If Geeta was a Muslim, would the Indian government have done the same?

Published: August 9, 2015

Geeta walks up a flight of stairs at the Bilquis Edhi Foundation in Karachi, Pakistan. PHOTO: REUTERS

After the Indian High Commissioner, Dr TCA Raghvan and his wife met the hearing and speech-impaired ‘Hindu’ girl in Karachi, reportedly stuck in Pakistan for 13 long years, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj vowed on Twitter,

 “We will bring Geeta back to India.”

“Our High Commissioner believes that Geeta is an Indian,” Swaraj added, while thanking all the wonderful individuals in Pakistan who looked after the wretched girl like their own daughter and sister.

Geeta – whose heartrending story bears an uncanny resemblance to that of a character named ‘Munni’ in the Bollywood blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijaan – is unable to return home, for she cannot remember or explain where she is actually from.

Geeta has my good wishes.

First of all, it was extremely nice of the minister to take time out of her busy schedule and pay attention to this humanitarian issue, especially at a time when she finds herself in deep water over her alleged help for the tainted former Indian Premier League (IPL) commissioner, Lalit Modi, in obtaining UK travel documents. The opposition has been relentlessly demanding her resignation for helping a ‘criminal’ with serious charges of money laundering against him, amongst some other names.

But we forget, it was a case involving a ‘Hindu’ girl stuck in Pakistan. I am convinced had it been about a ‘Muslim’ girl stuck in India, the Islamic Republic would have shown the same zeal. Yes, this is what India and Pakistan relation is all about – religion (duh)!

I have a few questions for the honourable minister in this regard.

If the girl stuck in Pakistan were Yasmeen, instead of Geeta, would you have even taken cognisance of the case? Would you still call her an Indian rather than being happy in getting rid of one more Muslim voter?

If only we could once look around the lens of religion, we would find thousands of Yasmeens and Geetas longing to be reunited with their loved ones. This is the tragedy of the Indo-Pak relationship, for oceans of ink could be bled to expound on the damage partition has done to our people.

Think about a well-off, educated Pakistani man who actually contemplated crossing the border illegally to meet his relatives in India after repeated visa rejections by the authorities. He eventually resorted to doing something so desperate, which may have cost him his life also.

Think about those hundreds of unfortunate fishermen who languish in our jails for years for no fault of their own. Ponder over the misery of that Indian-Pakistani woman who could not be with her father in his last moments because her visa was rejected. Think about the thousands of men, women, and children who lost their precious lives in 1947, at the hands of those whose only religion is hate. Think about the plight of Kashmiris.

People, who had been living together as brothers since time immemorial, were divided along the lines of religion by simply drawing a line that ran across their homes, villages, fields, and above all, the hearts of our people. The violence that ensued was unprecedented. Thousands of people were murdered, raped, and forced to flee their lands where they had been living for centuries. We are still paying the price for that madness and reaping the whirlwind.

Who were they to divide a people whom the God had made one?

Today, when we burn in the fire of hatred and fast hurtle down towards mutually assured destruction, my mind dwells upon Mahatma Gandhiji’s message to all of us in his last moments before he was murdered by a Hindu nationalist.

On January 17, 1948, just 13 days before his assassination, during Gandhiji’s fast unto the death at Birla House in Delhi. His condition was deteriorating. During his prayer meeting that evening, he said that the number of telegrams he was receiving was increasing. There were many telegrams from Pakistan too, in fact that day, Gandhiji received a telegram from Karachi. Muslim refugees, who had been driven out of their homes from Delhi, wanted to know if they could now come back to their country India and reoccupy their homes.

“This is the test,” Gandhiji said on reading the telegram, writes Tushar Gandhi, the former’s great grandson in his book, Let’s Kill Gandhi’. His representatives fanned out and distributed copies of the telegram to every Hindu and Sikh refugee camp and explained to the people what they would have to do to make Gandhi break his fast.

The telegrams were good, so far as they went, the author writes. But as their friend and well-wisher, he was bound to tell those who were moulding Pakistan’s destiny, if they failed to see and admit the wrongs for which it was responsible, they would not be able to make that country permanent. He had accepted the Partition as a fait accompli and added that he would not mind India becoming Pakistan if Pakistan meant what its name implied – the land of the pure.

That did not mean he approved of partition or ‘a voluntary reunion’.

“But I wish to remove and resist the idea that Pakistan should be reunited by force of arms. I hope that this will not be misunderstood as a note of discord. Whilst I am lying on what is truly a deathbed, I hope all Pakistanis will realise that I would be untrue to them and to myself if from a sense of weakness and for fear of hurting their feelings, I failed to convey to them what I truthfully feel. If I am wrong … I should be told and, if I am convinced, I promise that I shall retract what I have said here. So far as I know the point is not open to question.”

Sudheendra Kulkarni, a socio-political activist and columnist, during his recent visit to Lahore met a maali (gardener) whilst taking a stroll in the garden. When Mr Kulkarni asked him if he thought that Pakistan should improve its relations with India, the reply was direct and startling.

“Dekhiye, yaa to Hindustan ko Pakistan mein milaa do, nahin to Pakistan ko Hindustan mein mila do. Is batwaare ne bahut nuksaan kiya hai.”

(Look, either merge India into Pakistan or Pakistan into India. This partition has caused a lot of harm.)

I second the benevolent gardener.

For as the hymn goes:

Only he

Who is smitten with the arrows of love,

Knows its power

Do you think the Indian government would have shown Geeta the same zeal if she were a Muslim?

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Sapan Kapoor

Sapan Kapoor

A history buff and India-based journalist, the author has worked with the Press Trust of India. He blogs at sehar-anawakening.blogspot.in/ and tweets as @dRaconteur.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Nationlist Indian

    Answer is a Big Yes . You are talking about a single Geeta, we are evacuating millions of Indian muslims and christian workers from Gulf countries where Islamic terrorists have wrecked havoc and butchering millions . Our beloved Modi gov and military have taken commendable steps to evacuate them. Why didn’t you question that time, ?

    But if some muslims from India wants to migrate , then they are very very welcome, the way we welcome all non-muslims from Pakistan . After all Pakistan was formed for muslims according to a theory called 2-nation theory.

    Any more doubt ?Recommend

  • rationalist

    Based on what has been going on, Pakistan is not a good place for people of non-Muslim religions. Hindu girls have been forced to convert and marry Muslims. So, a Hindu girl in Pakistan would certainly suffer a lot more than a Muslim girl. Pakistan was created for all of Indian Muslims and not the Hindus. Therefor, the question of false equivalence is invalid..Recommend

  • dr gn seetharam

    dear sir, India and Pakistan are two different nations with very little in common. Most Indians today don’t care about Pakistan. They cannot be and should not be reunited. We are very different people. Father of Pakistani nation Jinnah was right we are two different nations and no two people in the world are as different as Hindus and Muslims. The line diving India and Pakistan is permanent and good for India. We simply cannot accommodate 200 million more Muslims the consequence will be for India to collapse. At best, India and Pakistan can have good neighborly relations even though history shows that even that is highly improbable. thank you sirRecommend

  • Shahid

    Their Constitution calls it ‘HINDU-STAN’ and we call it INDIA as the British India was called.. It is the Hindus who preferred to ride the false BOGEY of SECULARISM, which we Pakistanis dont understand. . It is called False Flag Image..; Now, to answer your question; ABSOLUTELY NOT;; Never .. specially the BJP elected under the banner and full support of VHP and RSS ?? Die Hard HINDUS ??Recommend

  • Suresh

    if any Pakistani muslim wish to India steps would be taken. Dont tarnish Indian image for moneyRecommend

  • Suresh

    if any Pakistani muslim wish return to India, steps would be taken. Dont tarnish Indian image for moneyRecommend

  • James

    Yes…..same way it rescued many from conflict-ridden region of Yemen, Libya, etc….but “tum nahin samjhoge…Recommend

  • Anon

    Whether you agree or not…..partition is the best thing happened to India….had India not been partitioned, we still had rampant polio, a country infested by terrorism, over population more than what we have now, and insurgency for a separate homeland for Muslims……except for some older generation who has emotional attachment with Pakistan and some religious attachment for Sikhs of India, the younger generation doesn’t care a thing about it……..in fact we thank Jinnah for giving us a separate country…IndiaRecommend

  • howzzat

    Hindus have been de facto exterminated in Pakistan but muslims are increasing like rats in India. So you can’t have any sympathies for muslims. Muslims’ aggression is going on. Yet the muslims always pretend to be the victims.Recommend

  • RFD

    Excellent sterling, 22 carat article. However, sadly, here comes the
    Shiv Sena Brigade from Hindustan. Boiling, roiling with hate, toxic vitriolic
    comments, exposing the true garish face of Bharati Wahibism . With a shrill,
    corrupt, heinous devi caught in the act Sushma Swaraj who would not have lifted
    little pinkie if the girl had been a Indian Muslim, or Indian Christian, or any Indian
    religious minority. Nope, Tarnish India only rescues Hindus. Certified, authenticated
    hindus only. Well, Bharat can now ad a new name…Tarnishland of Secular Samadhi.Recommend

  • Jayman

    Of course not. She would then be in the place which was created for Muslims.Recommend

  • The Truth

    I am so tired of people trying to imply that partition resulted in comparable tragedies in India and Pakistan. Lets make the truth absolutely clear. 85% of Indian muslims, even though they supported Jinnah and demand for Pakistan, chose to stay in India , and were not compelled either by violence or discriminatory laws to convert or leave India. That’s how India has 16% muslims up from 9% , in the territories that make India after partition. That’s how India now has 3rd largest muslim population in the world.
    So only about 10% of Indian muslims left India for Pakistan as refugees.

    In monumental contrast 90% of Hindus and Sikhs and Jains in Pakistan have either being compelled to leave their land or converted because of violence and discriminatory laws unleashed upon them.Recommend

  • indian

    Where are indians who call themselves “SECULAR” in every other blog originating from Pakistan?Recommend

  • G. Din

    If Geeta had been a Muslim, why would she want to come to India. Recommend

  • Kunal Jain

    Here again..bringing up religion into yet another discussion… keep religion behind when stepping outside your home. Not everyone wants to islamize every thing happening around them.
    Pakistan isn’t representative of Muslims around the world..is the fact.Recommend

  • Kunal Jain

    ” Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by The Express Tribune Blogs.”…. this is a mockery of freedom itself, if u can’t tolerate criticism.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “If Geeta was a Muslim, would the Indian government have done the same?”

    If Salman and Aamir had been Pakistanis while being Muslims which they are, would they have been able to be as critical of the majority community as they have been in their movies Bajrangi Bhaijan and PK.

    “Dekhiye, yaa to Hindustan ko Pakistan mein milaa do, nahin to Pakistan ko Hindustan mein mila do. Is batwaare ne bahut nuksaan kiya hai.”

    You might have lost a few fans among the very small fan base you have across the border after making this comment, India is the last country a Pakistani would like to identify himself with, leave alone being a part of it. Recommend

  • Waron Dafe

    If the article was anti muslim would ET allow it, it has become a trend in pakistan to publish anti hindu and anti india to make them feel better.Recommend

  • Hardik Thanki

    please explain to me how indian muslims were recused by this right wing, safforn blooded goverment from yemen. Geeta was with edhi foundation and not with a pakistani government centre. Also people trying to help her for past 10 years were social activist and not government of pakistan. If you would take trouble to serach you would find that social activist on both sides try to free the poor fisherman who are caught fir starying in no go areas. As for bringing some lost indian muslim child from pakistan or vice versa it would have happened, if for no other reason than the fact that it makes for good optics. Also I want to remind you that there is going to be an election in 2019, if to your delight this government failed to deliver than it will see what indian voters do non performers as in 2014. One more thing there no chance of emergency or similair non declared autocratic behaviour, beacause a”popular” prime minister who did, was not spared for it.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    if she were a Sikh, yes Indian Govt would have done the same.

    If she were Jain, yes.

    If she were Buddhist, yes.

    Parsi, yes.

    Christian, yes.

    India is the natural home of all but one of the above groups. They have no other country to turn to. There is only one place which they can call home without any condition and that is India. It is inhuman to even question the support India extends to them, which is already minute.

    Muslim, no. Just because her identity could not be proved. Assuming she was a Muslim and had no idea where the family is, unless the family comes forward in claiming her, there is simply no proof. Other minority groups have a greater burden of exploitation and Islamic indifference, which overrides their unique individual struggles. Its only human to extend support to them!

    India is extending long term visa facilities to Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Christians. They will get Indian citizenship as well in time. They form 2% of Pakistan’s population. With rapid population decline and migration to India, Pakistan will be 100% pure in a decade or 2. Then Islamists won’t have Hindu girls to kidnap, Christian women to accuse of Blasphemy.

    When hate doesn’t have a target, it will create new ones. They will turn on Ahmadis and Shias. They started turning on them few decades ago, this process will only accelerate.Recommend

  • devinder Singh

    I think ppl have forgotten when indian government rescued 6500 indian from yaman war then 75% were muslim.Recommend

  • someone

    The people, which NDA led government rescued from Yemen, were they all NON MUSLIMS??? You guys are becoming pathetic. Instead of appreciating the fact that GoI is trying to bring the lost daughter of India, home, what your so called “secular” UPA governemt of past decade did not do, you are playing the communal card even in this situation. No wonder people have started to abuse secular people by calling them “sickular” in India. Recommend

  • The Truth

    Muslims are not an endangered species in India ( in fact just the opposite ) or in Pakistan while Hindus are a rare engendered species in Pakistan on way to extinction. So Government right to be concerned.Recommend

  • harkol

    A wrong question to ask, because if the Girl was Indian, Indian govt. would’ve done the same irrespective of her religion. It has something to do with the upbringing we are given in India, especially in schools. National integration is brought by asking us to celebrate our differences, rather than our commonalities. So, irrespective of religion a woman of Indian origin would be welcomed back.

    The right question to ask – would India provide citizenship to a Pakistani Muslim, just as easily as a Pakistani Hindu.

    The answer is – NO. And there are strong reasons for that. Pakistani Hindus are persecuted, Muslims are not. So, Indian immigration is sensitive to this fact. Muslims have about 50 mulsim majority nations to migrate, while Hindus have only 2 (Nepal, India).Recommend

  • san

    If geeta was a muslim, she had been settled down in pakistan itself.Recommend

  • anil

    If Geeta were a muslim, Why at first place she wants to come to India . If she were a Ahmadi , then we could have considered . India is not a nation of long-beard, burka-clad nation where I would wear a pant above my ankle . It is a country of secular and educated Hindus, Muslims who are somewhat better than Pakistanis and others . Here anyone can become a PM or President .

    So Yes, We won’t welcome them. Pakistan is their “natural” home . Let them enjoy there.Recommend

  • anup

    A answer is A big NO.

    If we open our gate, 200 million Muslims from Pakistan will flood India . When the well-to-do people flee Pakistan, Common people of Pakistan will surely flee Pakistan and make India a failed nation. So Let them stay there .Recommend

  • anup

    A answer is A big NO.

    If we open our gate, 200 million Muslims from Pakistan will flood India . When the well-to-do people flee Pakistan, Common people of Pakistan will surely flee Pakistan and make India a failed nation. So Let them stay there .Recommend

  • Sudhanshu Swami

    This question in Pakistani newspaper raises questions over Two nation Theory.Recommend

  • kartikey mishra, bhopal

    I agree on ur religious thoughts about pakistan.U have forgotten about how indian govt helps & recover all indians in IRAQ about 1000s were muslims also in YAMAN 1000s were muslims but can i ask U who is mr. APJ KALAM muslim or hindu or indian. this religious line is created by ZINNA & still that is hunting india for many years but pakistan’s minorities hindu are dying day by day after 20-25 years they will be finishedRecommend

  • kartikey mishra , bhopal

    very good explanationRecommend

  • Linux Novice

    I doubt. Pakistan is a state of religious bigots. Why would she remain there where she would be oppressed just because of her gender, at least in India she would have a chance.Recommend

  • somoene

    You re wrong on so many accounts. However, the communal Muslims of Pakistan can not see beyond the “Muslim Umma”. India has truly secular government in form on NDA. Gone are the days of the political parties who would go on to new extremes just to appease certain religious population. Even this year, the president of India ( a congress stooge) held Iftar party and no one asked the question why would the president of secular Indian government would do that when there is no such official celebration for Diwali, Nanak Jayanti, Mahaveer Jayanti, Christmas etc. We want all this non sense to stop. We want GoI to be truly secular. If secularism means Muslim appeasement, well we do not need it then. Any way, when people of Pakistan talk about secularism, it just tickles my bones.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Woha, she has plenty of reasons. Just ask the tens of thousands of Pakistanis, muslims and non-muslims who are fleeing Pakistan every year.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    You don’t understand RSS or VHP a bit.Recommend

  • Imran

    This condition is called Superiority complex.Recommend

  • anup

    See yourself in the mirror and then ask yourself this question. We are superior. Just like Chinese han, Japanese, Hindus in India are original people who stick to their roots and culture. They are tolerant, progressive in nature. Yes, we are superior .We are proud of it .Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Sir, please don’t ask such tough questions. These people are not equipped to answer. Anyway, you’re a Hindu. How dare you question the ‘pure’? That too on a pakistani news blog? Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Better to be afflicted by this ‘condition’ Recommend

  • Muhammad Tahir

    Regarding last para; I think few Pakistanis (from pre-independence era)might still endorse the comments of the gardener. By the way, for your information, many non Muslims in Pakistan have been and are critical of majority community, but not in religious matters, I admit.Recommend

  • RFD

    Paks ships rescued the Hindus in Yemen. Because Indian minorities
    are not allowed to travel outside India. They are refused passports. Because they may bad mouth India to the world, once they leave.
    After rescuing these Hindus, Paks had to fly them to Delhi. On special flightsRecommend

  • RFD

    Paks ships rescued the Hindus in Yemen. Because Indian minorities
    are not allowed to travel outside India. They are refused passports. Because they may bad mouth India to the world, once they leave.
    After rescuing these Hindus, Paks had to fly them to Delhi. On special flightsRecommend

  • Nitin Jadhav

    The Answer is YES
    India evacuated a Yemeni Woman , just because her 8 month old baby was an Indian citizen who was a muslim.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    Pakistan was the chosen land for Indian muslims .We will repatriate her whether she is Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Sikh, if she is an Indian.After BJP rise to power many people are wearing the pseudo secular goggles. Everybody got equal rights in India. After all that is the idea called “india”.Recommend

  • Yasir Chohan

    Surely not, Muslims in india are considered as its citizenso, or at least first class citizens.Recommend

  • G. Din

    Except some Hindus, none of them opt for India as their destination. They would rather die in the Mediterranean. Muslims will always prefer to head for Muslim lands unless they are able to croon ghazals and geets which they can sell only to Indians, not even to Arabs to whom they trace their ancestry.Recommend

  • G. Din

    “… no two people in the world are as different as Hindus and Muslims.”
    Wrong! No two people are different than Muslims and non-Muslims, all over the world. Muslims stick out as sore thumbs everywhere. So, it is not a peculiarly Hindu problem but a very peculiarly Muslim problem. No people in the world want a Muslim amongst them, not even other Muslims.Recommend

  • sachbhol

    While we debate about the poor girl Geeta’s separation from her parents and her motherland – Pakistani volunteers who have selflessly helped her need to be saluted – the author raises a question that is frivolous and equally mischievous to create communal discord.Recommend

  • san

    may be a victim of forced marriage !Recommend

  • VRM

    Mr Kapoor, you are forgetting the fact that the Indian Government has rescued scores of people both, in Yemen recently, and during the Iraq war. They did not pick and choose them based on caste or creed. The only requirement was that they carried an Indian passport. Oh! I forgot to mention, during the recent Yemen conflict, the Indian Air force even rescued a few Pakistani citizens, and also, a few Europeans. I am sure all Pakistanis were Muslims. Your article does have a certain appeal, however, the title does not. Please refrain from creating more ill will amongst people. This is a request.Recommend

  • someone

    LOL. Do you know what, it was middle easterner and Afghan invaders who called it HINDUstan. Indians have always called the country as Bharat. Name India was given by Europeans. I wonder if you guys are taught the history of subcontinent at all. BY the way, it was this RSS/VHP/BJP led NDA government who rescued many Indian muslims from Yemen.Recommend

  • Gau Mutra

    Keep on watching Bollywood movies and keep on feeling like a
    HERO because the rest of the world sees you Hindus as ZERO.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    The BJP government care about muslims??LOLRecommend

  • Gau Mutra

    Hindus are the biggest bigots and hypocrites when it comes to describing how secular and minority friendly country it is. Here are some facts and figures that may help you see the mirror:

    Hindu violence against Muslims

    Violence against Muslims is common in the northern and western states in India. Among the largest incidents were Bihar, Nellie
    and Gujarat in 2002. Over 10,000 people have been killed in Hindu-Muslim communal violence since after the partition. According
    to your own Indian official figures, there were 6,933 instances of communal violence were 530 Hindus and 1,598 Muslims killed.

    Anti- Christian violence by Hindus

    Convert or we will kill you, Hindu lynch mobs tell fleeing Christians. According to a Human Rights Watch report, the acts of violence
    include arson of churches, re-conversion of Christians to Hinduism by force and threats of physical violence, distribution of threatening literature, burning of Bibles, raping of nuns, murder of Christian priests and destruction of Christian schools, colleges, and

    Anti- Sikh violence by Hindus

    The invasion of Indian troops of the most sacred Sikh site, the Golden Temple. At least 4,000 people were killed and a cycle of violence began which continues to this day.Recommend

  • SafeNation

    The answer is ‘ABSOLUTELY YES,’ perhaps much more. Devinder Singh – another commentator – overlooked to mention that Indians rescued not just Indians but citizens of a number of other countries including Pakistan. And it was done at the extreme risk to their own lives.Recommend

  • Guest

    Shiv Sena Brigade is nothing compared to ISIS which is spreading love by practising religion of peace.Recommend

  • Guest

    See, India is not truly secular. To be truly secular India needs to have Uniform Civil Code, no more 4 wives, no more oral divorce and certainly no division of property according to Sharia, no Wakf Board. You should support such actions if India wants to implement it.Recommend

  • privali

    unfortunately, the article is not right to say muslim girl in india would have received same response from Pakistan, because Pakistan unlike India is not about religion, as most hindus are in india, Pakistanis are more divided based on language than religion. so bringing back a muslim would have faced resistance from many Recommend

  • Reporter

    the author should have been able to see the Indians rescued by personal efforts of Ms Swaraj and Gen Vk Singh from various middle east countries not so long ago..most of those were muslims. But then , facts are a threat to the career of a “secular” journalists in India!!Recommend

  • Arun

    Indian Navy rescued many people from Iraq,Syria and Yemen. I don’t think that the rescuing crew asked them if they were Hindus right. The only question they asked was is they’re Indians. Indian Navy even rescued foreign national too and they were not Hindus. Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    India is a “natural home” of Hindus, Sikhs. Christians, Parsi, Buddhists. Ok! so what are you Indians doing in Muslim countries – UAE, Oman, Kuwait? Bring all of them home. The natural home is waiting. Secondly, why keep colonizing Muslim land – from Kashmir to Hyderabad to Malabar? That’s not the “natural home” of Indians. Time to pack your bag and move your army back to Bharat. I found it weird that you Indians built a “natural home” on top of a Muslim land. Time to go home to India. As Kashmiris would say – Go India Go!!Recommend

  • Syed Kazim Abidi

    And what if she was a Dalit?Recommend

  • DudeFromDC

    Can’t Pakistanis let go their religious lens at least for once? The fact that she spent 15 long years in a hostile country and was pretty much forsaken until recent turn of events was purposefully omitted to suit the propoganda, Now I will tell you what would have happened if she were a muslim. There would have been enough bleating by ethical Pakistanis about how India let her Muslim daughter stay in Pakistan for 15 long years and the title of this very same propaganda piece would have “If Geeta was a Hindu, would the Indian government have done the same? ”
    Pathetic beyond words.Recommend

  • DudeFromDC

    And is that why Muslims are risking their pure lives to get to Australia and Europe, the land of kafirs, in hordes?Recommend

  • DudeFromDC

    Well.. it turns out this BJP elected under the banner and full support of VHP and RSS was the next best thing happened to India (the best thing was partition). If you don’t like your Muslim brothers uner BJP rule, please; by all means take them with you.Recommend

  • someone

    LOL, Indian minorities not allowed to travel out side India??? Lets see, how many Sikhs are in Canada, UK, US , Europe etc.? How many Muslims from India are working in Middle East? How many Christian nurses from India are working in middle east? All I can say about you is that you are a Hindu Fobic rabid Muslim who grew up on hate towards HIndus like most of your fellow Muslim countrymen. By the way the 4000 people rescued by India in Yemen had few Pakistanis in them.Recommend

  • Justice Hunter

    what a crappy debate, a pointless discussion. Please use your energies in some better direction.Recommend

  • Asad

    Big NO!Recommend

  • Guest

    Did the other Muslim countries ask Pakistan to decide who could work in their countries. FIY, there was no Muslim in the Indian Subcontinent before Bin Qasim invaded and converted the indigenous people. True Muslim land is in the Arabian desert. ET please publish, all facts.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Why engage in ifs and buts
    If Pakistan was not created there would be 90% less terrorism on this planet since 1947Recommend

  • Ahsan

    Hindus are tolerant, progressive in nature, superior etc HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa …… I think you don’t know even your history …. you are just coward, cheater, mentally inferior etc only and that’s end of storyRecommend

  • Linux Novice

    LOL, nothing to say. Do better research next time Recommend

  • G. Din

    Punjabi Hindus are marginally different from Punjabi Muslims. That, his views are formulated to coincide with those of Punjabi Muslims does not therefore shock us Indians. Both are self-centred, self-promoting, prone to bullying others, and carry an unfounded conviction of superiority over those around them to the point that they will disown even their mother if that is likely to bring any kind of expedient benefit. It might seem to be an irony that not very long back, this author’s father or grandfather probably could barely make into India, with a shirt on his back torn to shreds, chased by Punjabi Muslims. Yet, it is not; it only confirms the innate character of both. Today, by putting up a point of view that he thinks will please, he is back to making common cause with once his tormentors.Recommend

  • ak

    Does any of the s called muslim countries give citizenship to indians? Answer is No.THere goes your whole argument.
    Also Muslim countries NEED them, they are not doing anyone a favr.Its simple demand and supply. Anyways conditions are worse there, so its nothing to gloat over.Come out of your religious phobia, even Pakistanis are not given citizenship there and treated shabbily (you cant even marry their girls in many countries)
    You are what YOU (Pakistan) are. No one owes you anything for being MuslimRecommend

  • Nana

    Thank you ET for providing the forum to Indian Hindus where they can vent their feelings against Muslims. Their fellow Indian Muslims would be so grateful and elated to hear their precious thoughts about Muslims.The whole comment section is entirely dominated by Indian Hindus,100%.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    A Dalit was given the opportunity to write the constitution of India despite the fact that he rejected his faith and converted to another. The home of Dalits is not Pakistan but it is India and there are no if’s and but’s on it.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “so what are you Indians doing in Muslim countries – UAE, Oman, Kuwait? ”

    Exactly what the Pakistanis are doing in those countries.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Now we know that the man who claimed to have developed a motor run by water was not an aberration.

    Where do you guys take lessons in History and Physics.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    What a comment, some Hindus? One fifth of humanity does not call itself Indian by any compulsion, they are who they are by choice.

    History seems to have been rewritten for some, same faith makes someone an ancestor but same blood does not. What you call ancestry is known as hallucination to others.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Congratulations, you have been successfully able to justify the creation of Pakistan to those who are already convinced of the fact that there is no heaven on earth other than Pakistan.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Ever heard of a kid saying I want the ice cream but it has to be Vanilla and not strawberry, Muslim league is as pure as the driven snow while any organisation or an individual who talks of Hindu nationalism is communal or shall I say a strawberry.Recommend

  • abhi

    Why not. If there is a muslim girl stuck in Pakistan and her parents are India, Indian gov would have worked similarly. They have done so in various other crisis situations. I think author needs to take is religious lens off to see the reality.Recommend

  • RFD

    Yup, heard a hindu asking for a goat milk ice cream,
    because it’s against hindu religion to make ice cream out
    of cows milk.
    The owner kicked him out of the store.Recommend

  • Guest

    Hindus are mentally inferior. This must be the reason why CEOs of Google, Microsoft, Nokia, MasterCard, PepsiCo, SanDisk, Adobe, Deloitte, Berkshire Hathaway And Bose Corporation are of Hindu origin.Recommend

  • Milind A

    The Gulf countries themselves invited us as ‘guest workers’. And despite the curtailing of right to our religious practices, none of the Hindus there have been found plotting against the state, or sponsoring terrorism against the local govts or gone on rampage or seen as a security threat. Unlike Pakistanis & Muslims who bite the hand that feeds them in non-Muslim or even Muslim countries.Recommend

  • Nana

    Ha,ha,ha wrong dear. That was the very reason to bring Pakistan into the world so that Powers can play their big games globally. Being a small nation who was denied it’s due share of wealth, it was easy to manipulate and make it play into the hands of big powers. Life is nothing but ‘might is right.’India should be thankful that they were spared this anomaly. Pakistan is playing that part, much to it’s detriment and glee of others.Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    They never “invited” you. You went there because your “Bharat” and “natural home” could not take care of you or feed you. It’s the benevolence nature of Arabs that welcome you Indians because your own “natural home” cannot feed you.Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    I don’t get it. In your “natural home”, there’s no place for Muslims but you run to Muslim countries because your Bharat is not able to take care of you or feed you? Why don’t you Indians pack up and go back to your “natural home”?Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    Indians like you need the Arab world much more than the Arab world needs you. You are as disposable as the cyber workforce eking a living out of the Western outsourcing industry. So, where is this mawkish idea that “Muslim countries NEED [you]”? Do you think Muslims are not engineers, doctors, lawyers etc etc.? Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    Expand your definition of terrorism from the current unicorn your Bharat fed you with and you’ll discover terrorism is your innate trait. You were born to terrorize Muslims, Sikhs, Dalits etc etc while celebrating a terrorist like Bhagat Singh.Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    I think most Muslim countries have no idea about you Indians. That’s why they keep welcoming you. There were no such thing as Hindus until the Muslims and British gave you that religion. We were here before you Hindus even called yourself as Hindus. Reflect on that fact too.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    How do we know Geeta is not one? Do you see any Indian checking if she is one? Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    I know a few Pandits who would like India to stay. There is no such thing as Muslim land. Kashmir is as much of Hindus as much of Muslims. As long as a singe Pandit is alive Kashmir’s claim is always Indias.Recommend

  • RFD

    Nope. Not so. .
    And the only thing they can do is these hate laced comments.
    You see them everywhere in this newspaper. But this ET
    newspaper is pro Hindustan. So there, you have it….see?Recommend

  • Tj

    That would be a1percent of PakistanRecommend

  • Zeeshan

    A few Muslims in Hyderabad would like to be part of Pakistan. Hence, Hyderabad is not an Indian land. It is also a Pakistani land. “As long as a single Muslim is alive in Hyderabad. Hyderabad belongs to Pakistan”. How’s that for logic?Recommend

  • Faulitics

    :-). You mean you want them to be inferior? Sorry. Your wishes are not reality. Recommend

  • Faulitics

    I am sure the pakistanis who went to the gulf just to commune with the arab ummmah and not to feed themselves.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Surely NOT
    Why would India allow more Muslims?
    There are already more than required here.
    No Thanks.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Hindus can’t be citizens of Saudi Arabia.
    Don’t you know that.
    and moreover Saudis invited Indians.Recommend