India’s nuclear program was aimed at China, not Pakistan

Published: August 6, 2015

Two Pakistani army soldiers watch a medium range surface-to-surface missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, passing by during the country’s National Day military parade in Islamabad. PHOTO: AFP

August 6, 1945 started as a normal Monday morning in the bustling city of Hiroshima, with people going about their daily activities as per usual. Just as the clock struck quarter past eight, all activity was brought to an abrupt end at the behest of the Enola Gay. A giant mushroom cloud dwarfed the city of Hiroshima, and swept it clean of life with an immense shock of energy.

Almost 68 years after this tragic yet inevitable scene of death, destruction and devastation, former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf demonstrated his chronic condition of dementia by once again bullying India.

“We have not made the atomic bomb for occasions like Shab-e-Barat,” declared the former martial strongman in his usual arrogantly feigned Punjabi accent.

He suddenly, yet not surprisingly, emerged as a hero to many self-proclaimed nationalist Pakistanis who flanked his aggressive statement with heaps of acclamations. Issuing such vacuous statements of nuclear hostility unfortunately begins with democratic demagogues such as Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who said,

“If India builds the bomb, we will eat grass and leaves for a thousand years, even go hungry, but we will get one of our own.”

No wonder Pakistan is forever indebted to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) now.

An exhaustive chronological inspection of Bhutto’s statement unveils many dark realities of Pakistan’s nuclear program. According to popular perception here, which might be attributed to Bhutto, India’s Smiling Buddha test was a threat to us and henceforth justified our nuclear program as a deterrent. This perception raises one rational question, since Pakistan had no atomic bomb then, why would India expend resources on an atomic bomb as a deterrent against us?

The answer simply lies in the events of the Indo-Sino War of 1962. India had lost major territories to China during the war and hence felt threatened by the giant superpower situated just across the Himalayas to the North. Put in simpler words, India’s atomic program was to deter China, not Pakistan. Clearly this message never got through to Pakistan. We were immersed in paranoia that later transformed into an ego and inferiority complex, leading us to construct stronger missiles with more warheads.

There is something very idiosyncratic about nuclear proliferation – it miraculously resembles a chain reaction itself. It all began in the Cold War with the United States pushing the socialist and communist states such as Soviet Union, China, and North Korea to build their atomic bombs. This compelled India to initiate its nuclear program to deter China, which further compelled Pakistan to initiate theirs.

Pakistan’s notorious nuclear proliferation scandals equipped Iran and North Korea to develop weapons of their own which further led to Israel’s nuclear program – eventually compelling Libya to try obtaining its own nuclear bomb by getting aid from good-gracious Pakistan too. Even the ISIS is confident to receive help from us for her nuclear program.

It is ostensible that Pakistan did not maturely assess the opportunity costs associated with the dilemma it was confronted with – the masses seemed blindly indoctrinated by Bhutto’s zealous and forceful displays of oratory. Pakistan could have easily outrun India in education, standards of living, and human development had it not given its peaceful nuclear power program an abrupt U-turn to a hostile nuclear weapons program to counter Indian hegemony in South Asia.

We all fell for the quintessential Pakistani fallacy of considering the entire world a threat to us, believing everyone is conspiring in unity to wipe out our existence. Why else would we name our missiles after ruthless invaders like Ahmed Shah Abdali, who not only massacred Hindus but also looted Lahore and Peshawar? Ever seen a child decorating his house with statues of his mother’s rapist?

Pakistan and North Korea are the only two nations that are obsessed with flaunting their nuclear capabilities – even Iran has shown excellent maturity by striking a remarkable deal to stymie global nuclear proliferation. On the slightest provocation, every conversation here ends up in the intellectual proposal of simply nuking Delhi, Mumbai or Calcutta.

The Fat Bomb and Little Boy, despite their massive destruction, were inefficient gravity bombs that had low fission efficiencies and small radii of destruction. Our nuclear bombs today are capable of delivering multiple warheads and enormously higher radii of destruction and efficiencies of fission.

How much human intellect and emotion is essential to consider the prospect of a nuclear war in the world’s most densely populated region? What further entirely baffles the rational humanitarian mind is the profusion of support these statements receive. The abominations that have manifested themselves as missiles which we parade every year at IDEAS are the palpable embodiment of the Indo-Pakistan conflict.

Unless we abandon this immature attitude of martial roguery and devilry in South Asia, peace for Indo-Pak will become a lost voice in history during a cold nuclear winter.

In my opinion, Hiroshima and Nagasaki have taught us absolutely nothing.

Danish Amjad Alvi

Danish Amjad Alvi

The author is a freshman in Computer Science and Mathematics and LUMS. He advocates social justice, human rights, and progressivism.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Bairooni Haath

    Very good article. Ten thousand nuclear warheads did not stop the USSR from imploding. Pakistan is more concerned about protecting its bomb rather than the bomb protecting Pakistan. India has no territorial interest in Pakistan.Recommend

  • LUMS Burger

    Did Indian PM tell you personally that they won’t use nukes against Pakistan. Or can you bring us a guarantee that any particular weapon in Indian arsenal won’t be used against Pakistan? Rubbish article.Recommend

  • asad

    Suppose, if India had never started working on the nuclear programme, it never would have happened in the first place. Now, a/c to your argument, India becomes the central piece of the chain of chaos. Your argument is completely flawed. You don’t even have proper facts to substantiate your point.
    As far as nuclear program is concerned, it is a war-deterrent. God knows how many wars between Pakistan and India would have taken place over pigeon spy, mice spy scandals.

    What has happened to LUMS’ student quality ? Disappointed with such a flawed piece.Recommend

  • SM

    So in essence the author is saying Pakistan should not have a bomb to defend itself and that we are the only maniacal country around that flaunts its weapons? Does he forget that India warned Pakistan after exploding their bomb in 198 to accept their diktat in the region? Or that Israel too has constantly blackmailed the world into accepting their domination of the region and their narrative really on the backs of their nuclear arsenal?Recommend

  • Critical thinker

    India has no interrests but still your busy trying to destabilze us lolzzRecommend

  • Sadiq Alam

    West perceives India’s nuclear program as well as other warfare modernisation is
    necessary to counter China’s rising power. Over the past decades, the US has sought to use India to contain China. In return, India has received US’s largesse – particularly the 123-agreement, defence equipment, support for Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) membership and bilateral trade. The new US policy called ‘Rebalancing of Military Strategy with focus on Asia-Pacific’ is confirmation to Chinese counter policy. The pertinent point here is that, the volume of trade between China and India has reached to $100 billion, hence making high-intensity conflict less likely to happen. Hence, India and China can no longer afford a nuclear war or even a conventional war.Recommend

  • Satti

    These days bashing religion, Army and our cultural heritage is considered as “Thinking out of the BOX”. Ground realities needs to be understood before writing such an article Recommend

  • Prashant Kumar

    The blogger is well informed. He is aware of ‘no first use’ nuclear weapon policy of India. Where we have resolved not to use our nuclear weapon first but we’ll survive any such attack and retaliate on such a scale and intensity that it’ll wipe out the aggressor. So clearly we have kept our weapons as deterrent.Recommend

  • Despicable Dude

    Another Najam sethi in making???
    Somebody remind that India recently admitted that the breakup of Pakistan and India’s intervention was by design and not by compulsionRecommend

  • rtnguy

    Whether paks nuclear programme is aimed at india or not, any use of nukes by pak will be its endRecommend

  • pk

    The paranoia of nukes in Pakistan can be seen when any news media always start their news by uttering word, “Nuclear armed Pakistan” as if it is the only proud achievement.Recommend

  • wb

    It’s a fair analysis.

    Pakistan lives under the fear of India and believes that India does not accept Pakistan’s existence.

    That’s absolute rubbish. Simply because, Bangladesh was Pakistan once. Today, India even settled all border disputes with Bangladesh. If India had any such nefarious designs, do Pakistanis think it wouldn’t be impossible for us to invade Bangladesh and take it? Or do Pakistanis spare a second to think that we’re not foolish enough to do that?

    The question of accepting Pakistan doesn’t even arise, when we have a diplomatic mission in your country for almost as many years as Pakistan’s existence. When you don’t accept a country, you don’t have an embassy. Does Pakistan have an embassy in Israel? Because Pakistan does not accept Israel.

    So, Pakistan’s undoing is its own fear psychosis. Pakistan has failed out of its own fear.

    India never intends to and will never first-use nuclear bombs on any country. Not even China. It’s a deterrent against China and it’s nothing against other countries.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Ever heard of “No first use policy” of India?! I pity your education system and media.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Excellent, this is what we Indians want. Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    You started it with our state of Jammu and Kashmir, harboring and sending cross border terrorists. We are just good at giving back with interest.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Why do you need India to destabilize you, you are doing a great job of it yourself. India just needs to keep buying weapons forcing Pakistan to do the same and then sit back and watch the funRecommend

  • Gratgy

    Imagine Bangladesh naming their submarine “Yahya Khan”. But then Bangladeshis are intelligentRecommend

  • Hari Prasad Patnaik

    Arre bhai LUMS Burger don’t you know that India has a no first use policy? Our PM need not personally tell anybody, our no first use policy is documented.Recommend

  • Vectar

    Did pakistan PM tell you personally that India will use it in Pakistan.Or can you bring us a guarantee that any particular weapon in pakistani arsenal won’t be used against India 1st as India has no 1st use policy?Recommend

  • عمران حیدر

    Childish thoughts expressed,
    India’s Nuclear program was justified by him, portraying as if India was innocent and it was their right to do so against China when it lost lands, but Pakistan’s nuclear programme was a rogue one, why? hadn’t Pakistani land was occupied by india,
    Express should have some quarantine measure before expressing the childish thoughts.Recommend

  • عمران حیدر

    are you sure about India’s interest?
    Malabar, junagarh, kashmir, Sir creek ? these were not the territories ?Recommend

  • Vectar


  • Ammar Ahmed

    If my enemy has bought gun, though not killed me yet, but intention to do so; shouldn’t I buy rifle to counter him?

    Beside we can use Nuclear for energy creation nahi tau Shab-e-baraat tau hai he.Recommend

  • zank

    Sure India’s nuclear program might have STARTED as a defense against China, but the fact that it was also a threat to Pakistan is not mutually exclusive to a China-first strategy.

    I’m not one in favour of exorbitant military spending, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a necessity at that time. Certainly once it built the bomb, Pakistan should have cut back on military spending – that was the big advantage of having the bomb. To be able to focus freed up capital on education and infrastructure now for example.

    Also, while i agree wit the author somewhat that pakistan is the insecure neighbour, and we as Pakistani’s have certain inferiority complexes, it would be truly naive and complexed to imagine that India is the confident peaceful 21st century neighbour it pretends to be. India has been happy to slightly provoke pakistan, then take a step back and see pakistani leaders flail around helplessly trying to get back at India. But India itself is massively complexed, it just has a veneer of outward confidence and security. Look at the recent Indian statements. One after the other Indian statesmen have come out with provocative statements against Pakistan, and for the first time Pakistan has taken a page out of India’s playbook. It calmly and calculatedly responds, with no specific threats, but just simple “we can respond in kind if need be” statements. And we can slowly see how frustrated india is that pakistan is not taking the bait this time by how it ups the ante after that.Recommend

  • Kushal

    Your statement proves what the author wants to say. if India can destabilize you then what’s the use of applying nukes on Pakistan? Bangladesh wasn’t born by nuking Lahore Karachi or IslamabadRecommend

  • Striver

    I LOVE this article but I DISLIKE it at the same time.

    Love it because it shows how mature we are as a nation. We take self-criticism very seriously as a nation, We will blame ourselves for the ills before we begin to blame others. WE ARE A MATURE NATION. YES, EMOTIONALLY MATURE.
    You will not see such article in the Indian press that puts blame for ills in the region squarely at its own door.
    Bear in mind ALL STATES PLAY DIRTY GAMES and all games are played to protect national interests.Recommend

  • Kumar

    Surprisingly intelligent article with full of common sense.Recommend

  • Balban

    It sounds as if Pakistan was the one to drop the Atomic bombs on Japan!

    Why should Pakistan (and even India and China perhaps) take the lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to heart when the NPT countries which includes those who used such weapons are allowed to stockpile thousands of them???Recommend

  • Shahid

    The real world is very cruel, ruthless, and unforgiving.. lack of awareness and no knowledge of enemy and its intentions leads to a disaster ir-reparable and incomprehensible. We have ONE and only ONE enemy which is 6 times your size and 3 to 4 time your military strength, about 5 times your economic standing and sustaining power. Now, this enemy is a sweet talker but a vicious killer. Never forgives and ‘must’ take his revenge. This is his character. To deal with such you need to study them more and with patience, no emotions, no mercy, slice through their heart. This is the only way.. I know for sure.. I am among them, working with about 600 of them in the same work group.. still I manage them as their boss. We need to learn and dominate to display our capability. This is the only way and we must learn and have mastery over.. and NEVER we should commit to NOT DO THE FIRST STRIKE. We will prevail with this doctrine and this vile enemy, we will succeed to make sure they are made to stay in their own shoes.Recommend


    one thing i can clearly tell to our pakistani brothers that india will never ever be the first user of nuclear weapon against pakistan or for that matter to any other country,the most important reason is “NO FIRST USE ” doctrine even china and america who are superpowers do not have this doctrine,and no one in india will ever let it to go because it projects india’s SOFT IMAGE, and one reason why india get nuclear deal with usa,other was its pure track record ,as author himself said that pak nuke tech was given to n.korea and iran.Recommend

  • abhi

    Well written article with lots of common sense.Recommend

  • SKChadha

    Can’t we live in peace …… OK I try to explain this psych – Kood Jaaunge, Phaand Jaaunge, Kaat Dunge, Maardenge, Mar Jaenge ………Chhodenge Nahin ….. To Kya Hua Jab Kee …. Aapas Main Hee Lad Mar ke Bura Haal Hai, Roz Golon Kee Barsaat
    Hai, Mulk Aadha Reh Gaya Hai …… Lakin Peet Denge, Ladhte Rahenge ……. Allah
    Hamare Saath Hai. What is all this ….. ????Recommend

  • Bharat Indian

    India made nukes in 1974. Pakistan could steal it only in 1990’s. Have anyone heard any direct or indirect threat of using nukes against Pakistan during the period 1974-1994? Was this 20 long year period was not enough for Indians to invade Pakistan, if it really intended to do so? Indians know it is the human resources that are valuable not the land resources. India is not a fool to spend its crucial military resources to invade a stinking dumpyard.Recommend


    See clap need 2 hands, in past many bad things happen to india due to pakistan kandhar hijack was one of them and im telling u things from 1990’s because then this debate go on and on u can see western media for proof ,now if this covert battle taking place in pakistan then pak should accept it as human nature of tit for tat pak should realise that there were mistake by her in the past and move on taking india into confidence.For how much time this will continue Yesterday terrorist is arrested in kashmir having pak credential.Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    A stable Pakistan is in India’s interest. Why would India want to destabilize Pakistan? Pakistan’s military consumes 30% of Pakistan’s budget. Every time the civilian government of Pakistan extends olive branch to India, the military feels threat to its influence and you can see the result. Cross-border firing, cross-border terrorism and conspiracy theories on TV talk shows. India also shares border with Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Why no such incidents taking place across those borders? Recommend

  • Headstrong

    India has offered a no-first use deal with pakistan. It is you people who turned it down, citing conventional inferiority. Recommend

  • Headstrong

    “India warned Pakistan after exploding their bomb in 198 to accept their diktat in the region” LOL!



    One thing i can tell to our pakistani brother that inda will not use nukes first against pakistan or for that matter any other country because india has no first use policy that even usa and china like superpower do not have and indians will never ever let it go because it project india’s SOFT POWER image thats why india got nuclear agreement with usa the other reason was india’s good track record as auther himself pointed out that pak nuke technology were given to korea and iranRecommend

  • Stealthy

    Pakistan isn’t pursuing to field “Ten thousand” nuclear warheads. What are you trying to say here? India has been a destabilizing factor in Pakistan for decades. India, because of its obsession with Pakistan, hasn’t been able to stand up to China till now.Recommend

  • middleway1

    Bottom line is, once you have nuclear weapons, you can point them anywhere. Historically, India considers Pakistan its worst enemy, not China. Do you frankly think that India would not use nuclear weapons against Pakistan if it thought it needed to, just because they were “aimed at China”?Recommend

  • Saj

    ‘India’s nuclear program was aimed at China, not Pakistan’…and the American Manhattan Project was aimed at Germans, but guess who got nuked.Recommend

  • Fahimuddin

    When Pakistan tested ghauri missile in 1998 in reply India tested nuclear missile. Was it for China or Pakistan ?Recommend

  • Mahesh

    Do you really think outsiders will have to destabilize you??? Recommend

  • Ibrar

    If there were no issues between India and Pakistan one could then regard nuke development an utter waste of resources. Unfortunately the riots that took place at Partition and subsequently the wars that followed as a result of left over problems confirmed that the two had inherited some never remitting enemity. A disparity in conventional military power and 1971 BD war proved that India would never let go any opportunity of harming Pakistan to any degree, turning our existence into a subservient nation. It was therefore essential for Pakistan to develop nukes as a deterrent regardless of whether or not India had any such plans vs China.Recommend

  • Hamzah Mahmood-Rao

    An absolute nonsense article. Does the tribune not vet editorials? Does this author live in wonder land? Does he not realise India would be bullying Pakistan everyday had we not had nuclear weapons. I’m surprised at his naivety and thank God this person has nothing to do with Pakistan’s security. Concentrate on finishing your degree sir and stick to computer science!Recommend


    india way back in 1970s (after smiling buddha ) CLEARLY mentioned that it will follow NO 1ST STRIKE POLICY.then how come pakistan think it as a threat.Author is absolutely right that right message has not been conveyed in pakistani society.Also those who think Nuclear arsenal as deter to war should not forget KARGIL.Recommend

  • Junaid

    Although, I am a strong proponent of peaceful negotiations, I strongly defer with your narrative. A counter nuclear arm was not a requirement but a necessity, not only, for Pakistan but also for stabilizing the power in the whole region. One cannot mediate talks to a just outcome from a weaker position.

    Besides, IDEAS is one way of marketing our arms industry to the world. It is not a mean of threatening India. You should try to look at things optimistically.Recommend

  • Disappointed

    .. pervez musharaf is nt a punjabi…get ur facts rights..Recommend

  • SaneVoice

    That is what you think….any impartial observer would tell you that India has nothing to gain from a unstable Pakistan. Plus Pakistanis are way better at doing the destabilizing

  • Salmat Ali

    When you cant manage your armed society and countless crime in the name of this and that. Has anyone any count how many have been killed in unstoppable violence while there is tall proud talks of strength. Energy crises are insolvable and industry is dying
    poverty is on the rise who can save this chaotic but proud country?Recommend

  • mk,

    there is no gain in having a war ravaged country as you neighbor

    ! Pakistan destabilization started when the 1st democratic govt was over thrown n the army took over.. what is there in Pakistan to destabilize ? if u are a critical thinker in pak, god save pak then !Recommend

  • Adnan Khan

    18 May 1998: L K Advani, home minister and former BJP president, warn

    Pakistan “to roll back its anti-India policy, especially with regards
    to Kashmir.” He announces the government’s new “pro-active” approach to
    “deal firmly and strongly with Pakistan’s hostile designs and activities
    in Kashmir.” “India’s decisive step to become a nuclear weapon state
    has brought about a qualitatively new stage in Indo-Pak relations,
    particularly in finding a lasting solution to the Kashmir problem,” says
    Advani, adding: “Islamabad should realise the change in the
    geo-strategic situation.” Vishwa Hindu Parishad announces its plan to
    build a shrine, ‘Shakti Peeth’ (abode of cosmic energy) near the site of
    the five nuclear explosions in Rajhastan.

    19 May: BJP spokesman Krishan Lal Sharma warns Pakistan that it
    will pay a heavy price for “fuelling the conflict” in Kashmir. “Time has
    come when the government should take a tough stand and foil Pakistan’s
    attempts to stoke militancy,” he says. The United States warns India not
    to disturb the status quo on the Line of Control, saying “we urge both
    countries to respect it and refrain from provocative actions.”

    22 May: BJP spokesman Sharma again warns Pakistan that “if it continues
    with its anti-India policy, Pakistan should be prepared for India’s

    27 May: Prime minister Vajpaee strongly defends Indian nuclear weapons
    option and BJP’s hawkish posture towards Kashmir in the Lok Sabha, where
    many opposition leaders term India’s bomb as “BJP bomb.” At midnight,
    Pakistan fears an air-strike on its nuclear installations and, in order
    to prevent it, contacts Permanent Members of the Security Council and
    warns India of dire consequences.

    28 May: Pakistan conducts five nuclear tests.Recommend

  • Indian guy

    Also to add to this, if Pakistan claims that its nuclear test was a reaction to India’s nuclear test, i.e. to say that it possess nuclear weapons just because India has them, then why didn’t Pakistan follow up when India declared its no-first-use policy. Pakistan’s possible-first-use policy shows that its nukes are to deter India’s conventional capabilities rather than nuclear. This means that it was only an excuse which India’s nuke test provided for Pakistan to test its, otherwise it would have still had its nuclear weapons just that it would be under the hood like Israel.Recommend

  • Indian guy

    Imaginary foes create the kind of delusional mindset that affects the Pakistani military today.Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    thats coz when u r stabilized u destabilize others……Recommend

  • Ali

    one of the most illogical article I have ever read. The reasons are totally baseless.

    1. “India’s nuclear program was to counter china”.

    If that was the case, why did they all hyped to attack on Pakistan after their first successful test.? If China was the real motto, why India treated Pakistan like it can attack whenever it wants. (Can provide you the paper cuttings if requested)

    2. “Pakistan made nuclear bomb due to its infirioirty complex”.

    I mean seriously? is Protecting oneself from the possible offence a is a sense of inferiority? It is rather a precaution which every one should follow.

    And there are much more of illogical arugments that can be discussed. At least have some research before Recommend

  • Humanoids

    Ok for China (bigger fish) India is a smaller fish which is a bigger fish for Pakistan. A>B>C so C just followed B’s example. You cannot use economics as an examples as poverty is more prevalent in both countries.Recommend

  • Imran

    Non sense..whole world was witnessed of 1971 war.Pakistan must keep nuclear deterrence against India,otherwise India will treat Pakistan as Isreal treats Gaza.Recommend

  • Faisal Ashfaq

    the notion here is that a utopian atmosphere in south asia is just around the corner, all we need is put an end to Pakistan nukes. The reality is our neighbourhood has seen cold wars, civil wars, regimes toppled, revolutions, invasions, insurgencies and so on. Nuclear weapons are not used to start wars, they are used to end wars, plus nukes now help a country particularly pakistan at negotiating table, more than battlefield, which is crucial. Even if we agree for hypothetical purposes that india has no intention of harming Pakistan, how can one guarantee that Indian policy will remain the same 20 or 30 years from now? Recommend

  • Dipak Mehta

    Excellent article from a young college student who knows which direction the future educated Pakistanis want to follow. That is very encouraging. The current lot have been diverting funds from Progress to Terrorism. That will stop by the new generation of Pakistanis.Recommend

  • Dipak Mehta

    LUMS student quality has gone up. The young student are learning the truth about Pakistan. They know that the Military and Mullahs have destroyed Pakistan in favor of bombs and Madrassas to create Terrorism. The young ones want Peace and Progress. Once the new generation takes over the StoneAge will be permanently eliminated from Pakistlan.Recommend

  • PrasadDeccani

    “We all fell for the quintessential Pakistani fallacy of considering the
    entire world a threat to us, believing everyone is conspiring in unity
    to wipe out our existence”

    There is a reason why author made that statement.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    The Indian PM did not say “that he won’t” but he also never said that he “will”.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Yes & I hope as a fellow Indian , you would agree that the Swamis & sadhvis are vitiating our intellectual culture too , which though has not reached nadir like that of Pakistan , but surely is heading in that direction.Recommend

  • Dev

    FYI, India’s has a “NO FIRST USE POLICY” with regards to nuclear weapons. If you are smart enough to understand , it effectively means India won’t be initiation any nuclear attack against any country including pakistan.Recommend

  • Dev

    Kindly refrain from spreading incorrect facts. India’s first nuclear test was conducted in 1972 not 1998. If it had to blackmail pakistan it would have done so in 1972 when you were already broken in half.Recommend

  • Dev

    If it was Indeed a war deterrent as you state my friend, Kindly enlighten us as to why did the Kargil war take place within 6 months of the nuclear tests between 2 countries.
    Completely agree with the writer on this, It was more of an ego and arrogance rather than deterrence.
    The sad part is, at an age when India’s focus is on Nuclear Energy, Pak has never moved on from weapons.Recommend

  • mimi sur

    We don’t need a sword to kill mosquitoes .Recommend

  • Vap

    I don’t know how people start writing in ET with logical fallacies on board. We got rid of IMF in Musharraf Era, linking IMF to our nuclear program is outright ignorance.Recommend

  • Vap

    Wow so many of our neighbors eulogizing the article. The punch line here is India has no first policy for nukes.
    If only these geniuses could see that India is 7 times bigger than Pakistan, it has stockpiled more conventional weaponry than Pakistan. Our nuclear program is the only option (God Forbid) if we couldn’t compete in conventional warfare.Recommend

  • Vap

    no-first use policy because India has so many of conventional weaponry that using a nuke first will not make sense at all. Its like saying US has no first use policy after Hiroshima and Nagasaki episode.Recommend

  • Free Soul

    Reading the article gave me the impression that the author was Indian !!! It was only after scrolling down to the end of the article I found out that he is a Pakistani from LUMS !!!!!Recommend

  • Bivin P.B

    All you out there talk about 1965, 1971, kargil War, but all there Wars had one common starting, thats its all started by Pakistan, and Pakistan lost in all in a Big way, so why are we waisting our time in identifying who is right and who is wrong, did any body in Pak Army the so called COAS agreed that kargil war there army was involved, all the history records are available online non of them states that “Mr. Musharaf” always denied, untill he retired, once he retired he began to spill it out, then why to trust such kind of Govt and Army, if pakistan is to set themselves for better future and peace in region, first they need to develop democratically build trust in democracy and line up Army, navy, Airforce under it not over it, once these things are done pakistan can look to growRecommend

  • Bilal Ch

    Who needs the enemy when we have self claim pseudo liberals who think talking against our own motherland and religion will make them cool. An absolute rubbish article, with no reference to facts and only fictional. FYI, India can never even think to attack on Pakistan now, aiming at China, are you kidding me!Recommend

  • loyalindian

    India was only declared as nuclear power in 1998Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Yawn. See the comment to which I respondedRecommend

  • Usman

    Pakistan has to be vigilent in its dealing with USA in order to look after its geopolitical and geostrategic interests in the region. The regional patterns of international politics suggest that India has earned the soft corner in the arena especially in the eyes of west.This might had fuelled her everlasting ambition of a regional cum global hegemonic player. Being an overwhelming growing economy as well as beneficiary of civil nuclear deal India has significant advantage to divert her resources for the acquisition of her hegemonic aspirations.Recommend

  • Usmani

    @ Tribune Management
    Such a Pathetic Article wonder why Tribune let such hypocritical Pakistan hating and India loving freshman’s to write for them,
    Your company represent Pakistan not India So please look into it.

    @Danish Amjad Alvi
    your writing shows amateur information without study when it comes to the international politics you better have your stats corrected and learn the International Relations and Politics.

    Not every statement is meant to be what it meant to be in the International Politics.Recommend

  • Muhammad Aamir

    LOL..!! India says we won 1965 war; Pakistan says we won 1965..!! I’m confused who is right India or Pakistan?Recommend

  • Bharat Indian

    Who declared? and why? declaration doesn’t matter. India was accepted as nuclear power by international community only after Indo-US nuclear deal. Pakistan is still an illegitimate nuclear power as per International norms.Recommend

  • Bharat Indian

    Swamis & sadhvis are providing much-required, well deserved balance to Mullahs and Padrees so that Common Indians are at peace.Recommend

  • Bharat Indian

    best statement ever by a Pakistani:

    “Ever seen a child decorating his house with statues of his mother’s rapist?”

    Kudos to LUMS for producing such a fearless student and Kudos to ET for publishing this statement.Recommend

  • Roosh

    This is quite surprising to see that a person who has expertise in computer sciences found it quite easy to write an article regarding the nuclear program of India and Pakistan… Excuse me!! this is purely a crap whatever u said in the article. What you mean to say, despite of Indian military advancements, its building up of military muscles by increasing defense budget, developing nuclear weapons, progressing in the missile field, Pakistan must sit idly watch the theater and wait for an attack from the Indian side. The thing is today Pakistan is a nuclear weapon state and its nuclear capability provides it a deterrent against any foreign aggression. And its the necessity of time regarding the prevailing security environment of South Asian region.Recommend

  • Shahid

    Why don’t give him passport of your country.. HINDUS-tan ; and take him there…. IT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE, DOESN’T IT ??? Keep such intelligent comedians where you come from..Recommend

  • Shahid

    Who needs enemies when we have friends like these ; We need to watch it and track every move our friend thinks or makes, as our enemy is a lap dancer of our friend.Recommend

  • Eagle

    Good realistic assessment. Indian nuke never meant for Pakistan, that’s why India never indulge in tactical nuke competition with Pakistan.Recommend

  • Maverick_NZ

    Oh great, if only you told this to Pakistanis earlier in 1998, that Indian does not intend to use nuclear weapons on Pakistan, we wouldn’t have wasted so much money and relied entirely on India’s good will for our national security. Silly us Pakistanis.Recommend

  • wb

    This is the problem with Pakistanis. The look at the world through a narrow vision and think the whole world is like them.

    India does not test any missile in response to Pakistan. Only Pakistan tests missiles in response to India’s test. In fact, India doesn’t even test anything in response to China.

    What happened in 1998 must be a mere incidence, not even a co-incidence. That is why, with 70 years of history you can quote only one incidence. Shows the low level of logical reasoning capability.

    Understand this:

    Once: incidence.

    Twice: co-incidence.

    Thrice: Pattern.

    So, to make your argument, you have to give at least 3 examples, not one.Recommend

  • Demril Shaikh

    is the writer an Indian or Pakistani? Go to India for writing such pathetic flawed pro indian articles….you cannot be a LUMs student..Recommend

  • Demril Shaikh

    And who are you? Just another paranoid Indian….have you ever read the comments on your indian news papers…such an extremist illiterate society India has become…Recommend

  • Demril Shaikh….60% of Indian population does not have access to proper toilets and look at these people….they talk as if they are superpowers Recommend

  • RFD

    The Hindustani people are on their way, with their caustic, vitriolic,
    ‘make no sense’ comments. Here they come. An avalanche.Recommend

  • Eshel Dapez

    Ironic enough, India’s nuclear
    program was aimed at China, not Pakistan.Quite surprising that how one can
    ignore major realities or facts so easily? In its simplest manner who introduced
    the very word “nuclear” in South Asia? Obviously India under the disguise od “Atoms
    for Peace” started a program which got in to nuclear weapons afterwards. It is the
    history which can answer each and every concern of the above account that India
    is known for its expansionist and hostile policies against Pakistan by fighting
    a three full fledge war against Pakistan. It is the nuclear deterrence which
    gives a some halt in full scale wars but low intensity wars are still there. Does
    India really to match it credentials with so big sleeping dragon China? This
    equation can be hypothetical but far off from reality except then a mockery of Indian
    ambitious nature.Recommend

  • Ashish
  • RAIS Akbar

    Pakistan nuclear programme goes back to early 70s. Please correct your record. Recommend

  • nabidad

    I am sorry to say, it is a nonsense article written by Danish Amjad Alvi, Pakistan is surviving because it has Nuclear weapon. I am fully agreed with former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf’s comment that “We have not made the atomic bomb for occasions like Shab-e-Barat.” India doesn’t dare even to talk to China although her big area of land is under control of China, how come India made atomic bomb to use against powerful China. So be Pakistani Danish.Recommend

  • Md Musarrof

    Demril Shaik.. Really Its shame of India lol they can pay lots of money for creating a film but they cant create toilet for their people.

    Manager of Babar and sons company in Pakistan.

  • Umair Malik

    Our nuclear warheads and very efficient army is the only thing which keeps our enemies at bay. I’m a teenager and this is what I think ,it’s not that I don’t want peace it’s just that I want our enemies to fear us and not think little of us .

  • Ibrar

    How weird it looks when you promptly conclude we Pakistanis see things through narrow prism. Does your response not reveal that your own perceptual and reflective centre seems located somewhere at the lower end of your spine instead of brain.

    Yes Pakistan does test missiles in response to India’s to reveal our power and keep India on its toes. And I do seriously believe that India too tests its missile vs China regardless of whether China takes any notice. That said India may have recently reduced the number of tests because it is now trying to adapt a different posture towards China to try and dilute ties between that country and Pakistan, particularly since China has decided to invest heavily in Pakistan including CPEC which when seen through the fear laden Indian Prism amounts to encirclement of India!!!


  • Gulab

    India does not wants to be equated with Pakistan in international forums and hence they do not discuss issues with Pakistan openly.Recommend