Dear Junaid Jamshed, Google ‘misogyny’, and then stay away from it forever

Published: July 21, 2015

Try to think about all the women who work in patriarchal societies out of financial need or personal development or maybe, just maybe, they might be equal to men. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Junaid Jamshed has done it again.

And it looks like he’ll never learn.

Whatever made him say the things he did about Hazrat Aisha (RA) previously which made him run for his life, were clearly not enough for him to understand what he’s doing wrong. And if I were his PR manager (if and so he actually has one) this would be my one single email to him,

“Dear boss,

Google the word ‘misogyny’. Then stay away from it forever.”

In another email, I’d gently explain to him the meaning of hypocrisy.

The right to practice your beliefs is clear and there is no disputing that. But it becomes problematic when we have people like Ziaul Haq sending Pakistani children for jihad but his own child becomes a member of the parliament in a democratic setup.

It becomes problematic when we have people like Maulana Tariq Jameel who teach simplicity and purdah and gives talks upon talks against ostentatiousness/riyaakaari but his photos make plenty of rounds on social media where he has a bunch of people massaging his feet, where he is posing with Aamir Khan, where he’s dining and then photographed offering prayers with none other than our most photographed namazzi (a regular prayer), Mr Imran Khan.

It hurts to see popular cult-like figures such as Mr Jamshed (and soon to follow Maulana Hamza Ali Abbasi) get away with pardon and still manage to earn their bucks while people like Aasia Bibi are still rotting away in jail over blasphemy charges. Fans of JJ should ask themselves the following uncomfortable question,what Ramazan show should Aasia Bibi do to deserve an apology from the people of Pakistan?

Also pertinent to ask whether Shaista Wahidi’s apologies were somehow lacking or were somehow lesser in value than JJ.

Frankly, I have no problem with him using religion to sell his clothes, his brand, and his perfumes. Markets are moved by various factors and if someone wants to use religion to appeal to a certain class/cross section of people, go ahead. But try doing it without insulting people’s intelligence.

For example, when you’re selling kurtas and dresses that rank way beyond a common man’s pay scale, try not to lecture them on simplicity and the sunnah of owning just a few clothes. When you’re talking about how women shouldn’t drive and how God doesn’t like to even mention women in the Holy Quran, maybe it’d serve you better to avoid the lucrative Ramazan shows hosting deals that you get from popular channels where the public still wants to see their favourite pop star.

When you want to be a saint in the unsuspecting and oblivious eyes of the Pakistani audiences, one which readily forgave even Aamir Liaquat after his notorious leaked video, try to not given them obvious bait for attacks, for instance, ending your apology note with yet another misogynist statement of how a diamond should be hidden hence women should be hidden as well.

Try to think about all the women who work in patriarchal societies out of financial need or personal development or maybe, just maybe, they might be equal to men. Think about that for a bit, Maulana/entrepreneur Junaid Jamshed, before re-launching your next lawn that is specifically designed and marketed to and for women.


Mahwash Badar

The author is a clinical psychologist, a mum to two boys and permanently in a state of flux. She tweets @mahwashajaz_ (

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