Dear Junaid Jamshed, Google ‘misogyny’, and then stay away from it forever

Published: July 21, 2015

Try to think about all the women who work in patriarchal societies out of financial need or personal development or maybe, just maybe, they might be equal to men. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Junaid Jamshed has done it again.

And it looks like he’ll never learn.

Whatever made him say the things he did about Hazrat Aisha (RA) previously which made him run for his life, were clearly not enough for him to understand what he’s doing wrong. And if I were his PR manager (if and so he actually has one) this would be my one single email to him,

“Dear boss,

Google the word ‘misogyny’. Then stay away from it forever.”

In another email, I’d gently explain to him the meaning of hypocrisy.

The right to practice your beliefs is clear and there is no disputing that. But it becomes problematic when we have people like Ziaul Haq sending Pakistani children for jihad but his own child becomes a member of the parliament in a democratic setup.

It becomes problematic when we have people like Maulana Tariq Jameel who teach simplicity and purdah and gives talks upon talks against ostentatiousness/riyaakaari but his photos make plenty of rounds on social media where he has a bunch of people massaging his feet, where he is posing with Aamir Khan, where he’s dining and then photographed offering prayers with none other than our most photographed namazzi (a regular prayer), Mr Imran Khan.

It hurts to see popular cult-like figures such as Mr Jamshed (and soon to follow Maulana Hamza Ali Abbasi) get away with pardon and still manage to earn their bucks while people like Aasia Bibi are still rotting away in jail over blasphemy charges. Fans of JJ should ask themselves the following uncomfortable question,what Ramazan show should Aasia Bibi do to deserve an apology from the people of Pakistan?

Also pertinent to ask whether Shaista Wahidi’s apologies were somehow lacking or were somehow lesser in value than JJ.

Frankly, I have no problem with him using religion to sell his clothes, his brand, and his perfumes. Markets are moved by various factors and if someone wants to use religion to appeal to a certain class/cross section of people, go ahead. But try doing it without insulting people’s intelligence.

For example, when you’re selling kurtas and dresses that rank way beyond a common man’s pay scale, try not to lecture them on simplicity and the sunnah of owning just a few clothes. When you’re talking about how women shouldn’t drive and how God doesn’t like to even mention women in the Holy Quran, maybe it’d serve you better to avoid the lucrative Ramazan shows hosting deals that you get from popular channels where the public still wants to see their favourite pop star.

When you want to be a saint in the unsuspecting and oblivious eyes of the Pakistani audiences, one which readily forgave even Aamir Liaquat after his notorious leaked video, try to not given them obvious bait for attacks, for instance, ending your apology note with yet another misogynist statement of how a diamond should be hidden hence women should be hidden as well.

Try to think about all the women who work in patriarchal societies out of financial need or personal development or maybe, just maybe, they might be equal to men. Think about that for a bit, Maulana/entrepreneur Junaid Jamshed, before re-launching your next lawn that is specifically designed and marketed to and for women.


Mahwash Badar

The author is a clinical psychologist, a mum to two boys and permanently in a state of flux. She tweets @mahwashajaz_ (

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  • Huma Jawed

    He maybe wrong or right … Allah knows best

    However, Lets get our actions right and increase our Quranic
    knowledge, instead of being the 1st one to attack Him …. who I am
    pretty sure must have given more Islamic knowledge to the Pakistani crowd than us

    Lets increase our Islamic knowledge in such a way that we
    are also able to pull all kinds of crowds and especially the youth to Islam

    We shouldn’t be the 1st ones to condemn someone
    who struggled to gain so much knowledge to be on the road towards Jannah and is
    helping us to get there too

    Lets look and judge ourselves of how good of a Muslim are we
    before we start using social media to make others look badRecommend

  • Zainab

    Pathetic blog.What needs to be written here was, “dear muslim liberals, please google islam, learn about it, either practise it or just be quiet”.Recommend

  • hamza farrukh

    instead of blaming junaid jamshed you should write your article when you have researched about the topic well. junaid jamshed clearly didn’t mean what is being depicted by the video. he has now explained his statement’s meanings on a post on his Facebook account. you mahwash badar as a writer should research deep into any matter before spreading hate.Recommend

  • Jami

    U r right , this so called self styled scholar is suffering from mental dementia , always speaks from high padestal of piety , looks down others Recommend

  • Jami

    U r very much right . This person is suffering from mental dementia , always speaks from high padestal of piety and looks down others . Recommend

  • not duped

    If you have no problem with the use of religion for commercial gains, you have nothing to do with religion at all. Arguabley, religion is nothing more than a tactic to you.
    Its deplorable that you had to scold Tariq Jameel without setting any premise at all. In fact, you took a jab at an anti-misogynist (an a real feminist) while talking about a misogynist. Arguably, you have never bothered to hear what he teaches. Sheep like you follows herd after all.
    If he is getting a massage (sunnah), FROM men, not women, why does it hurt you so much? If he took pics with a few popular men, what about those (and meetings) with the likes of veena malik? You have failed miserably at finding faults in him. Stop wasting your three brain cells.
    ET! could you let my comment pass? After all, you have allowed an obvious personal attack in the blog post.Recommend

  • Ahsan Haroon

    I’m not really pro JJ but why shouldn’t he re-launch Lawn next year? If women are so enraged of what he said on the tele, then they should stop buying stuff from his brand and/or boycott JJ altogether. That would give him a real blow financially I hope. If women and men still shop at JJ, then that means they don’t really care what he said and/or believe he’s true.Recommend

  • MJ

    With Islamic lectures given by young educated Muslims like Omer Suleman, Nouman Ali Khan, Yasir Qadhi etc. why is our country still obsessed with these celebrity TV preachers who have little or tainted knowledge of whatever they speak about and don’t have the wisdom or the right choice of words and sentences to deliver their message? I once heard a lecture by Maulana Tariq Jamil where he talked about the last moments of the life of our prophet SAW and was shocked at how much drama and dialogue he had added to it. If only him and his gang were more concerned about the IDP’s, the poor and hungry in Thar and the orphans of the war on terror, they can possibly make a huge impact. They have millions of followers who can easily raise billions in a year for humanitarian projects. But he is more concerned about getting photographed with celebrities and praying for guidance for Veena Malik. Talk about someone who is starstruck.Recommend

  • Iftikhar Ali

    He is just an actor nothing more than that, he is paid for doing such notorious things
    so take it easy, and don’t buy his arguments and garments, if you don’t like themRecommend

  • Anon

    This guy is a misogynist of the highest order. It is beyond me how some people are not able to see that.Recommend

  • One

    Well I disliked his previous sexist marks about bibi(Wife of HOly prophet Peace Be upon Him).I also don’t like to mention bibi’s name because I respect her from deep heart and soul and she is my mother(Mother of ummah), But this time he was right people did not understoood the point. HIs points were fact but the way he said was wrong. Allah pak does not mention Any woman’s name because of respect for woman in society, It’s not an issue, It’s a good thing that Allah pak hides the name of bibies. Today’s society doesn’t have respect for woman even woman does not respect themselves. Come’on what are we doing Ruining our self image infront of Allah Pak and forgotten what Prophet taught us about Hijab. Some times you have to listen and understand from deep perspective, not to overreact everytime.

  • Gullu Guddu and Gomnath.

    Why don’t you call him what he is ?….He ran
    to Australia, after blasphemy charges were filed against him. Last time.
    He still lives there. He is allowed back in the Land of the fake Pure.Recommend

  • Ramna Iftikhar

    I agree that JJ degraded women and he is not a scholar just a common man, i don’t understand why people treat him like islamic scholar andthe things you mentioned against Moulana Tariq jameel aren’t that much strong to prove him wrong or bad person. Recommend

  • Emad Qazi

    JJ posted a video clarifying what he meant I would recommend the author to watch that video. Other than that I also have no problem with people like hamza Ali abbassi or anyone else to that matter(regardless of what they do) talking about Islam because to me the actual message is actually more important than the person delivering it which is why I would advice you to critique a person’s message but not his character because no one is really perfect

  • Imran Saleem

    Actually the problem is that we always finding a way to criticise the people who is trying to follow islam and always in a favor who went astray. We are happy to see our Muslim sisters dancing on the floor but we have hatred for these type of people.

    Everyone commenting like if they are Islamic scholars, ask all these morons that they can sing a whole song for you but don’t remember few Surah of Quran and I am ashamed that I am also a part of them.

    Allah forgive us and give us a chance to follow the Islam as it is taught by our Prophet PBUH.Recommend

  • Muneeb Rahman

    You have to watch JJ’s video of clarification!!!Recommend

  • Mufti Abubakr

    Brand clothes of women and giving a lecture on Quran are aeparate things. If someone has interpreted Quran wrongly then he should be replied with in the same language of Elm. Why do we start attacking personal lives?? It was an scholarly debate and hence should be handled accordingly.
    Unfortunately , there have created two classes who follow different public figures and continuously try to find something to fight on. Recommend

  • salman

    Rather then understanding the real meaning of what he wanted to say.. these liberals want to jump to conclusions only..

  • goggi (Lahore)

    In Islam a man has the right to divorce his wife simply by repeating ‘I divorce you’ three times and kick her out of his house! And he might be having some more wives in reserve! Recommend

  • abdpak

    Dear Mahwish Badar,

    1st of all if his wish were to earn a lot of money, then he would not have left the music industry.

    2nd his statement of mentioning Marium(AS) was just to show that because of pardah, ALLAH(SWT) does not mentioned any female names in Quran other than some. Since Essa(AS) was born without father by the grace of Almighty ALLAH(SWT), therefore for ancestry ALLAH(SWT) mentioned Her(AS) name. So don’t please get it wrong and read the background of everything before doing some hatred thing. I don’t know how much do you understood Islam, but in case of need, Islam allows women to work but within the limits of not being in relationships other than married, and with proper pardah. If you are a Muslim, than mean it otherwise it depends on you that how much Religion you follow.

    3rd in democracy the voice of majority is heard always. Most Pakistanis criticized Shaista Wahidi because she compared some people with our beloved Ali(RA) and Fatima(RA) which was not good. Yes if she had repented, she would have been given a chance. I agree with you on this as Islam is a religion of forgiveness. Our culture has become the culture of extremists not people with patience. If you want to change it then change it through the verses from Quran and Hadith. Not by spreading more hatred among the people of Pakistan which are already divided in many sects.

    4th We poeple are more influenced by TV, movie or show biz stars rather than getting inspired by our Religion. We don’t dare to read Quran of Hadiths or life of our great leaders in Islam. So I agree with Maulana Tariq Jameel’s strategy of preaching Islam or guidance of Islam through media or showbiz personals. Isn’t this biased that if some fashion is spread by these showbiz people then it is ok, but if we do it for our Religion then it is bad? It is we who follow showbiz people rather than our Scholars.

    PS. I am a Muslim and a patriot Pakistani, I am neither Barelvi nor Deobandi, Wahabi nor Shia or Qadiyani. I hope you will understand. Sorry if you feel anything harsh of my comments.

    To endorse my statement kindly see if how many readers has recommended my comment in the following link:

  • Muhammad Khan

    @Author – You should listen to his clarification before writing such a bashing blog, what he said in the TV show were in context of “pardah in Islam”. His views in no way reflects that he is affilicted with ‘misogyny’. Hope this helps.Recommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad

    This person is the proof that sometimes woman can also make a horrible mistake.Recommend

  • nomi

    99% of pakistanis will agree with what he said.Recommend

  • Ali

    Mahwash Badar.,……….Love You Blog on J.J The DramaRecommend

  • Sane

    He does not know anything about Islam or any other religion but to be attired like Mullah. He enjoys company of women (Na Mahrem) and must be stopped to talk about religious matter. He should only keep looting people through his garment business. It seems he is on a mission to tarnish image of Islam and Muslims.Recommend

  • AA

    In Islam women has a right not to accept a person in her Nikah at the first place. No woman can be forced in to marriage with anyone.

    Man who pronounce divorce without genuine reason are not seeking favor of Allah, similarly women also have a right to ask Khulla, if their husband refuse to divorce them for genuine reasons.

    Treatment of women like slaves is rooted in culture not in Islam.

    Prophet (SAW) said: Allah did not make anything lawful more abominable to Him than divorce (Sunan Abu Dawood). Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar: The Prophet (SAW) said: Of all
    the lawful acts the most detestable to Allah is divorce. So brother before you comment please consult someone more knowledgeable. May Allah forgive you.Divorce is not a right to exercise freely, it is a remedy when all other methods to reconcile fail.Recommend

  • annie malik

    he is launching lawn prints not bikini or vulgar clothes. its his garments business. it is upto ladies how they stitch / wear clothes. selling ladies clothes is not a sin. spreading ur haterd for someone only shows who u r.Recommend

  • Muhammed Moiz

    Junaid Jamshed Said very right and according to the teachings of Islam…..Recommend

  • Parvez

    I completely agree with you……….this man is hypocrisy incarnate.
    When one asks …..why is Islam so misunderstood ?…….all it takes is to listen to the likes of Junaid Jamshed.Recommend

  • Person

    The liberal mantra (i.e hypocrisy): Bearded Muslims should not/cannot make mistakes or even complain of being mistakenly quoted out of context. On the contrary, liberals can get away with anything under the guise of freedom of speech.Recommend

  • abdpak

    O come on moderator. Approve my comment as well. Don’t be a dictator.Recommend

  • Hammurabi

    It is in tribal culture not to mention the name of a woman.This is a kind of Purda too. This practice has nothing to do with the respect of women.Recommend

  • Hammurabi

    May I ask JJ and his supporters if mentioning the name of a women is disrepectful act? Isn’t it a tribal mentality? (I hope moderators would be reasonable this time)Recommend

  • SamSal

    JJ is a misogynist. The subject video is not the only incident. There’s this another video of Nida Yasir’s show (morning show, I think) where JJ can be clearly seen spewing hatred against women.Recommend

  • Sarah

    @ Mahwish
    Most die-hard JJ supporters have completley missed your point. This hypocrite makes money from women and then he has the gall to lecture women and term us inferior. Well let me inform him that his “inferior” followers are the reason that his business flourished to this extent otherwise he was finished as a singer.
    Anyway I have decided to boycott his dresses and I will ask all women of this country to do the same. This guy doesn’t deserve a penny from us. He is a hyporcite and a misogynist and I feel pity for his wife and daughters.Recommend

  • itsAftab

    My first reaction after i read the headline was “No, not again and please leave the brother alone”. Atleast he has changed his ways. What have you and i done? He left the spot-light which everyone dreams off and is doing something that is good in the eyes of Allah.

    Remember, Allah looks at the intentions behind behaviour and reponses. Have you heard of the hadith where a man who found his lost camel was so happy that he said “Allah, im your lord and you are my slave” instead of “Allah, you are my lord and i am your slave”, yet Allah was pleased by him because his intentions were clear.

    JJ’s intentions are clear. He might a bit worng because Mariya [mother of Esa (A.S)] is mentioned by name in the Quran, while the others mentioned indirectly as in: wife of so and so. At least i haven’t read anyother names in the translation i
    have read so far.

    As far as the critic of him being a salesman, there is nothing wrong with being one. Our own Prophet (PBUH) was one. It is infact allowed to earn profit on a trade. His
    brand being out of reach of an average Pakistani should not be anyone’s consern.
    If someone cannot afford it there are other brands that are afforadble. Buy
    cloth and ask a tailer to stich it. Also, it is allowed in Islam to spend money
    on self.

    It is indeed a sad fact that many are wrongfully accused of being blasfamus. It is
    also wrong that we as a nation cannot stand together. We like pointing fingers
    and everyone thinks he is right and the opition of other doesnot matter.

    Sometimes we need to let things go. This is not a debating matter. But again,
    what can one expect from a nation who give so much importance to Ayaan Ali but
    not to customs department who caught the culprit. An average Pakistani still
    goes to cenima to watch Indian movies and say not even a word about the
    violations on LOC. We still sit at KFCs and sip on expensive coffie when
    somewhere in Pakistan a girl cannot get married because her father cannot
    afford dinner to 100 or so guests. We ride in expensive air-condition cars
    while our countrymen dies of heat-wave in Karachi.

    So, stop critirisizing others just becaue they are a vurnerable target and focus on
    actual issues.

    Remember, JJ is not a scholar. He is learning. I for a fact like him even more because you never know how many youth has he inspired towards deen. He was pop star then and even a bigger star in my eyes now.Recommend

  • SamSal

    You would also recall what he said about Hazrat Ayesha (A.S.)Recommend

  • Hammurabi

    I agree 99% pakistanis will support JJ.This is why Pakistan is ranked so low in human development table, corruption table and economic development table.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    This is SAD. Same generic thinking, controlled by their education to be one thing and one thing only, “submissive to the system”.

    What she has achieved to say any better?

    People are really getting rich on promoting the system of Consumerism, which runs on the pretext that the race for having more never stops.

    Hope she is wise enough to earn from this, if not, then its ok, she has her husband money to go by. Opps I mean she earns on her own. ;0


  • wb

    Why do you need religion for that? Does everyone lack common sense?Recommend

  • disqus_9fhZYKUgbw

    It is shameful that he is still on TV. Decent people need to organize a complete boycott of him.Recommend

  • Hammurabi

    Agreeing to khulla is the discretion of husband.Recommend

  • Muhammad Khan

    Couldn’t agree more!Recommend

  • goggi (Lahore)

    Grow up good man! My comment is not my opinion rather a fact which I have simply quoted!

    Your emotional khutba has nothing to do with the topic and neither anything to do with the bitter realities of life……at least from the perspective of millions of affected women!

    Good man were you ever in any Union Councils or Family Courts of Lahore, Karachi or elsewhere? Please do go there once and count how many of our sisters and daughters go in and out? And do ask them the reason why they came there!
    Or at least make a google survey of the divorce rate in Pakistan!

    Or visit the beauty parlor for acid victim women in Gulberg, Lahore! But be sure you have a very strong heart to SEE what the macho man is capable of!

    Or a survey of millions of helpless women forced from men in prostitution!!! In the so-called Islamic republic of Pakistan!
    These helpless women are forced to sell their bodies to sex perverted men everyday and on hourly basis! And with that hard earned money they perhaps even once afford to buy a Kurti from this long bearded Junaid Jamshed !!! Do you think he gives a damn which woman buys and from which money? According to my opinion he is a Berupia, so insensitive to the misery surrounding him!

    May Allah reserve for You my brother the best place in Jannatul Firdaus! You are a God fearing human!Recommend

  • seismann

    It will be OK,if it were the first time.This guy is persistently misogynist.That is why he appeals to misogynists like yourself,and Mufti above.Recommend

  • seismann

    so he can be imperfect time after time.Recommend

  • seismann

    e should only sell Burkahs.His perception of women is Burkah-clad ,but wants to sell expensive and colorful clothes to women.Recommend

  • seismann

    If he is not a misogynist,then who is.Recommend

  • Mohsin Mahesar

    moulaanaz like JJ must be thumped , they preach equality, they preach women rights, yet they are the ones breaking the natural law. a woman is an equal to man. it is the woman who created prophets. such molvis are distorting the original mazhab of islam. iislam is in danger because of molvis like JJ’s :)Recommend

  • Pedro

    making and Selling ledies cloths like bikini and vulger cloths is sin. Wearing these cloths is slightly lesser sin.Recommend

  • Raza

    Dear Mahwish, if you consider yourself a liberal, it should also entail allowing people the right to have their opinions. Your very decision to write a blog condemning someone’s opinion is an attempt at repressing others’ opinions. Instead of trying to find faults with others, we should rather take stock of our own deeds.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Boho, @ Mahwish yes you go girl. Its better to spend your money on some other lawn.
    P.S I hear Umar Sayyed came up with a new design in the market. ;)Recommend

  • SamSal

    People treat him like a scholar because he claims to be one. He goes around conducting preaching sessions and tableeghi ijtimaa. He has released CDs of his lectures and teachings regarding Islam.

    He shouldn’t be doing that if he is not a scholar!Recommend

  • Naheed qayyum

    i m mazlumRecommend

  • SamSal

    By that logic, you shouldn’t get bothered when someone ridicules your religion and religious figures. I mean, “right to have their opinion”, y’know.Recommend

  • SamSal

    1. JJ hasn’t left the spotlight. He was all over the TV during ramzan. He has CDs of his lectures and dude, he owns a fashion brand. If this is not being IN the spotlight, then I dont know what is.

    2. About KFC and Indian movies… Hey, you just told Pakistanies to ‘let go”. So… let it go, let it gooooo

    3. If JJ is not a scholar them why does he claim to be one? He goes around conducting preaching sessions and tableeghi ijtimaa. He has released CDs of his lectures and teachings regarding Islam. He shouldn’t be doing that if he is not a scholar!Recommend

  • SamSal

    He does sell “stitched” or “ready made” clothes, you know.Recommend

  • Sane

    Have you done a poll?Recommend

  • muhammad safiullah

    Yes, don’t be worry about others before your own good selfRecommend

  • muhammad safiullah

    ALLAH is Creator, Nourisher, Sustainer of ALL.
    What you are doing for Islam? ask this question to your self. Recommend

  • muhammad safiullah

    Ya he is on mission we all got that. Be aware of him. Do tell us about yourself, on what mission you are?.
    Do get to know about the Satanic missions.Recommend

  • Hammurabi

    Islam teaches fair and reasonable profits ,not the exploitation of consumers.Lecture of JJ and his business are not separate things.A chainof business is not a personal matter.It affects the society .JJ is a confused person.

  • muhammad safiullah

    “Jinnah made a mistake and I am ashamed of being Pakistani” this is your blogged came last year.

  • muhammad safiullah

    That’s his business. We are not the reason, who can boost someones’ Rizq and Barkat; Keep this in your mind, you have money today, you might not have tomorrow (ALLAH forbid). Surah At-Talaq: 2/3

    You or anyone else is not the reason for his running business that is ALLAH the Creator, Sustainer, and Nourisher of ALL.

  • muhammad safiullah

    @challahdaad:disqus don’t know about him but in your case It does proofs.Recommend

  • itsAftab

    I have a different way to look at his TV apperiences: JJ is someone who the generation of 90’s grew up with. He is now changed for the better and trying to mend the ways of his fellow Pakistanies. I do not see any wrong with this. If someone i adore and love has change his ways for the better i would definately follow him but with precaution. I know of many who have changed because someone in their family become more religious. I have seen one of the spouses take total 360 because the other spouse is more religious. But this also goes other way round. Try to look for good in people. As i have in my last post: Allah looks at intentions and not actions. If his intentions is to bring people closer to Allah then he will be rewarded insh-Allah and if his inention is fame then Allah will be firm in punishing him.

    As for the KFCs and Indian movies, i dont think that our Pakistines would ever let it go. When the cimena owners (recently) deciedes to run that indian movie with salman khan rather than Bin Roye, i kind of lost words. I dont know what to say about KFC excpet try to look out of the window and towards the poor who can eat for an entire week with what you pay for one meal. I am not saying that you should not go to KFC as spending on your family and firends is likeable in the eyes of Allah. What i am trying to convey is that drop one KFC tour and give the money to someone poor.

    May be i am not very upto date but i have never seen him saying that he is a scholar. Regarding preeching sesions its a sunah to spread good words. If you convey the word of Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) to a gathering of friends or relatives then it is a kind of preaching. This brother is just following the sunnah. As far as his CDs are concerned, i have heard any so im not going to comment on that.Recommend

  • Sane

    junaid jamshed clearly didn’t mean what is being depicted by the video.

    You mean what depicted in video is not correct and what is said to you directly is correct.genius.Recommend

  • javad

    Ive never understood the appeal of MTJ myself. Like someone said he has an appetite for dramabazi.
    You know who else preaches via celebrities. The Church of Scientology!Recommend

  • hamza farrukh

    i am fascinated by your ignorance to the truth. stop judging before researching and knowing about the matter entirely. to you sir or mam( i cant judge by your name) i simply say to please see his video on his Facebook post in which he explains himself and what he really meant. i cant not explain to you the whole thing in short in my writing. so please clear your misconception by seeing the explanatory video by JJ and then reply again if you’re still unable to understand him. and also one advice that never accept any belief or wording until you are pretty sure of it and have researched well into the topic. and one last thing that he said one statement and worded it wrongly which is pretty misleading to what he actually meant. there are many examples in which even a slight change of grammar or punctuation cant change the whole meaning of the sentence. so again please watch his explanatory video and refrain from spreading hate. (phew that was long paragraph )Recommend

  • seismann

    I am not a mullah as he claims to be!At least he needs to know what to say about religionRecommend

  • Ramna Iftikhar

    what are the qualification or legal requirements to become a scholar in Islam? Is it that much easy that somebody is claiming and so we agreed to follow him? If somebody has adopted simple and islamic living style doesn’t mean he became a scholar. Recommend

  • Roger

    He can say/do whatever he wants. Where did your west driven freedom of speech/expression go now? Because it doesn’t coincide with your secular moralistic framework, he is not entitled to his opinion? Go revise Mill’s Harm Principle (if you know what I am talking about)Recommend

  • Qiko

    If you think what he said meant “God hates women” or that “women are inferior”, you’re too wrong to argue with. First try to understand the point made and then comment.Recommend

  • Yariq Khan

    yes u r right but it doesnt mean tht she is saying anything WRONG.Recommend

  • Yariq Khan

    I like ur blog specially ostentatiousness/riyaakaari … actually people believes tht they r scholar after reading few books on islam and pointing out other mistakes as compare to 5 or 6 feet by-self. If we start to watch ourself then ull see how this world would be better.Recommend

  • muhammad safiullah

    what about you and us ? we don’t need to know about religion ?Recommend

  • Qiko

    And pray tell me what’s wrong with “tribal mentality”? Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala has divided us into nations and tribes (49.13) Tribes are a type of social organization that has served their members well for thousands of years. Look at how well the Beni Israel in the West are doing with their tribal mentality compared to the de-tribalized whites around them. Even when there’s an economic collapse and mass unemployment in the US, Israel stills gets billions in aid.Recommend

  • Qiko

    Your absurd rant has nothing to do with the subject at hand. As for your comment about divorce, what’s your suggestion? Should the husband be forced to live with the wife even though he doesn’t want her as a wife anymore?

    Your claim that “he can kick her out” is mere ignorance. Providing food and shelter is the ex-husband’s responsibility till the end of the waiting period (`iddah)

    Re: Acid victims. We’ve been demanding Qisas for them since this phenomena started. You know what will happen if the govt. decides to carry out qisas? A lot of upper class westernized parasites will gather everywhere with candles in their hands demanding an end to “cruel and unusual” punishments.

    There’s prostitution. What can JJ do about it? There was this madrassah in Islamabad which sent out women to brothels to rescue the women there from the madams who controlled them. The madrassah was firebombed while the upper class parasites cheered and clapped below. Subsequently the madam of the brothel revealed how well-connected she was. Her clients were upper class bureaucrats, Army Generals, businessmen, politicians i.e. the same upper class parasites whose progeny form the “mombati mafia”Recommend

  • Qiko

    One can demand any price for one’s goods. The consumers are free to buy or not buy. There’s no exploitation unless you can prove there’s been something like hoarding of supplies.Recommend

  • Qiko

    The simple answer is that he did not term women inferior. You haven’t understood his point at all.Recommend

  • AA

    I understand where you coming from, I did not try to defend what is going on in Pakistan. I may not have the exposure as you do to the realities of Pakistan. But honestly tell me, it is not the culture ? Women are sold to the high bidder by otherwise very “pious,” Muslims in KPK and FATA, is it Islam or misappropriation of religion with their primitive culture. Didn’t Prophet Mohammad married his daughter off to a man who did not have a penny ? Didn’t he clearly sets an example ? But the opposite of it is being practiced all over Pakistan. Does it makes it Islam automatically, what ever the cruelty practiced my so-called Muslims, who happened to be born in a family which bears the Muslim names.

    We have clear guidance from Qur’an and Practices of Prophet (SAW) if someone doing what they think or learned from the “Juhl” of their culture, it should not be blamed to Islam. They are not practicing what they claim. We have right to question their stance. Ask them to prove it from Qur’an and Hadith. Not just start blaming Islam. I am agreed with every word you wrote accept to blame all of it to Islam.Recommend

  • AA

    No Khula is the decision of the court when husband refused to agree on divorce.Recommend

  • AA

    Yes ninety percent people follow culture, religion or someone they admire. They do not rationalize. Majority of people do not make decision in their everyday life they ask guidance from wiser more knowledgeable person and just follow. There are 7 billion people in the world, 98% of them follow some sort of religion only 2% are atheist (The World Fact Book).Recommend

  • Sane

    Is JJ here or ran as usual. Anyways mostly villain of Indian movies are characterized with name as JJ or JK etc.Recommend

  • Sane

    You mean; you are also on the mission to tarnish image of Islam and Muslims.Recommend

  • Sane

    Have you seen the famous clipping of Amir Liaquat (Naseeruddin Shah/Ghalib one). He also clarified and became pure (Paak o Saaf).Recommend

  • hamza farrukh

    oh boy one heck of a genius person you are. i must say stop throwing dirt and crying about ye hua tha air wahan ye hua tha. i don’t know about amir liaqat. and this topic is not about amir liaqat. i am amazed that why don’t you get it. junaid jamshed is a good person by heart and i know it. he is a great person and sometimes stuff comes out of his mouth that is not worded correctly. but he has no bad intensions. now that he has cleared his statement in his explanatory video i think only if you’re a good natured person then will it change your views on Junaid jamshed other wise you’re just gonna keep hating him. know that he is a human too and can make mistakes. i wonder how many mistakes you might have made and got forgiven for them. so please become a true muslim. islam is a religion of peace and not hatred.Recommend

  • Imran

    I can’t stop laughing after reading your comment. Just grow up! He is doing business. If you don’t do anything for Rizq, will you get it too? oh yeah someone may feel pitty and sympathetically gives you your Rizq.Recommend

  • Imran

    Junaid Jamshaid, Tariq Jamil and may others openly say that women are inferior. You haven’t understand their point of view. In fact its in Islam & Islamic ideology is based on old Arabic culture. I don’t understand one thing we have our own culture then why do we follow stone aged Arabic culture. If we really want to go forward then follow European culture, its at least progressive.Recommend

  • Qiko

    No, it’s you who hasn’t understood their point of view. Your ideology is based on obsolete late 19th century “modernism” movement. Why follow a dying and dysfunctional European culture instead of the thriving, fertile, healthy Islamic culture?Recommend

  • Hassan

    But he is not the savior, report it somewhere else.” want sympathies????Recommend

  • Hassan

    did he went to India??? by calling it a land of the fake pure are u referring to Hindustan???Recommend

  • Tayyeb

    It is easy to write anything , u don’t know when jj changed how much difficulties he faced during that transformation. …….first look at yourself and seek ALLAH ‘s mercy Recommend