Why isn’t Qaim Ali Shah’s name on NAB’s investigation list?

Published: July 20, 2015

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah directs the Sindh home ministry. PHOTO: AFP

All words and no action is what can be best described for the old and incompetent Qaim Ali Shah. ‘Reshuffling’ of officers right before Eid holidays puts him in a category of his own, one which entails corrupt politicians and government officials the province has seen in the past 20 years. Words fall short to describe what this man has done to our province, Sindh.

Dismissing qualified district commissioners will not resolve the issues Mr Shah is trying (but failing miserably almost every single time) to address. Just as offering holidays for government officials when the common people of Sindh are dying due to the heat wave will not save the homeless children in Thar dying of starvation while His Highness cannot survive without a grand feast which is laid out for him and his party members every day. His lunch and dinner comprise of never-ending trays of biryani, tikkas, koftas and malai boti’s and there is separate menu for dessert, which includes fruits from all over the province.

This monarchy needs to end.

On grounds of investigation provided to him, he conveniently dismissed 10 very qualified officers stating that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is probing the officers over alleged corruption cases. The burning question remains, when will Qaim Ali Shah be investigated for the incessant double-dealing, bribery, palm-greasing corruption he has been involved in over the years?

If Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, and former president Asif Ali Zardari are on the investigation list, why are the incumbent ones not dismissed on the same grounds? Rather, why is Qaim Ali Shah’s name missing from the list?

With little to no development in Sindh during his tenure as the chief minister, and that even his third tenure, it is cringe-worthy to think he is our chief minister. The only people who benefit from his tenure are his little cronies, while we, the citizens continue to suffer.

Rightfully described as patriarchal and unfit to rule, inept Shah does not want to make any amends for the disgusting record he has set in the past five years and continues to make matters worse for the country. Bureaucracy wouldn’t be so corrupt if his boot-lickers weren’t the ones being posted all over Sindh.

Sindh’s performance in all sectors is worse than ever before, with illiteracy, hunger, corruption and chaos on the rise as compared to the other provinces.

If anyone should be dismissed over Eid holidays, it should be Mr Qaim Ali Shah. Let it be the Eid present to all the citizens of the province who have been waiting for the man to leave (possibly the planet). Let this unpleasant journey come to an end.


Munira Abbas

Munira Abbas

The author is a reporter for a local daily.

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  • Khalid

    Blaming Qaim Ali Shah for incompetency is of no use. Zardari has appointed him and he is standing behind him. I don’t see a single competent person in the whole PPP. The best PPP can offer is Qaim Ali Shah as the party itself is on death bed. All i can say it is bad luck of Karachi to have these lot of rulers.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Possibly he knows something…….that you and I don’t.
    He’s not Qaim the survivor for nothing.Recommend

  • Rasul Baksh Tamachi.

    There are 3,631 ‘Ghost Schools’ in Sindh. Fully staffed, including the chaprassi.
    Property rents are duly paid, along with the necessary cars, maintenance, etc.
    Except they don’t exists ! The salaries etc etc go straight into Sindh’s higher echelons offshore accounts. Leading the pack, the beloved Chief Minister Shah.
    Qaim Shah is a multi millionaire [US dollars] Owns property in Sindh, Dubai,
    [rather 99 years leases], has properties in London, where he can run, if things get untenable….in Sindh. Or his patron Zardari, throws him under the bus, or offers
    him as a sacrifice to placate the masses. At 80 years of age he is getting senile
    and suffers from dementia. When he went to visit the famine ridden region of Thar
    every news reporter can remember the famous historical ‘Lunch Spread’…..Koftas,
    Fried Fish, Nan, Biryani, Malai Boti and Chicken Tikkas. His two cooks travel with
    him. Because he is an epicurean, and indulges in the in his taste for food.
    Just last year he made $300,000 in kickbacks, by authorizing expensive, used, second
    hand, armored personnel carriers for Sindh police. From Poland. He rejected a lower
    bid to supply brand new carriers by an American company ! ! Because they refused
    to pay the bribe.Recommend

  • Maverick_NZ

    Would E.T. have dared to publish this piece if Rangers hadn’t taken PPP and MQM criminals to task in Karachi?Recommend

  • Ghazi

    Daring article; I salute you for speaking on behalf of the masses. There has been nil development in Sindh esp. Karachi since 2008.Recommend

  • Lolz

    I wonder what makes Shahbaz Shareef different, same long boots during monsoon for the last 30 years!Recommend

  • excalibur

    Why cringe about Qaim when Nawaz is equallly dismal and both inoffice by fraudulent means and a stolen mandateRecommend

  • Harris

    Because only he has the guts to claim that Karachi has a population of 200 million people. Bhang expands intellectual horizons!Recommend

  • SS

    The man has remained on the position of the chief executive of the province almost 3 times and must know how to manage affairs by now and I am sure he can do a better job but he is too old for it now.

    I think the root cause is the corruption and interference by the Zardari family and its hench men who are nothing but thugs.

    It’s time for a change and that revamping should involve removal of all Zardari clan from their role from power circles.

    As for Sindh divisional and district administration officials, I have never seen such incompetent,dishonest people with no moral or financial integrity. Speaking British English in no way signifies competence, the past and existing DMG and PCS workforce has never delivered anything to the citizens or to the land. These are the educated parasites that prey on development funds and donations from abroad, they are conditioned this way in their useless academies and service structure.

    A complete overhaul of services including hiring, firing, continuous training ,promotions, postings, job security / protection and most important the pay structure for these officials is desperately needed since years and that neither coming from them or the politicians. Both the ruling tiers thrive on exploitation of public exchequer.

    S. Shah
    Austin,Texas Recommend

  • Nael

    Fully agree with you. His absolute ignorance and incompetence is leading Sindh to a complete disaster. Feel like cursing him every time his face appears on tv, but I’m sure even you have editorial restrictions on how badly you can criticize publicly :)Recommend

  • Gullu

    The Inspector General of Sindh police, at that time, was transferred.
    Because he refused to sign on to the armoured personnel carrier deal,
    since his portion of the bribe was cut back to 5% only. He refused to
    accept a mere 5%. He wanted a larger share. So, quickly. transferred !
    [His signature was required and mandatory].
    Most of the bribe money, then, split between Qaim Shah and Sindh Cabal.
    The Big Fish of Sindh Corruption League.Recommend

  • Hamid

    We need to hang publicly hang people like him to set an example.

  • K Alam

    The Monarchy Must End Now!Recommend

  • Sane

    The whole lot of politicians either in or out of government are looters and plunderers. They are supportive to each other. They abuse and curse each other just for public consumption.Recommend

  • Gullu

    Once PTI was trounced out of the Karachi and sent on it’s way to FATA,
    YES, it was possible to print this blog. Without retaliation from Namaloom
    extremists and terrorists who flocked to Karachi under the patronage of
    their brother…Hamara Bhai Khan.Recommend