Dear PTI, your DJ Butt is no better than PML-N’s Gullu Butt

Published: July 11, 2015

I have no issues with either Gullu or DJ Butt, since both of them are nothing more than pawns being used by the party.

These days, it is easier to find a similarity between the colours black and white as compared to finding similarities between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

You will always find them on opposite sides of the table, bashing each other with no holds barred, accusing each other’s leadership of being corrupt, disloyal, and crooked. Their followers seem to be following the same course as well. They stoop to petty lows to defame their counterparts. Social media is now being used as a popular weapon where even personal lives of leaders are not spared.

Interestingly though, these rival parties do have one thing in common – they have produced gems as their sidekicks in their tale of politics, gems who show a variety of colours in the politics of Pakistan. They are none other than Gullu Butt from PML-N and DJ Butt from PTI.

To start off, I have no issues with either Gullu or DJ Butt, since both of them are nothing more than pawns being used by the party. While Gullu is a real exhibition of what the powerful can do in this country, the latter, depict the financial cost of a political activity.

Gullu sends out a clear message to the common man that if you want to take part in the politics of this country, this is what you have to deal with – a car-smasher who reminds us of the game Street Fighter in the bonus stage, ramming vehicles under the presence of the ‘custodians of law and order’, the police.

On the other hand, DJ Butt is a testimony to how much money one has to have in their bank accounts in order to arrange a decent sized protest and cover the cost of loud speakers. And obviously, you also have to cover the cost of chairs, the tents, food, etc. For those who haven’t read DJ Butt’s story, he has billed PTI for a whopping Rs14 crore, out of which six crore has already been paid and discussions are underway to settle the remaining debt.

For me, it all comes down to a couple of straight forward features of politics in Pakistan, power and money. Thugs, goons, and looters are nourished by the powerful in order to get their dirty jobs done. These jobs include everything from threatening to plunder and from rape to murder. Remember, Gullu is just one soldier from this notorious army and thanks to the media, at least one culprit was exposed. I am quite sure that some other soldier belonging to this army has been used to take down the custom officer in the on-going Ayyan Ali case.

But all jobs can’t be done by the brute force, and that’s where the other dimension of Pakistani politics kicks in – the money. I am not a fan of the metro bus, neither do I support PTI, but it’s really interesting to note that the PTI supporters, who were accusing the government in connection with the metro bus project, are now nowhere to justify their own party’s doings.

Fourteen crores for some dance, party, and masti (fun), while millions are suffering in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) in IDP camps, pleading for clean drinking water and health facilities, is unjustifiable. However, it highlights the vicious role money plays in the whole political setup.

Fifty shades of Grey may be very interesting, but it’s definitely not as interesting as the infinite shades of Pakistani politics.

Abdullah Ansari

Abdullah Ansari

An electrical engineer by profession, Abdullah works in the oil and gas industry. His interests include international relations, global politics and debating. He tweets @ChangingTrendz (

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  • Abid

    What a scrap you have written. There is no logic in comparing role of Gullu Butt and DG Butt except Butt. It is express tribune that has published this scrap otherwise an unknown newspaper will not publish it.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    This is ridiculous. How is it DJ Butt’s fault? This is the terms they agreed to. After this it is no one’s business. DJ Butt should be paid for services rendered and contractually agreed. He says he has to pay for all the equipment etc… ultimately, it doesn’t matter if he needs the money to dance on the moon. Pay the man.Recommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad

    PML(N)’s Gullu Butt was a poor man who damaged few cars of those criminals who had gathered there to beat Police and destroy public properties.
    PTI’s Gullu Butt is a thief who has stolen millions of our tax money. Media made this thief a hero and poor Gullu Butt a villain.Recommend

  • Ansari

    Hmm, seems you haven’t read the whole piece bro. Its clearly mentioned that DJ Butt is just a performer .. d article discusses d role of money and power, Sorry for the blog title, but it’s done by ET moderators, not the blog writer :)Recommend

  • Ansari

    No, they are not the same. They show different dimensions of politics of Pakistan. Power and money.Recommend

  • Ashar Pervez

    So you can’t find the difference between Rs. 14 crore and Rs. 50 billion. What a genius you are :)

  • Ashar Pervez

    So how did the DJ steal tax payer’s money?Recommend

  • Emad Qazi

    The question actually is that, Did Pti pay for the protest from tax money or their own money. If it was their own money then there is no issue because as far as I care they could throw it in the bin and it still wouldn’t concern me however if it was tax money then there is a serious issue. until this is figured out I will give pti the benefit of doubtRecommend

  • anonymousx11

    What a nonsense… There were some clueless lady bloggers, and now a new entry. If you are spending this much time on writing a blog post, at least stay close to the reality and make suitable correlations. You should have compared DJ with someone else.Recommend

  • arl16

    The fact that you even compared PTI’s spending on dharna to Metro Bus is plain stupid and shows your ignorance on the topic. Political parties fund raise for themselves and it is no secret. All gatherings organized by political parties are paid for by the parties’ own funds. Of course the dharna will be paid for by PTI as well from its own funds! You can compare this versus any other democracy in the world. Look at US where the presidential candidates have fundraising for their campaigns for months.. And that amount is in millions of $s which is all spent in election campaigns. So you simply cannot compare how a political party spends its funds versus how a government utilizes public funds.

    And do you even know how much does it cost to accomodate around 50k people for 4-6 months? Please do some market research and then tell me… Go to any local caterer and ask them the price they would charge for one function for this number of people.Recommend

  • Humza

    The point has been made by the author that a party that professes to be different of the masses is no different than the others – maybe the only difference is that PML N gets some things done like motorways, metrobus and economic deals with China. Paying a DJ 14 crore while people in KPK are living so harshly as IDPs due to operations there is just obscene.Recommend

  • Ozair

    Such an idiotic article. Wonder how it got published in the first place. ET is losing its touch in quality checkRecommend

  • Hamza Salman

    Poor comparison, and a lousy attempt to connect criminality to commercial mindedness.Recommend

  • Farooq

    lousy article. Gullu Butt is getting protection from our tax money. PTI dharna is not from tax money but personal funds. There is world of a difference between destroying someone’s property to show your might and doing a jalsa with speaker system
    Shameless article.Recommend