Punjab is Pakistan and Pakistan is Punjab

Published: June 28, 2015

A man is comforted by his relative after he arrived at the local hospital in Quetta, Balochistan, Sept. 7, 2012. PHOTO: REUTERS

As 83 mutilated corpses are found in Balochistan, I further lose hope in our crumbling system and the state. A state which has failed its citizens over and over again. 

Every man with an empty head and fickle mind is trying to formulate his own creed and ideology. It is tantamount to saying, in the presence of various man-made beliefs, that it is hard to follow one ideology with zeal and enthusiasm.

The case of Pakistan is verily the same. In Pakistan, people are blind followers of false narratives, whether enforced by the mighty army or by the corrupt and incompetent politicians. I pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion.

Here, religion is out-dated. Here, democracy is not what it’s meant to be. Here, the army has more of a political role than the politicians. Here, the sound of rattling guns is heavier than human voices. Here, elections are rigged. Here, the youth is voiceless and disfranchised. Here, laws are not for the poor and dispossessed segments of society. Here, man has no value and its fundamental rights are violated and suppressed. Here, law makers are not the real representatives of the man on the street. Here, the judiciary is a toothless tiger. Here, blood is cheaper than water. Here, the federation is fragile and is bound to experience a colossal collapse any time. Here, the politics of regionalism is at its pinnacle. Here, the so called journalists are blind to stories that matter. Here, the concept of peace and humanity are non-existent. Here, every man fends for himself. Here, women have no right to express themselves. Here, the concepts of racism and chauvinism run in our blood. Here, narrow mindedness and arrogance are our personal traits.

I do not believe in the way we are ‘progressing’ as a nation because this was never the way it was meant to be. It is not the path our forefathers wanted us to take. It is not the way of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal.

It is the way of egoists and the selfish few. It is the way of a dominant mind- set which believes in the policy of divide and rule.

What I believe in is humanity, peace, progress, welfare, and the well-being of the masses. I believe in a strong federation with equal treatment of all its provinces.

Pakistan is a federal state with four provinces. Federalism is adopted in order to cope with the problems, but presently the federation is dominated by a single province. Punjab, the big brother is not only seen as a dominant actor the in army and the parliament, but is also in the bureaucracy and the judiciary.

Punjab is Pakistan and Pakistan is Punjab. This concept is a farce and it is a matter of grave concern. Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, although existing, are voiceless, owing to Punjab’s mighty hand in all state affairs. The matter of fact is that politics of provincialism and separatism in present Pakistan are prevalent due to beliefs of our big brother. In Balochistan, hope is dwindling day by day because of the decisions taken by outsiders, without knowing the history, mind-set or culture of the locals.

Ardent supporters of guns and atom bombs have failed to bring the Baloch under the canopy of one central government. This is however, because of their unjust and exploitative policies over the past few decades. Unless and until, the military role is made obvious and implemented, there will continue to be bloodshed and more separatist movements will eventually emerge in Balochistan.

It is increasingly difficult to establish a strong Pakistani federation under the strong presence of the army in the realm of politics; a strong federation that will make people believe that it is possible to survive in this Pakistan with all our differences. To take pride in our diversity. To make Pakistan a confederation.

Clearly, our politicians and the military have learnt nothing from history. History is repeating itself today. Every peace loving Pakistani should know that the separation of Bengal was due to the rogue policies and rigid mind-set of a handful of people. People who thought they were more ‘Pakistani’ than the others.  Kahlil Jibran once said,

“Pity the nation whose statesman is a fox, whose philosopher is a juggler, and whose art is the art of patching and mimicking.”

I believe in democratic norms and values. I believe in fundamental rights, free and transparent elections, value of a vote, independence of the judiciary, and criticism and freedom of press. Under these present times, democracy is considered the real panacea to all the problems faced by modern man. Various totalitarian states are transforming into democratic ideals, owing to the people oriented values and virtues of democracy.

The case of the Middle East is the same. People there rejected dictatorial regimes and one man shows. They protested against the unjust policies of their mighty rulers and demanded fundamental rights. According to Francis Fukuyama, the world has achieved liberal democracy and it is the end of history. Democracy is the ultimate demand and desire of man in the universe and will ultimately heal all human suffering.

Democracy can be seen functioning successfully in western countries and in India as well. But in Pakistan, democracy is not performing according to the wishes of people. Here democracy is being used as a tool by corrupt politicians. This system has failed to amend the life of ordinary citizens.

In Pakistan, democracy exists as a label. Policies are made not in parliament, but somewhere on the side-lines. Here, political decisions are made under the shadow and presence of boots. Here, the military has castrated the civil institutions with the help of our submissive judiciary. Here, the press is only free on paper. Journalists are made to ignore the sufferings of the ordinary man. Here, the press is being used to propagate the state narratives rather than offering an olive branch.

For a mainstream journalist, all is well in Balochistan, but in reality, everything is rotten here and the people are depending on God’s mercy rather than the polluted system. Elections in Pakistan are rigged under the patronage of the army; the nexus of a few corrupt politicians, along with the military, don’t want a leader who will curtail their power or eventually hold them accountable.

How can we ever think of Pakistan turning into a strong democratic state if we carry on the same way? How can we think of a well-built federation if we have no right to elect our representatives? How can we dream of peace if the army remains the king maker? How can we hope Pakistan becomes a welfare nation if the budget of the army remains thrice the time higher than the budget for the common man? How can we think of a successful All Parties Conference (APC) when our army is the real leader of all our politicians? How can I hope for a peaceful, co- existent and prosperous Balochistan under the presence of state-made mercenaries and a proxy war? How can I believe in an army which has failed to protect our borders and is constantly living under the mercy of a blame game?

Democracy is only possible and successful if we push the army back to where they belong, the barracks. We can make Pakistan a real democratic state. A country that boasts of free and transparent elections, an independent judiciary, genuine  leadership in assemblies, a free press, provincial rights and bridging good relations with neighbouring countries.

Instead of making India the enemy, we should take a few tips from their democratic system. We must disown the state architected narratives that are no longer relevant.

I strongly believe in the power of the youth. Not the youth which is blindly following the constructed rogue narratives of the state, but the enlightened youth who believe in progress and peace. A majority of the population of Pakistan comprises of youth, but unfortunately the youth of Pakistan is not playing its due role. They lack creativity and zeal. They are acting at the beck and call of corrupt politicians and military generated propagandas. It is incumbent upon the youth to wake up and raise their voice against the corrupt system because the future is theirs.

I believe in humanity and the establishment of human relations more than that of the state. Humanity and the well-being of our masses should be of utmost importance, followed by the abstract concept of statehood. We should not dream of a powerful state by pushing its people aside. The state is meant to serve the people it encompasses. It is futile to think of progress and prosperity without recognising the value of humanity. In Pakistan, there are brutal institutions sucking the blood of it citizens dry.

Under the guise of state security, the military is getting away without a shred of accountability. A major chunk of the budget is allocated to serve the interests of a few generals, while others suffer due to their policies.  It is incumbent upon the intelligentsia and the enlightened youth to preach a valuable faith, free from pseudo narratives. Our law makers must not be from the GHQ but rather from amongst the people.

Our preacher should not be a puppet or counterfeited mullah, s/he should be an educated scholar. One must believe in Habib Jalib, rather than pseudo poets and intellects. The prevailing situation of Pakistan reminds me of another saying by Khalil Jibran,

“Pity the nation whose sages are dumb with years and whose strong men are yet in the cradle. Pity the nation divided into fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation.”

Rehan Dashti

Rehan Dashti

The author is a gold medallist in the discipline of history, politics and literature from Government College University Lahore and is a former youth parliamentarian. He tweets as @rehaandashti

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • amartya

    “Punjab is Pakistan Pakistan is Punjab ” is i think inspired from INdia is Indira and Indira is India :)
    aprt from that i wish pakjabi people stop discriminating against people of other provincesRecommend

  • Rajesh Mehta

    The genesis of the fault lines seen in Pakistan be it along sectarian or regional divide was sown when Jinnah clamoured for a nation based on an absurd “two nation principle” championed by Iqbal and et al ( not the ulemas)
    In fact Pakistan was created not on an idea of any unifying principle of secular nationalism which could be universal but on an idea of what constitutes a Muslim majoritarianism hoping a religious identity would be a cohesive principle. Though that idea may have seemed utopian for the elite Muslims of that time thinking they were building some Ummah( whose history itself was always of sectarian divide)
    Pakistan thus was formed without any cultural identity of homogenisation or even unity of cultural and religious diversity ,for the nation thought being mere Muslim was enough for its identity(forgetting that one day it would be reduced to maxim” All Muslims are equal but Some Muslims are more pure and equal than other Muslims” , )and ironically even who is a Muslim these days are now being questioned ,so the seeds of Jinnah have grown into a bigger tree where its branches and offshoot want to prove each one is better Muslim than others, thus initiating its own new “two nation theory” but this time amidst Muslims in Pakistan themselves
    Psyche of being superior and exclusive to others was formented when Punjabi Muslims( who still believe they are from Arabia or Central Asian descent) thought they were better than Bangladeshi Muslims who were looked down as inferior because almost all were from Hindu ancestry
    No integration was ever achieved and Pakistan was never a true nation and it has been spiralling ini chaos and imploding from within ,unless Pakistan accepts that religious and hegemonious principle of authoritarianism is unacceptable there would be no true integration of rest of PakistanRecommend

  • Hamid Khan Bashgali

    Excellent blog. Nailing it on the head. Cannot fault it. Talk about the stark truth.
    Let’s put it it this way,..Punjab is Punjabistan. And this country is on a very slippery
    slope. Halfway down the abyss.Anyone who does not believes this and breaks out
    into the National Anthem and chest thumping, is mentally challenged. The State
    does not have it’s writ ANYWHERE. Actually, this is 5 countries. Sindhistan,
    Balochistan, Pathanistan, Muhajjiristan and Punjabistan. And none of these ethnic
    groups give a doozy about the others. If there is any hope left, nobody knows where
    it is. After all, this is a country of sheep. Herded reviled, cursed, robbed, looted by
    the politicians, the military, the bureaucracy, the police etc. etc. etc. and etc. All
    money safely in off shore accounts. Raja of Raiwind, supposedly, is current ruler.
    Now, then, chew on this for a while. Then go back to being a sheep.Recommend

  • Shehryarbukhari

    Dashti sahib
    Iss sb me Punjab ka kya qusur?Recommend

  • Me

    There is no point in blaming Punjab. Do you know punjabis are 60 % to 70 % in pakistan. It’s not about being dominant. Punjab has sacrificed everything for Pakistan including its language , cultural and traditions. The worst affected area in (West) Pakistan during partition was Punjab. There were rape, killing going on. Please stop blaming poor provincial governances of other areas towards to punjab. Let us as a pakistani adopt a realistic approach towards problems, finding the root cause, rather than blaming caste creed and doing nothing.Recommend

  • ali hasnain

    Dear blogger, your intention is quite clear from the caption. you have mangled the facts and presented untrue picture. Gold medal is in question.Recommend

  • ali hasnain

    Dear blogger, your intention is quite clear from the caption. you have mangled the facts and presented untrue picture. Gold medal is in questionRecommend

  • awaam

    As a nation we find faults in everyone else except ourselves.

    We cheat, find short cuts, bribe, lie, back stab, pull legs and spread hypocrisy every time we get a chance. People from Pakistan observe laws in Dubai but don’t care to do the same. We flee from this country chanting “iss mulk nay hamien kia dia” while forgetting that someone else, some where a much better candidate is sitting out because of us. We find it easy to pinpoint the shortcomings but forget that we, ourselves, are also a part of the problem.

    Please, stop doing that. We are Pakistan and Pakistan is us.Recommend

  • Cheema

    brothers speak ill of their big brother everywhere and every time and still say big bro gag them… strange…
    big bro remains naievely silent every time, despite being massacred in Turbat and elsewhere… strange tooRecommend

  • alam afridi

    As the age of ideas confrontations are going to its end moments(‘GREAT GAMES’); when a new superpower emerge and the confrontation of ideas clashing with each other due to multi-dimensional created strategies finish its task, then that will be the point which is representing a sand-which Pakistan indulged in different thoughts, beliefs, norms, values, and ethnic identity for leading towards the end of history’s ideas confrontations. thus Pakistan, may change its strategy while touching the wave of great games.
    As to-date Pakistan, playing a role of an infant in ‘GREAT GAMES’ and don’t want to be an adult until a perfect revolution (resemble to Russian’s) take place. according to mine perception, a youth created revolution necessary for Pakistan’s Democratic establishment through which military power can be change under the umbrella of youth revolution . under the lenses of youth emerged REVOLUTION could stride the hurdle of gaining their fundamental rights. everyone will be cool and relax after a revolution and the game of punjabistan will completely vanish if once perfect revolution take place in Pakistan… more to say but.. we are voiceless, our tune of voice are not as powerful as we are predicting in written pages.
    well job REHAN DASHTIRecommend

  • Zuberi

    As a non Punjabi from Karachi I find the blog title disgusting and racist, people from other provinces need to top blaming Punjab just like the whole of Pakistan should stop blaming other countries

    Blaming Punjab for everything takes away any responsibility from the other 2 large provinces KPK and Sindh, both of whom have a large presence in the army and federal government respectively, it’s ethnofascists who want to make it seem like it’s Punjab’s fault to drive a wedge between other ethnic groups and make it appear like Punjab is the enemy other PakistanisRecommend

  • Parvez

    In order to keep the uniforms in check , all that our politicians needed to do over these last 7 plus years was to deliver a LITTLE bit of good governance…..nothing earth shaking……but they failed and decided to loot and plunder as if there was no tomorrow, under the guise of keeping democracy alive…….the disgusting part is that all pillars of the State have allowed them this rape that they have subjected this country to.Recommend

  • Adamzai

    If the government of other provinces are corrupt, blame on it Punjab…!!! Mr. gold Medalist (i doubt) please go and check how the govt. machinery functions in Balochistan and Sindh, for instance. I personally know a person (a punjabi) who served as teacher and Principal, for 26 years, in Balochistan, faced hell lot of discrimination because Sardar and Nawabs don’t want basic necessities for the people, again put blame on Punjab…..!!!! Support Pakistan. Hell with conservatives and narrow minded…….Recommend

  • justice for all

    This is a true. Pakistan only caters for the Punjabi elite and establishment.It siphones off all the resoureces of the other provinces under the guise of fauji foundation and federal government agencies,which are manipulated unduelly by Punjabi beauracracy. Interestingly Punjabi percentage of population is only 44 %,but they have succeeded in fooling the others that they are 70 %.,and this they attain through the Punjabi and Army control of Pakistani media. The 56% must revolt and mae sure they get their due share.Recommend

  • Sherlocked

    This “Punjab is Pakistan and Pakistan is Punjab” Caption makes me think some kind of Agenda is being pursued. I mean how can you blame Punjab for this?Recommend

  • Abdulrauf Akhtar


  • Asim Ali

    Do whatever but please don’t drag us. We Sindhis are Equal Pakistanis. This type of Blog with such Anti National Title Should not be published Recommend

  • Muhammad Waqas

    where are the solutions ?? punjab or sindh is not our problem … its ruling elite our gravest problem ..the mohajir comprise only 40% of Khi, still practicing even worse what ‘punjabis’ in Pakistan, ruling over rest 60% leaving them no room and political representation … Pakistan having biased society with little or no advocacy for truth, introspection and solitude, the entire social fabric become corrupted… State, Politics and Social equality aspects are most pivotal rather only elimination of corruption or curtailing army. Recommend

  • Ali Chattha

    Dear Blogger I wish to find your scholarly scripts for the solace of affectees mentioning the cruelty in Burma , Kashmir, Palestine , Syria and the TTP victims. If written then send the link else u r a traitor. Recommend

  • Sami

    Since you cannot compete with Punjabis so the easiest route is to blame them for your own shortcomings.But let me tell you that Punjabis are one of the most progressive and tolerant people in Pakistan. Anyone can live in Punjab without any problem. But a Punjabi can never think to live in Kp, Balochistan or Sindh in a free manner as locals will always create problems for a Punjabi. I have never met a Punjabi businessman in Peshwar but a Pukhtoon can enjoy every business opportunity in Punjab.

    Punjabis are the least nationalist and everyone is enjoying in Punjab. The day Punjabis will become Nationalists like others and will value their language, culture and will answer the accusation then do not regret that why you will not be welcomed in Punjab anymore.Recommend

  • James Malish

    Punjab is Pakistan and Pakistan is Punjab…
    I disagree with the above heading as we are past that nw ..It should be China is pakistan and pakistan is china from now one..of course, sold by punjab on behalf of rest of the pakistan without asking their opinion.Recommend

  • Muhammad Ali Samo

    I agree , Punjab is Pakistan , because ruling elite of Punjab never favored any Non-Punjabis , Have you ever noticed , Karachi was burning from terrorism since decade during the rule of Military Ruler Mushraf , Karachi is still under unrest due to operation against criminals and corrupt officers , Why Karachi alone ? Do all the corrupt and criminals belongs to Karachi? Mubashir Luqman exposed Rana Mashood how C.M Punjab gets money and other favor by all means! nobody is going to take action against him neither military nor judiciary , Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri lodged F.I.R against Punjab cabinate but nobody was arrested , for Punjabis all sins are forgettable but for Non-Punjabis , they are traitors, infidels and much more but they were never patriot and true Pakistani! its very strange narration of Military and Punjabi establishmentRecommend

  • Mano Ji

    I am from Peshawar and we are Pakistan, in Pakistan we all Patha, Sindhi, Balochi and Punjabies stands united.Recommend

  • Mano Ji

    the blogger might be a hindu with his changed name.Recommend

  • Taqi Ramzan

    Dear punjabians the time of taking sides have passed, realize that the other provinces are feeling deprived at your hands, realize that u have done wrong all these years. When bengal was with us, you talked of representation and financial benefits according to geography and now that they are gone u are exploiting us in the name of popular majority……it is not bad to accept ones mistakes and try to mend them with good deeds on the basis of equality and justice……Recommend

  • HassaanM

    A country whose society is based on discrimination reserves no right to cry foul. Deal with your ‘hidden apartheid’ against Dalits first.Recommend

  • 19640909rk .

    @ Men

    “There were rape, killing going on.”

    Of course, Punjabi Muslims were doing it. They were the main culprits and Hindus had to suffer it.Recommend

  • Hasan

    What else do you expect from Punjabistan?Recommend

  • SaneVoice

    This is a good article highlighting the weaknesses. Imran Khan is from Kyber Pakhtunwala but he failed in recent election due to corruption. Corruption and greed also divides the nation. Pakistan can be a great country if all citizens thought of it as one and not dividing issues on sectarian or ethnic grounds. People should be elected and put in position based on their skillset, not family name. Political parties should not be family dominated. It is these issues which divide Pakistan and for the common man and woman it brings no progress in their daily lives.Recommend

  • rtnguy

    The problem is that islamic civilization itself is collapsing.Pakistan is atleast better than ISIS ruled arab states and india is no example for pak as its civilizational ethos is different.Recommend

  • aliasadadm

    Blaming others is the easiest thing and unfortunately Pakistanis are expert in this. When you people start taking responsibilities of your own acts, theology and deeds? I’m by no means, in favour of Mian brothers but for sure not in favour of blaming Punjab either. Seemingly this has become the habit of everyone to blame Punjab for everything. Mr. Altaf in Karachi & Mr. Zardari in interior sindh are hiding their atrocities behind this “Punjab slogan “, same is the case of Sardars from Balochistan & Khans from KP. The root cause of all problems is education. Why Sardars & Khans are not allowing education in their region /constituency? Is Punjab behind this? There is so much to say on your ill-informed & bias article. Pls wake up otherwise everyone will drown while blaming others.Recommend

  • SHB

    I agree with your comment .Recommend

  • mina

    If some thing written against punjab [government,army media] punjabies start protesting. If any thing written against about other provinces or their political parties,punjabies believe it.Recommend

  • Person

    Absolutely true. Punjabistan indeed. All military operations in Sindh, Balochistan and KPK. While killer ministers and Sharifs monopolize Punjab. No action on Model Town, Lahore. No accountability of army. Pathetic Punjabistan!Recommend

  • Sikandar

    Are we really that delusional that we cannot see how we are losing balochistan just like we lost east pakistan. :( please stop insulting other people’s sentiments and take them seriously. These are Pakistanis as well. Recommend

  • Rizwan Ashfak

    MR.Dashti ask ur Mengal,Ask Ur Bugti,Ask ur Zehri nd raisani wht did they do when they were in powers…why a baloch,sindhi nd pakhtun always come to know that he is deprived of his rights after the termination of his govt??
    why doesn’t ur leadership speak when they r in power???
    Stop spreading the propaganda..perhaps u r sitting in delhi right now…or at least show the real face of terrorist balochis who r killing innocent punjabis in ur peaceful province by writing a bolgRecommend

  • Abullah Malik

    Confused narrative, military is military anywhere in the world, the fashion: blame Punjab for everything without realising that Baluchistan is a place where Punjabis are being killed burtally for being Punjabi. Most of the problems of supressed Balochis are because of their Srdars who take royalties and do not pass on. As for the writer I only have to say that social media has given right of expression to those who do not know where their rights end.
    Seems like a file filler for a perfect case of asylum, I fear death because of might military.Recommend

  • Zargham Khan

    Punjabis are actually 55% in Pakistan. Get your facts and figures straightRecommend

  • Zargham Khan

    When did the Army get three times more than the common man? This year the army got less than 9% of the total federal budget. Wake up and talk some sense dear blogger!

    I am a Chartered Accountant hence I will talk numbers. Rs 781 billion have been reserved for the defense sector in the budget for the fiscal year 2015-16 while India’s is sixfold that of Pakistan.

    The defense budget has been reduced by at least 11 percent in comparison to the last fiscal year. The armed forces will be given Rs 781 billion for 2015-16. The budget will accommodate the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Pakistan Navy, Strategic Forces and Civil Armed Forces.

    The army will get Rs 371 billion out of a total of Rs 780 billion. The PAF will be given Rs 164 billion while the navy draws a share of Rs 84.94 billion from the dedicated defense amount.Recommend

  • HAQ

    its 6th Genocide of Balochi people, still people dont understand .. Those who born late 70’s see Balochistan you will understand what happend to Bengal. Its crystal clear.. they need, Gold, Gas, Oil, Minerals, Gawadar not Balochi people only the need land.. Recommend

  • Waqar Omar

    That’s what happen when you give keyboard to an illiterate to write a blog.Recommend

  • Waqar Omar

    Author talked about blame game and put all the blame on Punjab. What an irony.
    So much of ‘Gold Medal’.Recommend

  • Choco Choc

    A wonderful article. True to the core. However, by blatantly putting the Punjabistan truth you have risked loosing your degree as questioned by many commentators. After all it is “Punjabistan”Recommend

  • Maj Nusrat Baloch

    You cant say more, spoke your heart out. Now it is up to the reader how he takes it. Balochs, Sindhis and Pashtoons read it and take it as suppressed people’s voice and an urge to the state to revisit its policies. Youth and educated ftom Punjab will only curse u and take it otherwise. I appreciate your effort and your command on English. Keep going.Recommend

  • Raghu Reddy

    Its true and apt. Its true because of Punjab, there is India Pak enemity. Only when Punjabi domination is stopped, this enemity will be stopped. As long as enemity continues, army will play major stake holder. All top generals will be Punjabi and all top politicians, bureacrats etc.
    Another way of thinking is Punjab is rich agri land. Its only natural that people from such provinces are resourceful and dominate everything.Recommend

  • Jehanzaib Ranjha

    Dear Blogger, I don’t know how did you get this Gold medal..is that from India? You know why Punjab is doing well then you guys? It’s not because of share we receive from budget or so. It’s about thinking..there is no culture of salavery in Pakistan, but you guys follow instructions of those people who are exiled separatists, those people who favour India over Pakistan.Is that the democracy you are talking about..people in Baluchistan will follow those lords but not their country…Balochi people are given rights to vote to select better man for themselves. But if you can’t select them please don’t blame it on Punjab..Punjab is only better because it doesn’t follow feudalism..relationships with neighbors like India, how can say Pakistan didn’t try..but we won’t let our enemies dominate us…Bangladesh is separate country because they listened to an enemy but not their own country..And you are also getting influenced by those forces..talk about army behind barracks? Army don’t want to be involved in politics unless the so-called democratic government function well..army has to be there to safeguard our interests…it’s only army which is keeping these provinces together…otherwise you could have been only fighting with each other…dont think of being a balochi…Please be a Pakistani…think about country not your province..dont help enemies agenda in Pakistan..Thank You…Recommend

  • Malveros

    Get your facts right next time.Recommend

  • Malveros

    Please put the blame where it’s due. That is incompetence of Sindh, KPK and Baluchistan Provincial Govt’s. Punjab has sacrificed enough for them and for Pakistan as a whole.Recommend

  • Malveros

    Let the new Census happen next year and u will find out Punjab is 70% of Pakistan. All ethnicities live in Punjab, ever wonder why they are moving in such great numbers to Punjab ? There must be something right going on in Punjab compared to other Provinces.Recommend

  • Nice Man

    Your argument is biased and hence flawed and presents no solution. Blaming Punjab, the only province making any progress is useless. Elect the people in other provinces that will make a difference. Punjab Sacrificed more than 3 million people during partition, and you know what, Punjabis that migrated from India never called themselves Muhajirs or outsiders, but Pakistanis. They did their best to make Pakistan a viable state, we Punjabis just wish that other provinces people realize their responsibilities and pull their own weight, focus on development, education, and self help, hard work, even if that means migrating abroad and helping your families back home like most Punjabis do in the Middle East.Recommend

  • mir

    Before putting across anything first mend your capacity of constitutional knowledge. Under the article 18, it should be spelled Balochistan not Baluchistan. Second, Balochi is a language and Baloch is a nation, you cannot use one connotation for both. Tellingly, not to speak of other things.Recommend

  • Jagmohan Trivedi

    The writer has placed his views in a very bold and objective manner.Some may
    disagree but many may agree about the root causes of the debacle.It takes
    great courage to write about and against state organs and to enlighten public
    to think for ameliorative action.It provides food for thought,strong and unified
    will power to correct the slide.Let it go to mass introspection and right action.Recommend

  • Indian

    Punjabi want baloch Land only same like as Bangladesh.That time they hate Bengalis.Now against baloochies.Recommend

  • YG

    Rubbish article. It’s theories like yours that breed hatred in this country. Please don’t attempt to divide our country….leave instead!! – we are ALL Pakistanis – Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhi, Pathan, Mohajir, Hindu, Muslim, Ahmadi, Christian!Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Dear Mir, thanks your complete nonsense reply ….which did not change the fact which the above person wanted to narrate…!!!Recommend

  • Aamir Khan

    Pension has been given to Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Pakistan Navy, Strategic Forces and Civil Armed Forces by provisional civil budget. @ Zargham Kahn Don’t write false comparison.Recommend

  • Aamir Khan

    @ Sami. Mr. Blogger took Gold Medal from Lahore University by beating so called hundreds of progressive and tolerant Punjabis.Recommend

  • Maverick_NZ

    Did E.T. just copy past an irrelevant article from 10 years ago?Recommend

  • Maverick_NZ

    Did E.T. just copy past an irrelevant article from 10 years ago?Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/ ather khan

    i am from kp and i strongly support writer. even being a supporter of pti, i see that fed govt is not giving the royalties from electricity to kp. kp producing more electricity than its need at 2rp/unit, but fed govt is selling 9rp/unit to kp. now even international ngos like save the children are banned to work in kp. but they are allowed to work in punjab. the list goes on. truly its only punjab and punjab only.Recommend

  • Nero

    “Punjab has sacrificed everything for Pakistan including its language , cultural and traditions.” Is that the reason why Punjab expects every other community to do the same – reject their language, culture and history? But others are not very keen on doing that. That is the reason why religion is used across Pakistan – to gain power and suppress those who don’t agree.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    It’s such an odd defense pro-Punjabis are putting up. Yes, Punjab sacrificed a lot, but which province didn’t?

    Balochistan feeds natural gas to all of Pakistan, but the people of Sui themselves continue to burn wood to cook their meals.

    How much has Sindh, Pakistan’s gateway to sea trade, sacrificed to Punjab’s upstream water control, because Punjab’s agricultural dependency is higher?

    How much has KPK sacrificed accommodating millions of Afghan refugees at Punjabistan’s behest?

    When we talk about Pakistan being Punjab, we’re talking about unmitigated political dominance of Punjab over Pakistani affairs. I’m a Punjabi myself, but I’m not ignorant of the political privileges that brings me.Recommend


    Mr Dasti,
    U r a good writer & that’s why our emotional people who lack knowledge themseves got impressed with your emotional expression & granted U a gold medal on basis of which u have considered yourself a Mr know all.
    Your continuous blame / wrong & false fabricated comments on our highly Patriotic, proffesional Armed Forces, which have always proved saviors of Pakistan prove that U have no depth.
    Stop spreading hatred against Armed forces, by your false propaganda which seems to be dictated to U by our enemys & highly cortupt rulers who have all the vengeance boiling in their corrupt / traitorous hearts against the Army because it is the only power which is preventing them from breaking Pakistan which they are otherwise succeeding by their callous & highly corrupt rule thus taking its more than 50% of population into abject poverty & hatred towards Pakistan which will force them into anarchy & god forbid break up of Pakistan, which seems to be their goal handed over by their masters. In return of which they will be benefitted by being made rulers of a small state thus created by breakup of our country.Recommend

  • aijazali. junejo

    It is not Pakistan its punjabistan who are selfish and parasite on other provinces want Kala bag dam want money earn nothing…Recommend

  • aijazali. junejo

    Poorest Punjabi but now richest because they steal other province s right and money we can live alone but Punjab without us nothing ….Recommend

  • Humza

    It’s easier to blame others than own up to your own follies. This is the reality of those who complain. Members of my family live in all regions of Pakistan but nowhere are people more welcomed and accommodating as in Punjab. That’s why Pashtuns, Sindis, Baluch, Kashmiris and Muhajirs all live freely in Punjab. I am sure there will be some minor instances of favoritism here and there but as a whole Punjabi culture is welcoming and inclusive. Also how can anyone blame Punjab for their work ethic and breaking free of feudalism. The fact that Punjabis tend to have a better work ethic and no longer follow feudalism( parts of South Punjab excluded) explains the relative progress, stability and wealth of Punjab over other provinces. This should be the same all over Pakistan. I think it’s good that the majority of Pakistan’s population are Punjabis because an inclusive mindset from the majority people bodes well for the success of the country and all its people. There will be exceptions but everyone should stop the stale argument of blaming others and just learn to work together to build a better society for all based on real concerns.Recommend

  • aijazali. junejo

    Please please give us our earning money our right our educationRecommend

  • aijazali. junejo

    Please please give us our earning money our right our educationRecommend

  • Hamid Khan Bashgali

    Not true. Pakistan’s decline and dire straits can be attributed
    to the Punjabis. Who have a death chokehold on the country
    for the last 68 years. it is the Punjabis that have been running
    the country since the Qaid’s death. [Whether civilian or military.]
    They are considered the most corrupt, the most blatantly abject
    discriminatory, incompetent group in the world. Look what they did
    to a rising South Asian country. Destroyed it. Case in point the current
    Punjabi Raja, did not even go to Karachi, after 1600 people died in
    a heatwave. YES more than 1600 hundred, The rural deaths, are not
    even recorded. There are no hospitals in rural Sindh. The death toll
    in Thar, Sibi, etc.etc. and other parts of rural Sindh are not on the
    radar. A mighty great big thanks to the Punjabis, for putting a
    country in Intensive/Critical Care ward. Single handedly.Recommend

  • Sid

    hence Dalits take 35% of education quota , 40 % of job quota and 30 % of netas job in India. What else you want us to do ? Hand feed those who inspite of having all the reservations for them do not progress ? India is a country of 1.3 billion people and not just dalits , people from every race and religion belongs to the now 40 % poverty class. Its an unfortunate rat race which the consecutive government failed to control and bring order to chaos. But show me the trick how to drive the mindset of 1.3 billion people in one direction.
    You on other hand have only about 185 million people to manage. And there are no dalits in your so called land of pure. Then how come Shias, Hazaras, Ahmadis, Balochs and Hindus are treated like one ?
    You should not compare every dirt in your yard vis a vis India.Recommend

  • commonpeople

    This is really a great policy—Punjab is Pakistan and Pakistan is Punjab!Only because of this type en-ethical acts of Punjabis , Bengali had no other option but to go for independence.Still ,Punjabis are doing the same thing.I guess , you are on the right path to get another blow on your nose sooner or later.I am pretty sure many of you will not like my opinion but please rest assured this is going to happen once again.Recommend

  • Omar K Cheema

    Why don’t people call a spade a spade???
    No matter how eloquently you bemoan the effects of bad democracy you completely failed to mention the main reason why democracy fails in Pakistan, which is FEUDALISM.


  • mir

    Bus Shah Ji! Your very glib intellectual has succumbed to death. Since I was only justifying some examples of above mentioned user, and from the constitution of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan. I am utterly flabbergasted it hurt to. Above all, I was not arguing with you.Recommend

  • Tariq

    The writer seems to be living in the idealistic world without confronting the practical problems in running the state affairs where individual don’t matter but its the nation’s confronting each other .

  • someone

    Going by your argument, you guys should stop poking nose in Kashmir and deal with Balochistan first.Recommend

  • Sajid Karachi

    If Punjabis are so superior why do they need a crutch of a quota system for all lucrative jobs and posts ? And if the quota system is so viable why there is no quota system in the Armed Forces ,FC and Rangers , where only Punjbais dominate and thus try to dominate others ?Recommend

  • Grace

    The majority of people in Baluchistan are pro Pakistani. A few sardars on the Indian payroll does not change reality. As for Pashtun in Baluchistan they are 100 % pro Pakistan so why should we give in to fear mongering? Speak about the reality of bringing development to all poor areas including Baluchistan and telling the sardars there that there is going to be 100 % literacy for young people there whether they like it or not!Recommend

  • Sajid Karachi

    It is not ,”Punjab has sacrificed enough” rather Punjab has SUCKED enough ,from Karachi .All the Mega projects in Punjab has been on Karachi’s wealth while we are dying of heatwaves and loadshedding.

    Punjabis are carrying out so called operation in Karachi to get a hold of Karachi’s resources and to keep it under their thumbs so that we can just toil like serfs and die just to feed them and serve them for their ultra rich lifestyle.Recommend

  • Sajid Karachu

    Truth hurts.Please get out of Lahore and find the opinion of other provinces .The Blogger has very truly depicted the true and fair picture .Instead of doing some serious soul searching ,the Punjbais ,as usual will brand him as another RAW agent !!!Recommend

  • HassaanM

    Well in continuation of this line, you guys should stop poking your nose in Balochistan and Karachiand deal with the Maoists and likes.Recommend

  • prashanth

    Split Pakistani Punjab into at least three different provinces. Southern part of Punjab is culturally different and has a different language as well. With three separate provinces developing distinct polity over time there can be some hope.
    UP in India sends in just about one sixth of parliament members, that has not stopped India from much more cohesive than Pakistan.Recommend

  • Bharat Indian

    Pakistani Punjabis are the only people on this whole planet
    earth, who did the genocide of their own language and culture. And they
    want all Pashto, Baloch, Sindhi, Sarkai, Pushtoon, Kashmiri, Balti to
    forget their own language, culture, literature, poems, festivals,
    idioms, jokes, songs, dances etc. and follow Mullahs. And Punjabis did it
    not for free. They thaught they can capture more money & power
    around Pakistan/Afganistan/East Bangal in the name of Islam rather than
    in the name of Punjabiat. So, they killed Pujabiat. It is like killing
    own mother for the sake of money and power and start expecting others
    also to kill their mothers in exchange for some money.Recommend

  • Zeba Mumtaz

    99% all said is valid and true . Unless the finances are equally and fairly shared , based on who generates the revenues , and are also spent on the people of smaller Provinces , there will exist the feeling of deprivation and injustice , and hence the resistance against those taking funds by sheer weight of being in the majority in the civilan dispensasion and the army . The difference in development among Provinces has become so clear and stark that it hits you in the face . This arrangement will take it’s toll by way of resistance and miltancy . If anything is desired to be fixed in earnest , fix the sharing of finances. Recommend

  • Zargham Khan

    I haven’t quoted any false comparisons. I have quoted the exact numbers from your Federal budget. Problem is with your bigoted views against the army. But I can’t blame you because it is considered “intellectual” and “cool” in Pakistan to be prejudiced against the army.Recommend

  • Virendra Kaul

    Excellent writeup which will not be viewed kindly by many Pakistani hardliners. Nevertheless, there no other option.Recommend

  • Virendra Kaul

    In a federation, every citizen from any province has equal rights. So 60-70% majority’s assertion of their dominance only alienates the rest. Bengalis were in majority too but what did Punjabi do with them?
    Punjab has not sacrificed by plundered resources of other provinces and given them little. There was frenzy in Bengal too apart from Punjab. Partition violence cannot be called sacrifices, please don’t gloat over this madness.

    Nations are not built with religion but with equal rights to its citizens and sense of belonging.Recommend

  • Virendra Kaul

    It is a matter of shame that a community gives up its culture, language and tradition for a desert ideology. Others are wise not to do away with their culture. This is not sacrifice but treachery with your own soil.Recommend

  • Virendra Kaul

    People move to areas that offer them livelihood. In Pakistan, it is only Punjab that shows any growth. Investments in other provinces are limited. Please do not deduce anything from this.Recommend

  • Virendra Kaul

    He would soon be labelled as traitor.Recommend

  • ram

    “one who pays for piper calls the tune”, Punjabis made Pakistan to safe guard there fertile, Jinnah was only used as bargain chip he himself realized this during his last days, please read complete version of book “My brother” written by his sister Madare-e-Millat” who was called Indian agent by Ayub Khan. If you read her book with context you get a feeling Jinnah indeed repented for creating PakistanRecommend

  • Sajid Karachi

    And as a non Punjabai from Karachi I would suggest you step out of your comfort zone and visit alleys of Karachi and Interior Sindh , you will notice the hatred .Hats off to ET and the Blogger for atleast publishing something so near to the truth risking being labelled as TRAITORS .Lately all media seem to be taking direct dictation form the holier than thou Punabi establishment . .Recommend

  • Sami

    Dear Mr Faraz Talat i have read your articles and i must say that You are the master manipulator of facts along with the Self-Shame of existence as well.
    Firstly Punjabis did not exploited any Gas reserves. Rather we paid the bills. Tell me any instance when Gas was free in Punjab?.
    Secondly the royalties that Baloch leaders are claiming are never taken into account. Thirdly all Oil and Gas exploration companies are registered in KSE. SO the Karachi stock exchange is in Punjab?.
    Do you know FATA’s electricity bills are paid by the government. So you will never see such bailout. Me and you are paying the bills for the millions of others.
    Also read 18th amendment that resources are distributed among provinces and infact per capita of Punjab is lower than other provinces.

    Lastly kindly update yourself about ISRA water management. Water is divided among provinces by the authority. The authority takes into account the agri-land and distribute the water. So how come Punjab is looting?. Kindly end your ignorance in this regard.
    Furthermore After the Sindh-Tass agreement all the three Rivers of Punjab were given to India by the then Pushtoon General Ayub Khan. The Racist General tried hard to make Punjab a desert. You want to forget that page from history?.Recommend

  • Sami

    Dams are a federal property. KP did not invested anything in any dam. KP do not own any dam. You cannot claim the ownership of any federal asset. Also KP have the highest theft of electricity that exceeds all the royalties combined. Infact People of Punjab are bailing your bills out as around 40 percent of your people do not pay the bills and then as a result the unit price in the whole of Pakistan increases.Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    G. M syed,Mujeeb ur Rehman, Bacha khan and a lot more has done the same, you are doing through media. Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    Critism and false direction is the diet of media.Recommend

  • Muahammad Waqas

    If every thing has to be done by Federal Govt. what is the purpose of Provincial Assemblies. I think a little bit responsibility should be owned by Provincial Government which is obviously not in PUNJABIS hand.Recommend

  • Amir Lakhani

    Your comparison with last Fiscal year is incorrect.Compare the amount Defence gets vis a vis the total Net revenue receipts of the same fiscal year .It is more than 25% of the Total Budget second after the big chunk of debt servicing .
    Further you forgot to mention how THEY generate trillions from huge conglomerates of Land development aka Defence Housing ,Askari Bank,NLC ,Fauji Fertilizer etc etc and assistance in billions of US$ from the US in the name of War on terror .Recommend

  • Sarem Jalbani

    Victims? Brother you are treading too far ! Venture out in Balochistan and Karachi to behold the real victims .Pray I suggest you get rid of those myopic glasses to start with .Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/ ather khan

    according to constitution, the native province has the right over the source of electricity. so constitutionally we have rightful royalty over the dams build on kp soil. it is even agreed by fed govt but they never pay. if they pay, we can pay all the due electric bill yet can have huge surplus. but punjab never pays. according to constitution, producing province has the right to get electricity at cheaper rate. punjabi establishment even denying that. mindset like your is the reason why bengalis get away from punjabistan. and you people are making sure that others follow them as well.Recommend

  • Oats

    Why can’t people think of the country and look at facts. You want to bring up Bangladesh and 1971? The head was Yahya Khan from Peshawar and army chief was from Baluchistan General Musa and even Commander forces in East was Niazi who you can tell by name is ethnic Pashtun. Then when India took advantage of divisions and funded Mukhti Bahini , Bhutto who is Sindhi said “idher hum, udhur tum” so is it fair to pin 1971 on Punjabis? The only people who want to create divisions are Indians. That’s why so many post on these blogs.Recommend