1971 confession: After Bangladesh, is Balochistan’s disintegration next on India’s list?

Published: June 12, 2015

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reacts as he speaks to members of the Australian-Indian community. PHOTO: REUTERS

I heard what my ears would never want to hear again – Narendra Modi’s acceptance of India’s lethal plan in the disintegration of East Pakistan in 1971, and its threat to destabilise Pakistan through terrorism. Clearly the statement was aimed at fanning hatred against Pakistan in Bangladesh.

This also proved that the specific aim of creating RAW in 1968 was to subvert the people of former East Pakistan and prepare grounds for the creation of Bangladesh for the training of over one million Mukti Bahini.

The controversy grew even more after his minister of state, Rajyavardhan Rathore, made a controversial statement on June 10th stating that India will enter any country, mostly focusing towards Pakistan, which harbours groups of terrorists or individuals with ill intent towards India, and they will strike wherever they want to.

India needs to revisit and re-evaluate its statements, in order to avoid tensions brewing any further, since our army and nation have deep regard for their motherland. According to a global survey from WIN/Gallup International, Pakistan ranks significantly high in the ranking of countries where people are willing to fight for their country.

Even the Myanmar situation comes off as a baffling one. A day after their confession of the Myanmar adventure, matters took an ugly turn when Myanmar rejected assertions that Indian armed forces entered their territory in pursuit of rebels. Regardless of whether they did it or did not, a few prominent journalists in top Indian media houses commented that Indian troops and the Indian government failed to respect the sovereignty of a country like Myanmar.

On their own, these apprehensions may not amount to much. But taken as a handful, such fears could eventually erode India’s credibility.

Reacting to statements from the ruling camp post-Myanmar operations, AICC spokesman Anand Sharma said,

“There should be sobriety and maturity. Jingoism and boastful claims are not going to help the operations of India’s Special Forces.”

It gets more worrisome when the Indian defence minister stated that that his country will use terrorists to counter terrorism.

India, I feel, has not come to terms with the existence of Pakistan and keeps hatching conspiracies to undo it. The enormity of the statements given by India is a serious issue. We have heard of ‘rogue’ states, ‘failed’ states and ‘terrorist’ states. What kind of nation does India want to become?

The excerpt below is from a speech made by Modi, which adds a whole new dimension to the debate.

“Arrey mian, Hindu aatankwaad? Arrey mian, Musharraf tumhe maloom nahi hai Hindu kabhi aatankwadi nahi ho sakta. Lekin mian, agar tumhare paap ke karan ya tumhari harkato ke karan koi Hindu agar iss raaste pe chal gaya aatankwad ke, toh Mian Musharraf, kaan khol ke sunlo, jab Hindu aatankwad aaega na toh duniya ke nakshe par Pakistan ka namonishan mit jaega.”

(A Hindu terrorist? Pervez Musharraf, don’t you know that a Hindu can never be a terrorist. But, listen up Musharraf, if a Hindu ever becomes a terrorist because of your doings, Pakistan will be wiped off from the face of the earth.)

It is worth noting that India was the first country in South Asia to introduce the concept of cross-border terrorism in 1971. RAW is used as an instrument to apply state terrorism, indulge in false flag operations, psychological warfare and espionage, destabilise and topple neighbouring governments, and browbeat them into accepting India’s hegemony.

A simple question that needs to be answered is – what else is state-sponsored terrorism?

The facts are clear enough. Mr Modi’s statements are a clear indicator towards the deep-rooted terrorism they use to destabilise their neighbouring countries.

It’s a pattern really, how successive Indian governments have dealt with sponsoring terrorist activities and labelled Pakistan as the perpetrator time and time again. Terrorist attacks from the past decade have only sown seeds of hatred towards Pakistan and acted as a barrier in India’s foreign policy dealings with Pakistan.

Before writing and promoting an anti-Pakistan book in India, American analyst and author Christine Fair said in 2009,

“Having visited the Indian mission in Zahedan, Iran, I can assure you they are not issuing visas as the main activity. Moreover, India has run operations from its mission in Mazar (through which it supported the Northern Alliance) and is likely doing so from the other consulates it has reopened in Jalalabad and Qandahar along the border. Indian officials have told me privately that they are pumping money into Balochistan.”

Another US analyst, Laura Rozen, explained the India-Taliban nexus,

“While the US media has frequently reported on Pakistani ties to jihadi elements launching attacks in Afghanistan, it has less often mentioned that India supports insurgent forces attacking Pakistan. The Indians are up to their necks in supporting the Taliban against the Pakistani government in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The same anti-Pakistani forces in Afghanistan also shooting at American soldiers are getting support from India. India should close its diplomatic establishments in Afghanistan and get the Christ out of there.”

The recent inopportune and highly provocative statements depict that it may be time for the world community to determine whether Indian hegemonic policies are the problem or a solution to the issues of peace and stability in the region.

Ultimately, change for the better in South Asia and India can only come when its politicians and people wake up, stir and fight for a genuine democracy, not a government that acts as a terrorist puppet.

The conclusion is obvious. Since 1990, India has been dubbing Pakistan as a country indulging in cross-border terrorism solely because of its support towards Kashmir’s cause. We don’t want to witness another 1971 debacle. For long, Islamabad has been alleging that intelligence agencies from India have been active in supporting a Baloch separatist movement. India has truly bled Pakistan by its proxy wars.

Let time be the healer, a complete break in ties would give tormented minds in the neighbourhood some diplomatic solitude to ponder over.

Usman Ali Khan

Usman Ali Khan

Has done his Master’s in Defense and Strategic Studies from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad and is currently pursuing his studies in the same field. He tweets as @shau_ni (twitter.com/shau_ni)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Queen

    Great analysis. Finally a blog which has stated true facts that need to be understood in order to deal with the threats posed to Pakistan on its eastern border.Recommend

  • Concard

    This article seems to be written by a deluded Pakistani who is very blind to see the real facts which led to creation of Bangladesh. You can keep crying about 1971 but the Bangladeshis are in no mood to be back to the Union of Pakistan.Recommend

  • P_alpha

    Really?? India has bled Pakistan? What about the mass scale genocide in the erstwhile Bangladesh? The large scale killing forced exodus of the then East Pakistanis to India. Why is the genocide in Balochistan not mentioned?Recommend

  • Zoro

    Very very apt title …
    We must wait for the answer till 2020 …. what say ….Recommend

  • wb

    ” India needs to revisit and re-evaluate its statements, in order to avoid tensions brewing any further”

    This I agree with.

    “India, I feel, has not come to terms with the existence of Pakistan and keeps hatching conspiracies to undo it. ”

    You’re super-capable of doing that yourself. You only need help from us for your self-destruction.Recommend

  • wb

    The most expensive commodity in Pakistan has got to be common sense and logic. I’ll prove it to you in 5 points below.

    1) ” Narendra Modi’s acceptance of India’s lethal plan in the disintegration of East Pakistan in 1971,”

    Modi only said, we fought shoulder to shoulder with Muktiyodhas. And it is a well known fact around the globe that after Yahya attacked our forward bases on the evening of 3rd December 1971, India attacked Pakistan in retaliation and fougth shoulder to shoulder with Mukti.

    2) “This also proved that the specific aim of creating RAW in 1968 was to subvert the people of former East Pakistan”

    RAW was formed after the debacle of 1962 war with China, because MI failed to generate any intel on Chinese attack. Even if RAW was formed to subvert the people of East Pakistan (even if you forget 25 years of atrocities against Bengalis), you need evidence for that and you have none.

    3)”But taken as a handful, such fears could eventually erode India’s credibility.”

    Only credibility that is eroding now is that of this blogger.

    4) “It is worth noting that India was the first country in South Asia to introduce the concept of cross-border terrorism in 1971.”

    I challenge all 180 million Pakistanis to give me the number of UN resolution that declared Mukti Bahini a terrorist organization. Heck, I’ll make it easy for you. I challenge 180 million Pakistanis to show me one resolution passed in Pak parliament in the year 1971 that declared Mukti Bahini a terrorist organization. Please, I beg you.

    5) “Before writing and promoting an anti-Pakistan book in India, American analyst and author Christine Fair said in 2009”

    You like Christine Fair?

    “Pakistan first tried to seize Kashmir in 1947. As British decolonization of South Asia loomed, the sovereign of Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh, hoped to keep the country independent of either of the two new states, India or Pakistan. As Singh held out, marauders from Pakistan’s tribal areas invaded the territory of Jammu-Kashmir in hopes of taking it for Pakistan and were supported extensively by Pakistan’s nascent provincial and federal governments.” – C. Fair.Recommend

  • abhishek

    sir, ur last line is very interesting! world is engaging india and U want pakistan to give diplomatic solitude! [Oops] any way much needed for US, Please !
    as far as C fair and other writer is concerned- u haven’t noticed how american media works– read today fareed zakria article about KSA ! Till u r useful they all love u (media, Govt. military all)! have u seen how many positive article about IRAN in US media? Independent country(Like India) with its Independent FP didn’t affected by these writer/expert !Recommend

  • Nizamuddin Khan

    Remember we need to look at the two sides of India and learn from their example. They have significantly advanced in many areas where we have suffered and even to this day we are still fighting our self-created terrorists on our own soil. Our home minister called the terrorists sons-of-our-soil. India on the other hand does not have this problem.

    The entire world views India with a different lens so for us to judge India or print some select pro-pakistani writers is a self fulfilling prophecy. When our soldiers are being martyred by our own terrorists so let’s invite India to fight alongside with us to help us eliminate this menace once and for all. India is against the terrorists that we harbor not the common man…right?

    India wants the most favored nation status to enhance trade…right? India wants the gas pipeline from Iran…right? So use them…don’t hate them.Recommend

  • Rajesh Mehta

    Remarkable the author seems to live in disneyland , its well known India did support the aspirations of local Bangladeshis to achieve freedom from brutality of Pakistani army ,unless of course if you are in deep slumber since 1971 it may come across as a surprise.
    Another insinuation being India supporting subversive elements in Balochistan ,there is absolutely no proof regarding that and even if there was it would be comical to read author’s protest since its well documented how Pakistan once used to harbor and suppport and fan Sikh separatists which India of course successfully nipped in the bud, took decades to achieve that
    Modern polity tells you to use all levers you can to supplant a hostile nation ,and if indeed India is carrying out such acts of providing support to Baloch freedom fighters then in my opinion its a great work of diplomacy,just as for Pakistanis hosting Kashmiris separatists or radicals is considered a work of appreciation
    So remember this is a zero sum game in which the one who manages to move the best pieces on board usually wins, no point cribbing like a little kid on blog, its part parcel of all nations to use the weakness of their foes as a leverage tool…Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    Pakistan army in Balochistan is acting like an army of occupation. What % of Pakistan armyis Baloch? What % of your federal ministers are Baloch? What % of your civil servants are Baloch?Recommend

  • Imran

    Usman, you have spoken my mind that it was India that promoted cross border terrorism in 1971. Very nice article. Congratulations!!!!

    @wb You should atleast have read books by your own writers explaining the fact how India trained Mukti Bahini in their own country and supplied arms and ammunition to create disturbances and fight the army afterwards….Its no hidden truth that India sponsored terrorism inside East Pakistan at that time. As you sow, so shall you reap in Kashmir ;)Recommend

  • G. Din

    “Let time be the healer, a complete break in ties would give tormented minds in the neighbourhood some diplomatic solitude to ponder over.”
    I am all for it. So, when are you calling Basit home?Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Was that from the Modi hindi translation of ‘ Mein Kampf ‘ ?
    10 pages of a garbled diatribe does not bodes well ….for you.
    Normally Modi hands out Bhagvat Gitas, now it’s the hindi
    Mein Kampf?Recommend

  • Deepwater

    India or Indians don’t need to do anything. Your establishment cooks up conspiracy theories on a daily basis. People such as the author lap those up as gospel. Your citizens with genuine grievances are labeled as RAW agents. Your activists are systematically eliminated and even then you blame foreign agencies. All India really needs to do is needle you guys now and then which takes you to an even higher level of frenzy. In the meantime, the uniforms and feudals live their good life while capital flees your country.

    Lage rago, as they say. We enjoy watching the tamasha.Recommend

  • Critical

    The author be like
    I’m writing a blog and believe me all I’ve written is truth
    because I’ve given sources for all its quotes……

    and yeah the sources are true because they come from other blogs and FACEBOOK posts….because they are on Internet it must be true just like man never landed on moon and Obama is an reptilian….and yeah,nobody lies on facebook posts…

    Let me finish my comment with a quote from a well known personality and its true because its on the internetRecommend

  • Singh

    “a complete break in ties would give tormented minds in the neighbourhood some diplomatic solitude to ponder over.”

    Then ask your PCB/Artist & other to stop begging for work first. It will start of complete break up. close your Embassy in Delhi & Kick out Indian personnel from your country. Stop drama at Wagah border. No Embassy no visa for kashmiri separatist. Can you do that?Recommend

  • Critical

    Facts from other shady blogs and facebook posts with no reference to any news article…….

    and you believed them.?????..by the way,I have the title deeds of Brooklyn Bridge…are you interested to buy them??Recommend

  • Abracadabra

    Wow! Such delusions! To quote George Santayana – Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Please try to read a bit more about why exactly East Pakistan broke away.Recommend

  • usman777

    wb, false. indian forces were supporting mukthi bahini action well before pakistani forces attacked “forward bases”… indian troop would enter and withdraw across national border: source – Sisson and Rose. Indra Gandhi was completely disinterested in any kind of solution that would NOT dismember pakistan. Source – Kissinger. Radios stations were dedicated to subverting pakistan in west bengal by India — Sisson, Rose. pakistan did not engage in a “genocide” – Bose. please don’t lie.Recommend

  • Gus, USA

    Completely agree with Usman, India does need a complete break of ties from Pakistan. A Pakistan which has not sat idle and has been fomenting terror in Kashmir to take revenge of 1971 . Mukti Bahini was not India’s creation which Pakistan claims. Indian army was forced after 100 thousand Bangladeshis became refugee in Indian side of border and they brought in horror stories of atrocities by Pak army.
    This article shows that Pakistan is nervous about this operation and it is Pakistan’s tacit admission that it hides terrorist in Pakistani side of border. Else there is no reason for every Pakistani to react to these statements which was only for internal consumption in India.Recommend

  • Gus, USA

    It is Pakistan’s self delusion, for India it is mere nuisance and doesn’t even comes more than passing reference.Recommend

  • liberal-lubna-fromLahore

    i keep wondering why fake liberals keep denouncing any claims or evidence about India’s attempt to create problems in Pakistan. Probably because they r funded by Indians.

    Pak army should fight RAW with its full capacity.Recommend

  • Zoro

    Nobody in India cares what Pakistan does …..
    But don’t create a nuisance value of yourself for neighbors…
    You are famously known as an international migraine …
    You have done enough of it … and now its time to give it back to you … so don’t run away when its your turn to take crapRecommend

  • Jor El

    U, of all the people, saying this surprises me … unless u r being sarcastic …Recommend

  • greywolf

    perhaps. but then dont cry like a young who## when we fight shoulder to shoulder with kashmiris inside your borders either. after all, we’re just supporting a brutalized victim.

    regardless of the motivation to attack pakistan (there was no genocide of bangladeshis by pakistan. this is rhetoric and overhyped propaganda), the reality is india interfered in affairs of a sovereign state, engaged militarily against it, and caused its breakup. now be ready for a payback in kashmir. simple as that.Recommend

  • Devindersingh

    Hahah, what is new about confession.pakistan has surrendered with 90000 soldiers. Read the book blood telegraph sent by usa amebbesdor to United state and also read your own rehman commission report.i think you people faced embraced bcz you people wrote your victory in Pakistan history book. Recommend

  • greywolf

    we’re quivering in our boots. hahahahRecommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    Real threat to Pakistan comes from having the 5th largest military in the world despite being one of the poorest nations. Remember, 10,000 nuclear warheads did not prevent the Soviet Union from collapse and America did not have to fire a single shot.Recommend

  • hamza khan

    i can smell the dhoti sh##storm coming. hahaha…our country is perfect. we can do nothing wrong!Recommend

  • Milind A

    “A Hindu terrorist? Pervez Musharraf, don’t you know that a Hindu can never be a terrorist”

    Look pal… Hindus are present all over the globe including Muslim/Arab countries.. Most Arab countries including your sugar daddy Saudi Arabia does not allow freedom of worship to Hindus.. There is clear discrimination against them.. Having said that, we haven’t heard of any Hindu committing mass slaughter in the name of Hinduism or trashing planes and buildings on perceived injustices – be it the West, Muslim countries or China/Japan etc… I know its a bit difficult to understand for you.. but stillRecommend

  • Milind A

    “Since 1990, India has been dubbing Pakistan as a country indulging in
    cross-border terrorism solely because of its support towards Kashmir’s

    Its not that we’re only dubbing Pakistan as the country sponsoring terrorism… All your neighbours, including your all weathered friend are also upset about it. Most Arab countries have refused visa to Pakistanis for the same reason..
    And while you conveniently forget, let me remind you, all the LeT and assorted variety of orgs and your army men like Hamid Gul openly owned up carnages and called for destruction in India, until 9/11 came along and the world could not take terrorism anymore.Recommend

  • Amrutam Aparya

    The facts are
    1. Politicians of West Pakistan tried to control Bengalis and denied their due share.
    2. Despite winning a majority, Bengalis were not allowed to form the Government.
    3. Mass killing of Bengalis and suppression
    4. Denial of due share despite earning more forex
    5. The stupid act of Yahya Khan in attacking Indian forces.
    6. India was flooded with refugees from the then East Pakistan, (Even today, these refugees are a big problem for India)which obviously forced India to intervene.
    Formation of Bangla Desh was the result of all the above among other things.

    The Blogger conveniently omitted theseRecommend

  • Umesh Sharma

    The trouble with Pakistan is that they had got accustomed to pushing around India because of the policy of bogus secularism follower earlier, where they could afford to hurt Indian sensibilities nonchalantly.Any number of instances can be sighted where they have deliberately stepped on Indian toes be it cross border firing sponsoring terrorism on Indian border or passing offensive resolution in Islamic group etc.They were also engineering smuggling of drugs and fake currency notes across the border.With Modi’s coming to power this has been seriously curtailed.Pakistan has been told in no uncertain terms to mend its way or get suitable rebuff.This has been followed by a suitable rap on the knuckles whenever they resorted to old type of adventurism.Cross border firing is returned with double intensity.Terrorist entering India are ruthlessly traced out and disposed off.Where ever Pakistan tries to create nuisance it is firmly and appropriately dealt with.The Indians have got wind of this.They are spending their efforts to tackle the dirty tricks ignoring the bogus invitation for talks given by the civilian government.This has naturally irked the Pakistanis but Indians do not give a damn so long as Pakistan understands what India stands for.The recent move against insurgents near Myanmar border has given a new dimension of threat to Pakistani authorities compelling them to dread the new resolve of Army and political leadership not to take any nonsense from Pakistan.Hence the above article which is their traditional way of ranting whenever they are rattledRecommend

  • unbeleivable

    Balochistan separation is a distinct possibility .. but just like Bangladesh the responsibility for that separation lies solely on Pakistan. You want the resources and wealth but don’t want to give them equal rights or an adequate share of the wealth … a recipe for disaster. Nobody outside of Pakistan will have any sympathy when Balochistan decides to depart and it won’t be the last.Recommend

  • Ravistichagan

    India has been denying any role in creation of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) but after Modi’s statement and his anti-Pakistan tirade it is now an open secret India was behind the breakup of Pakistan and its forces had led the Mukti Bahinis. RAW has been trying to create similar kind of situation in Balochistan province but this Pakistan will turn their dreams into nightmares.Recommend

  • Hasan

    You pushed the Bengalis to the brink by their genocide and now doing the same to the Baluchis.Urdu Speakers are being killed in custody. Stage is set.Recommend

  • Hasan

    Only Punjabis are considered true Pakistanis and Muslim. Hence no one else wants to live in Punjabistan. Punjabi solution to the problem? Genocide of non-Punjabis one by one and blame, it on India or Us or Israel or Martian or anyone. Same old same old.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Had an almighty laugh reading the delusionsRecommend

  • Ravistichagan

    Indian policy making body is occupied by violent and aggressive leaders. BJP has gathered all RSS and Shive sina members for the policy formulation. Ajit Kumar Doval is an aggressive and hawkish leader now having huge influence being security adviser. There are hundreds of Ajit Kumar who are willing to destroy Pakistan and they are involve behind the unrest in Pakistan. These hawkish Indians facilitate insurgencies in Pakistan with weapons and money. Pakistani security officials have found Indian made weapons and millions of Indian currencies from the safe heavens of the insurgents.Recommend

  • Munna

    What sort of crap article is this..? Lifting imaginary speech written by a blogger on Facebook as authentic proof. And even in the imaginary story, the speech was given by defence Minister not Modi. If such is the standard of journalism in Pakistan then hell with it.
    Hating India and its people along with its leader is okay, I got no problem with it but it doesn’t give you the permission to become liars. Give something authentic to readers so that they can hate India with real proof.Recommend

  • Lalit

    you are all over he places….

    ”The conclusion is obvious. Since 1990, India has been dubbing Pakistan as a country indulging in cross-border terrorism solely because of its support towards Kashmir’s cause.”

    Training terrorists who kill civilians in Hotels,parliament and temples can get you only there…..

    ”We don’t want to witness another 1971 debacle”.

    Punching far above your weight can get you only that….Recommend

  • RameshHeg

    Would like to add some very important historical facts to your excellent rebuttal:
    1) Pakistan was sponsoring and training North Eastern separatist groups in Inida from “East Pakistan” in 1950s and 1960s WELL BEFORE 1971.

    2) Pakistan demanded both Hyderabad princely state and Kashmir on diametrically opposite principles and was flying in bombs and weapons into Hyderabad.

    3) Most importantly as you point out, common sense indicates 1971 came after 1948 and 1965.Recommend

  • Critical

    Did you even check that the source for some of the comments were from unverified blogs and Facebook posts……

    Why waste your time arguing with him and your BFF Gul Ghostgarh ..whatever… when they dont seem to rely on evidenceRecommend

  • Hasan

    aap nay tu author ki bolti
    band kardi. His DSS degree from QUA (my own Alma mater) proved to be
    nothing. They don’t produce as they used to.Recommend

  • shakti lal

    Dear author, do you really think your army has deep regard to your mother land, I dont think so, How many War your Army own? a big Zero, I think you people have regards for your religion only, and you can kill your own brothers.Recommend

  • Cosmo

    One thing is for sure- One statement of our leader makes the entire country to jump out of their seats! Recommend

  • Do it

    Do You know what is democracy? first ask your country men to wake-up .. We are far better than any Asian countries in terms of democracy . Why you are not highlighting atrocities that your country committed to East Pakistan?Recommend

  • sParthiv

    1971 confession?? really? the whole world knows bangladesh was a creation of Indian liberation of East Pakistan. What is so call “confession” when India and Bangladesh have been proudly celebrating it every year since 1972. And for your info on your history Mukti Bahinis were declared as freedom fighters and not terrorists by the whole world including your Former Masters Americans. Recommend

  • Cool Henry

    “It is worth noting that India was the first country in South Asia to introduce the concept of cross-border terrorism in 1971.”
    Are you kidding – what happened in 1948? Or 1965? May be you were not born and don’t know the facts. And why was Sheikh Mujibur not given the power even though he won the elections? And why were Pakistani soldiers raping Bangla women and killing all intellectuals?Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    Mr. Ali Khan is a gifted author and must be among the historians rewriting history for Pakistani schoolchildren. I am looking forward to reading some more works of fiction from this “new” talent. :-)Recommend

  • Ahmad, Zubaid

    What kind of english is thisRecommend

  • seismann

    While you may be right on external threats to Pakistan,the main threat to Pakistan was and remains itself.Mullahism is the worst threat to Pakistan-they are responsible for the internal strife.Stop Mullahs from spewing hatred against each other and issuing fatwas against anybody and everybody who doesn.t agree with their version of Islam,and you will have a much safer Pakistan.One can be a Muslim without being an Islamist.One can be a Muslim without help from Mullahs.Recommend

  • ab1990

    I am waiting to celebrate on streets if balochistan is cut off from pakistanRecommend

  • harkol

    I don’t think India wants Baluchistan ‘disintegration’. It may support succession struggle of Baluchistan people, just like Pakistan supports succession struggle of Kashmiris.

    Baluchistan is also the leverage India uses against it, using non-state actors (as in case of Mumbai attacks, Parliament attacks).

    Pakistan can decide when to stop such proxy leveraged wars. It can decide if it has the wherewithal to fight a proxy war with en economy 10 times its size, and what happens when its rival outspends and pays back in the same coin.

  • kamacho

    whats the level of these low quality column !!!!!
    pathetic and hopelessRecommend

  • pappu the rockstar

    seems like this paki is another RAW agent, trying to make pakistan a laughing stock with his imaginary findings and mental diarrheaRecommend

  • Balu India

    Sir, I think It has been written reversly. Till date ISI & Military was doing this by funding & encouraging terrorist to fight with us in Kashmir. On account of this, we have losed Thousands , Thousands of Lives including Pakisthan Aid Terrost attack in various Places in India. Why they are hiding it? . I think it is correct in thier Views., but speaking about terror is wrong in their view. First control your Army & ISI to aid Terror group who are attacking India. Pls post this.Recommend

  • Zoro

    Bang onnn … !!!Recommend

  • Vishesh

    LOL! Balochistan doesn’t even want to be a part of fakeistan. You guys illegally occupied it. You are lucky not to have a country as strong as India on your western side. We would have helped then helped the balochis like the bangladeshis to get freedom. pak has no right on balochistan and cannot be compared to kashmir where the only people seeking independence are pathans whose ancestors occupied kashmir land during the rule of muslim invader terrorists. The original kashmiris ie the pandits and those of leh and jammu hate pak. Stop living in your delusional world arab slaves. The fact that Indians gave you independence and didn’t bomb you dirty beings when we got the N bomb in 1974 means we are not after you Dirty pakis.Recommend

  • parveen

    Who gave him masters degree he doesn’t a single fact about indo-pak relations and can u tell when modi speech against mussarf we Indians not aware of thatRecommend

  • wiserneighbour

    You will dig your own grave with current policies in balochistan. Why you need India for this?whether it is waziristan carpet bombing or balochistan genocides, you are alienating your own (few people think that way)people.Recommend

  • kickthem

    1971 confession: After Bangladesh, is Balochistan’s disintegration next on India’s list?
    Yes and Nawaz Sharif with his totally karobari approach is assisting Modi. There is a sinister silence in Baluchistan Province before God forbid, the storm.Business contacts of Nawaz Sharif are intact.Recommend

  • Jayman

    What kind of a question is that? It is in the nature of conflicts that one nation tries its hardest to cause most damage to its adversaries. That is what enmity is all about. If anybody thought India and Pakistan are friends, they’re living on Cloud Cuckooland. Pakistan orchestrated the 1965 war, Kargil and the Mumbai attacks besides scores of incursions into India. That was not done out of love. Pakistan would love to break up India if it can. Same goes for India.Recommend

  • mimi sur

    Why are you hell-bent to make these Pakis naked ?Recommend

  • Amit Lunia


  • Sid

    Bothe the quotes from Laura Rozen and Christine Fair are taken from Pakistanis blogs. It is amazing things Pakistanis use as “evidences” to back their conspiracy theories. No wonder even USA send back Chaudhary who allegedly claimed he is going to visit Obama with “evidences” of RAW involvement.Recommend

  • Chaitannya Mahatme

    Not expecting such a baseless article from Tribune, most of the citations are out of context .Recommend

  • Bharatiya from Australia

    As a very well educated Pakistani, it is unfortunate that your negative views are only adding fuel to fire towards Pakistan’s self destruction…You don’t need external enemies when you have Pakistani’s like yourself who are already pushing your country towards disintegration…My reasoning for my comment has an analogy of financial markets being a professional financial advisor myself….Have you heard phrase ‘talking ourselves into recession’… Inadvertently, your article will make job of your so called enemies very easy!!! Think carefully what you write next time if NOT you will remember my response pretty soon. Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Oh! No! Please no preaching. No sanctimonious advice needed
    from Bharati Janata. Directly from Hindoostan. Where hindu clerics
    go around preaching that all Muslim men be neutered. So they
    will not produce more Muslims. To solve the Muslim problem.
    That would be a direct fatwa from Rama?..Ganesh?..Hanuman?
    Now is Bharat a civilized country? Not at all.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Is that some dialect from from Maharashtra?…Nagaland? Pintoland?
    Please stick to English only, thanks. [Understood that English is hard
    language for Bharatis….but still…]Recommend

  • Queen

    May I know the reason of the surprise?Recommend

  • Queen

    Thank you for your concern about Pakistan’s internal affairs.Recommend

  • Queen

    The response of Indians on this blog indicates how much the facts mentioned in the blog have created ”nuisance’ in India.Recommend

  • Queen

    The blog has highlighted some known facts which can be verified if one reads independent analysis available on the internet. And no, I don’t have the money the buy the Brooklyn Bridge but thanks for the offer.Recommend

  • Hasan

    Where is the evidence of RAW activities? How many Ajmal Qasabs of Indian origin have you prosecuted and punished? If you can’t even convince your own courts of any crimes why complain of others?

    Apparently concept of evidence is not big in Pakistan. Conviction by propaganda is the order of the day.Recommend

  • Padmanaba Rao

    Well said! I dont know about internal politics of Pakistan. But as you said it will be really good for both countries. How many people will come forward particularly from Pakistan because Indians do not hate Pakistan and interested to create any internal conflict. If any Indian demerit Pakistan that is nothing but a retaliation. thats all. No provoking.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Nizam, are you sure you are a Pakistani, they don’t call their interior minister, a home minister, it is the Indians who call their minister of internal affairs a home minister.Recommend

  • Jor El

    U came across/come across as a sensible person so far(based on my interaction with u on other blogs) … this article, at best, is a piece of thrash, most of the “facts” picked up from other blogs/FB posts/tweets/delusions, if i may add …Recommend

  • Jor El

    “Facts” ???Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “This also proved that the specific aim of creating RAW in 1968 was to subvert the people of former East Pakistan and prepare grounds for the creation of Bangladesh for the training of over one million Mukti Bahini.”

    Your analysis is completely wrong, RAW was created post India’s debacle in 1962 war and not for Pakistan, just because RAW was created due to the India’s defeat to China does not mean India would not use this agency against Pakistan if and when required.

    Mukti Bahini was not created by India or for that matter Bengalis themselves decades before 1971, not even years before. Mukti Bahini was a product of Pakistan armies excesses against its own people and an India which had seen Pakistan in 1948 and 1965 was more than willing to help these Bengalis, the bottom line is the war of 1971 was inevitable and so was the disintegration of Pakistan with or without the Mukti Bahini.

    45 years down the lane, the Pakistanis should not be surprised to see an Indian PM accepting India’s role in Bangladesh’s independence, they should be surprised by how little they have changed, even today India is being blamed for the separation and not its own policies which forced the Bengali officers in Pakistan army to lead the offensive from Mukti Bahini side.

    “India, I feel, has not come to terms with the existence of Pakistan and keeps hatching conspiracies to undo it. The enormity of the statements given by India is a serious issue.”

    People like the author need to understand that Pakistan does not have the divine right to fight against India, Indian acknowledges and recognises the state of Pakistan since its very inception but when Pakistan adopts policies like “thousand cuts” and “bleed India”, India has the right to give it back, Pakistan when it feels cornered responds the way the author has in this case.

    “We have heard of ‘rogue’ states, ‘failed’ states and ‘terrorist’ states. What kind of nation does India want to become?”

    All the above terms have been used to describe Pakistan and not India.

    “It is worth noting that India was the first country in South Asia to introduce the concept of cross-border terrorism in 1971.”


  • Raghu Reddy

    Thats logic .Dont worry they are paid to be illogical.Recommend

  • Raghu Reddy

    This contant rhetoric of India not recognising Pak’s existence is so big a nonsense ,totally ignoring logic that Nehru accepted division of erstwhile India into India and Pak. He wouldnt and would have okayed a civil war instead if we didnt want Pak. Pak should behave like a mature nation.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    I’m surprised these guys haven’t latched on to it yet. One statement from our side evokes statements on a daily basis for a month. Then one more from our side and the cycle continues… They don’t even realise how foolish they look. Talk about crying wolf! And when the wolf really does appear…Recommend

  • Queen

    My two cents:

    1) You are forgetting the fact that on 2 December 1971, the Bangladeshi AirForce, composed of Bengali pilots and technicians defecting from the Pakistan AirForce launched attacks on depots and communication lines, flying light aircraft”donated” by India. If India got involved in ‘fighting shoulder toshoulder with Mukti’ “after” 3 December 1971 then how come Bengalipilots attacked Pakistan with planes “donated” by India even before theofficial declaration of war?

    2) Indian intelligence agencies were involved in East Pakistan since early
    1960s. RAWs operatives were in touch with Sheikh Mujib for quite some time.Sheikh Mujib went to Agartala in 1965. The famous Agartala case was unearthedin 1967. In fact, the main purpose of raising RAW in 1968 was to organizecovert operations in Bangladesh. As early as in 1968, RAW was given a greensignal to begin mobilizing all its resources for the impending surgicalintervention in East Pakistan. When in July 1971 General Manekshaw told PrimeMinister Indira Gandhi that the army would not be ready till December tointervene in Bangladesh, she quickly turned to RAW for help. RAW’s officersused Bengali refugees to set up Mukti Bahini. The details are mentioned in Asoka Raina’s Inside RAW: the story of India’s secret service published by Vikas Publishing House of New Delhi. The creation of Bangladesh was masterminded by RAW in complicity with KGB under the covert clauses of Indo-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation (adopted as 25-year Indo-Bangladesh Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation in 1972). The above mentioned information has been written in various articles and is available on countercurrents.org.

    3) It would have had been much better if only you could have had checked
    facts before raising questions on the credibility of the blogger.

    4) If you consider that interfering in another country’s affairs, creating
    guerilla groups, supporting them and providing them arms and ammunition, is not cross-border terrorism then India should not accuse Pakistan of doing the samein the Indian-occupied Kashmir.

    5) You will like reading a book by Zain Alabedin titled: “RAW and
    Bangladesh”. You will also like to read articles written by Bengali
    Nationalist Dr M Abdul Mu’min Chowdhary; an excerpt of which states: “India needed to write the separation of East and West Pakistan in the boldest ‘letters of blood’. There were a number of reasons for that – both immediate and long term. A peaceful political settlement within the framework of a unitedPakistan would have deprived India of her chance of dismembering Pakistan throughbitterness. To create bitterness and hatred among the Muslims of East and West Pakistan was the cherished desire of Hindu India, as this was the only method through which the separation of East and West Pakistan could be made durableand perhaps permanent. Moreover, agreed settlement could have made two Pakistans in the subcontinent: independent East Pakistan and independent West Pakistan. Peaceful division would not have envisaged alteration of East Pakistan’s name to Bangladesh. This was not acceptable to India. India’s attack was on the Islamic name of Pakistan and its Islamic identity. Her own strategical analysts had no misgiving on this.”Recommend

  • Raghu Reddy

    Its not about what some hindu men preach,its about the rest of the people of nation who accept that or ignore it which matters. It looks like Pakistanis just didnt accept, they succumbed to them. Look for all Pakistanis, rightwingers exist everywhere. But for a muslim and mostly Pakistani, all non muslim rigthwingers are Hitlers but all Muslim rightwingers are kids who are supposed to commit common mistakes and pardoned after small warning. See the difference.
    Indian rightwingers only spooke as everywhere in Britain, europe but dont establish organisations training ,arming and killing or exporting terrorism.Recommend

  • Raghu Reddy

    You can call them facts and thats why we are here to show truth to peaceful Pakistanis and like things are going ,we are correct and doing good. Good days for people like you who spread falsehoods are coming to an end .Recommend

  • pakistani bloach

    nobody cares? Is that why you’re commenting on pakistani newspapers all day instead of pulling your riksha and providing for your family?Recommend

  • mimi sur

    Hmm…”ame matrubhasa ku besi gurutwa deu (we give importance to our mother tongue)”– This is Odiya dialect from state of Odisha and yes, English is not that eloquent and we understand little english…Recommend

  • Sameer

    If this is the quality of writing and thinking from a person who has Master’s in Defense and Strategic Studies then god help Pakistan. Pathetic.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Baluchistan will be liberated insallah else pakistan will have to shun its policy of violence vis-a-vis IndiaRecommend

  • hp kumar

    This is not even a country …dont you know..After spending ample amount of time here I came to believe that sole reason for this country’s suvival is to hate India..Recommend

  • Pathetic

    Looking for RAW. Read the comments and this blog. Don’t forget your comments.Recommend

  • Karthik Sunder

    Excellent response to the article.

    I don’t blame the writer though, all of Pakistan has been basically brainwashed into thinking that India is the Enemy-aggressor. No one wants to accept that aggression has been initiated by Pakistan every single time.

    There are plenty of YouTube videos of Pakistani intellectuals who have admitted to the above, but the man on the street prefers to listen to idiots like Zaid Hamid, Hamid Gul and Hafeez Saeed.

    Anyone who has a conspiracy theory, with India as the Villian, gets an immediate ticket to popularity in Pakistan. :-) Take the erstwhile General Musharraf, every time he is in trouble with the law, you can expect a statement from him defending Pakistan from the evil Indians.

    We have on record, their administration making statements about not targetting the good Terrorists.If it were not horrifying, these antics from Pakistan’s people in power would be amusing.Recommend

  • Karthik Sunder

    Another geography-challenged Pakistani ;) Pintoland .. where is that?Recommend

  • Khurram

    Addressed to fellow Pakistanis only: I say **** the Indians. They are the snakes no doubt. I say let them be. Our focus should be on our doings.Why waste our energies on India. They will do whatever they have to. Question is, What have we done to stop India or any other country or any other group from spreading terror in our beloved country. Internally, We should be strong enough to foil any ill-plans. So come on and get stronger. Externally, if someone tries to de-stabilize us we should be able to give them a be-fitting reply. Stop crying and start acting. That’s my philosophy.Recommend

  • bimal william

    Pakistan should take full responsibility for creation of Bangladesh.Had they given the right to Bengali speaking people to rule east Pakistan when they won election the division would not have taken place.But the army brutal suppression of Bengali speaking people

    led the creation of Bangladesh.The Army of Pakistan have not learnt the lesson from 1971. The same tactics are used by army to suppress the Baloch. If 1971 lesson is repeated again in Pakistan it will not be not surprising.Recommend

  • LAtourist

    Did you expect Indians not to respond to this silly blog. Recommend

  • ZKhan

    Hmmm..Who said that Hindus have not Committed the Mass Crimes…35,623 terrorist attack in India are Committed by Hindu Maoist and Naxals and killed thousand of Indian Soldiers…The biggest Discrimination lies in your faith that is untoucability….65 Crores of your Lower Caste,Tribals, untouchables, Dalits, mahadalits facing tough Silent persecution by So called Hindus everyday…..In 532 district and towns 20 Crores tribal Hindu are raped, murdered and killed but no news are Coverage………Think before say anything if you are So Concerned about Hindu…Recommend

  • Mohsin Anwar

    Do you have any reference to quote??? To prove what you’re saying? eh? I would love to see if you have!!!Recommend

  • Mohsin Anwar

    Hahaha! Good one. :)Recommend