Punjab’s dominance is not because Punjabis are chauvinists

Published: July 9, 2015

Continuous allegations against ordinary Punjabis breeds hatred and at times may manifest in violence.

There is a common narrative that an overwhelming majority of Punjabis are chauvinistic and are always conspiring against the smaller provinces. In fact, it has become sort of a trend, particularly among some of the liberal journalists, to put all the blame on the Punjabis.

I can understand the rationale behind it because that is a well-accepted narrative.

Moreover, since the smaller provinces have complaints, therefore it becomes difficult to say anything in defence of the Punjabis for the fear of being called a ‘pseudo liberal’ or worst, a closet chauvinist. Some of the journalists just throw the word Punjabi chauvinism without even trying to justify their stance. Mind you, some of the esteemed journalists are also guilty of it.

The title ‘liberal’ is perhaps more important than credibility and they just don’t want to be accused of being ethnically biased, no matter even if they are projecting an unsubstantiated opinion.

One of the reasons as to why I am offering my two cents is because I think that in an increasingly ethnically charged state, we need to resolve the issues without undue hatred towards each other. Continuous allegations against ordinary Punjabis breeds hatred and at times may manifest in violence.

Yes, Punjab is dominant but ordinary Punjabis may not have conscious scheming role as is often projected by some of the people. Whereas I am against this current set up as it causes grievances to smaller provinces, at the same time, I would like to make one thing clear – it is not correct to blame the Punjabi masses.

Yes, Punjab’s dominance is not springing from the fact that an ordinary Punjabi is a chauvinist but rather due to the fact that it is the most populous province and our systems of revenue allocation is based on population. Secondly, the quota system which is also based on population and demographics favours Punjab more.  It is this quota system which has escalated to a higher representation of Punjabis in the state institutions.

So quota favours Punjab, but do we really want to see the end of the quota system? We all know that in reality, quota works for the advantage of smaller provinces. If you don’t believe me, try repealing it and the strongest protest will come not from Punjab but from other provinces barring the Mohajir community. In fact, the quota system hurts the Urdu speaking community the most.

Hence, it is a combination of the quota system and the historical legacy of colonial times that a large chunk of armed forces are drawn from Punjab. We keep on hearing the word Punjabi army and through an over simplistic analysis, we also conclude that this Punjabi army is always trying to ensure Punjab’s interests.

Unfortunately, the reality is often not that simple. First of all, the army’s primary interest is not preservation of Punjab’s interests but rather its own institutional interests. It has behaved the same no matter what the ethnicity of its commander in chief was. Whether it was a Sindhi Benazir or a Punjabi Nawaz Sharif, it has intervened whenever it assumed that its interests were being undermined by the ‘bloody civilians’.

Army acts as an institution rather than as an agent for a particular province.  Yes, Punjab benefits but not due to conscious and planned efforts of Punjabis or for that matter army itself, but simply due to the fact that a large number of army officers are from Punjab.

Even within Punjab, most of the army recruitment has been from merely three districts of AttockJhelum and Rawalpindi. The high recruitment from these areas is a legacy of colonial times. Yes there is a spill over effect to other areas as well, but primarily, the economic benefits within Punjab are restricted to these areas.

Secondly, it is true that while Punjab gets more benefits due to its higher representation, the army’s interest may or may not be completely synonymous with Punjab’s interests each time. Yes, these may even overlap at times but we need stronger evidence to conclude that the army is a non-elected political institution, solely geared to just ensure Punjab’s hegemony and that too at the behest of the Punjabi populace.

Furthermore, then comes the issue of the voting pattern. In this matter as well, it has often been alleged that Punjabi masses are chauvinistic and vote to ensure Punjab’s hegemony. This is also a pervasive point of view often repeated by some of the journalists. Some of them even went to the extent of interpreting a lawyer’s movement as a Punjabi population’s conspiracy to establish its lost electoral advantage.

I have several objections to this voting pattern paradigm analysis.

First of all, it is idiotic to assume that all Punjabi, or majority of the Punjabis, think and then vote like a monolithic entity. Vote is a one-time exercise and is often influenced by a multitude of factors. To simply assume without any evidence that their sole criterion is ethnicity is stretching it too far and borders on intellectual dishonesty.

A deeper analysis would reveal how flawed this assertion is. Rural Punjab has more seats than any other area in Pakistan and all political issues are local and focus on local issues. A candidate is not voted on ideology but on their ability to wield influence on a local level.  This is an evident fact which is simply overlooked.

Anatol Lieven in his brilliant book ‘Pakistan: A Hard Country’ has wonderfully articulated as to what politics is all about in Pakistan, particularly rural Punjab.  In his words,

 “Since the kinship group is the most important force in society, the power of kinship is inevitably reflected in the political system.”

The fact is that rural Punjab does not vote on ideological or ethnic grounds but along tribal and kinship lines and gives importance to local issues. No matter which party the individual would cast his vote for, it will be casted based on the candidate’s ability to wield local influence. Hence, it is no surprise that Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid-e-Azam (PML-Q) could not get a single seat in the cities and yet was able to bag 54 National Assembly seats from rural Punjab in 2008 elections.

PML-Q’s voters were not voting on PML-Q’s ideology (was there any) or its pro-Punjabi stance (again, was there any), but was actually voting for the strong individual candidates the party had fielded.

The other two parties had also fielded powerful candidates with several who had switched sides in the past. No where were these candidates selected on ethnic grounds or for waging conspiracies against other provinces.

The ordinary rural Punjabi is as miserable as the rest of the country and is only trying to make his ends meet. He votes for a candidate who he thinks can give him access to state resources and resolve his daily issues. Rural Punjab has remained frozen in time and the voting pattern may have witnessed changes in choice of political parties but in essence, the rationale for vote has changed little.

Even urban Punjab has seldom voted on ethnic grounds. However, it may be correct to assert that perhaps a substantial chunk of Punjabi urban middle class voter has been successfully tutored in state cultivated nationalism. To that extent, the ‘complains’ are justified. However, to assume that this automatically equates chauvinism against other ethnicities is stretching it too much.

In my opinion, we need to analyse the entire issue in a more dispassionate way and rather than whipping up sentiments which further breed hate, come up with solutions through mutual consensus.

If population advantage is an issue, then I am all for breaking up Punjab to reduce it. In fact, I fully support Seraiki province chiefly for the same reason.

Punjab’s hegemony has to be eliminated if we want to continue as an integrated state. But at the same time, we need to look at the real reasons rather than whipping up mistrust.


Raza Habib Raja

The author is a recent Cornell graduate and currently pursuing his PhD in political science at Maxwell School, Syracuse University. He has also worked for a leading development finance institution in Pakistan. He is a freelance journalist whose works have been published at Huffington Post, Dawn (Pakistan), Express Tribune (Pakistan) and Pak Tea House. He tweets @razaraja (twitter.com/razaraja?lang=en)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Syd

    A very bad article! Certain state institutions subjugate other provinces, remember the Supreme Court’s penchant for taking suo moto notices in previous governments tenure? Mass protests throughout Punjab for load shedding which has barely decreased. We in other provinces shudder to think that had the dharna in Islamabad been led by non-Punjabi would we be bulldozed as done by Zia in Sindh or bombarded as did Musharraf in Balochistan.

    Unless an ordinary Punjabi on street is willing to stand up for their fellow citizens or vociferously rejecting perks of being Punjabi, sorry to disappoint you but they are very well culpable and cannot claim neutrality or innocence.

    Moreover, during past few years, many a Punjabis have even stopped bothering to pretend politically correct. They openly profess their contempt of what in their view are lesser, less patriotic and incompetent ethnic minorities.Recommend

  • Zuberi

    Totally agree with the author, the hate metted out to ordinary Punjabis and Punjab by esteemed journalists,activists and chauvinists from other provinces and from west of our borders is quite disgusting, even though I’m not Punjabi.

    Most of the criticism of Punjab and Punjabis actually comes from Afghan nationalists who have dislike Punjabis since before the formation of Pakistan and racially looked down on them for historical reasons, for some odd reason the still hold chip over what Ranjit Singh did to them, as if Punjabi Muslamans are apparently the heirs of the Sikh empire lol.

    There is also an anti Punjabi sentiment being cultivated in Balochistan where, which has mostly to do with the alliance of Baloch nationalists with Afghans and their influence on them, this hate has gone out of hand that now Punjabi settlers and settlers from Sindh,Karachi,Hazara and AJK are being pulled off buses and executed by the rebels, many of whom are just ordinary laborers.

    A lot of this hate stems from some racial and cultural superiority complex as well misinformation and ignorance.Recommend

  • Awan

    I don’t get why Pak army is portrayed as a Punjabi dominant army when most soldiers are from Potohar and Potoharis have a separate ethnic identity, also I find it absurd when afghan nationalists ignore the fact that Pashtuns are present in proportion to their population – 15% of Pakistanis are Pashto speaking and 15% of the soldiers are Pashto speakers, which is proportion to their population make up, and the Frontier Corps is almost entirely Pashtuns, also this 15% figure does not include the non-Pashto speaking Pashtuns in the army recruited from Attock,Mianwali,Hazara,Multan etc which is much higher and takes the number to around 25-30%.

    There have also been Pashtun generals like Waheed Kakar,Naseerullah Babur,Tariq Khan etc, Muhajir generals like Musharraf,Mirza Aslam Baig and Jehangir Karamat, Baloch generals like Abdul Qadir Baloch and Sindhi generals like General Mitha.Recommend

  • Jehangir Khan Mescanzai

    Vote? What vote? You mean 22 votes for one Poonjabi? That’s the latest trend.
    The Raja of Raiwind, Nawaz and his Mini Me brother Shahbaz pre-printed millions
    of votes. Had them hauled, signed seal and delivered, to voting constituencies,
    locations and proudly announced “We Won ! We Won !” before the counting was over.
    The most massive fixed election in South Asia’ history. Poonjabis need to hang their heads in shame. But, see, this comes naturally to them. Inbred corruption.
    Poonjabis are the most bigoted, racist, morally bankrupt group of sectarian,corrupt
    ethnics in Land of the Pure. In the last 67 years, they have dominated the political,
    bureaucratic, military, mazes of Paks. And literally managed to have destroyed the country. Ran it to the ground.Recommend

  • nishantsirohi123

    A friend of mine from Karachi told me this.
    He is a muhajir

    Which does makes sense.

    The province of bangal and Sindh got the mandate for tehrik e Pakistan, and in Punjab there was the unionist party that won.

    During partition there were no large scale riots at Bengal and Sindh side, muhajira settled in Karachi (which means sacrifice from sindhi ppl) and which explains why there were still Hindus left in east Pakistan and Sindh
    While the entire Punjab province especially around Lahore was cleared of Hindus and sikhs. Leaving the lahoris filthy rich by capturing properties left by Hindus and sikhs.

    Which is the reason why they do not care about anything, like economy, taxes or anything, as long as their pajeros are running


  • Hamid Bashgali

    Only 3 Muhajjir generals in 68 years? One Baloch general in 68 years?
    One Sindhi general in 68 years? Recommend

  • Fairness

    The fact of the matter is that other provinces are screwed up to serve the interests of big daddy Punjab province of Pakistan. Bengalis were lucky that they were geographically separate so they got freedom from Pakistan much earlier. Now Punjabis are sucking up every drop of blood from rest of the three provinces. Pakistani establishment cares just for Punjab and makes sure Punjab’s interests are protected at any cost. Punjabis do not seem to have a problem with that. There has not been a single protest in Punjab against Pakistani establishment, which has been sucking up the blood of people of smaller provinces since 1947.Recommend

  • Hani Ansari

    I can’t believe it’s from the same author who wrote for pakteahouse. Recommend

  • Awan

    If you ever went to school you would’ve studied proportions, if you look at the statistics, muhajirs 7% of Pakistan’s population whereas 3 out of 15 of our COASs have been muhajirs, that is 20% of all COAs we’ve had to this day, so that is over representation not under, and this not include numerous high ranking muhajir army officers only COASs.

    As for Baloch, only 5% of population is Baloch and historically they have not been recruited but right now 4% of the army is Baloch so that is roughly proportional and 1 high ranking General like Abdul Qadir isn’t bad.

    For Sindhis, they are proportionally represented in army, but don’t have much military heritage, so that’s why you don’t see many high ranking Sindhi officers, it’s not cause of discrimination but because of fewer Sindhis pursuing a military career, BTW the only Sindhi General Mitha who was also the founder of the SSG commandos was forcefully retired early by a fellow Sindhi PM ZA Bhutto, Al ethnicity matters little in Pak army.Recommend

  • Malveros

    Thank You. Excellent Comments.Recommend

  • Malveros

    Excellent Article. However there will be no division of Punjab along ethnic/dialect lines as that will open up a pandora box for the rest of the provinces like Sindh and Baluchistan.Recommend

  • JF 17

    A lot of the PTI leaders that led the anti government march were not Punjabi, many were from KPK, so get your facts straight, bit I guess hate can make people ignorant.Recommend

  • Malveros

    Useless talk with no concrete substance.Recommend

  • Malveros

    Yes u have to have the required skills to excel in the Armed Forces. Punjabis are a martial race followed by Pakhtuns and so they have an easier fit into armed forces.Recommend

  • Cheema

    Excellent article answering all misunderstood conceptions against Punjabis based merely on inferiority complexes but writer you was never required to be apologetic in the last two sentences.Recommend

  • Saeed Zafar

    The article failed to state the simple fact why the majority in the smaller provinces dislike Punjab ? There has to be a reason .They eye the Punjabis with concern .
    Even nowadays in Karachi ,they are looked upon suspiciously on the background of an
    operation by Punjabi Rangers against a minority party .Recommend

  • Saad Salman Zia


  • Razia Hussain

    A good and balanced view. I think author is admitting that Punjab is dominant but is trying to defend Punjabis from allegations of racism and chauvinism. Assuming that he is a Punjabi, there is so harm in it provided he is defending them with proper reasoning.Recommend

  • Uzair

    I agree with the notion that Punjab’s dominance should not be attributed to all Punjabis. I would even revise the above statement to ‘Central Punjab’s dominance’ Southern Punjab is devoid of all the wonderful development programs by Sharif dynasty.Recommend

  • Lakhkar Khan

    Good effort but the author left out many important points which are the root cause of anti-Punjabi sentiment in other 3 provinces. Small provinces feel like their resources are being taken away by Punjab in return for very little. Whether their grievances are legitimate or not but it require serious debate. The question is why other provinces have to give and get back nothing, or very little, in return? Have we learned anything from the history (i.e.Bengladesh)? They have to be stopped from stealing others resources.

    Here are some examples:

    1. Unfair treatment of Pukhtunkha and Baluchistan.

    Based on China corridor original plan, it should be going directly from China via Pukhtunkha to Gwadr, Baluchistan. The ruling Punjabi party added 600KM extra to the plan just to benefit Punjab and omit major parts of KPK and Baluchistan.

    2. Unfair treatment of Sindh

    On some estimates, Karachi alone generated 70% Pakistani revenues. The number could be a little up or down. Even if the number is 60%, it is pretty big.

    3. Unfair treatment of Pukhtunkhwa

    There are 2 large dams located in Pukhtunkhawa, Tarbela and Warsak that generate most hydro power in the country, which Punjab benefits the most. Pukhtunkhwa generates electricity but still has up to 18-20 hours of load shedding per day. Moreover, electricity is being generated in Pukhtunkhwa but the supply is controlled from Lahore, Punjab. Pukhtunkhwa also has precious stones like emerald, Marble, a large production of sugar and tobacco.

    4. Unfair treatment of Balochistan

    Balochistan is the sole producer of natural gas in Pakistan and the whole country is benefiting from it. The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) provides gas to only 14
    urban townships in 30 districts of Balochistan, while rural areas are deprived
    of this facility. Here are some other natural resources produced in Balochistan:

    Iron Ore

  • Bulley Shah

    Do you not remember the Model town massacre last summer?Or the protestors killed and injured in Islamabad last year by the police?You’re one of those delusional ethnofacsists who blame ordinary Punjabis and bash Punjab, heck you completely misread and failed to understand what was written in the blog above.Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    There are historical as well as cultural reasons for Punjab’s dominance. The 1857 revolt against the British was led by Urdu speaking Muslims and Hindi speaking Brahmins. The Punjabis, (Hindu, Muslim and Sikhs), supported the British. After the revolt was put down, the British rewarded Punjabis (and others who supported them such as Gurkhas) by deeming them ‘martial races’ and increasing their recruitment in the armed forces while the ones who revolted against the British were deemed non-martial and proscribed. This started a military tradition among the Punjabis and Pathans. At the time of partition, the Army Pakistan inherited was mostly Punjabi or Pathan in its officer corps with almost no representation from Sindhis, Bengalis or Balouch. Punjab was always one of the most prosperous state in South Asia because it is almost 100 % irrigated. Pakistan Army almost immediately gained control of Pakistan and Punjabis have not looked back ever since. India was luckier because its officer corps, though dominated by Punjabis, had substantial non-Punjabis. Also, the Punjabis that went into Infantry were the Sikhs and Sikhs were a tiny minority in India.Recommend

  • excalibur

    Typical tyrrany of the Majority. First Hindu majority dealt with by Jinnah the Punjabi majorityy dealt with by Bengalis and now it is for the rest to do their bitRecommend

  • KahnaKacha

    Current chief is 15 th chief of Pak army. 3 out of 15, is 20% of the generals. Urdu Speaking people make 7% of the Population. These 3 generals commanded for 14 and a half years out of 68, that works out to be 22% of total time. Still over representation (Proportional to the population).

    Also, first 2 Chief’s of Pak army were British Generals. So the percentage is even higher if you exclude these two Chief’s and 4 years these two commanded. Zia who commanded for 8 and a half years and was a Non-Urdu Speaking Muhajir. So that makes 4 Muhajir Chiefs out of 13 Pakistani Chiefs. and 23 years out of 64 years, that we had Pakistani Chief’s of Army. That makes a third of Generals and a third of time, commanded by Muhajir Generals.

    General Musa Khan and Gen Kakar were both from Baluchistan province, but spoke Farsi and Pashto as first languages. If you look at soldier representation in army, Potoharis and Pashtuns (from KPK and FATA) dominate both non commissioned as well as commissioned soldier ranks, so it is natural that they also get promoted to higher positions. Fertile farming regions of Central Punjab, Southern Punjab, and Sindh (Sindhi Speaking) have far lower representation, proportional to their population.Recommend

  • abdul samad

    well said hamid bashgali .Recommend

  • Rizwan Ashfak

    first deserve then desire!Recommend

  • Razia Hussain

    How many Mohajirs and Sindhis actually go into army in the first place? Going to army is largely a Pukhtoon and Punjabi tradition ( and that too only restricted to a few districts). Most of the generals as well as officers actually come from a few districts and not from all over KPK and Punjab.Recommend

  • BlackHat

    May you are right about Punjabi chauvinism. But what about Arab chauvinism of Al Bakistan?Recommend

  • nomi

    Examples are simple,

    Bhutto was hanged, Nawaz was exiled,

    Bhutto was hanged for killing civilians, Nawaz remains in power for carrying out model town killings.

    The same JIT that calls MQM killers, acquits the Shareefs of every charge.

    The fact that the army is engaged in operations in every province except Punjab, tells the story despite the HQs of major terror organizations being in Punjab.

    Lastly, Punjabis have a habit of blaming the colonial legacy and world powers,

    the fact is that it has been the Punjabi establishment that has dealt with these powers and has done nothing to change the colonial legacy.Recommend

  • Asif Jan

    PUNJABIS are most racist people of the world. PUNJABIS have taken all the opportunities of Pakistan. PUNJABIS are keeping other ethnicities in a STONE AGE. Pakhtoons are still living in caves and Balochis and Sindhis still live in MUD HUTS. Mohajirs did not not get any job, and now they become “Bathey Khor” (extortionists). You PUNJABIS are curse for Pakistan.Recommend

  • Asif Jan

    All the opportunities in Pakistan are taken by PUNJABIS.Recommend

  • Commemtator

    Same mindset behind such propaganda who has labelled Pakistan’s media as Punjabi media.Recommend

  • LordDeath

    Gen Pervaiz Musharraf, Gen Mirza Aslam Baig, Lt Gen SP Shahid, Maj Gen Jamal Shahid, Lt Tariq Wasim Ghazi. Lt Gen Moin uddin Haider. That’s five Muhajir Generals over the top of my head. I am sure I can start listing down more if I bring in my fauji dad into the convo.Please get your facts straight before sharing misinformation on the internet. Gen Zia ul Haq (Punjabi Muhajir)Recommend

  • Please

    Shows how incompetent they areRecommend

  • inquisitive

    Imran Khan , the leader of the dharnas is a Pashtun (Niazi father and Burki mother). This is the funny part. Nobody in Punjab cares that Imran Khan is a Pashtun. Did you see the support he enjoys in Punjab? Now, can you imagine a Punjabi enjoying the same support in other provinces. Where’s the Punjabi chauvinism?
    PMLN for example is actually dominated by ethnic Kashmiris. Check out all the politicians that enjoy tenure in Punjab despite being Kashmiri. Once again nobody cares that Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, their children, Khurram Dastgir, Ishaq Dar, Sheikh Rasheed, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq and countless others are actually ethnic Kashmiris. If you scratch the surface, Punjabis are the least ethnocentric of all people living in Pakistan. Musharraf was an Urdu-speaker but enjoyed huge support in Punjab. Do Punjabis care about these petty issues? No.

    To the writer: Great article. We need more like this.Recommend

  • inquisitive

    Imran Khan is actually Pashtun (Niazi father and Burki mother)Recommend

  • Sami

    A very balanced article. There is a saying in North Punjab ” Main Girya tai tainda Qasoor, Khalotia tai mainda”. In English ” When i am about to fail then you are to be blamed but when i am about be successful then i am the sole responsible of this feat.”.
    This is the same situation of Pakistan. Weaker people just blame others for their own shortcomings. For example in Punjab we blame India, Israel, America and so called West for our downfall. Whereas in other provinces they point fingers at Punjab. The fact of the matter that we are just hiding behind the wall of prejudice to justify our non-successful behavior.
    So this situation will not change in the near future. We will not accept our mistakes but continue to blame others for our own shortfalls. Moreover one thing should be mentioned that the state of Punjab always remained the center of attraction in the past as well because of affluence. Still the people here have a better lifestyle than others and that adds to hatred as well.
    Interestingly previous governments that came from other provinces tried hard to destroy the economics of Punjab but they failed. It started with Ayub Khan when he had taken away the most beautiful land of North Punjab and declared it a federal territory. Then he gave away the three rivers of Punjab ( Ravi, Bias and Sutlej ) to India without any hesitation. The previous PPPP led goverment then stop the Gas and Electricity to Punjab but resilience of Punjab led it to grow better than ever and this adds to more resentment in the end.Recommend

  • Sami

    The Pushtoons resentment of Punjabis is historical and it is based on facts. Most of the people do not know that The Rohtas fort was built to crush the Muslims of North Punjab. Sher Shah Suri brought one Hindu King Raja Todar Mal from UP India and ordered him to make the biggest fort so that Muslim Punjabis of North Punjab could be crushed. Interestingly the Fort was taken away by locals in less than 5 years of its completion.
    The Ghakkars forces of North Punjab have defeated the attackers in the past and its culmination came with the Ranjit Singh. So obviously they will hate us as we remained their arch rivals and they set their eyes to loot and plunder this land for a longer time now.Recommend

  • Syed Zafar

    Although the writer is partially right on some interior facts of Punjab and has admitted that the dominance is their as well as the flaws in the system, but over all he does not make sense except defending the dominance of Punjab and Punjabi mindset. There are many historic facts and figures behind Punjabi dominance, monopoly and chauvinism which speak themselves and can not be defended by lose or artificially created arguments. However, just to give honest consideration to writer’s point of view, let me take one of his major points behind defying and justifying the Punjabi dominance. He says: “Punjabi dominance is not springing from the fact that ordinary Punjabi is chauvinist, but rather due to to the fact that Punjab is the most populous province and our system of revenue allocation is based on population”. What a lame argument. However, even if we take it as a justified analysis that it is the population which gives the right to rule and dominate, then what about those Bengalis of East Pakistan who were not only in majority, were hated, deprived and denied their basic rights but also were not given the right to rule even after winning in general election? When it comes to quota system, it was purely made to hurt certain provinces and ethnicities and to benefit the dominant provinces like Punjab. Even if we agree with the writer that “it is not ordinary Punjabi who dominates” then why the whole masses of Punjab never stands against the unjust with other provinces and their ethnicities? Who can deny that it is all Punjabi rangers who are after certainn ethnicities of Baluchistan and Sindh? Who will disagree that the criminals and corrupt people in Sindh must be crushed in Karachi, but who will should deny the same need exists in Punjab and KPK? Why only Karachi is the target for the last 30 years, who is benefiting from it and who can justify all Punjabi army and law enforcement agencies against non Punjabis in other provinces? Should their be a Sindhi or Baluchi army/law enforcement agencies in against Punjab and can they do the same what rangers are doing in other province? Can Rangers attack on PMLN. PTI and JI head quarters and arrest their leaders too? If not why not. All of them have militant wings too and Punjab is the source and center of all crimes, corruption and terrorism. What about the the murders of 14 innocent citizens of Model Town Lahore, who will arrest and prosecute their known killers? and who is picking and choosing and sparing other political/religious parties in Karachi and why? It is all about Punjabi establishment and its favored right wing religious/political parties who are benefiting from Baluchistan and Sindh operation in my opinion.

    When it comes to the given general perception that Punjab is 65% of the entire population of Pakistan, so it deserves to have a bigger share of representation, national resources and revenue (although it is a lame excuse to maintain Punjab’s oversize as a province, its dominance and not letting other provinces to be made all over Pakistan which is the most important need of Pakistan), but even at this number, and adding the Pushtun/pathan’s numbers in our military from 15 to 30% as per writer, what remains for and and represents other two provinces (Baluchistan and Sindh)? This is nothing but planned conspiracy and discrimination against other provinces and their ethnicities. I think the last commentator’s numbers speak itself, he said: Only 3 muhajir general in 68 years, 1 Baluchi general in 68 years and 1 Sindhi general in 68 years? What a shame? Is it not amazing, people still defend their occupation, dominance and monopolies over national revenue and resources of Pakistan. Are we about to repeat the history of East Pakistan? When it comes to Karachi’s problems, it can only be solved when the curse of quota system is lifted, it is given a provincial status and let its own residents not the outsiders, govern and mange its own problems, so that they have no excuse left, but it is not acceptable to outsiders and those who can not afford to stop spreading hatred between ethnicities and dividing/ruling in Karcahi. They are the ones who have been defeated in general elections over and over. Imported police and law enforcement agencies are not the solution but definitely are the cause of all problems and hatred between ethnicities in Karachi. [email protected]Recommend

  • Mehreen Malik

    I am the resident of Potohar Punjab and your analysis is wrong. The people here just call themselves as Potoharis Punjabis. So we do not consider ourself a totally distinct identity at all. Rather we consider ourself as a Part of Punjab. Also before using the word “Distinct” we should be very very careful. Kindly note that small dialect differences do not make you distinctly different. Unfortunately many new comers in Punjab do not understand and are always trying to divide the people by finding every possible way to divide them.

    If your username is correct and you are Awan then kindly note that Awans populate Northern Punjab, Kashmir and Hazara division mostly. Awan living in Kashmir will call themselves as Kashmiri, whereas in Punjab will be stated as a Punjabi and in Hazara division as Hindko. But these definitions are regional rather than based on a pure different identity.Recommend

  • Raghu Reddy

    Pakistan’s internal problem. Hope Pak also thinks with the same mirror when it looks at issues in other countries.Recommend

  • A J Khan

    Punjab’s dominance is not because Punjabis are chauvinists but cheat their way. They repeatedly back stabbed other provinces especially KPK in Nawaz Sharif’s tenure.Recommend

  • Hasan

    And india has no internal problems at all?!!!!!Recommend

  • Queen

    Can we please come out this debate about provincial ‘dominance’ and focus, as united Pakistanis, on the core issues being faced by our country?Recommend

  • nordmann

    What a silly comment.Recommend

  • Saqib

    re your comment about north Punjab, historically North or Potohar region never been part of mainland Punjab rest is history!Recommend

  • Maverick_NZ

    You think you’d be called a pseudo liberal for defending Punjab? Since when is that true? You are indeed a pseudo, but only a pseudo to feed IndiansRecommend

  • Malveros

    Punjab is one entity. There are no divisions.Recommend

  • Malveros

    Karachi is a mess hence it needs to be straightened out.Recommend

  • Malveros

    Rubbish. Grow up.Recommend

  • Malveros

    Karachi does not generate revenue, it only collects it on behalf of federal capital, all the 4 provinces + Azad kashmir and GB due to it being a port city. It’s own indigenous revenue is very small.Recommend

  • Malveros

    All the Evacuee Property of Hindus and Sikhs was given to the migrants from East Punjab. Get your facts straight ! Punjab was the worst affected due to Partition. Muhajirs settled in Karachi because it was the Federal Capital at that time and their reasons were more opportunistic. There were riots in Sindh which were orchestrated by the incoming Muhajirs with false stories so that they could capture the properties of hindus in Karachi. This led to mass migration of Hindus from Sindh to India.Recommend

  • Milind A

    Slight correction.. The 1857 uprising was triggered by Mangal Pandey (a UP BRahmin), but later carried out by Marathas (Tatya Tope, Nanasaheb PEshwa, Queen of Jhansi etc.) along with folks from Hindi speaking belt. For this reason the Marathas too were left out and not deemed as a martial race despite being warriors for centuries. This ban was lifted during WWII after the Raj experienced shortfall of soldiers.Recommend

  • Me

    Haha. So Muhajirs are opportunistic and liars according to you. Good on you Punjabi :)Recommend

  • Asif Jan

    Mr. Syed Zafar; I am 100% agreed with you. The problem is PUNJABIS do not let any other ethnicity to have any opportunity in Pakistan. Lets take few examples; Metro Bus, Bridges, Roads and Solar City all are in PUNJAB. Please go to Interial Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP and compare them with PUNJAB, and will find a difference.
    PUNJABIS need to understand that all other ethncities of Pakistan hate PUNJABIS for reason.Recommend

  • Asif Jan

    Very well said.Recommend

  • Asif Jan

    PUNJABIS will never learn from their mistakes. We lost Bangladesh because of PUNJABIS, and now (God forbid) will lose Baluchistan and again because of PUNJABIS.Recommend

  • Asif Jan

    PUNJABIS are the main problem of Pakistan. We all would have decent lives like Indians if we did not have PUNJABIS in Pakistan. PUNJABIS have looted entire Pakistan.Recommend

  • Asif Jan

    We all Pakistanis are suffering from you PUNJABIS.Recommend

  • Asif Jan

    Even every ethnicity of Pakistan tell PUNJABIS that we are suffering in Pakistan because PUNJABIS have been looting Pakistan since 1947, but still PUNJABIS won’t going to change. Actually, PUNJABIS do not have any shame at all.Recommend

  • Milind A

    “India was luckier because its officer corps, though dominated by Punjabis, had substantial non-Punjabis.”

    More than luck it was the vision of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, who imposed a limit on participation of each community (not more than 10%) within the army. Thus the army recruits from all regions of India. Additionally, the army has adjusted the physical requirements for each community. Thus the characteristics differ between Punjabis (taller), than South Indians, Gurkhas, Marathas (relatively short) and these are adjusted & accomodated accordingly. Unlike the Pakistani army that imposed a requirement of 5 ft 8 in height, which the Muhajirs saw as an attempt to keep them away from services, a couple of decades back.Recommend

  • Zuberi

    This is frankly not true.Recommend

  • Zuberi

    Karachi is home to the Karachi Stock Exchange largest in Pakistan, and the headquarters of many large corporations, multinationals and businesses, Karachi creates many jobs which why people from the whole country flock to Karachi for those opportunities.Recommend

  • Humza

    All the things you mention being built in Punjab were built by the local provincial government – not the federal government. So if people in Sindh keep voting for MQM and PPP who do nothing to help their own province, why should you blame Punjabis for voting for their own representatives who actually build things for them?Recommend

  • Malveros

    I am referring to indigenous companies and industries not headquarters of organizations.Recommend

  • Zarlasht

    Afghan nationalists criticize Punjabis because Punjabi run Pakistan is occupying Pashtun lands and because Punjabi run Pakistan has been destabilizing their country for decades. Give Pashtuns their freedom and get your Punjabi hands off Afghan Pashtun lands. Are not Sindh and Baluchistan enough for Punjabi Pakistanis to rule over that you need Pashtun lands too? Pakistan should stop destabilizing the region if Punjabis want respect from others.Recommend

  • Malveros

    Well said. Punjab is a single entity and cannot be differentiated based on dialects. That is why the conspiracy of Seraikistan was launched after 1960s. People forget that Seraiki, Potohari, Hindko (spoken by Hazara people in KPK) are just dialects of Punjabi. It is the urdu-speaking, baluch and sindhi settlers in Punjab who try to prop up these differences in Punjab on the basis of dialect differences. We need more unity than divisions.Recommend

  • Zarlash

    Punjabis have well-known inferiority complex so all of them claim to be Kashmiris, “Pathan” (lol), Turkish and assorted other ancestries. There are even “Pathan” caste in Punab although they all speak Punjabi but claim Pashtun ancestry!!!! LOL. LOL. LOL. But everyone knows that Nawaz Sharif, his brother and all the politicians of the Punjabi mafia PNL-N ruling over Pakistan are Punjabis. They were born in Punjab. belong to Punjab, serve Punjab. Shamelessly looting other provinces has been the chief habit of Punjabis in Pakistan and the current Punjabi mafia is no different.Recommend

  • Zarlasht

    Imran Khan Niazi was born in Punjab and has lived all his life in Punjab. He does not speak Pashtu. He admits he is “half mohajir.” He is NOT a Pashtun but just another confused inferiority complexed Punjabi.Recommend

  • Ansari

    Many Muhajirs also migrated to Punjab and they assimilated perfectly well, my grandparents migrated from Panipat to Punjab in ’47 and were Urdu speaking and assimilated well, faced no discrimination, also many muhajirs that came to Punjab also claimed property that was left by the Sikhs and Hindus who had left, but the same is true for Sikhs and Hindus from here who migrated to India claimed the property of Muslim exilees.

    You’re also wrong about the ‘pajero’ stereotype, the pajero stereotype is not applied to Punjabis in Karachi, this stereotype is of wealthy Sindhi feudal Waderas like Zardari and the PPP who lord over the masses of Sindh.Recommend

  • Zarlasht

    Pakistan treated Bangal as its colony forcing Bangladeshis to ask for independence from Pakistan. But even though Bangladesh became independent, Punjabis have learned no lesson. Punjab continues to shamelessly loot other provinces. May be people of those other provinces should follow the example of Bangladeshis and ask for independence from Pakistan.Recommend

  • Waqar

    First of all, the hate is not against the punjabis or punjab but rather against the racism shown by THEM. I dont recall hearing ‘oh how do you live in karachi?’ in peshawar or or gilgit or muzaffarabad but I hear that by almost everyone in Lahore. The hate is not against the people it is against the illogical spending on metro buses in millions when people in other provinces are dying of hunger. It is simply upto them to stop looking down on others if they dont like hearing things like punjabi chauvinsism.Recommend

  • sridhar

    Let us look at this logically.
    Division of the subcontinent produced Punjab in Pakistan that heavily tilted towards the Army. The self-negating PUnjabi gave up his own mother tongue in favor of Urdu. He got his self esteem from Army perks, not through trade or education.

    It is interesting to note that Indian Punjab produced 4 billionaires in the Forbe’s list (viz Singhs of Ranbaxy, Mittal of Airtel, Jindal of Jindal steel and Thapar of Avantha) but not one from Pakistani Punjab.

    Not one Punjabi Nobel laureate. The only one was an Ahmediya. The most well known social activist, philanthroper (Edhi) is not a Punjabi. I can go on and on.

    Most of Army Chiefs, military dictators have been from Punjab.
    Punjab’s sick dominance was visible in East Pakistan in 1971 when the Punjabi-dominated Pakistani army invaded East Pakistan and massacred a million or more Bengalis and raped thousands of Bengali women in the space of less than 2 years. When the Pakistani soldiers raped Bengali women, they would tell them that they are being raped so that they could have Punjabi children.

    I have often reacted with many Punjabi Pakistanis over the internet in various forums and their arrogance and perception of racial superiority just amazes me!
    This racial superiority often spills into: we are fair and tall, one Pakistani equals 10 Hindus etc etc. Despite losing all the wars and having a nation vivisected, an average Punjabi continues to believe in this kind of nonsense.
    This racial superiority has now spilled into Balochistan. The thinking is: we can solve this problem by just bulldozing in with weapons, killing those who resist the way LTTE was dealt with in Srilanka (forgetting that there was no political option left to deal with LTTE.
    Where Punjabis are in a minority (in India) and kept under leash, they do OK. When in a majority (as in Pakistan), they mess up things.
    May be it is time to check the Punjabi gene and see if there is something lacking there.Recommend

  • sridhar

    (Yes, Punjab’s dominance is not springing from the fact that an ordinary Punjabi is a chauvinist but rather due to the fact that it is the most populous province and our systems of revenue allocation is based on population.)

    When was the last census done in Pakistan that is reliable and accurate? Wikipedia tells me that no census has been conducted since 2008 and you are basing your allocation to provinces on the basis of 2008 census? That is outrageous.Recommend

  • Syed Zafar

    Thanks for defending the truth. I bet, If there would be justice, no body will hate nobody including Punjabis. There are good and God fearing Punjiabis too and there are bad apples in every community/society as well. We need to admit where the unjust is coming from and that nobody is superior than other. Love and respect for each others rights is the key which is only possible when there is justice and equality for all and nobody hates or discriminate other on basis of cast, color, race and religion.

    I will appreciate rangers/military if they could show some courage and arrest and prosecute all including those from Punjab and KPK who are involved in crimes, looting Pakistan, spreading hatred between ethnicities/communities and misusing governments’ powers not only to serve their own interests and cover their own crimes but also to crush their political, ideological and ethnic opponents. But, “Charity starts from home”. This is only possible when Rangers/military and other law enforcement agencies start being clean, ready to give account of their own wrongdoings and are able, ready and willing to take the same shot with the same zeal and ambition against their own kind of racial, religious, political and judicial allies in the capitals of Punjab, KPK and Pakistan, as they are doing against non Punjabi/Pathan and non Jamaati Karachites. Think about it: What if there would have been a Baluchi, Sindhi and especially Urdu speaking party and its leader in place of IK, doing dharna in Islamabad, challenging all institutions of Pakistan, disrupting the daily/official life of the residents of local and foreign residents of Islamabad, jamming the capital for months, giving billions of dollars loss to the country, surrounding thanas and hospitals and freeing their armed goons from police custody by force, attacking governnment buildings and officials, what would have been their fate? and what kind of labels and cases would not have been made against them? and of course there would have been the use of real bullets against them instead of rubber bullets because of their race and background. Alas, this flip flop prince Ik is roaming free and nobody can dare to tame or touch him, because he knows, he is above the law like Shreefs, who are born in preferred province with special rights and privileges. Please, please stop being prejudice and mindset against other races and communities, not only it hurts your opponents but also hurts your own reputation and hurts Pakistan and humanity. Recommend

  • rationalist

    Didn’t Shabaz Sharif officially ask the terrorist groups not to target Punjab, thereby implicitly telling them it was ok to carry out terror attacks in other provinces?Recommend

  • Hamid Bashgali

    Pardon me, excuse me, did go to an Ivy League University.
    Secured a degree too. But the point is moot. Since you have
    no idea or even understand what ivy League means. [Nothing personal here]Recommend

  • Jehangir Khan Mescanzai

    Anybody gives a doozy about your history lesson? A resounding NO !
    Then you write..’Pushtoon anger is based on fact’ !! Great ! There !
    You have the answer !. By the way 99% of the Pathans have no idea
    or historical perspective of your diatribe. They go by this gut feeling,
    uneasy, nasty feeling about Punjabis….that they are the most corrupt
    despicable, heinous people around. Who are looting the other provinces to fill their coffers. Period.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Oh, good. it’s about time someone stood up for the defense of our most dominant and most privileged province. I suppose someone needs to side with the lonely ‘overdog’, while we’re off attending to the underdog.Recommend

  • Jehangir Khan Mescanzai

    And where did the local provincial government get all this money? To do all these good things for Punjabis? A ‘farishta’
    floated down from heaven with bags of Dollars? Dinars?
    Rials? Euros? And handed them tp Prince Shahbaz ? And
    said “do good unto the Punjabis” Since, they are the only
    Chosen People in the Land of the Pure, to benefit. Rest of
    the country is living hand to mouth. [Maybe the former portege of Ziaul Haq diverted the money to his little brother Shahbaz?]
    Don’t you think so ?Recommend

  • Alee Siddiqui

    If population increases so is breakdown of provinces .. our constitution
    so why not Punjab should be breakdown as equal population?Recommend

  • kulwant singh

    Zafar Sahib before partition it was contended that Hindus and Muslims can not live peacefully in India which was the base of two Nation theory but from the Blog and comments what I gather is that Punjabis, Sidhis, Pathans can not live peacefully what will you say.Recommend

  • kulwant singh

    India too have many problems and problems are also a part and parcel of our lives and will end only with death if not so than it will be heaven.Recommend

  • Vap

    1 – Bhutto was killed because of Zia, Nawaz was exiled because of Musharraf.
    2 – Karachi violence is because of MQM and Bhutto’s legacy (PPP) not because of any punjabi, the fact that Sindhi dominated parties could not do anything in last 7 years go on rants against Punjab even on a slightest wrongdoing. JIT Did not conclude that MQM is a terrorist organisation.
    3 – Intelligence operations are being done in Punjab as well they dont get into limelight because unlike MQM and PPP nobody tells intelligence agencies that “they are stepping out of their domains” .
    Last people of other provinces have a knack to blame others for their miseries.Recommend

  • Vap

    Zarlash your ignorance is totally understandable. Whoever goes on ranting about ethnicity is the one who has inferiority complex deep within not the other way around.Recommend

  • Vap

    Haha punjabis that and punjabis those, your harangue has no substance kid, so better up your game.Recommend

  • Vap

    Wasn’t the people fighting in Afghanistan were from other province (KPK) and FATA? No?Recommend

  • Gullu

    They don’t go into the armed forces because they know they
    will be sidelined. And will have no opportunities given to them.
    While incompetent, less qualified Punjabis will be promoted.
    Simply because of ethnic and communal criteria. it happens every single day, everywhere, in the Land of the Pure. Only
    Punjabis need apply.
    Better call it Punjabistan? Sharifistan? Nwazistan? Raiwindabad?Recommend

  • AQ13

    punjab should be partitioned into 4 parts,Kpk and sindh into two parts eachRecommend

  • Sarfaraz Abbasi

    Where did you get the information on ‘3’.Recommend

  • Sarfaraz Abbasi

    It is a bitter truth… you need to grow up and understand what’s going on around.Recommend

  • Sarfaraz Abbasi

    This is the real issue that needs to be addressed, and it is the hurdle to reaching core issues.Recommend

  • Sarfaraz Abbasi

    No one has power to do that with Sindh at least.Recommend

  • Sarfaraz Abbasi

    Then why is Urdu an official language of the province? You are not a Siraiki so don’t try to act like you understand them.Recommend

  • Sarfaraz Abbasi

    Really? All ethnicity matters little in Pak Army? – What do you think we are, some sheep to follow you! If you don’t know anything, then do not try to portray yourself as the one.

    Where did you get an idea that Sindhis do not pursue military career; despite the fact that the large number of Sindhis are attending the cadet colleges across the Sindh?Recommend

  • Queen

    It is this so-called provincialistic approach that has so far stopped Pakistan from making progress.Recommend

  • Nabz Khan

    Asif Jan you are full of hated toward Punjabis , Seems fake profile running from Indian domain to spread hate between us IndiansRecommend

  • Maratha warrior

    Conspiracy theorist!!!!!! Punjabis hate Pashtuns, mohajirs, sindhis and vice versa. Don’t blame Indians for this.Recommend

  • zorkor

    Its easy to blame Punjab for everything but when their kids want education, they want to look for work, home and treatment in good hospitals, they all come to Punjab.
    Double standards will not get you anywhere.

    P.S = I am not a Punjabi.Recommend

  • lodhi.ee.uet

    Why didn’t KPK elect ANP then ? Clearly the KPK people saw something in the Partial-Punjabi-Partial-Muhajir IK ? Dude, we had a military dictator in the form of Ayub Khan, we had a Sindhi PM in the form Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and we had a Sindhi PM in the form of Benazir, and we had a Sindhi President in the form of Zardari.

    So what the ____ are you talking about !Recommend