Does Nawaz Sharif even care about Sindh and its people?

Published: July 2, 2015

PM said that he was going to Karachi to personally supervise the operation to restore peace. PHOTO: AFP

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif attending a high level meeting in Karachi on Wednesday. PHOTO: PID PM said that he was going to Karachi to personally supervise the operation to restore peace. 

The outcome of the visit of our Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, to Karachi has been disappointing. There is an obvious crisis of governance in the province of Sindh where the provincial government and the administration are unable to rule and fulfil their tasks. It has reached a point to where people are dying on the street in droves.

Besides, the security situation is far from under control and it needs to be addressed on the basis of the findings given before by the Apex committee and the DG Rangers a couple of days ago. Governance and security issues cannot be tackled successfully if the sources of financing terrorism and the matter of black money are not investigated.

The premier’s visit has definitely not been a contribution towards this aim. On the contrary, only measures which have been announced before were discussed and it is open to anybody’s guess as to what will be the fate of those announcements.

Neither were any decisive steps announced or taken to tackle the K-Electric problem nor has the corruption problem been addressed, in spite of the provincial finance minister holding K-Electric responsible for the carnage that ensued due to the heat wave and load-shedding. Furthermore, instead of the prime minister’s announced visit to hospitals in order to give support to the victims of the heat wave, he cut his visit short and disappeared after only a few hours, heading as we are told, home, in order to travel to Norway with his family.

This highlights the priorities of our rulers. It took 12 days of the heat carnage in Karachi and the death of 1,500 people for our beloved prime minister to come to Karachi. He arrived after having been briefed by the Chief of Army Staff, Raheel Sharif, in detail about what to say and what not to say. That is good news, because it is the army and not the civilian government that is standing behind the Karachi operation,  and it is the Rangers who initiated the establishment of heat stroke centres in the city when all the politicians were sitting at home in acclimatised rooms.

It was the same DG Rangers’ General Bilal who produced the list of corrupt politicians from the ruling party and the bureaucracy which upset Mr Asif Ali Zardari so much that his real colours were evident when he went into a fit of rage over this list.

As a matter of fact, neither the Sindh government administration nor Nawaz Sharif and his government have any pity for the poor people of Pakistan. All they care about is their family and their buddies. Otherwise the prime minister would have at least visited one hospital or announced some help and compensation for the families of the victims.

Instead, both sides are indulging in a blame game against K-Electric and the water board. Whatever K-Electric does or does not do is their responsibility as well, do they not realise that?

They have given away this particular national asset for a whimper to their buddies in Arabistan only to have pocketed handsome rewards in return. Their own governments are operating with foreign advisors. And now they complain that it doesn’t work. Why would it? This was the nature of the business done at that time.

Pakistan is surely in an extremely bad situation; while Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is blaming Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and PML-N is blaming PPP, at the end we have to recognise that they are just partners in crime.

Ali Ashraf Khan

Ali Ashraf Khan

The author has been a Central Information Secretary of PML (Malik Qasim & Khwaja Khairuddin), remained associated in MRD formation and then as Member Central Coordination Committee of PDA. He is an ex-member of FACC during PPP's regime. He takes active part in trade body politics as a member EC of FPCCI 2014 and belongs to a refugee family from Kargil and Ladakh.

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  • Person

    Short answer to this article: NoRecommend

  • Malveros

    need to write maturely and not childish articles.Recommend

  • Fahimuddin

    Question is that does Nawaz shareef care about people of Punjab, or in short just ‘people’. PML(N) is just party of land lords, businessman etc. Their politics just revolves around money. People may disagree but people like maryam nawaz and bilawal bhutto can’t even cross the roads of Lahore in heavy traffic. They born with golden spoon ; they know nothing about common people and their problemsRecommend

  • sterry

    If the local people in Karachi and Sind don’t care about their own cities and province why blame the federal leader? In Sind they keep voting for the same people who bring nothing to the province. What good did Musharraf or Zardari do despite both being from there? Now you have another party based in Punjab and they have announced infrastructure programs to improve things including motorways, metro bus and nuclear energy for the city but people still complain? Does everyone expect Nawaz Sharif to fix what Musharraf couldn’t fix in 10 years and what Zardari couldn’t fix in 5 years? At least now, there seems to be a silver lining over the clouds since financial institutions in America and the respected Economist Magazine in UK are speaking positively about the economic transformation in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Shane Hashmi

    Well articulated Mr. Khan.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    But,..but,..see,..well,..Raja of Raiwind and his and his Vizier Shahbaz
    are only interested in Punjabistan. The rest of the country can go to
    Dante’s Inferno in a basket. All these bus services, these motorways,
    these street lightening are just for Punjabistan. The alleged PM Nawaz,
    never leaves his fort. He scurries down to Karachi for a few hours. Under
    5 rings of security. We are talking 5 to 6 thousand security personnel
    guarding him for these few hours. Why? Because he is not welcomed there.
    Not recognized as,.. PM ANYWHERE OUTSIDE of fortress
    Punjabistan. More than 1700 people died from the heatwave in Karachi because all the electricity is diverted to Punjabistan. There is no water
    either. It took the Punjabi Raja 6 days to get to Karachi for a few hours.
    That is called incompetence.Now, he’s on way to another foreign trip
    to Norway? Sweden? For a shopping spree with family and entourage!!
    That will be 8 to 9 million Rupees a day while he is this junket! No. Nope
    this man is not welcomed anywhere in the country. Better he hides at his
    palace/darbar,…while the money goes to his off shore accounts in a steady
    stream of dollars [US]. No,..This is not how you run a country. You are
    suppose to be PM to all the people. Not just Punjabis ONLY.Recommend

  • Salman Ahmad

    and yet Sindh will again vote for PPP and blame their misery on PunjabisRecommend

  • Sane

    They don’t have time, but to keep their wealth increased; this way of that way.Recommend

  • Baffled

    Punjab is being developed at the cost of Karachi ( read : on Karachi’s revenue ).
    The Punjabi establishment ( read : civil and military ) are ensuring the cash inflow from Karachi flows uninterrupted and thus targeting political parties in Sindh .Recommend

  • Waqar Omar

    And you think Punjab has no business and industry? At all?
    Google GDP contribution of Punjab in national economy.
    Yes, Karachi is contributing a lot too. But it’s Sindh government which is to be blamed.Recommend

  • Baffled

    Way to compare the Whole Punjab to Karachi !!!! There is a huge difference between GDP and Revenue Generation .Karachi generates 60% of the whole Revenue of Paksian .And how much do we get , 0.06% ??? Even if we go by your logic Karachi’s contribution in GDP is 20% ( 1/5th) ,let us have only 2% of the GDP ( Defence gets 25% + of the Total Budget every year )
    Why this all smells something like former East Pakistan .Recommend

  • Baffled

    Truth hurts .Recommend

  • Motiwala

    Let’s see, his brother, Shahbaz, satrap of Punjab, is the same one
    who made deals with terrorists/extremists and banned outfits to leave
    Punjab alone, [no bombing no extortion, no target killings, no land grabbing,
    no bhatta] however these outfits can rob, loot, plunder the rest of the country!
    Use Pakland as an ATM machine? Yup, same guy. He is known as Ming
    Sharif in China. Due to his frequent trips there. He is on first name basis
    with all the Chinese third level leadership.
    The Economist wrote about Pak economy? When? And which so called
    ‘financial institutions’ spoke positively about ‘Land of the Pure’…..GDP??
    Citi Bank? Bank of America? JP Morgan Chase? NY Mellon? Wells Fargo?
    HSBC? These are the top 6. They had nothing to say. Maybe this came to
    you in a dream. All there is, is Finance Dollar Dar. Using smoke and mirrors to project a fake economy. Using one loan to pay
    the other.Recommend

  • napier man

    I believe he does not care about sindhRecommend

  • Waqar Omar

    Karachi ‘Collects’ 60% of the revenue, not ‘Generate’
    This collection is because of the port and import/export duties. All the bank’s headquarters are here and they post their result of whole country from Karachi.
    Btw, Defense get 9% of the GDP.
    The problem lies with Sindh government, specially after 18th amendment.Recommend

  • Baffled

    Fine going by your logic again , separate Karachi from the rest of the country ,lets see how. Punjab “Collects” the said 60% ?
    Gawadar ? Dream on .
    Defence gets 9% of GDP and 25%+ of the gross budget allocation .What about the “Other Income” they generate from DHA ,Defence Banks ,Sugar mills, fertilizers,cornflakes and US assistance ?
    What does Karachi get in return .A decade old operation against a certain minority ,quota system ,bayonets and boots???Recommend

  • Waqar Omar

    Read Sindh budget carefully. It’s not Punjab duty to spend Sindh budget (which is in trillions) to spend on their people.
    And all the corporations you’ve mentioned are investments which is benefiting people somehow (Employment and Taxes)
    Comparing Punjab (12 crores people) with Karachi is silly anyway.
    It’s very easy to blame others for your failures. That’s what politicians do, to coverup their failures.Recommend

  • guest

    Thanks for putting my ditto thoughts in words……….just pray for a miracle to happen!Recommend

  • Grace

    Yes; So weird – as long as people in Sindh keep voting for their current representatives, it will never change. Don’t blame Sindh government for anything. It’s easier to get mad at Punjab and the work that Shahbaz Sharif does there to improve Punjab cities. Like somehow that made Sindh government bad?Recommend

  • Maria

    But when people in Sind vote for Zardari and those in Karachi vote for MQM do they care? We can also see what these parties have done to Sind!Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Well it might behoove you to spell SINDH correctly. Before you
    go waxing poetic on the people of Sindh electing Zardari et all.
    Consider, the peons of Punjab keep electing a 3 time looser, also
    known as the Punjabi Raja. Yep, same guy, attached to “portege
    of Zial ul Haq” or the ‘Failed One’ or the ‘One Who Wanted To Be
    The Ameerul Momineen’…..thank the stars he did’nt cut it !Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    No, Grace, just switch it around. First there is an 80 year old octogenarian, Qaim Shah, as Chief Minister of Sindh. He suffers
    from dementia. Has to be reminded what day of the week it is.
    Then there is the Sharif Cabal, also known as Punjab Thugs Inc.
    [PT incorporated] We have Nawaz, his brother ruling Punjab, then
    brother in law Dollar Dar running the finance ministry, son in law
    Saad Rafique running the Railway Ministry, another brother in law
    Khawaja running the Defence Ministry, Maryam running a big govt.
    Youth Loan Scheme,[ in charge of billions of rupees] Papa Nawaz
    appointed her ! Talk about nepotism. She also has 2 fake, bought
    degrees,..then there is Kalsoom,…Mama Shamim, chief owner
    of Raiwind Palace and surrounding 800 acres,…… you follow?Recommend

  • Riaz Ahmad

    It will be nice to have decent & constructive criticism. I would say local government should also act like Mayors Namat -ullah & Mustafa Kamal did great development in Karachi. They both made Karachi a wonderful & developed city. I also agree that Central Government should pay more attention to develope Sindh & Baluchistan. Same time local people should make Provincial Governments accountable for poor performance. Riaz AhmadRecommend

  • Saad Naeem

    I have never seen such inhuman extinction of human soul.Recommend

  • Grace

    Sure switch it around all you want. Love them or hate them, Punjab is developing under “Sharif Cabal” and you can keep enjoying the development you see in Sindh with MQM and PPP Cabal. You only have yourself to blame then.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    No, Grace, just showing plain empathy with the Muhajjirs.
    [Not Sindhis, because Sindhis are the ‘other side’ of the
    putrid Punjabi coin. The next chapter in the Corruption Saga.]
    Also fully aware that you call Muhajjirs ‘those Indian looking
    foreigners.’ although they have more patriotism in their little
    finger than a Punjabi will have in 10 generations.Recommend


    PMLN Quid NAWAZ SHARIF should pay attention to reservations, disputes and differences of all workers/leaders in country especially Sindh. Mumtaz Bhutto, Ghous Ali Shah, Arbab Rahim,Liaqat Jatoi,Saranjam Khan,Zulfiqar Khosa and Ilahi Bux Soomro must be engaged in party matters again and given due status in party.Moreover, it is important for Mr. NAWAZ to talk with Javed Hashmi and include him in PMLN again.Recommend