“If you want to teach here, you have to wear a burqa”

Published: May 31, 2015

Burqa ban violations carry fines of up to 150 euro. PHOTO: AFP

“You just have to wear a burqa inside the school; you are free to take it off when you leave the school premises,”said the principal of a Karachi-based school while interviewing a candidate.

“It’s just a garment,” thought the candidate, and a garment that was helping her get a higher salary than all the other schools.

So she signed the teaching contract and took the burqa home with her. All day at home, that burqa in her bag haunted her. How could she don something all day that represented something she hadn’t fully accepted in her heart?

Wasn’t she lying to impressionable children?

Wasn’t it hypocritical of her to wear it?

Wasn’t it hypocritical of the senior staff at this school to force her to wear something she wasn’t convinced of yet?

“I just take it like a uniform,” said another teacher to her in the teacher’s lounge the next day.

“But who am I doing purdah (covering) from?”

She questioned fumbling around with a confusing shroud that overwhelmed her entire being.

“Umm, maybe from the male staff,” said the other teacher.

“So why don’t they just hire female staff only then?”

The other teacher thought for a minute.

“Maybe it’s from the students,” she said after a pause.

“But my students are younger than five-years-old”

“Maybe it’s to show the parents that their children are in good hands,” she offered once again.

She rolled her eyes at the idea that only a person in a burqa is best suited to teach ‘morality’ to kids. Who will teach morality to the burqa-wearing principal who wanted her to don a burqa from 9am to 2pm?

But a job is a job, so she wore the burqa like any uniform.

After all, it wasn’t like she was teaching at a madarssa or anything. It was a popular school with a good name attended by children from the upper middle class background.

How bad could it be?

Soon enough, she found out it wasn’t just a uniform. The classes were gender-segregated from grade three onwards and the books had absolutely no pictures. If there were faces, the eyes were all blurred. Children were not allowed to clap, dance or hear music.

“How do I encourage the students when they do something right?” she asked the principal about the ban on clapping.

“Just say Alhumdullilah” she replied with great emphasis on the last word.

“Can I clap and say Alhumdullilah?” she argued.

“There will be no clapping,” the principal said sternly.

The Bismillahs, Alhumdullilahs and MashaAllah were always uttered with an Arabic accent.

Montessoris were strange there too – no dolls, action figures or stuffed toys. She could understand not wanting to keep Barbies in the play group as kids learnt negative body image from such toys – but you couldn’t even find cute little baby dollies here.

If there was a picture of a pig in a school book, teachers were supposed to skip that page and students were penalised if they said ‘pig’ while looking at the picture of a pig. The letter P was for everything else but ‘pig’. Lord knows how many times her students said ‘pig’ to each other and giggled just because they were told not to.

She wondered what would happen to these ‘protected’ and ‘indoctrinated’ children once they graduated from this school. How would they react and respond to pictures of real people, pigs, dolls, clapping, and women without burqas?

Would they judge other children for clapping or playing with dolls? Their cousins, friends and neighbourhood kids?

How would it feel if she ran into one of her young students and her family at a shopping mall, and she was dressed in her regular jeans and crop top?

What would the child think about her?

Would she end up teaching and bringing up a tiny Taliban here?

That day she handed over her burqa to the school principal.

“My morality and ethics don’t allow me to continue this job,” she said and left the school building.

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Saba Khalid

Saba Khalid

A blogger for Rolling Stone magazine, a contributor to Kulturaustauch and Musikexpres, Saba is an Institute for Foreign Affairs (IFA) Cross Culture scholar for the year 2012 who also teaches creative writing to young aspiring writers. She blogs at www.thecityalive.com and can be found on instagram as @thecityalive

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  • Shoaib Kahut

    Well, Thats what happens when Religion overwhelms the Traditions and Standard Practices in Academia !Recommend

  • J Dot

    And that is in Karachi !Recommend

  • Mahad

    Weird school ….seriously. But did you take this job to investigate about this school or you were serious about working here?Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    That sums up pakistani education.No wonder the educated blows up others.This rot is from very young age.The finished product is appalling. Recommend

  • Fahad Zia

    “You don’t wear a burqa in this country”, if you don’t complain on that remark you aren’t allowed to complain on “If you want to teach here, you have to wear a burqa”.

    It seems that you are more obsessed about their Islamic lenience rather than them turning into militants. Uttering a word in its original pronunciation does not lead to extremism, sister… Your thought process should’ve been more deep..Recommend

  • Shahbaz Asif Tahir

    The Holy Quran, makes it mandatory for all woman, to wear the Jilbab, when they
    leave their homes. This is mentioned in Surah Ahdhab. The abayah, is closest in
    comparison to a jilbab. Not wearing the jilbab is disobedience of Allah Subhana,
    Those who refuse to believe in this, and still call themselves Muslim, need to take
    a shower, and take the shahadah again. Allah alone knows best.


  • Not khi

    Where exactly does this happen? In 5-10% of seminaries?Recommend

  • sajjadalimagsi

    I like principal views because burqa is message of Islamic behaviour and I suggest All Muslim woman to wore burqa for the showing the Islamic behaviour,respect for islam rules……..Recommend

  • ZKhan

    Good Decisions..Recommend

  • Madiha Waris Qureshi

    Folks who run this school need to be named and shamed for their ridiculous (and dangerous) distortions of Islam. Forbidding clapping? Playing with stuffed toys? What utter nonsense.Recommend

  • eej jay

    Wow !
    I really wonder what kind of people these bloggers hang around with.. i am not an extremist and unfortunately don’t have much knowledge of religion, but only if one school follows these extreme rules doesn’t mean you start showing wuch hatred and make pakistan look like a country bringing tiny talibans ! How about all those regular private schools who don’t hire teachers if they choose to cover up their face infront of malr parents or staff? Arr you going to ever write about that? My friend who chooses to wear chaddar (hijab) and wishes to cover her face infront of men does not get a job in primary schools, reason? Because she has to show her face infront of male parents and male staff, she likes it or not ! Hmn Islamic jamhoriyat of Pakistan? ISLAMIC really??? And we love to talk about french hijab bans who will ever talk about hijab issues and discrimination in Pakistan? Recommend

  • ahmed wani

    I have never been able to understand duplicity of Muslims and pakistanis in particular…..when an Indian company which hired non muslim and reject application of a person and that too a case which is in country of 1.2 billion..whole of pakistan keep thanking jinnah…………………………..although nobody would have come to know anything had indian media not made a hue and cry about this case….So people in Indian comes to know a lot about their issues and try to resolve them…….

    But what is happening in pakistan and muslim countries that too in dozens and hundred’s…but no hue and cry..no reporting…Now its my turn to thank Jinnah….


  • fze

    Is it real or a made up story? I couldn’t judge but God for bid if it is real then no one can help this nation. Recommend

  • AK

    Are there more such ‘schools’ in Pakistan?Recommend

  • seismann

    So the children see mostly ladies without burqas outside school,but can’t see the face of their teacher.They might think she is somebody from Mars.They probably listen to the sounds of music as they step outside school.There is no limit to religious fanaticism.”Tiny Taliban” is the right designation here.Recommend

  • what

    It’s really sad how conservatives are being likened to the taliban. Absolutely pathetic.Recommend

  • Muneeb

    Its a great article and I agree it is too much to not ask kids to clap or play with toys howver I respectfully disagree that asking you to wear a burqa is too much to ask. And these questions made it seem a bit exaggerated

    Wasn’t she lying to impressionable children?

    How are you lying to impressionable children? You mean to say by wearing a burqa? You arent lying to them at all. Wearing a burqa does not make you religious. It is a dress code required at that particular school. Thats like saying when we were in KGS and even though some girls used to wear sleeveless outside they are “lying” to us by following the uniform of wearing full sleeves
    Wasn’t it hypocritical of her to wear it?

    Wasn’t it hypocritical of the senior staff at this school to force her to wear something she wasn’t convinced of yet?

    Again she isnt forcing you to convert to a conservative Muslim. The idea that you call is hypocritical is unjust because you keep on equating burqa to conservative Islam and in the end even implying it to Taliban. Which is extremely generalizing.Recommend

  • ThetaHussain

    Good for teacher who finally realised how unrealistic all of this is. Enough of turning little children into maladjusted adults.Recommend

  • Nj

    I respect your views. however I dont agree with you at all. I have worked in the same school you are talking about and I dont think there is anything wrong with saying mashaAllah,alhumdulilaah jazakillaah. If one is trying to enforce a islamic ways of life why everybody makes it a big deal ? I have taught at other so called MODERN school too and the language used in those schools by students is far worse than what I had imagine. Why is that not seen as an issue ? If a teacher is wearing a skimpy see through dress infront of male students and making herself a laughing stock infront of class why is that not a problem ? On the same hand if anyone wants to hire teachers on condition that they wear burqa it seems like an issue. SadRecommend

  • Madiha Obaid

    Very stupid article it is ok to ask teachers to wear jeans or modern style but if they want you to dress up in proper islamic way it is not suitable for u …. if following what Allah ordered in Quran is making my kids taliban in the eyes of society then it is ok for me ….. it is according to ur moral values to follow british or american style school system but hard to follow islamic teachings … clap is not the only way to appreciate a child…. it is ok to say HI HELLO. GOOD MORNING THANKS etc but our tongues get twisted when we ask to say JAZAK ALLAH , MASHA ALLAH & SUBHAN ALLAH Recommend

  • fze

    NJ no one wears skimpy,see through dress anywhere in the world in front of students let alone male students. Schools have code of decorum worldwide and you have to adhere to them otherwise you are unfit for the job.Recommend

  • humaira

    first of all..why she accept to do tht job…nd then what is wrong if some schools r upbringing children in islamic wayy…if writer is muslim she should know that all these thngs r right…nd she wanna wear bikni or jeans then she is free to do it…i think her pen is paid by so called anti islamic media…l…nd stop writing childish articles like this..Recommend

  • Immo Ali

    That’s the point… You shouldn’t enforce anyone to go against his/her values or to adopt your values. If see-through dress is your problem, it might not be the problem for others. So sometimes you need to set aside your prejudices and respect everyone’s own values…Recommend

  • S

    It seems like there is no in between for you. Why should everything belong to a certain extreme? There are MANY clothing options between a burqa and a skimpy see through dress which would be more appropriate for a school teacher. Children not being able to see their teachers is nothing but ridiculous.Recommend

  • Qasim Khan

    It goes both ways, not that I agree with any. But there are various schools that dont allow women to even wear a duppata on their head and rather demand jeans and shirts from their female teachers. Pathetic.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    do you love Taliban ?
    Do you consider them terrorist ?
    Are you planning to move to a eutopian khilafat?
    Do you consider shias and ahmedis as Muslim ?

    Based on your answer I will opine if you are allowed to wear burqa or notRecommend

  • Mehdi

    So called conservative sunni Muslim follow salafism / Wahhabism . These extreme Islamic dogmas are used by Taliban daesh to commit atrocities against Muslim and non muslim alike. Hence I have reservation calling these conservative Muslim peaceful Recommend

  • Mehdi

    Why don’t you start by wearing burqa on a daily basis as modesty is also applied to men like you ? Please report back how comfortable you find it ?Recommend

  • seismann

    If burqa is just a dress code,and not religious,that is even worse.Recommend

  • Aik-Paki

    Non sense – It seems that the blogger hates practicing Muslims and the religion of Islam. The write-up is mainly to offend muslims who follow Islam strictly.Recommend

  • Qasim

    But the modern schools don’t enforce the “skimpy see through dress” do they? Even though I agree that the comparisons with the Taliban may be unwarranted, it’s still a backward and old-fashioned way of teaching young children.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    ah the express tribune bigotry continuesRecommend

  • Zeeshan Ahmed

    The burqua is discriminatory, it discriminates against muslim and is not Islamic at all. However, it certainly is an Arab tradition not not islamic. The Quran dose not mention the burqua in any dress and does not compel men or women. JJ is a retard to say the least.Recommend

  • Parvez

    The musician turned religious revolutionary………is he the same one who fast ran out of the country because he was accused of blasphemy ?…….by his brother religious revolutionaries. Recommend

  • Salma

    Common sense goes for a spin when dogma is in the driver’s seat. And the devil himself guffaws with glee at such believers who are straight embracing him. Haha. Clap clap at their ” faith”.Recommend

  • Shonaz

    Amazing reply. Highly appreciate it.Recommend

  • Hammurabi

    If you say thank God in Udu ,it is unislamic? Only arabic language is Islamic?Recommend

  • Hammurabi

    Highly respected international ulema has given Fatwa against the prohibition of dolls.It was allowed during early Islamic period.as evidenced by doll playing by Hazrat Aisha as a child.The school administration are wrong in their thoughts.Burqa has not been prescribed anywhere.,only modest dress.Recommend

  • Browncoat

    ” If a teacher is wearing a skimpy see through dress infront of male students”
    You do realize there is an entire world of choices between a gunnysack burqa and a skimpy attire. Why would you only loiter on the two extreme sides of the spectrum? That right there is the classic manifestation of extremism.Recommend

  • Ghufran Hyder

    Wearing hijab does not mean one becomes hypocritical or orthodox and just naming as Talibaan. I have seen several young liberal females wearing and adoring Hijaab. Why did they decide to adore hijab then? They decided because their experience of so-called modern society and the respect they received made them so pessimistic about their feminine identity that it became imperative for them to wear hijab. This gave them tranquility of heart and soul, and what more than that a person aspires for?Recommend

  • Fraz Bakhsh

    You did the best thing. Nobody has the right to enforce religion on us except ourselves. You do not become religious by force, you become religious by heart, by choice and by freedom.Recommend

  • Banker

    I don’t agree with your thoughts, why do we always make issues when it comes to following Islamic norms. I’m a banker at a leading Islamic bank at a very good designation. Female staff in my bank are supposed to cover their heads, I normally don’t cover my head but follow the decorum at work. Why making issue out of nothing, my point if you don’t like working there, opt for jobs in other schools, there isn’t any dearth of good organisations. Recommend

  • Noor

    would love to read something that focuses on the dramatic evolution of education/training centers of our country into modern/liberal platforms of rat race, fashion shows,music/dance as the only source of happiness and celebration where all welcome and farewell parties comprise of music and dinners and nothing islamic ever crosses your mind other than a 30 minute islamiaat period which pinches so hard that people want it to be confined to houses only..why not address the evolution of all the systems and not just the one that sounds odd..being liberal is actually the intelligence of knowing the limits too…when drinking is not a problem for elite schools, why burqa for the ones who prefer to send their kids to an environment where they are not exposed to all the stupidity they cant handle…Recommend

  • Donia

    This school needs to shut down immediately. I don’t think the authorities, society, parents and the media realise what it is doing to these children who are meant to be the future brains of Pakistan. Do NOT send anyone you know to such schools. Please don’t let the children be conditioned like this. Recommend

  • umaralifkhan

    i really agree with principal who teaching childrens in islamic style, whole the world teacher did not wear burqa or other thing because they are not muslims but we are muslim we should to apply islamic laws.Recommend

  • Abdul

    some imposing Islamic values forcefully on student and teacher and some imposing forcefully liberals values then who is right?? and who will decide what should be teach & learn in school??Recommend

  • QD

    Right and wrong are clearly defined in Islam . so there is not ambiguity in it . there is no such thing as extremes . All you have to do is to decide which choices you want to make in life. If you want to check whether u have made the right decision , read , research and then decide whatever is the right thing to do. so whatever you found odd there , find out if it was really odd thing or u just couldn’t digest it.Recommend

  • ZKhan

    Wearing Burqa does not mean You Love Taliban..
    In Every Country Even in India many Women dress in Burqa what you will say is there any Taliban?
    Nobody want to move to any Khilafat by wearing Burqa..
    It depends on Shia and Ahmedis whether they think themselves as Muslims…No one have right to decide who is a true Muslims and who is not..Remember One thing Pakistan was Founded on the basis of Islamic principles not any Wahhabi or salafi Concepts…ThanksRecommend

  • Mahwash

    Such a “liberal” attempt.
    Lets take it the other way.
    Why being a Muslimah she (the lady) wasn’t following the word of Allah in Quran and Sunnah where females are explicitly asked to cover themselves including veil?!
    and later, rather feeling confused and dual, why didn’t she feel shameful for being disobedient to Allah?
    I can clearly analyze her ethics from her approach of accepting the job (including the condition) for money at the first place.
    Hijab isn’t the extreme! It’s one of the primary things for a Muslimah.Recommend

  • Ja

    sorry but you are doing as much wrong to the nation by bringing this issue up, as much as the principle of this school is doing. We as a nation need to learn to highlight positives, which is getting difficult in our society every passing day.Recommend

  • Pin2

    What a load of rubbish!!!! It is an Islamic country, it is fundamental right of every citizen to ask people to follow Islamic code of conduct.

    I cant believe people are wasting their energies on such issues while in another part of the world a muslim woman just been denied a un-open can of coke on a flight. That my friend is real discrimination.

    I pray to allah that ummah get their priorities right soon before its too late.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Then why drive to school, when you can ride on camels in the true Arabian wayRecommend

  • Me

    That page can’t be found.
    http://thecityalive.com/raising-tiny-talibans-in-karachi/ source page can’t be found.Recommend

  • seismann

    Who is there to remove the pseudo-religious thoughts?Mullahs will keep on vying for authority over people’s choice.Recommend

  • seismann

    HA HA!!Recommend

  • seismann

    Praying doesn’t need burqas.Isn’t it a farce when kids see women without burqas the minute they leave the school.Recommend

  • seismann

    Nip the evil in the bud.Mullahs will always want their hegemony.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    You are arguing with a mindset that sees little difference between a full dress that isn’t a burqa and “skimpy, see through dress”. It’s their morality or no morality.Recommend

  • Risham.Saeed

    can you please tell which school is this? the link of original story cant be found ..Recommend

  • Mas

    Hi ZKhan,
    Our Muslims women and girls in a Muslim Madarasa are also wearing burqua now a days. Recently I saw a picture put up by a madarasa school about class 10 or class 12 results. The headline said this: Proud girls of our school, all got A+ in class 10 or 12 tests.” In the photo, there were some girls’ pictures given, all covered by burqa, but just an opening around the eyes, except the male teacher. You see the irony there. One way the school says they were proud of the students, but they do not want to show the face of the kids (just 15 or 17 years old). This is laughable item that has been spreading in whatsapp in India.

    Whether Muslims in subcontinent are different or not, one thing is certain. They just follow Arab culture, not Islamic religion.Recommend

  • s.e

    Why you write such stories which doesn’t show good impact of islam. These are human made policies but people think Islam force to wear Burqa. Let me tell you another story. I have given Interviews in multiple companies, most of the companies rejected me just because i wear burqa. Techlogix and lakson are two examples. Lakson HR asked me to put off naqab in the office premises. you can wear it outside the office premises.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    “Taking it the other way” would be if she went to the school wearing a veil and was forced to wear skimpy outfits while using swimsuit calendars as a teaching medium. Would your justification of such absurd levels of intolerance apply equally to that? I highly doubt it. I’m sure the outrage in such a scenario would be deafening.Recommend

  • amirza1985 .

    real discrimination is more present within us… stop pointing fingers to the west… more muslims are killed by muslim leaders trying to cling on to their despotice regimes… also.. the ISIS and TTp do their share of killing too… the story you mentioned was taken up instantly by united airlines and they contacted that woman as soon as they could…Recommend

  • amirza1985 .

    ostrich approach… how has that worked out for us so far?Recommend

  • Imad Uddin

    Lol. Interesting. But desperate attempt to demonize Islamic type schools… My firm requires me to wear a formal shirt and a tie whrn on audit assignments. Why? Why cant i comd in loose dressings.? And why is this is a norm in financial industry? N why hasnt et written on this?
    In which school have you studied? How have you been indoctrined? Dont you judge islamic school runners as hypocrites.
    From where you have studied, you must have been indoctrined to see men in suit and tie as professionals/ intellectuals and those who wear a turban as primitive/cave men.
    If you were chairing a corporate meeting, n if ur employee came dressed like (what you judge as) a caveman, you would probably get annoyed.
    What if that school thinks that the kids should see islamic way of dressing as more professonal/ civilized is that a moral crime?
    Perhaps for some reason you also missed to point out that those Barbie dolls have been replaced with Holy Quran… which might not be that bad a trade oft .
    Having said that, If the principal expects teachers to have two faces in life, it is indeed hypocritical on his part. The same applies to any teacher who does so
    The rest of ur piece was just all ur prejudice, bias, frustration, and habbit of judging religious initiatives…
    Ofcoarse, in my very flawed opinionRecommend

  • amirza1985 .

    OMG did you see what tinker bell was wearing in peter pan??? HAram!!! little children being exposed to all that! :PRecommend

  • ZKhan

    Thank You for your Comment…Th above picture was from Bangalore schools it is also known as Madrassah Subject have been taught as in other schools…and Everything is laughable in India if they are Laughing for this reason…Few days back a tribal Hindu women was married to a Dog….What you will say now?Recommend

  • ahmareen

    I agree with you NJ…why these people make an issue of burqa? And I don’t see any harm in saying MashAllah and Alhamdulliah.we have Catholic schools here where they follow strict rules, I feel.sorry for our people in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Shah

    There is no problem with the rules of the specific school.
    How about the company which did not hire due to his religion “Islam”.
    Anyway, she is expressing her own thinking. Her own ideas.
    Wearing burqa is a crime for her then be it for her, why do all of us have to agree or disagree with this idea.
    Should the men and the women of this modern world cover up with decent clothing?Recommend

  • Hamidah Fawad

    Please name one such schoolRecommend

  • Umair

    Could your suggestion be anymore preposterous and ridiculous in nature!Recommend

  • Muslim

    The author seems to have misconstrued the facts.. The principal happens to be my relative, I know the school. It is amazing how people lie just demonise religous people. Recommend

  • Muhammad Hassan Sarfraz

    i read this. It is good i must say if we take it as a write up simply, good expression, nice wording, beautiful structures and powerful dialogues. But if the writer wants readers to be having the same kind of opinion, or everybody to be thinking and acting the same way he/she does, it is not just. Yes, he/she nicely expressed what he/she felt, but it would have been far more beautiful piece of work if he/she had included the assertions what the specific school’s officials had. Surely they are not doing this because they want to tease or annoy people.. do you really think that wearing burqa is some kind of enjoyment? do they ask their teachers to cover themselves because it earns them more money? Is asking women to cover themselves their demand or someones else’s demand??? I am sorry to say, this writing is likely to confuse already confused people. I am terribly sorry to say, you keep writing such blogs and keep showing your skeptical thoughts, but the people you try to defame like this shall not even reply to you, shall not even try to justify things only because you detest what they like, because they know what they are doing is right, so they are confident, determined and goal-oriented. They will keep moving paying least attention to such criticism. Recommend

  • Harris

    Same here. Even though this is fictional, the position of this school is completely acceptable (about burqa) from a school’s perspective if it’s an Islamic state. It was stipulated in the contract so that is completely acceptable.

    The hypocrisy arises when a secular liberal democracy bans veils and long skirts for women. If a school has uniform (for students and/or teachers), then there’s nothing wrong with that. However, compulsive behavior is completely unacceptable (in this case, it could’ve been that there wasn’t any mention of burqa being compulsory in the contract, but enforced regardless). Two extreme sides on this are liberal fascism and religious fanaticism. These are extremes and majority of people around the world is between these extremes.

    The way things are phrased in this article entails that such a place is fostering ground for tiny Taliban. That is huge claim and reflects a deep bias against religious institutions in general. The author would have been better off explaining the cognitive dissonance of the teacher.Recommend

  • Muhammad Adil

    Pardon, I have not seen a single school/college or university where Burqa is a must. There might be this one school somewhere on the planet earth but it can not represent the whole picture.

    I have myself witnessed otherwise. A burqa wearing class-fellow of mine was refused jobs in educational institutions and the reason which was told was, she can’t teach with face covered. I can agree with the educational institutions over it but she was asked questions about her burqa in industry also for the jobs which had nothing to do with face veil!! In fact, in most of the cases the Burqa wearing women get far less employment opportunities than others.Express Tribune Please show some honesty.Recommend

  • Kites

    Over generalization on your part. I don’t think he said that saying Thank God is un-Islamic in any way. However, Arabic language is significant because Quran was revealed in Arabic. I am sure Christians would say the same about Aramaic and Jews about Hebrew.Recommend

  • Justin

    Slippery slope reasoning. I am sure your opinion will not change, regardless of the response.Recommend

  • Muhammad Adil

    What if I tell you that Shia women also wear Burqa and Ahmadi women also wear Burqa. Would you allow them to wear it?
    Every women should be allowed to wear Burqa if she wants to wear it but should not be forced to do so.Recommend

  • Kites

    Haha. Aishwariya Rai got married to a monkey before her actual marriage to Abhishek. I don’t think @mas2012:disqus would like to comment on that.Recommend

  • Person

    They actually do. Especially, in France. Not so modern after all. Educate yourselfRecommend

  • Person

    OK. It’s fictional though.Recommend

  • Person

    Quran mentions khimar and jilbab in Chapter 24. Please read tafsir before commentingRecommend

  • Person

    Agreed. Everything religious is now associated with fanaticism and terrorism. On the contrary, pseudo-liberals associate mass bombing over Muslim populations (Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan, etc.) that kills numerous innocent civilians. These western liberal fascists are as much terrorists as Taliban, ISIS, Boko Haram, etc.Recommend

  • Numra Safeer

    I would really want to know the name of this school to end all suspicion. Recommend

  • hammurabi

    By your logic,slavery should also be allowed.Hands of thieves including the students copying in exams,in tax officials ,cricket players involved in spot fixing,every one should be cut. All are thieves.Recommend

  • ZKhan

    Thank You…Do you have any idea about the marriage of Poonam Pandey, Sunny Leone and mallika Sherawat….with whom they are going to do so..Recommend

  • 19640909rk .

    If they wear just Burkah, is it ok?Recommend

  • Person

    Wow. I mentioned Quranic verses for referral to refute the comment above and I get such a nice response in return. Thank you for your illogical and fallacious comment.Recommend

  • wisestneighbour

    What about Indian education. Does it foster caste system, and state repression of minorities? Because that is the end product in Hindustan.Recommend

  • Anum Akbar

    It is not about being hypocritical, it’s about forcing someone to wear burqa. The writer has nothing against women wearing burqa, as clearly stated.Recommend

  • Anum Akbar

    Why don’t you tell me what one should equate wearing a burqa with?Recommend

  • seismann

    Don’t believe everything that Mullahs teach you.Recommend

  • seismann

    No such thing as liberal fascism.Fascism is a conservative ideology.What would you say to this conservative behaviour where a teacher can’t show her face to 5 year old kids.This is fascism in its purest.It might ,perhaps, be reasonable if teacher is asked to do the same in front of high school kids.But would mullahs ever think reasonably?That one should not eat pork is one thing,but banning the use of word “pig” or a photograph is the height of stupidity.Recommend

  • seismann

    Well he hasn’t seen one,but mullahs lied to him.Recommend

  • Kites

    Huh? That doesn’t make any senseRecommend

  • Mehdi

    My mission in life is to rile the Muslim with extremist view. Quran explicitly states regarding modesty, that applies to both men and women. Show me a single translation of any Arabic verse that indicates that Allah has mandated that women needs to wear this piece of garb to prove her chastity. Its Muslim like you that has given Islam a bad name and successfully associated the peaceful faith with terrorism. Think logically how covering your face in public helps with modesty. Really you are calling my remark preposterous. Look up the meaning.Recommend

  • Faisal

    I just simple ask a question the person who do Top in the class or School or in the city had been among the criticism or in fame(like)?
    -If the answer is Fame than apply that to yourself, 100% in this world good but 100% in Islam extremism????Recommend

  • Hammurabi

    If my arguments are illogical,why the whole world is not following your thoughts .Recommend

  • Hammurabi

    Christians use their local language for thanking God,not Armaic.Recommend

  • seismann

    Islamic norms enjoins women to stay home.Staying home is the most Muslim norm.Recommend