If Iran and the US can make peace, why can’t India and Pakistan?

Published: July 29, 2015

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (L) shaking hands with Indian premier Narendra Modi (R) just before the start of the bilateral meeting. PHOTO: AFP

The nuclear deal between Iran and the West has opened up new avenues of engagements for those nations which have been in conflict for decades. It has proved that time-tested diplomacy is the only way to achieve peace in the world.

Therefore, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s gesture of sending mangoes to his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, holds more than just symbolic value. It is, at one hand, a reflection of the desire to normalise relationships between the two countries while at the other hand, it suggests the calming down of frayed tempers on both sides of the border which have been boiling over the alleged ceasefire violations.

It is not easy for a Pakistani leader to make a conciliatory move towards its eastern neighbour. Nawaz has to struggle with the baggage of history and conflicts of modern time. One needs to see the comment section of newspaper to understand the reactions of the people. Majority of the opinions view the gesture of reaching out to New Delhi with deep-seated cynicism and some even call him a sell-out. We might dismiss them as unwanted trolls, but these trolls are also a reflection of the larger mood and mind frame of the nation.

The ‘mango diplomacy’, if one can take liberty with words, comes at a time when ceasefire violations at the border have come to dominate the news. It has been a recurring pattern, whenever there has been an attempt to normalise relations between the two neighbours, the number of border skirmishes also go up.

No doubt there are strong vested interests on both sides of the border who do not want the peace process to make any headway.

Constant jingoism on both sides of the border has taken its toll. Over the years, the prism of looking at each other has narrowed. Prejudices have coloured our perceptions and our vision has become weak. We have become a prisoner of our own prejudices. So we need to break free from our own self-imposed barriers before we accept the peace process. Yes, it is not easy. But it has to be done.

But the main question is, can it be done?

The Ufa declaration at the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) summit is a step in the right direction. There is no doubt that the intent to engage each other is evident. The Ufa meeting between the leaderships of both nations came after a yearlong of bickering. India is largely to be held responsible for the slide in the relationship for over a year.

Prime Minister Modi showed remarkable statesmanship when he invited his counterpart to his inauguration in May 2014, but parochial political calculations put a halt to this promising engagement.

For effective stability and greater prosperity in South Asia, a normalisation of the relationship is a must for masses on both sides of the border. We might make strategic alliances with other countries to counter each other, but there is a no alternative to the engagement. If we keep on bleeding each other, we will always be in a terminal state of illness.

If India thinks that it can be a bigger and more prosperous nation as well as sustain its economic growth and expand its geopolitical status by ignoring Pakistan, it is living in a fool’s paradise. The more New Delhi remains aloof from Islamabad, the more it would boost those elements in the Islamic world which survive on the anti-Indian rhetoric. It runs the risk of undermining the peace constituency.

Similarly, Islamabad should also understand that no matter how strong its bonding with China, it cannot substitute its friendship with New Delhi. It cannot afford to let loose the extremist forces in its backyard and allow it to foment anti-India feelings, this is a proven reality and Islamabad understands it quite well that Frankenstein cannot exist on friendly terms, even with his own creator.

It is this Frankenstein who was the architect of the attack in Gurdaspur, Punjab, where a police station was attacked early this week. How can one explain the sudden burst of terror attacks in an area which is safely tucked away from the terror zone?

No doubt this attempt is to jeopardise and derail the peace process and the mood for rightful engagement. Opinions voiced against these talks are already making rounds in New Delhi and Islamabad. Any concession to the extremist elements at this stage would harm the long term prospects of peace in the subcontinent.

The Modi regime needs to show resolve to move ahead with peace talks. It has to contend with its own right-wing supporters both inside and outside government.

The stakes are high for both sides. We cannot fail our own people.

The way Iran and the West demonstrated pragmatism in engaging each other, similarly India and Pakistan will also have to show the same zeal to address issues, keeping in mind long-term peace in the subcontinent.


Sanjay Kumar

The author is a New Delhi based journalist covering South Asian and international politics.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Queen

    Peace can be established if only the Indian establishment can stop promoting terrorism in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Peace can be established only if Pakistan stops equating itself with India and stops considering state sponsored terrorism as its ticket to achieving parityRecommend

  • Jayman

    US and Iran don’t have disputed territory and they don’t share a border. Besides neither one of them is a security state.Recommend

  • whatever

    because there is no juggler veins for Iran and USA.Recommend

  • The Truth

    Because our differences are based on religion, in particular the fact that muslims have equal rights and continue to live freely in Hindu majority India, muslim majority Pakistan has exterminated Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains from 22% of population in 1947 to 1% today.Recommend

  • Ali

    because Iran and USA have been allies under the sheetsRecommend

  • Chillax

    I sensed the magazines like Diplomat were AGENDA driven but never even realized they could have such substandard writers… What a Naive title ( i choose this politically correct word to call this stupid article)…..Iran or US did nto interfere in each others geography while they were doign all kinds of (subversive) overt and Covert ops..

    India is not involved as much as Pakistanis are invovled with indian leftist and secular press and so called less intelligent “INTELLIGENTSIA”… IRAN and US are not fighting over some land .. Both are not using religion to justify their fights ( though ayotallah and Bush use religious reference …. but never succeed)…

    Best way for India is this DUAL track Doctrine…. continue to engage politically (political class in Pakistan has less powers to take decisions though)…and continue to NEUTRALIZE ( actively and proactively) the terror causing other arms of state ( both state and non-state actors)……the Ajit Doval DoctrineRecommend

  • Ibrar

    Congratulation Mr Kumar, this is an excellent write up.Recommend

  • Anjaan Aadmi

    It is simple … !! … neither the US nor Iran are involved in any transactional relationship, and carry out the dirty work of any third country in exchange of dollars … nor does India … but Pakistan is an important proxy state of three big powers, Britain, China and the US … Pakistan’s security and diplomatic decisions are shaped to a large extent by these big powers … !!Recommend

  • Obama

    Ha, I suppose US and Irani conservatives say the same thing about their “less intelligent “INTELLIGENTSIA”” as do indeed all mindless jingoists…Recommend

  • Muhammad

    What exactly you mean by Pakistan equating with India? accept the very simple fact that Pakistan has a defence parity with India. If you still do not understand then try to know what has prevented India from attacking Pakistan again despite having put yourself through some extreme provocations. ask your elders who might help you understand. And if your elders too are unhelpful then read Mr Kumar’s article again before any further self destruction.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    Get your facts right. majority of those 22% actually migrated to India from 1947 at partition.
    And what a big mouth? Muslims in India may have equal rights on paper but in practice the truth is far from realty.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    We do not wish to have parity with your country!!!
    One third of your children are mal or under- nourished.
    A large population lives in slums
    Majority of your population has not seen toilets
    Suicidal rate among farmers rising
    Your cities are capitals of gang rapes
    You tell us you have the best growth in the world but do not tell us why you remain a country with more than half the population living in abstract poverty, majority going to bed without an evening meal.

  • Guy

    Agreed with commentator “The Truth” that the divide goes as far as religion & is not political. When every thing is viewed in terms of faith no ice can be broken. When in schools another religion(s) are taught as non-believers nothing much can be achieved. US & Iran textbooks are different. As I commented before in on articles here on Tribune “the best” India & Pakistan can achieve is neutrality, friendship is nowhere in the prism. Achieving parity with India is not a problem but the way to achieve matters. Consider South Korea, Japan, Singapore. These are 1/10 the size of India even smaller & their economic sizes are way bigger than India. Parity can be achieved once human resource develop, there is a sense to give back to society/nation. Then you grow & grow many folds. Developing nuclear warheads & dreaming of decimating enemy keep one holding back. The nations who developed nuclear weapons developed as a deterrence not achieving parity. There was no parity in China & US. But the former developed it as a deterrent & kept developing itself. Same with India & China. Former has it as a deterrent & is evolving itself.Recommend

  • Kushal

    Its because Pakistani establishment thinks it is Muslim India and has a dream to establish an Islamic nation based in Delhi. Kashmir is not just a land dispute, it is a manifestation of the territorial demand Pakistan has on the rest of India. Consider a hypothetical scenario. By some miracle Kashmir is handed over to Pak in a golden platter. Do you think they will stop there? It will be a matter of time when they would ask for Delhi, UP, Hyderabad etc.
    NE insurgencies had nothing to do with Kashmir problem. Still during the time when East Pakistan was not lost in the world map, it was abetted by the Pak military regime. It was doused only when Bangladesh came into being.Recommend

  • Afzal

    Your comment is no less stupid. A policy of engaging with the political class in Pakistan while continuing to use terrorists as per Doval’s self destructing Doctrine will not work. You as well as Mr Kumar, the writer have ignored to mention anything about our unresolved issues like Kashmir which right from Partition are the root causes of enemity. Let me tell you what ever long term consequences Niether the political class or the military leadership are going to accept any engagement that excludes our bilateral issues. India is hoping that with the passage of time and weakening of Pakistan Economy will make Pakistan forget its rightful stands. That is most likely to happen. It did not happen when Pakistan defence was not at Par with India in terms of number….numbers are no longer relevent and with the military parity having been achieved and consolidated India is not going to get away with one sided ideas. Pakistan will not withdraw its support until Kashmiris gain freedom or no longer want our support.Recommend

  • umesh

    interchange the countriesRecommend

  • Ravistichagan

    There are grave issues between India and Pakistan but Kashmir dispute is at top that is the biggest hurdle in normalizing tensions. Since the partition of the Indian subcontinent into India and Pakistan in 1947, the Kashmir dispute has been an intractable one between them. They fought three wars over it in1948, 1965, and 1999, but have not been able to resolve it. The partition left the fate of over 550 princely states undecided. They were required to accede to either of the two states on the basis of the geographical location and wishes of their people. There are other issues but territorial issue is more grave compared to others. One must resolve it before seeking for long lasting peace.Recommend

  • Gullu Guddu and Gomnath.

    The Military Industrial complexes on BOTH sides of the border do not
    want peace. If peace prevails it will decimate their budgets/profits.
    And their coddled and pampered lifestyles and privileges will see a
    drastic downturn. Plus, political careers are built and maintained by
    how vociferously you demonize the OTHER country. ,..Karma.
    Then there is the rising religious fanaticism, on BOTH sides of the
    border. And spineless politicians simply being yes men/women.
    A very very BAD scenario for the common citizens who want peace.Recommend

  • VRM

    Peace cannot be established between the two countries, because if such a thing were to happen, Pakistan’s army will become irrelevant. Unfortunate, but true.Recommend

  • Gus, USA

    Believe thee are lots of hate material against Hindus in Pakistan and unless it becomes a secular nation and change all those falsehood, peace and friendship is not possible.Recommend

  • Crap

    This Nawaz Sharif ‘ gesture’ has nothing to do with some national objectives. Remember this is Nawaz Sharif. Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Because America is Super Power but all power of Pakistan comes from America and army. Both want containment or at worst destruction of India.Recommend

  • joe

    Because even Iran cannot make peace with Pakistan.Recommend

  • Nothing but the truth

    Because they have occupied Kashmir……Let Kashmir become an Independent state, then we will have peace in the Region.. Full stop!Recommend

  • Khan

    Forget about mango diplomacy, most important India needs to accept n pulically admit that Kashmir is not n never was its integral part n India is willing to follow UN resolutions and fix day, date n year for publicite in the State of Kashmir. Secondly withdraw its forces from two mountain tops. Then sit in a civilized way n discuss and find final resolves of all disputes including water. Rest would be useless n fruitless.Recommend

  • basil

    no, only ur mindset needs to be changed, and knowing it can never be done u can forget about peace.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    Ger Spiegel a popular German media outlet quotes your former ISI chief.


    “Only recently, he referred to brutal Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud as a good “patriot.”

    Your own agencies are spreading Terror in Pakistan. Ask the former spymaster, who is now retired and safe in Pakistan, why he referred to Baitullah as “Patriot”.

    But, I’m sure you guys are not capable for such reflection.Recommend

  • Union Jack

    Iran is not engaged in cross border terrorism. Iran and USA do not share bloody history of partition and the hatred sowed by it.
    Pakistan was form on the basis that Muslims can not co-exist with Hindus. There by giving boost to extremely religiously minded people on both sides of borders who thinks that the only way to ensure their existence is by eliminating others.
    If in any way it will be proven that they India and Pakistan can co-exist peacefully and given the cultural similarity between the northern belt of India and Pakistan, it will be an interesting debate going back to the reason of genesis of Pakistan. Even if we somehow magically avoid it for sake of peace, what will all those people who made their living on the hatred do ? How do you build trust amongst common people without making any one of them feel that they did not get their justice. How do you settle cases like Samjhauta express and Mumbai carnage without making the other feel targeted on lines of religion ? How you solve Kashmir issue ? Each side has a fantasy solution and compromise solution (often spoken as practical one). But frankly more than solution it needs a super leap of faith. And to demand such faith from India and Pakistan where not even a basic faith exists is nothing sort of a divine miracle.
    People comment about baby steps of improving ties. How do you take baby steps forward when there is always someone to take 10 giant steps backwards ?
    I am sadly pessimistic, not by choice.Recommend

  • The Truth

    Why did Hindus and Sikhs, who have lived on those lands for 1000s of years flee ? They had the choice of getting killed, flee or convert or live as 3rd class citizens on the margin. Why did not Muslims in India, except for few parts,flee to Pakistan ? Why were 90% of Hindus and sikhs forced out of Pakistan while only 10% of Indian muslims forced out of India ? Unless you can see the monumental difference between what muslim majority Pakistan did to minorities and what Hindu majority India did to Muslims,. Maybe if India did the same to muslims in India, what muslims in Pakistan did to Hindus and Sikhs, then you may appreciate the difference.Recommend

  • Union Jack

    As usual empty utensils make more noise. You guys have no evidence what so ever besides your extreme dislike of India which conjures such imaginations.
    UN and the world says exactly opposite to what you say. Name one entity in India listed under international banned terrorists organization list. There are quite few from Pakistan somehow. I wonder how you still muster courage to make such unsubstantiated statements.Recommend

  • Union Jack

    His facts are right. I guess you are just to ashamed to admit it. Refer to any population stats in Pakistan pre Zia Ul Haq. For your reference read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hinduism_in_Pakistan, under section “decline”.Recommend

  • Union Jack

    Kashmir was and always will be part of India. Recommend

  • Union Jack

    History of Kashmir is more than 2000 years. Of Islam is about 1400 years. Of Mughal invaders in Indian sub-continent its 800 years. So even assuming that muslims lived in Kashmir for 800 years , how do you logically conclude that it belongs to muslim when the Kashmir was and always existed as Hindu land ?
    Kashmir will never be let go by India. We lost enough of our land in 1947 on lines of religion. We wont loose any more. Thats one thing is very firm in every Indians’ mind and heart. Do what you can.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Now explain to me why your media and TV channels are filled with news on India – the more negative, the better. You don’t see too many positive stories of India being published. Maybe because it helps reinforce the mythsRecommend

  • Headstrong

    And you would know that how exactly? Because your media says so?Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Anything else? Why not demand Ghazva-e-Hind (or whatever balderdash warrior Zaid Hamid propagates)?Recommend

  • Parvez

    Who says we can’t make peace ?………we both simply do not want to.Recommend

  • sParthiv

    best part of India pakistan relations is pakistan turned itself into a failed state trying to take revenge of 1971 and outgrow India. their economy is so dependent of foreign aid and still they go after kashmir as if kashmiris are carving to join them just because some fanatic waved a pakistan flag in kashmirRecommend

  • Gullu Guddu and Gomnath

    Hey Gus, There are Hindu mobs that roam the streets hunting for Muslims.
    PM Modi is also known as the Butcher of Gujrat. Shiv Sena, RSS, Sadhvi
    Prachi, Bajrang dalis want all Muslims out of India. So let’s look at ourselves
    before condemning others,…so sanctimoniously.Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    Iran and US shares the same Friends and Foes in the region, which make them brothers. In case of Pakistan and India, they are born rivals. The existence of Pakistan is remembered in India as the wounds in their heart.Recommend

  • Absar

    Iran and US are different.

    They did not go through a bloody partition
    They do not share border
    The impact of colonialism is different altogether
    They did not fight direct hot-wars
    They do not have claims on disputed territories

    And so on …Recommend

  • Nero

    The answer is simple: because Pakistan is still living by the imperial policies of British within its borders and the ideological credo of its feudal founders – “Hindu” India must be vanquished and “Muslims” must “rule” the sub-continent “again”. Kashmir etc. is just a cover for this world view. Any other nation would have realized that in today’s world you can’t fight a country multiple times your size forever. Any other country would not not feel “unfinished” after seven decades of creation (especially after Bangladesh debacle). Any other country would use its location as the buffer between biggest energy producers and consumers as route to prosperity. Any other country would have figured out, despite whatever its founders said for political expediency and leverage – religions don’t make nations/ethnicity. The issues with Pakistan are about identity and ideology. Not about security.Recommend

  • Nero

    When was the last time you asked “Kashmiris” for their approval? When you created HUM to sideline JKLF? or when you created LeT and JeM to make sure that HUM and Kashmiri separatist don’t get any funky ideas? Offcourse you don’t count millions of non-Muslims as “Kashmiri” anyway. “Doval’s self destructing doctrine” is Pakistan’s creation – original since 1947 “invasion” through tribal hordes. He just seems to have learnt well from you guys and would be happy to do some payback. Stop pretending that Pakistan is soem kind of victim. Even if it is, it is a willing victim.Recommend

  • someone

    Lets not compare Apples with Oranges. A country which is formed on the basis that it can not live with people from a particular religion, can never attain peace with a country where majority of people belong to that religion. There is no such constraint between US and Iran. Pakistan wants a territory which it never had any claims on. All their rhetoric is based on UN resolution which by the way India brought to UN after aggression from Pakistan. That resolution is not binding and has absolutely no value whatsoever. The issue between India and Pakistan is nothing but result of internal struggle in Pakistan between it’s civilian government and army. Both wants to earn brownie points by showing who can spit more venom against India.Recommend

  • Gus, USA

    Validate these figures from west, you will see the reality. India has tremendous growth and there the situation is lot better than pakistan. Pakistan is only involved in hiding OSAMA or hafiz Sayeed or sending terror to India.Recommend

  • Gus, USA

    Fake news and brainwashed Pakistani people. Better check western reports who hides Osama and who sends terror in India in Kashmir or in Mumbai or Punjab.Recommend

  • Gus, USA

    what migrated all of them are living with fake names or fake muslim identity. Also depraved guys are running away with Hindu and Christian girls.Recommend

  • Pyaazriwal

    Sanjay babu in is not possible in India Pakistan’s case because cross border terrorism in India and Kashmir melody is the bread and butter earning source for pakistani army and some Mullahs.Recommend

  • AW

    Fake news and brainwashed Indian people. Better check western reports who sends terror in Pakistan in Balochistan or in Karachi or Lahore.Recommend

  • AW

    Talk about evidence dude!!! If you Modi and his team is not named under banned terrorists organisations than its a failure of India. At least Pak Army has cracked down the terrorist, we didn’t make Mullah Omer or Osama our Prime MinisterRecommend

  • AW

    and that over confidence has never helped India… if Pak is dependent on foreign aid, have you ever thought why others are forced to provide that?Recommend

  • AW


  • harkol

    Peace can’t be established between India & Pakistan, as long as Pakistan is a ‘Theocratic Military state”, that defines it national ideology as anti-thesis of “that which is not India”.

    And India & Pakistan will continue play their little games, and the financially weaker state will lose – as in case of Bangladesh.Recommend

  • fahad

    because we have corrupts in politics who only care about power and fill hatered. both sides may wanna feel they are better but i know (mom is indian & dad’s paki-have seen both countries closely) . people are same man they just wanna work & come home to family peacefully fulfil their family needs but then comes these politicians and media. sadly i dont think this will end as having knowlwdge of both sides i can tell you that new generation has no idea of how are people on the other side as they believe in news propogendas and politicians . (but reality is both sides people are alike ) but will allways feel otherwise. worse reality and only a miracle would change this …. i hope and pray for one as then i wont need visa to visit my uncles,cousins and grandparents in INDIA.Recommend

  • Jayman

    Peace can be had in a jiffy if Pakistan vacate Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir.Recommend

  • Tariq

    Pakistani by heart want to have peace but its the Indian attitude and inside core mindset of most of the Indians. One can see the comments and the mindset reflecting in them.Recommend

  • kartikey

    Gurudaspur attacked by pakistani terrorists & ISI ir resposible for this . they want no talk with india so they want to disturb the talk because kashmir issue is not included on this talk agreement so pakistan is want to cancel that talk .that is y pakistanis are insisting more attack in india. india will angry on terror attack of gurudaspur then india will cancel the talks.Recommend

  • sParthiv

    Over confidence? its not over confidence its confidence over pakistans capability. dont you thing if kashmir was ever going to fall into the hands of pakistan it would have in its bright parts of history till 1990’s .From 1990’s india has followed “mind your own business” policy and is working pretty well. It has a better foreign policy than all countries in the region. india does trade with saudi, buys oil from iran and has military ties with israel unlike pakistan which is always inclined towards one power. Foreign countries are forced to provide aid because pakistan is a rogue nuclear state that puts the “N” word before a statement and after a statement and whole existence of pakistan as a country stands on trying to be in parity with a hindu dominated country india which has out grown in all aspects.Recommend

  • Kushal

    Because Pak itself is a product of Western Imperialism. It has to be kept alive to provide an itching to India.Recommend

  • Kushal

    They will start doing it once Kashmir is given to them in a golden platter. Read my earlier comment.Recommend

  • Guest

    This is the best analysis of India Pakistan problem I have read. I wish I could recommend your post thousand times.Recommend

  • Kushal

    “accept the very simple fact that Pakistan has a defence parity with India”…

    All you can do is some itching. That sums it up.Recommend

  • Sane

    Your Gurdaspur drama has exposed internationally. Set more dramas and then talk about those.. You begged for talks with Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sane

    One more thing has been added in your worry list, rather be called misery list i.e. Khalistan. You have lost your evil designs in Afghanistan. You lost the war against Pakistan, you waged through your terrorists and proxies. You are loosing at all fronts.Recommend

  • Sane

    Jugular veins not juggler vein. Although PM Modi has juggler vein.Recommend

  • Mir

    Oh wow, a 6 years ago article way before Zarb-e-Azb. Great way of proving your point….

  • Mir

    Uh… you do know that the US and China at are odds with each other???Recommend

  • excalibur

    Simply because the Butcher of Gujrat cannot become a Saint overnight and getting the Hindutva/RSS vote bank to foist him into powerRecommend

  • fze

    What about you? What do you think your Gov. is doing? The same. Now, it sums up. If both can do as much then what is the fight about?Recommend

  • fze

    Ah! the hegemonic designs of India in the region. We are the supreme, we are the only one, how dare you? Right?Recommend

  • fze

    No, because you say otherwise.Recommend

  • Tony

    There is another example that politics and religion should never intertwine. Religion should b left in your homes,churches,mosques… Why is it so difficult to respect another’s belief.Recommend

  • Kushal

    “what is the fight about?”
    That’s a million dollar question.Recommend

  • Ha

    “All you can do is some itching.”
    As dozens of nukes would be stopped by Shaktiman :) …Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Yawn. The ‘hegemonic’ bogey again. And to fight this ‘hegemony’, it is legitimate to use terror, is it? Recommend

  • Gus, USA

    ha ha ha.. earlier you used to send copy /fake currency in India through Kashmir and Nepal, now you copy messages also.
    If India is doing this then we condemn but at this point these are more of allegation without proof , whereas Mumbai blast , Kashmir etc have proof which Pakistan doesn’t deny. Kashmir terror is openly called as revenge for 1971, so this is the difference.Recommend

  • Gus, USA

    message shows extreme hatred,
    Can you imagine Christian or Hindus burning group of Hajis in Pakistan, what muslims in India did in Godhara.. they burnt entire train of pilgrims, lynch minorities at smallest pretext of blasphemy.
    Modi was implicated politically, he was never rioting or killing anyone, these are mere allegation.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Because Pakistanis are Muslims.
    Thanks to Jinnah for partition. It’s one of the best thing for us Indians.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Peace can be established if only the Pakistani establishment can stop promoting terrorism in IndiaRecommend

  • Rajiv

    Modiji has been given clean chit by court and public both.
    Who are you to judge him.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    If you have love for Muslims in India adopt.
    India does not need Muslims.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Home cooked conspiracy theories are not going to work.
    The West knows in which country Osama was found.Recommend

  • Sol

    How would you know as a Pakistani? Your group left them behind to rot and bear the hostility of fringe Hindus who were furious at the incomplete job of Partitioning based on religion? (Muslims like Jinnah and Iqbal wanted Partition, not Hindus whose ancient land it was. To understand, read the Biblical story of Solomon who had to decide between two women who came for his judgment about a claim both made to a newborn. The fake mother wanted Solomon to slice the baby into two. The real mother wanted the baby to be given to the fake one reluctantly, than have it be killed.) Every Muslim killed in a pogrom in India – by mobs, not the state – was in effect killed by Islamic State of Pakistan because of the failure of Partition. You broke it, you own it!! You are the only one who knows the truth, Muhammad. Correct? Indian Muslims’ share of the Indian population has grown from 10% to 15% percent and by 2050 will be 20%. If they are being treated unequally, why is their fertility rate the highest in India and share going up? If you cannot answer that, then forever hold your peace!Recommend

  • Sol

    Well, dearie, who gave birth to terrorism in the modern world? Your beloved Usurper-General Zia, the murderer of Palestinians, Bhutto, minorities, Russians and the English language. pure as driven snow, I am sure.Recommend

  • Sol

    69,000 Pakistanis since 9/11, one million Bangladeshis (1971) massacred by West Pakistani mainly Punjabi army and gawd knows how many Shias, Ahmedis, and other minorities have been killed during the regimes of Musharraf and Nawab Sharif. Modi is a piker in comparison. Your State invented modern global terrorism. It is kinda circular to say your army is now fighting the out-of-control terrorists they created in the first place. That’s EVIDENCE that the world has been witnessed and the world media and historians have preserved for eternity! AWWWW. Even intellectually honest Pakistani historians and journalists have done the same.Recommend

  • Sol

    Well, Muhammad, Many of those unfortunate statistics you cite are many of the high-fertile 170 million abandoned Muslims that could not be accommodated in a Pakistan created for ALL Indian Muslims out of the majority Hindu ancient India in 1947 and for which large tracts of land (790,000 sq km) were unfairly and disproportionately allocated.Recommend

  • fze

    Thank you.Recommend

  • fze

    There we go gloating again. Super, over confident fellows. Sigh!Recommend

  • fze

    so what’s the problem? keep on itching. An itch a day keeps the doctor at hand.Recommend

  • fze

    you sing and i’ll join in. Don’t have your own websites to do that. Why come here? Recommend

  • fze

    Till 90’s India was far behind Pakistan. It’s only in the last 20 years (out of 60) that India has surged ahead. And look at the attitude of you people. Full of boasting and gloating, rubbing it into everyone’s face. This is what happens when bald grows hair on their head.Recommend

  • fze

    we are not answerable to you. Go and ask your media and gov. what lies they spin about us which has been proven wrong many times e.g Samjhota Express, Mecca Mosque bombing. Malay gaon bombing to quote few.Recommend

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    This author needs to listen to what Ms Christina Fair has to say about Pakistan to know why India and Pakistan cannot make peace.
    Pakistan is what she calls a “greedy” state, which she defines as a State that seeks to expand its territory despite having no clear cut stretegic goals for such an expansion.
    In other words, Kashmir is only a pretext. The real problem is the “2 nation theory” on which hinges the very existence of Pakistan. That theory that has now seeped into the subconscious of the nation, seeks Kashmir not for strategic reasons but for the completion of the nation state of Pakistan. In other words, for all Pakistanis, the nation is incomplete without Kashmir.
    Therein lies the incompatibility.
    India does not actively seek Pakistani held Kashmir and would be happy with the status quo. Pakistan cannot change the status quo but feels incomplete without Kashmir.
    There is no point in talking when such is the situation.Recommend

  • Ibrar

    You guys keep reminding us about BanglaDesh which happened half a century ago and at a time when Pakistan was different. You well know that we now are a power to be reckoned with. Never again India has ever dared to mess with us despite events of extreme provocation. Simply because India knows the punishment. You Had a narrow escape in Kargil thanks to the rift between our Civil and Military leadership and more importantly to President Clinton’s mediation asking Pakistan to withdraw from the territory we captured. We agreed to vacate Kargil but shamefully the Indians claimed they defeated us…disgusting!

    India is not a respectable country and we have no desire to be friends with it. Economy does help but it is determination which wins. You guys have to stop confusing yourselves with your economy related delusions. While boasting about your economy you always forget about your starving population which will keep you hostage to your internal challenges for long times to come. So far you have increased your forex reserves by storing Capital that ought to be used to improve your people’s life. It is shameful that every 3rd Indian child seem malnourished.Recommend

  • Bobb Mack

    No we do not wish to act as victims to gain anyone’s sympathy. Regardless of whether Partition was a good idea but once accepted the parties should have kept to the rules. Even a stupid can understand that a Muslim Majority state would be part of Pakistan. Instead that one mistake of creating J&K mess by India has shamefully gone on to deny peace to more than billion people of the region. Remember Pakistan may be far less resourced but it has a far higher determination to exist with dignity. India might have succeeded truncating us through its malicious designs decades ago, we are not same what we were. And Mr Doval perfectly knows the punishment of attempting any new misadventure on us. Instead he and his leadership should be grateful that Pakistan has neutralised Al-Qaeda in the region which would have otherwise targeted India. You are still under threat of ISIS and America is already seeking Pakistan’s assistance with a view to protect its economic interests in the region. This is when you have been kicked out of Afghanistan because of your ineffectiveness…and that tells you Pakistan’s importance and increasing influence. The only logical way for achieving peace is that India should begin to resolve our outstanding issues or else risk encirclement.Recommend

  • Afzal

    We know you would not let go Kashmir. The trouble is we are not changing our our mind too. We are getting over most of our internal issues which we inherited thanks to fighting other people’s wars and our economy is meant to improve considerably. All we need is few more militancies erupting in your country and we will do what your country did in BanglaDesh. We have enough military power which is continuing to increase to support any genuine freedom movement such as Khalistan. It is only a matter of time.Recommend

  • Kailash Kaul, HP

    A guy named Afzal talking about “genuine” freedom. You wouldn’t know “real” freedom even if it hit you in your face. As the good economist said, “In the long run we are all dead”. By the way when Pakistan becomes the land for ALL Indian Muslims as Shia Miah Jinnah insisted, then India will let Kashmir go. Since it is not likely to, India is not likely to give up its portion of Kashmir. Ya gotta remember, foreign Muslim invaders (your ancestors???) illegally occupied Hindu India for a thousand years, Kashmir will be part of India for another 932 years. Recommend

  • atila

    Really, Kushal, that is in the very DNA of Islam and Islamic societies: Destroy all pre- and non-Islamic infidel civilizations. Read some real history. Read the Koran. Look around the majority of majority Muslim nations: All their populations are converting, killing, or driving out their pre-Islamic religious minorities. Pakistan, with 3% minority population is running a bit behind such esteemed Muslim nations as 100% Muslim Saudi Arabia and Iran. Even Turkey is 99% Muslim. IS is the only honest Islamic organization in the world today and is living up to its name. They do not have weasel words like “hijacked,” “religion of peace”, and “tolerance” in their vocabulary. It is the Ebola civilization that kills the host and makes claim to martyrdom.Recommend

  • atila

    So how do you explain the portion given away without a protest to “deep water” buddies, the Chinese? Frankly, Pakistan got 790,000 sq km of sacred Indian land for ALL Indian Muslims but received only half (30 percent) of that population while India was saddled with the other 30 percent. (Bangladesh had 40% of Muslims at Partition while receiving one seventh the land area of West Pakistan. 55% of Kashmir was illegally occupied by Pakistan in 1948 when the alarmed Maharajah turned to India in desperation. No more sacred Indian land for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan!!! Go steal some from Afghans!Recommend