

  • Talha Zafar

    Salman, the events occurred prior to his assuming power in 1977 does not absolve him from the ills created thereupon. All the events were a weapon or a catalyst for creating the chemical reaction of societal evils prevalent now a days. The menace of fundamentalism, extremism and then terrorism were rooted during his tenor, which later were used as a tool by forces having antagonistic self-perceived notions.Recommend

  • Cashiph

    @ Maverick_NZ

    Google tells what is in the interest of political economy and we treat it as truth. Google is not a religion.Recommend

  • salman108

    Blame Gen Zia for the same reason humans blame the Devil.

    It is simple, it is convenient and fit for talk show consumption.Recommend

  • babar ali khan

    India’s Mukti Bahini massacred 1 million Biharis in East Pakistan 1n 1971..they .they betray their nation and religion
    because google aslo told me that.Recommend

  • Lolz

    Liaquat Ali Khan migrated to Pakistan, leaving his constituency back in India, after partition and he needed support to cease power in his own hands after Jinnah’s death. He knew religion played a role in partition and it could be used to strengthen his rule as well. Therefore he introduced and passed objective resolution, merely to strengthen his own power, but throw the whole nation into a complex and confused situation.Recommend

  • Parvez

    You write ‘ Zia deserves a lot of blame for policies undertaken during his time and rightfully so ‘……. So write a blog using this as its subject and if you are honest, because you certainly are intelligent, it will prove to be both longer and more potent in its substance than this……because what Zia did he did knowingly and more importantly having the power to reverse many of the wrongs that you point out……he chose not to, instead he consolidated them.Recommend

  • Ram

    If you go back as far as 1949 you may step little more backwards and examine how Islam was used by Zamindars of Punjab and Bengal to to create Pakistan, remember idea of Pakistan was opposed by one of the major Islamic institutions.

    Zia simply used this pretext as a platform and promoted his own version of Islamic RepublicRecommend

  • Aleem Shahid

    Many trends were already in place. East Pakistan was lost before Zia. Each and everyone of us looked down down on Bengals with arrogant contempt as half-hindus. The army just reflected our prejudices. The sudden oil wealth had turned Arabs into film stars in our eyes. We degraded out selves with our utter servility in their presence. Long before Zia we wanted to imitate the Saudis. Zia accelerated many trends but the direction had already been set.Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    Finally an honest blog that showed Pakistan started messing up very early with a toxic mix of state, religion and the military. The mistakes continued after Zia with Kargil and Musharraf’s U-turn on the Taliban after 9-11. I have a feeling that Pakistan is going to regret giving so much extra-judicial power to Gen. Raheel Sharif and the khakis. I still remember the celebrations on Pakistani streets when Gen. Musharraf booted out Nawaz Sharif. The country that learnt its lesson from Pakistan’s woes is Bangladesh. After a few hiccups, Bangladesh is firmly established on the democratic path. Bangladesh has a longer border with India with Hindus and Muslims on both sides of the border. It sorted out its border dispute with India through talks and with the peace divident, its on its way to becoming a manufacturing and export powerhouse.Recommend

  • Asad Khan

    …..Unfortunately that “shred of common sense” is very rare in among Pakistanis.

    The purpose of this blog was very plain and simple that by cursing Zia for every ill make oneself feel lighter but that does not vanishes the problems at hands which are being created & manipulated by the ones who came after Zia chanting the slogans that “We” are the true representatives of “Masses” and we make Lyari such a place that residents of Paris feel shameful.

    Zia is not a complete man and neither did he claimed it to be. He had his (+) and (-).

    The constitution of Pakistan does not restrict the role of Ahmadis (non Muslim) let alone Shia. Yes, Zia is not the follower of Khemini nor the admirer, so, yes if some Shia Groups in Pakistan thinks that their loyalties are with Khemini regime rather than Pakistan then it is their own problem not the rest of Pakistanis.

    Lets no kid ourselves had Zia was not eliminated the Afghanistan problem was long solved there & then because of his undaunted influence on Afghan leaders.

    Stop complaining about Zia did this or Zia did that. Ask what we have done as an individual for this country.


  • Asad Khan

    …you nailed it beautifully.


  • Jibran Khan

    To sum up, he sowed the seeds of all the problems. RIP in hell.Recommend

  • Midas

    took everything to suite the article from the times prior to Zia era, and according to this article Zia did absolutely nothing. Notwithstanding the fact that as a leader he had the power to undo some things that were not right and he did not do that hence he condoned those actions. But more importantly, who destroyed the transport industry in Punjab and NWFP when he allowed the afghan ‘brothers’ to bring in and ply their vehicles duty free in Pakistan. Who supported the madrasas and the so called ‘mujahideen’ of that time, who later became the ‘taliban’ of today. Who introduced Ord XX against the Ahmadis in 1984? why didn’t he hold elections within the 90 days as he had promised. He had white papers and black papers published against politicians abd yet we still see the same faces in the political arena. It is very easy to not blame him for things prior to his era Recommend

  • Rohan

    Why blame cia,RAW, mossad, Disney world, MacDonalds and Papua New guinea for everythingRecommend

  • abhi

    because blaiming Jinnah will be blasphemy.Recommend

  • Acorn Guts

    The seeds may have been planted long before Zia, but I blame him for not only nurturing those evil saplings but also ensured their long-term existence by turning over the soil and building a green house shed over everything.Recommend

  • silversurfer

    Govts in Pakistan have been about power play.

    Zia was selected by Bhutto to appease americans as Zia was trained at Fort Leavenworth in counter insurgency. Zia lost siachin, responsible for ojhri camp and held a bogus referendum and dismissed his own appointed govt.

    His biggest gift is basically the shareef dynasty.Recommend

  • suresh

    A nation created on religion is bound to crumbleRecommend

  • ali ahmed

    The conspiracy stated when Liaqat Ali Khan was murdered in Pindi followed G.General Ghulam Mohammad when he dissolved the constituent assembly in 1954 which was validated by Justice Muneer which laid the foundation of subsequent martial law and Zia was product of martial law and ZAB equally was responsible for problem in Pakistan with his wrong policy of nationalization programe,which took us 100 years back in industrializationRecommend

  • Sudhanshu Swami

    Pakistan always have two theories. one Conspiracy theory, another counter conspiracy theory.Recommend

  • Sudhanshu Swami

    one of the rare articles where Bangladesh getting created without special mention of India.Recommend

  • Saad Salman Zia

    Well written. I’m not a fan of Zia’s ideology at all but I agree that he gets all the blame when that stage should be shared by him alongside many others.Recommend

  • Pratibha Patel

    What I understand from all this is that the blame lies with a lot of Pakistani leaders.Recommend

  • Imtiaz

    Evil starts with thundering claps slogans ends soon with cries and tears and dead bodies. It started with Ayub sadly I as a teenage college student enthusiastically supported it. In a freewheeling discussion in class professor pointed out how were denied right to express ourselves. Jinnah and Liaqat made a minority language the national language. Bhutto,s clan hunger for power led to separation of eastern wing they all need condemnation. History needs to be set straight.Recommend

  • Najam

    Ninety percent of your blog is about the things before Zia and he did not initiate it. No one in right state of mind would blame him for the things that happened before him. What about the thing that he did in eleven years of his dictatorship. Isn’t the current state the country is in now, is the result of his idiotic passion to grab the power, totally failed foreign policies, religious fanatism and introducing drugs and weapon culture. Maybe he was not the biggest evil in the history of Pakistan but he was evil that brought the country to this state.Recommend

  • Jayman

    IF the problems in Pakistan are stemming from religious radicalism, of course Zia is responsible. But more than him, the people of Pakistan are responsible for letting the military rule over them. They are many times worse than the most inept and corrupt politicians.Recommend

  • rationalist

    I agree Zia gets all the blame for Pakistan’s problems when the problem is much deeper. Pakistan’s problems of religious extremism started from the Two Nation theory later cast in stone by the Objectives Resolution. All Zia dis was to enforce the Islamic edict of the constitution. Every Islamic law that Zia brought forth are fully sanctioned by the scriptures.Recommend

  • http://www.qern.org/ Akber Choudhry

    To paraphrase Bismarck, a statesman simply manages to hang on to destiny as the winds of change pass him by.

    Zia indeed did come in for a few months, as the political parties were out of control. Then, international events overtook him – the revolution of Iran and the related move by the Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan. The pace of the Great Game picked up. It was not wise to transition to a civilian government while at war with the Soviet Union.

    Forget Afghan Mujahideen. Pakistan defeated the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, under the command of General Zia.

    Islamization was a global trend by then, and Zia just went along with the flow. He could have resisted it and that may have been his biggest flaw.

    Pakistan’s nuclear programme came of age during Zia’s tenure.

    One correction: The Qadiani branch of Ahmadis is not considered ‘Muslim’ in any Muslim majority country of the world. Pakistan did it via Constitutional Amendment and Indonesia has it by ‘approved religion list’ and Saudi has it another way. Central Asian Muslim states have outright banned the organization. Compared with other Muslim countries, Ahmadis are comparatively much better off in Pakistan and can be even better if they agree to their minority status. I am not asking they do, but just relaying the obvious.Recommend

  • khalid

    We will not crumble but nation with PM like Modi (Joker) is definitely going to crumble.Recommend

  • Prof Tariq Bhutta

    I agree with most of your observations as I am a witness to most of these events
    Prof Tariq Bhutta Recommend

  • abhi

    I like it, classic form of propaganda without blinking or slightest pretnetion to be objective.Recommend

  • Tahir Alvi

    A very well written article,
    BUt at least now we need to think and act one step above other than the blaming each other or past. Lets try for something good, there is no country in world where 100% people agreed on one point but there are other factors which unite them.Recommend

  • siesmann

    So Pakistasn constitution does not restrict AhmADIS?!! rEALLY!1Recommend

  • siesmann

    But only pakistanis mullahs and their zombie followers are after Ahmadi blood.And what does banning mean in Muslim countries.?How many terror organizations are banned in Pakistan and still are as free or more freer than law-abiding Pakistanis.Recommend

  • siesmann

    How convenient to wash your hands of the blood of Bangladeshis.It is Pakistan and its army that betrayed their nation and religion by committing a genocide and whole-sale rape on Bangladeshis.Recommend

  • raheel

    very interesting prospect unlike the herd mentality opinion we see shaping across media and English dailies about Zia.Recommend

  • Malangi

    Zia will always be placed on top among those who the nation loves to abuse… we can come out of political or any kind of crises but will never be able to handle the Zia’s jihad versionRecommend

  • Muhammad F Javaid

    Interesting though bur too idealistic. The militant hindu organizations like RSS,Hindu Mahasaba would have been a major hurdle. Compared to hindus muslims were relatively economically & educationally disadvantaged, & therefore prone to be run over by the hindu majority. Look at the present distribution of opportunities for muslims in the present “secular” India you will get the flavor!….Hindus would have dominated & domineered muslims in every sphere.Recommend

  • Muhammad F Javaid

    The problem is with the ‘muslim umma’ & the socalled ‘religious scholars’. As people we are undemocratic, biased, intolerant,economically disadvantaged, selfish , greedy & uneducated. This mix not only produced men like Zia, but has been responsible for all of our ills. Though we pretend to be muslims, our attitudes, actions, & ways are diametrically opposite to the real islamic ideology. Unless we change this mindset people worse than Zia will keep coming.Recommend

  • Muhammad F Javaid

    Urdu is not & never was a “minority language” as it spoken & understood in most of the corners of the Indian subcontinent.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    Zia alone cannot be blamed.He had enough cohorts and concubines to obey his commands.One was Hamid Gul.Both are planning to send few strategic assets to heaven so that hell will self destruct on their return.They have formed one Inter Galactic Intelligence agency to facilitate this.Pakistanis need not worry about going to hell any more.These both will ensure its self destruction.They he opened few training grounds near the heavenly border anticipating master trainer hafeez syed and master handler Lakhvi. It is Pakistan moral obligation to send them both there as quick as possible.Now it is working under mullah omar and Osama bin Laden.Language issues are cropping up since recruits are mainly talking punjabi.Every Zia Fan should ensure smooth operation by donating hardcore terrorists souls.Recommend

  • Muhammad F Javaid

    Ghulam Ahmed begot Iskandr Mirza, who begot Ayyub Khan, Who begot Yehya Khan,who begot Bhutto, Bhutto was killed by Zia who fathered Nawaz Sharif. The sad drama continues….mullas have taken over, “Islam” is the cry of the day…..the country called Pakistan is slowly marching back to mideveal times.Recommend

  • Asad Khan

    No, it does not, Ahmdis are restricted by themselves.

    There are Ahmdis who are working in the institutions which are the backbone of Pakistan security.

    If you are hinting towards Socio-Politicos then even the Sunni Urdu / Saraiki Speakers are at some disadvantage but the Constitution is fair for everyone. That is my point.


  • Asad Khan

    There are organization in even US & EU who are “banned” but time to time surface to create nuisance, do we blame the system of US & EU as purposefully biased in favor of these organizations?

    At least in Pakistan a terrorist can not become a Prime Minister, a thief, bank defaulter, fraudster can but not a terrorist, unlike India.


  • Asad Khan

    Bangladeshis are blood bathing themselves…..even now. Some section of the Bangladeshis loves India on every count regardless it is beneficial to them or not.

    Still after all this “Blood Bath” Pakistan is on a better side of linguistics in Bangladesh, even now.


  • Azmat Khan

    The charismatic Bhutto, left-leaning originally, but sadly opportunistic towards the end, was found guilty of Mohammad Ahmad Kasuri’s murder in a shambolic trial and hanged in 1979, two years after Pakistan’s second military takeover in 1977.

    Zia orchestrated every part of this.

    Reference to the above:-
    The murder of Nawab Muhammad Ahmad Khan took place on the night of 10th/11th November, 1974 at Lahore. Bhutto was the Prime Minister and Gen.Tikka Khan was the COAS! Could the writer please tell us how did Gen. Zia orchestrated every part of it as he (Zia) became COAS in 1976!Recommend

  • SamSal

    Have you read the constitution? Do you know what 2nd amendment is?!Recommend

  • SamSal

    Just because his name is Suresh, doesn’t mean he is an Indian. He could be a Pakistani for all you know!Recommend

  • SamSal

    Aga Khanis are muslims!!Recommend

  • Feisal Rahimtoola

    Ali Ahmed with 177 effective exchange rates for majors (Dollar & Sterling) and concessional industrial loans/licenses for projects having a local cost of up to Rupees 490 for a dollar saved in foreign exchange is your concept of industrialization, ZAB just did not take us back by a few years but thousands of years before industrial revolution!Recommend

  • bigsaf

    Makes for grim reading since partition. Can’t see how some of this can be undone. Don’t blame Zia for everything, but religious extremism is really huge (and part of recent history) and its debatable whether another individual would have pursued the same detrimental policies. Though the argument of someone else being the same product of Pak’s past environment and then circumstances holds merit and possible it might have been a natural progression. Still, all of those past historic figures as well as Zia, must be held accountable and could have always done things differently…Recommend

  • Asad Khan

    Yes, I am perfectly aware what it is.

    Here, for those you does not know,

    [ 2. Amendment of Article 106 of the Constitution.

    In the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan hereinafter referred to as the Constitution, in Article 106, in clause (3), after the words “communities” the words and brackets “and persons of Quadiani group or the Lahori group (who call themselves ‘Ahmadis’)” shall be inserted.]

    Now, your point.


    (PS, I am a Muslim)Recommend

  • Faulitics

    “educationally disadvantage” because of cultural faults within their communities. Nobody is stopping them from being educated. For example, the muslims in the southern states are not “educationally disadvantaged”. So can’t blame the rest of indians for cultural issues in that community. Compare their state with the state of the hindus in pakistan.Recommend

  • somi ali

    Zia took Pakistan through a natural course … He did what a good Muslim leader should have done. Somebody else would have taken the steps that Zia took, if Zia was not there. Pakistan was destined to follow islam in true senceRecommend

  • Gullu

    No, Wrong. Zia was an Indian agent. nourished and garnished and
    helped by Indira Gandhi, Herself. No Pakistani would so much damage
    to a country, single handedly. Literally nearly destroyed a country. So,
    he has to be Nehru’s illegitimate son or nephew. He even looks like a
    Jatt bunya. Let everyone know about this theory.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Pakistan rightly deserves Sharifs and ZardarisRecommend

  • Gratgy

    The organisations in US and EU are arrested when they surface and not given government funding or protection. As for the juvenile name calling on Modi taught to you, did you forget 3 million east Pakistanis killed on your leaders orders. 80,000 Pakistanis have been killed under Nawaz Sharif’s watch, yet you don’t call him terrorist. You deserve leaders like Sharifs and Zardaris.Recommend

  • Asad Khan

    Nope EU & US they still roam free as long as they pretends to obey “Civic Laws”, a US senator can not get away from a speeding ticket but can get away while having shabby deals with drug dealers.

    Well I am of a opinion we should have killed those 3 millions, you know how many folks got killed by the by “Great Revolutionist” of Lenin and how many “done” by Gamal Nasir?

    Just to puncture the myth of 03 million read the book ‘Dead Reckoning’ by S.Bose.

    80,000 killed by Nawaz Sharif? friend, have you missed your medication? Sharif can not even killed a fly let alone a person, do not even compare your Modi to our Sharif, one is a mass murderer and other is mass looter.

    Let me correct you Pakistan sacrificed 60,000 (military, civilian) all types of causalities in order to save the world from the menace of terrorism.

    Thx but no thx, if the choice has to be between Modi, Zardari and Sharif then we will stick to ours.


  • Gratgy

    Lol! Did Modi kill anyone? Nawaz Sharif is not only a mass murderer but also a child rapist by your logic on Modi.. Hypocrite!!Recommend

  • Asad Khan

    ….Nawaz Shariff was not the Chief Minister of the State of Gujrat!


  • Gratgy

    But he is Prime Minister of Pakistan, so he must be a mass child rapistRecommend

  • Amit Lunia

    the author forgot what Zia did after 1977Recommend

  • siesmann

    Count the number of Pakistani killed in Pakistan by your favourite TTP ,and then count Bangladeshis killed in the same period,Then tell us where blood-bath is going on.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Well you have your TTP to rule over you,and IS is fast coming your way.And is not NS also a thief,defualter and fraudster,and who catered to TTP in elections.Recommend

  • siesmann

    You call it fair.Shows Pakistani mentality.Even Hindus and christians can use Muslim greetings,but Ahmadis are put in Jail fot that.Is something wrong with Pakistan or Islam?Recommend

  • Asad Khan

    TTP is not even a shadow what it used to be, and ISIS has not even grab a foothold in Pak and rest assured it will be dealt with. About NS I am in agreement with you on this but not on TTP.


  • Asad Khan

    …well, Ahmdis excluded themselves. Think this way, a Russian person claims that he is ever bit Scottish while even mentioning of Kilt gives him heebes jeebs.Recommend

  • Asad Khan

    …Dead Reckoning!

    Do the count yourselves.Recommend