After 11pm, the IBA Boys Hostel turns into a prison

Published: July 5, 2015

Like all Pakistani hostels, our rooms are not air-conditioned. PHOTO: BESTWAY

I am a resident of IBA Karachi’s boys hostel and I am at an age where I feel most of my memories are yet to be made. The old alumni of this hostel, many of whom have gone on to become CEOs of giant corporations such as Asad Umer, recount their personal anecdotes with remarkable gusto. They always say that the best reverie is hostel life.

My personal experience of a hostel is that it is a place which grooms a person with the spirit of brotherhood and instils confidence through experiences of independence. However, the current administration of the IBA Boys Hostel, headed by a professor of IBA, Jami Moiz and Warden Mujahid Ali, are making the hostel nothing short of a living hell. Many complaints against Moiz have been sent to Dr Ishrat Husain, the former State Bank of Pakistan Governor and current Dean and Director of IBA.

However, Dr Husain also seems to be a pawn in some inter-institutional bureaucratic game, because no such complain has ever been entertained by him.

The hostel has a student-run mess facility, where around 300 students pay around Rs8,000 a month. This amounts up to Rs25 million a year. A mess manager is selected by the management from amongst the students to overlook the management of the hostel but there is no accountancy or auditing in place for this huge monetary operation.

Additionally, there is a laundry service where each student has to pay Rs500 in cash. Extracting Rs500 a month from 300 students means that the person running the laundry earns around a hundred thousand per month, after all the associated costs have been accounted for. The person managing the laundry business does not look like someone who earns this much. Rather, this lucrative business is run by none other but the esteemed warden Ali.

Another money making opportunity which is easily available is managing the canteen. A student is selected to run the canteen, and it is a known fact that more than Rs50,000 is easily earned through this enterprise. Apart from this, IBA itself allocates a budget of Rs60,0000 per annum to hold various activities at the hostel, and a treasurer is appointed to manage this money.

Interestingly, this year, one boy held all three positions – mess manager, canteen manager, and the hostel treasurer. It didn’t come as a surprise when the same boy went for a Europe trip at the end of his tenure as a manager. However, what left the rest of the boys at the hostel in shock was how on earth he coaxed the hostel management to give him not one, not two, but all the three managerial roles.

If the management’s decision was based on merit instead of biased management practices, how is possible that only one boy in this 60-year-old institution had the skills to win all three management positions.

Moving on from discrepancies in financial matters, the issue of privacy and liberty is a grave matter as well. There are students pursuing their Master’s degree, but even for them, the hostel transforms into a prison as the clock ticks 11pm. The doors are locked for anyone outside the hostel after this time.

Restrictive rules do not end here. Privacy is encroached to unthinkable limits. Cameras are placed in all the nooks and corners of the hostel, something along the lines of Big Brother, and students have even been reprimanded on the basis of improper postures. This makes students in their 20s feel like they are back in primary school.

We thank God that they haven’t gotten the idea of installing cameras in toilets, who knows how they would react and reprimand students for their improper postures there.

I understand I may sound like a child whining. I am embarrassingly aware of my elitist plastic sensibilities but the main objective of this blog is to rid the management of corrupt elements at the IBA Boys Hostel.

I also want to point out the mind-set which is leading to the slow and inevitable decay of our educational institutes. The prevalent attitude in our government universities’ officials is pathetic. Rather than acting as individuals who are serving the institute, they act like the owners of the institutes.

A few loyal and inspiring faculty members can be found, but they are the exceptions. I am writing this blog as a last resort of getting some attention and a justified reaction from the responsible authorities.

Like all Pakistani hostels, our rooms are not air-conditioned. However, during the death invoking heat wave, we could at least take refuge in the common rooms which were air-conditioned during the day.  They are turned on at 1pm and switched off around 6pm. Lodgers at the hostel come from all over Pakistan. They are not used to the burning humid heat of Karachi, especially when this year over a 1000 lives have already been claimed by the heat wave, and another heat wave is knocking right at our doors right now.

Each month, Rs8,000 is charged as accommodation fee by the institution, which is highly subsidised by the government. During Ramazan, you will find most boys awake till sehri, sweating and cursing the merciless, Moiz.

When you ignore, undermine, and undercut your students like this, you shouldn’t wonder why your institute creates extremists.

What will the energised youth do when they lose faith in the system itself right from the beginning?

The management and the power it yields is so petrifying that I can’t even dare to mention my name, but any IBA Boys Hostel lodger would, hands down, attest to my testimony.



The blogger wishes to remain anonymous.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Parvez

    The fact that you have had to write a blog and that too anonymous speaks volumes about the IBA management………lets hope they respond to this ( hearing the view point of the other side is necessary ) and address some of the concerns you have raised.Recommend

  • jawahir

    Wow..its sad students need to resort to blog writing cause the uni admin plays a deaf ear to them..Recommend

  • IBA Hostelite

    The Management needs to take this very very seriously! There are many other managerial problems besides this!Recommend

  • Truth

    WOW!! That was long time coming! Jami Moiz is such a despicable character. A control Freak. A corrupt. A mismanager of everything! Made the hostel life hell!Recommend

  • Name

    Why stay at hostel then?Recommend

  • Anonymous

    I could not agree more to this. I would like to add more that the superintendent himself enjoys a lavish life at hostel. His dinner and sehris are served in his air-conditioned room. And there are several other activities conducted inside his room. The other day when Karachi sweated to death, Mr. Moiz turned off the ACs. And with great courage at 1AM in the night when all of us sweated and could not sleep decided and knocked on his door for pleading and requesting to turn on the AC, he shunned us away saying that “If anyone of you comes once more, I will get them thrown out of the hostel”. This is how we are treated at hostel.

    He gets our laptops and clothes and pillows taken from common rooms when we keep them in the supervision of camera. Threatens us, keep us waiting for weeks to get them back. IT IS INDEED A PRISON. I would like to stay anonymous because of his atrocities on the residents of hostel.Recommend

  • Hostel Resident

    Every word of it is truth. I’m another dismayed resident of the Hostel. It’d be great if TV media could make a mention of it so we could attract the attention of the arrogant management.Recommend

  • Omer

    “When you ignore, undermine, and undercut your students like this, you shouldn’t wonder why your institute creates extremists.”

    A silly ignorant statement at the end ruined your whole blog.

    Does having no air-conditioners and no privacy makes someone extremist? The guy your are indirectly referring to is Saad Aziz, right? He was a day scholar, anyway.

    Having said that, you are right in pointing out that IBA has a terrible management.Recommend

  • Hostelite Bhai

    Mr. Jami must realize that IBA Hostel is not his personal property. He rests, like a dictator, in his air-conditioned room ( at hostel) while the students, for whom the whole institution exists, sleep in their rooms in this blistering heat. Mr. Jami has, with his childish personal egos with few students, ordered permanent shut down of the AC’s on all three floors of the new hostel. His orders were implemented (which are still implace) during the heatwave which killed more than 1200 people in Karachi. This is ridiculous beyond imagination. If a person doesn’t know how to professionally manage an institution, he should resign from his post instead making life hell for his subjects. Recommend

  • Nasir

    There are several other issues besides this blog! Another blog must be written explaining more on this.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Completely agree with whoever has written this. I lived in the hostel for four years. The first two years were the best two years of my life. When Jami Moiz became the superintendent in my third year, he turned the hostel into a living hell. He used to stay in his air conditioned room, built specially for him in the new boys hostel, whereas we used to bear the scorching heat. If the environment remains like this, you’ll see students taking severe actions against the management, which might happen too soon. Mujahid is a very nice person but he’s bound to take severe actions due to the pressure put by Jami Moiz. I think Jami Moiz should be removed from the hostel management committee right away. Recommend

  • Aninymous

    Why are you screaming? The situation is even worse in other hostels. Even in NUST the curfue timing is 10:30 pmRecommend

  • Hostellite

    Good read. You highlited an important issue which usually fall on deaf ears. Best.Recommend

  • AA

    Dear disgruntled youth

    Please realise that the world owes you nothing you are there to study and should learn to rough it out. Get out of your elitist mindset and the comfort zone your parents gave you and start owning up to your life. I studied at this same institution where in my time ACs were a far cry, generators were unheard of and for windows we had netted grills. I have seen the hostel these days and I can very comfortably vouche that it is amongst the BEST in Pakistan and Dr IShrat had a big role in that. You being the privileged lot did not see how much has changed and no change happens over night. Yet this happened quite fast. Yes I have also studied at LUMS and so I have adequate comparison basis.

    Second you have directly or indirectly accused your hostel management for siphoning funds. This is a big accusation and I can understand now why you wish to be anonymous. Because had you not been and I was the hostel manager I would take you to court for such a blatant accusation with NO proof except for seeing the hostel manager go on a euro trip. very sad to see this coming from IBA graduates.

    Every university has a security system and in this day and age where we are struggling with such problems it’s understandable. Nobody is putting a camera in your room for you to be such a sour puss. Relax and think of the security purpose as a whole. Unless you want to do shady activities. If we take your logic then perhaps London should shut down since it’s got the highways public cctv surveillance.

    I am sure you have some concerns in terms of where the money is going and how not is being used. Better you tell us what you have done to address this. I remember in my time there was an audit manager – but it’s so nice of you to skip him out of this entire process. In my day we made it a point that he reported to no one. Did you approach him before writing this article?

    Finally, tribune, I leave it to you to publish such accusations without investigating. Such articles with anonymous names and mere accusations only sound like gossip.

    I know we have a long way to go but this article is very far from the truth. Hope people will be more objective in their understanding of how a semi government institute works. iBA is one of the best value for money institutes in Pakistan and if you want a lavish hostel life try going abroad because even lums won’t give you what you are asking for.


  • Youknowwho

    Good thing I’m not I’m Iba, I’ll soon be recommending my friends from Islamabad not to come here Recommend

  • Amal Feroz

    the one silly statement about creation of extremists undermined the rest of the very legitimate blog.Recommend

  • Laila

    What’s weird is that Pakistanis are homophobic yet segregate hostels, boys and girls should be allowed to share dorms and do whateverRecommend

  • Umair Waheed Sheikh, IBA

    I had been VP of BASC during my time at IBA. I can tell you during elections we would spend upwards of 400,000 rupees to get elected. Had we known this role would earn us less then no one would have spent that much. After my time I was able to buy a Honda Civic with the money I made.
    This is what life teaches you how to navigate these and try to get ahead of competition and this is what I have learnt at IBA. Try to make money and enrich myself in the process. Isnt that the benefit of studying at a Business institute. I do not find anything wrong in the person making some money on the side. Long live IBA and Pakistan. In corruption We live and flourish.Recommend

  • xnain

    This Jami is really pulling some screws. I remember how people used to make fun of the old superintendent (forgot his famous nick) but the freedom the hostilities had during his time looks like treasure under the regime of “Lt.Gen” Jami….Recommend

  • Muaz Ahmad

    I am not a student of IBA but I really appreciate your attempt to voice the concerns and problems of the lodgers at IBA. Unfortunately it is the failure of the authorities in our institutions to empathize and understand the student which results in such poor and ineffective management.Recommend

  • ovais

    The extremist was a resident of Karachi living a comfortable life. How can u relate it to ur hostel messRecommend

  • Ali

    Lol, and someone has used their power to get this published.Recommend

  • Monte Albert

    I think cameras are there to provide you security.
    If you really want some stranger to your room, try to get him/her cleared from security, and you should be fine.Recommend

  • Taha AG

    yar aap SS key tu nai ho?Recommend

  • Umber

    The poor Boy surely doesn’t have a life. And i am an Ex resident of IBA girls hostel ! And Jami Moiz is one of the coolest teachers at IBA its hard for me to even imagine he could be a tyran. Rules are Rules when it comes to nasty stuff that boys tend to get into during their college life and I am sure he has put a bar on those activities. The result is this article. Recommend

  • Mazloomo Ka Saathi

    Your problems can be solved, All you need is an APMSO Unit Office in IBA. Contact your nearest APMSO Unit InchargeRecommend

  • balungra

    A lot of whining…You are there to study, not to hold NAB investigation about finances, rules etc. Let the corrupt leeches eat the organization away. Misappropriation of funds is everywhere – even in so called elite schools of US. You just have to be there to witness it.
    The only genuine concern is air conditioning.Recommend

  • Irfan Anwar

    I think, IBA should at least make provision of air-conditioning facility at the Hostel during hot weather.
    However, I found some of the issues quite irrelevant:
    i) Installation of camera is for the security at large. The additional security measures have taken place due to the city situation. Also, many a times, beer cans and other demerits consumables are found in the hostel. Keeping a strict check on students, only make them a better citizen.
    ii) I am sure lodgers have not filed a compliant against the Student-Manager. Instead of taking it all out on a social forum, I guess more appropriate approach would have been to complain to Dr. Ishrat.Recommend

  • Hamza Haq

    Factually incorrect information being passed here, as a student and then later as a vendor I can vouch for the fact that IBA has a stringent audit policy. Also, Jami Moiz is one of the most credible people at IBA, seriously why pick on him? Not like you don’t have a lot of choices :pRecommend

  • IBAian

    This story completely flawed, one sided and biased. I am a student of IBA and a hostelite. I don’t believe he is even a student of IBA, considering the lameness of his arguments. And perhaps this is the reason for his anonymity. There has been several attempts to defame IBA and this is one of them. Having been a student at this amazing place, I assure you IBA hostel provides one of the best facilities in town. If you don’t believe, just google pictures of IBA boys hostel. The infrastructure and architecture and the facilities provided are equivalent to that of high end hotel. There are ACs in the new boys’ hostel. As far as their allegations are concerned, they are completely absurd. Installation of camera in corridors is due to the security concerns. This is not just a feature of this particular hostel, you will find the cameras even in LUMS, mainly due to security concerns. If you are not doing anything wrong, why you fear the cameras? In recent past, there have been students who have been found in misconduct and these strict rules are placed to avoid any such encroachment of discipline. IBA hostel has become a better place since then. Check out the evidence yourself in the following links to explore IBA hostel:

    I hope the comment moderator posts this comment to give the readers a wholesome view of this story.

  • Ali

    It is clearly evident that the concerns and allegations expressed in this article are derived from the frustration being piled up by the persistence of the ongoing issues. Some allegations are expressed as an emotional expression of this individual while many others are backed by facts. It is not a big deal that students are being deprived of air conditioning in this heat wave, as it is one of the perks of living in third world country; there are many educational institutes where the concept of implementing ACs in classrooms is considered alien, let alone extending that privilege to the comforts of the bed of their hostelites. However, what is a big deal, is the occurring and the presence of these issues in the best business school in Pakistan. The question should not be about criticism relating to the feeble nature of the arguments, morality of this article, who is responsible for it; as students of IBA, we should be concerned about: what were the reasons that escalated the situation to this point, what can be done to solve this issue, what can be done to avoid this situation in future. I state this because if the persistence of frustration among 300 students of IBA be condoned, then God bless the future of this country.

    As a graduate from this prestigious institute, I have full faith in the decisions that shall be taken from this point onwards by the administration of IBA. Lastly I only wish to state to this individual if he had expressed his concerns in front of Ishrat husain, dean and director of IBA , instead, the issue would have been solved in half the time ET takes to process and publish the article.Recommend

  • Salam

    Jami Moiz has made the hostel living hell for us. He turns off AC and sleeps here turning three ACs in his suite bring his family illegally. He must be removed..Recommend

  • Najam

    Thank You express tribune for publishing it…Recommend

  • Exxorebel

    Babloo ki… Recommend

  • Nightin gale

    Each month, Rs8,000 is charged as accommodation fee by the institution, which is highly subsidised by the government.

    When did this happen? Used to be 11-15K per semester during 2007-2011Recommend

  • Ali Ammar

    Half of these words in an email to Dr. Ishrat would have sorted all the ‘hardships’ you are facing during your stay at IBA hostel.
    ET – As expected, its a new low.Recommend

  • khalid

    IBA..tch tchRecommend

  • AS

    I was in the hostel from 1998-2001 and those were some of the best years of my life! Yes the mess manager was a coveted position but nobody could finance a Europe trip from that. The management needs to seriously look into this and address the issues! Recommend

  • Sarwat Baig

    Do Karachi students stay in the hostel as well? Why?Recommend

  • Dracula

    Whoa man!! LUMS dorms are heaven then.Recommend

  • Syed Bilal Hussain

    Stop whining. This is nothing.Recommend

  • saadwarraich

    Been a IBA Hostelite. Agree with one thing – mess food is expensive and pathetic. There is no feedback mechanism and there is absolutely NO accountability for the person handling funds. Don’t know about euro trip I’ve seen people in my time getting financially “well off” after taking accounts/mess manager positions. Raised it myself back then, no one listened, no one cared.Recommend

  • Ali

    It is true that that one boy holds 3 position of financial in IBA hostel. I am living here. Yes, cameras are for security, but many people have been reprimanded by Mujahid because they weren’t sitting right in the common rooms. That is not security, but encroachment.Recommend

  • annonymous

    Been there, Done that! You think you are the only smart one?Recommend

  • Bablu

    You have your project with him, Hamza Haq. Don’t be Jami’s *you know what*, be your own man. It will help you!Recommend

  • Proud Luminite!

    Damn Son! Do all IBA ppl cry that much? Well, Its ur fault man, u didn’t researched well before joining IBA!! And its a government sponsored institution, ofcourse u can’t justify where the money goes… Consider this as a practical learning for the real world. Time to pay the dues or go to LUMS where high tuition gives u a voice ;) Recommend

  • Janjua

    Hate ET all you want, but it give you voice! Thank You ET.
    A depressed current hostelite of IBA.Recommend

  • BIllu

    This is nothing when you pay 1500 a year in goverment hostels, not when you pay 8000 a MONTH!Recommend

  • anon0912

    Yes,i am sure he didn’t researched well before joining IBA.You are absolutely right.Not so proud to be a luminite now,are we?Recommend

  • Luminism Unlimited

    Yes, but 3 people in one room enable winning of love so much easier. #lovewins
    But, yes, administratively LUMS hostels are better than any I have seen in Pakistan. Then you can hang our around PDC all you want! :PRecommend

  • anon0912

    Your comment made me laugh.You probably don’t live here.Our ethics are similar to the stone age.People act out in sexual repression.They just imposed an entry fee on a mall in the capital because people would come from all over the city just for some eye candy and not buy anything instead of having normal healthy relationships.Being from a lower middle class family,i can vouch that since poverty runs rampant in this country even someone as educated as me cannot afford to date in the long run because honestly its hard for a student to bear that kind of expenses.What fosters this kind of thinking? Because men in this country find it emasculating when women choose to be more independent.As for the homophobic part,that’s cause people here take religion to be the unspoken word of god which promotes it.Recommend

  • Annoynymous

    The author and I chose to remain annonymous, and so did YOU, So, don’t be holier than though.IBA is best in Pakistan.

    Now your reply.. OH WOW! I thought you said in the world, from the pomp and arrogance you show. Your kind of people are the reason Pakistan lags so much behind. You should be more concerned that this is the best in Pakistan, then what is the state of rest?

    And, alright there is no proof, but isn’t it true that one boy held all three positions? Dr. Ishrat is a good man, no doubt, but he didn’t even visit hostel in two years. We live here!
    He lives in the suite with his family where 3 ACs run, and our ACs are turned off even during Ramazan and heat wave.
    Cameras are for security purposes, but our lap tops were sent back when we left by Jamil, or confiscated. We are reprimanded by Mujahid because of the way we sit. Jami brought his sacrificial goats and kept them in hostel, and the goats even went to a boy’s room to leave it stinking, literally!Recommend

  • AAA

    Then write a complaint, then a blog. We don’t have to live in a bad situation just because you are too. Grow up, will you?Recommend

  • IBA hostelite

    That is so true, Thank you for seeing it though!Recommend

  • Annoymous

    We have done both of what you should be done! How do you presume what we did before knowing it. Blog clearly mentions that complaints weren’t heard by IBA.. Have you got brains.. Yes? Use them, then!Recommend

  • Adil

    The boy writing this article was caught smoking hashish and was thrown out from IBA.Recommend

  • Danish

    So, if there is corruption, you would rather have us barred from hostel than raise our voice. You need some serious introspection.Recommend

  • Dracula

    Haha, there there man, I left during the good times :pRecommend


    “…. If you are not doing anything wrong, why you fear the cameras?” , such a lame argumentRecommend

  • Ahmed Siraj

    ET, love from IBA, boys hostel. ET the best!Recommend

  • Sam the Hostel Lodger

    Jami Moiz has made a wonderful institute of IBA boys hostel into an unbearable mess. All the anger you see in the posts is because the hostel Alumni cannot even imagine such a situation in their beloved hostel. Blog also mentions that hostel Alumni consider IBA hostel their best reverie. Jami is ruining that reverie for. IBA must remove Jami Moiz as head of IBA boys hostel.Recommend

  • Syed

    people commenting have a pattern.. those who speak in favor of management write their names, and ones criticizing majority is anonymous including the author. IBA Hostel management must be suppressive. There is also a reason for that. A girl, Syeda Jaisha, previously wrote a blog She was subjected to disciplinary action. That should help readers about the criticism from the anonymous!Recommend

  • Groupie

    Look Lady, nobody is critcizing Jami for teaching. The lavish lifestyle hostel offers him and his family. Then, coolness comes quite naturally. He is a egoistic maniac. Who does not deseve any managerial position for being the main reason of defamation of an illustrious institution. It is Jami who is consequential in people connecting hostel to extremists. He is a shameless character. We MBA boys at hostel don’t speak against him, because he will then punish us in courses and projects. And, I am sure that you are posting in his favor because you want to get into his good books. “Jami Moiz is one of the coolest teachers at IBA”.. What are you? A groupie?Recommend

  • Teach for

    Jami is a monster in human form.Recommend

  • Bogra

    Jami Moiz should be ashamed of himself bringing disrepute to the best business school in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Hostelite Brotherhood

    The hostel management seems like a nightmare. I hope that the poor hostelites get justice. Living in hostel, I can attest to fact that Jami has made the institute worst possible!Recommend

  • Jami-Victim

    Someone in the IBA management should take the most stringent actions against Jami Moiz. Living in IBA Boys Hostel is no more fun. :( Rot in hell, Jami Moiz…

    Jami Keee ………………Recommend

  • Areej Izhar

    It is really a limit itna zulm oh my god in ki kya koi ulad nI hai these all only need money bloodies oh my godRecommend

  • Noman Ansari

    So the IBA apologists are out in full force. I have no stake in IBA. but what this person has said I have heard to be completely true from numerous students. The fact is that corruption plagues every Pakistani system, and this true for our educational institutes as well.

    While you’d expect such nonsense from Zabist and Iqra, unfortunately, from what I’ve been told, it isn’t any better for IBA.

    The fact is that it *has* to be better. Treat your students like adults. Stop ripping them off. And stop imposing such juvenile restrictions.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    You know this how? He is anonymous. Learn to develop independent thoughts before it is too late.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    I feel sorry for you. So, so sorry.

    I don’t think you are a real student, or you would not be anonymous considering you are speaking in favor of IBA. But if you are, I feel so sorry for you. University life isn’t about conformity. It is about opening your mind.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Do you think you gain an education by memorizing your text books? This person hasn’t whined. He just gave you an education.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    You are a university student? Do they teach English?Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    What nonsense. The world DOES owe you something. If you are paying them money they DO owe you something. Please stop with this conformist mindset. Asking for justice or your rights doesn’t make you elitist.Recommend

  • ad

    Students come a bit outside from this hostel you can find a great 3 to 4 bed flat where you guys can live a sakoon ki life even bills will be cheaper if you guys can live in group of 3.Recommend

  • Hadi Hashmi

    I’m a student at shifa college of medicine and a hostelite as well. We pay around 35 thousand per month which is way more than 8k regarding the fact that even we aren’t provided with air conditioned rooms. There is no AC in our hostel. Even if you exclude this criteria for a good hostel we aren’t even provided with a ups or a wifi surrounded environment. We also have to pay additional 500 for laundry and 500 for ironing our clothes. This is way too much for a normal hostel life and even if we get our own AC we’d have to pay separate electricity bills for our usage. The point here is hostel life in Pakistan especially in big universities needs way more attention. Hostel life is one of the major part of one’s life and being provided with such third class luxuries doesn’t make it a bit better. We live far from home pursuing our dream carrier focusing our minds towards complexities of life but being provided with such conditions won’t make it any better. This needs improvement. I feel for you because I’ve been through this. Thumbs up. Recommend

  • Wasim

    Firstly respect for ET for publishing the article! Having done my MBA from IBA recently, I can categorically state that Jami Moiz is one the of the most biased person I have ever met.
    Firstly, in his academic profession, he appoints only female TAs, how pervert is that, he is famous forgiving high grades to his blue eyed students, even to those students who have attended less than 50% of his classes managed to get an A-, is it fair?

    Secondly, Jami sbs politics club at IBA are also for all to see, he appoints a manager of his liking, and his student trips are also sponsored by the budget of the IMC club? Is that fair? (Read: last manager IMC club). When the new Manager was to be appointed he appointed the girl friend of the last manager, that to on the advice of the last manager? Fair?

    Thirdly, Jami in the last two years he has hand picked his Managers, without giving anybody a fair chance on contention. He hand picks a students from MBA who he thinks will obey his orders for the sake of grades and will completely disregard others well being. Figure it out yourself, there are 250 students at IBA boys hostel, 200 undergrads , 50 odd from MBA/MS etc, so the undergrads are in majority, but not one single one representative from them, is it fair?Only the MBAs run the hostel rest all sidelined.

    Fourthly, Jami believes in divide and rule, he makes sure that Undergrads have something against MBA/MS so that they keep on quarreling among themselves while he enjoys his lavish lifestyle.But finally he has been found out for sure and his game has been sealed.

    I believe the job of a hostel administration is to accommodate the student residents as they are far away from their families and comfort of home, but instead what I observed was complete jostling by the hostel management.

    Last but not the least, the students admitted to IBA are self aware, of their rights, they understand how things should work and to voice their concerns, but if you treat smart people as a herd of cows than there will come a time when they will retaliate and now is the time!Recommend

  • IBAHostel Alumnus

    I have been following the blog with interest and would like to say the following:
    The blog has been published without any actual research into the matter, nor the views of relevant personnel in management have been sought.

    First and foremost, the CCTV cameras have been installed as a security measure and are there only in common areas thereby protecting the privacy of students. These are now present at every educational institution across the country following a directive from the government.

    As stated by other commentators, no hostel in Pakistan has air conditioned rooms. Air conditioning is available only again in the lounges. These lounges are not meant for sleeping in. As a former hostelite, I do acknowledge that during summer months it does get oppressively hot but that is something we have to bear. How can the Hotel Superintendent Mr Jami Moiz be held responsible for hot weather!

    As far as one person holding three positions simultaneously is concerned this again is factually incorrect. I know for a fact that there is a committee of students that runs the mess. There is an MBA Hostel Manager, a Treasurer, an Accounts Manager and a Mess Manager. All of these positions are held by different undergraduate hostel residents. The mess itself is student financed at Rs 6,000/- per month and NOT Rs 8,000/- per month. Do the maths. At Rs 6,000/- it comes to Rs 200/- per day. Show me an establishment where three meals are available at Rs 200 per day.

    This blog is simply character assassination of the Hostel Superintendent Mr Jami Moiz for no reason whatsoever. If he lives in an air conditioned suite, that is his entitlement as an august Professor of this institution holding the office of Superintendent on an honorary basis.

    The funny part was the comment of sacrificial goats …… these goats are bought for the hostel Special lunch on the occasion of Eid Ul Azha provided by IBA for hostel residents unable to go home for Eid…. This signifies the malice people have and how ill-informed they are!

  • Nouman Ahmed

    Dr.Ishrat is totally useless. He listens but does nothing. Example: enrollment issue.Recommend

  • Nouman Ahmed

    You are actually justifying your wrong actions…tch tchRecommend

  • Annonoymous

    You are wrong. Cameras are for security, but they are used to keep a check on how students sit. I have been reprimanded by Mujahid on wrong posture of sitting, and also the author. All three positions were held by one student, and you might not know since you have graduated, so shut it! I challenge to you to give three different names for posts of Hostel treasurer, Mess Manager, and Canteen owner. I challenge you. Come on now, give me three names. It was same boy in all three. He can live lavishly all he wants, but not at the expense of students. He turned ACs off because we complained about certain things. If you are turning off ACs for 300 students then you shouldn’t be allowed to have 3 ACs. Also, the rightful use of facilities are for him, not his family. Sacrificial goats were not for hostel, because I distinctly remember we had chicken karahi for lunch on Eids. So, whatever Jami has done for you, he must have done a lot. You seem to really like JamiRecommend

  • Irfan Anwar

    complete crapRecommend

  • Irfan Anwar

    Baseless allegations! I am not even sure if you are a hostel resident!Recommend

  • Irfan Anwar

    Show your face bro. The allegations you made are completely absurd. I even know the person who wrote this and believe me, cry-babies like you don’t get anywhere in life.
    All arguments you posted in the blog are just lame.

    Please know that there are a lot of families in Karachi only, who live without air-conditioning, electricity provision, adequate water supply etc. You didn’t mention that proper stand-by generator facility and steady water supply is provided for. You didn’t mention that huge sums are spent to make sure lodgers have a nice time at the hostel. You know the events I am talking about.

    Do you really think, IBA can afford to run full-time air-conditioning facility for mere Rs.8,000 per month. You can not even get a decent room with running tap for sanitation in that budget. And anyway, hostel is supposed to be strict! It’s not your parent’s house, where you are whining. It is the first time in my 4 years, I am seeing a student actually complaining on a blog.

    Also, google some guest houses for yourself if you are extremely uncomfortable at the hostel.

    Cheers :)Recommend

  • Irfan Anwar

    Nhn yar!

    The financial allegations are baseless. IBA has an extremely strict policy of keeping a check on this. I am sure the guy did not have the guts to take this to the Dean/Registrar.Recommend

  • sajid

    This is how management works in one of the leading management institute in Pakistan. Then think about the management of “non management” institute.Recommend

  • Annonymous

    I wrote this blog. And, no, you don’t know me. On the other hand I know you and your kind kind of closed minded status quo conformists do not have so much integrity to keep my name hidden. If n establishment’s a pawn like you knew my name I would be facing disciplinary action by now.
    Also, the fact you didn’t dare to comment or dispute one point in the blog suggests how depth you contain. You buzz like a hollow tin can.
    Just before Jami ACs ran 24 hours on 3000 a month. I am not asking for AC in every room.I am just saying that ACs in common rooms should run 24/7. Also, come to hostel sometime after maghrib, and you will know how Jami has asked the guards to treat the hostel Alumni or day scholars. You know the famous slogan we have hostelites Bhai Bhai — day scholars ___________ ! You fit that description perfectly!
    Now, listen to me and get some education which you have failed miserably to attain in 4 years of your college. Which makes a blog for another day without being anonymous! In university you are supposed to learn critical thinking and solve the problems. Students are not supposed to be king’s jesters like you are. I wrote this blog after writing a complaint to Dr. Ishrat Hussain. So, save your breath, and quit panting. It was written to expose the corruption at hostel. We know that hostelites come as a mighty force all the time. We know there are hundreds of good things in hostel which day scholars dream about. But, the fact is that we want it be so good that any small ill is intolerable in hostel, let alone this huge corruption.
    You present yourself as a joke. Come to hostel one day, if you are so arrogant.
    You should be ashamed of yourself that you are asking me to stay at a guest house. I am not a coward like you. I know how to get things right. I am not making any unjust demands. I am making IBA a better place instead of acting like a leech, which some of our office bearers at IBA are. Many people who won the IBA societes offices don’t work for IBA rather they undermine and undercut IBA through corruption. I am the Batman! You feel me, BRO?

    ET, thank you so much for publishing this article. Lots of things have been set in motion after its publication and hostelites have a real glimmer of hope now. Please, check the email I have given to post this message. I am the same person who wrote the blog. Please, publish the reply. Thank You, once again for being the voice of truth!Recommend

  • Hostel Resident

    But, I am sure that you aren’t. Hostelites — Bhai Bhai —Recommend

  • Shahzeb

    No, hostels do not have to be strict, especially not when you have adults living there. This isn’t a boarding school it’s a university.Recommend

  • Hostelite Bhai

    Well, I live in hostel and I can vouch for the veracity of all the accusations made in the blog! You don’t even live at hostel, so you don’t count. IBA does not have a strict policy when it comes to societies, and I know how people use fake receipts to withdraw cash as office bearers. As far as mess is concerned at hostel, the main issue raised is one person being appointed for three financially lucrative posts. That is a big question mark. Jami eats at hostel without paying. Students gather funds for it. I hope I have helped openning your mind a bit.Recommend

  • Azmat Ali (IBA Alumni)

    “And perhaps this is the reason for his anonymity”

    Pray, Sir, what is the reason for your anonymity!!! HA HA HA.Recommend


    I am an old IBA Alumnus (pretty old, actually) who has emigrated abroad nearly a decade ago and yet my unconscious fear of IBA administration’s vengeful attitude is still so well embedded into my psyche that I am commenting anonymously. I was an evening student, already working for an international bank for many years, before I joined IBA to do my MBA. My entire perception of what “IBA, the Best Business School in Pakistan” would be like was shattered immeasurably during my 3.5 years of stint there. OMG… The behavior of the academic and administrative staff with the students was absolutely ridiculous. We were treated like primary school kids, despite almost all of us already being qualified and experience in other fields. The teaching standards were so poor, I could have studied far better at a Coaching Center somewhere. This may not be true for Morning Students, as evidently IBA does produce a pretty high standard of output, but the evening program was sheer crap. I met some of the most brilliant people there, because of IBA’s extremely stringent admission process, yet were never allowed to think or evolve. Education in the evening program was all about completing the curriculum in class, ensuring attendance and ensuring submission of assignments, intelligently copied or otherwise. I honestly feel that I gained a large amount of knowledge, simply being with the really intelligent folks around me, who, during “group study” allowed me to soak in their collective wisdom on the various subjects. This was no university level education, where innovation and out-of-the-box thinking was appreciated. The entire exercise was to take in some really intelligent people, expose them to the curriculum, put them through the grinder of mandatory attendances and participation “golas” and submission of brainless assignments and downright pathetic presentations and finally through semester exams. The only good thing IBA did for us was to introduce the students to each other. I have since taken a few courses in North American universities and have experienced, first hand the difference in how knowledge is imparted. SO, YES, I support the current batch of IBA students and hostelites, when they claim crass and egoistic behavior of the teachers, whether capable or not, in demeaning and regimenting the students into brainless amoeba. They must struggle, at all levels, to expose any and all shortcomings of their institutions to obtain the best possible education that they deserve.Recommend

  • Ex-Hostellite

    lol ithink its a CDS disguising himself as a hostelite. anyways babloo ki :PRecommend

  • Umair Waheed Sheikh, IBA

    I am just teaching you what happens in the real world.Recommend

  • Nouman Ahmed

    Then don’t. “Happens in the real world” is a very convenient excuse.Recommend