Why India didn’t want us to have Kashmir

Published: June 26, 2015

Bursting with streams and rivers, the natural beauty that can be seen in Kashmir is unparalleled.

When one mentions Kashmir, all that comes to one’s mind are lush green fields, mountains, rivers, and valleys. Derived from Sanskrit, according to folk etymology, the name ‘Kashmir’ actually means desiccated land. ‘Ka’ means water and ‘shimeera’ means desiccate. The mention of water in its name takes me back to my Pakistan Studies class where we discussed Kashmir and its strategic importance.

After visiting Kashmir, however, I can now clearly see why India didn’t want us to have this small piece of land that is rightfully ours. Bursting with streams and rivers, the natural beauty seen in Kashmir is unparalleled.

Lower Neelum Valley

Following certain issues with the organisation we worked for and the treacherous heat wave in Karachi, my friends and I decided to go for a trip to the northern areas. Undecided where we were going to go, we came across some pictures of the Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir on Facebook, thanks to the travel agents and tour guides that are stepping their game up on social media these days (a big thumbs up to them).

Kashmir? Perfect!

That’s where we all wanted to go now.

After arranging our tickets for Islamabad, a rendezvous pit stop before hitting the northern areas, we all just prepared ourselves for a ride that would keep amazing us as we went on. Having been charmed by Islamabad, we began our long journey by road with a rental car with a local driver (best decision ever, as the roads in Kashmir were a nightmare to drive on).The places we initially decided to stay at were Keran and Kel, the two popular villages and tourist destinations in the Neelum Valley.

There were countless check posts and camps set up by the Pakistan Army along River Neelum – the natural border between Pakistan and India which runs right along the Line of Control (LoC) between the two countries – which took a while to get through to.

Our first stop was at a riverside restaurant called Marco Polo

We made several stops during our ride to Keran, as there were some beautiful scenic views along the way and we obviously had to stop for other reasons as well.

If anyone has ever been or crossed River Neelum would know of the beauty that lies there. One instance is the beach that we came across in the middle of the valley.

Beach in the middle of the valley

A breathtaking view

Upper Neelum

A dam being built by the Chinese on River Neelum

One of the local drivers we later met described the road along River Neelum (and through Neelum Valley) as the most beautiful 100 kilometres in the world, which also happened to be the reason why he chose the job as a seasonal jeep driver.

I couldn’t agree with him more.

The condition of the roads wasn’t so great

But the surrounding views were surreal

One slightly annoying factor was the countless interruptions we had to face due to the herds of goats, horses, and cows crossing along the way. Herders would force them aside once a car would come, and if the herd was too big, we would just have to wait and watch them pass.

A herd we came across on our way to Keran

A long journey later, we finally made it to Keran. Surrounded by beautiful cottages, lush green fields, and a river flowing right through it, none of us regretted our decision to stay here for a day.

The view from our cottage in Keran


Our next destination was Kel, a beautiful village even higher up the Neelum Valley. The quality of the roads at this point had further deteriorated and it was quite a challenging ride up the mountain to Kel. Once we reached Kel, we were in awe of the sheer beauty of this village.

Kel, a beautiful village


We had already decided to stay at Kel for two days which would allow us to further explore this place. The temperatures here were lower, and it was raining when we entered the village. The rain was followed by a strong hail, which was an absolute pleasure to experience.

After conversing with the locals, we discovered that there was an even more beautiful village further up the valley, Tao Butt. A shared jeep would take us there in four hours – even though the distance was less than 50 kilometres, the road to Tao Butt was no less than a roller coaster ride.

Tao Butt is the last known village in Neelum Valley. We were already amazed by the beauty of Azad Kashmir so far, but Tao Butt made us forget everything we had seen so far. It felt like we were in heaven.

Tao Butt

Tao Butt

Tao Butt

Tao Butt

Tao Butt

Tao Butt

I later realised that it was nothing but heavenly beauty, and there is nothing more beautiful than that. There is no other feeling like being this close to nature.

All photos: Habib Sajid

Habib Sajid

Habib Sajid

The author is a Content Marketer, travel enthusiast, Liverpool fanatic and tabdeeli advocate. He tweets as @habibsajidmir (twitter.com/habibsajidmir)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Fenku pAApi Pappu ki…

    you have already been given a large part of India’s land so that they can earn their livelihood and spend their lives peacefully but India was wrong, you all can’t live in a peaceful atmoshphare….. so, no more land can be given.Recommend

  • Jayant

    Kashmir ? save Karachi 1st . Although beautiful land will be burned to cinder if entire Kashmir was to be annexed by Pakistan !!! thank go the land of Rishi Kashyap ( the names Kashmir come from here ) is saved from the wanna be Arab’sRecommend

  • http://gravatar.com/skchadha SKChadha

    Habib Sajid, it is not India which didn’t want you to have Kashmir, It is your forefathers who decided to part with India 67 years back leaving vast beautiful area known as India. They did it dreaming heaven and in search of Pure Land? Recommend

  • Humza

    It doesn’t really matter what India does or doesn’t want. In today’s world, you can’t hold people hostage forever. Eventually, India will have to honour UN resolutions that call for a referendum in occupied Kashmir so that Kashmiris can freely choose their destiny. The Indians and the British cheated them at the time of partition but this has not changed the sentiments of majority Kashmiris who do not consider themselves Indian.Recommend

  • Yasothan Palanisamy

    u cont have indian land, its belong to indiaRecommend

  • samra

    Huuhh… It was our land and we earn it with our efforts…u ppl can only take pride in causing us harm…. You ppl are insane…. You can’t even let people of Kashmir peaxefully , without causing them any harm..giving us what is ours in something too much for your low level

  • Solo

    As a Pakistani, I say that forget Kashmir. We have trouble managing the existing four provinces. We have already lost half of our country in the quest of this regional and racial supremacy. Let common sense prevail and lets come out of this power play. Kashmir was never Pakistan’s. It belongs to India.Recommend

  • joe

    We have seen what you made of Pakistan . No more freebies for experimentation as it will be a betrayal to Shia people.Recommend

  • NITS

    Take Kashmir and give Balochistan to India.. hope this will make sense to you!Recommend

  • Jamshed

    You mean British land if you think it is not Pakistani :)Recommend

  • Farhan

    Why such a hostile title??? The author has written nothing but an article describing the area’s beauty and nothing of the Kashmir conflict except for a short line.

    I hope everybody does read it before raging like a few comments already show…Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Muslims got enough land in proporion to their population

    They have NO right over Kashmir.
    The name of Kashmir is derived from the name of kashyap sage.Recommend

  • warrior

    breath taking photosRecommend

  • hamza khan

    its not ‘india’s land. its called pakistan now. and it will never be yours. and kashmir inshallah one day will be ours. by force if necessary.Recommend

  • Amrutam Aparya

    This obsession with Kashmir is costing dearly for Pakistan. Army ups the ante time and again so that their importance is not reduced. and they brazenly interfewre in political affairs of the country. This is because of the failed political class.Recommend

  • timbak2

    carry on the rant for another 100 years but will be still part of integral indiaRecommend

  • Habib Sajid

    The Kashmir issue is the most biasly treated issue in the United Nations. The people living on both sides are Kashmiri and Muslims. Most of them are relatives that haven’t met each other for years. Only a fool would not realize that India has ulterior motives, and they are also naive enough to openly say they are doing all they can to hurt Pakistan. Every one wants Peace. I want peace. Give us our land back and we’ll live peacefully ever after!Recommend

  • warrior

    beautiful photosRecommend

  • Safwan

    It’s not LAND WAS GIVEN. The rightful owners of the land were Sindhis, Punjabis, Bengals, Kashmiris etc and they decided to part their ways from Delhi.Recommend

  • Sid

    Rightfully yours ? As you said it that its name is in sanskrit. It original inhabitants were Hindus who were displaced by Islamic invaders. And you claim it yours ? This statement was false as Donald trump once claimed that all the oil in Arab belongs to USA.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    Pictures of this heavenly place are simply awesome. The thought that we could only retain a part of Kashmir is unsettling for every one of us. However it is only a matter of time and right opportunity that India will have to part with the territory they forceably occupied. In order to stop us from supporting Kashmiri people India has been running proxy war in Pakistan but all this will fly back into their evil face.

    I am not surprised by the first comment which comes from some one whose thinking centre doesnt seem to be located in his brain, hence the sticking nature of his

    Thank you for the virtual tour of the stunning valley.Recommend

  • Habib Sajid

    The people across the immediate border are all Kashmiris. Most of them are relatives that haven’t met for years. What did they do wrong? The whole world knows why India won’t give us that piece of land. Every one wants Peace, I want peace. But you can’t hide India’s ulterior motives behind peace forever. Because the truth is too obvious!Recommend

  • http://Hotmail.com Dipak Mehta

    Because Kashmir belongs to our Baap Dada.Recommend

  • http://Hotmail.com Dipak Mehta

    You got large part of India, larger than your population, and still Jinnah on his deathbed told Liyaquat Ali Khan that Creating Pakistan was the biggest blunder of his life. He predicted at death that Pakistan forever remain in StoneAge. Recommend

  • Habib Sajid

    The people that live on either immediate side of the border are all Kashmiri Muslims, and most of them are relatives or friends that haven’t met for years. What did they do wrong? India can’t hide its ulterior motives behind the peace flag forever!Recommend

  • islooboy

    Kashmir is muslim land not hindu landRecommend

  • Amit

    Dear Pakistani brothers, please forget Kashmir worry about Sindh/Baluchistan. Please don’t forgot your arrogance on Kashmir costed you half of your country (When 91,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered in east).
    India is over 2 Trillion $ economy. At the moment fastedt growing economy (surpassed China), how can you ever dream of something impossible. This is in your best intrest. Believe me, I am no war mongerer rather I feel pity on how great economic potential of Pakistan(In 1960 ahead of India) was destroyed because of KashirRecommend

  • Brooklin

    You need to give some facts and figures to people like this author or they will continue their mindless and baseless chatter. 940,000 square KM of land (796,000 to West with 30 million Indian Muslims and 144,000 to East with 40 million Indi Muslims) was given, while India (with 325million Indians of which 35 millin were Indian Muslims who got no land and DID not leave as per Partition rules) received ,288,000 square KM. With 1948, West Pakistan started all wars with India. Ancient India was broken, much misery and death and violence was visited, but Pakistan (with more land than it deserves) remains unrepentant and unapologetic. The idea of a nation based on religion alone has long been destroyed by Pakistan itself, yet the sheer stream of chutzpah! Amazing!Recommend

  • Kamath

    You say,” ..the land rightfully belongs to us…”. Funny I it because of some divine rights or lessons you learnt in Pakistan studies book sanctioned by General Zia?Recommend

  • True Nationalist -Secularist

    Bangla Desh ( former East Pakistan) was lost by Pakistan due to intolerance and high handedness of Pakistani Political leadership and its Intelligentsia. Bangla Desh is also beautiful place with rich heritage, culture and scenic places. J&K is almost same way beautiful rich heritage, culture . Instead of respecting diversity in culture, languages etc within Pakistan, Islamic ideology of one colour ( all greens) , one language, one sect ( Sunni) is recipe for disaster. Lets hope Pakistani Political leadership and Intelligentsia has learnt lesson from disaster of Bangla Desh handling. Pakistan has many sub-cultures within itself which needs to respected and allowed to flourish and grow. any attempt to kill them will create many million mutinies , leading to fragmentation, which is not in interest of Pakistan or India.Recommend

  • http://Hotmail.com Dipak Mehta

    Kashmir is owned by my BAAP and DADARecommend

  • http://Hotmail.com Dipak Mehta

    You are more square mile per person but you destroyed your country by turning it over toTerrorists. You shall remain in Stone Age forever.Recommend

  • http://Hotmail.com Dipak Mehta

    Because Kashmir belongs to my Bapu and Dadu. You terrorist don’t belong in
    Kashmir but we will let you stay in Azad Kashmir because you don’t know how to protect theM.Recommend

  • Jayman

    There is another reason: You have no claim over Kashmir!
    India has a 5000-year history in Kashmir. You have 70 in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir. As your “elders” claim, you came with the invaders. You should have left with them. If you didn’t come with them, you must have been converted by them. Either way, you have no claim.Recommend

  • arealgoodfellow

    Kashmir is part of India . Period .Recommend

  • Milind A

    “After visiting Kashmir, however, I can now clearly see why India didn’t want us to have this small piece of land that is rightfully ours.”

    Rightfully ours??? I thought it was all about self-determination of Kashmiris, all this time.. Finally the cat is out of the bag….Recommend

  • abhi

    Apart from unnecessary jongoism in the begining the blog is good. You didn’t explain why Kashmir is rightfully yours? Just because somehting is beautiful you cannot claim it.Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/ ather khan

    a wonderful description of the beauty of kashmir. kashmir was and always be a part of pakistan.Recommend

  • wb

    Are you by any chance the new Avatar of my favorite Pakistani buddy, Gul Zaman Ghorghast?Recommend

  • ToreBraaten

    Brothers & sisters, the real kashmiri beauti is on the other side of Line of control according to kashmiri them self. The main Kashmir valley is brutally occupied by indian terrorist army. Which knows well as soon as they pull out of Kashmir the freedom struggle will rise agian.Recommend

  • ToreBraaten

    nobody will give Kashmir to Pakistan. Pakistan has to take it back like Indian just occupied the Siachen glacier which is the origin of the indus river. Pakistani people dont undedrstand the importance of Siachen, they say not even grass can grow on Siachen glacier, this glacier gives drinking water to millions. This glacier is important.Recommend

  • ToreBraaten

    Your elders came with invaders, Pakistani people are natives which converted to Islam.

    Its the Indian which are from outside, not local. So you are wrong when you say you have 5000 years history and we have 70, our people have always lived in this area, earlier as followers of other religions.Recommend

  • sarfraz khan

    Bangldesh was lost because of evil face of Hindu regime in India.the worst and ugliest terrorist of the earth narendra midi accepted in recent tour of Bangladesh that India was financing and supporting the terrorists in Bangladesh and that’s how millions Bangladesh people’s died.Recommend

  • ToreBraaten

    Chineese economi is 6 times larger then Indian economy with almost same population as India, maybe l00 million more people livving in China.

    India has occupied Kashmir, which India know well is a Pakistani area. There is no seperatist movement in Sindh, In Balochistan its India sponsed.

    Inddia can forget to change Pakistans stance on Kashmir.

    You mentioned surrender in Bangladesh. In 1971 it was civil war in Pakistan and population of then east Pakistan was larger then West Pakistans population, and in addition to that Indian army sided with Bangladesh. And separted thusands of mile from West Pakistan, no chance to get supply. Fight us next time….remember Kargil. Recommend

  • ToreBraaten

    India know well Kashmir belonged to Pakistan.Recommend

  • ToreBraaten

    You are Indian on this website.Recommend

  • ToreBraaten

    Its pakistani land occupied by India.Recommend

  • Milind A

    Sorry to break your bubble. But the Indian side has Buddhists & Hindus (Kashmiri Pandits) and not just Muslims. And finally Shias in the Kashmir valley, shudder to join Pakistan. So that barely leaves the Sunni Muslims, who’re also not sure of joining Pakistan.Recommend

  • ToreBraaten

    Your baap dada belongs to delhi area.
    Live there.Recommend

  • ToreBraaten

    Come forward and do what you want. And wait for the consequence.Recommend

  • Alann

    “I’m a Pakistani, and I’m a Muslim. And like the average Pakistani, I donated my brains at the age of 5 to a local madrassa. Therefore, Kashmir is rightfully ours!”Recommend

  • Bharat Mata Ki Jai

    Kashmir valley,Siachen will remain an integral part of India forever!!Recommend

  • Bharat Mata Ki Jai

    What about the Kashmiri Pandits and kashmiri Sikhs are they not kashmiri?Well may not be for you wahhabi madrassa educated islamists who believe in islamofascism!!You pakistani are behaving like ISIS who consider Iraqi Yazidis and Christians slaves and non-citizens in their own homelands. Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs unlike the Iraqi yazidis have India to protect them!! Recommend

  • Amit Lunia

    Because you would have
    1. killed all kashmiris Hindus and Buddhist
    2. there would have been violence against Shias, Gurjars, pathans and bakewals
    3.The Sikhs (kashmiris )would have been standing in line for visa to India
    4. It would have been as underdeveloped as Your controlled Kashmir is
    5. You would have used it to train experts from all around the world including chains

    That’s Why it is safe with usRecommend

  • Habib Sajid

    This blog was not meant to discuss the Kashmir issue. It just mentions the primary reason, WATER! And there was an abundance of water when I went there. So please calm your horses and relax. Enjoy the pictures!Recommend

  • Bharat Mata Ki Jai

    Atleast read the UN resolution before whining and the resolution was never mandatory(meaning it was just a UN suggestion and not a rule/verdict)!!
    As per the Shimla accord and Lahore declaration,Pakistan itself recognized that kashmir is a bilateral dispute btw India and pakistan (no third party or nation is allowed) which needs to settled through peaceful negotiations!! Un is a third party and seperatists are also third parties who have no role as per the Shimla and lahore agreements.In 2010,UN removed kashmir from its list of territorial disputes and accepted that kashmir is a bilateral dispute btw India and Pak and UN will only intervene if both nations again approach it!! Now expired UN resolutions were also equally applicable to so-called Azad kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan!!
    Pakistan also cannot violate either the Shimla or lahore accords because India will be equally justified to violate the Indus water sharing treaty which legitimizes 80% of water flowing through western rivers as pakistan.Lahore and Shimla agreements were the reason why pakistan so far failed at the UN over kashmir issue(UN takes a neutral position and advices pakistan not to violate the LOC as per Shimla agreement).
    See for yourself what the UN resolutions of 1949 meant,here is the link:-
    Check the below link to know about Shimla accord:-

  • kamacho

    muslim land is pakistan, made for muslims, if anyone cannot live peacefully, then they should go to pakistan.Recommend

  • kamacho

    that shows level of these literate pakis!!Recommend

  • kamacho

    because kashmir too have terrorists who raise paki and ISIS flagsRecommend

  • Cosmo

    There is more to this world than just being Hindus or Muslims! If only pakistan could get over this religion bases hatred, the world would be a much aafer place to live in.Recommend

  • ZKhan

    Muslims have no right over Kashmir..Hmm Just Like Hindu have no right over India..It belong to Dalits, Mahadalits,Valmikis and Tribal People who formed 70% of the India population..Recommend

  • Jayman

    So you admit you’re converts to Islam?Recommend

  • Shehreen Umair

    *looks around* yep definitely stone age *note the sarcasm*Recommend

  • Deep Barman

    first read thehistory of kashmir and along with from where kashmir word come. kashmir is a sanskrit word .Recommend

  • quest

    Islam was created in Makkah and not in Kashmir.
    So Kashmir cannot belong to muslimsRecommend

  • Anwar

    As a Pakistani I look at the beauty of Indian Kashmir and admire it. Millions of foreign tourists come and visit these beautiful places in safety.

    If this was in Pakistan, five tourists would come. The terrorists would blow them up and that would be the end of the story.

    I have been to northern Pakistan and it is absolutely amazing but totally barren. Just a few Pakistani tourists. Nobody wants to come here and risk their lives.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    You are not serious? Where did you get the idea of Stone Age. Pakistan, despite its challenges and hurdles created by its small hearted neighbour, has developed into a strong country so that its enemies fear from its power …..and do not you ever try and initiate any problem which I am sure in your right state of mind you will not. You know the punishment!! Whether or not Partition was the only solution can be a big debate but we Pakistanis feel blessed that we were able to part with India.Recommend

  • M.Hashim

    why you all people are becoming crazy…!! relax guys relax…..why we people become so arrogant to each other when it comes to kashmir. It was mala fide intention of BAPU & Dada which was supported by British rule. to leave a point of epic that would always remain and cause them to fight against eachother. as per rules kashmir has majority of muslims dwelling. So here we are a blogger just shared his point of view and praised the beauty of kashmir, we people started fighting the attitude we own.Recommend

  • abhi
  • rama

    Read proper history , not the Zia introduced history . You will understand why Pakistan lost the East PakistanRecommend

  • Faulitics

    You are all wrong. Kashmir belongs to China for the same reason tibet belongs to china. :-)Recommend

  • abhi

    China is going down dude. Time to jump the boat.Recommend

  • Ibrar

    You are blind and thick minded. Who are those then who are waving Pak flag in IOK?Recommend

  • Afzal

    Our’s because Kashmiri people have endlessly demonstrated they are ours and want to join Pakistan. What conclusion you draw from Pakistani flag so oftenly waved in the valley.Recommend

  • G. Din

    There is no pill for delusion. You will forever remain deluded!Recommend

  • G. Din

    Tell us about Kargil!Recommend

  • G. Din

    True! And all those live in India and vote their governments!Recommend

  • G. Din

    No, we don’t!Recommend

  • G. Din

    It is doubtful if Pakistan will be around in another 100 years with the way it is going.Recommend

  • G. Din

    Behind the peace flag? What does that mean? Be a little more coherentRecommend

  • G. Din

    Blabberers don’t need any links. They truly believe if they keep chanting the same wail endlessly, someday they will wear out India. and India will hand over part of its territory just so they stop. They forget Indians know their innards better than they know those themselves. We are not Americans; we can’t be fooled.Recommend

  • Bobb Mack

    Your smallness is final when you keep going back half century to remind us about East Pakistan. The circumstances of East Pakistan (located1000 miles away from West Pakistan) were peculiar(a vile neighbour investing in training our population against us and then in a blatant voilation of international law concentrated all its assets against our soldiers far less resourced and numbered) but we do not deny our mistakes and shortcomings and the way the whole campaign was handled. Fighting and defeating enemy when they have been weakened by internal militancy is no big undertaking. Perhaps because your victory was preceded by your well publicised national humiliation at the hands of Chinese in 1962, defeating even a much disadvantaged army of Pakistan came handy to give something to your people. If you happen to be born after 1962 you must ask your elders how deeply the entire nation was hurt when their soldiers, instead of fighting, fled from the front line….like rats, to safety, cutting short to historic cowardice. The humiliation and disgrace was unsurpassable. Our defeat taught us a lesson no doubt but allowed us to strengthen our defence and establish ourself a power who, in any future combat to deliver a devastating blow to the enemy. What did India gain from 1971? Nothing other than constantly bleeding over decades. And of course it has lost defence advantage over Pakistan so that despite some mega unbearable provocations India has never dared to cast its evil eye on us. Rather than digging into past you should ask yourself what Pakistan is now capable of doing to you. So always think before throwing 1971 at us.Recommend

  • Habib Sajid

    I’m stating this after talking to the people that live there. Are u doing the same? Recommend

  • Afzal

    Ha ha, you can not be a Pakistani…you stink like an Indian! Come on throw away your genetically determined cowardice and reveal your true ID. Recommend

  • Muhammad

    India will no longer be able to protect itself what to talk of various communities living in it. Remember you are being surrounded by Pak-China coalition. Your leaders are already seeing and worried about CPEC from China to Gawader which ,when ready, will complete the loop with Chinese presence in Indian Ocean. But do not worry we won’t drown you, we would simply ask you to get your act right, stop dreaming, clean the dirt that has deposited on your ancient Hindu soul and we could consider accepting you as an acceptable neighbour if we have not already terminated you.Recommend

  • Ibrar

    We can not give you what is to be the future graveyard for the Indians. And of course It is only a matter of time K will become part of Pakistan. In the meantime keep Kashmir clean and build som toilets so once we take over we can promote some tourism.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    1. Dalits, Mahadalits,Valmikis and Tribal People ARE Hindus
    2. Unlike Muslims, Hindus don’t pray or read their holy books in foreign language(hint : Arabic).
    Hindus don’t speak a foreign language(hint : Urdu)
    Hindus don’t go to foreign country for pilgrim (hint : Saudi Arabia)
    Every aspect of Hindus life is connected to India – very unlike of Muslims.

    please check facts firstRecommend

  • Rajiv

    says who ?Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Most Indians feel that partition was good for us.
    Thank YouRecommend

  • Ibrar

    The issue of Kashmir was taken to UN by Nehru who, history has proven, was an eminently wicked and evil man whose plan was Pakistan won’t survive long enough to see Kashmir through. Bilateralism , given the rotten Indian nature, has not worked and will never work. So Pakistan has to wait for an opportunity when it should kick India out. Unfortunately Kargil happened at the wrong time and became victim to President Clinton’s mediation but hopefully future geopolitical changes could well provide another opportunity to act.Recommend

  • Bobb Mack

    No, No, no one thinks you are American…not even American excrement. Does not mean if Daddy Obama gave you guys some hope and encouragement rise up to Chinese, that you should start start jumping around like rats. I agree you know us better and you know we are slowly but surely narrowing on you. Modi being Modi, a bi modal character with loose oral skills is very likely to do something silly in the region….it is then that the cleaners good work will begin. Meanwhile you can find solace in fantasy.Recommend

  • Habib Sajid

    Oh so why do u think its a Disputed territory? I’ll tell you why, the people want to be a part of Pakistan and that’s reason enoughRecommend

  • Habib Sajid

    I have doubts that u are PakistaniRecommend

  • Habib Sajid

    Exactly, a trillion dollar economy doesn’t wanna a hand over a small piece of land who’s inhabitants want to be a part of Pakistan. No offense, you know your countries stand on this!Recommend

  • Habib Sajid

    Dear friend you have raised a sensible argument. But that is history and we can’t change that. And since you have this much sense I think u will agree that India does not want us to have Kashmir.Recommend

  • http://gravatar.com/skchadha SKChadha

    Muhammad Bhai, we appreciate your feeling being blessed by parting from India. However, please welcome Bangladesh also when they have same feeling?Recommend

  • http://gravatar.com/skchadha SKChadha

    Habib Sajid Bhai, you opened your blog with words “why India didn’t want us to have this small piece of land that is rightfully ours”?
    Whereas water is concerned, Pakistan has abundance of it. The partition gave Pakistan, was the best fertile and water abandonment land on east and west of India. What you lack is not the water but ‘water management’?Recommend

  • http://gravatar.com/skchadha SKChadha

    Have you ever tried to find out why even Article 1 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan doesn’t list even PHK and GB as its territory? Please also read sec. 14B of the Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1956 by which the citizenry of J&K and GB have been just given benefits of citizenship. Read them and understand …. WHY Kashmir is not part and will never be part of Pakistan?Recommend

  • http://gravatar.com/skchadha SKChadha

    Please read more about Kashmir. Read ‘Rajtarangini’ by Kalhan and ‘Rajtarangini – II’ by Mughal rulers of Kashmir.Recommend

  • http://gravatar.com/skchadha SKChadha

    Please return back the Indian territory of PHK and GB and live in peace forever.Recommend