Why I have lost all respect for Imran Khan and PTI

Published: July 26, 2015

Imran lauded the Afghan government’s efforts to start a dialogue with the Taliban faction of their country and implied that Pakistan too should follow the same path.

In the 2013 general elections, I wholeheartedly and proudly voted for Imran Khan. It was the first time that I was eligible to vote and my excitement was beyond measure. Alongside this, I was smitten by Imran’s passionate speeches and lively rhetoric. I was too young to understand that his words were just that – mere words. And even though many people asked me to reconsider my decision, I still went ahead and stamped the bat symbol on the ballot paper.

Today, I regret making that decision.

On Wednesday, July 22, 2015, Imran lauded the Afghan government’s efforts to start a dialogue with the Taliban faction of their country and implied that Pakistan too should follow the same path – something that he has been advocating ever since he became part of the government. Now, the grotesque irony is that he made all these statements while attending a meeting with members of the Army Public School (APS) Shuhada Forum; the very people whose children were slaughtered on December 16, 2014, by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a sister branch of the Afghan Taliban.

I, for one, was appalled to read his statements – and I haven’t even lost anyone to terrorist attacks, thankfully. Can we even imagine the pain and rage the people who have seen their loved ones shredded to pieces by these barbarians must have felt after listening to Imran? Can we imagine their sense of loss when they would have heard about how their leader was willing to sit down and chat with the same people who murdered their children, husbands, wives, parents, and siblings?

We can’t – because the pain is too much.

I can’t even bring myself to entertain Imran’s logic; who in their right mind would make such a statement, after all that the TTP has done? Wasn’t the APS attack testimony enough that animals cannot be negotiated with? They have killed so many innocent people, and now Imran wants us to go, cap in hand, and sit with them over a cup of tea to plan a future with them and forget all that has happened.

Would Imran have made the same statement had one of his own family members been killed by the TTP?

I doubt that.

I have always been a staunch supporter of dialogue and I despise the use of brute force, but after all that has happened, I thought that people would want to fight the ideology that the TTP encourages and that our leaders would stand by us in promoting ideals of liberty and tolerance, and a hatred for murder, bigotry and terrorism. Yet here we are, being egged by Imran to have a little tête-à-tête with the very group that symbolises intolerance in Pakistan.

If I say that I have nothing against Imran, then that would be wrong. My problems with Imran are on a personal level. Because he was my leader; he was the one politician whom I trusted and gave a very valuable part of my democratic right – my vote. So this is me, and many others like me, questioning Imran as to why I should vote for him in the coming elections.

Because as of right now, Imran and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) have lost their credibility for me and, like many others, I have started looking for other candidates who might be able to voice my concerns in a better way.

Faiq Lodhi

Faiq Lodhi

A journalism grad and news-buff, his interests include current affairs, arts, literature and social work. He tweets as @FaiqLodhi (twitter.com/FaiqLodhi)

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  • Rana

    My case is same like yours. I voted for him in 2013 and since then Imran is keep disappointing me on all national fronts. He si not a man of words. People truly call him a U-Turn master. What mockery he made to naional institutions, politicians, judges, media houses and several other respected personalities during his dharna and now the stance on talks withTTP are enough reasons for me to not even think for voting him again in next elections.Recommend

  • Misha

    I think you are getting emotional..while showing your sentiments towards APS massacre, please do not forget who created Taliban.Recommend

  • wb

    That’s a pretty frivolous reason to not like a politician.

    How about the fact that he kept lying for 126 days about systemic election rigging?

    How about the fact that he not only took the name of a few individuals and maligned them, but also claimed to have solid proof (even recordings) against those individuals and then failed to provide any evidence? How about the worst part that he finally did not even issue an apology?

    The tragedy however is that anyone can have any respect for someone like Imran Khan who speaks with forked tongue and is the very definition of bigotry.

    He cannot be respected even as a cricketer. He may have earned Pakistan its only one-day world cup, but he’s widely responsible for the culture of ball-tampering that is so prevalent in Pakistani cricket today.

    But, it’s not unnatural when it comes to Pakistnais.

    Tahirulqadri is another one who lies with a straight face. Recommend

  • Fawad Gilani

    So the U turns, Baseless allegations, 3rd umpire dealings, Reham’s Fake degree, Zina and having children out of wedlock, who paid for the Dharna?, Bhai Bhai politics with tahir ul Qadri, dont bother you? Just this instance of ignoranceRecommend

  • Akhan

    with khan we stand…. until bring me someone better than him….Recommend

  • RealPeo

    I have browsed the article.The title stinks and totally personal. You need to grow up before you can comprehend IKRecommend

  • excalibur

    No respect for such paid journalism. Even the blind can see that the Enquiry has resurrected the Doctrine of Neccesity by saying that night was day. Period

    Massive and systematic rigging has already been acknowledged in the report itself.

    However the finding is akin to the infamous basis of judgement by the SC India in Afzal Guru’s case . Here the sentiments and adverse impact on PML N was the driving force to bail them out as well as the ECP What a shameRecommend

  • Farooq Ishraq

    well I am totally against Imran but the writer. Seems. Not. Understand that. TTP and Afgahn Taliban. Are. Two. Totally different groups. And. In this context Imran was talking and referring to the negotiations with afghan talibans not TTP the one responsible for APS school children Recommend

  • Ahmed

    first of all imran khan views were on afghan govt & afghan taliban peace talks which first round was held at muree in pakistan on 8th july this month http://www.dawn.com/news/1192941 question is why is our army & our govt hosting talks between afghan taliban & afghan govt even after our pak pak army in june 2014 last year stated that there will be no discrimination between good & bad taliban > http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/national/27-Jun-2014/no-good-or-bad-taliban-every-terrorist-will-be-taken-out-army < then why we are hosting talks between afghan govt & afghan taliban? this shows that our state still adopts the policy of double standardsRecommend

  • Ahmed S

    A very accurate analysis of all that is wrong with the political leadership of this country. It’s time that these political leaders stop doing these silly stupid things just in order to get votes of silly stupid people. The sacrifices of the soldiers of Pakistan Army and all those people affected by terrorism in one way or the other way SHALL NOT go in vain.Recommend

  • Muneer

    You r still baby like when U trust someone then stand with him till

    tenure which U vote For…after passing time U change Ur vote may go for patwaari party!!!Recommend

  • Sardar Khan

    For what I understand by the statement of IK is to open dialog not forgiveness.
    their has to be some way out of this mince. After all they are one of us is will.As
    Hamza say in his poetry.
    Rasha che khabara yaw da lare derta wakram…suk che we be lare hagha hum pa yawa lar de.
    Its mean me and you and majority of peoples disagree with violence. But the committer may think he is on right path. So we have to start from some where. personally is pashthun we can dissolve our issue on jarga or on the table with the professional.Recommend

  • forced2

    Well, for starters you can either vote for the National Socialist Party of Pakistan or the Popular Front for the Liberation of Mohajirs.Recommend

  • Emad Qazi

    TTP is no where as strong as the afghan faction anymore, the only reason the afghan government is negotiating with the afghan Taliban is because the Taliban over there still have plenty of power while in Pakistan thanks to the army the TTP is nothing more than a fractured and scattered weak organisation Recommend

  • saad ahmad

    You have m misinterpreted the Ik statement. The only leader who always talked about peace. Please don’t broke your heart over little thing no one is complete on earth. If we are in search to pinpoint IK personality than need angel to guide you. Broad your thinking.Recommend

  • Talha

    Now PTI supporters will start abusing this writer and call him jahil and ghulaam etc….
    Instead of digesting criticism they’ll show their auqaat. ..Recommend

  • Amna

    What exactly is wrong with supporting talks with those people who are willing to talk and put down their arms? Anyone who is willing to stop the madness, should be encouraged to do so. Yes, the army operation should be against those who are not willing to. When will we understand that this ‘Taliban’ phenomenon in Pakistan is made up of more than one kind of fighter. Yes, the APS attacks hurt a lot, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use our brain for what to do now. If the long term solution from dialogue will be more effective, then what is the problem? It doesnt mean you support Taliban, it just means you understand that good effective dialogue can achieve more than fighting no matter what the situation.Recommend

  • lala

    This is a very rational thing to be angered upon, however there is something fundamental about the Taliban that you don’t understand. The TTP are the Taliban for Pakistan and against them a campaign (Zarb e Azb) has been launched. Imran fully supports eradication of Taliban in Pakistan (by brute force as you say) by Zarb e Azb, however the Taliban in Afghanistan will be impossible to eradicate as has been acknowledged by America, PML L, PPP and Islamic parties. Please read some books on this topic, there are numerous, and there is a definite difference between Pakistan Taliban and Afgan Taliban. PTI has always supported millitary action against Pakistan Taliban which did at APS what it did since it was very weak. It would be politicial suicide to support Taliban and PTI is not stupid. Why do you think Afghan Taliban are holding peace talks when their “sister faction” is being killed off in Zarb e Azb? Please write articles when you are well informed of the subject. Also he talks about Afghan foreign policy since KPK bears the brunt of Afghan unrest since it shares most of the border.Recommend


    MR Lodhi you highlighted very good points i appreciate them… i am also a supporter of PTI and still support this party… I thoroughly read your blog and which point came into my mind and maybe this will be an answer of your question that why Imran says to negotiate with Taliban which killed many people & also attack on APS so according to me this is a propaganda against TTP . There is another terrorist groups which are doing such attacks or killing people and determine themselves as TTP… If Imran says about negotiation with TTP then this will not a wrong step if negotiation will succeed than Pakistan’s situations may lead to peace…Recommend

  • Mujtaba Rizvi

    Please correct it ASAP!!
    It is December, 16 2014Recommend

  • True Pak

    If dialogue with TTP can peace in Pakisatn then there is nothing wrong to start negotiations. Especially when Raheel Shareef has told the nation that APS massacre perpetrators are dead. How many more lives should be lost on both sides of the conflict to satify auther’s desire of revenge?Recommend

  • muhammad abdullah

    TTP was and is never a sister branch of afghan taliban brother as above quoted by you.they are being deliberately funded by CIA,RAW and other anti-pakistan elements..whensoever a person writes or talks this the so-called literates thinking him as a radical and nut illiterate one,label him as ignorant to modern world…yes imran khan is wrong in terms of his statement pertaining to dialogue with TTP but one should remember while jotting all down…Afghan taliban never conducted suicidal attacks inside pakistan..if people now called as fraction that constitute 95 percent of pashtuns and widely accepted that pashtuns make-up 75 percent of total afghan population are called afghan talibans and if they supposedly raise weapons against any foreign oppression then people term as radicals and terrorists.the writer seems literate but before complete research please abstain from making and assuming such remarks with love and respect…Recommend

  • Shahzad Ali

    Being a Shia I have lost many family members at the hand of TTP, but I also know that at the end of the day negotiations are the only way out. If you think that the war will end terrorism then you are mistaken. It has no doubt broken their back but in no way eliminated them because their finacers are still alive. In due course they will regroup and reappear, fiercer then before. So to enter into a dialogue and get them on our side, just like the Afghan Talibans, is the only viable approach.

    The difference is that Imran wanted these talks earlier to which I did not agree because they would have sat on the table in a position of strength. But now the tables have turned and now we can negotiate from position of strength.

    Though I agree, I might not vote for him again but entering into a dialogue with the Talibans at this moment would be a sensible idea.Recommend

  • dr haseeb

    another article written to.please the.mighty corrupt
    lifafa jounalism at its peak

  • thriftysmurf

    If your only reason for not liking Imran Khan is support for the ttp then you need to reconsider your stance because Imran Khan doesn’t support ttp…. Plain and simple…. he doesn’t and nor do PTI workers.
    I was hoping you would come up with something more substantive like his U-turns and lame political gimmicks to justify your disrespect for PTI but pffffff…Recommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad

    I have lost respect for Mian Brothers who waited their fate in hiding and did not challenge this stooge and his fake revolutionary thug friend.Recommend

  • Tania Kaleem

    So did you find someone who can raise voice for your rights? Recommend

  • Ziaurrehman

    Army cannot stay in tribal areas forever hence things will have to come down to political settlement. Let’s all be realistic about this and stop being emotional. Recommend

  • lashkari

    well, no-one is asking the general public to negotiate peace-terms with the TTP and the greater aim is stop people killing each other. If there are grievances, there should be some proper behaviour within a recognized framework, to reconcile those problems. Now if people cannot agree to stopping killing people, then we have to have a barbaric solutionRecommend

  • asim

    I was also a fan of him. I thought he would take Pakistan out of the current scenario but he is giving these statements just to win the sympathies of terrorists. which makes his leadership abilities questionable. Now I hate him most. I am not in favor of any politician or political party now.Recommend

  • safar shah

    Imran must support his “Warrior Race” he believes he is a part of the Taliban “Warrior Race” and wants to do his best to protect them. It’s all part of this ethnic racism.Recommend

  • UzairH

    Well written Faiq. As much as IK may not be tainted by allegations of corruption, he is morally corrupt, incapable of considering that we should never negotiate with those who sole tool of dialog is murder.Recommend

  • Rashid

    no one will even know you left. LOLRecommend

  • Osman

    Why the writer is trying to hide that he is sub-editor of ET blog section as well.Recommend

  • Azam Khan

    Faiq Lohdi, this is the reason for me lose all respect for you. I hope you understand.Recommend

  • ali

    There is a difference between afghan talibaan and TTP. You must know the difference before writing the article….Recommend

  • Waseem Sarwar

    You have gone a bit too far. Well i also voted for IK in 2013 and will probably do that again in next election because he feels like the lesser evil. I totally believe TTP should be eliminated and so should be idealogy of their if they have any but i won’t judge him on this sole matter. The current and past rulers in country have treated common people worse than TTP will ever do. The economic and social terrorism, which these families have committed to people of Pakistan is worse than TTP crimes. A common person living in country dies daily from the hands of police and society. I like PTI’s work on police in KP and if they prove themselves better administers, i will gladly vote for them again. BTW if you think political leadership decides about matter of security in our country then you are highly mistaken. The army doesn’t care what IK or NS say, they will do what they want to do.Recommend

  • ABC

    Like anyone care about a paid articleRecommend

  • Pakistani

    better you should follow Nawaz Jahil or Zardari Corrupt or Showbaz or others.

    Because some people does not deserve a leader like Imran Khan,Recommend

  • Sallu Mian

    If your problem with him is on a personal level. Then, brother, why have you used a public forum to vent out your personal issues.Recommend

  • Hassan

    u have rightly said and it reflects through ur writing that u were immature in the general election 2013 and since its 2015 normally people don’t get mature in a year or so, quoting you here ” It was the first time that I was eligible to vote and my excitement was beyond measure” if u were mature u have had made your choice after much thinking and analysis and once u have decided u should stand by it. first thing first on the basis of mere just one statement you have decided to write and article and hopefully u gonna leave PTI now…well i doubt that u were ever voted for PTI seems like a leaguei pretending to be a PTI supporter, cus any rational person won’t change their ideology this sooner…further i don’t see any probl;em with this statement, this is not our war why are we fighting with talibaan for Americans they r out of target so they kill our soldiers people and children, when prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h had dialogues with kuffar e Makkah then why not with Talibaan, secondly the option of operation will remain there if we fail to have a successful dialogue then we always have the option of operation. but u seriously need to grow up, from the given lot of politicians it is imran who have contributed towards the society who else do u think is sincere or has given anything to this country, iraninan president and other international personalities have pointed out one leader in Pakistan who is sincere with the country is Imran Khan, please keep ur vote to urself before u vote to PMLN PPP or MQM which will cause much destruction then not casting it at all.Recommend

  • Muhammad Munir

    you deserve zardariRecommend

  • Usman


    We, as
    a nation, are a strange bunch of people! With respect, i beg to differ and have
    completely a different view of Khan which has further improved. We have seen a
    man fighting ALONE against the whole system, against the corrupt and the
    selfish elite which no one ever dared to do for decades probably for the fear
    “that the corrupt will drag them down to their level and then beat them at
    it” just because they have the whole system wrapped around their fingers
    for they ruled so long. Had Imran not tried what he did he wouldn’t have been
    able to expose all of them the way he has now.

    I disagree with many things khan has done but one thing that i can’t find fault
    with is his principle stand i.e. not to strike deal with the status quo which was
    far easier to do for face saving and to avoid criticism and not to go after
    money like other or make peace with the corrupt system. Unlike other young,
    passionate follower of khan i understand that its politics and have many faces
    and phases to it so i won’t change my opinion of khan after every new
    occurrence until he joins the status quo to do the same what he is trying to
    get rid of or fights for somethings which has nothing to do with larger good of
    the people. The things that is still holding my belief onto him is the fact
    that at least he is not accumulating wealth, weakening the public institutions,
    promoting nepotism or paving his relatives (sons, sisters, nephews and nieces)
    way into politics. I think the way we Pakistanis think, we are either fine with
    the likes of Zardari/Nawaz or else want want an angel to come down and rescue
    us. Khan has his set of weakness but i reckon him in absolutely a different
    league than the duos or for that matter the rest of them.

    Coming back to the point, Its just that Khan has tried one thing that did not
    work out now he has to find other ways to make it work out while learning from
    his experiences. Lastly, if out of fear of criticism or failure we stop trying
    what we want to achieve we better be dead!Recommend

  • Acorn Guts

    The gripes I have with IK are better illustrated by not reading article but the comments. He has instilled this idea of ‘insult anyone who disagrees with our philosophy as bad as you can’ in our youth. He does bad politics, I mean really bad .. but this in my opinion is far worst!Recommend

  • SamSal

    What has IK actually done (for Pakistan or KPK) , if you could kindly list down his significant contributions after his party came into power?Recommend

  • wb

    “not to strike deal with the status quo which was
    far easier to do for face saving and to avoid criticism and not to go after
    money like other or make peace with the corrupt system.”

    He did exactly that. He struck a deal with the status-quo.

    In Pakistan, the status-quo powers are not Nawaz or Zardari, it’s actually Pak establishment.

    It is clear that he got money for Dharna from the deep state. It is also clear that he got all the wrong advice and information from the deep state. Now, he has been exposed.


  • Minhaj Haider

    Ditto my feelings. I am copying this and putting it as my FB status if you don’t mindRecommend

  • Maverick_NZ

    Yes another pretender PTI supporter. Yet another article showing how he’s ‘disappointed’ cough with Imran Khan. Heard it all before, and all too irrelevant.Recommend

  • https://savemeifyouseethis.wordpress.com/ Aether Skyle

    An extremely uncivil comment of you to make, Sir,Recommend

  • https://savemeifyouseethis.wordpress.com/ Aether Skyle

    ‘Mighty Corrupt’? Sir, need you be reminded that the newspaper has no political leanings or influence. Shame on people like you who hold such narrow-minded opinions and are ensconced stubbornly in their own bubbles.Recommend

  • Sane

    I 100% agree what you say. This is also a point to note that how corrupts and cheats succeed in this country through judicial inquiries, commission or committee reports.Recommend

  • Kamran Bangash

    All articles written against IK have no meaning to me. Because they are useless.
    Those who know IK they understand he is a selfish person trying to grab power at any cost.
    Those who support him are robots programmed so to support him.Recommend

  • SamSal

    Has IK ever done that? He ONLY talks about elections whenever he raises his voice!Recommend

  • SamSal

    He does. So do TTP. Remember TTP nominated IK’s name to become the mediator for the talks? Remember how IK never openly condemns them?Recommend

  • SamSal

    Not everyone who disagrees with you and IK is a lifafa!Recommend

  • footyfan

    Zardaris and Sharifs all the way then! I presume that’s what we deserve.Recommend

  • Parvez

    …bit of a knee jerk reaction from you.
    Imran may not be leadership material because of his many mistakes……but at least he’s a strong opposition and that to is very important for a country.Recommend

  • thinking

    You cant rid this nation from herd mentality. Let the sheep do its thing. Do not waste your time. It might actually get you killed – not by TTP but by overzealous blinded Imranists. We do not have political parties. We have cults, I bet.
    PPP, PMLN, and now PTI.Recommend

  • rjdesigns

    Well said!Recommend

  • rjdesigns

    So True! I can’t understand some PAK ppl why they love getting disrespected / looted by the leaders (in all ways I mean)! Some just love the devil and forget that Allah is watching them! You guys need to change your country not keep it the same. Or do you like living this way? WAKE UP PAK!Recommend

  • rjdesigns

    Because the elections matter the most! Without that side being fixed forget the rest! What has PMLN done? Nothing.Recommend

  • rjdesigns

    And your country Pakistan is doing great? Call it the 4th World – it’s far from even 3rd World countries! Recommend

  • Waseem Sarwar

    “What has PMLN done”. Metro and Motorway. :pRecommend

  • Noman

    Great leaders don’t change their vision on public sentiments.Recommend

  • Conscience

    Does it matter? No it doesn’t. You should be made to stand in the corner till you realise where you are heading. Young man speak to your concience unless you are not allowed to speak to strangers.Recommend

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    ( I thought that people would want to fight the ideology that the TTP
    encourages and that our leaders would stand by us in promoting ideals
    of liberty and tolerance, and a hatred for murder, bigotry and terrorism….)
    Liberty and tolerance are nice words but practiced only in breach in Pakistan.
    Is there real tolerance to the Baloch issue in Pakistan?
    If so, Sabeen Mahmud would not have been killed.
    Is there tolerance to criticism of the establishment in Pakistan?
    Had there been, Hamid Mir would not have been attacked or Rumi Raza would not have to flee the country.
    Liberty and tolerance are not the privilege of one section only, the Army personnel but for all citizens. Is that the case in Pakistan? No. Not even pakistan’s constitution guarantees equal rights to its citizens. By declaring itself as “Islamic” it renders non-muslims second class citizens.
    I am not saying Imran Khan is right or wrong but politicians have to be flexible and cannot be stuck in a groove. If talking to Taliban offers a way out, it should be explored.Recommend

  • Is Imran Khan not a part of the status quo; forever ready to strike a deal with the establishment, that ultimate arbiter of the status quo in Pakistan? Was he above the board in why- and how- he launched his dharna protests? Did his charges against a legitimately-elected government turn out to have merit? Is Imran Khan not surrounded by so-called ‘electables’ who are no different from those like them in other parties? Was Imran Khan not disingenuous about his members’ resignations from the parliament? Importantly, is his KPK government not riddled with the same stories of corruption and dashed hopes as other provincial government? And, more than anything else, did he not support and condone the WORST killers of innocent Pakistanis for the longest time by creating confusion in the minds of people and impeding policy action?

    Ask yourself these questions and then answer why you keep giving Imran Khan the benefit of the doubt.Recommend

  • Shahzad Ahmed

    agreeed and best replyRecommend


    A man who lied about his marriage what else will he lie aboutRecommend

  • Aamir

    What he done for KPK???? can you please explain but please no political bullshit.Recommend

  • Aik-Paki

    Because you are a typical short sighted supporter of the status quo of the elites and the looters.Recommend

  • Aik-Paki

    “we should never negotiate with terrorist” you have repeated the statement of leaders from the West in the past. Please write something from yourself as a Pakistani. By the way, West is now negotiating with Afghan Taliban via Pakistan.Recommend

  • Syeda Ali

    Hah! Election rigging? Doesn’t it sound like a joke to PTI now? Wasted so much time & at the end of the day you just have to say, “sorry, that was a political statement, we don’t actually have any proofs!” Imran has lost all his respect after this judicial inquiry’s report & his acceptance of itRecommend

  • Syeda Ali

    How can you doubt he is a pretender only? I have seen so many people around me who voted for IK & feel the same. Accept the reality rather than doubting someone’s credibilityRecommend

  • Cobrajock

    Who cares what you think about Imran? Lodhi Saab.Recommend

  • silversurfer

    Imran khan has been in power for 2 years in KP and is up against people who have

    been in power for over 22 years (PML-N in Punjab) and over 18 years in Sindh (PPP).

    5 years in KP ( ANP), over 10 years in KP again ( PPP). Over 6 years o rule of islamic parties in KP directly.

    At least criticize keeping in view the years spent in power.

    imran may be no mahatir, but is far better than the rest of this current lot.Recommend

  • SamSal

    That’s exactly what I asked the gentleman who supported him. Can you please read my comment like 5 times more?Recommend

  • SamSal

    More than education, health, polio eradication from the province, terrorism, infrastructure, investment?

    Are you for real? Do elections really matter the most? More than the things listed above?Recommend

  • Usman

    Sure plz!Recommend

  • Usman

    Sure plz!Recommend

  • Maverick_NZ

    If he was genuine, he will swing another way without any reason, so no point talking to or listening to him.Recommend

  • Usman

    Brother i have a different opinion, like i said i don’t see him supporting Taliban or anti-state elements … had he been supporting them he must have bred arm wings in his party which he hasn’t… now his party has many weaknesses but i see a man on mission who is trying his best and without personal gains… and i seem him do things in KP that other cunt do in million years (depoliticized police which is yet to reach a perfect state, work on patwari system and on education) and when i refer to that work i don’t mean that they are perfect but my logic doesn’t make sense to even compare it with the other parties who cunt do anything and yet ruled for decades… You may disagree with every point i make here but i still see him a man on a mission and not a politicians after personal gains…Recommend

  • Usman

    I supported dharna from my pocket and i know many other from within pak and many out side of pak who kept sending in money to support khan… Dharna should have been over the day he met Raheel shareef had he been enjoying support from establishment… and a man of status quo dosen’t worry about spending 126 days on the roads with people but prefer staying in fortresses and striking deals over the phones… Khan is yet to disappoint me at least… you can always disagree with my point of view with respect…Recommend

  • Shehzad Shah

    Imran Khan is a non-intellectual i.e. he is not in the habit of thinking deep about anything. He is a sincere believer. His mind isn’t skeptical. He doesn’t question received wisdom, nor the conservative lessons of childhood. So when he comes up against the complex spaghetti that is religious extremism + terrorism + foreign imperialism in AfPak, he draws only the most superficial conclusions. Talking to Taliban in Aghanistan is good, therefore so is talking to Pakistan Taliban. Case closed. He doesn’t see grays generally, so he doesn’t see that in Afghanistan there is on-ground foreign military presence which until recently could be described as occupation, that the Americans have with their ham-handedness reconstructed the support base of the Taliban. He doesn’t see that the Afghan population is on the whole more conservative and traditional than Pakistan’s, and that this isn’t a good thing but yes one has to work within realities. He can’t see that even in Afghanistan, talking to the Taliban will be be fruitful only when the Afghan government is talking from a position of strength i.e. the Afghan Taliban will accept a negotiated settlement when they know they cannot overcome the Afghan army militarily. In other words, fighting and negotiating don’t have to be mutually exclusive. He especially doesn’t recognize that the Taliban’s barbaric version of Islam should be a matter of shame for all Muslims, that yes minds cannot be changed by ordnance, that to be successful it must perforce be a gradual process, yet the process must begin and in the meantime we must make regrettable and temporary compromises with reactionary mindsets and not celebrate them as triumphs.Recommend

  • Arshad

    Good read. I agree with everything you wrote. Recommend

  • Musadiqkhan

    What he has done for KPK? Sir my family is from KPK. And they believe that this is the best government KPK ever had. I would like to know what your status quo parties ruling for 20+ years have done for Pakistan except for corruption and spending money on something like metro!Recommend

  • SamSal

    There’s a difference between a genuine supporter and a blind follower, you know.Recommend

  • Ravian

    Criticising PTI does not mean that we support Zardari or the likes of him. The only thing is that PTI has dashed our hopes. Come to KP and you will only see the old Pakistan. For instance, in Abbottabad, the traffic is in a mess, no new road has been built and no road has been repaired. Little rain causes choked sewerage to come out……….. there is little change here.Recommend

  • Musadiqkhan

    That’s basically one of your rights but I am sure people like you will never understand!Recommend

  • SamSal

    People like me and every patriotic Pakistani whose knowledge and understanding of national interest extends beyond Cricket realize the damage IK and his skewed priorities have done to Pakistan’s economy.Recommend

  • Akhan

    i wonder, had he really struck a deal with establishment, why aren’t things gone his favor? the Dharna ended fruitlessly, the JC beat him down to the ground, left there to be ridiculed by status quo players.

    My political sense may be quite weak, but not that dead, i am really unable to understand, why a guy with so much street power, genuine following, parliamentary power, democratically legitimate, lots of money and most importantly the establishment on his back, could not turn things in his favor. Any one with any no-nonsense answer??

    those who struck deal with establishment, end up forming election winning party over night without prior public support, they get NRO and become rulers despite hundreds of criminal and corruption cases against them, and even with 3 seats party can get their way into federal cabinet.Recommend

  • Miyagi Jr.

    Imran Khan is the Misbah of politics, you cannot point a single finger at him, and that’s about it really..Recommend

  • Maverick_NZ

    Yes, reasoning, which is unsurprisingly absent from the rant of the author.Recommend

  • He conspired with the THIRD UMPIRE and a CULT LEADER to pull down a legitimate government so he could be prime minister. And you think he didn’t want personal gain? Wake up.Recommend

  • Musadiqkhan

    Any Pakistan who thinks logically and have even little knowledge about the right priorities know that Imran and his priorities are real unlike others who are damaging financially Pakistan for years.

    And I know it hurts when someone stands against status quo one is supporting!!!Recommend

  • Miyagi Jr.

    OMG man, that is exactly what i meant by calling Imran Misbah of politics lol.
    Every word true to the bone.Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    :) and you think whatever mess was created in past decades can be cleaned by a bunch of in-experienced by highly motivated people with in two years? Priorities sweet heart ! thats what matters most – I love being respected by my police on roads and have my basic rights first, then having neatly bulit roads – hire shehbaz sharif for that.Recommend

  • Tania Kaleem

    Isn’t elections the basis of democracy? For the people, of the people and by the people. So if the elective members come to the assembly by rigging and not by the public’s votes then how is the assembly by the people? I am sorry he fought for what is every citizen’s right, to vote. To vote so that you can have the people in assembly who raise voice for your rights and do something for you. When the corrupt electables come in power through rigging they will never work for the betterment of people because it is not your votes that have brought them there but rigging, Then why should they care about you when they know that they will come in power again if they do not do anything because your vote doesn’t even matter.Recommend

  • Eubee

    “… weakening the public institutions,
    promoting nepotism or paving his relatives (sons, sisters, nephews and nieces) way into politics”. Well, looking at how he abused SC, ECP and Parliament of Pakistan, I can hardly agree with your statement. Entry of Mrs. Khan in politics makes me differ to the last part of your statement too.Recommend

  • Voice of Reason

    While I agree with your viewpoint, I do not believe a person in his position of responsibility should resolve only to dharnas to change the system.
    He waited 17 years to come this far, why did he not become CM of KPK and build a model province, build his portfolio to serve him in the next elections. Meanwhile, he could have raised his objections with the 2013 elections and pursued that aspect while primarily focusing on working for the country (read: KPK).
    Problem with Imran Khan (and most politicians) is seeking overnight glory! No one is prepared to grind it out and work his way up!
    For all his faults, even NS worked as a CM and built his portfolio (or whatever you like to call it).
    Revolutions are not only passion, you need a lot of hard work.
    Unfortunately, all PTI supporters are Imran Khan supporters; not party supporters. If they were, they would realize that all the other MNAs in the party are no different (read: doing nothing) than MNAs from other parties. And therein lies the failure of PTI to make a difference.Recommend