Does one Iftar at the White House change anything for Muslims in the US?

Published: June 29, 2015

Barack Obama hosts Ramadan Iftar Dinner at the White House. PHOTO: WHITEHOUSE.GOV

President Obama speaks as he hosts an Iftar dinner in the State Dinning Room at the White House.
PHOTO: AFP Barack Obama hosts Ramadan Iftar Dinner at the White House.

Ever imagined life in a constant state of perpetual rush, whereby an individual is desperately trying to keep things together in an effort to please everyone, starting off with one thing but unable to ever finish any task before moving on to another, pulled in different directions and not knowing what the end objective is?

Sounds like an exhausting and frustrating journey of a good natured guy, right? Indeed! This is how Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House has been – presiding over a fractured Washington and putting out wild fires one after the other, ending up aimlessly drifting without achieving any concrete results.

Let’s recognise that it’s been a hectic six years. While Obama’s mantra was ‘yes, we can’, those adamant at his election as president made sure that the sense of optimism this dreamer and idealist tried to inject into the system was soon turned into a hard ‘no, we can’t’ strategy to destroy his legacy every step of the way.

Years of negative trends and distraught behaviour that has characterised the Republicans, his opponents in the Congress, and elsewhere, has left the president flabbergasted and demotivated, forcing him to give vent to anger vociferously on more than one occasion.

While addressing a recent gathering of fellow Democrats, he said,

“I am frustrated. You have every right to be frustrated because Congress doesn’t work the way it should. Issues are left unattended. Folks are more interested in scoring political points than getting things done.”

Yes, that’s exactly right. Scoring political points is all that matters.

The consequences of never getting stuff done have been far-reaching and monstrously painful. Beyond the George W Bush-Dick Cheney time, we were all keeping fingers crossed that peaceful coexistence based on better understanding across all major faiths would no longer be a distant reality.

Jews, Christians, Muslims, and the ‘unfaithful’, like yours truly, who supported Obama, were looking forward to a visible trust rebuilding effort to get America out of a quagmire that made many feel that the country had been mortgaged to the far-right’s bigotry.

We, the people who held our hands up and prayed that all the post-9/11 demons, friction, and hatred will peter out were proven utterly wrong. While religious and race-related freedoms are still guaranteed by the constitution and whereas we are all, each one of us in God’s green United States of America, protected by ironclad laws that ensure civil liberties, there are certain elements in the society that simply cannot refrain from instilling fear and hatred based on typical ignorance and uncharitably non-blissful attitude that has harmed the country much more than benefitting it.

Hate-mongering suckers, far-right dogmatists and white supremacists have made life quite uneasy for those who stand for freedom, liberty, and believe in the good old American values based on humane and pragmatic principles. We find ourselves strangulated and suffocated when a Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dylann Roof, Sarah Palin, Pamela Geller, or a Bill O’Reilly spits race or religion-laden anger at minorities or the oppressed classes.

While none of us are children of a lesser God, these imbeciles have made it the mission of their lives to prove to the lesser enlightened class of people that only certain groups of folks are above board slash privileged and there are some communities that pose a threat to our existence and hence the public must be leery of their presence amongst us.

So, when our poor president says “we’re all one family” at the annual White House Ramazan dinner, I would agree with and believe him, but not have high hopes if he would ever be able to deliver on his words. He’s got too much on his plate and cannot be expected to fulfil all his promises. The tide somehow is always against him. He probably doesn’t even have a priority list anymore. It’s one day at a time. Even if he had a priority list, I think that he’d go after the gun lobby before anything else. Race is a damning concern that is refusing to simmer down. Issues like ISIS, the Taliban, the two wars and the national debt are breathing down the president’s neck. Intra-religious understanding may not even feature on his list of priorities.

Is there any hope in today’s America that is seeing a comeback of the moral majority days? Well, there is still some light at the end of the tunnel. Just like me, millions of immigrants come to this land of hope and promise to settle down for better lives and try to make it day in and day out. That vision and those values have not yet exited the ecosystem and while I may think that the president is forcibly going through the motions of hosting a White House Iftar reception, I appreciate the fact that despite the climate of gloom and doom, the tradition has continued and there is a recognition and a desire in the highest echelons of power that we must stand together and fight the evil of the dreadful disseminators of hate and contaminators of peaceful coexistence.

As America struggles to stay relevant, while the president’s energy and enthusiasm have certainly gone down, he’s done incredible things for us. There’s another 18 months or so to go before he bids farewell to the White House. While the list of challenges is rapidly growing, knowing that Obama is a strong-willed character, it is safe to expect that he’ll be working hard to spread the spirit of unity and goodwill.

While anti-Muslim sentiments are on the rise, the faithful must stay on course and not indulge in acts that they may have to regret committing later on. It takes two to tango and that’s precisely what’s needed. Granted there are a few organisations already active, a strong and an effective grassroots movement to work for the betterment of the community is direly needed before an expectation can be set from the powers that be to intervene. Muslims must work hard to reform their religion. That is one peaceful way to counter the far-right’s propaganda as well as mitigate the ill effects of extremism that has settled into the faith’s arterial system.

In the meantime, the president should be urged to use his swagger and his will to fight against odds. He may not be fired up and ready to go yet but there’s always hope that things can change one day. All we need is preservation of human dignity, protection of people’s rights and peace with honour. With constitutional safeguards already in place, that’s not too much to ask for.

Ahson Saeed Hasan

Ahson Saeed Hasan

The writer is a proud American, a peacenik who has traveled well over 80 countries and lived in four continents. He likes to share his experiences and reflect on the worldly surroundings. He tweets @tweetingacho (

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  • Jayman

    Y’all love playing the victims all the time. As usual not a word on Islamic terrorism the exacerbated inter-faith confrontation.Recommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad

    Except few trouble makers, majority of Muslims are living a wonderful life in America. It would be a great step if America kicks out these trouble makers, terrorists, fundamentalists, brain washed idiots, dishonest intellectual and bloggers, thankless and ungrateful people and replace them with honest, hard working and loving Muslims who are desperate to move from the places ruled by Muslim dictators and Monarchs to these worldly heavens.Recommend

  • Hitesh Sachdev

    Obama is the weakest president US has ever had. He doesnt have the will power to crush Islamic terrorists like the Bush duo. No wonder terrorist organisations like ISIS, ISI, etc keep springing up and unleashing their waves of terror.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Do pakistani politicians who support the idea of ‘good terrorist, bad terrorist’ (a la Sartaj Aziz, the foremost expert on foreign policy) contribute to a better understanding of terrorism among Muslims? When such senior politicians make such statements (which this author ignores), is it fair to blame other politicians who at least speak out openly against discrimination on the basis of religion? Recommend

  • liberal-lubna-fromLahore

    dont drag islam into this. terrorism is caused by politics not religion. its a propaganda against Islam.Recommend

  • Sane

    No doubt just the last Iftar at white house has changed he anti-Muslim mind set throughout the world. Look there is no massacre of Rohingians by Buddhists. Hindu fanatics are no more killing Muslims in India. Indian occupational forces in Kashmir are showering flowers over Muslims through their weapons instead of bullets and shell. The last Iftar brought a wave of change in the world and Muslims are no more labelled as terrorist and are no more victim of hate.Recommend

  • Nusrat Rizvi

    It is stupid to suggest the black monkey has a following outside of the ghettos. While American never miss a chance to express their disgust at everything Islamic, this dumb idiot goes around talking about the great religion of my forefathers.
    Little does he know it was the Arabs who went to African jungles to capture and enslave Negros then
    sold them to ship captains waiting at the wharf who took them to the new world by the millions.
    Although the Media presents a pretty picture of harmony between minorities the Muslims are treated differently. Considered by most others as throat cutting terrorists Muslims are shunned by their co worker or neighbors. The Muslim kids grow up in the US befriending only other Muslims kids. They suffer discrimination of the worst kind and their children are subjected to physical abuses.
    On the economic front the Muslims have accepted their status at the lowest rank of
    social and economic order. While Indian now enjoy the good life in the US as entrepreneurs, head of large corporations and running most hospitals in the US. Their Muslim cousins take jobs other don’t accept or like such as driving cabs, waiters in Indo-Paki restaurants and other low paying menial work.
    Pig heads are thrown in the Mosques frequently and cases of violence against them or their property when reported to the authorities are filed away without any action.
    Yet, they still come by the thousands, hoping things will change for their kids which never happens.Recommend

  • Milind A

    You forgot to add your own Pakistani army & ISIS are also not killing Muslims…Recommend

  • Milind A

    And what about the Islamic propaganda against Jews, Hindus? How about the outroar of Islamophobia which is a myth..Recommend

  • liberal-lubna-fromLahore

    what about it? last time i checked its not causing any mass murders of jews or hindus all over the world but their propaganda surely has caused millions of muslim deaths. how ignorant do u have to be to come up with stuff like thisRecommend

  • Insane

    and best of all No Muslims are killing others, IS, al shad-ab, boko haram, Muslim brotherhood , good/ bad Taliban, LeJ, LeT, haqqani network etc. all have disintegrated to give the religion very peaceful nameRecommend

  • Amit Lunia

    Ask yourself, if it is trueRecommend