Does Manchester City even need a player like Raheem Sterling?

Published: July 22, 2015

I believe that Sterling holds the potential to become one of the most brilliant football players of all time. PHOTO: REUTERS

Since the Abu Dhabi group has taken over the Blues, Manchester City invested heavily on transfers this season, estimated to be more than £500 million. This heavy investment, unfortunately, continuously inflicted loss on the club’s balance sheet and brought the wart of UEFA, who imposed a fine of £50 million  and reduced the number of squad players from 25 to 21 in all European competitions.

Although invested heavily in the transfer market, the Blues haven’t performed well in the European Champions League and has managed to win only two UEFA titles since the takeover of oil-rich owner Khaldoon al- Mubarak in 2008.

Khaldoon Al- Mubarak. Photo: Reuters

Once again, the buying power of oil-rich Sheikhs recently ended a transfer saga with Liverpool and Manchester City agreeing on the transfer fee of young English winger, Raheem Sterling. According to media reports, the transfer fee is estimated to be around £44 million, which would rise up to £49 million, based on the performance of the player and the club in different competitions.

Raheem Sterling. Photo: AFP

However, fans and critics are questioning the transfer fee paid for the 20-year-old player who is yet to win a trophy. Keeping his transfer fee in mind, critics are questioning if City even needs a player like Sterling? Are Sterling and Man City even the perfect fit? Has Manuel Pellegrini signed Sterling because he meets his future goals? Or is it just a decision made by the ambitious City owner who wants to sign high-rated players?

Manuel Pellegrini. Photo: Reuters

If one were to look at Man City’s transfer history, we have seen the club signing players without any prior planning. In summer 2009, City signed Paraguayan forward Roque Santa Cruz from Blackburn Rovers for £17.5 million, yet he only played a total of 20 matches for them. He was loaned out to different clubs, and during his 2012-2013 loan spell at Malaga, he played in the Champions League and helped them reach the quarter-finals of UEFA.

Roque Santa Cruz. Photo: Reuters

One year later, the Blues signed the 22-year-old German defender Jerome Boateng from Bundesliga outfit HSV for £10.4 million, but the young German only managed to don the blue jersey 16 times and was sold to German giants Bayern Munich the following season, where he helped Bayern in winning tremble, Champions League German title and the German Cup.

Jerome Boateng. Photo: Reuters

Another example is the talented English mid-field player Jack Rodwell, who transferred from Everton in 2012 for the fee of £12 million; he only played 16 matches for the club and was sold to Sunderland at the end of the 2013-2014 campaign.

Jack Rodwell. Photo: Reuters

Therefore, as a football fan, I’d be extremely disappointed if Sterling’s transfer to City delays his personal growth, as I believe that he holds the potential to become one of the most brilliant football players of all time.

Shuja Haider

Shuja Haider

The author is a student of media arts at Karachi University. Interests include literature, film, international affairs, issues related to students and an Arsenal fan since childhood.

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  • Blue Moony

    Santa Cruz was permanently injured, Jerome Boteng just wanted to leave and never adapted to the club or country, and Jack Rodwell was also injured for the majority of his time at the club. The same can be said about Micah Richards’ last season, although he had many successful seasons prior to that.
    Why don’t you talk about the successes:
    Joe Hart
    Gareth Barry
    Jolian Lescott
    James Milner

    Rageem Sterling will be a success at City imoa, as he’s more talented than the players you list as unsuccessful purchases.

  • Adrian

    Khaldoon al- Mubarak is the Chairmen and does not own the club Sheik Mansour does,”has managed to win only two UEFA titles” no we have not won any ! Rodwell & Santa Cruz we injured for most of their stay so could not play and Boatang arrived injured could not settle and wanted to go back home to GermanyRecommend

  • Blewmoon48

    All three players you have quoted spent a great deal of their time at City suffering from one injury or another. Consequently they didn’t play very much, the standard of their performances declined and eventually they were sold. I think you will find this is a common occurrence at the majority of football clubs.
    Quite why you should bring up this issue in an article welcoming Raheem Sterling to the club I don’t know. Do you have a crystal ball that is predicting a spate of injuries for him?
    The heading of your article was “do City even need a player such as Raheem Sterling?”
    You don’t seem to have any substance in your article either supporting this assertion or disproving it. Do they or don’t they need a player such as Sterling?
    When a club buys a player they take a risk. Not all players are going to prosper at your club. That’s a risk every club takes every time they buy a player.
    City’s recent record of successful purchases is a good one. The majority of players prosper. You don’t seem to have mentioned any of these. Successful buys have been for example; Silva, Aguero, Toure, Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Nasri, Fernandinho, Milner, Barry, De Jong etc etc.
    If you’re going to write an article about City it would be nice if you could balance out the good with the bad and not just have a “pop” at City as so many before you feel they need to do. For example you could write a great article about the success of the City Academy.Recommend


    YES. They do need a player like him.Recommend

  • christinalorence

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