You don’t have to celebrate homosexuality, but please don’t be a homophobe

Published: June 30, 2014

but let me reassure you Hamza Ali Abbasi, just by telling your 12-year-old nephew what gay is will not magically change his sexual orientation.

The landmark Supreme Court judgment was definitely not going to go unnoticed in Pakistan. It was obvious that it was going to get widespread support in Pakistan as well. I was surprised to even see a few people drape their profile pictures in the rainbow colours in unity. However, the copious amounts of vitriol directed towards those people were vastly unwarranted and totally unnecessary.

Nobody is requiring every single person in the world to celebrate pride but there is no reason to berate people doing so. You are free to express yourself but your freedom of speech does not extend to having a right to opinion, asking for other people to die. Freedom of speech is almost always subservient to the freedom of life and liberty.

Neither do you have to necessarily belong to the community to support their cause. I can support the Black civil rights movement, even though they are not Muslim or follow Muslim practices. Similarly, I can realise the struggle of the LGBTQ movement and choose to celebrate a day where the members of those community were granted legal equality.

These people have suffered massive amounts of persecution for centuries, all for the right to freely love who they want to and to be legally recognised for doing so, to enjoy all legal benefits that are enjoyed by any other couple.

It may not be religiously permitted in Islam but neither is consuming alcohol or charging interest. Why is nobody crying out on Facebook that every single person in the world supporting the banking system deserves to die or that the United States of America will be doomed because consuming alcohol is legal there?

Why is all our hate focused towards a clearly marginalised group of people? People who clearly don’t have a choice, who are biologically wired to be who they are and who only want the right to live as who they are. How can we deem any behaviour to be natural, normative or normal? If God chose to create somebody a certain way, who are we to question God?

Rather than predicting doom and gloom, let’s practice humility and realise that none of us know better than God. I missed the Game of Thrones episode where Hamza Ali Abbasi was denoted to be the high septum of Pakistan but his comparison of homosexuality and incest is completely unfounded. I do not support or celebrate incest, but incest was essential to create humanity. No rule is absolute, therefore, we should be careful before presuming to speak on behalf of God.

Humility would mean that anytime we are faced with the choice to choose between choosing to love and choosing to hate, we should always opt for love. Unfortunately, the amount of hate in Pakistan has sky rocketed over the past few years. There are rallies against the celebration of festivals; everything is declared haram (forbidden) in the name of religion, without realising that Islam is an inclusive religion. It is a religion of peace and acceptance, not militarism.

Our resistance comes simply from homophobia, but let me reassure you Hamza Ali Abbasi, just by telling your 12-year-old nephew what gay is will not magically change his sexual orientation. We need to be less insecure about our heterosexuality. If you think that this is the normative behavioural practice, then why do you fear telling people what gay is?

Putting up rainbow flags does not spread homosexuality and this is not a global conspiracy to make people gay. It is a practice as old as time itself. It has been accepted in many cultures throughout history. What is recent though, is homophobia.

Homophobia is not even intrinsic to our region or culture.

There was an acceptance of the practice in the subcontinent before the advent of the British and Christian missionaries. Cross-dressing has been practiced for ages in the Indian subcontinent and hijras (transgender people) have been revered historically.  We were historically more progressive and accepting than the West, but colonialism set us back centuries and we are still grappling with the post-colonial mind-set.

You don’t have to be a homosexual, you do not have to even celebrate homosexuality, but please don’t be a homophobe. Realise that there are other people in the world different than you, and that is completely alright.

#LoveWins does not mean everyone has to engage in the same kind of love. Whatever you think love is, practice that, practice it freely and do not let haters bring you down.


Shehzad Ghias

A graduate from the LUMS Law School and is running his own theatre production company, Cogito Productions.He works as a theatre teacher at various schools. He tweets @Shehzad89 (

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  • Abdul Aziz

    Good piece. Refreshing to see this point of view! Totally agree with the author.Recommend

  • Abdul Aziz

    Muslims countries must accept homosexuality as sexual preference for any person and not relate it to sin. Quam-e-loot incident cannot justify hatred for any person born with homosexuality as qaum-e-loot was involved in child molestation (of boys) which is a crime. Now there are a lot of child molestation cases in Pakistan, specially KPK, occurring many of which are committed by mullahs. That’s shameful.Recommend

  • Jayman

    Your piece is articulate and hits the nail on the head. Nobody asked Hamza Ali Abbasi to celebrate. But he took it upon himself to denigrate people freedom to express themselves.Recommend

  • Nazish

    Exactly!. I’ve had people come and say how can you support them it’s disgusting. I just tell them,”Hey, you don’t like gays. Then don’t marry gays” Simple.
    Nice to know someone in Pakistan is not a bigot. And who the hell is Hamza Abbasi to criticize them. He should focus on his careerRecommend

  • London Banker

    “Widespread support”. Your facebook does not show how widespread support is. Gallup showed that less than 1 in 10 Pakistanis favour it. I am hardly religious but the amount of fanaticism that came from pro-gaymarriage people, caring zero for the sensitivities of the fasting majority, showed a lot of character. I always found myself on the other side of the spectrum – arguing with fanatics et al. But on this one – my oh my. Recommend

  • Beera Fatima Shah

    are you psychopath or what? its unnatural thats why its forbidden in islam and its punishment is death ,so you have clearly such messed up views. every one has the right to differ . if you are pro gay and hopefully you are or you have gay friends doesnt mean we are. and its not love its illness , and if you think deeply and use your mainstream brain you will see how lethal this type of living is to humanity and to societies, what about an ideal family then? a kid wants a mother and a father not a father and a father. And if it was natural then God must have created a pair of ADAM and steve , along with ADAM and EVE.. And what rubbish is this that you do not have to be a homophobe? hellooo?? we have a right to think differently. why u want to make us pro homos forcefully? be tolerant , learn to live with different views and thoughts. And what you are doing is an open war with God , fear your end.Recommend

  • Shekky

    The number of blogs and articles on ET and elsewhere regarding what Hamza Ali Abbasi says is INFINITE. Obsession much?Recommend

  • Shekky

    He can say whatever he wants and that too on his personal Facebook page. Don’t be a “mohallay ki aunty” (sexist alert …ooops) and criticize whatever he has to say to the end.Recommend

  • Lilly

    all for the right to freely love who they want to and to be legally recognised for doing so, to enjoy all legal benefits that are enjoyed by any other couple.
    By this definition,– Kindly allow consenting adult women to be married to the same man-polygamy. After all, they are also asking for legal recognition and marriage.
    Allow multiple men to be legally married to the same woman as well, granted they are consenting adults. Why Not?
    I choose not to drink alcohol, nor do i celebrate it.
    I choose not to consume pork, nor do i celebrate it.
    I choose not to engage in pre-martial sexual activities, nor do i celebrate it.
    I can peacefully co exist with people of other beliefs and their ethics. Its not my business.
    But would i celebrate it and say its okay? No.
    Btw, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and this so called freedom of speech requires you to respect it.
    I, as a muslim, believe NOT in the freedom of Speech, Rather in THE BEST OF SPEECH.
    since i have nothing nice to say about homosexual, i’d just remain silent.
    Unlike the pseudo liberals who have no control over their tongues.Recommend

  • Arsalan ahmed

    Excellent blog ! Keep it up. Recommend

  • Aeman Junaid

    THANKYOU! And Thankyou Express Tribune for allowing this view point being accessible for the masses.

  • Farhan

    I disagree. By celebrating something explicitly forbidden in Islam, you are indirectly making fun of Islamic injunctions Recommend

  • Rashid

    well said.Recommend

  • Hasnain Naveed

    Why ? I mean why ? Boy you have so messed up views. Not taking the side of Hamza (Although he didn’t say them, to die, he just said hate the sin, not the sinner). People like you.. Well, if you have the power to write what do you think, you can write anything, no man. Its messed up. Grow up don’t try to follow the majority of liberal class.Recommend

  • Kamran Hayder

    Molvi Hamza Ali Abbasi is on the hit list of bloggers these days. Feeling poor for him though :-PRecommend

  • shozz

    i am amazed when people start comparing one wrong with the other and start justifying the notion, that’s a very poor form of building an opinion. each act needs to be judged on its own rather than by comparing with interest or liquor. what is wrong is wrong. be informed that there is no established point that these people are wired in such a way, it’s pretty much funny like Darwin theory, where one opinion from single researcher is promoted in such a way that it seems real. Homosexuality is an abnormality and it would remain this way. those people who try to please certain circles by writing in favor rather than talking about the right thing are just pathetic.Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Dear Author,

    I have one question disregard of thn topic. Why is that if some one criticizes a liberal approach and half of the world gets crazy.. if Hamza does not like this rule and writes against it than why is most of the people insulting him. In the past they use to say you cannot discuss you cannot discuss Liberal approaches. Please if you have right to have your “love” opinion than the other has the same right to oppose simple…..Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    A very strong argument I am just waiting to see how some “Pseudo liberal” will just insult your argument and move forward…..Recommend

  • Ishaq

    A father and a father/ a mother and a mother can be equally loving to a child. And it’s not an illness. If you researched you would’ve realised they are born with it. If you can love a man why can’t another man love a man? Secondly the punishment for being gay in Islam is NOT death. It’s a matter of interpretation. The nation of Hazrat Lut AS were also involved in raiding theft fraud and were unbelievers and so was his wife. It wasn’t necessarily because they were gay because they were ignorant not to listen to him and commit sins. Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Exactly so one who is not having your opinion becomes a bigot..So this is your way of civilized argument !!!!
    Pseudo liberals have this issue that they think they very intelligent but are unable to prolong an argument using decent words. How about this who the hell are you to even criticize him !!!!Recommend

  • Ishaq

    When your Facebook has over a million likes it kinda does show it. Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Yes but in a free world he has the right to give his opinion. Sorry freedom is not only for Pseudo Liberals but also for other human beings. Or do you consider every one who has a different opinion monkeys !!!!Recommend

  • Animal Farm

    If you really believe that God created Adam and Eve…then you should also understand that the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve had to commit incest to further the human life in our planet….
    Does that mean its ok to commit incest as its indirectly implied in the religious texts????

    Stop using fairy tales imagined by desert nomads who couldnt even get the planetary motions right to a moral scientific issueRecommend

  • Critical

    Finally seeing someone use Quam-e-Loot as a reference to justify homosexuality not homophobia….Recommend

  • Shama Shezadi


  • Muhammad Danish Ghani

    ohh dear there is a great difference between black rights movement and LGBTQ movement…Recommend

  • Sohail

    Fully agree with Hamza’s stance.Recommend

  • waseemakhtar

    Since Hamza himself declared in the second FB screengrab you posted that he does not hate gays but won’t celebrate it, than I wonder what’s this blog post is all about? It’s just like when you say something about Imran Khan, you get immediate response, are you trying the same funda with Hamza?Recommend

  • Jenna

    I definitely agree with you 100%. Recommend

  • Aaryan Ramzan

    You need some serious education. Please read. All your points have been refuted.Recommend

  • Zain

    @Abdul Aziz
    Please do not speak for anything you don’t know of. Did you ever read the story of Qaum e Loot in Quran? I bet you didn.’t. Please read Surat al-Araf: 80-82 where Allah clearly mentions about illegal relationship with “Men”. Not sure where did you get the information that it was child molestation! Like you have the right to celebrate that stupidity, other people have right to condemn it. So please fear Allah and stop quoting Quran for something which is not even in there.Recommend

  • Zernail

    Excellent point.Recommend

  • Aaryan Ramzan

    Could it be the classic case of internalized homophobia? I think so.

    Btw, it is precisely this thinking that has so many gay men in the closet, marrying unsuspecting straight women and gay women marrying straight guys. Religious bigotry is still bigotry, add on that the staggering ignorance regarding sexuality in general.Recommend

  • Rida

    Let me explain something. Maybe the reason why people don’t celebrate or like the topic of homosexuality is because most of the people of Pakistan are MUSLIMS (I’m just being dead straightforward). In Islam, this is forbidden. You are indirectly making fun of our religion. Please research more before writing a whole article about this. Recommend

  • Common Sense

    It’s usually better to inform yourself first before arguing about things. Homosexual behaviour is completely natural in a number of species, including us homosapiens. Here’s a good list for you to read:
    Homoseuxality does not threaten reproduction, simply because not EVERYBODY is homosexual. Evolution will most likely not allow that in order to keep replicating successfully. This is just common sense.
    And a kid might not want a father and a father, but they might want a loving mother and a mother. Clearly, that might be better alternative than an abusive father and a mother, don’t you think?
    Nobody wants to make you “pro-homo”, (although you should also know that the Latin noun “homo” used by itself simply means “man” or in a grander sense “human”), but a little education would go a long way.Recommend

  • Nabeel Naqvi

    bhai it is every muslim right to forbid any one doing wrong.. Its
    agaisnt laws of Allah to practise homosexuality and to support it. If it
    is their right to express their feelings in suport of Homesexuality
    then it is our right to forbid the supporters and doers. Freedom of
    speech doesnt mean that you cross your limits and express yourself.Recommend

  • wb

    It’s not unusual. It’s actually natural. This has been the case not only for humans, but also many animals.

    Also, homosexuality has existed ever since humans existed.

    Because people feared it, they outlawed it.

    It’s not illness. You clearly are not a very well educated person. Islam forbids it.

    Science has proven that cousin marriages results in deformities. The propensity increases with generations. Yet, Islam allows it.

  • Urooj Hayat

    And who the hell are you to criticize Hamza? LOL
    I don’t know why people here are over reacting against Hamza. If they are against him they should remain silentRecommend

  • Urooj Hayat

    We the members of social media could never be able to decide what freedom of speech is. As we do the same by stopping others to stop speaking against something in the name of freedom of expressing. Then someone else comes and stops us. This continues. We’re confused personalities & so is this blogger. An anti you can get equal number of logics to prove you wrong.Recommend

  • Urooj Hayat

    Go get some knowledge about IslamRecommend

  • Mazhar Bughio

    Ms Shah. With all due respect there is a long list of things that are very unnatural but the religion considers them right and promotes them as such. For example: It is unnatural to go about life without satisfying your basic sexual needs. But, religion prohibits you from such activity out of a wed lock. And don’t forget that there are repercussions of suppressing your natural needs. Sodomy is rampant in our society. There is no part of Pakistan where sodomy is not practiced.Recommend

  • Haris Javed

    “The best thing about this debate is, a taboo is broken. A man in a shalwar kameez and a beard with limited exposure and education is easily stereotyped as an intolerant fanatic, but now we know that Intolerant fanatics exist who wear western clothes, have utmost exposure, education and are very eloquent in their english skill”

    few words from Hamza. Although i haven’t been actively following Hamza much but recent unnecessary attacks on him requires rational and tolerant guys in society to stand with him.

    Sad to say that above lines aptly apply on writer and almost everyone accusing Hamza including unfortunately one of my favourite NFP and some other active bloggers from this site.

    The following link has lucid and rational response from Hamza.

  • Muhammad Faizan

    1. First of all Homosexuality is Haraam in Islam and there are clear and obvious Ayats and Ahadeeth condemning it and deeming it haram and illegitimate. For example Jabir R.A reported in Sunan At-Tirmidhi 1374, Grade: Hasan (fair) according to At-Tirmidhi
    2. Second No one is asking LGBT people to die or get out of this world. Nor Did Hamza Ali Abbasi in any of his Facebook posts. Condemning an act or decision which is against your religion and is immoral according to your beliefs doesn’t make you a hate-monger.
    3. Abhorring sin doesn’t imply that one also hates the sinner. Yeah, I do abhor homosexuality but it doesn’t mean I abase homosexuals.Instead, I pray to Allah to guide them to the right path.
    4. Opposing Homosexuality doesn’t make a person Homophobe and everybody should understand it. Everyone has right to dissent and people should appreciate it instead of condemning him or her.Recommend

  • Arsha

    Amazing to read complete contradiction in your statements and your preaching. One one hand u say be tolerant etc and in same breath u r prescribing death for people whose lifestyle you disagree with.
    It’s perfectly ok to differ but not by being hateful and harmful to fellow human beings. Your issue that why God did not creat Adam and steve is something you need to ask God only but God also created gay people…. People don’t choose to be gay…. Why would anyone choose a life of persecution, hardship and disadvantage?

    when you preach tolerance then be tolerant of author’s view to the extent of giving civil responses instead of using words like psychopath or trying to instil fear of God when u have no right to speak on behalf of God.Recommend

  • Azmat Ali

    You have used the name Abdul Aziz, but have you any inkling whatsoever about the Islamic teachings on this matter? Seemingly not. Enuff said.Recommend

  • Arsha

    Your points around legalising polygamy…. Would be valid provided they do not cause harm to the third party …. In polygamy it’s inevitable that the current spouse would be emotionally and most probable financially harmed and that person has as much stake in the arrangement. Instead the option of divorce is completely valid and legal.
    A gay marriage is between two consenting adults…. No one else is being harmed or has equivalent stake. Compare it to molestation of boys by men…. That is illegal because it’s again exploitation and harm.

    As for other things….alcohol etc… They are completely legal. Recommend

  • Fanatics are those who preach hate and murder in the name of communal values, not those who ask- however shrilly- that you respect other people’s right to a dignified existence. Get your concepts right.Recommend

  • Bibi you should stick with Nawa-i-Waqt and Family Magazine.Recommend

  • Jazz

    Hamza Abbasi is not a homophobic. He said that he tolerates homosexuality and doesn’t celebrate it. Your skewed understanding resulted in a futile article.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    An awesome blog.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Yet he said homophobic things so what does that mean?Recommend

  • Lilly

    Well, who are you to decide what the third party does, in particular in terms of emotional scarring and finances. Believe me there are a lot of rich men who can easily afford more than 4 wives + a lot of willing women to do so, despite the drama then what? You still deny them the right of marriage?
    My point remains, why do you not legalize them? Aren’t they consenting adults? Of course they are. If 4 women or 4 men in their senses want to get married to the same partner why do you not legalize it.? The thing is, it’s not the eyes that are blind, its the heart. Double standards, hypocrisy of the west.
    Gay marriage has been legalized to get them RESPECT in society, that’s it. If this is the case, let any relationship, regardless of the number of participants or gender be also legally, between consenting and legal adults. Let them be recognized and thereby have the respect and honor in society.Recommend

  • Talha Abid Ali Shah

    Well said sister !! =) And those who are supporting them , they don’t know that they are playing with fireRecommend

  • Sanna

    “I do not support or celebrate incest, but incest was essential to create humanity.”

    No it was not. Rather it created the moral and immoral divide amongst humanity.Recommend

  • sumair

    but who started the diatribe? it was hamza that lambasted and took on the rainbow walas on their freedom of expression…he quoted used religious text not his own opinion in this regard to prove his point without sensing the danger it could trigger of muslim sentiment since it is a taboo subject which is shared by many of his supporters including PTI that lead to the sudden gush of vitriol and trends against the opposite views to bully them in retribution for for just supporting the homos and their rights.Recommend

  • Shane Hashmi

    We already don’t follow Islamic teachings although the name of our country is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We cheat, lie, deceive, do injustice and the list goes on. Homosexuality has been around as well, but at least its been classified as a crime. If the society begins to accept it then that would be the beginning of the end of whatever’s left of our social and family values.Recommend

  • huda

    Putting up a rainbow dp in fact does signify one’s participation and support for the cause/event. I dont understand why express is so adament and desperate to prove a point which yes society and western culture NOW approve and support of but religion DOES NOT and NEVER WILL. It’s not supported in any religion of God and actually condemned. Clearly society shouldn’t teach me the way i live because it’s guidelines are too fluctuant. Acceptance of something new and upcoming etc does not necessarily always mean an improvement. So allowing people of the same sex to marry is a CHANGE is society and its thinking.. whether it is an improvement or not is subjective and to call a person a homophobe just because they dont think this to be right is in fact condemning the same freedom of speech people like you preach and intend to carry. With change comes support and opposition. Not everyone is going to support this cause and if somebody doesnt want to and wishes to put forth their opinion on the matter they have the right to do so. So seriously, get over Hamzas comment.. everyone has a different level of morality, religious belief and practice. People who wish to integrate religious beliefs in their daily lives would inderstand that celebration of such a thing is utterly wrong religious wise. Im not afraid or ashamed to say that and if that makes me a “homophobe”,then so be it. Its the same society which once didnt find these people worthy of living. So really, what people, america.. or anybody thinks for the matter, doesnt concern me. I treat these people and talk to them like i would with any person because islam teaches tolerance and to be kind to one another.. but am i supporting this specific act of theirs? No.

  • Raza

    “I, as a muslim, believe NOT in the freedom of Speech, Rather in THE BEST OF SPEECH”

    There’s nothing muslim or islamic about not believing in free speech or believing. So go ahead and don’t believe in it but please don’t say “I as a muslim”, because I’m a muslim too and I believe in free speech. because of muslims Claiming to speak in the name of other muslims is the reason of so many misconceptions about muslims generally. So keep your views to yourself and be happy.
    And it’s good to hear if you don’t have anything nice to say, you choose to stay silent. that’s the sign of maturity. unfortunately Hamza Abbasi couldn’t do the same and had to try and shame people who were supporting the verdict.Recommend

  • Hammurabi

    Valid point.There is difference betwren molestation and wilful act.Recommend

  • Dasein

    IF some X scripture of some Y religion insists that a table is actually a hippopotamus, then you can’t demand that everyone must believe the same. YOU may be restricted to that belief – and not even everyone of your own faith – which is fine, even a right which you do have; but it just takes a little tolerance to keep it to yourself, or perhaps establish it against scientific experts who disagree with you?Recommend

  • Shekky

    Nailed it.Recommend

  • Mohammad Mavia

    “Whatever you think love is, practice that, practice it freely” seriously then y do v need a religion which asks us to hold your nerves on bad/prohibited things ?Recommend

  • Ali

    Lets tolerate those who are different, borne different. It is as simple as that.Recommend

  • Koko

    and what about you. Where u are stuck?????Recommend

  • garrisonian
  • Common-Sense

    People dying of heatwaves in Karachi, no food in Thar, no electricity throughout the country, and here we have a bunch of people celebrating how two guys halfway across the world (in a country where most of us won’t even set foot in), are now allowed to marry legallyRecommend

  • Hina

    I agree~Recommend

  • Deedee Koi

    It is not homophobia if you just dont jump the queer wagon and immediately start shooting rainbows. Hamza simply stated, tolerance and celebration are two very different things and should be treated as such. We do not have to celebrate boy on boy love, it is after all forbidden in all religions and cultures. Just because the notion of man on man love doesnt excite us all the same doesnt make the rest of us homophobic. the writer went on and on about absolutely nothing at all. Recommend

  • Deedee Koi

    lol @ mohallay ki auntie.Recommend

  • Deedee Koi

    Fyi- it has been forbidden in all religions. Next step: convert to AtheismRecommend

  • mshaiq

    Always a pleasure reading your astute writing.
    Sidenote: *high septon …unless you meant septum as in nasal septum in which case hahaha!Recommend

  • Khan

    clearly the writer is happy about gays being recognised as gaysRecommend

  • pk

    We don’t believe in Adam and Eve. We believe in evolution. We also don’t believe in God. What’s next? Recommend

  • islooboy

    What happened to freedom of speech?Recommend

  • nouman

    Acha ha

  • SK

    > I, as a muslim, believe NOT in the freedom of Speech, Rather in THE BEST OF SPEECH.

    Looking at Saudi Arabia hand out 7-8 year sentences and more than a thousand lashes for mere political critique, I don’t see any BEST OF SPEECH going on here. Islam today is just anti-free-speech, period. No need to dance around this issue. When the scriptural punishment for loss of faith (especially a public proclamation of it) is death, there is no claim to be made for free speech under any qualification. And this has far reaching intellectual and cultural ramifications in the modern world.Recommend

  • Osman

    German ethics council calls for incest between siblings to be legalised by Government. #LoveWinsAgainRecommend

  • Faisal Malik

    As it has been said and told….. all the whites will try to do whatever necessary or how stupid they may seem…. to look cool and white like……… so Being a supporter of Fruit cakes or being one is the trend these days!!!! Now how sick it may be to the rest of the World….. they would like to enforce it on you….. one fruit cake was referring it to evolution…….What…….dude if ur an … Me as a Muslim refute the concept of evolution…… Being a Fruit cake….. it’s a mental Illness…….. and I need not explain wuts the treatment for that and no, it’s not forced change…… the only problem I see is the we all just want to look cool by following trends which are fashionable……… son it will be Incest
    Another dude/dudete was debating that I am a Muslim and support these fruit cakes…… blah blah…… wow ur a Muslim….. did u ever study ur religion or do u know ur religion my friend….. have u read about Hazrat Loot

    If ur a Muslim and u support Gays or Lesbians then I don’t think I need not tell u that ur in for it dude………May Allah SWT show u all the right path!!! Recommend

  • Lilly

    Get to the point. Hate speech is the consequence of freedom of speech. If everyone kept their mouths shut in regards to things that didn’t matter to them, such trivial issues wouldn’t become huge ie Best of speech, which is what islam says ( say something nice or be quiet) very simple, right?
    Your comment is just beating about the bush ( pretty common with pseudo liberals)
    Dragging other topics into the one being discussed ( another common practice) probably due to lack of arguments.
    have a nice day!Recommend

  • Lilly

    Absolutely, and there is nothing islamic about slaying other people, cursing their beliefs and, speaking ill under the banner of FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
    Best of speech requires, us, muslims to either speak good or if you disagree with something, just part away from it.
    As a footnote- Charity is a big deal in Islam, Right? So much emphasis on charity, esp in the holy month of Ramadan. Open Qur’an and read on.
    What’s better them charity? Kind words. Yes, you read them right. Kind words is better than charity.
    So, i stand by my stance, be decent in your speech as muslim.
    Disagree with Facts not sarcasm, slurs, curses.

  • In a more rational place.Recommend

  • Why doesn’t HAB remain silent? He has a right to express his opinion, but those of us who think it’s utterly misinformed and even malicious don’t have to respect it or suffer it in silence. His wrongheaded views deserve to be ridiculed. Seeing as how you are a student of “Political Science, Journalism, Psychology, Medicine & many other major” disciplines, one would think you’d know that!Recommend

  • You are constantly referring to gay people as fruitcakes. Clearly a reasonable person has no business discussing anything with you. I am surprised Express Tribune allowed your hate speech on their comments section.Recommend

  • Arsha

    Sure lot of men are rich to afford multiple wives and women may be available to be 2nd or 3rd wives but are you sure there is no oppression and suppression involved for the first wife? In what percentage of cases and how would you ensure the rare cases where every is consenting to that?
    There is always option to divorce and then remarry. Why not choose that? There are numerous cases in societies which allow men to have multiple wives that will showcase the oppression involved.

    Secondly if you thin government should have no say what third party does in terms of causing another person harm then I suppose swindling , molestation, slandering all should be legal?

    Even if in polygamy 2adults may consent but third part by virtue of the original relationship has and should have an equal stake in that decision.Recommend

  • Keran Abbasi

    If God chose somebody to certain way, who are we to question God??? Well Mr blogger God doesn’t create somebody that way and then forbids that way of fulfilling desires homosexuality(haram). By that statement you are contradicting God???
    Please don’t need to blindly follow west and their concepts.

  • Rashid

    You can’t blame the whole community for the actions of a few!!! Or even Blame Islam for the actions of the Muslims (who in fact are not following true teachings of Islam) !!!Recommend

  • Rashid

    LOL come out of the hole yourself first.Recommend

  • Rashid

    So whats the name of the Gene that they’re born with? how come it is not discovered despite the advances in medical science.Recommend

  • Rashid

    And it is clearly mentioned in Quran, what they were. Don’t be changing it on your own!!Recommend

  • Rashid

    it means all the homos are phobic themselvesRecommend

  • Komal

    Love reading your blogs…keep it up
    One sane voice in a sea of ignorantsRecommend

  • Sara Tassadaq

    ‘biologically wired to be who they are’? Seriously?? Do you not know about the destruction of people of Hazrat Lut (A.S)? Why would Allah punish someone for something they are ‘biologically wired’ to do? Homosexuality is not normal, natural or inborn.Recommend

  • Aftab

    Saudi Arabia follows a twisted form of something something they call Wahabbism, which is derived from Islam, but not Islam.Recommend

  • Nazish

    haha prolong an argument.
    How about this consult a grammar!Recommend

  • Nazish

    If you are against me you should remain silent.Recommend

  • Nazish

    So you like women because of a gene? What’s that called?Recommend

  • SK

    > You can’t blame the whole community for the actions of a few!!!

    I agree. I am not “blaming” muslims. I of course know that muslims are not bad people and are just trying to do the right thing. But I am noting that freedom of speech has not been something that has not been worked on by the muslims. A person should be able to proclaim both his faith and loss of faith, openly.

    And it is not a question of actions of a few. I cannot imagine anyone trying out a new religion or rejecting theirs… *only* in muslim countries. I feel that the whole tone of the community is oppressive in a manner that no other religious community is. Can a person freely declare that he is a rationalist in a muslim country?… that he has no belief in anything that is not material and experimentable… and make his case to other muslims publicly… and do so safely?Recommend

  • SK

    > Hate speech is the consequence of freedom of speech.

    Hate speech is not the only consequence of freedom of speech.

    > If everyone kept
    their mouths shut in regards to things that didn’t matter to them

    I don’t even know how to respond to that. What kind of a society is it that encourages people to NOT be immersed in dialogue of its direction (granted, not everyone can make equal impact) and be told to keep their mouths shut? By that logic, there should not be any online forums like this.Recommend

  • Kites

    Futile writing. If you are entitled to your opinion, Hamza is entitled to his. And he said that he tolerates, but doesn’t celebrate homosexuality. Don’t know why pseudo-liberals can’t digest counter narratives. I guess opinions only matter if they coincide with those of self-proclaimed enlightened ones.Recommend

  • Usman Arshad

    LOL. he can say everything and misguide people.. HAAAAH.Recommend