India’s unhealthy obsession with China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Published: June 2, 2015

Pakistan does have the ability to safeguard its interests, identify and shun anti-state elements from among ourselves and defend against any foreign covert or overt aggression.

A mammoth $46 billion project, stretching over 3000 kilometres from Gwadar to Xinjiang, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has the potential to make Pakistan’s economy grow by leaps and bounds.

The project that consists of construction and up gradation of roads, oil and gas pipelines, railway tracks and an international airport in Gwadar, promises to make Pakistan an economic power in the world, and Gwadar a trade and economic hub of the region.

But the CPEC does not promise wonders for just Pakistan; China stands to gain just as much, if not more, from this initiative. China will gain easier access to the Middle East and Africa, shorter routes and lesser costs will greatly benefit energy-importing China. A land-locked Western China will become economically vibrant, which would in turn bring development to the region and subsequently eliminate militancy and unrest caused by movements like Uyghur’s Xinjiang conflict.

The impact of CPEC would, however, be less obvious and visible on the already booming economy of China than on Pakistan’s struggling economy. While for China it is another project that adds to its status as an economic giant, for Pakistan it is the project that has the potential to put Pakistan on the track to a self-sustaining, stable and strong economy. No bilateral treaty in Pakistan’s 67-year history has benefited us more than what CPEC promises.

Naturally, this treaty has turned a lot of heads. And no country is more obsessed with Pakistan than India. India’s paranoia and lunacy-inducing obsession with Pakistan has found a new face under Mr Narendra Modi’s leadership. This obsession is not mutual. Our prime minister or leaders of the second and third largest party did not feel the urge to make remarks about India in their election campaigns. Our federal ministers and advisors have not, until very recently, commented on Indian Research and Analyses Wing’s (RAW) involvement in covert activities within our borders, as opposed to India blaming everything from a bombing to their prime minister’s bowel movement on our Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) for years.

Modi is very open about his nationalism and Hindu fanaticism, his security advisor is very blunt about his intentions towards Pakistan. Under Modi, India seems to have done away with subtleties and is now openly expressing its designs to further weaken Pakistan by all means necessary. Modi, behaving typically like a jealous toddler, has termed CPEC as “unacceptable” for India. He did so in his incredibly awkward, over-excited, selfie-inclusive, posing and proposing visit to China, but the Chinese president snubbed his unsolicited opinion like any prudent adult would snub the tantrum of a spoilt toddler.

Modi has now repeated his unsolicited opinion through one of his ministers.

It appears that Modi’s cabinet deliberated in length over its stance on CPEC. Of course, it was pre-decided that they would oppose it, but on what grounds? They couldn’t just say “because we say so” or “because we don’t want Pakistan to prosper”. Honest as these statements would be, they just wouldn’t be diplomatically correct. So the geniuses came with the stance that CPEC passes through Pakistan-held Kashmir, and since Kashmir is disputed, we cannot accept CPEC.

And they now wait, hoping this ludicrous stance would find an international audience. If you want to find Indian-supported local opponents to CPEC in Pakistan, look for an equally insane stance; some Baloch nationalists have spoken against CPEC on grounds that since it would bring heavy investment and development to the region, there will be consequent migrations from different parts of Pakistan, hence rights of Gwadar locals may be infringed.

India would not stop here though. China has already warned Pakistan of RAW’s intentions of sabotaging CPEC with help from local militants. Pakistan has only recently broken its decade’s old silence on RAW and India’s involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan. India is, undoubtedly, our bitter rival.

Bitterness, undoubtedly, resides more in India than in Pakistan. It is natural in a way; Pakistan broke off from ‘mother India’, and no one can feel the pain of that disintegration more than a nationalist like Modi. After years of struggle, India got its atomic bomb and gloated over its strategic and military supremacy over Pakistan, only to be retorted by Pakistan’s very own nuclear weapon. It then satisfied its self with its economic supremacy over Pakistan and now CPEC stands to hamper that too. So India’s cry baby reaction is somewhat justified, not prudent, sane, reasonable or just, but somewhat justified.

Not to be ignored are the “other hostile agencies” mentioned in Chinese intelligence communiqué to Pakistan. While India looks jealously at Pakistan benefiting from CPEC, there is United States’ concern over the boost to Chinese economy and strategic access. RAW and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) may work to disrupt and sabotage, and unfortunately they will find local help from purchasable entities and individuals from within Pakistan too.

But I have a feeling this project will go ahead and will be completed. Pakistan does have the ability to safeguard its interests, identify and shun anti-state elements from among ourselves and defend against any foreign covert or overt aggression. Pakistan will prosper and CPEC will play its due role in our progress, because we are more concerned about our prosperity than causing detriment to any of our neighbours.


Zafar Zulqurnain Sahi

A Lawyer by profession. A Gold Medalist in LLB from Punjab University and has a LLM degree from University of Warwick, UK. He is also a former Member Provincial Assembly of Punjab (2008-2013). He tweets @ZafarSahi (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Concard

    This article is reminiscent of what a confused Pakistani looks like. The assumptions made in this article is mind boggling. If Pakistanis like the author thinks Indians are jealous about the $45 billion investment, then how should Pakistanis feel that India gets $30 billion in foreign direct investment every year which keeps increasing, our foreign reserves at an all time high at $350 billion and rising, our exports at $320 billion and rising, our stock market at $1 Trillion market capitalization and rising, our economy at $2.3 Trillion and rising at 7% per year which essentially means we are adding $200 billion per year more than 3/4th of Pakistanis economy. And not to mention for just $2 Trillion economy we have got 56 companies in fortune 2000. How many has Pakistan got ? Just one that too it is Oil and gas corporation not any private enterprise. We have got R & D of major Software and automobile firms. Microsoft, Daimler, Volkswagen, Cisco, and your own all weather friend Chinese have their Huwaei R & D in India, Can you please bother to ask the Chinese why there is no R & D in Pakistan of any Chinese company on behalf of all Indians? The list is still very long. The author needs to get updated on the fact even if this $45 billion investment comes to fruition, you can’t overtake India in economic growth. You got a long way for that.

    Anyway my time is limited to write more of what I have written. We Indians would like to invite superior Pakistanis in brain and intellect to join us in live coverage for our space shuttle launch next month. Oh wait, do have your own space shuttle ready to fire like you do with your missiles after every Indian missile tests.Recommend

  • Logic

    Very well analysed and to the point view. I liked the sarcasm towards Modi and India.Recommend

  • Jain

    Hmmm I understand only these letters ” Nuclear Power, Bitter Rival, RAW, Full Fledged essay on neighbor country, Modi etc. C’mon!! there is so much to write upon.Recommend

  • rahul

    Dear Author,
    First of all your English and writing style is very immature.
    Secondly china opposes any development in south sea,if India or any other country wants to develop because it claims that territory belongs to it.So if you call india ‘Cry Baby’ same applies to china.
    Thirdly if India wants to get UN ,NSG etc Pakistan cries like a small baby.

  • alok kumar

    Man first of all you people are crying not we…raw done this that. …if ur coas or prime misnister have guts then come on record and say that india is doing any thing in pakistan.. only they talk behind the wall and ur media do their job..Recommend

  • creative

    Mr publisher ,I doubt whether this piece will get published as it may not be palatable.
    Mr zafar sahi , with a law degree under your belt we expected better reasoning from you. You are gloating over CPEC as answer to Indian economy . IN CPEC s , not withstanding baloch aspirations for independent country , It is china
    that is driving the project with money ,machine , material and engineering man power what is your stake , to earn transport toll , that makes you challenging
    economy! Pak produced nuclear bomb with design from holland and Chinese benevolence coupled with missiles from North Korea , Since PAK got it free so emotionally Pak was free to sell it to Libya amongst others, Being nuclear power you couldnt generate your power through own engineering and design.
    Again chinese beneovlence is there to raise your power sector , for free ! I bet NO , What shall it receive in return , time will tell, but at least you cant raise your voice in support of Sinkiang muslims nor shall you have independent policy ,It is better to develope ones own strengths from grass root level than use the terms like sweeter than honey and stronger than steel . Not long ago same accolades were reserved for USA who spent multiple of billions on pakistan. WE HAVE NO GRUDGE AGAINST CPEC EXCEPT THAT IT SHALL NOT PASS THROUGH POK WHICH IS DISPUTED .Recommend

  • M Waqas Sajid

    Great analysis !

    Also loved the statement “Bitterness, undoubtedly, resides more in India than in Pakistan. It is natural in a way; Pakistan broke off from ‘mother India’, and no one can feel the pain of that disintegration more than a nationalist like Modi. “, which is a fact.Recommend

  • SKChadha

    Sir, as you concluded, India also desire a prosper Pakistan. However, as you rightly pointed out that such prosperity should not be detrimental to Pakistan’s neighbor and so Indians wish. The issue is that PHK and GB are not disputed territories. You being a lawyer should like to educate/ debate, as to how it is legally not an Indian Territory? How and under which law you treat as disputed land? And in case this territory is under illegally occupation of Pakistan, you will agree that India has all rights to object change in its demography with Pakistan, China or even before any international forum. What is wrong in India’s move?Recommend

  • Waron Dafe

    china is not giving that money to pakistan it will benefit china only, pakistan will get eggs in return.Recommend

  • ajay gupta

    you sound as though the benefits have already started coming in. This economic corridoor is meant to line the pockets of the ruling PMLN and no one else. when have pakisttan’s rulers thought of the masses? military or civilian? you would not have to outsource development to china if you had well exploited your own resources for common good.& what starts as an economic relationship, becomes a full blown soverignty isuue: case in point, the East India Company. an advice from an enemy: we probably mistrust China more than pakistan. Take your lesson from there!Recommend

  • wb

    First, your country has not produced a single drop of evidence for terrorism by RAW. Never. Not in Sharmelsheikh, and not for Safoora.

    Second, India doesn’t care for your economic corridor. All we care is that you don’t do it in the disputed region.

    Third, there has never been an obsession from India. Obviously, you want to make it look like an obsession and you can easily fool Pakistanis


  • Queen

    Very balanced analysis Mr Sahi. Pakistani leaders have developed consensus on the economic corridor project and the Indian paranoia on the CPEC is evident from the recent statements issued by the Indian leadership.Recommend

  • Queen

    I am sure you must have read the statements issued by Mr Narendra Modi and Ms Sushma Swaraj on the Pakistan-China economic corridor project.Recommend

  • amit lunia

    Dear Pakistani friends

    if you care so much about Kashmir as you say , why did you give so large tract of land to China in Aksai Chin

    where as we repeat number of times that you cannot take a inch of land now in Kashmir, because we care and it is ours, and you donot care since you know it is not yoursRecommend

  • murtuza

    Nice answer bro ,really best one

  • Chaudhry Muzamel

    I can see many indians commenting on this topic and they are defending and denying the facts. Dear indians if you ain’t jealous what are you doing here? Just go and mind your own business, let Pakistanis discuss our own things. Recommend

  • Headstrong

    These people find it difficult to understand the nuances of diplomacy. China objects to India’s building of roads in ‘disputed’ Arunachal Pradesh. Objecting to the CPEC going through disputed poK is the least India can do. Some people here point out that the CPEC goes through G-B which in their limited understanding is not disputed as it is not part of ‘Azad’ Kashmir’. They probably need to get out more…
    India has put China in a bind now. China can hardly object to our building of infrastructure in Arunachal, now that they are doing something similar. The CPEC will come up slowly, as will the neo-colonisation of pakistan. How does that bother us? All we are interested is access to Afghanistan and Central Asia – which we are progressing through Chahbahar. If Gwadar and CPEC does come up as planned, good for the region. pakistan will itself have a stake in ensuring stability and peace. Maybe they’ll realise it for once, which can only be a good thing.

    “Our federal ministers and advisors have not, until very recently, commented on Indian Research and Analyses Wing’s (RAW) involvement in covert activities within our borders” Er, not exactly. RAW has been in the peripheral vision of these people for a long time. But the quote-a-day happening now is a cause for worry. Not for the content, which is laughable, but what it portends. I hope I’m wrong but it seems to me that a big bang is imminent in India – to be justified by a “I-told-you-so”

    Finally, the objectivity of this writer can be measured in his statements – “India’s paranoia and lunacy-inducing obsession with Pakistan ”
    “India blaming everything from a bombing to their prime minister’s bowel movement on our Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) ”
    Hardly the stuff of mature, balanced blogging. But then again, why am I even surprised at the quality of ET blogs? Now, I’ll be attacked by these people asking why I even bother to read and comment on their media if I’m so disgusted! No one would bother asking why ET contains so much news solely directed at India – the nastier, the better. If providing an Indian perspective to balance rabid views, such as this author’s, means obsessing with the media of these people, then guilty, as charged!

  • creative

    India does not care that Pakistan separated , Please don’t mind it was a good riddance, India again does not care what china invests in Pakistan , gwader is in Pakistan and it is quite natural that china sweeter than honey for you, uses it , In international relations there is nothing like permanency in friendship , You chose to align with US and received dollars now you align with china for dollars again, but this time there is a difference you have almost rendered yourself as satellite of china to stand up to India , This is a huge price that you are about to pay . India just reminded you that GB being part of Kashmir is disputed hence no third party rahdari should take place.
    But Pak has its own compulsions , Is there other way Pak can bolster its economy ,
    For that Pak needs its basics to be set right , But where is the temperament for that .Recommend

  • Moid

    Great read! Points well made. In agreement with the writer 100%.Recommend

  • Hash

    Author is not comparing Indian & Pak economy. He’s simply saying that India doesn’t want Pak to benefit a bit. There’s no comparison but India is a cry baby.Recommend

  • Hash

    We get everything free! what’s the problem in it. We eat of our geo-location. We get paid for fighting America’s war, now we are being paid for China’s route. India can sweat and work meanwhile Pak can get eat of their superior location. It’s luck man.Recommend

  • amartya

    hey Zafar are you feeling better?Recommend

  • Gopeet

    Again, it is surprising that Hindustanis are unable to free themselves from
    this morbid fascination with Paks. Like overwhelming a Pak website with innuendos, diatribes, innocuous comments. What else can you expect?Recommend

  • Gopeet

    Surprisingly your normal Hate Islam, Hate Muslims Hate Paks venomous
    diatribe is percolating somewhere? For the time being. Did see your
    photograph in the Poona newspaper. Where you were tearing apart a mosque.Recommend

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    There is nothing unhealthy about it.
    It is a corridor that will pass through a disputed territory.Recommend

  • SM

    How do you know? Were you there or did your government provide you with what was given?Recommend

  • SM

    Pakistanis are rarely onl Indian websites; it shows how obsessed you all are with Pakistan. Instead of supporting CPEC, all I see online is you guys voicing your opposition to it as if it hurts you.Recommend

  • mimi ur

    Any foreign country involvement in pok is not acceptable.Recommend

  • hamza khan

    sour grapes? hahahahRecommend

  • greywolf

    thats what indians like yourself is hoping for. the reality is that pakistans economy is expected to double in size over the course of the CPEC. that means a much stronger nation, much stronger army, and a much less dominant india. Recommend

  • hamza khan

    POK is disputed territory? by who? is there a UN resolution calling it disputed? are people there asking for freedom.better to stay quiet. CPEC will ABSOLUTLEY go through azad kashmir. get over it. hahahahRecommend

  • hamza khan

    yes, and lets now examine this. 400 million of your people have no access to health, education, clean water. india is home to the largest AIDS population, has the words two largest slums, the inequality in india has magnified in the past 10 years, meaning the economic growth has been captured by the upper class, your infrastructure is in shambles, you have no less than 10 insurgencies across your country, hindu terrorism has reached all time highs, stop counting numbers. if you want to comprare your 1 billion hungry uneducated masses, compare it to chinas, not 180 million population. @concard:disqusRecommend

  • hamza khan

    what the are you talking about? GB and azad kashmir are pakistani territories, and one day occupied kashmir will be as well. is there a UN resolution calling for a plebicite in azad kashmir or any pakistan territory?Recommend

  • star

    if you have no problem with CPEC than why at government level india is opposing it. you are telling about multi billion dollar indian economy which has shown a rising trend over the years but you forgot to mention 60% of indian population living under poverty line.Recommend

  • star

    I feel raw is definitely backing terrorist activities in pakistan across borders and every one knows that. you caught an innocent “spy” pigeon near the border and started a propaganda campaign that ISI sent the pigeon for a secret mission. Recommend

  • Ejaz Asi

    Boy, is someone mad.Recommend

  • GenuinePakistani

    Excellent article. It is refreshing to see someone recognizing and fearlessly speaking the truth.

    India’s media obsesses over making half-baked allegations against a country 1/7th its population (Pakistan). Pakistan’s politicians and media personnel, on the other hand, fail to mention India even when it finds evidence of wrongdoing.

    Modi and India’s government are more focused on destroying Pakistan than developing their own country. RAW is undoubtedly involved in the violence in Baluchistan and throughout Pakistan.

    India only opposes CPEC because it will give an economic boost to Pakistan. Like you mentioned, the fact that the route crosses Azad Kashmir (Free Kashmir) is only an excuse.

    I respect your courage and intelligence Mr. Zafar Sahi.Recommend

  • Xman

    You folks do excel in myth selling business, but here are some other facts to draw your attention to : India ,1.2 billion people, the second most populous nation on earth, over 200 million living in poverty, makes up about a third of worlds poor, 20 million orphan street children are estimated to reside in India’s cities, has the largest population of illiterate adults in the world with 287 million. Should I add more?Recommend

  • stevenson

    What ” mother India” – the only time there was ever an India was when some foreign power came in and made an empire or a colony like the British or the Mughals. The Indians don’t want to see a prosperous Pakistan but it is because they know all the talk about ” make in India” isn’t working and that China is far ahead. Now Pakistan is also poised to grow economically ahead.

  • Minerva

    India does not object to any development in Pakistan unless you do it on occupied and disputed land. An advice from an Indian well wisher. Instead of looking for a foreign power (US and Saudi earlier, now China) to exploit at every turn in history, Pakistan should take steps to strengthen itself from inside.Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    If talibans get angry, they blow themselves up. If Pakistan gets angry, they sell their country to China.

    Pakistanis should read this August 26, 2010 report by Selig Harrison in NY times August 26, 2010.

    Chinese army is present in huge numbers, around 11,000 and many areas of GB are no-go areas for Pakistanis. Same thing will happen in Gwadar and all nearby areas of the entire corridor route.

    Interesting to read in the report:

    “Mystery surrounds the construction of 22 tunnels in secret locations where Pakistanis are barred. Tunnels would be necessary for a projected gas pipeline from Iran to China that would cross the Himalayas through Gilgit. But they could also be used for missile storage sites.

    Until recently, the P.L.A. construction crews lived in temporary encampments and went home after completing their assignments. Now they are building big residential enclaves clearly designed for a long-term presence.”

    The report concludes:
    “Precisely because the Gilgit-Baltistan region is so important to China, the United States, India and Pakistan should work together to make sure that it is not overwhelmed, like Tibet, by the Chinese behemoth.”Recommend

  • Tom

    It never be built with India’s objection. You can shout and scream, but it will not happenRecommend

  • Umair

    @concard:disqus I am baffled by your superiority complex. We are not asking you to recite figures from the Indian economy. We are happy for you while you are making money for all these other giants. We are simply trying to make a buck for ourselves here. Indian has been proposing all along to make the LoC as a permanent boundary and now complaining about disputed territory. As poor as we may be, no one is waving Indian flag in Gilgit/Baltistan or Baluchistan. Did you get our permission when your were building dams on our rivers? We understand that we are behind and got a lot of ground to cover but don’t need to hear from you guys. Now the space shuttle. How do you call your space shuttle indigenous while you can not build a jet engine for your fighter aircraft? This is seriously a question (no pun intended). Please enlighten me how India caught up so quick to what US/USSR had been trying to do for years? Even US is buying rocket engines from Russia for launch. There is no need to overtake India. We are just trying to stabilize our economy and trying to be self sustainable. All I can do is pray for you as that Modi of your is another Zia ul Haq in cloak of an economist. Do you really think any power will invest money in something they can not see through to the end? If India is all ahead, why even take the time to defend India on this portal? India truly is a big country with a small mentality!Recommend

  • Jomil

    It’s clear that the Indians are upset by CPEC otherwise the comments emanating from that side would not have been made. It is also tortuous to many Indians, that Pakistan should benefit or develop its economy and infrastructure, judging from the comments in the Indian press and in this thread.

    India has a strong economy and I say good luck to them. CPEC could greatly benefit India too if they decide to be less obstinate.

    As far as AK or PHK is concerned both sides have no rights or equal rights vis-a-vis Kashmir, i.e., the people of Kashmir have not been consulted or given the opportunity to decide their own future. Both side have been have meddling in Kashmir without consulting each other or importantly the Kashmiris – so what’s all the bickering about?

    Of course, intelligence agency operate in each others back yards – they would be crazy not to. If you bite then expect to be bitten back!

    If Pakistan, India and Bangladesh had remained a single entity, I estimate that it’s population would be 1.54bn with a no pushover 30% muslim population, as opposed to an oppressed and marginalised 14% currently. What a different world that would have been.

    Ultimately, all this moaning boils down to money, resources, control and power in the region (and probably other regions in the world).

    Isn’t it a real shame.Recommend

  • Ali

    Since when Gilgit Baltistan became disputed region? They were, are and will stay integral part of pakistan. Look for the history of Gilgit-Baltistan and you will see they are not kashmiris they are different people speak different language and has different culture. I am sure one day India will clam that karachi is indias integrated part.Recommend

  • Kamath

    What a passionate, courageous, patriotic and hard hitting article about enemies of Pakistan. If Pakistan can build a powerful defence against hegemonic design of India, it might turn into a economic tiger of South Asia. Who knows ?Recommend

  • Zoro

    Qualified lawyer … Studied in Pakistan … Studied Pakistani History books obviously …. what else is more righteous to write on Pakistan India relations ….
    Just look at the exchange rate of Dollar to Bangladeshi taka …. and you will know where you stand in the world economic order …
    If your leaders can do this to you and your country after independence of 67 years … what more can you expect from them …
    Deceit … Treachery… and back stabbings is in the DNA …
    If Kashmir is a disputed territory as claimed by Pakistan …. Gilgit and Baltistan is ???
    South china is ???Recommend

  • Joseph Tan

    In fact China also proposed another route apart from CPEC, that is BCIM which links 4 countries and may be a precursor to equally economic vibrant to Eastern India, Bangladesh, Burma and South Western China but the pace was slow or not forthcoming from India side apart from the current problem in Burma.

    From PM Modi recent visitation to China, China is also prepared to invest about US$ 20 plus billion in India. India should have nothing much to complain.Recommend

  • Aarij

    we dont care
    we only care that u stop hindering in our progress
    we never said any of your project as unacceptable
    azad kashmir is not disputed because people of kashmir dont hold rallys against state of Pak and raise pro indian slogansRecommend

  • Aarij

    the people of azad kashmor dont hold rallys against Pak and raise pro indian slogans as oppposed to indian occupied KashmirRecommend

  • harkol

    This is precisely the point. Pakistan is in illegal occupation of a portion of J&K. Atleast India has a fig-leaf cover of an instrument of accession, Pakistan has no justification for occupying Kashmir.

    But, it did not stop Pakistan from ceding a large portion of Kashmir (aksai chin) to China and altering the status-quo of the geography. Now, more of this occupied territory will be ceded to China thru a economic corridor.

    India is right to protest this.Recommend

  • wb

    “India got its atomic bomb and gloated over its strategic and military
    supremacy over Pakistan, only to be retorted by Pakistan’s very own
    nuclear weapon”

    Do you even know how Pakistan got nuclear weapon or as you people call ASSET? A Q Khan literally stole the technology from Urenco, Holland.

    Otherwise, I challenge you that a country that hasn’t produced its own two-wheeler doesn’t have a single engineer who can produce a nuclear bomb.

    It is also widely speculated that part of that technology came from China.


  • Zara

    Zafar! You have hit a nerve. India can’t be more obvious right now. We certainly deluded ourselves for sometime that India is sincere in their wish for our development. Atleast I did. Now they are showing their ture face. I guess this is the end of diplomacy and if India thinks they will achieve something by war-mongering then they are deluding themselves. You could never achieve anything by bullying someone. It just makes your opponent more stubborn. So this is what they will achieve. Right now we ask for talks but there will come a time when they will ask it and we will not even listen. Let’s ignore this regional bully altogether and continue our work.Recommend

  • observer

    India has a valid objection to this proposed project since it goes through Indian territories of G/B occupied by Pakistan. Even Pakistan’s position is that AJK and GB are disputed territories. India has the right to object.Recommend

  • wb

    Gilgit Baltistan is a part of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s not a question of they’re Kashmiris or not. Just like whether Balochis are Pakistanis or not. Gilgit Baltistan was a part of Kashmir state in 1947.Recommend

  • wb

    Your government did.

    If you’re talking about evidence, then let me refer to two videos on youtube with Qamar Zaman Kaira and Rashid Latif. Qamar Zaman was a part of Gilani’s team in Sharm em sheikh and he has categorically denied twice that only agreement was on principle and no evidence was ever shared with India.Recommend

  • Dr AXACT

    so much for a gold medalist,a post graduate in law and an ex MPA…..seems more of an AXACT product.Recommend

  • SKChadha

    Before crying for GB & PHK being Pak Territory, read Article 1 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and sec. 14B of Pakistan Citizenship Act and understand facts. The reference of plebicite in UN Resolution of 21.04.1948 is in relation to PHK & GB. Read UN resolutions and understand them.Recommend

  • SKChadha

    Aarij: I hope my comment showing you the clips about rally and opinion of the people of PHK & GB reaches you and to all our Pak brothers …. :-)Recommend

  • Concard

    You can dance on the moon or Mars, but Kashmir will remain with India.Recommend

  • Concard

    I am amazed at the comprehension skills of you folks. A growing economy means reduction in poverty in the coming years. But on the other hand Pakistan is a epicenter of terrorism, world’s capital too.Recommend

  • Concard

    I am amazed at the figures you arrived at. Let me give you lessons on general knowledge and facts.

    ” india is home to the largest AIDS population ” -> That would be South Africa, go back to school.
    ” has the words two largest slums “-> It is ” World’s ” not words. largest slum is in Karachi. Go back to grammar school too.
    ” your infrastructure is in shambles “-> nice joke,today there is a metro opening in Jaipur and still many more to come by 2016.

    And the rest are not even worthy of comment, it is funny as hell.Recommend

  • Concard

    Our space shuttle does not use Jet engines, it uses scram jet propulsion. The test launch is next month, watch out for that. And don’t you worry about Modi lol. He is in a different league, none of your leaders even in OIC can match his charisma or his ideas.Recommend

  • Fahad Zia

    Still your per capita income stands at below $2000.. only slightly above Pakistan’s.. Good luck in your progress..Recommend

  • SKChadha

    They hold …. have guts to free media.Recommend

  • SKChadha

    Incorrect submissions …. please check.Recommend

  • George

    India considers Gilgit- Baltistan to be disputed territory as this region was a part of Jammu & Kashmir. India has a right to raise the issue the same way Pakistan can go to international forums to rake up the ‘Kashmir issue’. If it didn’t raise the issue it would amount to tacitly accepting status quo which is not the case. There is no desire for India to destroy the economy of Pakistan as the author is suggesting. The last thing India wants is more jobless Pakistanis to get attracted to the radical ideology prevalent there. A note on Modi. He’s definitely not a God as most people suggest. (I think he’s a narcissist) but he’s the democratically elected leader of this country. He’s not going around killing minorities. We’re doing just fine here. Also Ghar wapsi has been existent since 1875 with the advent of Arya Samaj so don’t bring that up. Recommend

  • Saad

    I don’t really appreciate Indians coming here and claiming that Balochistan is a disputed territory. I still dont understand the logic behind this assumption. Yes, there are a few factions who want to break away from the rest of the country – but that does not make it a “disputed” territory. I’m pretty sure similar groups exist in the north eastern side of your own country.Recommend

  • Bilal

    Indians are only civil when they are weak, ayeh.Recommend

  • Bilal

    Rape capital of the world has spoken.Recommend

  • wb

    Also, if 46 billion dollars (of which most are loan or investment for return to China) project implemented by Chinese companies, Chinese engineers, Chinese technicians, and low lever Pak laborers reads as MAMMOTH to you, then you seriously need some fundamental mathematics lessons.

    Not to forget, Pakistan is a country of 200 million. That is equivalent to 200 dollars or 10,000 rupees of investment per head.Recommend

  • sangeeta

    your “feel” is not a proof darling.Recommend

  • Sanjay R. Patil

    This is purely because of British legacy. We can see thro` ages brutal invaders & occupants plundered & looted India. When British left, for obvious reasons the Indian economy was in shambles. Pakistant was in much better postion because it was agro economy fed with the great rivers. The great Sindhu is called Darya by you btw! Then there was lot of help(?) from the west (USA) But see what you guys have done to the great land.Recommend

  • HZR

    At least in the Indian press there is no morbid fascination about this corridor.It is the imagination of the press and given the instability in the region let us wait for the final outcomeRecommend

  • HZR

    no one is waving Indian flag in Gilgit/Baltistan or Baluchistan…because they are not permitted to do so and cwhen did flag waving give territorial rights,They can shake and wave their flogs till glory days.Recommend

  • Concard

    That would be Sweden, more rapes per capita than anywhere in the world.Recommend

  • Concard

    Yeah, we are weak that is why you lost East Pakistan and 90,000 Pakistan soldiers surrendered without a fight.Recommend

  • Kashmiri

    Ever hear of the Chitral and Gilgit scout revolts?Recommend

  • SM

    you are obsessed with Pakistan and scared of China Recommend

  • SM

    J&K is a disputed territory – It never was a part of independent India.Recommend

  • Umair

    @HZR I am pretty sure waving a Pakistani flag is not allowed in Indian Kashmir either. People are showing their sentiments towards Pakistan whether allowed or not. People in Gilgit/Baltistan and Baluchistan do make their point all the time and the Pakistani government doesn’t like it also. None of their activities show their affection with India. Territorial rights! You made my point! Just hope India understands it too.Recommend

  • Umair

    I do understand how jet propulsion works but find it hard to believe that India came up with all of that all that quick is what I am saying. Hope its a success for the sake of development of technology or you can file a complaint with your Tier 1 suppliers. First, we don’t give 2 cents about OIC leaders. Second, you can keep Modi and his charisma to yourself. We have seen enough religious extremism in Pakistan that we don’t need anyone like him anymore. I will reiterate, we are trying to build from within and Indians should respect that.Recommend

  • abhi

    Let me remind you one thing which most of the Pakistani keep repeating. Kashmir is a disputed teritory and there are UN resolution on not disturbing the status quo. How can Pakistan and China carryout infrasturcutre project without taking agreement from all parties in the dispute? Isn’t it a sheer hypocrisy?Recommend

  • Agarwal

    There have been many versions of India which have included Pakistan and the northern plains. These have been under all kinds of rulers including Hindus, Buddhists and even Jains!

    For instance, look up “Mauryan Empire”.Recommend

  • Grace

    Why not ask Indian occupied Kashmiris who they prefer to be part of like the UN says. It’s just India and the British who cheated Kashmiris.Recommend

  • Ghulam Lone

    The reality is that China does not care what India thinks, because this is the only way China can develop its entire Western half. It will not sacrifice development because of India’s shaky claims to the region (how can India base its claim to Kashmir on the Instrument of Ascension, yet deny the validity of Junagadh’s Ascension to Pakistan? Geopgraphical contiguity/people’s wishes were never a condition set by the British when they told the Princely States to choose side). Further, the Maharaja of Kashmir didn’t even have a firm control on Gilgit and Baltistan. And of course, no one in Gilgit-Balitstan has ever called for unity with India. This despite the fact that India’s Kashmir is a whole lot more occupied than our side – yet people on the Indian controlled side of Kashmir openly and persistently deny any allegiance to India (and local elections aren’t allegiance to India – try letting them vote whether to leave India and you’ll see how elections can work both way). So no India, no one cares what you think. Not even the Americans. In fact, no country in the entire world believes India’s claims to Kashmir.Recommend

  • Ghulam Lone

    There was no mother India. India wasn’t a political reality until the British came along. Prior to that, India was only a geographical and cultural entity – never was it a political reality. In fact, the use of the word “India” prior to the British was more akin to the word “Europe.” Of course, we only broke away politically from India. Geographically and culturally we are still more similar to India than any other country.Recommend

  • Ghulam Lone

    And yet, even despite that India cannot wrestle back “Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.” In fact, how can Kashmir “remain” with India if India has already lost 45% of the region to Pakistan and China? Doesn’t sound like you really control much of Kashmir at all. And your laws against maps which depict the ground realities in Kashmir makes India the laughing stock of the world. When India protests that maps accurately show the LoC (and not the whole of Kashmir under Indian control), it doesn’t make India look strong or principled – it makes India look weak and insecure. Recommend

  • Ghulam Lone

    The point of this article is this: the CPEC will utterly transform Pakistan into a much stronger and wealthier country. Yes, India may be ahead of us right now, but when the CPEC is built, guess which country will have the most advanced infrastructure in South Asia? Pakistan. And even Modi knows that the key of unshackling a poor country is great infrastructure. No one is saying Pakistan is ahead of India now, but with the CPEC, Pakistan’s future may be brighter than even that of India. Remember, $45Billion in Pakistan is the equivalent of $450 billion in India – and in all due respect, India’s infrastructure as it currently stands is not really more advanced than Pakistans, except when it comes to Airports and Mass Transit. Modi would salivate over that $450billion. India has announced huge infrastructure projects, but India doesn’t have $450billion to spend. America won’t invest that much in India either, but China has the money, and is willing to spend. That is why we are excited. Recommend

  • Ghulam Lone

    How can you tie Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh? Even if the argument makes sense to you, it doesn’t make sense to China. India claims Kashmir, China claims Arunachal Pradesh. The two have nothing to do with each other. That is, Kashmir isn’t China’s dispute. Arunachal Pradesh is. The two aren’t the same. China doesn’t care that India claims the whole of Kashmir. China also does not care that India claims the whole of Arunachal Pradesh. The Chinese position is actually remarkably consistent: India has no right to either Kashmir OR Arunachal Pradesh! That way, China can keep building in Kashmir, and keep objecting to Arunachal Pradesh. Did you really think none of this figured into China’s calculations about the CPEC?

    As for journalistic objectivity, lets not pretend the jingoistic Indian papers are better. indian media is mocked throughout the world for its hysterical jingoism. Articles have even been printed on how openly biased many Indian media houses were in favor of Modi. And everyone remembers how India’s media looked ridiculous with the Devyani Khobragade incident.

  • Ghulam Lone

    Who is permitted to wave Pakistan’s flag in Kashmir? In fact, India’s Kashmir is a lot more occupied than ours. We don’t have soldiers choking the streets with checkpoints. And even with the lack of a military presence, no one in GB has ever ever ever called for unification with India. No one. Yet even with 500,000 Indian soldiers, the AFSPA, Kashmiris still wave Pakistani flags.Recommend

  • Ghulam Lone

    Ideas are one thing, ability to deliver is another. So far we’ve seen cosmetic changes in India, but when will Modi deliver the big fruit? As long as BJP doesn’t control the upper house of parliament, then no one is expecting much changes anymore – such large changes come quickly in a PMs term in office. Nothing has happened so far.Recommend

  • Ghulam Lone

    More REPORTED rapes.Recommend

  • Ghulam Lone

    Really? So you’re rewriting history? Pakistan got Punjab, but India got all the factories. Pakistan’s economy was FAR worse off at Partition. The only reason Pakistan excelled in the 1950s to 1980s is because Pakistan embraced Capitalism (save the years of ZAB), while India went socialist.Recommend

  • Ghulam Lone

    You think the largest slum is in Karachi? You know, that claim from a single National Geographic article, and India’s latched onto it. The reality is that Orangi is not Dharavai. Orangi is a lower middle class region with some shantytowns. Dharavi is pure shanty town. Just look at a google satellite image of the two – Orangi is a township, not a slum. Dharavi has 1 million people in one square mile. No comparison. One million people per square miles versus Orangi’s 50,000 per square mile. Not the same.

    And you’re right, India leads in mass transit and airport. The rest of India’s infrastructure isn’t much better than Pakistan. Yes, your rails haven’t been neglected so much, but our roads are nicer. and with CPEC it will only get better, AND out electrical infrastructure will be the most advanced in South Asia.Recommend

  • Ghulam Lone

    The Maharaja of Kashmir never firmly controlled the region. Just look at a map and see how difficult it is to get from Gilgit to Srinagar with all the mountains and huge distances. At most, the Maharaja laid claim to the region – it doesn’t mean he controlled it. Just because a map shows Gilgit as part of Kashmir doesn’t mean its true.

    And what are you talking about RAW involvement in Sharm El Sheikh?? Why would we care about that? Do you know Sharm el Sheikh is in Egypt??Recommend

  • Ghulam Lone

    How can India say it is illegal occupation? Based on Instrument of Ascension? tell me, then why is India illegally occupying Junagadh? Their Prince signed an Instrument of Ascension to PAKISTAN. And when the British told the princes to choose a side, geographical contiguity and the peoples wishes were not a factor. So if India claims the whole of kashmir, then please give us Junagadh back, along with Somnath temple.Recommend

  • Annum

    @ who allowed you decide for them ! let them decide this for them !Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Sorry but you are wrong. There are no scram jet engines.
    Modi has assigned 50 Dalit men and women to be
    inside there, peddling away fast and furious. No engines
    needed. There are specially trained pigeons to bring back
    messages from the rocket/shuttle The shuttle is named Madhubala.
    However, the whole world now knows that India invented
    plastic surgery. 5000 years ago. Your PM declared it last
    year. In Bombay at the opening ceremony of a hospital.
    Kudos to you. India is progressing,


  • Chitral wala

    Trust a Bunya to come up with some hidden figures. But in this case,
    the Bunya misplaced the abacus. Figures are wrong. 2nd grade math.Recommend