Raheel Sharif, the general who means business

Published: July 22, 2015

These men in khakis continuously play their role in the strengthening of the country both overtly and covertly. PHOTO: REUTERS

Be it the terror attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar, Eid celebrations in the middle of war zones or right behind enemy lines, some of our brave generals have never let us down. First it was General Pervez Musharraf, and now it’s General Raheel Sharif. Both these men of honour and valour have set examples for the entire country to be proud of.

Pakistan Army has always been there when needed or whenever the country was left abandoned in a quagmire of turmoil by our corrupt and inefficient politicians. These men in khakis continuously play their role in the strengthening of the country, both overtly and covertly. While our main stream leaders prefer to spend their Eid time abroad in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, or with the opulent Sheikhs of Dubai, it’s our Army Chief, General Raheel Sharif who chose to spend his Eid with the troops in Waziristan and the families of the APS massacre victims. Such is his resolve and appreciation.

How conveniently did our ‘democratically elected’ politicians forget about the tragedy that struck our young kids and left their families devastated?

It was the Army that took the initiative back then and it’s the same Army that has taken up the responsibility to cleanse our homeland from all kinds of local and foreign terrorists and their masterminds.

General Sharif has redefined military statesmanship by ensuring concrete steps towards a safer Pakistan, while digging in further to search and expose the hidden hands behind all kinds of criminal activities taking place in the country. He was all praises for the brave security guard Talib Hussain of Quetta, who sacrificed his own life while saving the lives of several others by averting a suicide blast attempt in Quetta on Chaand Raat. Even an acknowledgement and a few words of praises by a serving Army chief means a lot to individuals and groups who have never hesitated for a single second when it came to defending the sanctity of Pakistan. Such actions clearly draw a line between the elites and the patriots and this is how our soldiers earn the trust of their fellow countrymen.

Pakistan Army’s role has always been a positive one. Be it a natural catastrophe, maintenance of law and order or holding of fair and free elections, the civilian administrators reach out to this epitome of discipline and courage which has never hesitated in coming to the rescue. The trust that the entire world has in the abilities of our armed forces is evident from the fact that whenever a man in uniform has held the reigns of this country, foreign direct investments shot up and showed a positive trend.

It’s the trust that the international community has in the strong institution of Pakistan Army. The on-going operation in the crime-infested city of Karachi is yet another example of how the Army can get things done systematically and without succumbing to any political influence. We have a winning combination in the face of General Sharif, DG ISI Lieutenant General Rizwan Akhtar, Corps Commander Karachi Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar and DG Rangers Major General Bilal Akbar.

Together, these four have brought normalcy to a city which used to be in the news for its lawlessness. Despite of some reservations shown by the political stakeholders of this city, the Army is committed towards going after terrorists and their handlers. If this Army Chief succeeds in bringing the corrupt to task and eradicates terrorism countrywide, he will leave behind a legacy for generations to be proud of.

This institution has always provided one of the finest men to this country who served their motherland well and brought laurels to Pakistan with their valour and patriotism.

Arsalan Faruqi

Arsalan Faruqi

An entrepreneur with a degree in computer engineering and an MBA from IBA Karachi. He tweets as @arsalanfaruqi (twitter.com/arsalanfaruqi)

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  • Ali S

    The only thing missing in this article is a disclaimer at the bottom saying “This piece has been sponsored by Pakistan Army”. I like General Raheel, he’s a natural leader and has taken a much-needed stance against terrorism, better late than never – but it doesn’t change the fact that his institution eats up most of this country’s meager budget and is answerable for a lot of things wrong in this country.Recommend

  • jenny_brn

    Self praise is no recommendation.Recommend

  • Queen

    Our political leadership has always failed where our armed forces have succeeded, as has been seen during the times of floods, terrorist attacks, or earthquakes. Even in the present situation, the political leadership is busy in protecting corrupt elements rather than working for national interests. No wonder people in our country like competent military leaders like General Raheel Sharif.Recommend

  • waqar ali

    yah sure mr. ali we should not have anybody praising our military heroes. yes you r right they have made blunders in the past but compare them to our political elite they have done more good than harm and if we are standing as a country today it is because of ur army as an institution which is holding us together otherwise you would have been shred into many pieces because of these incompetent democratically elected leaders of your so called democracy. i don’t find more in cable, incompetent and vision less leaders anywhere else. by the way people always forget why do armies take over i think you should look back in the history. Two out of three coup are the direct result of incapable political leaders that our democracy has produced. you are still running this country on the foundation that was laid by an army general if he hadn’t done what he did in the 50s and 60s these leaders would have only given you peanuts to eat.Recommend

  • Asif

    @Ali i dont know why u ppl are always blaming for Army for getting high budgets.. jst seek PMs & CMs office & houses budget. There is huge need of money required for rotations =. I wish you just need to spend one month in front line borders or 15 days in Army Mess…Recommend

  • Bairroni Haath

    Ayub Khan the general who meant business
    Yahya Khan the general who meant business
    Zia-ul-Haq the general who meant business
    Pervez Musharraf the general who meant business

    It is easy for a General to look good because he can take credit for what is going right and put the failures in the politicians laps. We don’t know what is actually going on in FATA, Baluchistan or Karachi. We have only the military’s version and Pakistan media is hardly unbiased. Venerating its Generals is as old as Pakistan, but each of the Generals above failed in spectacular ways. Pakistanis should be alarmed by the kinds of roles the military is taking on and the kinds of powers it is brandishing and the daily beatings its elected politicians are taking in the media. It only has to study its own history to see where that leads.Recommend

  • Faisal Javeed

    Can you quote exact percentage of budget that is allocated to Army ?Recommend

  • Headstrong

    ‘Pakistan Army’s role has always been a positive one’

    True. Except when surrendering meekly in record numbers (since the Second World War). And, of course, when making money hand over fist a la The Fauji Foundation. Not to forget disowning their own in Kargil. And when making a mark in foreign lands (http://tribune.com.pk/story/349652/pakistan-risks-un-peacekeeping-role-after-3-found-guilty-of-sexual-abuse-in-haiti/), exploits in Central African Republic, DRC et al. We must also commend the notable triumphs of this pakistan army when they bomb helpless civilians in their own land from air in the name of war against terror. The pakistan army is at its most positive when it topples governments in pakistan and hang their leaders.

    Truly a positive role!!Recommend

  • Prashant

    Most people in any country would be much more proud of their soldiers compared to politicians irrespective of your nationality, it does not mean that the armed forces do not have a murky side to themselves which is also universal.

    Blind praise of armed forces while expressing utter contempt for politicians across the board is extremely dangerous if a person has any belief in a democratic system.

    The author might have forgotten but the fact is that “radicalism through religion” was started by democratically elected Bhutto and was taken to the next level by Zia-Ul-Haq when he passed some of the most myopic laws against his own people, the tragedy is the present lot of the Pakistanis are proud of those laws.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    100% Agreed with author, Long live Pakistan.Recommend

  • http://batman-news.com/ worst post

    Thanks Ali.. But you somehow conveniently forgot that there`s not a victory in any single war that the Army had fought. General Zia, in order to remain the President created the monster & fought America`s war. Results, Rabid Radicalization, Flooding of Arms & Drugs in the cities of Pakistan, Alarming raise in Crime, Militant Elements within the Army, Over a million Pakistani`s died causing huge losses to the Economy. Another Great General surrendered to India resulting in Bangladesh when half the country is gone. Again an Army Accomplishment. General Musharraf`s troops surrendered in Dras. The army wont even accept its dead until much later. What a shame. The Army runs business enterprises, and many Sr. Military Officers run organizations, while the poor soldiers were left to defend themselves.
    Cant you see the hypocracy when the Self Declared President & Gen Musharraf has enough riches to buy a luxurious hom in uptown london & live a luxurious life in the UK? This Brave General writes in his own book that One call from the US and he jumped into the WoT. The Droning & handing over of the soverienity began in his rule.Recommend

  • greywolf

    sour grapes? the military did not disown anyone in kargil. this is stupid indian propaganda meant as a coping mechanism for losing 3000 soldiers in a matter of 3 months. have you forgotten the lack of coffins your army could arrange because of how quickly your body bags were being sent over from kargil? or perhaps how even after whining to the US, the pakistan army maintained dominance over 3 other peaks that india had no idea about. as far as surrendering meekly, your terrorist government and army intervened in a civil war. fight a real war and we’ll see whether the army surrenders meekly again. but again we know based on your previous records of amassing troops.Recommend

  • Akbar

    brace yourselves, pseudo-liberal college students with wi-fi and hearts bleeding for democracy are coming.Recommend

  • Akbar

    So any piece that praises the army has to be sponsored, right?Recommend

  • Tajamul Hussain Turi

    Asif being in cities may b people like you can’t stay on border but people of fata r free soldiers and paid alot uncompensated. Recommend

  • Nobusiness

    Raheel Sharif means business and Nawaz Sharif is in business.Recommend

  • Pakistan

    We thank Allah for periodic military interventions otherwise Pakistan would have in history. Just compare last about eight years and you will understand what I mean. I know some o e will cry and say jamhooriyt did not get sufficient time. Thank God for that. Last 8 years tell us. It is time for another kickass.Recommend

  • Emad Qazi

    It’s ironic how people think that mentioning 1971 is a very solid argument to defame the army. It is actually not because even if you were to have the best trained soldiers on earth it would still be impossible to save east Pakistan. This is because not only would that force have to face an enemy five times its size, it’s supply routes would also be cut and it would also have to fight mukhti bani insurgents at the exact same time

  • usman777

    Thank you for kind and no-doubt well-meaning Indian concern. perhaps we should disarm our forces and let India continue to do what it has done in hyderabad, goa, siachen, minicoy, kashmir, junagardh, forward policy, nepal, sikkim, to name just a few territorial ‘acquisitions’…. thanks but we will be just fine without your “help”Recommend

  • Parvez

    There’s something known as ‘ overkill ‘….and this write up is very close to it.
    It is the abject and utter failure of our political class to deliver for the people that allows the armed forces to step in to the vacuum created…….a position they really are neither trained to be in nor should be in…..but are there by default.Recommend

  • Gp65

    “Be it the terror attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar, Eid celebrations in the middle of war zones or right behind enemy lines, some of our brave generals have never let us down. First it was General Pervez Musharraf, and now it’s General Raheel Sharif. Both these men of honour and valour have set examples for the entire country to be proud of.”

    Your generals never let you down?

    What about Yahya Khan who ordered killing of lakhs of Bengalis and surrendered to India in 1971?

    What about Musharraf who sent soldiers in Kargill but did not dare to own the dead bodies of soldiers and claimed them to be tribals? He was brave? You do know that Pakistan declared universal ceasefire in Kargill? Musharraf also gave permission to US to have a base for drones within Pakistan – brave?

    What about Zia who is responsible for the drug and gun culture in Pakistan? He did not let Pakistan down?

    Rahil Sharif maybe very brave. I have no reason to either believe or disbelieve that. He has not been tested though. Currently he simply bombs his own citizens and intimidates politicans of his own country. That is no testimony to courage. Recommend

  • Gp65

    More than education and healthcare put togetherRecommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad

    We haven’t won ongoing war against terrorism but paid mouthpieces have already declared him a hero. No doubt he is much better and clearer about internal dangers we face, but too much projection of him is not without an agenda. The agenda is clear, i.e. to provide legitimacy to his future endeavours. If General is not behind all this projection, he should categorically reject it.Recommend

  • asallo

    They take what is needed to take what you say about corrupt polititians who have eaten every thing. Who have eaten country without giving a small benefit to poor country men.

  • Sarfaraz Abbasi

    Follow that advice.Recommend

  • faraz

    Business is not meant to for army. our country is suffering due to the business being played by this no good army. P.S you cant compare any general with Pervez MusharrafRecommend

  • Vegetable Man

    The Author just wants a free plot in DHA, lets see if he succeedsRecommend

  • K Alam

    Raheel Sharif will be remembered for his accomplishments. He truly fits the quote that action speaks louder than words.Recommend

  • Nabz Khan

    so when a blast happened you point a finger on army when they try to solve them you cry bombing own people ? Can you please a good solution of to get rid of terrorism ? Whatever the reason but it can be seen in Karachi Most Peaceful Eid celebrated after decades. We have cross almost 2/ 3 months without Bomb Blasts Recommend

  • Milind A

    I thought Kashmir was the only dispute between India & Pakistan as most of you guys keep parroting (solve Kashmir first!!). However you mentioning Junagadh, Hyderabad, Goa etc… confirms our suspicions… Solving Kashmir issue to your satisfaction ain’t going to help, since you’d be after the rest as well.Recommend

  • Milind A

    “Can you please a good solution of to get rid of terrorism?”

    Its no rocket science dude.. All you need to do is declare youself secular, equal rights for minorities, clamp on the bogus ideology that promotes terrorism, revamp your syllabus and remove all negative references, shed the blasphemy law, handover Lakhvi, regulate all the madrassahs & mosquesRecommend

  • Milind A

    “This is because not only would that force have to face an enemy five times its size”

    What’s the point in continuously fighting that ‘enemy’ if its five times your size? What’s the point in doing Kargil or provoking your ‘enemy’ by attacking its Parliament, if its five times your size? All disagreements should be resolved through diplomacy with an enemy 5 times your size.. All other countries do the same.Recommend

  • Sane

    How do you translate ‘radicalism through religion’, when it comes to Hindu fanaticism. By which doctrine you justify killing of Muslims in India and making a murderer your prime minister. Pakistan Army under the leadership of Gen. Raheel Sharif is fighting a war against terrorist your country sent to Pakistan. We will flush them out very soon. Rather mostly we have done.Recommend

  • Sane

    What point you have about burning Muslims alive in Samjhota Express. What point you have for mass killing of Muslims in Indian Gujarat. What point you have to make a murderer your PM. What point you have sending terrorist in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Amir

    The Problem is that though the army captures the big fish in the net, yet they also let a big hole for the fish to escape later. The matter is not concluded all the way.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Let us assume there was an able democratic leadership, would the Army still take a back seat or for that matter if Nawaz Sharif carries forward the peace process with India from where Musharraf left, would your Army keep quiet?

    India has a special standing among a great number of Pakistanis which is of-course not for good reasons, this reason itself will keep Pakistan an autocracy which pretends to be a democratic country ones in a while.Recommend

  • Prashant

    You forgot to ask the point for India sending a Mars orbiter.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “By which doctrine you justify killing of Muslims in India and making a murderer your prime minister.”

    You are suffering from a syndrome of victimhood which makes you believe that institutionalised discrimination is equal to riots.


  • Virgonean

    Guys its better to focus on the positive changes coming in our country because of Mr.Raheel Shareef and his patriotic team. What had happened in the past is mystery and we in present wont be able to change that or correct that…Discussions will lead us to confusions and not towards the conclusions.
    I am thank full to Almighty Allah Subhan Wa tala that at least our country is moving in a positive direction.
    Salute to Mr.Raheel Shareef and all Armed Forces of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    and cripple RAW and its efforts, if you may dare adding it :) or else, you can continue telling us that RAW’s is a peaceful bunch of Bollywood dancers and it gets angry whenever ISI does a little eve teasing to it :pRecommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    and also failing in providing toilets to more than half of its population :)Recommend

  • Kushal

    “the military did not disown anyone in kargil. this is stupid indian propaganda meant as a coping mechanism for losing 3000 soldiers in a matter of 3 months.”

    Go search in youtube what your foreign minsiter army’s version in 1999.Recommend

  • Kushal

    What about providing evidence for it, darling? After all you cry for the same evidence wrt Mumbai attackRecommend

  • ishrat salim

    There are few countries in the world who have to choose between 2 stated policies ;
    1- Economic policies
    2- Security policies
    Under economic stated policy, CHINA is the biggest example & many other countries maybe added but why I pointed out CHINA was to compare with other similar countries of the region. CHINA had no other option but to pursue economic policy to maintain economic growth & eventually has now become the 2nd most economic power in the world leaving behind Japan & Germany & all countries put together. This is because, CHINA has no regional conflict & if it is there, they ensured it remained within its limit – India.
    Under security stated policy, US is the biggest example & here too many countries may fall in this category e.g Israel, India & Pakistan
    Having stated above, it is due to the regional exigencies that has forced us to remain in the state of war. Same case with India. US has to remain a super power status, it has to remain in a state of security & security is their stated policy. US foreign policy for all their leaders is 1 & that is to keep US safe.
    It is due to the security stated policy of Pakistan, that has to give up a sizable amount from the budget to defense. Even India has no choice. Israel has no choice too. So, we cannot blame our Armed forces for the share in the budget. Yes! this may look one-sided, but if our civilian govt spend with austerity, & prioritize projects which need attention, we may have a better future. Going by a recent news, PM Secretariat has ordered 10 new vehicles worth more than Rs 3 or 30 billion, if whichever correct, does not auger well for the country, where millions cannot afford even 1 day meal. Is this not outrageous. Because last year 2014, they bought 12. Then this year the provincial govt of Punjab is spending Rs 30 million for Raiwind palace security. This year budget of PM & President has been increased by 14%. The Presidency is inhabited by only 1 person & that is the President only while his family lives in Karachi in Governor`s house compound now known as ” Presidential Camp office “. The amount of money spent on our Armed forces is looted & plundered by our political leadership. This is an open secret, so blame the Armed forces only. At least they are keeping your country inside out safe, always there to respond to any call for HELP in times of flood etc; yet you blame them. Rs 56 billion given to the irrigation dept Sindh last year to strengthen bunds has been eaten up & today same 6 bunds have been declared weak, venerable & sensitive. Same case with Punjab. So, should we salute these civilian set up ? These Army Gens takes over when it is called in by the public & there is history. Even today, people are looking up to Gen Raheel, why ? because these civilians have proved that they only come to loot & plunder under cover of democracy. what has democracy given to the poor people for the last 7 years ?Recommend

  • suresh

    Even if u request, we dont want to occupy a failed state. Thanks for u r offerRecommend

  • Suresh

    The main difference between India and Pakistan is the way both see the role of their armed forcesRecommend

  • Parvez

    The answer to the first part is YES…..the second part on India / Pakistan relations is that it’s a two way street and if a strong political system existed, an accommodation would be reached…….. keep In mind this discussion is entirely academic.Recommend

  • Faisal Javeed

    That was not my question dear. Waisey to metro also has a huge budget. What percentage of total budget ?Recommend

  • vasan

    Your defunct now NAP is one good point to start. Can u find out why your country failed to implement it. But I agree with what your army is doing with terrorists. The civvies part is missingRecommend

  • vasan

    Sorry the terror monsters were created and nurtured by your own armyRecommend

  • vasan

    But I read in your papers that one muslim soldier is equivalent of 10 hindu soldiers. On that ratio the the Pak army in E Pakistan outnumbered the entire Indian army !!!Recommend

  • vasan

    All the pakistani generals meant only “Business”Recommend

  • Milind A

    BTW what about persecution of Uighur Muslims by your friend China.. I know you’ll sidestep it while pretending to care about the world’s Muslims (especially Indian Muslims of Gujrat)Recommend

  • Sane

    Mass killing of Muslims and burning of Muslims alive in Samjhota express are not riots, but a planned cleansing of Muslims and minorities in India. You PM Modi is still an accused for planning and executing Gujarat Killing of Muslims. case against him is still in progress in your courts of law.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Yes but I don’t find it funny.Recommend

  • Prashant

    You may cripple the efforts but not the intent if you continue to harbour people who shed blood across borders, you can’t be an enemy of someone and expect them to keep quiet.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Another military rule is just a matter of time, it’s good from an Indian perspective because India will be dealing head on with its real foes which is necessary to make lasting peace, none of the Pakistani politicians can make peace with India.

    Let there be a very long military rule over Pakistan.Recommend


    Gen Raheel is actually the most successful Chief. He should be credited with evolving a new strategy for the rule of Army in Pakistan. He has succeeded in keeping the Civil elected government in the front and army is ruling the country from behind the curtain. So the world, specially the west, is happy that democracy is there in Pakistan while all the decisions are taken and implemented by Army. Even by bringing Military Courts in the rule of a civil government to try and punish up to death penalty and there by neutralizing the judiciary is a great achievement. The Gen is even free to visit any country discuss with head of states or Army chiefs and take policy decisions of the country is a master stroke.Recommend

  • vasan

    As if you have provided toilets to everyone in pakistan. Look at the stats provided by reliable agenciesRecommend

  • nordmann

    Stupid self denial endians with inferior complex. Recommend


    Another army basher you people need to go fight in wars and sit at home dictating things everyone is brave behind somethingRecommend


    That’s good we don’t want a shanti town country like india Recommend


    True and when indian army takes over in india then peace can avail Recommend


    Please this from an indian who’s country name is Hindustan, why do you indians always on pakistani sites saying these things when Pakistanis are not on your websites Recommend

  • https://savemeifyouseethis.wordpress.com/ Aether Skyle

    Sir, kindly try not to display public signs of enmity, particularly on Social Media. Things get a bit more complicated than simple Indian minds can understand.Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    Enmity is not one sided or without reasons sweet heart. Dont play cleanest.Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    Evidence to whom? to you? lolsRecommend

  • Union Jack

    All Pakistani general are business men. They trade the lives and future of Pakistanis for their own agenda and monetary growth.Recommend

  • Sane

    Yes, we are more concerned about Indian Muslims as we are bonded with them more than Muslims of other regions. You do not need to worry about Muslims of other regions, you owe an answer about Muslims of India as you claim to be secular and largest democracy of the world. Would you answer:
    1. Why you kill Muslims and other minorities of India. Is this a planned cleansing of minorities.
    2. Why you train and send terrorist to Pakistan. Don’t say No. You PM confessed that he participated terrorist activities in former East Pakistan.
    3. Why you could not punish those fanatic Hindus including one serving Col. of your Army for burning Muslims in Samjhota Express.
    4. Why you elected a PM who is accused of killing thousands of Muslims in Gujarat.
    5. Why you rape women specially foreigner.
    6. Why half of your population is without toilet.
    7. Why around 30% of your population sleep on roads and pavements.
    8.Why you spend on arms and ammunition when majority of your population is hungry.Recommend

  • Kushal

    Oh I forgot … youtube is banned in Pakistan. No wonder you live in dark ages.Recommend

  • Kushal

    To whoever you like. May be those nation in front of whom you stand with your begging bowl. We will get it from them.Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    Don’t play smarty my next door sweet heart..We both know who is who and what is what. Wish you were different that what we are :)Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    but last time I checked, India is not competing Pakistan, is it? then why bench-marking against our toilets? :) Now go make a toilet :)Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    oh really? then lets see who wins :)Recommend

  • Prashant

    Let us not get into who is right and who is not because you are convinced you are victims of terror of others while your own is nothing more than a holy war, it is actually good for your enemies to see you continue with the same mindset.

    To come back to the point I was making, I did not play clean infact I would be surprised if India is not working on Pakistani vulnerabilities and I think that is the way forward to deal with a country which has been blatant in its support of terrorists fighting against India for more than three decades, 26/11 and lack of action against the culprits 7 years down the lane has proven beyond any doubt to not just India but the entire International community that holy war is Pakistan’s national policy, it is anybody’s imagination what is a holy war from a Pakistani perspective.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “the military did not disown anyone in kargil.”

    It is unbelievable to see how an entire country can live in such denials, would you be able to give us a single link which says Pakistan Army as an institution has owned Kargil war until now leave alone the dead bodies.

    As far as the rest of your rant is concerned, there is no point responding to that because the history that you follow is fiction for the rest of the world.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Yes the same inferiority complex that your ancestors were also suffering from until Muhammad Bin Qasim came and liberated you folks post which you started believing that you fell from heavens as soon as he conquered Sindh.

    How do you manage your superiority complex though despite losing all wars!!Recommend

  • Virendra Kaul

    It starts from one end only. Reactions follow. Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    yeh lets not go into that detail because as you perceive us to be convinced with being victim and we ourselves are playing holly – we can also have the same perception about you that you are playing victim and your own misdeeds are simply “Reaction to the mischievous next door dude “.

    International community? which one ? Ah you mean the US? which himself is busy bringing democracies to the rather peaceful places in the world? Dont white wash every thing with a single brush, things are much complicated than what you actually think :)Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    boy..when you guys speak in tone as if we are nothing as compared to mighty India then why are you bench-marking against us? :p especially in providing toilets to your people :)Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    yeh We, in Pakistan, believe so- my dear friend :)Recommend

  • Kushal
  • zorkor

    If you want to know your own version of the story then put on your shoes and go there. No one is stopping you. Don’t come begging the military to help you if you get caught by the taliban and they behead you. :)

    Bravo to the military for the excellent job.Recommend

  • zorkor

    You should worry about your own backyard pal. From rampant rape issues to attacks on minorities in India. To Pakistani flags being hoisted in Indian occupied Kashmir to Tamil rebels frying your soldiers, you have to watch your side. :)Recommend

  • Muhammad Mamoor Khan

    and why would you be so interested in a failed state? hah Pakistanophobia is gonna haunt your greater India’s dream.Recommend

  • lovely no ?

    Thanks for reminding us of Goa, pal. How about handing it back to its rightful owner-Portugal, like pronto ?!Recommend

  • lovely no ?

    A free plot is one thing, selling it for millions to people like you is what makes Pakistan go around. To be blunt, the only ‘industry’ in Pakistan these days is the buying and selling of land; a billion dollar industry courtesy of the military, ie Defence plots..Recommend

  • suresh

    yes we are concerned about stone age creaturesRecommend

  • Jude

    Similar things were said about Kiyani before a lot of things were unveiled (after he was COAS, of course!)Recommend

  • Qiko

    He means business: mainly Real Estate businessRecommend

  • Karachi_larka

    Punjabi General with hatred against the Muhajirs and Balochs .Thats how he will be remembered in history .No wonder punjabis praising him.Recommend

  • Tiwana

    No we won’t hand over it to Portugal.Recommend

  • nordmann

    Endian is coming to end. Will implode soonRecommend

  • true soul

    Milind you better look in your own yard.Aids, Rape, Fraud capital of world.so called super power who’s foot soldier are the call centre agents writing rubbish about pakistan.Recommend

  • true soul

    I am not surprised to see my fellow Indians attitude of ignorance..india is no different to Afghanistan, bangladesh, Nepal or srilanka..The only difference more polluted in some areas more mismanaged, more congested, and some how better built in certain areas..overall the average indian has to work harder than all its neighbours to live a decent life, and on average an Indian is more poorer than their counterparts. I have travelled lengths and breaths of dirty india and assure you all mentioned countries are some how better than india.but indian through their self proclaimed media praise themselves a lot and live in a world of their own.I would emphasise that I like india but disagree with their uneducated attitude. Ram RamRecommend

  • Dua

    Whatever their wishes their, but we have seen dramatically positive change which is important for us, at least they are better than our so called Muhafiz and Leaders PoliticianRecommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    lols…how did I miss your “Ghyaan” boss :) –Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    oright, just step over to this side – dont be scared, we wouldnt make a bbq of you :)Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    It’s “Gyaan”Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    Appreciate correction Sir, but I do pronounce the same as you do..:)Recommend